As you all have already read IL VOLO has had different commitments …… but where will they find their strength?? I will summarize in order.

Last week they flew to Kazakhstan for a private engagement of which we know nothing, the only clue a picture with the singer Vlad Sytnik.

Then they returned to Italy for another private event in Milan, the presentation of the new Patek Phillipe watch collection.




So the guys rush to Rome.

Rome 01

They are ready for a performance at the Palalottomatica in Rome, for the private event Dream Night, organized by Jeunesse for its members.
















This next video, in my opinion, represents a great point of pride.

This event was a surprise for Jeunesse affiliates, who are not explicitly fans of IL VOLO. It was also an international gathering, so people came from various parts of the world.

At the end of the exhibition there was a standing ovation, absolutely spontaneous, surely people have recognized the guys’ great talent and professionalism.

As always our boys have gone out of their way, running from one place to the other for their commitments.

As always, despite the times are always tight, they were excellent.

Congratulations to PIERO, IGNAZIO and GIANLUCA !!!

Happy 24th Birthday, Ignazio!



Wishing you a BEAUTIFUL DAY filled with all the things that bring you JOY. Gina from  Texas

Buon compleanno Ignazio! May life bring you joy and serenity.                  🎂🎂🎂🍾🍾🎉🎉
Leslie Kinn

Happy 24th Birthday to our wonderful, talented, funny and kind Ignazio!

You make me smile when you laugh and smile. It’s contagious!

Have fun celebrating with family and friends!


Patrizia from Missouri

Buon compleanno  auguri igna

Compleanno famiglia   louise

It is hard for me to believe that almost nine years have gone by since I first heard the magic voices of Il Volo.  You, Ignazio, were amazing.  You obviously were singing with pure joy and your eyes sparkled.  I was hooked!  Don’t ever lose that joy in singing!  A Very Happy Birthday and many, many more years of joyous singing!  With love from Minnesota, USA – Allene Shipman
Allene Shipman

Hi Igna from California.  I am sending you my wishes for a very happy birthday.  You have brought such joy into our lives with your voice and great personality, and I wish for you to have as much  joy and happiness as you have given all your fans.  Blessings on you on your special day.

Sue and Graham Hemshal

I celebrate you, dear Ignazio,
for all that makes you “You” ~
your magical, impressive, versatile voice
your humor and fun
your sincerity and forthrightness
your dedication to your beliefs
your courage and joy in BeingYou
and more than I can know!
I am grateful to you, dear Ignazio,
for the Love that emanates from
   your heart, your voice, your life!
for the Joy that fills my heart
   in listening and singing with you!
for the Play that makes me laugh
   in watching your antics.
for the miraculous surprises
   I have experienced with you and IL VOLO ~
March 2012 when my mom healed
   in part thanks to your music played daily.
October 2nd, 2012, when you invited me to Meet & Greet.
   (Was I ever more surprised & delighted?!)
March 2017 when you offered back
   praying hands from the stage.
Every Day when I sing and dance and twirl
   in nature to the music of you & IL VOLO!
Namasté & great love from Jeanine @jrd1776

Birthday wishes Ignazio!! You are so talented, so very handsome and your infectious personality draws fans to you from all around the world! Love your interactions with your Il Volo brothers while on stage. I can’t wait for another American tour to be drawn into that special magic you have with your audience! Buon Compleano & Tanti  Auguri🎂🎂❤️❤️Annette Naples, Fl.

Ignazio, wishing you a wonderful day and an amazing life …… Happy Birthday! From Ineke in South Africa.

To the irrepressible Igna, full of passion and energy with a voice that touches the soul. You have a gift of connecting with people that is truly rare. Continue to use it and your splendid soaring voice in that positive, loving way you have. Thanks for sharing yourself with us.  ~~ Ann

Ignazio – Have a very Happy 24th Birthday and many, many more. May God bless you and your family and keep you safe and healthy.
Alice in Florida

Caro Ignazio,

Auguri di buon compleanno. Ti auguro il meglio del mondo e tanta salute.  Successo continuo con Il Volo.

Molti saluti, 

Buon compleanno Ignazio!!!
Hope you have a fabulous birthday with your family and friends.  We miss you and hope to see you soon. 
Love the Rosas Family ( Angelica, Ines, and Miguel)
Las Vegas, NV

Sandy Wilkinson

A toast to you Ignazio on your birthday!!

Thanks for the joy you give us by sharing your
exceptional talents and your lively sense of
humor.  Hope you never change.
Enjoy your day with friends and loved ones.
Luv Ya,
Julie Bernache

Caro Ignazio,
E’ così che ti immagino, uno spirito libero,
ma anche un ragazzo molto professionale, che nell’impegno lavorativo, dona tutto se stesso, con serietà,
che spesso ride e scherza, ma che ha un grande cuore.
Auguri, “Spirito libero”!!
con affetto: Daniela
Dear Ignazio,
That’s how I imagine you, a free spirit,
but also a very professional boy, who in his work commitment, gives everything to himself, with seriousness,
who often laughs and jokes, but who has a big heart.
Best wishes, “free spirit” !!
with love: Daniela.


Hey, Ignazio,
I want to wish you a really great birthday ! ! !  With family or with friends or both I hope it is meaningful for you.  You are always easy to talk to either in person or by phone.
Looking forward to seeing you here in Vegas again.
Myron  from  Il Volo Fan Faire   in Las Vegas

Happy Birthday May you have many many more from Denver Colorado (Frances P)


Happy Birthday! Ignazio, it is the perfect time to celebrate your special day with you. You are a very special young man. You are so talented and have a beautiful heart of gold. You are everything a woman wants in a man. I pray you find the right woman to share your life with that is worthy of you. Enjoy your day and I cannot wait to see you in concert someday in the USA. Best wishes and Felicidades! Love you and The Flight. 🎉🍾🎂💋💋 ~~ Linda Halbert

Happy Birthday my handsome Ignazio. You’ve brought so much joy into my life. I hope you have a beautiful day.
❤❤❤❤❤💋💋💋💋💋 ~~ Kitty Gatlin

You’ve captivated my heart from LA Showcase although I knew of you before. I have wondered if your magical heart has grown, I’ve chosen to seek you once more, what I’ve found has mesmerized me. I’m held captive and stagnated in another world of your magic. Your passion for your music has kept me in amazement of your soul. I loved everything of you from afar, I wish you one of the best birthdays you’ve had so far. I may not be around for the next one as I move forward with my life. I’m so blessed I’ve finally found you, Your magical power has engulfed my life I will carry it with me forevermore. May all your dreams come true on this special birthday. I wish you stay as Magical and never ever change. ~~ MB

A very Happy Birthday Ignazio with many happy returns I love when you sing feelings because you sing it with such intensity  ~~ Betty Allan

Happy Birthday Ignazio.  Have a wonderful day  ~~ Camille Greco

Ignazio Ignazio…. Le Vita e Bella because of the joy and Grande Amore you bring to your audiences.. You have truly given all of your fans and audiences all ove IL Mondo….Somebody to Love. Ciao Ciao Bambino❤♥💕🎵🎶💋.  ~~ rmlamonte


Dear Ignazio,
Warmest wishes for a lovely birthday filled with much love and happiness!  Thank you for all the beautiful music and joy you give. Looking forward to hopefully seeing you on tour in 2019!
God bless you always.
Margaret Ladolcetta

Wishing you a wonderful birthday!
Love your voice!
Love your smile!
Love your personality!
Can’t wait to see you all again!
Penina Honig

Dear Ignazio many good wishes to you on your Birthday. God has blessed you with your great tenor voice, a wonderful sense of humor. I admire your caring for people in need. Your goodness shows in your voice. You can go from the amazing beautiful Neapolitan songbook to Opera, and then to Broadway. The awesome harmonies you have  with your brothers is extraordinary. I would love to hear you sing Andrew Lloyd Webber “The Music of the Night” from Phantom of the Opera. You have the voice and looks to be the best Phantom ever.
Again a very Happy Birthday! Buon Compleanno!         Vince Padovano, Brooklyn, NY.

Dearest Ignazio,
Happy Birthday wishes to such an extraordinary, accomplished and gifted man.  I am very proud of all you do and your generosity to others!  I found a perfect birthday gift for you.  I bought a small book of contemporary love poems, that I made me think of you. I could envision your ability to convert poetry to musical lyrics.  So I am enclosing the poem, as a small gift.  Consider it as a small gift from a granny to a favorite grandson.
Those rare times
you are near enough
for me to watch the gleam
of sun on the hairs
of your wrist,
smell the tang
of your skin,
you are always
busy with other
do not wish to
notice me
sitting silent
behind you.
The kisses I
have never had
burn my lips,
and I build
senseless daydreams.
Scorched wings
do not fly well
even away.
The poet is Amy Jo Schooner
Happy, fun-day birthday,
Sandi E.    Ohio, USA

My message to Igna:  Ignazio you are my renaissance man,  every thing you do, you do with passion and a maturity beyond your years.
I wish you a long and happy future.  Even though you probably don’t know your impact in my life, I thank you for being a part of it, you  are a treasure to me.
Happy Birthday to you, Buon Compleanno.
  ~~ yiayiadawg

My dear precious Ignazio I cannot pass up the chance again to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the handsomest & best singer I have ever met. You are my heartthrob who is patiently hoping & praying you could make it back to Canada so I could see you in person & give you a special hug. I love you as much as I do my grandson. Please protect your precious voice & keep yourself safe along with your partners. I’m sure I’m not the only one who is praying for safe traveling for you boys. Please see if you can squeeze in a concert back to Canada then I will be on top of the world. Love & prayers are constantly sent your way. I will never forget how you came off the stage in Toronto to see if I got home safely the previous day. You are a very special young man to me who is constantly in my thoughts & listening to your music. Loretta Foley

Happy 24th Birthday Ignazio I wish you the happiest of birthdays – may you have a special day filled with love family and dear friends. You are the sun the moon and the stars – You are the universe. From the moment I heard your beautiful voice, saw your beautiful and handsome face and found out what a special and caring heart you have, I was hooked. Your amazing and beautiful voice lifts me way up whenever I hear you. Listening to your voice starts my day! Ignazio You Light Up My Life each and every day. I hope you will be able to see all the warm birthday wishes your IlVolover fans send to you today. I want you to know your joy is infectious, your sense of humor is endearing and I can hardly wait for your 2019 tour with with your brothers to arrive. May God always keep you safe and in the palm of His hand.
Love always
Margaret D. Mirailh

Happy Birthday Ignazio. Wishing you many more wonderful and exciting celebrations. You are the sunshine of my life.   Connie Gagliardi

Happy Birthday many more mine is a day after you libras are good people love you many happy returns!  Maureen Parucca

Sandy Wilkinson

DON FORGET IGNA NIET – Louise van Hemert

Happy Birthday Ignazio
Have a wonderful day.  –  Camille Greco

Happy Birthday May you have many many more from Denver Colorado.  – Frances Pastore

Our Dearest Igna…
There is a phrase, “be still my heart” and a song sung by Keely Smith… “be my love, for no one else can end this yearning…”  That is what you do to us, Ignazio…. With each breath you take to sing your lovely notes, our hearts stop beating and our lungs stop breathing, you give us our life’s breath and heartbeat, with each note you let linger on your lips.  You breathe into us life and love beyond what any soul can possibly bare, and we drink in each drop of song that you share with us.  Each note, each word, each soft breath and each long note you hold, you instill pure love and energy that nothing and no one can match.  The love for your fans and the joy you share with us is so honest and true, we are humbled by your humbleness – in that, you are truly the epitome of a rare beauty, only known to you.  If there were to be a new rose, it should be named Ignazio, for no other can compare to your beautiful soul.  It would be of pure white with just a tinge of pink and orange on the edges.  The purity of your soul and the warmth of your heart.  We look forward to celebrating your birthday again this year on Oct 6.  God truly blesses you, as well as He blesses us, for allowing us to experience all that is you.  Many birthday wishes and blessings, to infinity, and back again!
You are, and will forever be, my beniamino!  🙂
Jana VandeLaare and the Detroit Il Volo Gals!  (Virginia, Sharon, Lorna, Donna, Magdalena, Betty, Barb D, Barb T, Jeannette, Chris, Emilia)

ILVOLOVERS all over the world are joining hands to wish you a very HAPPY “24th” BIRTHDAY DEAR IGNAZIO !! You are a very special young man with a magnificent voice, kind heart,beautiful smile and vivacious spirit !! Always and Forever “ Dream, Dance, Smile and Sing Loudly !! Have a GREAT day full of Grande Amore !! WE LOVE YOU !! 💕🎂💕🎂💕 Love &Hugs, Joan Brenin (The Granny Groupies !! )

Buon Compleanno, Ignazio! I hope you have the most extra special birthday. Thank you for the gift of your sweet, kind and loving heart in all our lives. Your smile makes our days brighter and your happy, carefree personality reminds us of how important it is to fully embrace all the beautiful moments life gives us. Your voice is a blessing from above. Keep being the special person that you are and follow your heart always in all you do. We love you, Igna…auguri!!! Christina Q 💛


SI ME FALTA TU MIRADA by Valeria Bosch

My friend Valeria Bosch wrote a beautiful parallel between the song de IL VOLO, “Si Me Falta Tu Mirada” and the poem of the famous Italian poet Eugenio Montale (Nobel Prize 1975) “LA CASA DEI DOGANIERI”, I translate it for you.


As many Ilvolovers are doing in this period, waiting for IL VOLO to give us a new prodigious production for the celebrations of the tenth anniversary next year, I am also looking for their past interpretations  and just yesterday I was reminded of the poem “La casa dei doganieri” by Eugenio Montale. While reading the poem perhaps for the first time with real attention, the text of “Si me falta tu mirada”, the beautiful song, one of my favorites, of which there is also a video clip turned between the ancient walls of the Arena of Verona, my city. Of this song there are both the Spanish and Italian versions, and the authors are two composers and lyricists, Marco Marinangeli and Claudia Brant, well known in the musical world; the first even in 1996 had a nomination for a Grammy.


The theme of the song is the emptiness that is created in a person still in love when it is left: the house suddenly becomes deserted, the coffee takes on a bitter taste, the rain falls and more than a rain, it seems a cry, of the sky. The abandoned lover feels that he no longer has tomorrow, he thought he was on his way to happiness, but as soon as they missed him, the look and the smile of his beloved, the world collapsed on him and now he can no longer  tighten nothing, there is nothing left in that hand that previously contained the whole world.

Likewise, Montale’s poem speaks of an abandoned house, since the woman, loved by the poet, beautiful and vivacious, has gone away. The poet has only been left holding the thread of memory that she has instead let fall. Love vanished and the poet can no longer overcome his loneliness.


As is easy to understand, the common elements in the two texts are many: in addition to the underlying theme (abandonment in love and the pain of the person left), they are represented by the house, which becomes a symbol of abandonment, from the objective elements that express all the suffering and the disorientation of those who remain alone (in the text of the song, the coffee that tastes bitter, and the rain that has become crying), from the smile of the woman who in both cases represents the vivid and tormenting memory of herself that she has left, the inability to find the “passage”: “my heart has stopped, I have no more tomorrow if I miss your look”.


Of course, far from the intent of comparing the lyrics of a song with the immortal verses of the poet of the pain of life: I just wanted to highlight a similar inspiration and a similar approach to a theme that affects us all closely, much to close.

~ Valeria Bosch ~



This house, now a foreigner
now nothing is as it was
and only the memory remains in place
and it happens every evening
your absence poisons me
like a drop it digs the rock.
and you broke in half
every day of happiness,
of us.
Leave it on pause,
the beat,
of my tired heart
of waiting for you in vain
but do not pass a moment
that your look is missing
in every street every city, everywhere
I go
oooh oohh oohh
in a hurry of a moment,
we did not have the time
to catch us,
to look like you,
and I do not know where I was wrong
if in the end it was enough for us to just turn around,
for, do not find ourselves again
and you broke in half every day of happiness
I leave on pause the beat
of my heart tired of waiting you in vain
but do not pass a moment
that your look is missing
in every street every city, wherever I go.


Valeria was really good at making this beautiful parallel.

I do not know how many of you know the Italian poet E. Montale, but I believe that the depth of the reflections made by Valeria has intrigued and interested you.


Credit to owners of all photos and video.

Piero’s 25th Birthday! June 24, 2018

Ok folks, so it’s a little late, but I promised to have it before Ignazio’s birthday!!  🙂

The Detroit gals celebrated Piero’s birthday a day early this year, but it was a beautiful afternoon and evening.  The rain was a small threat the whole day and we got a few sprinkles, but nothing could ruin the festivities for us!

Betty flew in all the way from New Orleans and Jeannette joined us from the west coast of Michigan!  Also, Magdalena joined us from Toledo.  It was certainly a multi-state party!  We always seem to get the best turnout for Piero’s party – probably due to the weather!

As always there was lots of good food, singing, and even a few presents, compliments of Chris.  We got a lovely plate and placemat with a picture of the 3 of them on it.  🙂 

Believe it or not, we ran out of some snacks and wine, so Gin and I went to the party store for a refill!

Enjoy our collage picture below….  up next – Ignazio!  🙂

And cheers to Piero for finding a lovely girl!

piero birthday


It’s Time Again… Another Birthday…

hi, I corrected the email address,  but you can continue to post on this posting…

Ignazio’s Birthday Is Coming!!


You know what to do, right?


Send your birthday message to us at:


Deadline: 10/2


In your message, include a song suggestion for the video that will go with the birthday post.  If you idea is chosen,  your name will be included in the credits at the close of the video.

Thank you for participating!

~~ Kelly



MAS QUE AMOR by Daniela

Today I had nothing to do, so I spent a little time on you tube and, of course, typing IL VOLO immediately appeared several videos of songs but I was immediately attracted by this.

MAS 01

I’m sure you all know very well this song and this video, but it’s really wonderful to review this song.

It was published in 2013, 5 years ago.

Our boys were really very young and were blossoming into the beautiful men we know today.


The video is beautiful, the scenes are shot in Bologna.

Very beautiful scene of the painter who paints under the curious eyes of boys of different ethnic groups, and the final message of the painting is very nice, a message of LOVE.

Our boys are very sweet and the song originally sung in Spanish is simply delicious.

MAS 02

The English version of this song was also made and the title is WE ARE LOVE, very beautiful, but my favorite is still the Spanish version.

I know I’m a romantic woman, and maybe I’m partisan too, but this song always steals my heart. If I compare it with other songs of today for both lyrics, musicality and performance, I cannot but be proud of our boys who have sung such a love song, at their young age, with great skill and passion.

MAS 03

While I was duplicating the video for you, I took a look at the last comments and, to my amazement, I saw that the last comment was two minutes before I duplicated it.

This means that the interest for this song is still very much alive, after five years!

The beautiful things always remain in the heart, because basically, WE ARE LOVE !!


MAS 04

Credit to IL VOLO Mundial Oficial for photos and videos.



It all started in July, while IL VOLO was in Taormina for the Notte Magica 2018 concert.

Salvo La Rosa, is a great friend and admirer of the boys, who has always supported and presented them, on various occasions in Sicily.

GDS 01

“In July, in front of a granita (al Bambar) I invited Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca to the GDS SHOW on September 15th in Taormina.

With generosity, IL VOLO, will participate in this magical evening.

The proceeds will be donated to charity.”

GDS 02

Then, even our friend Dave Monaco, (remember, the first singer taken under the new label of Torpedine and IL VOLO), lets us know that he will be present at the evening, with this message:

“Good morning friends, I am glad to tell you that I will be taking part in the GDS Show! It will be a great honor to share the stage with many artists and my friends of Il Volo, thank you very much to Salvo La Rosa for the invitation!

The entire proceeds of the evening will be donated to charity associations, so in addition to enjoying a great show, your participation will be a work of good.

I wait for you!”

GDS 03

The boys have returned to Taormina (I think with great pleasure). Here they are during the rehearsals of the show, together with the presenter of the evening, Salvo La Rosa.

Missing Piero, ultimately skipped the rehearsals, the scoundrel!

GDS 04

Piero has arrived!!

GDS 05

Here we are at the evening, the show started, in the splendid setting of the Greek Theater.

GDS 06

Thanks to our Deborah Georgini Beaupre, we have some very beautiful photos and videos.

Good thing that Deborah was able, at the last moment to find a ticket for the show.

The guys sang three songs: they started with L’AMORE SI MUOVE.

During the presentation, Salvo la Rosa, says that when the boys were in Taormina in July, he joined them and asked them if they would participate in the show and they immediately said yes!

Immediately after, they sang the splendid CARUSO.

In the interview after the songs, Salvo la Rosa asks the boys if they have a particular memory to tell. In fact, he himself, remembers when there was the first Italian concert, after the great success they had abroad and their first Italian concert was held here in Taormina.

Piero says it was frustrating for them, to be so successful abroad and not to sing in their country.

Salvo La Rosa remembers having hosted in one of his programs the guys from IL VOLO who said “We want to sing at home”.

Ignazio intervenes to point out joking, that they sing at home in the shower, but they wanted to sing in Italy.

Salvo goes on to say that Taormina has brought them luck.

Gianluca continues by saying that Taormina is now a fixed stop.

Piero adds that there are many friends, that Gianluca is Sicilian by adoption, that Ignazio taught Gianluca to speak Sicilian.

Gianluca pronounces two or three words in Sicilian and everyone laughs.

Salvo asks them for what they are preparing. Piero answers that they are working on a new album, because next year will be 10 years of their career.

Salvo says they were children, but success has been steady and growing.

Gianluca says that there is still a lot that they have to show and that they will be ready to surprise the public and their fans who have been following them for many years.

Salvo says that every time they post a photo of the guys or a video of them on social media it’s a success. He says that in an evening where love is celebrated, you stay and sing your GRANDE AMORE.

The beautiful GRANDE AMORE begins and as usual the audience sings with them.

This show has been recorded and will be streamed on September 27th at 9:30 pm Italian time at this link: www.gds.it, so those of you want to see, connect.

 Some photos from Deborah:

GDS 07

GDS 08

GDS 09

But the most beautiful pictures Deborah made them in the afternoon, naturally in front of the Bambar.

GDS 10

GDS 11

Two out of three, Deborah, I think you can be satisfied, you also attended the show, we say you were in the right place at the right time. I’m very happy for you!!!

What a thrill, and then, as usual, Taormina offers a magnificent scenery, and the guys feel they are “at home”, so many people were there for them, and the guys, as usual, did not betray their fans’ expectations.

Thank you guys!!


Credit to owners of photos and also credit to Deborah for her photos and videos.

Come in and share the love of life, friends and Il Volo!

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Come in and share the love of life, friends and Il Volo!


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