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When I read Un’avventura Straordinaria, the story that I loved the most was the story of Sanremo. The decision by the guys to take on the Sanremo Festival. This story brought out their personalities, their differences and how they are so bound to one another that they could make the decision of a lifetime together even if it meant they could lose what was so important to them, their country and their people!
In our story today we witness the guys making some important decisions about their career. But before we hear about those decisions, let’s step back and see where the guys were in 2014.
2014 started out as a bad year. Their contract with Universal ended and was not renewed and they found themselves wondering what would happen next. This is when they stepped up to the plate and began to see Il Volo from the inside out!
After many sleepless nights, they approached Sony and asked to be under contract with them. Following some lengthy negotiations and, what seemed like an eternity, Sony put them under contract.
Then suddenly things were happening. They were invited to sing at the Italian Senate. This was an event of immense importance for them. It said Italy was finally noticing them so, it only made sense that it was time to take a giant step!
Time to go to Sanremo!
But this story doesn’t start with Sanremo, nor does it end there! Sanremo was the door opener!
They will tell you that the decision to go to Sanremo was a good one but, in contrast going to Eurovision may not have been their best decision. My reply, going to Eurovision was an excellent decision!
Let’s see how these decisions were made and what path they chose!
Sanremo 2015
The Decision
So where do you begin to make the decision. Well, you have to start with the decision itself.
Who’s in and who’s out!
Who’s in?
From day one, Gianluca wanted to go. He was so convinced that they would win that he never backed down from it. He had no doubt in his mind that they would win.
Who’s out? 
Always the pessimist, Ignazio. He said “No, we can’t win. It’s too hard.”
So that leaves Piero! Piero at first was not on board but Gianluca persuaded him. Gianluca said, “No one trusted, no one believed it. It was I who persuaded Piero to persuade Ignazio to go to Sanremo. Because I told them: ‘Guys, if we go, we’ll win it, I’m sure, I’m sure’”.
Piero said, “We said to ourselves: ‘Guys, make it or break it, in the end, we were not anyone here in Italy, at most we would not be anyone even afterwards.’”
Decision made! It’s official the guys go to Sanremo!
Then there’s the second problem, the song!
At Sanremo you must perform an unpublished song. How do you begin to find such a song?
Now this is the part of the story that’s really interesting and sometimes funny! Oddly enough, the one who wanted this the most was the one who did not agree to the song. I so enjoyed listening to this dialogue between the guys. This is where we begin to hear the guys make important decisions together. They’re really good. When they begin, they’re not agreeing but as time goes by…. Well, why don’t I let them tell you how they finally got to Sanremo?
The Song
Gianluca: I did not agree to go with that piece. If I think about it now, I’ll say that the next time I must reflect better before judging, try to sing a song and then judge because our voices change the songs. We arrange them by cutting them on our voice, and I did not take this fact into consideration. The song when we first listened to it was not very ugly!
Ignazio: It’s not that we’ve heard only that, no. Do you think it is easy to choose a piece for Sanremo? We started to do a search and a selection of unpublished tracks. Our policy was: either we go with something strong, or we do not go, right?
One day this song comes to us through Michele: Grande Amore by Francesco Boccia and Ciro Esposito, two Neapolitan authors. As usual, I am pessimistic. I listen to it and it does not make me crazy. Not even Gianluca was convinced. The only enthusiast was Pie …
Piero: (interrupts) I loved “Grande Amore!” I did not believe that we would have won, but I was the one who pushed, I and Michele pushed for “Grande Amore” because the audition that we heard was not beautiful, but we imagined it if it was made by Celso Valli and, I must say that we had guessed right.
Ignazio: (interrupts) And I said it too if you let me talk.  I was saying, in fact, that “Grande Amore” was not as we hear it today. It was always called “Grande Amore,” but it was totally different. So, we start to think: who can produce the piece? And Michele calls the great Celso Valli. After several weeks of work in the studio, we manage to churn out a song that could leave its mark at the Sanremo Festival.
Gianluca: (interrupts) That’s why when we left for Sanremo I was very convinced we had the piece, the right project.
Piero: He wanted to influence us, but we are superstitious ….
Gianluca: Every day at lunch and dinner with Michele and the president of Sony, I say: ‘Guys, we will win Sanremo.’
Piero: (interrupts) Do you know what a week like this means?
Ignazio: Piero and I were all day touching iron and the low parts. Gianluca was convinced that the little lion (the Sanremo award is represented by a lion) would be ours? And the two of us tried to keep the situation under control.
Gianluca: (interrupts) What should I tell you? I am an optimist. They took it something like ‘he makes fun of us,’ but I felt it inside. I do not know why.
So many interruptions!  Ignazio, before he was interrupted, was about to tell us about the first night they sang.
Ignazio: The 65th edition of the Festival begins on Tuesday, February 10th. We sing the second night, Wednesday the 11th. The strange thing is that normally my legs tremble before the performance, but mine trembled even after the performance! Perhaps too much adrenaline, it never happened before.
Piero: (interrupts) Or maybe it was because we came back to the Ariston stage after going around the world. It was like coming home, because we experienced the beginning of our career here with Ti Lascio una Canzone. One thing that cannot be described: in Sanremo, in Italy, to sing and receive the applause of the Italian public. It cannot be explained.
The Wardrobe
Gianluca: Can you imagine for me this was also my birthday? I turned twenty on the Ariston stage! Of course, I was moved in the end, and it was too much emotion to my sensibility to play bad jokes at times. And then, we felt the pressure in the air. Even though I was optimistic, the tension was there.
Although we had taken care of the smallest details of the song, we had tried and tried again, and we had taken care of even the smallest details of the clothing. First evening look more rock: total black with leather jacket.
Because when we do our work the image matters, too.
Piero: (interrupts) Count, of course that counts. But do you remember how we were dressed before? I remember that time at Una Notte per Caruso, in July 2009, it was the second time we saw Torpedine. Michele arrives with another white Range Rover, not that of Jesolo, and as soon as he arrives, we do not even say hello and we go to see the car. Let’s run, let’s open the car. Ignazio immediately goes up to the car. We went crazy for cars, one like that, we did not see every day. The day after we go for a ride in downtown Sorrento, a shopping trip, and we enter Gucci’s. Michele spent almost two thousand euros and we with that written number at the counter, we exclaimed: “Mizziga! (Damn!) Two thousand euro” with wide eyes. And we still have those clothes, at least I personally still have them.
He had bought us a jacket, but above all the need for us to dress all in white and blue. I had the blue jacket and the white shirt, Gianluca had blue trousers and white shirt, Ignazio the blue shoes and everything else white, Michele the blue jacket. And we took a picture in front of the hotel.
Gianluca interrupts: We were just dressed badly to be singers by trade, we were children, we came from families of workers. What could I buy? There was not even the need.
Piero: (interrupts) And then you remember the restaurant? Afterwards we went to a restaurant near the sea. When we finished eating, the three of us took off our shoes and ran to the beach. Michele ran behind us telling us: ‘Guys, calm down. Guys, slow down.’
At this point Ignazio loses his patience. “YES, but, what does that have to do with it, Pie? We were talking about Sanremo. What has Sorrento got to do with it?
The Performance
Ignazio gets the conversation back on track!
Ignazio: Sanremo 2015, from the 10th to 14th of February, we sang on the second evening, legs shaking, Gianluca’s birthday.
Among the many interviews, the diary that we kept every day for TV Sorrisi e Canzoni … We had fun with the diary!
It was a sort of ‘pill.’ A very few minutes, in which we recorded from the 9th to 14th of February. We talked about some of the emotions we felt. For example, the time that Gianluca almost stumbles on stage or the happiness of seeing the audience get up and applaud the first night we sang “Grande Amore.” The recording, then, went online on the site of the magazine.
What was I saying? Ah, yes, among the many interviews, the diary that we kept every day for TV Sorrisi e Canzoni, meetings and press conferences …
Piero: (interrupts) And the criticisms we felt in those days? People at home voted for us, appreciated us, and journalists gave us votes that we thought were postponed until September, I also said this at the press conference after the victory. Five that flew (bad votes given by critics). But we see that the criticisms have done us good.
Ignazio: Can I do a criticism of you?
Piero: Ah, tell me…
Ignazio: You interrupted me. I was about to tell the final. I can continue?

The Win

Ignazio: In short, the final evening arrives, February 14th. I realize from my shirt that in a week we have eaten more than we sang. Unfortunately, or fortunately, I’m a boy who does not say cat if I do not have it in the bag, then until Carlo Conti said….
Piero: (interrupts) And indeed, whoever wins does not know it until the end! Sorry, Igna’. Speak you!!!

Ignazio: Until Carlo Conti said: ‘The winner of the Sanremo Festival 2015 is … Il Volo!’ I said to the boys: ‘No, guys, we do not win, it’s difficult.’ And on the one hand I had Piero with shining eyes and on the other Gianluca with a smug smile as if to say: ‘Do not worry.’
Gianluca: The truth is that I was right from the beginning, and no one had ever listened to me, ever. I believed it so much that, if you notice, maybe I’m the one with the least surprised look on my face when Carlo Conti announces the winner. Then, of those moments, one remembers little, there is great confusion, emotion. It was a dream to be able to shout, ‘Thank you, Italy!’ from that stage. I look at Sanremo as a child, when there was Pippo Baudo, and I was there and have won because people were on our side and it was a dream, I repeat even if I have already said. The emotion was only when my grandfather told me almost in tears: “Who would have told me that in life I saw Modugno win at the Festival and then I saw you win?”
Taking the conversation back, I have to say, to me this was the best conversation we could listen to. They disagree, they find middle ground, and they agree but, most importantly they listen to one another and that’s what makes the bond so great!
In the end Gianluca said: “In short, Sanremo was just a dream that brought us many different emotions. Too bad it was not repeated also in Vienna!”
So, they gambled and, they won. They were happy and they finally felt accepted in their own country. It seems that everything worked out well but there’s a little piece of the puzzle missing.
The one disappointment they had. Or as Ignazio put it, “Eurovision… one of those things that I do not like to talk about, but we’re telling the truth, so let’s tell it all.”
Many of you know the winner of Sanremo goes to Eurovision to represent Italy. After winning Sanremo and the popularity of “Grande Amore”, the guys were fairly confident they could win Eurovision. And to some degree, Ignazio believed it too!
So, let’s join Piero as he tells us about what happened at Eurovision….
Piero: Vienna, the 60th edition of the Eurovision Song Contest, was a rather strange experience because we came as favorites. So, we were loaded, convinced! From February 14th to May 17th, the day we arrived in Vienna, we sang “Grande Amore” so many times that we convinced ourselves even more that we would make it. I mean, Gianluca and I, convinced ourselves while
Ignazio was pessimistic as usual. However, Gian, your presentiment this time is wrong.
Gianluca: But do you know what happened to Eurovision? Unlike Sanremo, the vote of the public was not as important as the Festival: fifty percent vote from home and fifty percent vote of the jury of journalists. And this put us at a disadvantage. But the public had voted for us, we arrived first for the people at home.
I cried when it was over. Why did I cry? I knew we had lost not because people did not love us, but for other reasons. Mom, I cried….
Ignazio: Do we really have to talk about it? I’m not so happy to talk about Eurovision because I do not have a great memory.
Piero: What a blow that night …
Gianluca: I started crying, then I looked at Piero, he too cried …
Piero: Gianluca in the end had convinced me to say: “We win, we win.” We had taken it in Sanremo, it could be that we would take it in Vienna, right?
Gianluca: Look, I guess because we won the televoting, I repeat it.
Ignazio: And I always am the pessimistic one, with my feet on the ground, saying, “No, guys, it’s hard. It does not say that we succeed.” Even though I had believed it myself a bit.

But it happened we came in third, behind the Russian Polina Gagarina, second with A Million Voices, and the Swedish Mans Zelmerlow who won with Heroes.
Gianluca took it very badly, he cried. Piero as well. Everyone took it very bad. What could I say? “Come on, guys, we got third, not everyone does that, the last one was Modugno.”
Piero: In the end, however, Gianluca and I looked at each other, a look as if to say: “Now what do we do?”, and a moment before we cried and the next moment we laughed. We had lost, what could we do? By now, it had happened.
Gianluca: We could not cry forever. And then, the public’s heart was ours.
Ignazio: Instead, the undersigned, after having done a little shoulder to others, the next morning I felt very bad, but very bad. For two or three days I was very bad, I threw it all out, later.
Piero: In life you cannot always win, that’s what we learned.
Where’s the beauty? Not all women can say yes to you. After that, how do you try to seduce one, if you already know that she will tell you yes?
So, when we came back from Vienna, many people in Italy asked: “Are you sad about the third place?”
Absolutely not, indeed we are very satisfied, but maybe even too satisfied, because our goal of Eurovision was to show us to two hundred and twenty million people. Even in Australia they saw us. But think how many are two hundred and twenty million people? A sea, is, a sea!
And can I tell you something? I have never loved the tricolor flag so much in my life. Knowing we were there at the Wiener Stadthalle with the roar of sixteen thousand people to hear us sing live and another two hundred million to see us at home, to know that we at that moment represented Italy for all of Europe is a great responsibility, however it is also a great stimulus to do it in the best possible way.
We represent Italy around the world with singing, with bel canto, and we believe we have done it better in Vienna. We put it all, we worked hard, we really gave our heart for this occasion.
It was a completely different experience from the others because it was not a competition between artists, it was a competition between Countries, it was a competition between origins, and we were there to defend our nation.
It was really very strong!
As Italy is a member of the Big Five, the guys went straight into the Grand Final of the Eurovision Song Contest, which was held in Vienna on May 23rd, 2015. “Grande Amore” came in 3rd with 292 points but, they won the televote with 366 points and the Marcel Bezencon Press Award, as best song according to the collective voting of the accredited press. The extended play “Sanremo Grande Amore” was released in Italy on February 20th, 2015, and it was certified triple platinum by FIMI. They won the televote and the best song according to collective voting by the accredited press. The people have spoken!
This is how I see the situation!
What they saw as a disappointment I saw as a great achievement. Look at how far they came! They won the Latin Music Award, they won Sanremo and finally they won Eurovision (third is a win you know)! They saw Sanremo as the harder win. I saw Eurovision as the harder win because here they were representing something very dear to them, their country! As Piero said, “it was a competition between Countries, it was a competition between origins, and we were there to defend our nation.”

As much as they were disappointed in the Italians in the beginning of their career because they felt they were not on their side, they were never disappointed in their country. They loved it and brought it around the world with them but, Eurovision was the moment when they were able to say this is Italy, we are Italy! This is my country that I am singing my heart out for it and, I will always be there to represent it. And never has that been more evident than today. Look at what the guys have done for their country and the Italian people in just this past eighteen months. Bottom line, Eurovision was when the guys really came into their own.
Against all odds they pulled it off. The part of the story they missed was the Italian people. They were always on their side. Even when they were traveling around the world and hoping to perform concerts in Italy, the Italian people were always waiting for them. The press was against them but never the people. They wanted them home as much as they wanted to go home.
In Contrast the decision to go to Sanremo was good but it was even better going to Eurovision!
Time to go back to Sanremo! How about all those unpublished songs you guys are holding on to? Maybe there’s a winner among them!
Join me next week as I go back Through the Fields of My Mind and open the door to a new adventure!
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That was Then ~ This is now!

I would like to think that somewhere in the back of their minds our guys knew that someday they would be famous but, no that wasn’t the case they never knew that their love of music would bring them around the world and make them superstars!
These are three young men who came from simple families. Very close families. Families who shared everything! And suddenly they were thrown into the spotlight and their whole world, as they knew it, disappeared!

They followed a path that was laid out for them! In the beginning they reveled at the things they saw and the places they went to. They couldn’t believe what they were doing and seeing! And their families came along with them on the journey and were just as amazed with all they saw and did. So, let’s see what the guys had to say about their beginnings before the music became their whole life!
That was Then

What an effort, you will think, to remember when you were little. In practice, we were young the day before yesterday. The feeling that all three of us have and, I do not say it because I am the oldest and the one who is accused of being the fussiest, is that time has gone by too fast, yesterday we were children and, in a moment, we found ourselves grown up with a great job to carry on.
It’s the most beautiful job in the world, what we dreamed and desired but, the truth is that none of us really imagined what would happen because each one of us was on his own and was busy doing different things. We did not know where it would bring us.
From age one to fourteen, I can tell you in detail the different things I did. I can tell you how many euros of gasoline I put in the motorbike. That would be 10. And, I remember, how much I consumed each day.
Then I remember that in the morning, when I went to work in the workshop during the summer with my uncle Angelo (my mother’s brother) I was impatient for it to be half past ten so I could go to the supermarket to buy a sandwich of ham and provolone.
For a couple of months, when I was nine years old, I worked with my father in the body shop, but being allergic to the powders and paints, I had to stop because I had asthma.
Then I went to the workshop of my uncle and there I had no problem because mechanics had oil and fat, but nothing that made me asthmatic.
These are things that have remained in my head and will not go away.
And there are also sad things that have remained in my head and will not go away, like that morning of 2001 when, at eight o’clock as I was getting ready to go to school, there was a phone call, my grandfather Francesco, my paternal grandfather, had died. I was small, but the pain was great, because I had a wonderful relationship with my paternal grandparents.
And today, in moments of happiness, the thought always goes to my grandfather Ciccio. How many times have I thought of him and how many times have I heard my father say, “What a disappointment that his grandfather did not get to enjoy all the beautiful things that have happened?”
Because when you love a person, that good remains inside you, you cannot forget it anymore.
Instead, what I’ve done in the last five or six years, I tend to forget. Not because I am not happy to have done it, on the contrary, I am very happy. I do not like to say banality but, the life I live is a dream that came true: living with music was all I wanted.

Is it the same if the images that I will never forget are … the memories of my parents? It’s not that I’m crazy or strange, it’s right that my story would never have existed without my parents.
Therefore, their memories are mine too.
Mamma Caterina and my dad Vito left Marsala in 1990, when my sister was four years old, and they moved to Buonconvento, in the province of Siena. I do not remember that city because I did not exist yet. The only thing I know is that they had chosen that city because there was a great friend of my maternal grandfather who was a building contractor, it was he who offered my father a job. In Marsala things were not going well, it was difficult to make the family live, and so my parents decided to try to move.
I imagine them leaving with many hopes but also many fears and having in mind only the thought of how many things they will do to make the family, they have just begun to create, feel good. Of sacrifices they have made many and big for me and for my sister.
I spend every day thinking about how proud I am of them.
Mom has done many jobs and also dad did many jobs. They have always tried to learn any trade, just to earn some extra money.
In Buonconvento, dad started immediately as a mason with that friend of my grandfather and mom had changed a bit of work but has never been with empty hands.
By 1992 they realized that they did not earn enough to keep going.
And that’s why I was born in Bologna: because they decided to leave Buonconvento and move to San Martino in Argine, a fraction of the Municipality of Molinella, just near Bologna.
Even in this case, the move was linked to a knowledge of my parents. My father met, by chance, an old friend during a visit to my grandmother’s cousin house.
In San Martino in Argine my father, being a mason, immediately found a good job.
Mom, who has always been a determined person with a great desire to get busy, has improvised herself as a cook – she’s very good at cooking, I do not know if you understand – and she started working as a chef in a restaurant not far from our home.
Nina grew up and the two of them made sacrifices, but within a few years they managed to achieve a certain economic stability and decided to move into a house, finally all for them, in the hamlet of Guarda di Molinella. Even though the house was very small, it was still my first home, the one in which I was born.

No, I’m not like Ignazio, I was born and raised in Montepagano. I was traveling only with dreams. What made me dream? Music naturally.
I had a radio of those with the knob that turns to find the radio station, and I always looked for someone who would broadcast the songs of Andrea Bocelli, my absolute idol, or Domenico Modugno, or others of this kind.
In the summer, then, I would take the radio when I went with my friends in what we call “la pinetina” (the small pine forest), that is a park equipped with wooden games and tables and with lots of green space.
When I was between eleven and thirteen, I used to go play soccer, make long games with Pokemon cards and listen to music.
With my radio, I was looking for songs that made me dream, even though I knew that my friends, on the other hand, liked the Eiffel 65 (we were in the early 2000s). For a while they agreed to listen to what I chose, but at a certain point the protests started: “Come on, change … What balls! What’s this?”.
I liked those even more modern genres, I always listened to everything, but what I really loved was something else.
In November 2000 my brother Ernesto was born, when I was five and a half years old, so just when I was starting to hum.
A year later I started to get interested in Bocelli and Modugno.
And Ernesto in the cradle, listened to these melodies from me.
But the most beautiful thing I remember – and it is a memory of those that I have just printed in the head – is that when he was big enough to come in the small pine forest too, I made him listen to these songs that my friends did not appreciate, always with my radio with the knob.
We sat close together on the ground and, I kept the radio on my legs, or we sat on the swings with the radio resting on the ground and, while listening to the music so strange for our age….
I told him my dreams!

So, this is where it began. This was the beginning of their lives. For most people, where the guys are today, in their twenties, is when people start to find their way. They choose their careers and, they start thinking about their futures. But, no, not for our guys….
They’ve been there and they’ve done that.
This is Now

I have to tell you that I scrapped the second part of my story because this morning I woke up and found an interview in my messages that captured me. I listened to the first few minutes and said I’ll listen to the rest later but as the day went on, I found myself reading bits and pieces and became so fascinated that I decided to scrap the article as I had it and instead include excerpts from this interview, “4 chiacchiere con il volo” (4 chats with IL Volo) with Marco Montemagno.
I’ll be talking about this interview but, rest assured that Daniela will translate the whole interview for you soon.
A great interview!
Over the last few weeks, we’ve heard a lot about the Morricone project. What I liked in this interview was the guys talked a lot about their relationship. So that is the part of the interview I will be talking about here.
The guys talk about how they’ve grown. What their priorities are and how they got to where they are. This is only a small part of the interview but, I think you will enjoy it.
Piero said that there have been moments of tension and quarreling in the past, but since they have matured, this attitude has disappeared. Indeed, he says, that if he thinks of the last time they disagreed, he must go far back, because lately they no longer argue.
A meeting point and a compromise to move forward, clearly as a group, caused them to create three roles. Each has his own role and, there are those who commit themselves to some other things. It is a fact that all three are a little good, bad and ugly but these days they are happy and, they have become three mature guys who above all have a lot of understanding of each other.
It is clear, they were three soloists put together and when one is small you notice the various facets. They are more instinctive now. The fear of being judged is no longer there. Between them today they get along because they have learned to know you cannot expect to change another person or at least think that you think the same way so, you change so as not to offend the sensitivity of others. They say the most important thing in their relationship is “us three.”
The fundamental thing all three have learned in these years is gratitude. Gratitude and being grateful to someone and, also  grateful to oneself. This is what is important! It is important to recognize what others do for you. This is the thing that made them grow.
Of course, the guys always go back to 2015 when they felt this need to do something in their country because they feel the most beautiful thing for an artist is when you walk down the street and people recognize you. They don’t need to ask for an autograph. You know that look, that smile, they know who you are and, they congratulate you and that look is the most beautiful thing that can happen.
So, all this started from Grande Amore.  As a results, Italy has joined the world tour. The guys always wanted to have some concerts in Italy. After Sanremo they began!
For the guys preparing for the tour is as important as the tour itself! When they start to prepare, they look at the deadline and they say in the last tour you were here, I was there and so now they better understand each other. So, they decide, what is a better way to work. How do you best express the movements?
Everything is based on experience. They know each other now and it is beautiful to share movements. They have a dynamic on stage and clearly there is an artistic director there. Just last week they had a meeting to plan and define the production for the American tour. The whole lineup with the conductor. It takes a lot of patience to arrange everything.
Marco asked the guys, “How do you do a tour and every evening bring it to a level of a fresh performance?” The answer, “Every night you must come to the level that one expects so you must love what you do and prioritize it!”
They have an understanding between them and with a look they can say they are okay. If one feels bad, he can look at the other two and they will know how to help.
The guys explained, what they do is difficult. It takes a lot of perseverance.
The one thing they know for sure is, they have truly faithful audiences that have been following them for 13 years. They grew up with their audiences and it was really a new thing in the world to see three children as a bit reminiscent of the three tenors with the slightly big voices who sang the Neapolitan songs as well as singing Elvis.

They also joked with one another. Remember when Ignazio showed up with that bandage on his left eye. Ignazio pointed out the scar. It seems when they were playing one of their famous ping pong games, they were playing two against two. Gianluca shot a right, incredible, at a certain point he was standing next to Ignazio and Gianluca hit him. It looked like a crime scene in Turkey. Gianluca said he felt so bad watching Ignazio sleeping on the plane.
What I truly loved about the interview was it was very open and very truthful. The guys have truly grown in these last thirteen years. They have presented a united front, a true unity between brothers who love their music and love one another!
And so you have it! That was Then ~ This is Now!
Join me next week as I go back Through the Fields of My Mind and open the door to a new adventure!
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On the Threshold of Success

Back in October 2020, the guys held a press conference with the Mayor of Rome and set the wheels in motion for a phenomenal project the Tribute to Ennio Morricone! As you know the event was supposed to take place in Piazza Pio XII in the shadow of St. Peter’s Basilica. Due to the pandemic the venue had to be changed and the one million people who might have attended the free concert, were disappointed but, as always, the guys came through and on June 5, 2021, they held the performance of a lifetime at the ancient Arena of Verona! Who will ever forget it!

So how did the year go by so fast? Let’s start at the beginning, the press conference!
This press conference was about a very ambitious project which included the genius of Il Volo and the music of Ennio Morricone. These four men have done extraordinary things in the music industry.

So, what did the guys have to say about this event?
Gianluca said: “The great maestro Morricone was a source of inspiration for us, we also got to know him and work with him, especially in the studio, when we were children of 14 and 15 years old and were recording our first album. It is a source of pride and, perhaps, I allow myself to say that he is the greatest composer of the twentieth century, so we know that this project, this tribute, requires a great responsibility.
We will work hard because this is also the way to bring our musical heritage around the world, but above all, our culture, because he has made millions of people dream all over the world with his soundtracks and of course our goal has always been to bring and be ambassadors of bel canto all over the world, but not with presumption, with great pride and with the desire to be able to make this music known even to the youngest.”
Piero said: “When we presented this project to other countries, North America, South America, Japan and many European countries, there was great enthusiasm on their part, because, as you well know, a couple of years ago we did a concert-event and the film was shown on American TV, and our goal is to convey Italian beauty with the music that surrounds us. In this event we are above all enthusiastic about the positive feedback from those who have collaborated, with Maestro Morricone, in recent years, such as the Sinfonietta Orchestra, which has always played with the Maestro, so we are talking to them. We are excited and delighted that there is this interest on their part.
Ignazio was asked “as your colleagues have already mentioned, in the past you have also had close relationships with the teacher.”
Ignazio said: Yes, they have already said everything but, I’ll put the icing on the cake…  It was in 2011, when we had the luck, the pleasure and the honor of singing “E Piu Ti Penso” which is a song that was part of our first album. We sang in Piazza del Popolo, in Rome, and we have this beautiful memory…  We were young and at our age we had the experience of sharing the stage with one of the greatest composers in history, with greater tranquility.
The Mayor of Rome, Virginia Raggi, welcomed the guys with these words:
“It is a special moment. Let me greet three guys who are internationally renowned, with extraordinary voices and who bring bel canto all over the world and allow traditions to be kept alive.
Today we present a great event that will take place on June 5th, 2021, a tribute to Ennio Morricone. It will be a free concert of the highest level, the beginning of a series of concerts, because we need fixed appointments that remind us of what we are able to do. This event is meant to be the beginning. It is a strong signal.
This is meant to be a tribute at a time when we need unity. Thanks to the guys and all those who are working on this great event.”
But it didn’t stop there, the guys let us know there was a great recording project in the works in conjunction with this event. Il Volo’s Tribute to Ennio Morricone.
And the guys had also let us know that as part of the event and the new album there would be a dedicated tour as soon as conditions allow it!

Bringing music back!
The guys worked endlessly to bring back the music industry. They started at the Seat Music Awards. It was the first time they were on stage since the beginning of the pandemic when they had to cancel their last three concerts and go home.
Let’s remember their message of hope that evening. Piero said: “Now, the world is getting ready to start again! Now the moment has arrived to raise the curtain! Now, we will turn on the music!”
This is the theme that reoccurred and, it will continue until music comes back to the arenas and stages around the world. The stages that are missing our guys and their wonderful concerts.
It says we may have to perform under these new world conditions, but we don’t have to change who we are or why we’re here. In the ancient Arena of Verona, they looked to the past while following the path to the future. From their first note the whole arena lit up. They were back! Music had returned to the Arena!
Since the guys left their homes after the quarantine, they have worked tirelessly to bring back the music industry. This was an enormous undertaking. The genius of these three young men has brought us to this place in history! It’s too bad that this great event never took place at Piazza Pio XII. Perhaps someday after the pandemic, the guys will think about another concert to take place at Piazza Pio XII with St. Peter’s Basilica as the backdrop for their event. A complete scenography will be created with this perfect background. It will certainly be an extraordinary event.
So, what happened next!

In a recent appearance on Verissimo, Sylvia Toffanin asked the guys about the quarantine and how it changed their lives. Their answers gave us a deep look into who they are, where they came from and their beautiful values. It showed us brothers who love each other and care for one another. It showed us a love that many real brothers don’t share! Let’s listen to a part of the interview….
Silvia: So, how are you guys doing? I see you are very well.
Piero: We are very well, we are very happy with this project, we have been stuck at home for almost two years, but our creativity has helped us a lot.
Silvia: It didn’t stop.
Piero: I must say that time has been our best friend, because we gave our best, we had more time to try to take care of every aspect of this project.
Silvia: And, also to spend a little time with your families, to live a little that second adolescence that you did not live, because you left home when you were little, right Gianluca.
Gianluca: Yes, then we tried not to live this period passively and to stimulate our creativity. We have been with our families more. Sometimes you also need to have a spirit of adaptation and accept reality when there is no alternative, so it was a very difficult time for everyone. I remember that you of Verissimo, you had the brilliant idea of producing “Imagine” by John Lennon in a video, with many singers playing and singing from home, and certainly this allowed us to be in close contact with the public and we wanted to thank you for it.
Silvia: Let’s go back, because you left for the United States before Covid, to celebrate your 10 years of career and you did a tour in the United States, a beautiful tour, where Placido Domingo also came, Gloria Estefan, in short, great artists. Ignazio, how did you experience that embrace of the American crowd?
Ignazio: Many ask us: But you have no fear, fear of the public, you know, the emotion, it’s all adrenaline, it’s really inexplicable and really, as I said before, we miss it, we love it so much and we can’t wait till next year because it finally starts again.
Silvia: But you were there then at a certain point, it happens that in Italy, Gianluca, then arrives Covid and you were in contact with your families, but in the United States everything was pretty quiet.
Gianluca: Yes, we interrupted the festivities somehow, because in the United States we were there until the first week of March and we returned on the 13th, we canceled the concerts in Las Vegas and San Francisco and we escaped on the last plane, we were more than 30 people traveling, with our crew, the musicians, and therefore we risked staying there for another 2-3 weeks, because then, when we returned we were in full lockdown for a week (in Italy).
Silvia: But what was it like to return home and experience that family dimension, after you have spent your life and adolescence around in concerts. How was it to go home with your mother, with the loved ones, to do nothing.
Ignazio: Above all, do nothing.
Silvia:  Even that, do nothing, boredom.
Piero: It was a kind of “in search of lost time”, this immersion in memories, clearly the birthplace, the family, everyone. It’s nice to relive and remember where we come from, because maybe everyday life sometimes makes us forget this.
And that was the strength perhaps, to feel that inner balance that only your loved ones give you, the people close to you, and from there, we gave life to a new project, and the distance …, because we talked only by telephone with video calls, they could not stay in contact …
Ignazio: It was nice …
Silvia: Was it nice? What did you like?
Ignazio: To hear them by phone I say, we are always together ….
Silvia: … the fact that you didn’t see them for a while
Piero:  I can say that the distance has strengthened our friendship.
Gianluca: We have had a really abnormal lifestyle for 12 years. You know it all started when we were children, so (in Covid time) we tried to be optimistic about it, without feeling sorry for ourselves, because this certainly doesn’t help, and we took all the positive things that unfortunately brought us this tragedy that it touched us all. It was a period that also helped us to discover ourselves a little.
Silvia: And your grandfather? How are you?
Gianluca: Well, I must say that I have a wonderful relationship with him, and he is the only grandfather I have, which is my grandfather Ernesto, whom I greet, naturally. He is very proud of me, one of the indelible memories that I will always carry with me, in 2012, when we were on tour with Barbra Streisand, grandfather came to New York and saw me sing with Barbra Streisand, so he was there.
Ignazio: A Broccolin (Italian dialect for Brooklyn)
Gianluca: Exactly, and this is therefore important, a message to be sent also to young people who often neglect their loved ones, because when you are young, you think you have all the time available, but time runs inexorably, so if at a youthful age you have this awareness, it allows us to live the moments more intensely, especially with the family, where everything started from there, and it is the people who will never betray you.
Silvia: And you know this well, Ignazio, that you have a lot of personal satisfaction, but despite your very young age, you have had to face the loss of your beloved father.
Ignazio: Absolutely. Look, I also talked to other people who have lost a parent early, or even late, because in the end, you can be any age, it can pass as long as you want, but it is always early, you are never ready to accept a loss. But I must say that the fact that we have traveled a lot, the fact that we were on the other side of the world, and I knew that my father was always somewhere, even today that he is not there, it seems to me that he is always somewhere, therefore, it is as if I have not lost him. Because I think that I have not lost my father, my father is always with me here, I like to think like this and that’s okay.
Silvia: He was very proud of you, I guess.
Ignazio: Absolutely, very proud. But he was the kind of person who couldn’t express emotions, so he was very proud but, he was always ….
Gianluca: But with a look he made us understand everything.
Ignazio: Yes, yes, he yes. Look it was my father, but it was as if he was the father of all three, as their parents are as if they were my parents, because in any case we have been sharing everything for many years.
Piero:  When we first met. we were 14, so to leave Italy, we had to be accompanied by our parents, we were minors, so for 5-6 years and then even at the age of 18, they continued to travel with us, so we know his father very well, we know what he is talking about because we have lived a lot of time with them.
Silvia: And how was being next to him (Ignazio) on such a sad occasion, you who are a family, Piero on that occasion, as brothers, how did you feel too?
Piero: Ignazio proved to be a MAN, extremely strong, because three days after the loss of Vito, we were guests at the Sanremo festival and, we all expected him not to come. He arrived with a smile and, we were blown away by his way of dealing with this moment, unprecedented to us. You taught us so much Ignazio and in this I have to thank you, he is a strong man and, we love him so much.
Ignazio:  I love you too.
Piero: It’s the truth……I always tell you!
Gianluca: Me too, I’m here too.
Ignazio: Sure! (he and Gian take hands) 
Ignazio: There was not a single moment that I thought not to do it (refers to Sanremo), because in any case parents do anything for their children, sometimes it is not so, but we were lucky that our parents gave us everything and so I thought that, for all the sacrifices that he (Vito) and my mother have made to get me to where I am today, I thought he would never let me (not to do Sanremo), and so I did it for him too.

So, it seems the quarantine made the guys become closer. It made them feel a new feeling.  Since they came together 12 years ago, they were never separated except for short periods of time between tours and commitments. They finally understood what it meant to pick up a phone and talk to one another. Something we take for  granted they never had the opportunity to do. They spent precious time with their families, something they haven’t done since they were teenagers. This above all was very important to Ignazio because he got to spend precious time with his dad. And look at how proud the guys were of Ignazio and the way he made such an extraordinary decision to go to Sanremo because he knew his father would want him to be there. It was his way of thanking his parents for all the sacrifices they made for him. He certainly is a very  strong man and a good example for all of us but especially for young people. These truly are exceptional young men.
And finally, they had the freedom of mind and body to explore new projects. And to devote major time to the project at hand, the Morricone project.

So, let’s get back to the present day!

Let me start by saying I read a fantastic article in La Voce di New York by Lisa Bernardini about Michele Torpedine. If you get a chance read it. Michele is such an interesting man. In the article they made many references to Michele’s autobiography “Ricominico Dai Tre” (I start again from the Three) which tells a true and since story about this man. If you can read Italian, I recommend you read this book. It is fantastic! I read it in two days. What Michele reveals is after 40 years in the business, he finally found what he was looking for all his life. A certain truth a fresh and sincere look at the industry which he had come to believe was very cruel and an ungrateful lot, but, as he reveals, every now and then, someone comes along and turns your whole world upside down and you realize you have finally found truth and sincerity. That someone was in fact three someone’s, Il Volo. Here are a few questions Michele was asked about the guys…
Lisa: Today the whole world loves Il Volo.
Michele: How can you not love them? They are pleasant for families, young people, the elderly… for everyone. They are physically beautiful, then they know how to dance, play and move perfectly on stage. With them the show is engaging. These three guys currently represent the best of “Made in Italy” the good one, “clean” in mold.
Lisa: Yet some critics accuse them of being a mere commercial operation studied at the table. What do you answer?
Michele: Initially, when they were boys, you could actually think of a “disposable” operation. What happened in their case was, as they grew up, they became really good. Today they are real artists of international caliber. You can’t find such a group anywhere else in the world.
Lisa: Where will Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca arrive, in your opinion?
Michele: If you think they’re only 25 years old and have contracts all over the world, I always tell them that the best is yet to come.
And how right you are Michele! That certainly sums up where our guys are today.

The Morricone project has become more than just a project it has become a new reality for the guys. It brought them to a new place in their careers. It’s like they are on the fast track and can’t slow down. Every day brings another event another addition to the project. It’s like 2009 all over again except this time the guys are in the driver’s seat. Their careers are exploding! This project has opened so many doors! With the release of the new album, “Il Volo Sings Morricone” and the World Tour, “Il Volo Sings Morricone and more,”  at their doorstep it seems they will certainly be busy for the next two years but, where else is this leading them? I would like to think they will be spending more time in America. This direction certainly seems to be the one they are going in. Perhaps a Grammy or an Academy Award? These are the doors that I see opening for them. The American people truly love Il Volo and, they would love to see them more on American TV shows. But I can also envision them doing some of their own productions! Because of their collaboration over the last 12 years, the guys have come to a point where they can write and compose together in a way that other performers can’t. The Morricone project proved that! Their Bel canto is unique to them but, they have proven they can take the work of a genius like Morricone and put their mark, their genius on it to present a new feeling in music. Almost looking back while looking forward. This is the genius of Il Volo.
The future for our guys is very bright. They are standing “On the Threshold of Success” for the second time in their lives. It seems almost impossible to conceive but, they have a phenomenal career and they are starting a whole new career one which will present a whole new way of looking at music!
Join me next week as I go back Through the Fields of My Mind and open the door to a new adventure!
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The Morricone Project

How do I begin to talk about what happened over this last week? Every day was a new adventure, a new announcement!
Last week began with talkshoplive
The guys started the week with talkshoplive answering, among other things, our questions about the new album. It was wonderful that the guys took the time to speak to us and tell us something about the album and their plans for the future. Random questions were chosen and answered by the guys! In the end, the guys told us Americans how they really feel about us. I personally loved the fact that the guys never forgot that we Americans loved them first. And we’re very proud that they started their career in America and, we wish they would spend more time with us in the US.

That being said, let’s turn to the Press Conference
This is the scoop by Digital Journal’s Markos Papadatos.
Papadatos said: “During this online press conference, Il Volo premiered their music video “The Ecstasy of Gold,” which was visually striking. They also treated members of the media to a remarkable live music showcase that displayed their resonant and powerhouse vocals.”
Gianluca admitted: “We are living in difficult times and, this is the best way to start again: with a new project, with a tribute to Maestro Ennio Morricone because we want to bring the Italian culture through the music and the beauty of our country.
We recorded the video in Sardinia in a beautiful place, one of the most beautiful places we have in Italy, and this is the best way to show the beauties of our wonderful country.”
On their career-defining moments, Ignazio responded, “We are happy with what we are doing. We will never lose our personality and we really know what we want from our career, and from our music. We will never lose our personalities.
We are following in the steps of our greatest idols such as Luciano Pavarotti and Andrea Bocelli. We are three young men who are presenting this music! Usually, you listen to this music which is sung by adults. It is great and we are proud to say that we are the only guys of our age that sing this kind of music. The Italian culture and the Bel canto are well known all around the world, and the world loves Bel canto and, the world loves Italy.”
“This is why we will never lose our personalities and we will keep singing Bel canto,” Gianluca elaborated.

The Ecstasy of Gold the Video!
We can’t talk about “The Ecstasy of Gold” without first talking about the video. This video is incredible. As Papadatos said, “it’s visually striking.” It was filmed in Sardinia! The scenery is like the old west in America. The guys did a phenomenal job. I don’t know how they got through the filming it in their tuxedos! They had to go up on the sand dunes and walk along the edges! Visually, it reminded me of the Beatles walk on Abbey Lane! It was so creative. The orchestra was incredible. This was difficult to film. The result is it took my breath away! A very intriguing video!

The Release of the Album!
In order to talk about the album, we first have to talk about the project itself!
In an interview, Piero pointed out, “The first thing we did was call the teacher’s family because we knew they were the ones who really knew about him., because before getting into the music, you must know the person, the artist that he was, so we wanted some advice, suggestions from his family. “ 
When the guys presented this project to the Morricone family, they were totally on board with it and, they worked alongside the guys who took the best of Morricone’s music and enhanced it with their voices.
The guys pointed out, in their interview, that they are happy with the result of the work in which they maintained their style and personality within the bel canto that they do not intend to change.
This project had to be a wonderful experience for the guys! It certainly showed their enormous capabilities!  No matter how difficult or unusual a project is, the guys take it on and present it in a most amazing way! There is nothing they can’t do or won’t do to present a project that always exceeds our expectations. They are truly an amazing team!
In these last eighteen months, the guys had an opportunity to do something very unusual, stay home! This project is the result of that rare opportunity! We are so lucky to be the recipients of this rare event! The idea of presenting an album of Morricone’s music is genius. Combine that with the genius of Il Volo and what do you get, an album of phenomenal songs!

And let’s not forget that this music is also part of the Frassasi Caves project! I certainly think that Storaro appreciated the work that the guys did. In an interview last week he said, “listening to that music interpreted by them was exciting.” How right you are Vittorio! Rumor has it that Storaro would like to do another project with the guys! Stay tuned for further developments!
So, on November 5th, the album was released! We have been waiting for a year for this to happen. We knew some of the songs and there were some surprises. All of the songs are absolutely phenomenal! Every song is amazing! Their delivery is so exceptional! Even when you thought it couldn’t get any better it did! Truly amazing songs. Something for everyone!
Come Sail Away

Now I’m not trying to say one song is better than another but, I have to say one song captured me! “Come Sail Away” Why did this song capture my attention? Nostalgia!!! What a magnificent song! This song has such a beautiful way of taking you back to another time. To a place where love is suspended in time and, we can relive beautiful memories! It goes right to the heart! It certainly touched my heart! I can tell you it brought me back to beautiful memories of a long-lost love! It touched my heart in a special way! It’s an amazing, heartwarming song! And Chris Botti’s trumpet certainly added to the beauty of the song.
All the songs on this album are truly amazing. A phenomenal album!
So, let’s talk about some of the other songs!

The Ecstasy of Gold
We knew “The Ecstasy of Gold” would be amazing. Their presentation in Verona set the tone for the evening and for the album itself! And the video set the tone for the North American Tour! The guys will bring all the images and intrigue of this video to the stage for our enjoyment.
This is not just a song; it is a production! It demands movement and strength and, their voices bring it to the level that Morricone envisioned for this piece. In this song and definitely in this album, they have awakened the vision of Morricone! There is power in this song, a power that only our guys can express with their phenomenal voices. The song will go before them on the World Tour paving the way for all their concerts! It makes us wonder how their concert will be different. As the guys pointed out, they do not intend to change the Bel canto it will always be in their concerts! It is their signature! Now it’s left to be seen how they will incorporate these exciting new songs. Only one way to know! Attend one of the concerts!
 Here’s to You

“Here’s to You” is an important song because it represents a historical event! It is from the movie “Sacco and Vanzetti.” Nicola Sacco and Bartolomeo Vanzetti were Italian immigrant who were controversially accused of murdering a guard and a paymaster during the April 15, 1920, in an armed robbery of the Slater and Morrill Shoe Company in Braintree, Massachusetts. Seven years later, they were electrocuted at Charlestown State Prison. Till today it is believed they were wrongly accused!
Your Love

When we were introduced to this song at the Sanremo Festival we welcome it in a bittersweet way. Since then, it has almost become a signature song for the guys! It’s a song that will find its niche in their concerts and stay there for a long time!

This beautiful song is the love theme from “Cinema Paradiso.” It is an expression of beauty, love and, ultimately, a love that is lost. It is an expression of a great love of a man for a woman! It makes you wonder “how do you walk away?”  It’s the melody that is played in the romantic scenes with Toto (Salvatore) and Elena. I thought you would love to have the English lyrics!
If you were in my eyes
for a day
You’d see the beauty that’s
full of joy
I find inside your eyes
And I don’t know if it’s magic
or reality.
If you were
in my heart for a day
You may have an idea
Of what I feel
When you hug me tightly
And chest to chest, we
breathe together
Protagonist of your love
I don’t know if it’s magic
or reality
If you were in my soul one day
You’d know what I feel in me
That I fell in love
From that moment with you
And what I feel is
Only love…
From that moment
with you
And what I feel is
Only love…
During talkshoplive the question was asked, “What is your favorite song from the album?” Ignazio answered, “That’s like asking a parent who is your favorite child!” But in fact, each of the guys did chose a song. Piero chose “Se,” Gianluca chose “The Ecstasy of Gold “and Ignazio chose “Here’s to You.” So, you may have noticed that besides “Your Love,” which everyone of us loves, I chose to present the three songs the guys chose and my special song!

The North American Tour
We now know when the North America Tour will begin and where it will go. I know some people were disappointed that their city was skipped but I must reason that (and this only my opinion) the dates they needed in the more popular cities were not available. Keep in mind that we are anxious to see the guys but, other entertainers also had to secure lost dates. I just think that the dates did not fit into the schedule and, they did the best they could with the dates they had!

The Morricone Project
Each of these projects, which form The Morricone Project, are truly amazing. So creative, so intense! During talkshoplive, Ignazio said he would have liked to ask Morricone “Where did your inspiration come from?” I need to ask, “Where does your inspiration come from.” This project has set our guys on a new course in their careers. A new and exciting beginning! A beginning to new stages and projects! A new direction! Not away from Bel canto but incorporating it into their newfound projects!
Everything you guys do is amazing!
Join me next week as I go back Through the Fields of My Mind and open the door to a new adventure!
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The Magic of Il Volo

I’m happy we were able to get back online in time for the release of the Il Volo Sings Morricone album.

We have been watching the guys, with great anticipation, prepare for this moment! From our first introduction to “Your Love” on the stage of the Ariston Theater which was beautifully presented in a bittersweet moment, to the stage of the ancient Arena of Verona where we witnessed the dawn of Il Volo’s new adventure! We witnessed our guys shaping a new beginning and sharing this amazing moment in time with us.

In my story “Phenomenal,” about the Concert in Verona I said: “If I wrote what I felt, saw, experienced in this concert, I would have to write a book!”  That is just the tip of the iceberg to where we are today!
Speaking about the opening of the concert and our introduction to “The Ecstasy of Gold,” I said, “Listen to the intensity of their voices! What force! Watch their motions. Look at Gianluca! Watch his body react to the music! The fist that comes at you saying this is the punch, just the beginning.  Listen to Ignazio ride the note that guides us into the story! Now we’re sailing on the wind! Piero intensifies the moment with his powerful voice that says the journey has begun! Follow us in this new adventure!

And, so we did, all the way to the Frassasi Caves where we experienced a project of great importance to our guys, Vittorio Storaro and Italy!

We witnessed the events of the Venice Film Festival and cheered for our guys when they won a Film Italy Movie Award.

And we arrived at the Seat Music Awards where they won a DIVA Award for the tribute project to Ennio Morricone.
The major video for the album needed to be produced so we followed the guys to Sardinia for the videoing of “The Ecstasy of Gold” which brought back memories of American cinema in 60’s, 1966 to be exact, the year The Good, The Bad and The Ugly was released! Some of the early American Western Films were made in San Salvatore.
The Morricone project in conjunction with the Storaro film has opened up so many new avenues for our guys!
All of this is a part of our guys lives since the Morricone project began! And now they have found their place in the Golden Age of Cinema.
And let’s not forget while this project was moving forward the guys entertained us on Facebook and Instagram everyday with their music and conversations with their friends. They continued to be close to their fans around the world who have been following them for 12 years.
The guys recently received an award from the Italian Red Cross in recognition of their commitment and awareness carried out and addressed to the public and to the new generation to whom they have dedicated positive messages and hope during the hardest period of their country.

Looking at the picture of Ignazio holding the Red Cross Award, I was struck by something very funny. I remembered the story in their book about Ignazio and his friend Nicholas. It seemed Nicholas was the mischievous one and Ignazio followed him doing a good share of his own mischief. Let me let Ignazio tell you this story.…
In the official classification of the class, I was the second most mischievous. Nicolas was in the first place. But ours was an open challenge, a race to the last red cross. Now the question arises, what are the red crosses? The teachers invented this billboard on which they had written all the names of the students in alphabetical order and, they marked each student, according to their behavior in the classroom and their academic performance. There were two types of crosses: If you got good marks in the task in class or if you behaved well, if you did not run, did not shout, did not disturb during lessons and a whole series of “NOT” you got a blue cross. However, if you got a bad grade or if you behaved badly, then you got a red cross. And evil was everywhere. Nicolas and I were the most popular! Our billboard line was a red fire specimen.
Ignazio did you ever think the day would come when you would want a Red Cross?
Congratulations guys on this and all the wonderful awards you’ve won just in this past year!
All this and, the album hasn’t been released yet!
This album is the genius of Il Volo combined with the genius of Morricone. It’s a leap forward and a throwback to the 50’s and 60’s. A time when musical theme songs and scores from movies where produced. When life was simple and, you put the kids to bed on a Saturday night and had a romantic dinner with your honey while listening to beautiful music on the record player. It was date night for parents! Such a romantic time in our American history! Today so much has changed but not romance. These very romantic songs will be shared between lovers but in a very different way, in a very different world.

These are melodies that are familiar to everyone but with a new energy. When I listen to these songs, I remember that night in Verona when they stepped out on that stage to present the first song of the evening, “The Ecstasy of Gold.” This song will go before them on their world tour leading the way to an exciting new experience for us. It will resonate around the world! Their presentation was the best presentation by far of any song of cinema, EVER! It vibrated and resonated throughout the world!  And it will be talked about for many years to come!
This reawakening of Morricone’s music is truly amazing.  What was missing from Morricone’s music was beautiful voices! Each song brings to life the genius of the composer, writer and singer. Unlike any other album made today this album will stand out because it presents a new and different idea!  The songs are phenomenal. They’re romantic! And exciting! This truly is a leap in a new direction for our guys. Not a movement away from their music but a movement forward, combining all that makes Il Volo superstars!
Going forward, the name Il Volo will always be attached to Ennio Morricone. They will take their place next to one of the greatest composers of our times!  They have taken their place in the Musical History of Cinema and will share their music with a music legend!
All that said, the music and the words are nothing without the voices! This milestone in the life of our guys was realized at an important time in our history! Being forced indoors for so many months provided the opportunity to look to the future and see where their careers were going. There have been so many stages in their lives. We’ve watched teenagers become young men and now we see men who have taken a hold of their careers and catapulted it in a new and interesting direction.
With the release of Il Volo Sings Morricone, all paths are open to their 15th Anniversary together. I’m sure the guys are already talking about an album and a magnificent grand tour to mark the milestone. Perhaps another Notte Magica Tour? What ever it is I’m sure it will be magnificent!
The events of the last 18 months, called for men to reinvent themselves! In the case of our guys, they searched for a way to continue their music in a world that wanted the industry shut down!
When they returned to the stage last year at the Seat Music Awards, they “Turned on the Lights! And Hit the Restart Button.” Making way for the industry to reopen and entertainers to go back on stage.
Their decision to sing “Nessun Dorma” that evening sent a strong message. It said we may have to perform under these new world conditions, but we don’t have to change who we are or why we’re here. In this ancient Arena they looked to the past while following the path to the future.
Our guys did anything and everything to try to keep the industry alive. Their concern for their crew was foremost in their minds. Their people needed to work and through their persistence, the crew was back on stage in June at the Tribute to Ennio Morricone.

This is The Magic of Il Volo. Every song they sing they sing with love! They have a passion for music which drives them to create and recreate themselves time and again.  We never know what project is waiting around the corner and what surprises they have in store! Every song they sing they sing for our pleasure. Not a note will advance unless they feel it will please us! And they will continue to work their magic for years to come!
Join me next week as I go back Through the Fields of My Mind and open the door to a new adventure!
At the talkshoplive Monday night the guys made an announcement that the tour will be called Il Volo Sings Morricone and more….

November 5th is almost here! Time to get your copy of Il Volo Sings Morricone

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