After Thanksgiving, Prayer of Thanksgiving!

We are now all stuffed and scared to get on the scales!¬† Just one more month of indulgence and we can get back to our diets…. ūüôā

Here is a little poem I wrote….

We are truly thankful for our boys

For they give us countless joys

Some say they are angels from above

All we know is that they are love!

Sunrise to sunset, sun-up to sundown

We listen all day, all over town

To their voices that lift us to the skies

They keep us waiting for their next surprise!

Just hearing their names, we swell with pride

From town to town, we follow them world-wide.

To know their sweet tones, dimples, and smiles

Hoping they’ll fall for our womanly wiles.

Hope everyone had a grand turkey day

And all spent it, the Il Volo way!

Yes, Lord, we are truly thankful for our guys!

And know they’ll inspire us to lose a size!


Happy Black Friday/Weekend to all and be safe shopping!



‚̧ ‚̧ Jana ‚̧ ‚̧

Ode To Ignazio Boschetto ~ by Valeria Bosch





I am a fan of all three of Il Volo’s boys.¬† I find matchless their way to make music, their song better than the angels, outstanding the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčputting them together, giving us all a phenomenon that will mark the musical history of these years. So it’s right I love and support them all in equal measure.¬†


But, you know, the flesh is weak and nourish a passion, a preference I think is a pardonable sin. Well, my weakness is called Ignazio.¬†¬†I love Gianluca’s singing, with his wonderful hot and caressing voice, and also Piero, with his excellent male and powerful tone. But Ignazio,¬†in my way of feeling,¬†¬†has that extra quid,¬†an added value, because he gives me, when I listen, an emotion that no other voice ever gave me. I tried to analyze, as if it were a chemical reaction, what “reagents”¬† cause me everything and here are the conclusions:

1- Ignazio’s voice is clear and crystal.¬† It is the very essence of FRESHNESS, referring to natural scenery made of clear skies, spring waters, and green blinding meadows.¬† His entrances make the lighter and brighter the musical fabric, think of “Quando l’amore diventa poesia”, “Torner√† l’amore” to the same “Grande amore.”

2 – Ignazio’s¬†voice is FEELING and EMOTION.¬†¬†¬†When he sings “Memory” or “Unchained Melody,”¬† it¬† becomes penetrating and sensual, digs you into the soul.¬† His vibrations exert a fascination on the listener that leaves the desire that his singing will never end.

3 – Ignazio’s¬†voice is PASSION.¬†¬†¬†In some songs he does not enter, but “breaks” into the musical fabric.¬† ¬†Just think of “Cinque giorni” or “Aspetter√≤,”¬†where his impetus opens up scenarios of ardor and passion as whether it would lead to paroxysmal love.

4- Ignazio’s voice has a thousand facets and shades.¬†¬†¬†We are accustomed to listening to him in modern and lyrical pop.¬†It was a great surprise that¬† last winter, during a House Party broadcast, we saw him masterfully interpret,¬†“Somebody to love,” by¬†¬†Queen, and naturally bear the impact with the rock style of Gianna Nannini in “Meravigliosa Creatura.”


5 Ignazio’s voice is MUSIC itself.¬† When Ignatio sings, he forgets everything, closes in a bubble of his own, becomes unique with the notes he is interpreting,¬†allowing him to give the text an unprecedented expression.


Below, his solo interpretation of the famous “Caruso,” performed when he was not yet 20 years old in the “Porta a Porta” broadcast, just as an example of the extraordinary nature of this unique voice.


Written by Valeria Bosch and translated by Daniela with ¬†Valeria’s permission.


Credit to all owners of video and photo.

~~What Guys, Our Guys!! ~~ by Daniela

On November 10, 2017, this article written by Bartoletti was published on Facebook.

Marino Bartoletti is a renowned Italian journalist and writer.¬† ¬†He is an extremely correct and exquisite person and ……. loves IL VOLO.

I translate for you what he has written.¬† ¬†I’m moved by reading it.


How much value do they have in the world of entertainment and communication, which I somehow represent, affection, esteem, sincerity?¬† ¬†How much value do¬† the human relationships have?¬† How much value does friendship have?¬†¬†Last night, while presenting my book at San Lazzaro di Savena, a step from Bologna, amid an audience – I seem to be able to say, interested and involved –¬† came from the back of the room two¬† guys who are famous all over the world: but really VERY famous. They¬†sat¬†with discretion: they attended, applauded. They smiled at me.

Those two guys were Ignazio Boschetto and Piero Barone, that is, “IL VOLO”, accompanied by their manager Michele Torpedine.¬† ¬†¬†Gianluca Ginoble was not present.¬† However, he sent me a very affectionate message, as he¬† was not able to attend only because he was blocked by a commitment¬† hundreds of kilometers away.¬† ¬†Until a few days ago they were on a stage.¬† They were on the “Luna Park” in Buenos Aires not at the San Lazzaro Media Center, before going to Miami, then jumping to Kiev, acclaimed by thousands of crazy fans.


Yes, I admit, the one in the middle is not Ignazio. But Piero and Gianluca are the real ones, those of IL VOLO. And I always meet them with great joy. Because beyond their talent, their spirit of sacrifice, their desire to improve themselves, the persistence with which they hold the good name of Italian music in the world (they are backed by a triumphant  tour in Central and South America and are about to launch a new album to say the least surprising), I consider them above all, and first of all  simple and wonderful guys. Why am I saying that? Because I KNOW THEM!


To those who were astonished at their entrance, they replied, “What is it?¬† We wanted to¬† surprise¬† Marino and we came to greet him.”¬†

I would like to say who writes negative about them, to those who write antipathy forbidden and meaningless, who even insult them (for evil gratuity? By ignorance? Perhaps by envy?)  If they had the opportunity to look these guys in the eyes, only once,  they  would understand so many things.

Thank you for your visit, champions. I’m sorry I can not go to Tokyo next week. But I know you will be very good on your own.

Marino Bartoletti is really a great friend of our guys, so he often defended them in various television broadcasts and defended them by the jury of Sanremo too.



Credit to all owners of photos.

~Il Volo Super-Guest to Sanremo ~ by Daniela

Today in Italy several pages have reported this news:  IL VOLO will be in Sanremo as super-guests.

Of course I can not describe the happiness  all of us feel with this news, but we will have to be very cautious because last year it was reported for certain their presence but then it was not true.

I chose the article published by ZON.IT and written by Antonella Esposito.   I will translate it for you.



Sanremo is coming closer and with it comes the first rumors about the hosts and the name of IL VOLO stands out.

Sanremo is always Sanremo.¬† Claudio Baglioni will present the festival. He is also responsible for the entire organization and choice of the songs and the list of international guests. He wants to¬† respect more than ever the historical phrase that has made it a world famous singing contest.¬†¬†Baglioni,¬† (the Roman songwriter) is making his first Sanremo beautiful as he will be conducting (he is Sanremo’s artistic director) and also for the guest series which he will propose.¬†

In short, Baglioni will do his utmost to make a beautiful figure in conducting his first Sanremo festival.

Many different names have been mentioned, from Miriam Leone to Ilaria D’Amico, by Sabrina Ferilli to the brothers Fiorello, but no confirmation so far.¬† Half¬† certainty seems to concern the boys of Il Volo instead.¬† As announced by TV Sorrisi e Canzoni, the return of Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca would be almost certain.¬† The three artists after winning the GRANDE AMORE song in 2015, would be ready to re-enter Sanremo 2018, the first time led by Baglioni and his co-conducting team still top-secret (at least until January).

The news of Il Volo in Sanremo had already been given in the previous edition and then denied. Fans of the trio representing beautiful singing in Italy and overseas, can not but stay on edge and trust in the confirmation of the announcement given by the weekly publication of music and television. However there are some details that leave us uncertain and hoping.

IL VOLO has recently been involved with recording tracks that will feature the new album released in 2018.   Also in October, there are photos that portray the three artists working on the disc, in the company of their producer, Emilio Estefan, husband of the famous Gloria.

Everything suggests that the stage of the ARISTON (the name of the theater) could be a launch pad for the single, which will open the brand new Sony Latin music CD.¬† What better place than Sanremo to present what the trio called “a pop revolution”?¬†¬†

We will  learn exactly who will be on the list of international guests  at the preview press conference, scheduled for January.  Until then, the confidentiality, chosen by Baglioni, for this 2018 edition, will have the best of any chatter and gossip.

We just have to cross our fingers …… meanwhile, below is Il Volo in Sanremo 2015.


Credit to owners of photo and videos.


This article previously published on Patrizia Ciava’s Blog and translated by Susan Ambrosini.


Gianluca, Ignazio and Piero are three normal guys in their early twenties, friendly, cheerful, funny, playful.


But when they go up on stage they become huge. They become ageless. Almost intimidating. They make you feel that kind of awe that is aroused by true talent. A talent that is made up, not only of their powerful voices, but also of their extraordinary capacity to immerse themselves in music and convey intense emotions to those who listen to them.


Usually, those who have important voices set their performances on their vocal skills and focus on virtuosity, while these three young artists use their beautiful voices as a tool to arouse empathy and emotion, as a painter uses colors, a poet words and a composer notes. This obviously entails a special sensitivity by both the performer and the listener, and you can’t try to explain rationally to those who don’t possess it what you are experiencing. Harmony and beauty in its many forms, touches deep chords of the human soul and is not always explainable in words.


Artistic talent is a divine and mysterious gift. As John Paul II wrote, in a letter to the artists:¬†“No one better than you artists, ingenious creators of beauty, can imagine something of the pathos with which God, at the dawn of creation, looked at the work of his hands. A glimmer of that feeling has shone so often in your eyes when you, like the artists of all times,¬†captivated by the hidden power of sounds and words, colors and shapes, have almost felt the echo of the mystery of creation with which God has wished in some¬†ways¬†to associate you¬†with.¬†“

Unfortunately, recognizing true talent does not stir the same reactions in everyone; in some it elicits admiration, in others envy, because it makes them realize how insignificant they are.

Real talent can be daunting.

And it can be annoying. Above all, it is annoying to a certain kind of press that would like to be the only mediator between artists and the public. They would like to exercise unlimited power, become supreme judges to determine the success or failure of an artist, if he does not fall into their limited circle of friendships and interests.

Mass orientation techniques fail when the public recognizes true talent, hence the angry and scornful rage of certain journalists. The conformism that they try to impose crumbles in the face of true talent, which is free from genres, time or fashion.

So, dear¬†boys,¬†be¬†prepared¬†to endure many¬†insults¬†and humiliations. Those who cannot fly as high as you will do anything to clip your wings. But that’s exactly what will give you the magnitude of your worth and¬†of¬†your success.




Credit to all owners of photos.


~Personally Speaking~ Tribute to Ignazio via Cappiddruzzo di Ricotta!



I am so happy to say, “We¬†did it, we did it!!”¬† ¬†Penina and I made our first ever “Cappiddruzzo” di Ricotta…a Tortello in honor of Ignazio!

Jane says…

It was not hard.¬† The recipe is very easy. (See earlier post from 11/6/17 for recipe.)¬† I used the pre-made pizza dough you can buy in the refrigerator section at your grocery store.¬† I have to add a correction to the original recipe…roll the dough out to 1/4 inch thick, NOT 2-3 cm!¬† ¬† The ricotta-chocolate chip-vanilla-cinnamon combination is delicious.¬† I think they taste best just fresh out of the oven!¬† ¬†Besides sprinkling the finished top with sifted powdered sugar, I dressed it up a little more with a drizzle of melted Nutella…all the while listening to IL VOLO serenading me in the back ground!

Tortello 4 (1)


Penina says…

I found it very easy. The dough that I had came in a big thick rectangle. I was able to pull it apart into two thinner rectangles because the dough looked layered and I just turned up a corner and started pulling. It was a lot easier to roll it out that way as it was already a lot thinner.¬†I started out doing what it said–folding it over twice.¬† Then I had a lot of filling left, so I went back and cut off the parts that were just empty dough and re-rolled them and made a couple more to use up the filling. I have plenty of ricotta left–I may try it again with the pizza dough in a few days (after we eat these up!).

If you have bought dough this is a no brainer.¬† How hard is it to stir up the ingredients? My grandkids could do it (okay, two of them couldn’t!).¬† The hardest part is rolling out the dough.



Now we are ready to sit down with a cup of Lavazza coffee, and feast on our creations!¬† The only thing missing is YOU,¬†our fellow Flight Crew members.¬† How we wish we could all sit together at the same table and share our friendship in person, while enjoying a special treat in tribute to Ignazio, (and of course we can’t forget his brothers, Piero and Gianluca!)


2017-11-10 22.08.02




Credit to owner of Ignazio photo and to Nina, for the inspiration of the Tortello!