Notte Magica – Moscow! June 18, 2017

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We just learned that Spain has been cancelled.  We are very saddened by this as I heard their last 2 Ukraine concerts were cancelled as well.  Enjoy Moscow!

To paraphrase James Bond…. “To Russia, with love… from Il Volo!”  Did you know that according to some trivia, Italians refer to James Bond’s character as “kiss, kiss, bang, bang!” ?  Tonight, Il Volo did not need any guns to keep a captive audience; their mere presence alone was enough to stun and hypnotize their fans.  From beginning to end, they kept you on the edge of your seat with one amazing feat of song after another.  They dazzled with death-defying high notes, to spine-tingling low notes, and arias!  Always amazing; always getting their man (or woman), to experience new heights, never before seen or heard.  Giving us chills and thrills as only they can do!  Their voices lifting you to the highest mountain-tops, to the depths of the deepest oceans.  From Crocus City Hall, here is,

Il Volo!

(with a little help from the voice of God!)  🙂

with a little bonus, they speak in English!

(how many hands does it take to carry all the flowers?)

Link to the entire concert, thank you Daniela for finding this!  Thank you author, Olga Anacheeko (sorry, not sure of last name…)  for posting!  🙂


Many lucky fans ran into them in the streets from Red Square to the many pictures taken in front of St. Basil’s Cathedral below…

igna fansall st basilsbarbara st basilsgian red sqpiero michelewith the fans

And some pictures from the concert…. thank you to Lisa Joy and those persons that she shared the posts from for all pictures above and below!

trio moscowignadolls of themgrazie moscowThank you, Moscow!

The happy meet and greeters!




VERONA Concert, May 19/20, 2017 ~ Personal Review by Patrizia Ciava

arena di verona - leonora



On the 19th and 20th  of May, the pop-lyric trio Il Volo held two concerts, both sold out, at the Verona Arena, as part of their world tour “Notte Magica: Tribute to the Three Tenors”.

The Verona Arena, a temple of opera for excellence, offered an ideal setting for Il Volo’s concert “Notte Magica: Tribute to the Three Tenors”, an event where the magnificence of the location, the charm of the music and the extraordinary voices of the three performers blended in a perfect combination, stirring enthrallment and marvel.

Since afternoon, it seemed that every element wanted to help create an ideal atmosphere, starting with the abundant rainfall during the day, which abruptly ceased, against every forecast, shortly before the concert began, giving a starry mantle to the public who had traveled from all over Italy and the world to acclaim the three young artists.

Anyone walking around without knowing which show was going to be on stage, might have thought it was an international gathering. Groups of people of different ages and nationalities talked to each other in a jumble of English, Italian, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, and even Japanese

What was above all so striking was the diversity of the audience; entire families with young children and elderly parents, young and not so young couples, adults in evening dresses and festive teenagers showing off t-shirts and bandanas with “Il Volo” written on them.

The newly arrived looked around eagerly, searching a familiar face met at a previous concert or on social network; some American fans proudly showed bunches of concert tickets, stating that they had followed their idols, first in the United States, and now in Italy.

Looking at the mixed multitude who crowded the Arena stalls area and terraces, whose only unifying element is the common passion for Il Volo, it is only natural to wonder what these artists have that is so special. How many singers are able to move fans from one continent to another? Nowadays, virtually no-one. 

The orchestra goes first on stage and intones the notes of Verdi’s “The Power of Destiny”, almost as if to emphasize the mysterious power of fate that has brought three teenagers with prodigious vocal talent to meet in the same television program, with the same unusual passion for classical music, overturning their lives, those of their families and the thousands of people who would otherwise never have met each other or be there in that moment.

Finally in they come, Gianluca, Piero and Ignazio, welcomed by the roar of the crowd. To see them on that stage, so young, fresh and relaxed, it seems impossible that they are the stars of that magical evening. The feeling that pervades those who attend their live concert for the first time is to finally understand the mystery of those voices that have bewitched millions of people around the world.

Gianluca sings “Nessun Dorma” and it’s as if a spell is cast on the Arena. His deep, warm, velvety voice seems to creep into the folds of the soul, wrapping each of those present in a poignant embrace. The giant screen projects his intense, almost painful expression; Prince Calaf seems to have emerged from Puccini’s opera to seduce the beautiful Turandot. Ignazio takes over, whose vigorous and clear tones are reminiscent of the flow of a rushing river, evoking the figure of the bold knight who wins the princess thanks to his boldness and his passion. Then it’s Piero’s turn and the millennial stones of the Arena seem to flinch and vibrate under the power and intensity of his voice; you can imagine the princess Turandot who surrenders to the strength and security that emanates.. . Three different interpretations of the same aria, up to the climactic moment in which the three voices join in sublime harmony, each remaining distinct yet, at the same time merging with each other to create a perfect chemistry The audience who had listened in sacred silence erupts into a loud and heartfelt choral ovation, the first of a long series.

For more than two hours, the songs continue uninterrupted, with three voices, duets, solos, with no faltering in the performances of the three young artists, simply impeccable in interpretations, tones, and vocals. The expressions of the spectators denote a bewildered admiration mixed with disbelief, as if they were really watching a magical show and couldn’t find a rational explanation for what they were witnessing. The question that seems to float in the air is: “is this really possible”?

Gianluca’s voice reveals surprising qualities, possessing a sweet and caressing tone but at the same time, profound and sensual, that can suddenly explode with unexpected strength reaching tenor notes without ever losing its sweetness. His passionate performances leave the audience almost overwhelmed, unable to contain the intense emotion he is able to arouse and, when in the finale of “Aranjuez” he maintains the last note and increases its volume and intensity without taking a breath,  the stunned spectators hold their breath too and then explode into an endless and liberating applause.

Ignazio has the ability to transform himself, in a fraction of a second, from a funny joker into a masterful interpreter of very demanding pieces where he and the music become one. His surprising vocal extension, its versatility, its ability to reach high-level notes while at the same time maintaining a clear and light weave of pop singer, make his performances incomparable.

When he sings, the audience seems to be caught by a temporary estrangement, as if the music and his voice fills up every corner of the mind and leaves no room for anything other than emotions.

As for Piero, his extraordinarily full-bodied and mighty voice seems to come out of his mouth as breath comes out of other common mortals’, without any apparent effort. Sometimes, watching him on the screen, he surprises you as he is following what is happening in the audience, smiling or nodding to those who he recognizes in the crowd, while continuing to sing without skipping a beat or missing a note. In his solo songs, his virtuosity reaches its highest expressiveness. His passionate interpretations of “No Puede Ser” and “E lucevan le stelle” make chills run down your spine, the screen enlarging the sparkle of emotion shining in his eyes and reflecting in those of the spectators in an ideal bond, and when his mighty and boisterous “E muoio disperato!” (I die in desperation) resounds in the Arena, it seems that even the walls are aggrieved  with emotion and sadness.

The concert ends with the triumphant final of a “Grande Amore” sung with the audience and the Arena lights up with thousands of lights that seem to compete with the stars in heaven. Finally, the audience moves reluctantly to the exit, while the echoes of the concert still seem to linger in the air, as if wanting to hold on, a little longer, to the charm of that night where the ineffable beauty of a timeless music combined with that of three extraordinary voices have been able to recreate the magic once again.

Translation by Susan J. Ambrosini and published on All About Il Volo on June 10, 2017.





Notte Magica, June 15/16, 2017, Dusseldorf and Hamburg, Germany


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Sprechen sie Deutsch?

Team Il Volo had a few days of “relax time” and then were off to thrill the people in Dusseldorf and Hamburg, Germany  this past week.  Do you remember back in 2009 when they were asked what the most difficult language was to learn?   Yes, it was German.  All three of them agreed and attempted to say a few German words.  But, that was then and this is now…world class singers with style and grace…at ease with knowing bits of language from all over the entire world!    

Getting ready for the concert.  Piero with Master Diego Basso.


Yep, tie looks straight!



I am sorry some of these videos are a little blurry, but the music is sublime!




This next video is about 10 minutes long, but worth watching it to the end.  It’s so cute, they ask the audience if anyone speaks Italian, then English, then German…then they say that Piero will speak Italian, Gianluca will speak English and Ignazio will speak German to them!  The audience loves it when Ignazio speaks his German!



Ignazio hamming it up in Hamburg!

Don’t know where they were when this photo was taken, but I just had to end the post with this heavenly vision in BLUE!


And now it’s on to Moscow!!


Credit to all owners of videos and photos.





Notte Magica! – Naples – June 8, 2017

nottemagica headerNaples…the city Gianluca so lovingly always refers to before they sing O Sole Mio!  Beautiful Napoli…..  This Naples concert was the last official concert of the Notte Magica tour for Italy.  Next, they brave new cities and countries, like Bulgaria, Ukraine, and Poland!  They will be back in Italy again in July to make special appearances at various summer festivals and events.  It is never a dull moment for the guys…

As always, credit to all owners of pictures and videos….

To start out, here is a little something that Daniela sent my way…. What, did someone mention My Way???  “And now…. the end is near….and so I face the final curtain….”  No, just a temporary intermission for Italy!  🙂

Last night our boys sang under the stars of this incredible city: NAPLES.


Naples is an Italian city of 970 214 inhabitants, the capital of the Campania region, the center of one of the most densely populated metropolitan areas of the European Union. It rises almost at the center of the homonymous gulf, dominated by the Vesuvius volcano

The “theater” of the concert is: Arena Flegrea, the great outdoor theater in Naples, was designed in 1938 by the young architect Giulio De Luca.

naples arena

Constructed in semicircle, in the example of Greek theaters and amphitheatres, white travertine is set and conceived with great clarity and monumentality: grandeur of spaces, width of curves, rhythms and proportions of volumes and surfaces. The exterior solution is very intonate both in the atmosphere and in the traditional pictorial taste of the region and the landscape frames the complex with great harmony. The best technical equipment for a perfect stage and acoustic performance, a grand 1000 square meter stage, 16 individual dressers and a total capacity of 400 people behind the scenes, make it the ideal venue for music and outdoor performances for artists and great recall tournaments. The Arena Flegrea and the Verona Arena are among the most beautiful in Europe. With a capacity of 6,000 seats, it is the second arena concerts in Italy and one of the largest modern arenas in Europe.

Thank you, Daniela!  🙂

First let’s take a look at the happy meet and greeters!


And a little of everything here, thanks to Pamela.  Watch for Igna’s conducting debut and lesson!


This looks like nearly the whole concert, done in 30+ single videos!

A few pictures….

piero mich igna


19105902_1286305884800950_8792742388336384563_nThe orchestra, saying a fond farewell to the guys….


And now, it’s off to Germany!  Auf wiedersehen!  Hallo Düsseldorf and Hamburg!


Notte Magica – Taormina! June 1, 3-4, 2017

nottemagica headerOnce again, I sit before a blank page, wondering what will appear from my fingertips?  Three more beautiful concerts, gone in a flash.  They made the ancient stage come alive once more.  Sicily – home to Piero and Ignazio.  A special feeling for them.  As in the picture below, they say they sang their first concert in Italy from that stage.  It was there that Italy first heard, live, the beautiful words of “Memory” sung by Ignazio, Gian’s “Can’t Help Falling in Love,” and Piero’s “No Puede Ser.”  In those moments, Italy finally knew what they had been missing; what the Americans already knew!  They are greeted by friends and family wherever they go, but home is always a special place.  As you watch the many videos and pictures that came through, there was no doubt that Piero and Ignazio were having a grande time.  Even Ginaluca joined in the fun on occasion!  I was fortunate to hear a little bit of the June 1 & 3 concert live, thanks to Ivolomusic on Instagram, however, they did not seem to do it for the last concert – but I was home, ready and waiting!  I heard Piero’s solo and Tonight from Ignazio and a few others.  Glorious as always.  The same, yet different.  The stage and the lighting there was beautiful, as only Taormina and the Teatro Antica can be.  So, here we are with some clips and pictures of some of those glorious nights.  I apologize, I might not know which night is which, but the video usually indicates it.  Credit to all owners.

This picture below from Il Volo music – they say “our first concert was on this stage!”Image may contain: 3 people, people smiling, crowd

Image may contain: 4 people, concert, night and indoor

Image may contain: 3 people, people smiling, people sitting

Picture above…. saying goodbye to Taormina… (wonder if Igna had been having some bad hair days? He seems to be wearing this Madrid cap in many photos!)

Look at the beauty and lights of that backdrop below!

taormina stage

Ok, don’t know how they do it, but it looks like this is a good portion of most of the concert!  June 1, 2017   Enjoy!


And this, the guys having a little fun in the streets! Note Maria Grazia filming with her phone… 🙂  Dani/Daniela, or if anyone can translate what they are singing or saying, that would be fun!  It seems like it’s impromptu?


One more thing to add that I thought was pretty cool, if you missed it.  This is from Il Volo Music’s FaceBook page. I think you can actually hear the orchestra flub a bit!  If you keep watching the videos, there are some really great ones! (Watch for Piero in his dressing room in the 2nd one… 😉 ) Hope the link works!

Yes, 3 more down and still many more to come!  The guys do get a bit of a break, but are then off to Malta on June 8!


Just a little side note….don’t know how many have noticed, but our Il Volo Flight Crew Instagram account has been deactivated.  I hear this has been going around, as well as some getting their virtual hands slapped by FaceBook.  Please be cautious out there on what you post.  I don’t know how they are making these decisions, but I know a few of our crew members have been affected by it.

Also a special shout-out to Jane & Daniela for keeping this site at a cruising altitude…. 🙂



Verona Concert, May 19, 2017~by Valeria Bosch, Daniela’s friend



“Dedicated to all the friends I promised a comment on the first Verona concert.”  Valeria

Shakespeare said that there is no world beyond the walls of Verona (“there is no world without Verona walls”, Romeo and Juliet, Act III, scene III) and although for me, Veronese of ancient generation has always been this way, never was true like today  May 19, 2017: in fact it is concentrated here, in Verona, indeed in its ancient Arena, the world that tonight I want is mine, the world I want to enjoy, that I want to savor and centinine! For more than two years I have been following and loving the music of three young people who, by absurdity, can say I am almost familiar with my own children because they daily inform me about their travels, their concerts every day listening to their songs , I rejoice in their success, get angry and, if necessary, fight if they are unjustly attacked and offended. For the first time tonight I will see them alive, but I keep my emotions closed within me, in fact only for affiliate love is accompanying my son, he is not their admirer, indeed belongs to the category of those who mock them without knowing them . We arrive at nine o’clock, I just have time to notice some ladies who are frantic and think, smiling, that surely they are Facebook friends who have finally met in flesh and bones!

The only person I recognize is the Torpedine manager who stays alongside the stairs to the stage side nervously. And here’s the lights on the stage, the orchestra, the director and then … they, here, strangely cool, are like I’ve seen them a million times on Youtube, TV, DVD, being just a few feet away Away does not send me any particular emotion. Appearance. And they open their mouth: it is Puccini’s “NESSUN DORMA”, and suddenly everything changes, it’s kind of a miracle. Angels from the sky have come down to sing, in this cold evening in Verona, their voices, as superb as they can be recorded, are all another story, the volume of voice and harmony that invests you and crushes you improbable!

First, Gian’s voice, warm and sinuous, envelops you and gulps you in soft velvet shawls, you almost want to be able to distract you more and more, it’s just perfect in tones, in passages, in harmonic turns; then Ignatius enters that voice at the same time fierce and vigorous, but also moved and passionate, who takes you by the hand and carries you to flowering meadows, crystal clear waters and blue skies, a voice that passes so passionately in some passages be able to unleash the emotions from the deepest, the most hidden desires, an ancestral emotion you would ever have thought to be able to try. Finally he closes the circle, Piero. Dear Piero, I have to apologize to you, I send the ash head and I regret it all the times that in my comments I wrote that your voice, while being beautiful and powerful, could not exercise on me or the seduction of Gian’s voice, not the passion of Ignatius’s voice.

When you started your part, I was literally annihilated, a voice so full, with such a harmonious power, a stamp so beautifully deep as I did not expect it: your voice was reeling from the Arena filled with centuries and I with the fantasy I saw the gladiators stop fighting and lions sit down to listen! Then I turned my gaze to my son and did not believe in my eyes. He was stunned, astonished, looking at me as if to say, “but how is it possible?” And I realized that the walls had fallen, that IL VOLO had won another battle! The audience toll is overwhelming, applause and ovations will continue without counting them until the end, in the Arena the “Magic Night” becomes even more magical, in few other places in the world the show is dual, one takes place on the stage, the other on the poles: the glimpse of the full moon to the unbelievable is of those that are not forgotten and the two shows blend together to almost make you feel lost.

 The concert continues without a moment of failure, without the three boys having a fall of yield, a voice fogging: and so they pass all the arias we have so many times enjoyed, three voices, two , the solos. I was a little disappointed that, with respect to Florence,” Mamma” was so tender, but obviously some cut was needed to make room for those who were in the end the most moving songs of the evening: a wonderful “Caruso” of to which the boys make an interview that, I am sure, would be applauded by the same great Lucius, and the incomparable “Ave Maria, Mater Misericordiae”, which Gian, Ignazio and Piero perform so inspired to transform it into an immense choral prayer, capable of touching the heart of anyone, believing or not believing it is. Towards the end of the concert I reflected on how far the guys made the concert from Florence to today, their improvement is palpable, they emanate security, strength, mastery of text and notes: their music accomplishes the miracle of carrying you while listening to them, on a happy island, a kind of island of blessed ones where only the law of love is concerned and its expressions are beautiful and good.

Their voices are at this time the most beautiful we have in Italy and I am proud of the thought that in a few days they will shine the Italian name in the exclusive music temple that is the Royal Albert Hall in London. The concert is at its ultimate performance, and while the happy boys leave in the middle of the general jubilation to a crazy and festive ending with their “GRANDE AMORE”, I, who feel the hostility of my son now dissolved and indeed I became a little girl, I got up and tried to go under the stage, but a severe bodyguard blocked me, and then I just have to look up to Verona’s sky, that sky that tonight had to overwhelm us with thunder and lightning, and instead of the stars, because he felt obliged to adapt to the magic and the charm of a night like this. And as we leave the Arena, the echoes of the last notes go out in the air, but not in our hearts where they will be long, to preserve the magic effects of the wing music that tonight was donated to us.

Note from Daniela:

As promised I am sending you a wonderful review of my friend VALERIA BOSCH of the Verona Concert 19 May.

When I asked Valeria if I could send you the translation, she told me she knew Flight Crew well and that it was honored that I sent it to you.

Note from Jane:

I have left the translation just as it is as it adds to the beauty of the story.  Thank you Valeria, for taking us with you to your incredible night under the stars.  Once again, a huge thank you to Daniela for translating!



Notte Magica – Coming Soon to a Theatre Near you!

nottemagica headerYes, most of us have been seeing the links and promos for the Notte Magica movie, which combines the original Florence concert and part of the Los Angeles concert from this March.  They have updated the locations on their site and it includes many in the United States, as well as all over Europe and South America.

Ok, Ilvolovers!!  This is your chance to rule the night!  Find your favorite Il Volo t-shirt or scarf, and tote bag, and act like the crazy fans we are!  Get with all of your friends, and plan your party now!  I checked on a few of the shows and I think most are just one night, but tickets are fairly inexpensive, ranging from about $10 – $20, depending on venue.  For some, it’s coming up pretty quickly, like in the Detroit area, it’s in June!  Others have to wait for later in the year, like in Arizona, it’s not until December!  But click on the link below to find out when it’s coming to your neighborhood.  Unfortunately, it’s not going to be shown in all of the States, at least not at this time, but they may be adding more as time goes on.  Showtimes are roughly between 7p and 7:30p, so plenty of time to get together and have a nice dinner at a nearby restaurant.  If you work a day job, maybe you can get off a little early that day?  🙂

I’m pretty sure the Detroit Il Volo Girls will be attending the June showing, which is, June 21!  First day of summer, longest day of the year?  What better way to spend it than with the guys?!  Ok, virtually anyway!  So, calling all Detroit area fans – this is an open invitation to gather and recreate our Notte Magica from the Fox!  It will be at the Maple Theatre in Bloomfield, MI.  See you all there!


After clicking on the link, scroll down a bit to see the map, then underneath, they list all of the countries it will be shown in.


So, enjoy!  Let this be your Notte Magica, if you missed them live in concert!  If it’s not in your city, why not book a flight and visit a city you’ve never seen before!  Or take a train, or “road trip!”  Any way you get there, it will be a special time, with special friends, for an unforgettable evening.  You can bet on it!


Ciao!  Happy Sunday!