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For Flashback Friday this week, I have a little game…

We know Il Volo has the best and most supportive fans in the world…and that many of them have extensive photo collections of their own.

Now let’s see if they have the most observant.  😉

Look at the  pictures below (most have been cropped).  Do you know where they are from?  Post your guesses in the comments below.  The answers will be posted next Friday.

Good Luck!

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# 2

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Extra Credit (in addition to naming where the photo is from):         Who are the people pictured with Il Volo?


I saw this article, and the title immediately attracted me and I read it.

I found it very interesting, and in some respects, this article confirms what we knew.

I will summarize the content because the article is very long and I will post photos of Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca to make it less boring. 🙂

Music Superpowers 01

Music is always with us. Since mum hummed the lullaby, there is no sad or happy moment of life that passes in silence.

There is music for every moment of life, a party is not a party without background music and adolescence would not be the same without an accompanying soundtrack, to the point that just hearing a song of that time causes us to relive the emotions.

Two neuroscientists have discovered that for our brains MUSIC IS EVEN MORE IMPORTANT THAN LANGUAGE: words came later.

Music Superpowers 02

Listening to a melody is not just pleasant. According to science, the notes enhance memory and make us more creative, but also healthier. It can lower blood pressure and heart rate, and reduce the rate of cholesterol in the blood.

Music is a kind of brain restorative.

Even in the office we collaborate more if there is music in the background.

A live concert could solve even the problems of social integration in complicated contexts, given that Arabs and Americans after listening to music together show greater understanding of each other.

Music Superpowers 03

Sharing music improves relationships. If you strive to find hits that appeals to the whole family communication will improve.

And it can become a therapy: the notes enhance the effects of medicines to lower the pressure with a reduction in heart rate and cholesterol in the blood also adds to the benefits.

Listening to music before, during and after an operation removes the anxiety that precedes surgery and reduces postoperative pain.

Analgesic and anti-anxiety effects have also been observed in cancer patients, who are less tired thanks to music during chemo and radiotherapy; while in those who have suffered a stroke, music accelerates recovery and improves mood and quality of life.

It could even be used as an anti-rejection drug.

Music Superpowers 04

Every musical genre has a different effect on the brain.

HEAVY METAL, this music is good for the angry, because it is a way to channel negative emotions.

JAZZ, is perfect for synchronizing brain and heart and relaxation.

RAP and HIP-HOP, is useful for those who are depressed.

POP, ideal for improving physical performance and feeling less tired.

CLASSIC, is the most effective in giving positive effects to the whole organism.

Music Superpowers 05

Here is the original article of which I made a summary.

Best5 Article – click here

What to say, I think we are more than happy to read that if we listen to the beautiful songs of our boys several times a day, they make a balsamic and also a healing effect on our body and mind.

Therefore we must not feel guilty if during our days we want to take a little of this sweet restorative medicine.

I would also say that the combination of POP-CLASSIC is perfect for us.

So, what are you waiting for ….. just put a CD of IL VOLO and enjoy your life, and if you want to sharpen your sight, a nice video of Gianluca, Ignazio and Piero is good for your eyes and is good for your heart !!


Music Superpowers 06

All photos are taken from Mollysianna. Thank you!

Something is Happening by Daniela

The guys have just returned to Bologna after the holidays with their families, that they are posted some photos that send all the fans into raptures.

Here are the pictures, posted by the official website of IL VOLO.

Something 01

Something 02

O MY GOD, the guys are in the recording room!

What are starting to affect the new record for the decennial (10 year anniversary)??

It would be really beautiful!!!

But the most beautiful picture is undoubtedly this.

Something 03

My friend Valeria, who you already know very well, made a long comment about this photo, which I’m now going to translate.

I stayed a few minutes to admire this photo. All the photos of the boys, both together and individually, are beautiful, it’s indisputable, but there are some photos that through the image, are particularly eloquent, communicate a meaning so meaningful that lead us to stop and reflect. In this photo, there is not IL VOLO, but Il Volomusic, there are not only the three guys with the wonderful voice, beautiful, lively and funny that we are used to seeing on the stages of the whole world, but there is “team”, the formidable team that has produced dozens of masterpieces for us, masterpieces that we all have in our ears, in our minds, our hearts.

A photo that lends itself to different levels of reading, there is the plan of the “group”, the three guys sitting next to each other, forming a circle of work, to which many other people participate, but which is true and productive at the highest level only when they are three, to study, to agree songs, rhythms, assonances, virtuosity!

Then there is the plan of friendship, a strong friendship, which goes beyond everything and everyone, the three of them who speak, listen and understand each other, strong in a life together, strong in suffering, in toil, of sorrows, but also of joys and triumphs together!

Finally there is the plan of simplicity and naturalness, three boys dressed in some way, smiling at each other, and in this way they smile to life and to the future.

Come on guys, we are thousands who expect great things from you, this image in your place of work makes us foretaste a new season of great music, “your” music, which as always will enlarge our hearts!


Something 04

What to say, Valeria expresses so well the things we all feel.

I only know that when I saw this beautiful picture, I was invaded by a really great emotion, the guys are in the recording room, something is happening …….. and see them, so, as neighbors, FRIENDS . . . it fills my heart with so many beautiful and positive things.

Come on guys, let us be amazed, we are waiting for you and we will support you in your projects.


Credit to owners of photos.
Last image is from Mollysianna.


Perhaps it seems to you that IL VOLO in this period is resting ……… not at all !!

These guys are tireless, they spin like spins. They have participated in different events, but let’s recap well together.

That Energy 01

Tuesday 26 June, RAI1 broadcast the recording of the third evening of the WIND MUSIC AWARDS, is a recorded event, but there are new interviews.

Here they are:

The boys are asked about new projects, but they do not say anything new, they just say that there are many projects and then they talk about their next five concerts.

And here is their recorded performance.

But we, live,  left IL VOLO at the Milano concert, after which, Piero returned to Sicily because, as you have all read, he started school exams to get the diploma. Poor Piero, managed to do the two written exams, and then flew to Sorrento, where he found Ignazio, arrived together with Torpedine, arrived from Bologna, and Gianluca, arrived with Ercole from Montepagano.

They participated in the PREMIO AGNES event, and finally Wednesday in RAI1 broadcast the video of the evening.

There it is.

The video brings together the two performances of the boys, who opened the evening with the beautiful CARUSO, sung impeccably, a pity that they made the shorter version of the beautiful song.

Then the boys concluded the event singing GRANDE AMORE, but first they received from the mayor of Sorrento, a wonderful recognition.

This is a sculpture in terracotta depicting the door of Sorrento, with three singers below, practically the three boys of IL VOLO. Really very nice this award, the boys are very happy, this award was not absolutely expected so it was a pleasant surprise.

That Energy 02

That Energy 03

Immediately after the PREMIO AGNES, Piero had to return immediately to Sicily to finish the school exams and the other two returned to Montepagano and Bologna.

The same evening that the PREMIO AGNES was broadcast in RAI1 (Wednesday),

Gianluca with Torpedine and Bartoletti, was engaged in Fano, at PASSAGGI FESTIVAL, an event dedicated to publishing, where he was presented the book of Torpedine and the new book by Bartoletti. The presence of Gianluca has attracted many people in the square of Fano.

That Energy 04

That Energy 05

That Energy 06

That Energy 07

And so we arrived on Thursday, and a message arrives on the various pages fans …….. IL VOLO will be present at LA VITA IN DIRETTA, a live program on RAI1.

And here they are, Torpedine in the studio and connected by Firenze Gianluca and Ignazio, so the guys are in Firenze, but Piero is not there.

Nice interview conducted by Barbara di Palma.

(I had the opportunity to talk with Barbara from Palma in Milan and she told me that she really loves the guys and if someone speaks badly of them she pulls out her nails to defend them, Daniela.)

The boys and Barbara joke about the lack of Piero, then Ignazio says that Piero remained in Sicily because he got the diploma, everyone is happy for the result and compliments Piero. Ignazio jokingly says, that now Piero, with his diploma, can look for a job!!

That Energy 08

Both Gianluca and Ignazio, remember that they were lucky to have an impresario like Torpedine, whom they value and to whom they love very much.

They also say that there will be many surprises for next year but they never reveal anything more.

The presenters try to find out from the boys some of the surprises for next year and Barbara says that maybe they can not reveal anything, so the cunning presenters say that Torpedine has asserted that they can unveil something. Ignazio answers and immediately says, “I do not think Torpedine has consented” and everyone laughs because Ignazio did not let himself be trapped by the presenters.

That Energy 09

Gianluca says that IL VOLO is the representative of the BEL CANTO, but that the times change and they are young, so they will try to keep up with the times to please young people too, so they want to renew themselves and have their repertoire.

Ignazio says that they do not want to distort what they are, they want to keep what is IL VOLO, in short, stay in the pop-lyric, in the wake of GRANDE AMORE.

Gianluca and Ignazio, end the interview by announcing that they are in Florence to participate in a football game for charity Cure2Children Foundation.

The blue won, 5 to 4. Three goals scored to Gianluca and one Ignazio.

But these guys are good at everything!

That Energy 10

Damn, but these guys never stop! But how many energies do they have?

Guys, try to rest because next year, for the tenth anniversary, we want to see wonderful things and you will need lots of energy !!


Credit to owners of all photos and videos.

Fantastic Gianluca by Daniela

Only in these days has it become known of this beautiful action made by our lovely Gianluca.

On June 4, Gianluca went to a summer camp for the disabled and sang for them, here is the beautiful video that takes the scene.

How much enthusiasm they have just seen Gianluca on stage and he has certainly not denied selfies and photographs.

Rotary 01

Rotary 02

Rotary 03

Rotary 04

Rotary 05

Also beautiful article on the event posted in the newspaper of Abruzzo, IL CENTRO, which I translate.

Ginoble sings for three hundred disabled people, big party for the invited singer on a campus of Rotary Abruzzo-Marche.

“It was a great emotion for me to see the smiles of those guys, an unforgettable afternoon”, said Gianluca Ginoble, singer of the “Il Volo” trio, who spoke on Monday afternoon at the Lido d’Abruzzo village at the invitation of the Rotary International Abruzzo-Molise. Gianluca was moved when he heard over 300 disabled people present in the room, singing “Grande Amore”, the song with which Gianluca, together with Ignazio and Piero, won the 2015 edition of the Sanremo Festival.

Rotary 06

“I accepted the invitation willingly,” says Ginoble, “because meeting people with disabilities, for me, is always a personal enrichment.”

The enthusiasm of disabled boys and girls was difficult to contain and, after the song and the greeting of Gianluca Ginoble, everyone wanted a photo with him, and then Gianluca wanted to take a selfie with the whole crowd. “When I saw Gianluca I got excited,” says Fabio, a disabled person in the village, “and I sang out loud ‘Grande amore’, one of my favorite songs. I saw a few tears fall from Gianluca’s eyes.”

Here the original article:

Il Centro Article – click here

Rotary 07

Rotary 08

Rotary 09

As usual, these guys make us remain speechless for the simplicity and love they have for the weakest.

Congratulations Gianluca, your goodness always amazes us.

All of this happened a month ago and only now do we know it, this means that you do not like to highlight your actions, confirming your great humility and disavowing what some say about you.

Your heart flies very high, sweet Gianluca. 


Credit to owners of all photos and video.


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Piedmont, Italy!

For all of the Americans out there, here and abroad, we wish you a safe and happy 4th of July!

Two years ago today, Lorna and I,  with many others, celebrated the 4th at the Verona concert!  What fabulous fireworks it was!  🙂  Seems like forever ago now!


I was perusing through my email and happened upon the little Italian digital news paper of L’italo – Americano.  It is a great little newspaper with a wealth of interesting Italian tidbits.  I clicked on a link and it took me to their Facebook page.  As I was scrolling along, I happened upon this posting.  It nearly took my breath away with its beauty and music.  I nice little repast…. it takes you from sunrise, to sunset!


From Wikipedia:  Piedmont (/ˈpdmɒnt/ PEED-mont; Italian: Piemonte, pronounced [pjeˈmonte]; Piedmontese, Occitan and Arpitan: Piemont; French: Piémont) is a region in northwest Italy, one of the 20 regions of the country.[3] It borders the Liguria region to the south, the Lombardy and Emilia-Romagna regions to the east and the Aosta Valley region to the northwest; it also borders France to the west and Switzerland to the northeast. It has an area of 25,402 square kilometres (9,808 sq mi) and a population of 4 377 941 as of 30 November 2017. The capital of Piedmont is Turin.

After you click on the video, you may need to adjust your screen so it goes to full screen.  When I clicked on it, it goes to almost a zoom mode.  Also, just click on the screen to make it start…. it’s a little over 3 minutes.



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