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Dreams 01

You liked the first old video that I translated and so I looked for this Italian interview.

In some cases you will hear the boys answer, but there are no questions, evidently they have not been included in the video, but equally the sense is understandable. Only towards the end, we hear the voice of the woman who interviewed them.

I would add, for my part, that I always have the feeling that Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca, even then, were speaking more serenely if they were interviewed by foreign people. They have always known, from the beginning, that they are not so well liked by the Italian press, which in any case tries to embarrass them, especially in the final questions.

But the three of them have always been well determined in the answers, evidently when in a dream, you feel it truly yours, you defend it to the end.

G = We have changed the name from Il Trio to Il Volo.

This new name is above all as a wish, for music ….

P = Because music makes us fly.

G = It is as if it is thousands of meters (up, up) what is happening to us.
We put all the passion, all the love, for this thing that is happening to us, and that we love to do, because it is our passion and therefore, of course, we put all the effort.

I = And we will always give the best of ourselves.

P = We put all the effort into it, because we understand the depth of the people who are  alongside us and who are working with us.

I = The project was created, we made this recording, this CD between Rome and Los Angeles. It was a personal and also an artistic growth, we had people and producers behind us, who always told us “commit yourselves, with the heart, filling everyone with excitement.”

G = We must learn from these great artists, follow their steps. For example, the experience of We Are The World has made us grow. We have seen people, very famous, who have remained humble, like Celine Dion herself, or Barbra Streisand. We hope with this CD, to be able to convey to people, what …..

P = What we feel inside.

G = And of course we must remain humble …

P = Staying humble yes, as Gianluca said, Celine Dion or Barbra Streisand  are humble, but they have reached the maximum of world music, therefore we have understood that, with humility, great levels can be reached.

In my opinion, however, if one is too full of themselves or arrogant, he does not go anywhere.

Dreams 02

G = All this happened to us at the age of 15, it is not something that happens often. We work hard, because as I said, this is our passion, this is our love, it is singing, music.

P = We live for this.

I = How many kids want to have this ?? And we were lucky to be able to do all this.

G = We must also thank Roberto Cenci, because it is he who united us, he had the genius, no, the flair, to unite us, and then this project was born.

The brothers argue.

P = The nice thing about the three of us is that we tell each other everything face-to-face.

I = Yes, it’s not that we speak behind our backs, if I don’t like something I say “Piero, look, I don’t like this thing.”

P = And perhaps this is our strength.

I = Our strength is the friendship that unites us, the truth, and the genuineness that we have …. the spontaneity.

G = Obviously among us …… the groups must be like this, right?

Dreams 03

PR = I would like to know what criticisms you have had from the kids of your age, you are not afraid that, being so young, maybe you miss the stages (of your life), maybe school life, daily life, going out …..

G = This is the stage we want to do!

PR = Despite everything?

I = Yes, because we do it with passion, we don’t do it because we are forced, but that’s what we want.

G = Exactly, absolutely.

I = You know, when you are a child, you open the drawer and you like what you find ….. we would like to do this, in short it is what we want to do, this is the answer.

G = It happened to us at the age of 15, but as I said, this is our love, our passion and we are very committed to this. We do not believe in missing stages, absolutely.

PR = But because now is only the beginning and everything is wonderful, but then, maybe in a few years, you may be missing going out with your friends.

I = Maybe we could miss some outings with friends, but I don’t think other 16-year-olds travel the world, and it’s a beautiful experience. We do not miss stages, indeed we have more.

Dreams 04

But how sweet and mature were these young Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca already then?

I don’t know if it is my impression, but it seems to me that Gianluca has a red face, he is probably trying to hide his first shyness, which has now passed very well.

And the photos? What can we say, they make us melt even more, what sweet guys !!


Back then, they dreamed of being able to sing one day at Radio City Music Hall and Carnegie Hall ……. the dream came true !!!


Credit to owners of all photos and videos.

Music Notes ~~ Il Volo – Raising the Bar – Raising the Standards ~By Myron Heaton

a - billboard award

Il Volo is having an influence on the pop music world even though it is rather small
right now. However, I am confident it will grow as time goes on. How is that? It has
to do with the way they keep perfecting their art. The answer later in this article.
First let me start with this premise: the human voice is too often taken for granted and
poorly treated partly because it is an instrument inside us and not tangible like a violin
or clarinet or piano, etc. Everyone can sing and, in fact, you are doing a form of
singing when you talk. It is the same set of muscles, and you are using pitches when
you talk- just not a lot of different ones. But with all that as a given, a person is not
born with the knowledge of how to use the voice to the best of its ability. Training is
If you are given a violin or clarinet or piano and want to play it to the best of your
ability, you take lessons from a trained and degreed expert – i.e. a private teacher with
a B.A. Or Master’s degree – and learn all of the proper methods and techniques needed
to produce great quality. A singer – just as with those instruments – should take
private lessons and put those techniques to good use. You are taught by a voice
teacher (advanced is a voice coach) with a Master’s degree in vocal pedagogy ( rough
definition: the science and craft of teaching the art of singing) . Yes, anyone can sing,
and some are born with a wonderful natural instrument which they put to use with
little or no knowledge of good techniques while others take that wonderful natural
instrument and add the proper training and end up with an incredible instrument of
limitless beauty, power, grace and elegance.
a - 02JPVolo4-articleLarge
IL VOLO ‘ s place
Each of these guys at a very young age had the love and passion of singing instilled in them either by their grandpa (Gianluca and Piero) or by the family and community
they lived in (Ignazio) or both (all three). Each of these boys was blessed by God
with a magnificent natural instrument. They had parents that were smart enough and
caring enough to realize that such natural beauty deserved proper training and got
them good voice teachers. Those same parents needed to provide the support and
emotional space to allow them to grow artistically. Takes a lot of patience from the
parents some times. Then comes the contests and festivals and competitions (more
parent partnership).
Picture credits to Don Ercole andMundial
Picture credits to Don Ercole and Mundial
As the group was finally put together as Il Volo, they added a voice coach to sustain
the great work already started and, also, to teach them how to preserve and protect
those wonderful instruments. When you ruin a clarinet you go out and buy a new one
but when you ruin your voice you are done. You can’t buy a new one.
With all this work going on we, the public, have been enjoying wonderful pop music
(with a classical flair ) presented to the heights of quality and perfection. Since they
are so young and not in their 30’s or 40’s, they get more attention from all ages. The
youth thing really works in their favor so well. The result is that they have become
very popular with a wide variety of ages in the USA.
This has not escaped the attention of some well established big names. Barbra
Streisand had planned a tour in 2012 but after hearing Il Volo and seeing what their
coach has done, she decided to add a coach to her prep work for the last 4 months
prior to tour. Recently, I have read that Justin Timberlake has hired a voice coach to
expand the range and improve quality of his serious singing. He has mentioned
wanting to do a Broadway musical and that requires a well-trained voice. He very
much knows the “Il Volo sound” There has also been some talk amongst certain
female singers that they want to get a little of the “ Il Volo “ edge and clean up their
voice and their singing.
a - tumblr_Barb strisand
Il Volo is not the only group with good training but they are the youngest and the best
out there right now. They are having an impact on the pop music business. Gianluca,
Ignazio and Piero have raised the bar. They have raised the standards. Let’s hope that
impact keeps growing.
Picture credit Laura Batke at The mall of America
Picture credit Laura Batke at The Mall of America
Coming soon: an article looking at two of the concerts Il Volo did during the winter

The Best Day of Your Lives

Remember when you
were approached to be part of a trio?
You thought that was the best day of your lives.o' sole mio

Remember when you
recorded the “‘O Sole Mio” video?
You thought that was the best day of your lives.

Remember when you

sang on American Idol?
You thought that was the best day of your lives.

Remember when you
Recorded your first PBS Special?
You thought that was the best day of your lives.

tumblr_Barb strisandRemember when you
toured with Barbra Strisand?
You thought those we the best days of your                lives.

Remember when you
dreamed of performing at Radio City Music Hall?
You thought that would be the best day of your lives.

Remember when you
actually performed at Radio City Music Hall?
You thought that was the best day of your lives.

We Remember too.
We’re here remembering and celebratingtumblr_RCMH
every accomplishment along with you.

Ignazio, Piero, Gianluca,
The Flight Crew Knows
your best day is yet to come!

Our best day was finding you.


Yeah, we're this handsome!
Yeah, we’re this handsome!

In Case You Missed It…….


Hi Everone,

The concert last night was a rousing success. The concert was held at the exciting Bell Centre in Montreal, Canada. The Bell Centre was built in Downtown Montreal in 1996, it replaced the aging Montreal Forum that was built in 1924. The Centre is considered the most technologically advanced venue in the world. Aside from concerts and other events, it is the home of the legendary ‘Montreal Canadiens Hockey Club’ There are some Photos of the concert on Il Volo Mundial.

Il volo now has two days off before the concert in Pittsburgh on September 11th at Heinz Hall.
We all hope Ignazio, Piero and Gianluca get a good rest for the next 2 days, they have a grueling schedule ahead. It’s a good time to give those beautiful voices a rest!!

No recent Tweets, they’re taking a little time away.

Gianluca says in an article found on Team Il Volo by ‘Times On Line’, “When we sing together it’s a beautiful sound”. The article points out that Gianluca said he is the outgoing member of the group and Ignazio the most bashful. That doesn’t sound like the Ignazio we know!!
The article reminds us of the groups appearance with Barbara Streisand in Her PBS special around Thanksgiving. “Buon Natale”, Il Volo’s PBS Christmas Special will air in December. Their new CD of that name will also be available..

Check our Blog, there are many great pictures and stories from Marie of the Detroit Concert.

Have a good few days off, “Boys” get rested and ready for Pittsburgh!



Hi again! 


Busy to day, today!  I just received this email from Ann (who is on Barbara’s mailing list), and she asked me to share!





PBS: Friday, November 29th at 9:00pm ET
Superstar Barbra Streisand makes a historic homecoming at the new Barclays Center arena, with her first Brooklyn concert.
Joined by special guests Il Volo and Chris Botti, Streisand performs an extensive selection of songs from throughout her five-decade career, and duets with son Jason Gould on “How Deep is the Ocean.”
The seemingly endless collection of hits and fan favorites includes:
“Nice N Easy,” “Didn’t We,” “No More Tears (Enough is Enough),” “Rose’s Turn,” “My Funny Valentine,” “Some Other Time,” “Make Our Garden Grow,” along “Evergreen,” “The Way We Were,” “People,” and “Happy Days are Here Again.”
Reviewing her opening night, Stephen Holden of The New York Times wrote, “Like few singers of any age, she has the gift of conveying a primal human longing in a beautiful sound.”

Mark your calanders, guys, and thank you, Ann!