I started the translation of this radio interview with Gianluca, immediately after it happened, but then, the events with the postponement of the tour and the sale of tickets to Verona, I never finished the translation.
Now I have finally finished it, I’m sorry you had to wait a long time. This is an interview made by Radio Roma by the spouses “Perrollas”, Federico Perrotta and Valentina Olla.

Woman = The adrenaline has risen a little, we feel we are on an international stage, because detonating, was the news that we have hosted Gianluca Ginoble of Il Volo, who very courteously lent himself ……
Man = Yes, but make a fair presentation ….
Woman = I try …. Ladies and gentlemen, it is a great honor for us to be able to chat ….
Man = No, no this is not good, something more international is needed:
“Cummare e cumpare (ladies and gentlemen in Abruzzo dialect) we are really pleased to have here, on Radio Roma International, Gianluca Ginoble, nu cumpare (meant as a friend, in Abruzzo dialect) from Abruzzo”.
And here he is, hello Gianluca !!
GIAN = Good morning, good morning everyone. I see you speak Abruzzo, we have this thing in common (Federico is from Abruzzo).
Man = Sure, indeed In your honor, I put on a shirt, let’s see if we can frame it, can you read? Look here.
GIAN = So … wait, wait, I can’t see it, wait for the shot …. SUN CAP REAL (laughter…the inscription could be translated about so “I am a real goat” in the sense of blockhead, one who understands little. It is a shirt that students wear when there are 100 days to go to the final exams and they go to S. Gabriel to make gatherings of students where they pray and have propitious parties for the exam.) 
Read in this way, it looks like an English word, but NO.

Gianluca with his hand on the side of his head leaning on something

Man = Exactly but this t-shirt is based on fake English, which instead means something else for us.
Were there the 100 days of St. Gabriel for you too, the 100 days before the exam?
GIAN = No, I kept it out. But in S. Gabriele (it is a place with a sanctuary) I went there with my grandfather. Every now and then we go there, take a day in the mountains and then we stop to eat there. I am very attached to my grandfather, so we go together every now and then.
Man = Meanwhile, social networks are going crazy, there are greetings from Argentina, France. There are those from Argentina who are unleashed.
Woman = There is a very young 91 year old fan of yours
Man = A groupie
Woman = 91 years old, Mrs. Lia loves you with all of herself, a very young fan of yours.
GIAN = I greet you, but I also greet another die-hard fan who is Grandma Maura, that’s what I call her, and I greet her, since she is in Rome and is listening and watching me right now.

Gianluca with Nonna Maura

Man = How nice !! Meanwhile, I wanted to thank your dad, Ercole, who acted as a hook for this live phone call.
Listen, let’s talk about lightness, we are both actors and live artists, is there something you miss, with contact with people?
GIAN = It is our life, that of being in contact with the audience, that of transmitting emotions, and also our audience, in a certain sense it helps us to bring out better what we feel inside and then it is clear we can play or singing at home too, but it’s certainly not the same thing, it’s not like looking people in the face, but we’ll be back soon. I would like to say that we are preparing a concert at the Verona Arena, on June 5th, and it will go live on RAI 1 and will be a tribute to Maestro Morricone. It is a new project, the CD will be released soon and then we will leave for the tour in 2022, we hope, bringing the great melodies of the master.
Woman = Listen, international stages, you have lived them from an early age, the big stages have seen you grow and mature. In the meantime, congratulations for being able to support all this, it is not easy, it is not easy to do it in a group, and we are truly honored by the talent you have and the prestige you bring to Italianness.
We would like to know if you have any anecdotes to share, funny, something that happens behind the scenes, we are crazy about these things.
GIAN = The incredible thing, when we went around the world, from Los Angeles to New York, I come from Montepagano, from Roseto degli Abruzzi, I didn’t speak English and neither did my colleagues, so you can imagine that to be able to have the hair dryer, we said “Phon” and rightly at the reception they gave us the phone, then with our hands we made the gesture of combing and they gave us the comb, and then we blew them on the hair to make them understand !!!
Gianluca in a mask at the press conference
Man = Surely it was also difficult to be understood on tour, by the technicians who spoke another language, at the beginning anything will have happened.
GIAN = Yes, but these are the things that give you the strength to improve, because you can’t always make yourself understood with gestures, you have to learn the language, otherwise it’s hard !!
Woman = Can I ask you if you have been aware of success from the start?
GIAN = Let’s say that little by little you realize that what was initially a game becomes your life, but the memory of when I was a child must remain, because it is what gives you the strength to be truly yourself, without success you change, in fact it doesn’t have to be that something that changes you, and if you can keep the enthusiasm of the child, it makes a difference and people notice it, when you are on stage, when you talk to someone, this is the most important thing, never lose that authenticity, which somehow makes you unique.
I’m talking about the whole group, of course.
It is a way to always be yourself.
Man = It’s an important thing, because, as you say, the audience feels it. There are some questions, someone writes to ask Gianluca how he can bear all the tension in cheering on Roma (football team).
GIAN = Look, I have to be honest, since Totti (captain of the team) left, I am no longer able to follow Roma as before.
Man = Have you seen the TV series about Totti?

Gianluca laughing

GIAN = Yes of course, I saw him with my father. Since Totti left, I can no longer have that passion, I follow football, but it was he (Totti) who tied me to the team, more than anything else, by the way I greet him, maybe he is listening to the radio.
Woman = What a sincere statement of admiration ….
GIAN = Of love …
Woman = Yes, of love, even if in my opinion, there is an undisputed queen, Ilary (wife of Totti), a great woman.
GIAN = Of course, they are a beautiful couple.
Man = Beyond the declarations of love, we are flooded with declarations of love for you, and seeing you so beautiful, in the early morning, I love you too, (laughter), I too make this declaration to you.
Woman = Yes, because here in chat they arrive: I love you, I dedicate my life to you, I greet you, it seems they are for us , but they are all for you.
Man = We went to a concert in Civitella di Chieti, we were between 8000-9000 people that evening and there was a beautiful dedication to your family and your land, which is always present in your stories, Abruzzo and then the grandfather, if I’m not mistaken, with whom you have a special relationship.
GIAN = I am proud to be Abruzzese, I love my land, by the way my two colleagues always make fun of me, because wherever we go, I always put Abruzzo in the foreground, and they tell me, but the region (Abruzzo) pays you?? We are strong and kind (the people of Abruzzo) there is nothing to do.
It is clear that I am very attached to my roots, to Montepagano, Roseto, the sea, my family, especially my grandfather. Grandfather is the love of my life, grandfather Ernesto is my great inspiration.
Woman = I want to ask: to go up on such prestigious stages, with Barbra Streisand, was there any time when your legs trembled?

Relaxed and smiling Gianluca

GIAN = These are sensations that help you express your best, without those, you can’t give your all on a stage. Even when your voice trembles while you sing, it is that natural emotion that you feel.
Woman = It is wonderful to talk to you, your availability, your normality, denotes that if you are a great artist.
Man = Is it because we are people of the country, do you want to understand it?
Woman = He carries on the theory of Abruzzo, you are great because you are Abruzzese, my husband is really terrible.
Man = I want to know something, when you get angry, because things are not going well, do you shout in English, in Italian or in your mother tongue?
GIAN = (He speaks in Abruzzo) What are you saying? In Abruzzese, when you get angry you speak in Abruzzo tongue.
Getting angry in English makes no sense. (laughs)
Man = It doesn’t even have the same strength.
GIAN = No, no.
Man = Well, we are very happy and to thank you for your availability towards us, I read the greetings from “I am Carmen and I write from Spain”.
Woman = It must be said that the affection of fans from all over the world has arrived. They can’t wait to see you live again, I think the part of contact with the fans during a concert, is missing a lot, but on June 5th it starts again.
Man = Back on stage at the Arena with a concert which will then be live on RAI1.
Well, Gianluca, what to say a greeting from everyone, it was a great pleasure, a very strong hug and we hope to see you soon.
GIAN = I hope to see you soon, maybe …. let’s eat two rustelli (he says it in Abruzzo, it’s about roast meat)
Man = But the good ones, the ones on the coals.
GIAN = Well done, well done.
Woman = Thanks Gianluca, and happy Sunday.
GIAN = Goodbye !!

Gianluca dress in black getting into a car

Gianluca, always available, on May 19th, also made another connection with the fifth grade classes of Cologna Spiaggia (town of Abruzzo). Here’s what the school’s Press Office published after the connection with Gianluca.
“Never stop believing in your dreams, pursue your goals with commitment and everything will be possible” 🤩
This morning a really exciting interview: GIANLUCA GINOBLE Il Volo meets the pupils of the fifth class of Cologna Spiaggia. When a dream comes true …  
It was an exciting meeting, GIANLUCA in his naturalness told about himself and, aware of being a model for the boys, he sent them important messages based on values such as love for grandparents, the care of true friendship, pleasure. of reading, the tenacity and determination in achieving one’s dreams.
A heartfelt thanks from the students and teachers of the fifth class of Cologna Spiaggia!

Gianluca speaking remotely to the fifth grade classes in Abruzzo

Gianluca speaking remotely to the fifth grade classes in Abruzzo

Gianluca speaking remotely to the fifth grade classes in Abruzzo

Gianluca speaking remotely to the fifth grade classes in Abruzzo

Gianluca speaking remotely to the fifth grade classes in Abruzzo

Gianluca speaking remotely to the fifth grade classes in Abruzzo

Gianluca speaking remotely to the fifth grade classes in Abruzzo

Gianluca speaking remotely to the fifth grade classes in Abruzzo

Gianluca speaking remotely to the fifth grade classes in Abruzzo

Gianluca speaking remotely to the fifth grade classes in Abruzzo

Bravo Gianluca for these beautiful messages given to children, who in this period of pandemic have really had to endure restrictions and prohibitions.
Meanwhile, the Paris concert has also been canceled.
There is news on other concerts but honestly it is nothing official.
Here is the newspaper article that I translate for you.

La Voce Article – Click Here

The entourage of the trio of most famous tenors in the world has announced the new dates of the concerts of the Best of Tour of “Il Volo”, initially postponed from 2020 to 2021: the new calendar is being updated, but the live shows are already scheduled. Germany, Croatia, Poland, Bulgaria and Romania. The concert in Opatija (Opatija) which was to be organized on July 1st 2020 will take place on July 4, 2021. The hope is that the health situation is such as to guarantee a show in the name of normality, including tourists.
Lovers of opera, Neapolitan music and cross over with Piero Barone, Ignazio Boschetto and Gianluca Ginoble will have the opportunity to spend a memorable evening at the Open Air Abbaziano. The flight will later perform at the Atlas Arena in Lodz, Poland on July 10th – tickets are already available online. Finally, the Best of Tour, which originally was to pass through Bulgaria and Romania in July 2020, will now touch Plovdiv on 6 July 2021 and Bucharest on 8 July, again this year.

Gianluca, with Piero and Ignazio, getting into a limousine

Now I want to cheer you up a little with this beautiful clip of Gianluca singing in the car, together with his friend Giuseppe Di Stefano.
And finally, enjoy this nice video on the Il Volo alphabet !!

There is one last piece of news, Sunday 30 May, Il Volo will be the guest of the television broadcast DOMENICA IN, where they will advertise the Verona event and on 2 June, for us a national holiday, Festa della Repubblica, they will sing the national anthem, from Verona.
That’s all for now.
I can’t believe that in a week I’ll be in Verona and I’ll be able to see our young men live again.
I will also see some dear friends again.
Hope the staff will let us film.
I cannot wait.
I think you all know that Italy won Eurovision 2021. I’m happy with that, but hard rock is certainly not my genre, but all music is beautiful and must be respected. Il Volo also nicely sent its “good luck” to the Maneskin in the race.
Things here in Italy continue to improve, we hope to continue like this. I too had my first vaccine.


Credit to owners of all photos and videos.


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  1. Thank you for the update. I searched my guide on TV to see when Il Volo will be performed here in America. PBS had no posting at all, so I have written to them to find out when I will be able to see the concert. I have the availability of RAI on DirectTV, but it will cost money. Don’t know how much, though. Hopefully this will be taken care of soon. DO NOT want to miss the concert.

    Love Gianluca, of course, everyone in Il Volo as well. Gianluca is so kind and outgoing. My grandsons and I are close as well, so I appreciate his love and closeness to his grandpa.

    Thanks again for the translations.

    1. Karen, we still don’t know anything about when PBS will broadcast this concert, but I assure you that I will try to make the videos (if possible) and I will give you a long report !! As soon as we have news about PBS we will let you know immediately.

    2. Just confirmed il volo will be on pbs, channel 36 locally on June 5th! All is well! Set your DVR!

  2. Thanks Daniela for taking the time to translate the interview, so much appreciated for those of us not speaking Italian👍 I love the humble and honest Way our guys offer themselves to the media. Ludos Gianluca.
    PS I am however confused as to your Update on the scheduled concerts in Europe for this summer. Are they really going to take place? Apart from my country (Denmark) most European countries are still strugling a tough fight with the Corona incl early cutfews and small assembly sizes only. so I cannot imagine that they Will allow concerts for audiences of several thousands of people. The European song vintest last week was a test with 3500 people But not an a cepted number otherwise. I cannot wait to See the guys live for the first time myself. I have used the last days to ser og I could make it to Verona om next Saturday – But alas, even though only Yesterday a few more Italian regions were opened up for ud to travel to by our foreign ministry, the region of Verona was not one of them😢 Flight to/from verona are rather few only bedides it seems all the good tickets for the concert are long home😢. So i have to give up the project – should the above European concerts materialize, some of the concerts in Germany could be sn option to me…
    Anyhow, enjoy the concert on Saturday❤️
    All the bedt from Copenhagen, Denmark

    1. Hello Kirsten, you’re not the only one not yet opening for big assemblies. here in Manila, Philippines we are still in the very cautious stage… we are all in this together… you are not alone…

    2. In reality, I too was suspicious, on the news of these concerts in Europe, in fact I wrote that nothing definitive has been communicated, but I have reason to think that that article is true, so those concerts will be there. I think the possibility depends on the countries where the concerts can take place, in others, the concerts will be canceled. Of course the concerts will be done with anti-covid rules, so in safety. We must understand that we must start over and give confidence, of course with all the necessary checks.
      Even in Verona there will be only 6000 people and outdoors. The entrances to the amphitheater are numerous and do not intersect.
      We cannot move from our seats, to our right and left there is an empty seat. The FFP2 mask is always mandatory.

  3. Awwwwwwwww….. Gianluca always brings a smile to my heart ❤️
    The husband & Wife were also very affectionate towards Gianluca… a fun interview…..and Gianluca with the kids! 🥰….
    I also enjoyed the Il Volo alphabet 😍

    what a lovely way to cap my day… before retiring for the night (night time now here in Manila 😴)….
    Grazie Daniela 😘 Big hug 🥰

  4. Do NOT see any current PBS television listing in Chicago for Il Volo either.
    Would LOVE to be able to see this concert from U.S.
    I would appreciate any updates. Grazie.

    1. Chicago Love, we at Flight Crew will publish as much as possible, I will try to give you as much news and as much detail as possible about the beautiful evening.

      1. Just confirmed with PBS Milwaukee channel 36 that they are broadcasting il volo June 5th at 7 pm! Yeah!

      1. Thanks so much. I’ll tell my friend in Milwaukee. I live in Woodstock, Georgia, so I’ll have to wait. Sigh.

  5. Once again, we thank you Daniela for your translation of articles for the Il Volo fans who don’t speak Italian. I’m tempted to try and learn, but at age 89, can’t see me accomplishing my hope. Gianluca is so approachable, kind, courteous and just a wonderful young man. We are so lucky to have him, as well as Ignazio and Piero, too. Hope their concert in Verona goes well and I wait for the Detroit PSB station to air a special probably some time in December, I’ve been told by them. Would love to see them in person again, but will have to be satisfied with the TV version of their remarkable personages. Much love from Canada!!

    1. DeeBee, it’s never too late, it wasn’t, not even to fall in love with Il Volo. I hope with all my heart that next year you will be able to see them, in the meantime we will keep you updated on what they do, what they say and what they sing, in short, on everything that is Il Volo !!

  6. Can’t wait to see them in Verona, only one week 😊 hope to see all my great il Volo friends there too. Daniela, how about drink before concert?
    Kisses from Poland Alicja

    1. I will see you again with great pleasure, Alicia, I will also make a report on the friends I met again, it is so beautiful that Il Volo is the glue of many beautiful friendships, too bad Covid, otherwise we would have made great tables, of pizza, after the concert, instead we will all go to bed and have beautiful dreams with Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca !!

  7. thank you for this sharing, it feels good. Especially since I am very sad to know that because of the pandemic the concert planned in Paris on June 19, 2021 is not postponed but CANCELED
    When can I see and hear them? I am almost 67 years old, if they come to Paris in 3 years now, could I go there knowing that I am disabled
    I was very sick and their songs and the approach of this concert supported me, hence my biggest disappointment
    You who have the chance to see them talking to them, you can tell them the good they do for sick people and that they are expected in France
    Thank you for all your work


    1. You know, Domino, I sometimes wonder if they have the perception of how much their voices are good for suffering people. Yes, I’m lucky, I’ll see them but I don’t know if I can get close to them, but somehow, I’ll send them this message.
      In the meantime, don’t get sad, they’ll be on TV again tomorrow so I’ll update you on this soon too. A hug.

  8. Daniela-I am happy to hear you have been vaccinated. It is one step in the right direction. Thank you, as always, for all the current information concerning our beloved Il Volo😊💕👏👏🇺🇸🇭🇺

    1. Thanks Janet, now the vaccinations go very fast, from the 1st of June there will be no age limits to get vaccinated. We are continuing well and slowly, we are returning to normal.
      Thank you for your compliments.

  9. Gianluca Ginoble, Piero Barone, Ignazio Boschetta are each the epitome of kind, generous, caring individuals. All their wonderful traits are expressed so beautifully whenever they sing. They have golden hearts and golden voices. Their love for one another, for their family, for their fans and the respect they demonstrate in all they do for people is the true picture of who Il Volo is. I cannot find the words to explain how very proud I am to be able to know about them and enjoy their music. I am among millions of their fans all over the world. Il Volo–you make my world a happier place even when I am down. I hope I will get to see you in concert again.

    Your faithful fan admirer,

    Elisa Marie
    PS Again, Happy 28th Birthday to Piero. I sent my heartfelt greeting written in Italian in a previous post.

  10. Daniela, your generosity has no bounds, and I am so grateful for all your posts about “our guys”–especially the recent post–“Waiting for Verona,” including Gianluca’s interview, the photos, videos. The team that puts all of this together are worthy of so much appreciation.
    Bravi, bravi, bravi!


    Elisa Marie
    PS A good song for Il Volo to sing is “Hero” by Mariah Carey.










    1. Dearest Elisa, first of all thank you for all your wonderful comments, you are very kind and sweet.
      It’s true, Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca are good artists, but also admirable young men, always kind and generous to everyone. The contact Gianluca had with the school children is simply admirable. We are lucky to be their fans, in a world where vulgarity and disinterest often prevail, they are a good example.
      A hug.

  13. Thanks Daniela! I especially appreciate the interview translations. I read them over a few times so as not to miss a morsel of information!!! Everything you do for us is done well and we love you for it just as we love the guys! Have a lovely weekend a national holiday!

    1. Dear Judy, what a pity you won’t be here for this concert.
      Thanks for your nice comments.
      I hope to be able to do a nice reportage of the concert.

  14. Thanks Daniela and Pat for this translation. GG again shows what a generous and humble young man that he is. I enjoyed that he talked about the difference performing for an audience in person and then virtually. They all seem to really get the energy and love from the audience and it brings out the best in their performance. We have really missed them and I am sure they have missed their fans. I am so happy for you and the other Flight Crew members who can attend the June 5 concert and of course we look forward to that full report and photos if possible. I think I read that the Sept Verona concerts have been postponed to June 2022. Have you heard anything about the new dates for the Taormina concerts? I still have 2 tickets and hope I can be there when we know the dates. Have a great time on June !

    1. Hi Janet, what a pity I won’t see you and your husband this time, it was so nice to meet you.
      Yes, the concerts in Verona are postponed to 2022 but there is no official news from Taormina yet. We will keep you informed.

      1. Daniela, A great update on all things Verona, a busy week
        for all.
        For JANET, Taormina Sept. 5th is cancelled for sure
        because I just bought a ticket for the Ermal Meta
        Concert who booked that date just this week.
        They will have the advantage of appropriate space
        between seats.

      2. Thanks Martha for the update.
        Soon it will be communicated as well as the rescheduling of the date.
        I’m sorry for Janet and the many fans who had to go to Taormina.

      3. It would be so great to be there, but I know you will let us know all about this concert and I look forward to that. Italy in 2022 though I hope!

  15. Thanks to you and the others we do not miss anything about our boys! You did a beautiful job again for us. However, the best part is that you said you were going to try to film parts of the Verona concert. You just made my whole day. I can’t wait to see it. Thank You!

    1. You too won’t be there this time Ann Marie, too bad !!
      I will definitely try to make videos and tell you every feeling, we will all be together ideally!

  16. I can’t thank you enough for the translation and I have so many things that I wish to tell you but right now I’m desperate to know when are they coming to America specifically (Los Angeles California) because I have to flight ✈️ from other state 😊PLEASE let me know when 🙏

    1. Maria Ponce, do not despair, as soon as there is news of the tour in America, we will publish them immediately.
      I’m glad you like the translations.

  17. Daniela and Pat you are so special to me. I really hang on all the translations as unfortunately I only speak and read English. I know you care about us. Gianluca and his warm and generous spirit lets me know he cares deeply about his fans. The Alphabet song was so creative and enjoyable. Well done. I hope we can meet in America as well when they come again. Love and enjoy Verona.

    1. Thanks Kay, for your always sweet compliments.
      I liked the alphabet too, there are some really creative fans.
      As soon as I think about the concert on Saturday, I shiver, I cross my fingers that everything is fine.

  18. Kay, it is my pleasure to help get these translations to you and to everyone! We are like one big family here! I loved the Alphabet Song……..so clever!😀

  19. Pat, Is the CD I see featured in a post on the Fanpage, inclusive of the songs to be sung on June 5. Or will there be another new CD featuring only the songs and performances of the June 5th tribute concert to Morricone? In the picture it say’s “the best of 10 years. The June concert hasn’t happened yet-I’m wondering and probably confused. Thanks.

    1. Mark, I’ll answer you, because that photo on facebook caused misinterpretation. That is not a new CD, but it is the recognition of sales, Il Volo has reached the gold record for the 10 years CD and this is the certificate that announces it. Unfortunately some fans did not understand that it is only a certification and thus the misunderstanding was born.
      The Morricone concert CD will be released after the summer.

  20. Many thanks Daniela and Pat for doing this translation and setup of this very welcome post. It is so wonderful to have our guys interviews translated so that we all can enjoy and appreciate our ‘simply the best’ Gianluca, Ignazio & Piero.

  21. Thank you Pat and Daniela for all of your hard work to put this altogether for us. I belong to many groups on Facebook but 80% (I’m guessing ) of the comments are emojis or GIF’s so it’s nice to have actual comments to read here. I have my Taormina tickets in a safe place and I am just waiting for the official word of the new date. I know you will keep us informed. I wish I could see you in Verona, I know you will have an unbelievable experience and you will see many of our mutual friends too. Throw the guys a kiss from me. 😘

    1. You’re absolutely right, RoseMarie, this blog is great because of its communicability with fans. It is nice to read your thoughts and your fears and your joys, related to the music of Il Volo, it is really a big family united by the affection towards Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca. I can’t believe you won’t be there in Verona !!

    2. You’re most welcome, Rose Marie. I also notice that so many replies to posts are just emojis or GIF’s. It must be because it is easy. I too like to read actual words…..they mean so much more!

  22. Daniela, just wondering, how tight is the security detail process that you must have to pass through to gain entrance to the arena? Are you allowed to carry a purse and camera, food or drink? If I were up there on the stage performing in front of thousands I’d feel a little vulnerable. It apparently doesn’t bother the guys, they seem so relaxed and totally comfortable. It must be a performance frame of mind they go into and don’t notice anything else.

    1. Yes Mark, it is possible to bring a camera, even food and drinks, but not bottled. However, inside the Arena there is a resale of drinks and sandwiches. Generally they say nothing for the camera, they only intervene if there are unauthorized professionals (photographers). I must remember to bring a jacket, because in the Arena in the evening it is cold this season.

  23. Thank you Pat and Daniela for the translation and seeing Gianluca’s visit to the 5th grade class. He, Piero and Ignazio are such wonderful role models and so much credit must be given to their beautiful families. I’m so happy that in not too many days Daniela, you will be seeing them in Verona. The concert is sure to be extraordinary!

    1. Yes Margaret, they are certainly excellent examples, sometimes I think that’s why the press often boycott them, is it easier to govern insolent boys?
      Margaret, Saturday is getting closer and closer !!!

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