~ IL VOLO 2010-2014 ~ by Daniela

I started to follow IL VOLO from the final evening of Sanremo, so even though I later saw a lot of old videos, sometimes I like to review some again and I always find some that I have not seen.



I had never seen this video with the performance of Funiculì Funiculà.

They are guests at  “Ti Lascio una canzone” and have the name TRIO.


Also this video I have never seen  before, and hearing “Tous les visages de l’amour” always excites me!


I had already seen this video but the guys are fantastic, so young and so “great.”

Of course you all know that Piero wears the band on his head because he had just been operated on the ears.


I had heard about this appearance during the POOH concert. For those who do not know them, POOH is a band of 4 good singers who in 2017 celebrated 50 years of activity.

The singer dressed in white who introduces them (Facchinetti), says that they won an award in America and they are Italians. The video is amateur, taken by the public and you hear the voices of the audience that say “but how they became tall, but how they have changed.”  Then Ignazio gives thanks and says it is an honor to be guests in their concert because they have made the history of Italian music.


This is a prize set up to reward the best journalists who are interested in children in particular in countries where there is war. It was called  LUCCHETTA  PRIZE OUR ANGELS.

A video for every year in which I did not yet know IL VOLO.

Did you already know these videos or some are new to you too?


Credit to all owners of photos and videos.


Perhaps not all of you know that Michele Torpedine, the manager of IL VOLO has written a book, which is titled RICOMINCIO DAI TRE (I start again from the three ). In this book he talks about his career as a manager and all the artists he brought to success, their gratitude but often ingratitude, until he talks about Piero, Gianluca and Ignazio.

This book was  withdrawn from bookstores, but one of my Volo-friends had already bought it and so she photocopied it for me.

I will translate for you some passages concerning IL VOLO.


The first time I saw them I was at home sitting on the couch talking on the phone with Tony Renis.  I was watching TV, but without volume. I had tuned in on the program by Antonella Clerici in which young performers sang: TI LASCIO UNA CANZONE, broadcast by the Ariston of Sanremo. I only looked, and imagined.

I did not need to listen.

Then these three boys of fourteen or fifteen appear. I see them, I still do not hear the voice, but already they reminded me of the three tenors: Ignazio as huge as Pavarotti, Gianluca a little like Josè Carreras, Piero more difficult to associate with Palcido Domingo, but you could try.


The growing curiosity pushes me to turn up the volume. And here I realize another element, even more important than the first: the three, casually put together to sing a song of the program, possess an incredible vocality for the age they have.

Of course they are good, those guys, I repeat to myself. And if I tried to put them together really? A trio, here’s what I could do.

The next day I am a volcano. I want to talk with everyone: producers, managers, families.

After meeting with Tony Renis I call Roberto Cenci, the artistic director and director of the program – who had the intuition to let them sing a song together – and I ask, the addresses of the three boys.


So another great story started, a new story at a time when it seemed to me there was no future for me: a breath of oxygen in my environment.

After years of disappointments, loss of confidence and lack of gratitude or denial, with Ignazio, Piero and Gianluca I rediscover the values ​​of correctness, gratitude, esteem.

They, the boys of IL VOLO, give me trust, first of all, the administration of a world tour, with important amounts to move, on which I could take what I want if I were dishonest.

Trust is theirs, but also that of the parents, to whom I have committed myself to teach everything, the mechanisms, the things that move, the relationships. All.


 Today I do not talk to three guys with incredible voices, I compare with three men of just over twenty years who have made international experiences that 99.99% of our Italian stars do not even imagine, because they have never crossed the borders of Bel Country.

These three “guys” (I continue to call them that), have very clear ideas and I have never seen them impressed in front of audiences that many would shake their wrists.

Never heard a smear of voice or a wrong attack, and if some inconvenience has risked making it happen, wisely have been able to file the problem at the origin: extraordinary, always. Their voices grow with them, mature, take on body and soul.

There is no other team or artistic team so complete.



If I had to define the story of IL VOLO with a dominant feeling, I would call it that.

Many have arrogated the merit of the success of the three boys, which is certainly the result of a great teamwork, but it is above all the result of intelligence, humility and generosity of the three families who have not only never hindered my work as manager, but were supportive in the best way: Ercole and Lenora Ginoble parents of Gianluca, Vito and Caterina Boschetto father and mother of Ignazio, and Gaetano and Eleonora Barone who gave life to Piero.


Credit to all owners of photos.

~ LIFE FROM FAN ~ by Daniela

In the newspaper, SOCIETY AND CULTURE, this amusing article written by Mariafrancesca Mary Troisi has been published.

Read it, it’s really funny.

LIFE FROM FAN: leave all hope, you who become!


Concerts, radio, signature – copies, TV show, the life of the fan is very hard.

Yeah, because the real fan (the certified DOC to be clear), is not there to comb the dolls.

Leave all hope you become (fan). And what is it? Dante’s hell? Worse, much worse!

The true fan, to begin with, has in fact qualities that you can not even imagine. First of all: patience!

Yeah, it seems easy to wait weeks, months, or even years, to get news of their “idol”?  (Term I do not like to use, but I do mine to simplify).

And when the news does not come, it’s a constant anxiety. Will the single come out? Will there be a concert? Will it go on TV? He will eat? He will sleep? (And other vital functions that I leave out).


When then,  finally have the news (hallelujah hallelujah), immediately takes over the other dowry of the fan DOC, ie the “fast race” to get the news in pole position, and put it immediately on its FB status with lots of little hearts to beautify all, doing envy to those who know the news a few hours later. The amateurs in short.

Finally the life of the DOC fan starts to make sense. The idol is coming back.

The true fan DOC then, is almost always also written to the fc (Fan club) of the artist who follows, and for the fc of an artist, often there are events reserved only for members, such as the meeting, where the songs are presented preview. And even if the meet happened on the moon, the real fan will buy his spaceship and … greetings to all! Nobody stops him!


Then follow the signature – copies (for those who do) or interviews on the radio, to promote the new album.

You must know, in fact, that at these events you have the opportunity to meet the artist you are following. And what do you do? Are not you going?  But let’s not joke!

And here they are there in the morning, perfumed and combed with great care (so to speak, there are those who arrive, for example on the radio, always not exactly “polished”), to challenge any weather conditions, make kilometers, and wait for hours, hoping for a selfie and / or an autograph.

During these hours they start throwing malicious glances at those around you, because, especially for radio interviews, the more people there are, the less chance you have of getting to your favorite artist. And they think, “Did that person even come here?”… mentally hoping that she will get an attack of … dysentery, and leave the camp.

Oh this is a war, you do not look at anyone!


But if all goes well, and you can embrace your idol for a few minutes, and in the lucky cases, when there are very few people to chat, the hours that have passed under the sun or in the rain, make sense. It makes your day!


The true fan obviously knows by heart every detail of the artist, his songs (he suggests them to the singer if he were to forget), even the less famous, that even the artist remembers to have written or sung. The true fan never misses an interview with him, TV intervention.  It is not possible.

Finally the concert dates come out, and here too the DOC fan, trained to  throw himself on ticketone and … away, to get the best seats for the dates he prefers. Sometimes, however, the tickets end too quickly even for the DOC fan; then comes hope – another talent of the fan, mixed with despair – to find the “savior” who sells the ticket.


Concert time.

What does the fan do?  But obviously, he sleeps outside the stadium / building, or goes there at dawn.  AT LEAST.  The first row should be conquered with the nails and teeth (then do not say that it is almost not a job that of the fan). Rain, heat, cold, wind. He does not move from there. The front row must be defended at the cost of living.

So you will think … then there is no solidarity between fans?

Of course there is. When there are no signature – copies, radios, concerts, TV … in short, when the artist “hibernates”, they are all friends.

For the true fan the friend is the one who holds you the place in the hurdle next to him: who finds a friend in hurdle, finds a treasure.

But you … what do you know !?


Tell us about the crazy things you did for the guys from IL VOLO.

I begin, I have NEVER been to a concert, NEVER been to a signature-copy, I have NEVER had any friendships on the other side of the world, and who do not speak my language ……. all this before IL VOLO!! 


Credit to all owners of photos.

Piero Celebrates Dr. Francesco

Hey, Everyone!

Aside from our absolute amazement at their talent and adoration for their remarkable personalities and open hearts, I think the thing we most love about Il Volo is their devotion to family and friends and their lives before they become the international stars that they are.  Truly, being Il Volo is simply a part of very full lives, and they don’t forget that.

We also love that they share their families and their families’ lives and anything that they feel is important with us through social media, inviting us to grieve, celebrate and contemplate with them.  It’s an enormous privilege that many artists don’t allow, and is another reason that Il Volo is so special.

This week, The Barones celebrated Francesco and he completed his post graduate degree (Masters equivalent) and became Dr. Francesco Barone, and we join Piero and Il Voloers around the world in congratulating Francesco on this accomplishment!











Throwback Thursday! Notte Magica – Fox Detroit MI – Mar 16, 2017



Ok, I thought we might all enjoy a little throwback to the Detroit concert last year, just about a year ago…  Some fond memories of the guys and good friends.  I miss them so, as I’m sure we all do right now.  Impatiently awaiting their new album!  Enjoy!

(I have to say, I just reread this myself and was pleasantly surprised, or maybe not, that I had actually forgotten some of this.  It’s so amazing we have these archives for us to remember these magical moments!)detroit fox 2017


This year, we didn’t have to wait quite as long as last time. November 29th could not come quick enough though, as soon as we knew when the pre-sale tickets were going on sale. We were all waiting with fingers and credit cards ready at 10:00am EST to get our hands on the best seats we could. Ten AM hit and we were off. Our fingers flying like a tornado, tearing through all the codes, and commands, and “I’m not a robot” games! Then it was sticker shock for Detroit! $450 each! Ok, you only live once and it was front row. So, trying not to think about the price, we took a quick breath of recovery, and painfully punched in our credit card numbers! There, it was done. Our tax returns were coming soon, right?

Ok, fast forward – after many months of careful planning, the Detroit Il Volo Girls, were joined by a few out-of-towners for a fantastically planned evening. Most of us met at my place in Dearborn and were whisked off by our contracted driver in a Ford Transit to the original “Antonio’s” called Roman Village in South Dearborn. We had 3:30p reservations, as we did not know what kind of traffic we’d run into. We had a lovely meal and left about 5:30p. Due to the construction on I-75, there was a lot of traffic going south, so we just stayed on the side roads and got there in plenty of time; arriving approximately 5:45p. Thankfully, the box office was open, so we got our tickets from will call. We still had to wait a little bit for them to open the doors. I was anxiously waiting for the arrival of Marie and Leelee. As I was looking out the door, I saw them get out of the taxi! It was so good to see them – I had their front row tickets waiting for them. As soon as they got in the door, they were letting us in the lobby. We went through security, then quickly bought our souvenir t-shirt and little furry bag. Awaiting us in our VIP bag were the Il Volo wintergreen mints, another long, fuzzy, black bag with Il Volo on it, and a deck of cards with their picture on the box, and of course, our signed VIP badge for the night.

We were escorted to our seats. I sat on the end in the front row, with a direct view of where Gianluca would be standing. They were only about 5 feet or so from the stage. Our seats were so close, we could touch the stage. We mingled with the others and met up with old friends; making some new friends along the way. It was so great to see so many people you knew and remembered and who remembered you! Before you knew it, it was 7:30p and time to begin. They started pretty much on time.

The lights went down on the theatre, and they went up on the stage, a deep blue light created a reminiscent backdrop of the evening sky in Florence. The smoke machine started to create a subtle breeze in the air. A quiet hush fell over the audience as the orchestra members strolled out onto the stage. The crowd clapped politely. Then the maestro, Joseph Modica, came out; again, the crowed clapped. The lights changed from red, to blue, to purple, to teal, and back again, all night. Very similar to the Florence concert, actually. Joseph raised his hands and the first notes of the violins could be heard resounding over the crowd. That song, that most of us had only heard on the CD or TV, was now playing live, right in front of us. The sing-songy violins spoke and the cellos and bass answered back to them. Soon, it was over. The audience cheered and clapped, knowing that what they were really waiting for was about to appear before our eyes. Seconds later, the notte magica truly began. The guys, dressed elegantly in their velveteen jackets, strolled out onto the stage, amidst what would be the first of many standing ovations that night.

Ah, it began…. Gianluca with his first note of Nessun Dorman…..his velvet voice caressing our ears and his gorgeous eyes, penetrating our very souls. After their first song, everyone in the first 5 rows stood up and gave them glorious cheers, whoops, and applause! Then came Granada. Ignazio stood with a devilish grin on his face, with his hands tightly clasped behind his back, just waiting, as Piero held that now famous long note. The crowd cheered, and then Ignazio began his part.

Soon, it was time for their solos. Ignazio was first with Una Furtiva Lacrima…. To see him sing that with such passion, power, and anguish, was truly an incredible experience. He has such a soft voice when you talk to him. You would never believe something soigna1 powerful could escape those lips. Standing ovations from all! More whoops, and cheers! Especially from the first 2 rows!

Then came La Danza, with Gianluca. Again, flawlessly executed. How he gets all those notes in there is pure magic, that is for sure! Another standing “O!” Then it was Piero with No Puede Ser, I believe. I have to say, that is one my favorites by him. Piero does seem to always be the crowd favorite with thunderous applause and cheers. Still, Ignazio is my favorite!

I was fearful that the concert would be a little on the stiff and boring side, but I was pleasantly surprised, as the guys were joking and laughing in between each song, and fooling around as much as they dared; standing in relatively one spot all night. They did take a few breaks and let the orchestra play. What was also nice was that they would come out to center stage to take a few bows after their songs, so everyone was able to see them. Of course, those of us on the left or right side of the stage, could still not see them well to get any good pictures. However, I was able to get some good shots from my vantage point, although many were close to just profile views.

I loved their one little joke about Piero and Ignazio calling their siblings, or in Ignazio’s pierocase, his dog; the others’ names! Piero admitted to sometimes calling his brother and sister Igna or Gian. But then he said it was worse that Igna called his dog, Franz, by THEIR names – Piero, or Gian. Ignazio said, with his cute accent, “it happens….” And I can see how it can, for I called my own cat by my other cat’s name! Comes out Kam-ari (for Kamina and Mari). Lol!

When it came to O Sole Mio, Gianluca did a little intro saying that many artists recorded this song and the different versions. He mentioned liking the Elvis version and Ignazio says ELvis!” in his deep voice, and does a little hip movement. (of course being polite here, but it was pretty slight…) Yep, can’t get away from that one!

As mentioned in previous reviews, they did Grande Amore and the awesome new Ave Maria, which Gianluca says was written for them and they want to sing to the Pope one day. It was hauntingly beautiful and amazing to hear them sing it in person, since that was not part of the Florence concert.

Our group and the first several rows stood and clapped after every song. All too soon, the notte magica quickly came to an end. In their reprise of Nessun Dorma, the whole theatre was on its feet, with cheers and more thunderous applause! They did not take a break, and it ended just about 9:30pm.



Yes, one part of the magical night was over, but we were still anticipating the real finale of the evening where we could touch these angelic creatures with these heavenly voices! Unlike last year, things moved pretty quickly. It was a little confusing at first, but they directed us to the elevator to the 2nd floor. Good, much better than last year. We ended up on the 2nd floor, near the mezzanine area, I believe. It was a nice area and much bigger and better than last year. It was very pretty and a nice open area, overlooking the downstairs lobby. When we got up there, we saw where the guys would be. Shortly, the OMGVIP guy came out and gave us the usual “lecture” but he was very nice and told us how things were going to go. They were very organized and had tables so we could set our belongings on them. Everything was pretty orderly. We waited maybe a little over half an hour. Shortly after 10p or so, out came the guys through the velvet curtains. Before it began, there were like two groups – one to the side and one to the front of where the guys would be. The OMGVIP guy actually said – just come on up here and you guys decide who wants to go next! Wow, that was cool! No pushing, no shoving, etc. There were also nice chairs scattered around the perimeter if you wanted to sit down. Like a total 360 from last year’s cattle call! So, by the time the guys came out, everyone was relaxed. Barbara and Alessandra came out first and we were able to chat with them if we wanted to. Leonora came out also, but then hid back in the wings – I guess she didn’t want to join us that night. Gaetano was on the sidelines as well. It really is nice they all have a family member present. I guess Ignazio figured all he needed was Alessandra on this trip. Vito and Caterina stayed home this tour.

Some of you knew I made these scarves for the mothers, Nina, and Barbara. Marie graciously took Caterina’s and Eleonora’s, along with the one for Nina, to them when she visited Sicily. But I still had Leonora’s and Barbara’s left. So, I was able to give the remaining scarves to Barbara and she said she would give the other to Leonora. scarvesWhen I gave the package to Barbara, she saw the crystal wing and her eyes got real big!  I gave her the black one.  So, I think she liked it, even though she didn’t open it right away. I really should have had her open it, but I didn’t. I also gave each of them a card that had a picture from my Italy trip that I had made on Shutterfly, with a note inside. I did see Barbara open the card and could tell she was reading the note. But, the deed was finally done and they were out of my hands. I got back in line and awaited my turn.

Soon, I was next. I had it all planned out. I was going to say each of their names and give them all a big hug, and I had practiced in my head what I was going to say to each one of them! So, here is how it went….

They were in their “almost” usual spots… Gianluca was on the left, Piero in the middle and Ignazio on the right. I went up to Gian and said “Gianluca!” and gave him a big hug. I told him I was in Montepagano last summer and it was beautiful. Next was “Piero!” I told him “sempre perfetto!” Got a smile out of him. “Ignazio!” I hugged him and whispered again that he was always my favorite. I got his “aww….” again in his sweetest little voice. I also handed him the package of M&Ms we had left over from celebrating his birthday last year and told him we celebrated all of their birthdays. Then, again, it was all too soon that I felt that familiar tap on the shoulder to turn around and take the picture. I quickly felt a lot of movement beside me and realized Gian was pushing his way in between me and Piero. Odd?

Wait….no, YES, it really DID happen that way this time!!! I guess the 6th time is the charm? I was not nervous at all, it was like they were old friends I had not seen in at least 7 months or so? Lol! I met each of them with open arms and hugs.

Then it was time to go home. I think, for the first time, I was actually very pleased and happy with myself on how things turned out. I also said “ciao” to Alessandra and said to her, “I’m sure everyone tells you, you are the luckiest girl in the world.” And she said, “yes…” She is a beautiful girl, even with her glasses on!

Next is Chicago!


Again, I can’t stress enough how much we want to hear your comments and reviews from the concerts!  Please send your quotes and comments to:  flightcrew.nottemagica2017@gmail.com

Grazie Mille!


~ CHICCA ~ by Daniela

The group “Torino Aspetta il Volo e poi” shared a nice post that published a beautiful question:


In the various answers, one has attracted me a lot, this one.

L’AMORE SI MUOVE has changed my daughter’s life, and consequently, also mine.  With this piece she won the gold medal at the Italian Fisdir Rhythmic Gymnastics Championships.

 She is a girl with Down Syndrome.


In 2017, however, in Rimini, a bronze medal with PER TE CI SARO’.

So her mother has attached the video of the bronze medal.


Here she is:

I found some news on this girl. Her name is Francesca Giovelli (for friends, Chicca).  She is from Salerno and is a fan of IL VOLO, especially Piero.

Here she is in her gymnastic dress.


Watch the video of happiness when, at Christmas, she received the book as a gift: IL VOLO UN’AVVENUTA STRAORDINARIA.

Really moving, and now here she is with the pass for the concert.


…… and with her beloved Piero !!!


Here is a beautiful image of the guys taken from her Facebook page.


Really good Chicca!  We wish her much happiness and we send her much love!

And you, what is the song that changed your life?


Credit to all owners of videos and photos.