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September seemed far away, but in an instant it arrived, and with the beginning of the month, also the series of concerts in Milan and exactly at the Arcimboldi Theater.
It is the first time that Il Volo performs in a theatre.
Andrea Spinelli’s interview in the newspaper IL GIORNO is beautiful, which I translate for you.
IL GIORNO article – Click Here

Row 43, seat 8. The last seat left for the show with which Il Volo begins its stay at the Arcimboldi this evening vanished yesterday morning around lunchtime. And it could not have been otherwise given the request which, doubling the three concerts initially planned, transformed this theatrical debut by Piero Barone, Ignazio Boschetto and Gianluca Ginoble into a sort of “residency”. Six shows in eight days that see them engaged in the Bicocca (the district where the Arcimboldi Theater is) until next Saturday with a revised and corrected version of that “All for One” brought to Italian homes last spring from the Arena of Verona by winning the audience challenge.
How does the show change in the transition from TV to theater?
Barone= Next year we will celebrate fifteen years of our career, so we preferred not to go on tour and re-propose the Verona show, even if in a slightly more intimate way, on a single stage. That of the Arcimboldi.
Ginoble=We built the repertoire of the show with the idea of consolidating our musical evolution: three child prodigies, who have become three interpreters of character, each with his own personality. That’s why the innovation of ‘All for one’ is precisely that clearly outlines the characteristics of each one, in addition to that of the group that everyone already knows.
Why Milan?
Boschetto= Because the Arcimboldi theater is one of the most significant modern theaters we have in Italy and because bringing an arena performance into such a setting ends up making it necessarily resonate with a different intimacy.
Barone= And then in the two TV episodes we sang 60 songs, while in the theater we sang half of them: the best of.
In December you sang at the Forum.
Ginoble= Yes, but, having never performed in Italian theatres, we are curious to see the audience’s reaction in such a different setting. As happened on TV, to give vent to our personalities there will be solo moments. Five each. Piero will sing his opera arias, I will pay homage to Elvis and Ignazio the great female pop voices. And, speaking of Elvis, the show begins with the Straussian ‘Thus Spoke Zarathustra’ also used by him in his shows in Las Vegas. An idea of Ignazio.
Speaking of audience reactions, where was the most unpredictable?
Barone= Once, in Vera Cruz, Mexico, we sang in an amphitheater with a small lake between the stage and the audience. At the end of the concert, people took to the water to come and hug us.
Ginoble= A young thing. Because there we have a younger audience than in Italy. Here we have, in fact, only the hit ‘Grande amore’, while there we have five or six. This has allowed us to grow together with our fans.
Tomorrow you will sing first at the Monza racetrack and then at the Arcimboldi.
Barone= When they ask you to sing the Mameli anthem before the Italian Grand Prix, how can you say no? In recent years, as well as in Monza, we have also done it in Imola, in Mugello, and it has always been an incredible emotion.

And in fact, I want to start first with the institutional event in Monza, to then dedicate myself completely to the concerts.


Always impeccable our boys!! ☺

And now we come to the concerts.

An amazing start, curtain closed and then the three of them, Gianluca, Ignazio and Piero. After the roar of the audience,
………silence and a beautiful Hallelujah a cappella opens the evening.

Spectacular, goosebumps.
Magnificent beginning followed by Grande Amore, and then greetings to the audience.
IGNAZIO= Hi Milanoooooo.
GIANLUCA= Good evening everyone.
IGNAZIO= (to Piero), Do you want to talk or do I?
PIERO= Speak
IGNAZIO= Good evening, welcome, we are finally back in concert.
In the theatre, our first theatre, it had never occurred to us to sing in the theater in Italy, but as a first impression everything is already much more intimate. We are much closer, we don’t have the risk of rain like in Verona. 😁
Thank you all so much for being here tonight, thank you.
GIANLUCA= I would say that after a break…..we are particularly excited, because after a break of almost 3-4 months, after a summer of vacation and relaxation, now we can start again, we need to warm up properly, but as Ignazio said, it is the first time in the theatre.
Finally we can have our Italian audience so close, in a more intimate concert, where we can perhaps best express our emotions, singing like never before.
PIERO= The need for the theater arose from the two television evenings that I hope at least many of you saw, from the Verona Arena concert ALL FOR ONE, to demonstrate to those who know us and those who don’t, our three personalities. Our deepest personalities and vocal characteristics and so tonight will be a musical journey across almost every genre.
Ladies and gentlemen, good evening.

There are so many videos and so many beautiful photos to see.
I’ll make a selection for you, but they are all beautiful.
Lots of amazing solos.
What a pity that I could not attend these concerts.


At the end of the song, Ignazio leans on the piano and sings “there is one more reason to tell you…… that we stay here”


Ignazio= E POI




E LUCEAN LE STELLE – Click Here to View the video


Ignazio= YOU MAKE ME FEEL (Ignazio plays the piano)






And then there are songs whose moments amaze you, like this one where Ignazio sings with Piero:
And moments of extreme sweetness, such as when, during the third evening, Gianluca gets off the stage and goes towards his girlfriend, takes her by the hand and brings an amazed Eleonora to the first steps of the stage, they sit down and hand in hand, Gianluca dedicates her a beautiful song with a deep meaning, LA CURA by Battiato.
The most important words of this beautiful song reiterate the love and dedication for always:
“I will save you from all melancholy
Because you are a special being
And I will take care of you
Yes, I’ll take care of you.”
A truly unique and special moment, full of love. At the end of the song Gianluca says “It’s our anniversary”.
A treasure of a man, our sweet Gianluca. ❤ ❤
And here is the lineup of songs sung the first few nights, but there were also some song changes the following nights.
Really challenging concerts!
1.   Hallelujah
2.   Grande Amore
3.   Almeno tu nell’universo
4.   Suspicious minds
5.   Mamma quel vino è generoso
6.   Nessun Dorma
7.   Io che non vivo
8.   Crazy little thing
9.   Una ragione di più
10. Lucevan le stelle
11. Estasi dell’oro
12. Se telefonando
13. Marechiare
14. My heart will go on
15. Beatles Medley
16. My way
17. Caruso
18. Medley Endrigo
19. Una poesia anche per te
20. La cura
21. Misere
22. Il mondo
23. Can’t help falling in love
24. E poi
25. No puede ser
26. Volare
27. Grande amore reprise
A nice Medley from the concert on September 4th.

The photos are numerous and beautiful.

You won’t believe it but it seems for once that the Italian critics are positive.
Many newspapers and news programs spoke well of them, including the national ones on RAI 1 and RAI 2.
A lot of people who didn’t know them at all are getting to know them and they like the “new face” of Il Volo.
Often, during the various evenings, there are “surprises” like when Ignazio sang accompanied by a violinist.
Or Gianluca who sang Angels by Robbie Williams on the fourth evening.
Gianluca= ANGELS
Or Ignazio who in the concert on September 3rd sang accompanied on guitar and vocals by Nico Arezzo, remember, the boy who is under Ignazio’s FLOKI label.
Ignazio+Nico= YOU MAKE ME FEEL


Radio RTL102.5, the most listened to radio station in Italy, was also present at the concert and Piero, Gianluca and Ignazio were interviewed live from the RTL studios on 6 September.
I will make you a future article with an exhaustive translation of Il Volo’s visit to the radio.
In the video below, Il Volo with the two RTL 102.5 speakers present at the concert.

CLICK HERE – to view the video

And then also Federica Panicucci, who you will remember had presented, as sent by Canale 5, the two concerts at the Arena.
Here she is with our loved ones. The photo was published by Federica herself with this comment:
“Talent, genius, professionalism.
An amazing show. Thank you Ignazio, Piero, Gianluca, for the unforgettable evening.”

Truly a week of beautiful concerts and well-deserved success, for their skill and their dedication to always improving.
I conclude with some of their words said in an interview:
“In recent years we have learned to know each other, there is great mutual esteem between us. I always tell Piero that I can’t wait to sit in the royal box to see him perform an opera. As we grow up, our personality and our artistic desires also develop, beyond Il Volo.”
Individually we also like to do other things. After 15 years we would like people to understand that there is much more.”
So, go ahead with your projects, we are sure that you will not disappoint us and we are ready to follow you and support you in your choices.
It will be amazing as always!! ❤❤❤
Daniela 🤗


Credit to owners of all photos and videos.



A few days ago this new and beautiful event was announced,  LA NOTTE DELLE STELLE (THE NIGHT OF THE STARS), a concert with Placido Domingo, the soprano Daria Rybak and Il Volo. This beautiful event is held in the beautiful REGGIA DI CASERTA.
I don’t know how many of you know this magnificent Palace, and so I want to give you an introduction and a little bit of history, but believe me, it’s worth it.
I present to you the Royal Palace of Caserta.

King Charles of Bourbon, entrusted the construction of this Royal Palace to the brilliant architect Luigi Vanvitelli. It began on January 20, 1752 and took 20 years to be finished.
The Royal Palace of Caserta is truly immense, covering more than 61,000 square meters (about 73,000 yards), with 4 internal courtyards.
It has the shape of a rectangle 250 meters long and 200 meters wide, and is a very high building, more than 40 meters and spread over 5 floors. It has more than 1000 rooms including rooms, halls, theaters and 1 private chapel.
There are 1742 windows, 1026 chimneys, 34 stairs and more than 1000 doors and 2 large basements, a titanic work, in fact it is the largest royal residence in the world.
After the entrance, you enter a majestic gallery that crosses the entire palace and allows, right from the entrance, to see the magnificent park that surrounds it. It is a studied perspective effect, because the pools of the park and the fountains are all aligned with the gallery, a telescope effect which was very fashionable in late 18th century architecture and which made nature the protagonist of the architecture.
I have visited this  Royal Palace three times, the last one being 15 years ago, and it is truly magnificent.
And here, it’s my husband and I in the gardens of the Royal Palace of Caserta exactly 15 years ago.

The stage was set up in one of the square courtyards of the Reggia.
And here we are at the afternoon rehearsal.



Before the show, Placido Domingo and Piero are interviewed by Radio Montecarlo.

Here’s the interview.
PIERO= We are at the Royal Palace of Caserta because tonight we will share the stage with the greatest. can we say the greatest?
SPEAKER= “His Majesty” Placido Domingo, thank you master for being here with us live on Radio.
DOMINGO= We are so happy to be together, we have known each other for a few years. My nephew discovered them (Il Volo)….
SPEAKER= Great, great! We are framing it here in front of the workstation and as you can imagine there is a huge crowd of people, in short, a really great emotion.
DOMINGO= Piero always wore glasses (reds) and then my nephew wore them too.
SPEAKER= ….he too (laughs)
How does Piero sing with “His Majesty” Placido Domingo tonight?
PIERO= With the master and with all his family, there is a great friendship, a great respect. A great like Placido Domingo, who gives the opportunity to realize such a great dream of sharing the stage with him, I believe that beyond the great artist there is a great person.
SPEAKER= (the speaker addresses the audience) 
He (Domingo) exudes charisma guys, you have no idea.
Maestro, you have trod the most important stages, you have had huge crowds in front of you, acclaimed in a thousand ways and rightly so. How exciting will it be tonight to be on the stage of UN’ESTATE DA RE right here at the Royal Palace of Caserta?
DOMINGO= First of all, this place is extraordinary, I’ve seen it, I’ve had time to visit room after room and be together, working together (at Il Volo) is really a great joy. We hope we will have a nice evening…
SPEAKER= It sure will be…
DOMINGO= We have to try again to fix everything.
SPEAKER= Can we ask one last thing? A memory of Luciano Pavarotti, from when you were three tenors, I know that the only clash, between so much fun, was about the football teams.
DOMINGO= Oh yes, that was the only thing we didn’t get along on, because he was for IUVE, Josè Carreras for Barcelona and I for Real Madrid.
PIERO= It’s clear!!
SPEAKER= So, we have to let them go, thanks for this gift Piero and obviously thanks to “His Majesty” Placido Domingo, this evening, right here at UN’ ESTATE DA RE  at the Royal Palace of Caserta and thanks also to us at Radiomontecarlo who have the possibility to tell you everything that happens.
At the beginning of the video, you see a short fragment of a photo with Piero, Placido Domingo and I believe that among them is Placido’s nephew who made Il Volo known.
And here we are at the magical evening. It’s sold out.
Numerous videos received and shot by fans.




MY WAYIl Volo with Placido Domingo


AU FOND DU TEMPLE SAINT – the beautiful duet with Placido Domingo and Piero Barone


LIBIAM NE LIETI CALICI  – Il Volo con Placido Domingo and Daria Rybak





And after the concert, a nice dinner with the whole Domingo family, including children and grandchildren.


We waited a few days to publish this event, but it was worth it, because now, whoever wants can watch the entire concert, here it is!

Click Here to watch the full concert

What a magnificent event in a truly unique location.
A night of stars, and the stars shone very much, as well as our Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca, who can hold their own even in a classical music environment.
Their voices, incredible and unique. Three brilliant stars.
Daniela ❤❤❤


I want to close this article, with a beautiful writing by my friend, Luce Blu. 
This morning while I was having breakfast, wandering my curious finger around the screen in search of a “Night of the Stars”, at a certain point I found myself sitting in a semi-illuminated corner with a stage in front of it and a Palace behind it, an imposing witness to the splendor of an era now distant… I physically abstracted there, but present with all my soul, I observed and listened to what belonged to yesterday but will remain in my memory, together with the history of that enchanting place.
Scrolling through each expression, the memory of a “Magical Night” in Piazza Santa Croce leapt to my mind, on stage three boys still and closed in their blue jackets in front of microphones that put tension and that cost a lot of sacrifice … and in the trembling heart so much hope for a homage that would have either made them fall or carried them up, up, to the steps of Olympus. Next to them one of those three the Sacred Monsters (the three tenors) to pay homage to, who confidently guided them. That Piazza, that evening, despite the fears, literally exploded.  
What happened yesterday evening, like that evening, moved me and at the same time made me rejoice like never before because on that stage I found those guys with the same heart, but a totally different awareness, with that Sacred Monster still next to them, this time not there to guide them but to sing with them, together with a soprano who tinged those powerful notes with roses. They were there rulers, not of a summer, but of an era of bel canto that we long to return again and again and give rhythm to the soul of this world. Our extraordinary tenor, with a dream that came true even before he knew it. Our eclectic artist, who manages to play with those notes with unique ease and mastery. Our “no, this genre is not for me”… and imagine if it were for him… And this happened only yesterday… And yesterday, like this morning and like always and forever, proud and proud of our incomparable and unique trio!
And what about the duet between Piero and Maestro Placido Domingo?….. Domingo carries our Piero on the palm of one hand, sang happy and proud to have him by his side and turned to him with eyes of profound admiration every time Piero rose in one of those impeccable, powerful and decisive high notes.
In the moments in which our extraordinary tenor sang, or rather enchanted, his expression was transformed, that incredulous and excited smile disappeared and that imposing and intense soul shined through, which only shows when the notes of that genre start… a genre that he has been wearing for always and that he managed to bring out with all his passion and his sacrifice. Keeping that promise to himself and to a loving grandfather who will always watch over him from above.
A duet that brought tears to our eyes and filled our hearts with joy and pride, aware of knowing that our Piero has his feet on the threshold of a dream that has now opened its “curtain” to reality.
Luce Blu  


Thank you, Luce, for these beautiful words!! 😘
Daniela 🤗


Credit to owners of all photos and videos.



And we have reached the week of the great free concert in Ascoli Piceno.
Piazza del Popolo in Ascoli Piceno is certainly a beautiful location, in fact it is also called “the drawing room of Italy”.
Despite all the various problems related to the delivery of the free tickets (we remind you that the concert was offered by the companies Fainplast and Panichi) everything went very well. In an adjacent square there was also the possibility of following the event on a big screen.

But let’s let today’s newspapers do the talking, I translate this article from PICENE CHRONICLES, for you.

Click Here to view the PICENE CHRONICLES article


Almost two hours of concert for the trio composed by Gianluca Ginoble, Piero Barone and Ignazio Boschetto. Two thousand people sing the great classics of an ageless songbook.
Tributes to Endrigo, Morricone, Battiato, Dalla, Elvis and Sinatra. Then the final riot on the notes of “Grande Amore”:
“Being able to express emotions through the voice is a privilege”. Success of the evening offered by the companies Fainplast and Pamichi.
It ends with Piazza del Popolo standing up, mobile phones in video mode and the public singing “Grande Amore”, the song that in 2015 saw them triumph at the Sanremo Festival.
And if this too is not a triumph, we are close. From Ennio Morricone to Sergio Endrigo, from Lucio Dalla to Frank Sinatra, from Mia Martini to Celine Dion. A varied repertoire, no doubt. However, the timbre is unique. And it is that of Il Volo. The three “tenorini” who from TV, little more than teenagers, have known worldwide success, performing everywhere.
And that in Ascoli they find a new “debut” full of affection, reciprocated: “This is my second home, (Gianluca) we are happy to perform here for the first time”.
The confirmation comes directly from Gianluca Ginoble, from Abruzzo from Roseto, who together with the Sicilians Piero Barone and Ignazio Boschetto (born in Bologna but raised in Marsala) give life to the three musketeers of the Italian musical tradition.
A vibrant square (there were about 2,000 people) could not help but certify their vocal quality, after a 15-year career and after the direct experience of almost two hours of concerts, with an orchestra of 30 elements and a songbook skillfully weighted to enhance the quality of the trio and keep alive the memory of the great classics.
There are those who, on this Friday evening, have stood in line for hours, arriving to stay overnight in front of the box office, for what is undoubtedly the main event of the Picene summer. In the nearby Piazza Arringo there is also a huge screen that allows the many who have not been able to enter to enjoy the concert anyway.
A special evening therefore, offered by the companies Fainplast and Panichi as part of the multidisciplinary festival “Palco di Travertino”, organized by the Compagnia dei Folli.
Returning to the live, what to add. The beginning is fulminating, thanks to the Morriconian atmospheres of “L’estasi dell’oro”, from the epoch-making film “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly”.
Gianluca, Ignazio and Piero, in impeccable black suits despite the stifling heat, embark on a journey that leads them to rattle off one masterpiece after another, among which it is worth mentioning Puccini’s Nessun Dorma, Se telefonando, La Cura (I hope I’m up to it, says Gianluca before performing it, chapeau), Caruso, Nuovo Cinema Paradiso, Almeno tu nell’universo, Once upon a time in the west, My heart will go on.
And then again the homage to Endrigo with Canzone per te, and Lontano dagli occhi, then Can’t help falling in love by Elvis and My Way by the good Sinatra,
“We all come from four difficult years. First the pandemic, then the war. Many people have suffered and still suffer today. This is why last year we decided to include this song in the setlist. Since then we always sing it to dedicate it to those who didn’t make it and are still struggling .”
It is the prodrome to “Hallelujah” by Leonard Cohen, followed by the standing ovation of the public.
“Being able to express emotions through the voice is a privilege. Our life changed when we were very young, we started traveling and touring the world. I repeat, we are privileged. Values and roots, however, have remained fundamental to remain what we really are and to constantly improve.”
More intense moments, therefore, which alternate with smiles, jokes with the public, the question “Olives or arrosticini?” (Ascoli is famous for its olives, Roseto for its arrosticini), Gianluca, despite the difficulty, gets along with a diplomat: “Let’s create a new recipe, we put them both on a skewer” and a visit to the audience during the performance of “Here’s to you”, a song taken from the film Sacco and Vanzetti.
But it is on stage that the three find their natural habitat, as consummate performers at the expense of their still young age, thirty years on average, and with the strength of a journey that began in 2009 thanks to the TV program “Ti lascio una canzone”. That’s why “O Sole Mio” the first song they performed together, can’t be missed.
How can’t miss “In the blue painted blue”. The square sings, here too, inevitably. And before the Sanremo finale, thanks, first of all to their manager Michele Torpedine, and then to Barbara Vitali, a real guardian angel: “They created us artistically, without them we wouldn’t be here”.
A thank you to which the listening public can do nothing but join. Especially after such an evening. The one offered by Battista Faraotti, who wanted to pay homage to Ascoli on the occasion of the thirtieth anniversary of his “Fainplast”.

From left: Battista Faraotti, his son Daniele, Stefano Panichi, Gianluca, Ignazio, Roberta Faraotti, Piero and Simone Panichi.








At the end of the song Il Volo greets the audience and Gianluca greets his two Sicilian colleagues as he, from Abruzzo, is in his second home. (Because Ascoli is in the Marche region, bordering on Abruzzo, much frequented by Gianluca as Ascoli is the city of his twin friends)

Roberta Faraotti, posted this nice comment:
Unforgettable !!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️ Il Volo made our city shine and excited our hearts!!
 We worked 7 months.
A work team that defining exceptional is an understatement.

And here is the comment passed by the news of the Marche region.
We’re on the subject of shows.
Piazza del Popolo in Ascoli was not enough to contain the fans of Il Volo and their first performance in the Piceno capital.
Two hours in the company of timeless Italian and international hits, 70 years of songs with a few leaps back to opera. The listeners sang and danced together with Il Volo, a gift to the city of two local companies, through the tax mechanism of the Art Bonus (the possibility of companies to pay for events and be able to deduct a part of it, a rule made by the Italian State to disseminate art).
A much appreciated gift from Piazza del Popolo which proved to be the perfect setting for the music of Il Volo.
A summer with almost no concerts except for two exceptions to the rule, the Arena di Verona and Ascoli Piceno.
IGNAZIO= Absolutely, this summer we took some time off, because we are preparing the Arcimboldi concerts in September in Milan at the Arcimboldi theater (there are now 6 concerts in September).
GIANLUCA= I have many friends here, best friends, like a second family, for me it’s like being at home, I’m very excited to sing here for the people of Ascoli and for all the people who love us and have followed us for years.
PIERO= Are Sicilians allowed to be interviewed here in Ascoli?
SPEAKER= It’s allowed!
PIERO= It is the first time that I personally come to Ascoli….
IGNAZIO= Me too.
PIERO= ….I was really impressed by the architecture of the square, Italy always surprises, we have magnificent places and also the people here are really delicious.
Truly a beautiful event, all successful, despite the great heat.
Beautiful location and what about Il Volo? 
Wonderful voices, elegance, kindness, I have read many comments from the people of Ascoli and they are all enthusiastic.
The articles in the local newspapers are also very beautiful, which give credit to Il Volo.
Once again a beautiful concert, thanks Ignazio, Gianluca and Piero!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️
……. but there is still a lot to read….. see you soon:
Daniela 🤗 


Credit to owners of all photos and videos.


While the fans had their eyes on the second concert in the Verona Arena, on June 3 Il Volo was in concert in Montenegro.
It is the first time that Il Volo exhibits in Montenegro, and exactly in the beautiful square of Budva.
There aren’t many comments, but I found many good videos, starting with the afternoon rehearsals.

Mamma mia, what a thrill to hear those voices.
I must tell you that during the show, while Il Volo was singing, there were also fireworks, as you will notice from the videos, a beautiful street party on a beautiful evening.
Here are some of the videos shot by Eva Wasner, thanks Eva, for always being there.










And here are some nice photos from the evening.

This is all I found, there were a lot of videos but I made this choice and I hope you like it.
I think the Montenegrin audience was thrilled.
Our three young men never disappoint expectations.
Daniela 🤗


Credit to owners of all photos and videos.

Double the Pleasure by Susan

The Live Concerts
We all watched intently as each concert was performed live on May 1st and 3rd. So many people were Live Streaming. It didn’t take long before the entire concert was on YouTube.
Mediasetinfinity, Canale 5 in Italy
Then we waited for the concerts on Mediasetinfinity. Of course, there were many people streaming which was good because most people don’t have Italian cable.
Many of you immediately noticed a difference from the live concert to the televised program. People were saying but it was raining and now it’s not. That’s because when it was edited, the two concerts came together and then were split into two programs. They did a great job of editing. They gave us two absolutely amazing programs. Two nights of sheer pleasure! Double the Pleasure!
Let’s move on to the venue ~ the Arena di Verona.
The introduction of the first concert makes us aware of where we are in this vast world. We are small among the treasures of the world that span time and eternity!  It’s always amazing to see the Arena di Verona from above. It gives you a sense of time immortal.
The Verona Arena is a Roman amphitheater built in 30 AD. It is one of the best-preserved ancient structures of its kind. In ancient times, the arena’s capacity was nearly 30,000 people. Concerts and operas demand a lot of stage space so for performances today the space has decreased. The maximum capacity today is approximately 22,000.
The voices that rise from this amazing Arena resound throughout the city and pass well into our lives by the videos and programs produced within its walls.
There has never been a moment that the guys were on this stage that we didn’t feel the enormity of their voices. This Arena was meant to be a place where performers like Il Volo could show us their amazing worth, their amazing voices.
There is a gradual crescendo as their voices rise from the stage to the walls of antiquity and encircle the Arena spinning high into the night sky; forever captured in time and space!
Il Volo forever!
On to the Stage
The stage is totally awesome. It’s like watching two concerts. There is so much going on behind the guys that I think they even stop to look once in a while. Lights have become a big part of their production.
The motions in the background produces unbelievably beautiful scenery. It is constantly changing. Using backgrounds that are in motion elevates the experience by creating movement towards and away from the entertainer. It is the means by which the audience is drawn into the production.  It adds dimension and life to the presentation.
Of course, the audience also participates in this background production when they join in with the lights of their cell phones. Think of how impressive it is to see a sea of lights before you while singing. A treat for the guys!
The Orchestra
When Marcello Rota walks on the stage the production is ready.
Marcello Rota is an Italian conductor. Some of the famous Orchestras he has conducted are the Asti Symphony Orchestra, Orchestra della Svizzera Italiana, the Orchestra Sinfonica Siciliana, the orchestra of the Munich Staatsoper, the Berlin Philharmonic, the National Symphony Orchestra and the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, the Moscow Philharmonic, the Buenos Aires Philharmonic, the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra and the Sydney Symphony Orchestra.
Besides Il Volo, he has collaborated with Andrea Bocelli on his numerous world tours.
On September 27, 1997, on the occasion of the 23rd National Eucharistic Congress, Rota participated in the mega-concert at the Caab in Bologna, with Bocelli and several other artists including Bob Dylan. They performed in the presence of Pope John Paul II.
His lyric repertoire includes over 40 titles, notably by Rossini, Bellini, Donizetti, Verdi and Puccini.
Now that’s a repertoire that our guys know well!

The TV Concerts 

In both concerts, the guys opened with Granada. The perfect song to open with. Granada adds to the majesty of this amazing arena because it is a song that spans time. It always pleases and the way our guys sing it is amazing.  Above all, it was the perfect place to present their new version of this amazing song.  They reintroduced us to their three amazing and, so we found out, very different voices. Classical, Soul and Pop!

After singing Grande Amore, the guys introduced their first guests.

The Pooh is an Italian band that came together in 1966 in Bologna. When Il Volo started out, they were the first group to invite them to sing in concert. They are very close friends, and our guys love them and appreciate all of their encouragement over the years. The guys sang a medley of Pooh songs. Tanta Voglia di Lei, Pensiero, Chi Fermerà La Musica, and Uomini Soli.

After the performance, Pooh gave this advice to the guys:

We have never followed trends, don’t do this either and you will always be personal.
My advice instead is this, there are three of you, alone you represent 30%, instead together you represent 3000%, this is the strength of the group, remember this.
I believe that the Pooh’s real success was a little talent and a lot of passion, the same talent and the same passion that I see in your eyes and in your career, and this is a good sign for you.
Beautiful advice from beautiful people. They certainly know Il Volo!
Next we meet the beautiful Frederica Panicucci who will be the presenter of the concert.
Federica explains that during the evening Il Volo will show unpublished moments with solos and duets they never performed before. It will be their way of showing their different personalities.
Yes Federica is right, that night was different because we’ve heard these voices before but not in the way we heard them that night. The guys introduced us to their personal feelings about their music.
A great example of this is in Ignazio’s words before both concerts:
In the first concert Ignazio said, “I’ve always loved great female voices….”
And in the second concert he said, “I will try to take a trip to the most beautiful female songs in the world tonight.
When Ignazio said this, he brought me back to his childhood. If you recall in Ignazio’s story he talks about meeting Lilliana Adreanò, his singing teacher, for the first time. She asked Ignazio what kinds of songs he likes to sing and Ignazio replies, “You know, Liliana, I like to sing Giorgia’s songs.” Lilliana said: Strange for a kid to sing this kind of song.
So, it seems Ignazio still enjoys singing these (female) songs. And why wouldn’t he? He is the only one of the three that can sing that kind of song because they are songs that require a strong voice that is very clear, crisp and very lyrical and a lot of passion must be put into each song! I think I just described Ignazio’s voice! Let me add and, “very soulful!”
We meet the real Gianluca in his rock mode and he introduces us to his feelings for Elvis, Sinatra, Dylan and the Beatles.
Piero brings us his perfect operatic voice. Whimsical and joyful. He has a great love and sincerity for this music. Opera is in his soul. He opens up that soul to us in these concerts with arias we have never heard before.
Amid a thousand points of light that sparkled like stars in the night sky, our guys were the brightest stars on the stage. They showed not just their love for one another’s music but their love and appreciation for the music of the other performers.
During their solos, the other two guys sit on the side stage and listen. In these moments, we see the admiration these men have for one another. Truly amazing!
This was a nice way of presenting each of them.
I remember Piero saying, in his story, that when he did a solo he couldn’t wait for it to end when Ignazio and Gianluca would return. He has to love this new arrangement.
These concerts were different. They show a beautiful evolution from where the guys were to where they are now. Their new direction! Their future!
This new arrangement is thrilling because there is a lot of feeling in the music. The songs they have sung from the beginning have always had feeling but in a different way.
Here we feel each man’s thoughts, ideas and mindset. In the soul of each man there is a longing to bring you their music unlike you’ve ever heard it before. It is the movement within their souls when they sing. They were restless to release these feelings and make you feel what they feel. They bring a feeling of sheer bliss to each note in each song. Think about expressing your feelings for someone you love. Put that to music and you have each guy’s mindset.
Of course, they have not departed from their Bel Canto.
What is a concert without Nessun Dorma.

Or, Surrender and O Sole Mio

Now let’s listen to some of the beautiful solos that we have never heard before.
Let’s start with Piero singing Viva il Vino Spumeggiante (Long Live the Sparkling Wine) the beautiful aria from Cavalleria Rusticana. This is one of my favorite operas and every time Piero sings one of the arias, he brings joy to my heart. His voice is so ready for La Scala.

Gianluca choses Bob Dylans song Knockin’ on Heavens Door to express a feeling of loss and grief. It is a very poignant song, and we can feel Gianluca’s heart in it. A very beautiful delivery!

Ignazio sings a Loredana Bertè medley. From the pop of Sei Bellissimo (You are Beautiful) to the very reggae of È Luna Bussò (The Moon Knocked) Ignazio is singing out his soul.
Reggae is a music style that was strongly influenced by American jazz and rhythm and blues. Like Loredana, Ignazio was inspired by jazz and rhythm and blues. Both Loredana and Ignazio were fans of Pino Daniele. In fact, Loredana sang with Pino Daniele. No wonder this was a choice for Ignazio.  Loredana is the sister of Mia Martina who Ignazio dedicates Almeno tu Nell’universo to.  This is truly the soul of Ignazio!

Ignazio with Fiorella Mannoia accompanied by Danilo Rea on piano sing the very sophiscated pop song Una Ragione di Più (One more reason)

Gianluca and Irama sing the very beautiful La Cura (the Cure) which was written by Italian songwriter Battiato.  He wrote the song for his lady when he discovered she had a serious illness. Gianluca and Irama sing this song from depths of their hearts.

Piero and Aida Garifullina sing Libiamo ne, i lieti calici from La Traviata. This is an absolutely delightful and whimsical delivery. Notice how comfortable Piero is on stage with this amazing soprano! The voices blend beautifully!

It’s time for a great comedian, Giorgio Panariello.

Giorgio tells us the plot of the film Nuovo Cinema Paradiso by Giuseppe Tornatore.
This is followed by the guys singing Se.

After they sing, Panariello returns to have some fun with the guys!

Panariello tries to convince the boys that being three is not good and proposes himself as the fourth element for Il Volo.
He challenges the guys to sing Nessun Dorma with him to see if he wins the role of the fourth Il Volo. He repeats VINCERÒ and in the highest moment, he doesn’t sing he says, “I will win….a draw is enough for me”. 
Of course, Ignazio get hysterical!
The guys and Panariello sing an Italian song Il Pullover and now we can truly witness four amazing entertainers who can sing and joke together.
I am a longtime fan of Panariello and I am happy he was included in this concert!
When Panariello leaves, he says “But we are friends……(it’s true they are)….don’t call me anymore in your concerts!” 
Panariello is a very funny man with a very dry sense of humor that makes you laugh out loud!

Over the last few years, the guys have been singing Hallelujah. Before they begin the song, Ignazio explains how the guys feel about this song.
Ignazio: Now is a very emotional moment for us, we have decided to sing this next song to reach all the people who have suffered in these years, to all the people who continue to suffer, and to all those people who unfortunately today, we, they watch from up there. Let’s hope that our song, our thoughts, can reach them up there.

There are no words! One magical moment and people respond by lighting up their hearts through the lights on their cell phones.
This song goes deep and touches everyone’s heart. No need to change voices here, you can feel the guy’s voices in this song.
Let’s go back to some duets!

The guys mix it up with Antonello Venditti. They sing Che Fantastica Storia è La Vita  (What a Fantastic Story Life is). They can sing anything with anybody!

Back to two amazing songs L’Amore si move and  Musica Che Resta. These are two songs that I love and they never sing in New York. Are you listening guys?

Federica returns to the stage for her next round of questions. She immediately asks Gianluca what gift Piero would like to receive on his birthday. Gianluca replies, “a nice tennis racket,” of course, Ignazio jokingly says that he would have given him “a watering can for the flower on his jacket!”
Next, Federica asks Ignazio what superpower Gianluca would like to have and Ignazio replies “the power to lengthen his legs.”
She then asks Piero to tell some funny story of Ignazio and Piero replies, “In Vienna Ignazio greeted the public saying….‘Good evening Berlin.’ ”
Federica compliments the boys on the tour they just finished and a video of beautiful images starts. Federica asks what is the best memory.
Gianluca: Seeing people’s faces is oxygen for us and a privilege. We are young and we are living the life we have always wanted to live, and it is amazing how this music overcomes the barrier of language, and reaches all ages, and we are proud to be able to give these emotions to all of you. 
At this point they do a tribute to Italian singer-songwriter: Sergio Endrigo.

This is just a part of the tribute. You can see the complete tribute in the full video of the concert below.
A few solos before I close.
Piero singing Voglio Vivere Così reminds me of Sunday mornings at my grandparents’ house. After church my grandparent would put on all their favorite operas and we would listen to them while we had breakfast. My grandparents loved opera and Neapolitan Songs! They would have loved Il Volo!

Magnificent! I feel Pavaroti in Piero’s voice!
I talked about Ignazio’s tribute to Mia Martina. Now I present it because we all need that moment when Ignazio brings down the house. Oh, excuse me he does that in every solo! God bless his amazing voice!

Gianluca presents a Beatles medley. Gianluca is becoming very comfortable in this new direction! His fondness for 50’s, 60’s and 70’s music seems to be his niche as he is moving forward!

Orietta Berti is a pop and folk singer whose popularity began is the 1960’s. She is revered in the entertainment industry as is evident when she steps on the stage and Ignazio bows and praises her.  In 2021 Fedez, Achille Lauro and Orietta Berti published a hit song  Mille. In a duet with Ignazio Orietta sings Quando L’amore Diventa Poesia.

I can think of no better way to end these concerts than with an icon in the music industry. The guys were honored to sing with Orietta.
So how do I end this story? I’m finished but it is not over. Two new collaborations came out of these concerts. The guys will sing in concert with Pooh and it seems they are anxious to have Aida Garifullina back in concert. Aida wrote in her story today, “Thank you! There is more to come.”  I’m sure with the success of these two concerts there will be more concerts like these in the future!
And where did we leave the guys? With their new Classical, Soul and Pop sounds we will follow them to the ends of the earth in any direction they choose.  We always knew that they were phenomenal individuals. We knew they had heart, and we always knew they gave their all but now we know that they can Double the Pleasure of their performances with their individually and personal feelings and lead us to Double the Pleasure in every concert!
As always, I use Daniela’s translations because they are the best. Daniela has posted the first translation of the concerts and the translation of the second concert program will be posted soon.
Thank you to Alessandra for compiling the Playlist for me! After the playlist you will find the second concert program.
First concert playlist….
– Granada
– Grande Amore
– Medley of Pooh’s songs: Tanta voglia di lei, Pensiero, Chi fermerà la musica, Uomini soli
– Almeno tu nell’universo (Ignazio)
– Suspicious Minds (Gianluca)
– Viva il vino spumeggiante aria da Cavalleria Rusticana (Piero)
– Nessun dorma
– Meravigliosa creatura (Piero e Gianna Nannini)
– Surrender/O’ sole mio
– When the party’s over (Ignazio e Francesca Michielin)
– Io che non vivo
– Shallow (Gianluca e Annalisa)
– My way
-La cura (Gianluca e Irama)
– Ovunque sarai (Il Volo e Irama)
– Libiamo ne, i lieti calici da La Traviata (Piero e Aida Garifullina)
– Se telefonando
– E lucevan le stelle da Tosca (Piero)
– Se
– Hallelujia
– Voglio vivere così (Piero)
– My heart will go on (Ignazio)
– Girotondo intorno al mondo
– What a wonderful world (Gianluca)
– Piove
– Knocking on heaven’s door (Gianluca)
– Les pecheurs de perles (Piero e Gianfranco Montresor)
– My immortal (Ignazio)
– Here’s to you
Second concert playlist….
– Granada
– Il mondo
– Medley of Venditti’s songs: Alta marea (with Gianluca), Amici mai (with Ignazio), Ricordati di me (with Piero), Che fantastica storia è la vita (all together)
– Sei bellissima/E la luna bussò (Ignazio)
– Crazy little thing called love (Gianluca)
– La mia canzone al vento (Piero)
– Una ragione di più (Ignazio with Fiorella Mannoia and Danilo Rea at the piano)
– Un amore così grande
– Geordie (Gianluca with Madame)
– A chi mi dice
– Can’t help falling in love with you (Gianuca)
– Miserere (Piero with Mario Biondi)
– You make me feel like natural woman (Ignazio with Mario Biondi)
– Ancora
– L’amore si muove/Musica che resta
– Addio alla madre da Cavalleria Rusticana (Piero)
– Nel blù dipinto di blù
– E poi (Ignazio)
– Angel (Gianluca with Aida Garifullina)
– Una poesia anche per te (Ignazio)
– Quando l’amore diventa poesia (Ignazio with Orietta Berti
-No puede ser (Piero)
– Medley of Beatles’ songs: The long and winding road/Yesterday/Hey Jude
– I will always love you (Ignazio)
– Caruso
Now for your listening pleasure The Second Program of the Concert…

Join me next week as I go back Through the Fields of My Mind and open the door to a new adventure!
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