Screen shot of Gianluca, Ignazio and Piero singing for the Verona promotion


The date of the Morricone tribute concert is approaching and Ignazio, Piero and Gianluca were in Verona Arena, where preparations of the concert were underway.
As I had anticipated, Il Volo,  live from Verona,  was a guest in the transmission of DOMENICA IN, presented by Mara Venier.
Here is the video of the broadcast that I translated for you.
Click the photo below to watch the interview.

Screen shot of Mara on the right interviewing IL VOLO in Verona Arena

MARA = And now there is this video from Verona, where the guys from Il Volo are ready for a beautiful connection, let’s see the video.
(the video of the promotion starts).

Screen shot of Gianluca, Ignazio and Piero singing for the Verona promotion

Here it is, now I will go in connection with these wonderful guys who are having  crazy success abroad, now we will see some images that also make us Italians go crazy (in the sense that they make us proud).
Here they are, hello Piero, hello Ignazio, hello Gianluca, can you hear me, can you see me?
GIAN = Loud and clear.
MARA = I don’t hear today, maybe I have sudden deafness.
GIAN = We hear you loud and clear, Mara here we are!
MARA = You, but not me. I feel you are very far away.
IGNAZIO = And we are far away ….
MARA = Here, now I hear you, so guys how beautiful this image is from my Verona (Mara is from the Veneto region, where Verona is).
What a beautiful Arena.
Meanwhile, I want to give you this video and then you tell me everything.
(a short video of Sanremo 2021 starts).
MARA = This is a beautiful moment of the Sanremo festival, but you, on Saturday 5th June, on RAI 1, will make a tribute to the great Ennio Morricone from the wonderful Arena of Verona, right guys?
GIAN = Yes Mara, we are here to celebrate the one who was the representation of absolute genius. From silence he could create works of art that made many generations fall in love. The maestro certainly does not need any introduction, but we humbly want to make this contribution to bring his music to the new generations of the youngest and therefore, for us it is first of all a great honor and also a great responsibility, because singing the columns sound of the great maestro Morricone, it is not easy, but it is something in which we will put “heart and soul”.
MARA = It is right what you said, you reach your audience who are young but you also have people from other generations, because your talent is immense, you are demonstrating it in recent years, taking Italy around the world . But you are also three guys, and I believe that with great emotion, as you said, you re-propose the music of the great Ennio Morricone, of the great films, which will remain in the history of cinema, wonderful soundtracks. I really think the emotion starts with you three.
Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca, then a very strong emotion for you who are very young to bring the music, the compositions of the great Morricone.

Left to right: Gianluca, Ignazio and Piero in Verona Arena

PIERO = Mara, celebrating Maestro Morricone, for us, is a great honor but equally a great responsibility. From this idea a recording project was born and we would like to say that we are really anxious and excited for next Saturday evening, 5 June, because it will be our first live concert live on RAI 1. But the thing that reassures us is the support of Ennio Morricone’s family, because on stage with us there will be his son Andrea Morricone to direct the orchestra and many other guests.
But the biggest guest will be the audience, because we will finally do a concert with the audience here at the Verona Arena and finally it will be a thrill to see our audience again (applause).
MARA = Here an applause started from the few present, as you know we are always few here (due to Covid), but an applause started from the whole group, from the whole team, precisely because you somehow represent all your colleagues (singers), that is, there is a restart, we start again, we have a desire to hear singing live and I think you have a crazy desire to perform. How much have you missed all of this in this long period?
Ignazio you answer me, love of aunt (Mara is usually called aunt), how are you?
IGNAZIO = I’m fine, I’m fine.
This afternoon we start rehearsals, and we can’t wait, because it’s been months, a year, a year and a half that we haven’t performed in front of an audience and surely starting from the Arena is something that makes us even happier, because like we know, the Arena is one of those places where every Italian artist aspires to perform and make our first and only concert of this year right here, with the reopening of the public, a positive message, a message of hope for all artists. For all the famous artists and for all the artists who want to resume playing, it is a message of hope that soon we will all be back again to perform in front of an audience and this will be in the near future.
MARA = Ignazio, this is a question I ask all three, how have you spent these long months?
IGNAZIO = At home with the mask, I also slept, with the mask at one point, I was so fond of the mask that I slept with it too.
GIAN = Mara, certainly for us, for all of us it was a difficult moment and we must have a spirit of adaptation in these cases, because when life, unfortunately, puts us to the test, it is in that moment that we must try not to live the passive life. For example, I learned to play the piano, I didn’t know how to play it, I started reading more, which I didn’t do before, but the important thing is to improve yourself, have a personal growth that allows you to be a better person.

Left to right: Gianluca, Ignazio and Piero in Verona Arena

MARA = Now I want to send a video, because I asked you how much you missed the live performance, but the public has never stopped following you, and in this video, I want to show these three guys, within 10 years, what they managed to do. We see it together and then I want to hear a comment from you.
(start of a short video of the successes of Il Volo)
So, various moments, what do you remember? I imagine the emotion with Pope Francis, but also with Barbra Streisand. What do you remember, come on, tell me something, some anecdotes.
IGNAZIO = We remember everything. I remember that the first time we sang with Barbra Streisand was on my birthday, October 4th two thousand and …… help me (he says to Piero and Gian).
GIAN = 2012, remember everything I see !!
IGNAZIO = I don’t just remember the year, it’s not like I can remember everything !!
MARA = And how did you feel Ignazio, how were you?
IGNAZIO = I was fine, the pressure was fine !! ( Ignazio, the usual joker).😁
MARA = But you had Barbra Streisand close …
PIERO = Mara, the thing that worries me most on Saturday night, will be the conduct and presentation of the program of the three of us, but above all, that of Ignazio (laughter)😁
GIAN = You can’t hold him back, you have to expect everything from Ignazio.

Left to right: Gianluca, Ignazio and Piero in Verona Arena

IGNAZIO = You must know that it will be the first time, first of all that we do a live concert, but above all that …..
PIERO = Above all that there will be many guests, there will be: Riccardo Cocciante (Italian singer-songwriter who wrote the music for Notre Dame de Paris), Laura Chiatti (Italian actress) Stefano Bollani (composer and pianist) Andrea Griminelli (flutist), Marco Giallini (actor).
IGNAZIO = This is how it will end, that while I am speaking he (Piero) will interrupt me, because it always ends like this.
GIAN = And I look at you, always, because I let you do it.
PIERO = It will be difficult to start, but when we fuel …..
MARA = Guys, now in hand, your victory in Sanremo and then we say goodbye and we are waiting for you on Saturday 5th June RAI1, finally the live concert of Il Volo. Let’s see 2015 SANREMO. (starts the video of the victory of Sanremo 2015)
Here it is.

Left to right: Gianluca, Ignazio and Piero in Verona Arena

IGNAZIO = It’s always exciting to see this, you know?
MARA = I think it is also for the people, a good moment for you.
IGNAZIO = Yes, very much.
PIERO = Mara, I want to say something really important, this concert, it will not be the concert of Il Volo only, on RAI1 live on Saturday night, but it will be everyone’s concert, you see: orchestral, show operators, technicians , all these people working around us, is the greatest victory, and the famous “we will make it”, it means that it is happening now. (applause)
MARA = I think so too, it is for all of us, even for those who are not there, because it means that we start again, we leave again guys and we really hope to have overcome this moment, these months so bad, so terrible.
Will you get the vaccine? Because now comes the turn of the young, I sponsor a lot of the vaccine, kids you have to do it, please.
I + G + P = Absolutely.

Mara on the right interviewing IL VOLO in Verona Arena

IGNAZIO = It is a very personal choice, that of the vaccine, but it is certainly what will help us to live more peacefully.
We must trust science, because we do not live in a normal era, it is not a disease that we know of, and therefore we must trust the scientists, we must trust the research that goes on and surely, personally I will trust and I will.
MARA = Bravo Ignazio, this is very important, on your part to give this message and give your opinion to all the young people who follow you and all your fans, for which it is very important, thank you very much.
IGNAZIO = An opinion remains, then everyone can do what they want.
MARA = Yes, everyone can do what they want, but better do it, can I say it?
IGNAZIO = Absolutely
GIAN = Greetings to everyone in the studio.
PIERO = Bye Mara . . . to Saturday.
MARA = Thanks to Il Volo and good work.
Click on photo below to show the concert promotion.Screen shot of Verona Arena with concert information
Meanwhile, the rehearsals for the concert continue in Verona, together with the orchestras.

Gianluca selfie with Ignazio and Piero at rehearsal

Wide shot of the rehearsal hall with musicians

Master Grani also posted this message:


Rehearsal hall with the words "WE HAVE STARTED AGAIN, HURRY !!"

There is also another good news, Sony has sent Gianluca, Ignazio and Piero, a nice certification that attests that with their CD, IL VOLO Best 10 years, they have obtained the gold record. Certainly it is a nice milestone, as real sales are now extremely difficult, and the awards are now counted on the streamed listeners and not just on the actual sales made.  Good, guys!!
In the photo we see the personal certification issued by Sony to Gianluca, it will be a nice trophy to add to the homes of our young men.

One of the Gold CD's sent to each IL VOLO member

Another good news, I told you that Italy won Eurovision, this means that next year Italy will host Eurovision, this important European singing competition.
From the moment of victory, the candidacy for who will present Eurovision has begun. Whoever does it will need to be a skilled presenter and know several languages. Well the organization, among the various names has also listed Il Volo. In my opinion they would be perfect for this role, what do you think?
Here is ESCTODAY’s instagram message:
Would you like @ilvolomusic to host @ eurovision2022 in Italy next year?

Left to right: Gianluca, Ignazio and Piero in black coat and pants with white shirts

And now a beautiful message from Gianluca to the children of the fifth grade (10/11 years).
Gianluca you are truly unbeatable.
Hello everyone, I really wanted to send a greeting to all the little fans of the classes, fifth A and fifth B, of the primary school of Pagliare (municipality of Abruzzo).
I really thank you for thinking of me as the musical excellence of our region, regarding your virtual journey “I invite you to Abruzzo”.
I hope you will really appreciate the wonders of our territory, together with your teachers who will be the tour guides.
I also invite you to always be good students, in the continuation of your school career, so that you can realize your greatest aspirations, because with passion, commitment and even a little luck, the most beautiful dreams we want can come true. in life. See you soon.
A hug.

Closeup of a serious Gianluca

And finally … HERE THEY ARE, my beautiful tickets for the concert in the Arena have arrived today.

Daniela's two tickets to the June 5 IL VOLO concert in Verona Arena

Well, after all this good news, I want to finish with the words of my friend Luce Blu, after she saw Il Volo on DOMENICA IN.
See you soon: Daniela 🤗

The evening comes with such a sweet and serene rhythm, the perfect moment to stop and think for a while, and I’m thinking that as always it was a great pleasure to see and listen to you … as well as indisputable and extraordinary talents, you are beautiful thoughts and hearts.
Just a few minutes and we feel between clouds and stars thanks to our wonderful trio. 
– 6 and counting……. so still incredulous we wait.

Left to right: Gianluca, Ignazio and Piero in Verona Arena


Credit to owners of all photos and videos.

59 thoughts on “VERONA: TESTS OF THE CONCERT by Daniela”

  1. To the young men of Il Volo, you have my respect and love. We are waiting, now go “break a leg”. Wish I could be there. Daniela, give the guys a standing ovation for me. Grazie mille.

    1. I’ll give lots of standing ovations, I’m sure RoseMarie.
      We say that! These guys have their mouths connected to their brains “, in the sense that what they say is always very mature.

  2. Daniela, Thanks to you and Pat for the fast posting and
    translation. The guys always show a great comfort level
    with (aunt) Mara. In this comfort, they convey the true
    joy and anticipation of the whole community of
    entertainers and technicians that finally return to
    normalcy. Also, the value in what Maestro Morricone
    represents for all Italians and movie lovers around
    the world.
    Congrats on your tickets!! Wishing you a great time
    on Saturday. We are with you in spirit.

    1. It’s my pleasure, Martha! I know we will all be with Daniela in spirit on Saturday.

  3. This is so exciting. I wish them well. I know they will be perfect in their singing and on-stage presence. And what is a concert without a joke or two from Ignazio. I don’t understand Italian, but the expressions he makes tells the story, and I laugh. Love them forever.

  4. Thank you Daniela, I knew you will come with the translation right away.I watch the interview I don’t speak Italian, but I listen to the guys because I love listening to them. I’m happy for them can’t wait till they come to the states and please can you say hello to ignazio for me .. as much happiness he gives to the audience and to everybody around him I feel that he’s sad inside he’s a beautiful person I wish them all the luck in the world

    Thank you again
    Nilda b

    1. Nilda b, I have wondered if anyone else picked up on the sadness that I feel is a part of him. He can be very congenial and gives off an aura of happiness and love, yet there’s some sort of innate sadness deep inside that seems to seep through, if you pay close attention. As for being a beautiful person, there’s no doubt about this.

      1. Yes, true Mark, I was saying that just now, he is good at hiding his sadness and is undoubtedly a beautiful person.
        A friend of mine pointed out to me that Ignazio wears a gold wedding band on his finger, we thought it was his father Vito’s.

      2. I also note that Ignacio is now the thinnest of the trio, or so he appeared in the archway, singing the national anthem. His face looks a little gaunt & perhaps he should try not to lose much more. I think the new, trim at the sides, haircut also changes his appearance. But you are right about the sadness and it may be the cause of extra and recent weight loss. The family is very close and he is now kind of “the man of the house.” Such sadness is to be expected after the sudden loss of his father, during a year that was already full of grief and losses for the whole world.

    2. Nilda, I think it is in Ignazio’s nature to hide his sadness, he tries to always be cheerful, and perhaps this new project helps him to overcome sadness a little.

      1. My first thought when I saw the gold band on his right middle finger, that it probably was his father’s. If so, really touching.

  5. So great to see our boys again, very healthy and anticipating their concert in Verona. Notice that Piero has said they will have to watch the conduct of Ignazio during the performance, so I guess he has not lost his element of vivacity. Also, has he had another tattoo? On his arm? They are all looking so good and it is such a relief to see them!

      1. Daniela, if I ever get a tattoo (at age 89 yrs.), it will have something to do with IlVolo!!!

      2. I think what we see for a tattoo is the tail end of the big one he got several months ago, rather than a new one. He’s wearing a t shirt that allows this much to show.

  6. Daniella, 2 of the most beautiful tickets i have ever seen!! I hooe you have a great night with our amazing IlVolo.Thank you for the post and the translation. My soul will be there with everyone!! I love Morricone music!! Hugs from Virginia. ….Donna

  7. Hi Daniella, knew you wouldn’t let us down with a translation from Mara I don’t care if it is in Italian, I watch anything the guys are a part of. I am so excited for this concert . I am hoping there won’t be a problem to see it on TV in the states. So happy for you getting tickets Hoping I get to see them again in the states Hope that isn’t too far away as I am getting older so hope they hurry up and get here. Have a great time at the concert and looking forward to your next article telling us everything.

    1. I couldn’t leave you without this translation.
      I also hope to be able to give you a nice summary full of details, of the whole concert, I will do my best.

  8. As always Daniela, I love this article as I have loved all your others…
    I am looking forward to seeing this beautiful concert on RAI 1… I wish I was going to be there with you Deborah and all the rest of the Il Volo family group that are traveling to Verona for this concert…
    I love what Piero, Gianluca and Ignazio have done in past concerts to bring the Italian culture to us all over the world through their music…They share so much with us about their love for their country and the beauty of the people, food and countryside that they have become Grande Ambassadors of Italy, and so many of their fans plan vocations in Italy around their concerts…Il Volo is the best of the best that Italy has given the world… We here in the USA love them and we are looking forward to March 2022 when they start their tour here at Radio City Music Hall

    1. Dear Jeannette, I will miss you Saturday night, but I will think of all of you assiduously and I will try not to lose any moment and then tell you everything, with details of many small details. I will try to make you feel, as if it were all there, our great Volo-family, all united around Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca !!

  9. As always Daniela and Pat a big thank you for this latest news on the upcoming concert dedicated to Morricone. How lucky for you Daniela that you will be there to see our guys in person!! We all will be anxiously awaiting for your review. As for Ignazio, as Mark said in his posting I too still feel a deep sadness in Ignazio. He appears to be very thin in the picture between Gianluca and Piero!! I hadn’t noticed the wedding ring on his right hand but I do recall him wearing a wedding ring when he was going out with Alessandra. My heart just aches for him. Hopefully, getting back to what they all love to do , will help !!!

    1. It is true, Annette, Ignazio is very thin, but the pain is still too recent, it is better if work distracts him.
      I remember that he wore a faith when he was with Alessandra, but then the faith was gone, but now I think this is really the memory of his dad. I remember that as a boy Ignazio also wore the big ring, belonging to his grandfather.

      1. Your right Daniela! I do recall that the ring he wore while going out with Alessandra was faith to each other and the big ring for his grandfather! Now a ring is being worn in remembrance of his dear dad, Vito. It brings tears to my eyes that Ignazio has experienced so much heartache. And yes getting back to doing what he loves, that is singing for all of us may help! Enjoy the concert and we all anxiously await your review❤️

  10. Daniela and the other ladies writing articles need a special thanks for keeping us close to the boys during the last 18 months. Finally Italy won Eurovision. I did not follow this years so will have look up who won. I hope the boys get to be part of of the creation of Italy’s Eurovision.

    1. Regina, it was the least I could do to keep you up to date with news from our boys. Get ready, because this year’s Eurovision winners are just the opposite of our beloved guys.

  11. It is so nice to see the guys getting ready for their big night. I’ m sure they are as excited to perform as the fans are to see them. Loved seeing your tickets. I can’t wait to hear all about it from you, Daniela. It will be a wonderful evening and I know you will do a great job of telling us about it and that you will enjoy every minute of it.

    1. Thanks Cathy, I hope I live up to your expectations and I hope there are no problems if I make videos. I will have a thousand eyes for you!

  12. Daniela, great appreciation for instantly translating the latest IL Volo interview with Mara. You two are awesome.
    Our guys look great and I admire and love everything that they communicated in the interview.
    Daniela those tickets are precious and I wish you a meravigliosa time.

  13. Beautilul article, thank you Daniela and Pat for posting it. I can imagine Daniela how excited you are. I wish you wonderful evening, it will be for sure. Waiting for your impressions. Hugs

    1. A thousand emotions, Jolanta, for the concert and also because I will see many friends again. It will be an evening to remember !!

  14. This was terrific, Daniela–grazie mille! And your including the actual interview, as well as your superb translation, was fun to watch, even if I only got one word out of ten as the Italian flew by! I was interested in all the comments about Ignazio (yes, my favorite). I feel he is the most complicated of our three guys. At any rate, it’s wonderful to see him teasing and joking a bit again. Only a few more days now till showtime!

    1. Thanks Judi for your nice compliments. Yes Ignazio is certainly the most complicated and perhaps even a little bit unfortunate, but we like him immensely!

  15. I am devoted to IL Volo and listen to them every single day. Purchased all their CD’s and Videos! I have never experienced another singing group as great as they are. I love Gianluca, Piero and Ignazio. Hate to see those disgusting tattoos 😂 on anyone. Thank God, Gianluca and Piero have better sense than to mess with perfection that God created. My prayers are said for them each day, that God would bless them mighty in all they do and keep them grounded and safe in their travels.

    1. I have no doubt Martha that you have bought all their CDs and I am sure that you listen to their voices every day, you are sick of “volite” like all of us !!

      1. Daniella, you are so special to all of us here in the United States. We are so blessed to have your translation and letting us know how “our” wonderful IL Volo singers are doing. I am thrilled to be able to watch them and my love for them will always be there for America is honored to have them in our lives! I first heard them sing when a friend forwarded me a message with them singing when they were just teenage young guys. I have traveled the world and seen many great singers, however not anyone on earth can compare to these incredible talented men! God has blessed them and we are thrilled to have them in concert and learn of them here in America. I don’t speak Italian, however it makes no difference for to hear them sing takes my breath away! Again, thank you for all you do in keeping American up to date on Gianluca, Piero and Ignazio. You are wonderful for keeping American in the loop. God bless you.

      1. That breaks my heart to learn that Piero has tattoos! I believe that any man that would do that makes him look so demented! I see a nice looking man and then see a disgusting tattoo on his body and l want to vomit. I don’t understand what kind of idiot would do that to his body! It is sick and disgusting! God made us in His image, not to ruin the body he created in our Mothers wound! I believe that any brainless demented person who thinks it makes him look better and more a man, needs a few different brain cells and will regret as he gets older what he has done! God help the demented idiots who put disgusting tattoos on their body!

    2. Martha, regarding your post of June 3, 8:40pm, the three gentlemen of IL Volo are hardly “brainless, demented idiots”! Quite the contrary!
      I don’t like tattoos either, but each to his own and they are harmless, if not aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

  16. Daniela, I must admit I am envious of you having tickets to see our wonderful boys at Verona. I should take a page out of their book and not be jealous. They are so supportive of each other and recognize the great voices each has. A slap on the hand to me from me!!! Enjoy the concert and I look forward to your comments when it is over..

    1. DeeBee, of course you’re jealous, I will be too when Il Volo is in America and I can’t be at their concerts. But it is a benevolent jealousy, because you know that then I will update you on everything.

      1. I’m so glad that you understood me when I said I was envious, Daniela, but not wanting to take away from your ability to be THERE!!
        Yes, there are so many of us who love our boys and would like to see them in person, but, alas, such is not the case for now. Enjoy the concert and please keep us posted. Hugs! Dolores

  17. Hello beautiful Daniela … Thank you so much for the translation of the interview that Mara did with our boys … You know that I do not speak Italian or English (I am Latina), but your written translation has allowed me to know exactly what our children were saying. adorable boys … As I read in several comments, despite everything he tries to hide, one who knows Ignazio well, can notice his inner grief, which is reasonable for the loss of his father, but he knows well that the The show must continue and he makes every effort to cheer us up (although his mere presence makes my life happy), with the help of Piero and Gianluca …. As I adore these boys, Piero Gianluca and Ignazio complement each other perfectly ….
    I envy you (healthily) because you will be present at this unforgettable concert … Those of us who cannot be there will settle for watching them on TV (hopefully we can because many of us are working at that time) … If you can give a kiss to Igna and tell him that we miss him a lot and that we always ask God for his health and that of his family.
    And finally, I am very happy for the recognition of Sony Music and the awarding of the Gold Record for the album “IL VOLO … The best of the 10 years” … Deserved achievement at this very difficult time for everyone. musical guild.
    Thank you, thank you Daniela … Greetings to Susan and the whole team

    1. Rossana, I am very happy to have been able to help you understand the interview with Mara.
      Stay with us here in Flight Crew and you will read everything I can write and remember about the concert and I also hope to be able to make videos. It will be impossible to approach them, because it is not even allowed to approach each other among us friends, inside the Arena, but I believe that Il Volo will feel all our support and our love.

  18. Actually seeing your tickets of admission to this highly anticipated event, creates reality for me! Probably many thousands of us who are a world and a life away from a huge event in music history, look forward to June 5 in Verona, Italy. Thanks to Daniela and Flight Crew. No information is available from local PBS. They’ll turn it into a money maker at their convenience. Looking forward to your valuable insight and coverage .

    Common sense tells me that an army of qualified people are watching out for Ignazio. Doesn’t make it any easier to see him so thin, does it ?

    1. What you wrote is true, Girl from Boston, when Il Volo was on tour in America, I was looking forward to those who could publish something or give us some news and now it is so for you who are on the other side of the globe.
      Ignatius is worn out, but he is strong, perhaps too much, and he will soon recover.

  19. It’s is so wonderful to read all the comments here and the concern for Ignazio. But, I have to be different than most and say that I do like his tattoos…and secretly hoped the bandage on his eyelid was a piercing 😊

    Can anyone tell me what time the concert will start. I’m struggling finding a way to watch as I can’t get any answers from PBS in my area. I agree PBS will go the money maker route and broadcast later. I can’t wait for later!

    Thanks to all the flight crew for keeping us up to date on Il Volo. Lucky, lucky Daniela—-so happy you got tickets!

    1. Do a google search for Ra1 Italian TV station and see if they are streaming it live. I have watched concerts on Ra1 before but I don’t remember if they were live or a rebroadcast. And don’t forget the time difference!

  20. Dear Daniela, I know it will be a wonderful concert. Thank you for always thinking of us and taking the time to share your experience with all of us who can’t be there. It is a time of great emotion having Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca performing this very special concert and doing what they do best!

  21. Tattoos aren’t always bad. A young neighbour of mine, when his wife passed away with cancer, had a tattoo of her favourite bird, a Chickadee, tattooed on his wrist. I think it was a beautiful gesture.

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