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Fun and Games in Atlantic City by Giovanna

I’m from Colorado but made a trip home to New Jersey to have an Italian weekend with my old college buddy Biagio and his Calabrese family, my Venetian/Napolitana good friend Rosaria, my Aunt Florence whose family is from Avellino, and my cousin Ken.  I topped it all off with the Il Volo concert in Atlantic City – two more Siciliani and a Rosetone from Abruzzo. . .  With this crew, we had most of southern Italy covered.
The Atlantic City Borgata Casino concert proved to be many firsts for me.  In the past I’ve only heard Il Volo in outdoor venues in Italy.  This concert was my first time see Il Volo in the US, my first time to hear them in an indoor theater, my first time to attend a soundcheck, and my first time to hear them with my family and friends.
Since I had never attended an Il Volo soundcheck before, I had no idea how tense the guys can be before a performance, and how tough they are on themselves while they’re preparing for the show.  Our small group’s entry into the soundcheck was delayed several times because of Il Volo’s personal dynamic on the rehearsal stage that day.  I was surprised, but also impressed, by several things I observed.
1. Gianluca is a perfectionist and when critiquing the rehearsal, did not even spare himself.  Because some of us at the soundcheck understood Italian, the guys could not hide the sharp exchanges they do in Italian to get each song perfect.  For example, while we were walking in, Gian was urging Ignazio to change how he comes in on Nessun Dorma.  He was identifying note sbagliate (wrong notes) and some parts of the interpretation that made that song brutto (ugly).  He sang Ignazio’s entry and repeated it with a higher lift so they could hear and change it.
2.  Much to Ignazio’s credit, he listened patiently and adapted instantly.  When they sang Nessun Dorma in concert, it was perfect.  I was impressed with Ignazio’s flexibility, Gianluca’s professionalism, and how fast they shifted gears before showtime.  Despite the tough criticism and hard work beforehand, by the time the show opened, Gian was laughing, smiling, waving, and playing with the crowd like normal, and Gian and Igna were hugging and hanging all over each other, as usual.
3.  I had no idea Piero is such a complete and utter gentleman. He took the time to come downstage, talk to us and make us feel comfortable despite the working tension on stage.  He made us welcome, asked us about ourselves, and actually listened.  Throughout the rehearsal, he clued us in on which number they were going to rehearse next, and thanked us repeatedly for our patience.   He also jokingly asked if these front section seats were our actual seats during the show. For some of us, they were.  By the way, I never knew that Piero’s speaking voice when he’s right up close to you was so soft and dark.  He sings tenor but speaks in a velvety almost baritone.  He apparently never raises his speaking voice before a show, to save the volume and power for the stage.  Ragazzo intelligente.  Smart boy.
Piero had noticed how empty Atlantic City is for a beach town.  He wondered out loud to us what people actually do around there.  The answer? Giocano a carte e perdono soldi.  They play cards and lose money.   Piero himself had dragged some of the Il Volo crew down to the casino the previous night.  He insisted he didn’t lose any money.  Maybe that’s because he spent his time in the casino taking selfies with fans who spotted him.  A few of the fans I met during the VIP reception had done that.
At sound check, I took some close-up photos of each of the guys running around in their warm-up clothes, hanging all over Gianpiero’s piano, calling instructions to the sound guys, and visiting with us.  Sorry I cannot share the pictures.  Marianna, the fan manager at this location, said we could take all the soundcheck pictures we wanted, but insisted we cannot post any of them on social media.  The concert pictures are a different story.

On to the Show

First off, they did not wear any white suits this time, so Ignazio did not have to complain he looked like a white salami or an ice cream vendor.
After they opened with The Ecstasy of Gold, Piero explained what was so special about the Atlantic City Borgata Casino.  That helped me understand why the guys had been so stressed earlier that day.  I didn’t know that Il Volo’s very first concert on their first tour in the US, when they were young kids starting out, was on this exact stage at the Borgata.  The New Jersey, Delaware, and Philadelphia fans who come here every year were the first to accept them back when they were 16 years old.  Since then, the guys try to make every return performance there more powerful than the last one, so they put themselves under a lot of pressure.
Piero described Il Volo’s first Atlantic City concert describing themselves as novice performers, just young kids.  Ignazio described the three of them as little “cuties.”  Piero played dumb and insisted he didn’t understand what “cutie” is in English.  Piero asked the audience if they know what “cutie” sounds like to an Italian, then gave an Italian lesson.  In Italian it’s not “cutie,” it’s chiudi, as in chiudi la porta (shut the door).  Of course, nobody shut the door on them when they were young performers, which is partly why they are where they are today.
Piero promised they would perform some Italian favorites, some American favorites, some opera, and of course some selections from the late Maestro Morricone.  If you follow the Flight Crew you have all seen this season’s approximate song list in other postings, so I won’t repeat it.  I will highlight a few of the surprises I enjoyed, and some of the funnies.
I liked how they freshened up the act by replacing some of the solos. One of the new ones was Ignazio interpreting Celine Dionne’s version of “All by Myself,” even though that was not originally her song.  Gianluca wanted to know why Ignazio insisted on singing a song about “Obama’s Elf,” or at least that’s what it sounds like with Ignazio’s accent.
I was looking forward to Gianluca doing “If I Can Dream” because I heard him rehearsing it at the soundcheck.  He really nailed it for all its worth that night.  His version was hot, bluesy, and rocked in a way Elvis Presley never did.
The ragazzi reintroduced Tom Jones’ Delilah, which they have not done on stage in some years, but they added a twist.  They no longer finish the song with a shoving match as they used to do when they were teens.  This time, Piero added a remarkably long sustain, and Ignazio chose to almost growl his lines about “the knife in my hand” and “she laughed no more.”  They are not little boys any more.
I have never heard them do the Great Caruso or Funiculi Funicula in concert before, except on a CD.  Of course, Il Volo got drowned out by the front section of the audience who all know the words to Funiculi Funicula and insisted on singing along.  It reminded me of concerts in the Teatro Antico in Taormina.
Gianluca spent a good part of the concert patting Ignazio’s pancia (belly) and teasing him “No more cannoli for you.”  Ignazio claimed he had gained 10 kilos since the last tour, but didn’t care, then promptly told Gianluca to cut it out.  Igna recited to the audience the Italian expression Uomo di pancia, uomo di sostanza.  He didn’t translate it, but he didn’t have to with this very Italian-American audience.  (Man with a belly is a man of substance).  The fact is, he really doesn’t have a belly.
I had really liked Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah from the first time I heard it in a Nicholas Cage movie.  I knew Gianluca and Ignazio have been doing it in the middle of their program as a memorial to those lost over the last two and a half years.  But I had no idea how moving and soulful their version is.
It was a delightful surprise that Piero and Ignazio chose to add La Donna e Mobile to the program.  Even though that piece has the most chauvinistic, insulting, anti-female lyrics ever written, it’s still a great song.  I took my daughter-in-law Anya to hear Verdi’s Rigoletto last summer performed by Central City Opera, so I have recently heard it live.  But Central City’s tenor couldn’t touch Il Volo’s two tenors, who simply blew him away.  Ignazio’s interpretation was creative and flat out powerful.  Piero revealed that when Ignazio first brought up the idea to duet this with him, Piero told him he was crazy.  However, they had so much fun practicing it with their voice coaches, they decided to let the rest of us in on the fun, and the result was amazing.
All the people I interviewed before the show wanted to send Auguri and other greetings to Ignazio on a card in anticipation of his birthday on October 4.  So, we collectively wrote him a handmade birthday card.  If you’ve ever heard Ignazio joking on American stages, he often laments that they don’t have decent Italian coffee like Lavazza or Illy in the US.  He also complains that Americans drink coffee in a mug the size of a swimming pool.  During soundcheck earlier in the day, I waved our handmade card to ask him if I could send it up to the stage later during the show.  He thumbed up that it would be OK.  But I deliberately didn’t show the back of it to him at that time.
What he didn’t know was that the funny-looking creased piece of cardboard we wrote on was the back of a Lavazza coffee poster.  It seems Igna was wrong about Americans and our coffee: we do have some good coffee here, at least in Italian communities.  You should have seen his face when he got the card in his hands, turned the used cardboard over and saw the coffee ad.  He was looking around but couldn’t find anyone in the crowd to make a face at.  (Or more likely gestures; you know how he is).  But he had already gotten even with us birthday greeters well before he got the card.  Early in the show he announced to someone near the stage who was wishing him happy birthday that, “It’s bad luck to wish someone happy birthday before it’s their birthday.”  I heard that, but it did not stop me sending the card to the stage anyway.  My thanks to Sandra Libretto from Delaware, a major Ignazio fan sitting next to me, who wanted to carry the card up to him on stage.  Thanks also to her husband Bob for letting her climb out over him in a rush to do that for us.
Most of you have probably already seen Piero and Ignazio do their “Sicilian sign language” and heard Gianluca joke about having to deal with two Sicilians all day every day.  This time when Gianluca made his usual complaint, and asked if anyone out in the audience was Sicilian (so he wouldn’t offend anyone) the whole front center section started shouting at him.  He was outnumbered.  Before the show, many people in our section were talking to each other in our various dialects and most of us in fact were Sicilian or Calabrese.  The man behind me was from Sciacca, Sicily (not far from Piero’s home), my family is from Palermo, and Biagio’s family is from near Cosenza, Calabria.  We all understood each other and of course the two Il Volo Sicilians, as well as Gianluca the “honorary Sicilian,” understood us when even when we shouted things in dialect at them.
The Covid years have not stopped the guys from roaming the aisles and playing with the fans during the show.  While they sang Here’s to You from Sacco and Vanzetti Piero came down my aisle and was fist-bumping, high-fiving, hugging and selfie-ing like the old days.
Normally, if you want a selfie with Piero, he takes the phone from you and takes the picture for you.  But the lady behind me had her phone ready to go, and he let her do-it-herself, as you can see.
You can tell how multi-talented Ignazio is, by watching just a few minutes on stage.   Beside his singing, he played the piano to jazz up Torna a Surriento, “conducted” the orchestra with his hands on several numbers, and announced Piero and Gian’s duet of My Way with the long, roaring rumble of a boxing emcee announcing a prize fight.  Piero shook his head teasing that with this crowd, Ignazio even got un applauso (an ovation) for eating a piece of bread behind the piano.
Let me explain.  One of the most remarkable things I saw at this show was something I’ve never seen at any concert, ever.  In my day, I’ve seen all kinds of stuff sent up to performing artists on stage, from love beads to flowers to hotel room keys.  You may even have heard the story about some young lady throwing her brassiere on stage to Gianluca, with her phone number pinned inside.  But this concert was a first.  A sweet little old lady struggled up my aisle hauling a huge double-thick paper shopping bag full of home-made Italian food.  When Ignazio caught sight of her, there was no stopping him.  He started waving and gesturing to everybody in our aisle to get out of his way and let her through, because she’s coming for him.  Then he personally came down to get the bag from her.  Two songs later, Ignazio was behind the piano eating fresh Italian bread.  Welcome to Il Volo in the New Jersey, Philadelphia ItalianAmerican style.
I think one of the best things about Il Volo is that they have great fans.  For two days I had so much fun meeting and interviewing fans from all around the NJ, Philadelphia, Delaware area, that I decided I need to do a whole second article.    Thank you to everyone who wrote birthday greetings to Ignazio, and to every fan who let me interview them.  You’ll get to meet them in my next article.
All photos by Giovanna Tischler


We have posted about the Boston concert, but time runs fast and Il Volo is unstoppable.
On September 23rd there was a concert at ATLANTIC CITY, Borgata Casino Hotel but once again, someone who was present that evening, will talk to you soon in another post and in an exhaustive way about the concert, and so I’ll go ahead.

September 25: OXON HILL, MGM Theater

You know well that to write you these posts, I scan the various pages, taking here and there, where there are beautiful videos and photos and I try to put together the whole event.
This time I found few things, but then I saw what Joanna Asha Goclawska posted, whom I thank infinitely for her beautiful photos and her short but intense videos.

Thanks Joanna, great job !!






What can I say, Joanna did a really good reportage, and I also really enjoyed reading the short comment that accompanied her photos and videos of the concert:
 “Il Volo, an Italian pop operatic trio. About 3 months ago, I heard a song on the internet that I liked very much, so I searched on Google for the singers and found out about Il Volo and the next concert. I liked the concert! 
Great trio with great vocals and a sense of humor!”
And here she is Joanna, on the night of the concert at the MGM Theater !!

Then I also found this short video of the beginning of the concert and I wanted to post it, to make you feel the excitement of the first moments of the concert, when Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca appear on stage ………. indescribable joy !!


And what about these two beautiful photos posted by çmas2350?
In this beautiful shot there is sweetness, affection, tenderness, all in one photo !!
The comment was: “My mom almost had a heart attack.”

And in this photo, there is joy, hilarity, amazement !!

And since you enjoyed reading Ticketmaster’s comment, I am posting another one, which I really enjoyed.
“This for us is the second concert of IL VOLO, and we were blown away again. How can three young guys have so much talent?
They sing operatic, pop, rock and classic love songs with equal perfection and with no need for amps, synths or other gimmicks (harmony is so good, they wouldn’t even need an orchestra behind them, even if musicians with whom they travel are excellent themselves).
I’ve never been an opera fan because I felt like I was screaming at the top of my lungs. But their voices are like velvet, and their version of Nessun Dorma is incomparable (in fact, their version of any song is unmatched, Frank Sinatra has to think ‘I wish I could sing MY WAY so well’).
They are also so nice and really know how to put on a show. No one in the audience ever leaves an IL VOLO concert disappointed. Please let me know when they get back here.”
There is nothing to add, only that the next stop will be RADIO CITY MUSIC HALL !!
Daniela 🤗


Credit to owners of all photos and videos.


September 20

A lovely evening in Boston’s magnificent Wang Theater.
Il Volo, dressed in blue suits right from the start, delighted everyone present.
At the concert there were Mary and Mark Minton, here’s what they wrote to me:
“Hi Daniela, the concert in Boston was great! We met John from Connecticut there. It was great to see him again. The guys were in black for the whole concert and they looked very handsome. I was in the third row in the lane and Piero gave me a ‘fist bump’ when he walked around singing HERE’S TO YOU.
They sang all the same Mohegan Sun songs on Saturday. (Mary and Mark were also at the Mohegan Sun) The meet and greet was very busy and we only had a few seconds with the guys to take a photo. I’m sorry the concerts are over for us for now.”
(Mary and Mark also saw two concerts in Taormina this year.)
“We will have to plan another trip to Italy next year to see them again!”
What about Mary, you and Mark were very lucky, you have seen two concerts in Italy and two in the U.S. you also did the M&G, and Piero fist bumped you as he passed and sang. All beautiful !!
Thanks Mary also for the beautiful photos !!
I’m also glad you saw John.
John, when you want, write us again about Il Volo !! 😃
And now let’s enjoy some videos, this time everything should work !!











A few more photos …… never enough !!

Another good concert has ended and from the reviews I read on Ticketmaster, everyone is happy to have attended a concert where the voices are unquestionably beautiful. Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca are friendly and nice, as well as beautiful. The lineup of songs is excellent and everything takes place in a very familiar atmosphere.
Even the Italian press is realizing that the tour is continuing its run, grinding praise and successes.
I want to end with a comment taken from Ticketmaster.
“I have never been to such a WONDERFUL concert !!!!! All three of these artists are so talented it takes your breath away!! The venue was great and ‘they demolished the house’. I would see them again in a heartbeat!”
They are IL VOLO: Daniela 🤗


Credit to owners of all photos and videos.

Fox Detroit September 10, 2022 (a.k.a. Jana and the Beast….)



It all started last November 8, 2021, when we were all scrambling for tickets for the front row, fingers ready to pounce on the keys, precisely at 10:00a EST!  In the waiting room we were, at, impatiently waiting as the countdown when from 10 to 0!  Blast off, and there I was, adeptly moving around the site, page to page, frantically looking for the best front row seats, alas, I got 4 good ones, pretty much center, right in front of the stage, one more key and WHAT???  What do you mean it won’t go through???  After sweating many bullets, I was finally able to get in on my work computer and grab the last 2 tickets in the front row for Betty and I and two for Chris and her sister in the second row.  They actually had better seats.  Then Magdalena wanted 2 tickets and 2 tickets for Gin and Lorna. Ok, my 8 ticket limit was met.  Oops, we forgot about Barb!  We managed to snag her the last front row seat.  Ah, just waiting til March now.


It was Christmas, New Year’s, Gian’s birthday and Valentine’s Day.  Just 6 more weeks!  Wait, what??  The entire tour had now been postponed til September/October!  Oh no… Betty was coming from New Orleans and my new friend Gale was coming from Portland, Oregon.  I had to quickly call them and tell them so they could change their flights and hotel.  Gale was staying with me.  Of course, originally, mom was not here, so it was going to be a full house for a few nights in September!


Ok, a little more time to plan things and finish the condolences book for Ignazio’s father.  I had procrastinated way too long.  I replanned it several times, starting with Shutterfly and ending up just doing a PDF and having it printed locally for way cheaper!  It really did come out nice, almost too nice!  Then we found we couldn’t take bags into the Fox this time, nothing bigger than 4 x 6, or as big as your phone.  But wait, Jana had a plan…how was I going to sneak in his booklet???


I ended up getting this black fake fur wrap that had a black lining.  So, here’s the plan… I’ll cut a slit in the bottom of the lining, stick the book in between some foam and reseal it with Velcro.  Yeah, that will work. 😊  I also planned to give Ignazio 3 of them, one for him and one each for his mom and sister.  Well, the printer made it SO nice that they were printed on heavier paper and I did have them GBC bound and they were twice as heavy.  I also printed their birthday wishes from their last birthdays.  Could not get all of that in my little wrap, so I did the one book for Igna and the 3 packs of wishes.  I ended up getting a foam seat cushion that kind of had layers in it and I was able to push them apart and squeeze the books in there, then put the cushion back in the wrap and seal it up.  It was a little awkward, but no one even questioned it.  However, it did become a nuisance, as I had to ask people to keep holding it.  Betty nicknamed it “the Beast!”  lol!


In the midst of all this chaos, I got laid off from Ford the end of April.  Luckily, I had already been job hunting and was prepared, but now I had no choice.  I couldn’t be too picky.  Lucky or unlucky, I got hired and fired, in less than 2 weeks.  Ok, no more lawyers for me.  Then mom was here and I was so depressed!  I was fortunate to find a job at the Park West Art Gallery, in mid-July, just down the street.  But I was so stressed out!  I also reserved a mini-bus for our trans for our driver to get us to the Fox and back.  It was tough to find, but luckily Hertz had one.



The summer was quickly slipping away, plans were being made with Betty and Gale, and what we’d do and where we’d go, etc.  Who had what tickets.  It was a bit crazy.  Then August was gone and Labor Day was here!  One more week and it would be all over!


With the new job, I couldn’t take off the time I wanted, so had to work til noon on Friday and then work Monday as well.  I really could have used Monday off!  Luckily, Chris had vacation all week, so she generously volunteered to get BOTH Betty and Gale from the airport.  So, Chris got Betty in the morning.  Her flight was delayed, so she was about an hour or so late getting in.  But it all worked out, she got here and we chatted a bit, then went to lunch.  I went to get a haircut and Chris went home, waiting to pick up Gale at about 6:30p, as her flight was delayed as well.  We all met at our “other” favorite Italian restaurant and I took Gale and Betty back with me.  Betty stayed at a nearby Hilton.  And, just to add injury to an already chaotic weekend, I banged my shin pretty badly on the bathtub Friday morning, so it was swollen and sore with a nasty bruise, the whole weekend!


We slept in a bit; Saturday was finally here!  We got up and got ready and picked up Betty from the hotel and went to brunch.  After that, we just came back to the apartment and I tried to take a nap before we got ready.  I put on the Pompeii video to entertain the girls while I dozed for a bit.  Oh, forgot to tell you, before all this, a few girls cancelled (thankfully) and our driver kind of missed picking up the mini-bus, as he was late and they closed at noon.  He got there at five after and they were gone and locked!  So, we were scrambling, trying to figure out how we were going to find trans for 9 people!  Sharon, bless her heart, wanted to drive herself anyway, so that was one less, we were down to 8.  Lorna ended up cancelling at the last minute and Barb had cancelled out earlier.  Les had a Yukon, that seated 7 and himself.  It was truly a miracle, but it worked out perfectly.  We all met in Dearborn, although I hadn’t planned on driving all that way myself and back, but we had no choice.  Les picked us up in Dearborn about 5:30p and we were on our way downtown!  Just a few more hurdles to go!

Cruising down I-75 we went and arrived at the Fox around 6p or so.  Thankfully, they were letting folks in and there was not the chaos as there was the last time.  I saw Deb and Jeannette in the first lobby area by this table, along with Rose Marie and we all said hello.  It didn’t dawn on me that that was the OMGVIP table for the meet/greets.  This is the first time I didn’t buy MG tx ahead of time.  So we had gone in and they were usually in the interior lobby area.  I asked and they said, oh, that’s the table out there.  Ok, we need to go back out there.  So, we had to go to guest services so they could DEactivate our tickets, so they could REactivate them when we got back in.  So far, my plan was working, this was the last hurdle!  We got out there, got our MG tx and went back in.  We were through!  About a 10 or 15 min wait and the doors opened about 6:30p.  After playing musical chairs with the tickets, we were allowed into the magical realm of the theatre.  Down we went, at least 2 or 3 checkpoints to get to the front row, and an extra bracelet for orchestra pit.  We made it.  Me, Betty, and the Beast, found our seats and we sat.  I didn’t realize that Donna and Sharon were to the right of us.  It was nice to sit amongst a few friends.  Concert wasn’t to start until about 7:45p as we heard they had had some trouble with the sound check.  It was 7:35p and Sharon made it to the front row.  When they started to sing, you could tell there were some issues with the sound, but I got over it quickly!


It started just about on time.  Out came the orchestra and Giampiero.  The music started and our 2.5 year wait was over!  They appeared like ghosts in the smoky lights and then the mirage became real.  It was the usual song list, starting with Ecstasy of Gold, and on down the line.  They were awesome, incredible, warm, funny, joking around, like the guys we knew and missed.  I even forgot for a few hours that I had a bad bruise on my leg and all of the chaos that led up to those moments.  They always tell the Detroit audience it’s like coming home to Detroit, because this is where they started out.  Ok, it never gets old – lol!  They had some new jokes.  Poor Ignazio said he felt like a white salami.  It did look like he had put on a few pounds.  He was looking so very thin, but certainly far from being overweight.  Just so glad they finally found some tailors to fit Ignazio right.


Their solos were incredible and Gianluca really brought down the house with “If I can Dream.”  Of course the video Gestapo was in full force in the front row.  It’s so not fair.  People in the middle where they can’t get to, can tape all they want!  But at least you could take pictures.  I think I got a few good shots. 😊  Certainly loved Igna’s “All By Myself.”  His intro is that he wanted to sing songs recorded by women.  Has anyone had the heart to tell him that Eric Carmen recorded it before Celine Dion?  😉  Of course Eric’s version pales in comparison to Igna’s!  And Piero’s staple of E Lucevan le Stelle was superb as always.


The duets – incredible.  I loved “Hallelujah,” and “La Donna e Mobile.”  I still say Igna could blow away Piero if he wanted to. Good thing he doesn’t want to.  Haha.


My personal surprise favorite was “Funiculi, Funicula!”  Haven’t heard that since like the first concert back in 2014.  The music started playing and I whispered to Betty, “what song is that?”  Then they started singing and I started singing!


Somewhere near the end, I think it was the song “Here’s to You!” (but I can’t remember) the guys jumped from the stage and came into the audience.  Igna sang to Mama Rita (Ruggiero).  The lady in pink with a pink hat!


Somewhere in the speaking portion, Ignazio was talking about something and he was having a hard time saying the word “tastes” with the “es” on the end.  Donna, pretty sure that Igna could not hear her, started laughing.  Alas, Igna did hear her and strolled over to our side of the stage and went right to her and said, “come here…”  Here is Donna’s literal 15 seconds of fame…. (I added both Sharon’s and mine.  Mine is first and came out a bit sharper, Sharon’s caught a bit more in the beginning.)

She was just slightly embarrassed…. 😉  But it was all in fun.


A few more songs and they announced Libiamo would be their goodbye song.  But we all knew they had to sing Grande Amore.  I really thought they’d try to sing the English version they wrote.  Especially here, but Grande Amore in Italiano, it was!  We didn’t have the pleasure of hearing them sing our national anthem, but as usual, it was over before we knew it.  Standing ovations and a promise to come back next time!  It was sad though, the Fox had barely sold half the theatre and one of the ushers, who is a friend of mine, told me they were bringing folks down from the upper balconies to fill seats on the main floor.  They also didn’t have the screens like they usually do.


Ok, concert over.  One last hurdle to my plan.  Get the book to Igna!  Since just Betty, Gale, and I had the MG passes, the others waited for us down the street.  I wanted to get in and out as quickly as possible, as it was a long ride home for me from Dearborn.  They ushered us all over to the right of the theater to await the guys.  We figured we were going to be moved along to another area, but everyone stayed there.  Of course, at those prices, there were not too many folks doing MG.


While we waited, I decided to look at my pictures.  Betty and I walked up a ways near the back and sat down on the end.  As we looked at my pics, a nice gentleman sat behind us and seemed very interested and joined in the viewing.  As we got to chatting, he said he was part of the guys’ Ferrari ride downtown the night before.  His name was Tom and he worked for the Ferrari dealer, just a few miles from my apartment in West Bloomfield.  What a coincidence!  He loved my pictures and was very interested in the Flight Crew site.  He said the Italian Consulate contacted them and they drove the cars down for the guys to drive.  He had some other pictures that hadn’t circulated the net.  See below! Looks like our guys, Barbara, and Tom, had a great time! Before our MG, Barbara came out to gather him and another group for a special meeting and off he went.


After he left, I decided I needed to take the secret out of the beast.  The Velcro worked really well and it was kind of tough getting it out of there, but I managed.  I ended up leaving the seat cushion there, since it had served its purpose.  I showed it to Rose Marie.  Then the OMG guy said to get in line.  Gale was standing in the front of the line and we just walked up to her, but we didn’t realize it was the front of the line!  No one really minded, as most always want to be last anyway, so every part of my plan worked.  I’m a logistic genius!  Haha!  😉  Betty was first, I was next, and Gale after me.  I gathered my presents and handed each of the guys their birthday wishes.  They seemed to like them.  I then handed Igna my pride and joy, my months of planning and labor, and sleepless nights.  I presented him the book and said, “I made this for you for your dad.”  He looked at the first page and then I wanted to make sure he saw the last page with the Flight Crew.  I said, “and here is your Flight Crew!”  He got somewhat excited, quickly looked at the pictures and landed on Lisa Joy’s photo.  “Where is she?” he pointed frantically.  I looked at him and said, “I don’t know, she’s in Philadelphia!”  Like who am I, chopped liver??  Apparently!  The other two were looking over his shoulder at the pictures.  I’m hoping he appreciates it later, or when he gets older.  So, the deed was done.  My promise of getting all of your condolences to Ignazio was done.  The usual, turn around, say cheese, and it was all over.  The police were at it again, making Betty and I go to the way far left out of the doorway there, so we couldn’t even watch Gale interact with the guys.  I don’t get why they are so mean!  Like what do they think 2 little old ladies are going to do?  Hmmm…. sneak something into the Fox??  😊  But he was a lot bigger than us, so we had no choice. ☹  Alas, it was over – Betty, the Beast, and I, hobbled up the two short flights of stairs to the outside air.  Into the night, to meet up with the rest of the girls!  I have to say, it was the most gorgeous September evening ever.  We had perfect weather.  Was about 80 with clear skies and a beautiful moon.

Above and below are pages from the condolences book.  I took just the covers and key pages.  The first written page is what I wrote on behalf of the Flight Crew Staff.  Our dear friend, Jo Ann, translated it into Italian for me (the above is in  English).  I had several more pages of pictures and the book in total was 36 pages!

Was thinking, Il Volo concerts are like Lay’s Potato Chips – you can’t go to just one and not want for more!  I could only afford one this year, but fearless Sharon went on to Cleveland a few days later!

Until we meet again?



The Il Volo tour continues at a fast pace.
It is so good to see how much love our young men are gathering. Certainly Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca have lacked familiarity with the American audience in the last two years and now they are deservedly gathering all the affection from their American fans.

September 15: INDIANAPOLIS

Also for this concert the choice is to keep the blue suits.


Deborah and Jeannette were in Indianapolis, it wasn’t expected, and Deborah wrote like this:
“Well did you ever have the desire to do just one more? Sometimes things just fall into place! It appears we needed one more adventure, so in a spur of the moment decision, off we went to Indianapolis, Indiana!
What fabulous seats we had in the second row! Since I already posted my best videos from the Chicago concert, I did not plan to get anything at the Indianapolis concert!” 😁
Grazie Mille Deborah, per video e foto!!


Please click on the photo below to view the video.


or try clicking on this link:


Please click on the photo below to view the video.


or try clicking on this link:

Our friend and reader Jill Rhodes was present at the concert, here’s what she wrote:
“It was my first gig last night in Indianapolis. Done at the sound check, I had front row seats in the center, I met some very nice people while we waited for the concert to start. I had a photo with Gianluca at his invitation during the performance. It was all I was hoping for, and now it’s the next day, and I seriously wonder if it really happened! I have to go to another concert while I’m still on this planet! I guess there can’t be enough of these great guys!”
Jill, we understand very well what you felt, the first concert makes you want to see others ……….. it happened to all of us!!

September 17 UNCASVILLE

What can I say, the pictures speak for themselves, so many people at the concert, so much joy for everyone!
White men’s suits and crackling start with Ecstasy Of Gold, of course!



Please click on the photo below to view the video.E LUCEAN LE STELLE
or try clicking on this link:


Lots of people but very few videos received, we thank Rose Marie Nestico for her videos.


Please click on the photos below to view the two videos.


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or try clicking on this link:



Please click on the photo below to view the video.

Funiculì Funiculà

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Please click on the photo below to view the video.SURRENDER
or try clicking on this link:


And thank you Lisa Joy, for these beautiful videos. 😘


Michele Torpedine also posted this short video, with this comment:

“Another success in the United States.” 🇺🇸


Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca also recorded this message for Atlanta! 
Always nice to see the concerts just performed!
I am enjoying reading the wonderful comments that are made on Ticketmaster after the concerts, and they are all beautiful.
I am very happy . . . Ignazio, Gianluca and Piero work hard and deserve this success.
Next stop: BOSTON 😊


Credit to owners of all photos and videos.