Notte Magica – Warsaw, Poland – June 26, 2017

We were all happy to hear that Igna had gotten some rest and was back to singing again!  Lucky for us, they knew little Polish and spoke mostly in English at this concert.  I don’t think the voice of God helped them with this one though… 🙂 

Here are some short excerpts from the concert.  Thank you to Lisa Joy and those who uploaded to Instagram!






Here are some You Tube links Daniela found, thank you to owners!

Ignazio thinks something is very funny…. 🙂

This is a comment by a Polish girl

 Wspaniali utalentowani śpiewacy! To był fantastyczny koncert! Wysoki poziom muzyczny! Dobrze, że w Polsce, nie tylko we Włoszech są wielbiciele bel canto. No i udało się rozkręcić publiczność tak, że byli szczęśliwi. Dziękujemy

 Wonderful talented singers! It was a great concert! The high level of music! Well, in Poland, not only in Italy are devoted to the BEL CANTO. Well, the audience was able to please, so they were happy. thank you

This is a very nice article, written from  Thank you Judy Thurman for posting the link!  Article translated into English by Bing Translator…


It was a magical evening with Il Volo!

O’ Sole Mio, Torna a Surriento, Granada, My Way, Tonight, En Aranjuez Con Tu Amor and many other Italian and English songs wybrzmiało with full force in Warsaw Torwar. Trio Il Volo enchanted even the Polish audience, which in a special way she thanked handsome singers and for performance. It was an amazing evening, which for a long time will remain in the memory of Polish fans.


The trio came to the scene immediately after the uwerturze to “La Forza del Destino” Verdi, with a huge aplauzie the audience that at the sight of Il Volo leapt from chairs. Also revealed fans with the banner and the shouts of delight. Musicians greeted with the song “Nessun Dorma”. The next two also sang together, and these were the “Granada” and “Mattinata” and then each of the Italians presented solo. After the party Piero audience zaintonowała “Happy Birthday”, and one of the fans gave him a red rose, due to per birthday two days earlier. the 24-year-old thanked. After each song also echoed with applause and even during the singing, especially after he. It was a real hurricane of applause. Which one has the greater applause? Hard to say: each that evening earned great recognition, and the audience appreciated the trio in trójnasób. And it’s standing up! Sami singers well played and often turned to the people sitting in the front row, to teach them some of the words in English. Thanks to zaanonsowali several times: “ladies and gentlemen”, and then develop the delight!

In the first part of the concert, extremely beautifully sounded “Ave Maria Mater Misericordiae”. During the chorus the viewers sitting on the Board Torwaru raised up cards in the national colours of Italy. The trio–not emotions this gesture. -A surprise with the flag was adorable. Thank you, said Gianluca Ginoble from Il Volo. While singing hits “My Way” and “Caruso” viewers have lights in their phones. Made that the mood in the Hall did a truly magical!

Live audience react, was laughing and applauding in the second part of the performance. Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca finally sang real gems: “O Sole Mio” and “Libiamo Ne ‘ Lieti Calici”. While the “Grande Amore” sung on the bis sparked rage in the audience! Lively atmosphere even rozsadzała Torwar! It was also thanks to the musicians of the Orchestra Music Theatre in Poznań, which was conducted by Diego Basso. The audience appreciated the artistry of instrumentalists, rewarding their thunderous applause, a standing ovation.

-The most zdumiała me the reaction of the audience that in so enthusiastic way was: just like on pop or rock! You can see that artists have in Poland many admirers. I think that is what is most beautiful is that the people who came to the concert, were largely very young. Perhaps in such a way worth it to educate young people and bring them to classical music. With Il Volo and their popularity is actually going on. I am very pleased that our Orchestra musical theatre so impressively presented and in solo moments beautifully played. All together have created a wonderful climate- said right after the concert, Przemysław Kieliszewski, Director of musical theatre in Poznań.

-I am thrilled! I was on more than one concert, the boys and I believe that we presented a great, and the action with the Italian flag fared quite sensationally! I saw their faces – they couldn’t say anything, because you just have to sing-but they were very surprised. The audience was very hot and I think our singers were thrilled! not the serpent of delight Natalia Rosiak, Blogger and fan of Il Volo. At the end of the concert by the trio the audience ran to the scene, przybijała, “five” with the guys, awarded them with flowers and gifts.

-On the background of a red-white-black scenery trio Il Volo presented to truly bring! Their vocals impress the entire Torwar, a final Grande Amore literally powaliło all. It was an unforgettable evening: a magical evening with Il Volo! said Janusz Stefanski from Prestige MJM.

A few pictures, courtesy of the photographer from Prestige MJM…



trio maestro


Link to the happy meet and greeters and a few of Piero – credit to owner…



Nice job guys!!  Igna, take care of yourself, only a few more concerts to go!











Digithon – Featuring Gianluca! June 23, 2017

Gianluca was featured in this interview on Digithon!  Daniela kindly gave us her own translation summary of the interview.  Gianluca talked about their new album which will be in Spanish.  I know some are upset that it will be in Spanish, but there may also be a few songs in English as well.  We will just have to wait to find out!  But, as we all know, it does not matter what language they sing in, it’s the melodious sound of their voices and exquisite harmony that touches our soul.  Music is truly the universal language!   Whatever our amores sing, it will be grande!  🙂

Wherever they were, it must have been really hot!  The audience is fanning themselves and even poor Gianluca is sweating!  But he stays cool, like always!

Enjoy the video below and Daniela’s translation for us in English…. (thank you to AAIV for posting to YouTube)  This interview is just about 45 minutes long.

The interview for IL VOLO to Bisceglie (Bari) has just ended.

IL VOLO was represented by Gianluca Ginoble and was interviewed by Paolo Giordano, a journalist who at the time of Sanremo’s victory had criticized them very much and was now very much reckless.

Intro to the show video….. from Viva….

Here is a little more from Daniela, I believe this is what Gian is talking about in the intro  video, to the interview below…

G = Despite the many interviews I’ve made in these years, whenever there is a camera I sometimes get emotion to me, I block me, so it’s not easy for me, but to see all these people, from children to grandparents, that they appreciate IL VOLO and our music, it is beautiful.

We also arrived here in Bisceglie, so I’m really happy to be here, it looks a little like my country, I grew up in a country, in the squares, so I find myself as if I were at home.

I am downtown, south-central, so I see it very similar to my little village.

The interviewer asks: A date in Puglia asking the fans for IL VOLO, can we satisfy them?

G = I really think so, next year, this year, unfortunately we can not do this, we are heading to South America and Asia, so unfortunately we will not do it this year, but next year we will do as much as possible, 

I = a fast word on Digithon, the event that connects the digital world to all the world, a world that you run with your comrades 

G = Exactly, people should know and maybe it is a good opportunity to show the public things that maybe they were hidden and above all this theme that also concerns us artists, all very interesting

 Interview is very pleasant, at the beginning they speak of the origins and of Sanremo and of the importance of Italian music in the world.

They talk about haters who often make unpleasant comments and then they are people who if the meet on road maybe ask for the autograph.

Gianluca says that internet has given way to so many people to express themselves but also  so many “cretins.”

Gianluca says that he likes photography very much and uses a lot of instagram in particular he appreciates that when he is abroad in a moment they can see him at home.

Giordano stresses the fact that there are few Italian artists who can talk about success abroad as them.

Giordano introduces the topic of digital music (Digithon) and Gianluca says it is very much heard but it is a cellphone music that does not have much extension and construction, certainly not that of IL VOLO says Giordano.

Then he is asked to sing a piece of a song and Gianluca mentions “Falling in love” and Paolo Giordano appreciates him very much.

Gianluca talks about the next record and says it will be in Spanish and will be produced by Estefan that Giordano says is one of the two or three most famous and important producers in the world.

Giordano says he interviewed Julio Iglesias a month ago and when asked who he was listening to Italian singers he first replied to IL VOLO.

They talk to the public of various ages who love IL VOLO.

Giordano asks if Gianluca Piero and Ignazio quarrel and Gianluca responds “always but like three brothers, then we have lived unforgettable moments and shared the stage, memorable experiences, they are my companions not traveling, but flying.”

They remember when Barbra Streisand called them.

Gianluca says they will make their first concert in Japan in November.

Giordano admits that at the beginning he was not one of those who admired the Flight, but then saw that they too have changed, they evolved and in particular he realized they were good and so he changed their mind.

They talk about social criticism, and Gianluca says he is quite indifferent because there is so much jealousy and so many criticisms that are not constructive but only full of hatred.

a group gian

Photo credits to owners….

Giordano resumes the argument by saying that many journalists were wary of IL VOLO but now he is aware that this distrust is disappearing because the data of their success is visible and you can not ignore their skill.

Giordano asks Gianluca who he wants to thank and Gianluca takes the opportunity to thank the dad who has always supported and believed in him without forcing him and Mr. ERCOLE present moves.

A  girl from public asks Gianluca how he will be in 10 years and he says maybe there will be solo projects but IL VOLO will always be there.

Giordano remembers that the pastor died at Montepagano and tomorrow at the funeral Gianluca will sing for him, Gianluca is moved to tears by recalling the affection of this pastor who has always been close to him.

a - gian priest

Below is an excerpt from the interview, with some English subtitles.  Thank you to IV Performances for the YouTube upload!

In the end, it is asked Gianluca to sing a short song and he plays a bit of Anema and Core but also forgets the words. It was all improvised and unproven.

Near the end, Gian gets a bit frustrated with the interviewer, saying he is not listening….

I resumed the interview and I think I understand that is after the public girl’s question, almost at the end of the video, Gianluca is saying that Piero will be tenor because he is studying so much for this project, then while talking about Ignazio projects, he stops because he says that Giordano is not listening to him and he no longer takes up the subject, concludes by saying that there will be solo projects but IL VOLO will always be united. 


They salute and thank everyone.

Just in case we forgot how much Gian loves photography and Instagram, I thought I’d enclose a few reminders from the last few days…. 🙂  Could this possibly be the same little boy with the curls and impish grin that we remember from just a few years ago? 


Ciao, until next time….



Personally Speaking ~ Italian Correspondent Extraordinaire!!

  Some companies have CEOs…  Well, the Flight Crew is so fortunate to have an ICE…ITALIAN CORRESPONDENT EXTRAORDINAIRE!  I am speaking of our very own Daniela Perani.  She is no doubt blushing about now, but hang on Daniela, you deserve every word that is coming.

  Having had the pleasure of meeting her in person last year I can tell you she is a genuine treasure for many reasons.

 I thought it would be interesting every now and then to tell you a little bit about those of us who love the men of Il Volo just as much as you do and whose words you come here to  read everyday.  Daniela has graciously allowed me to give you a little insight into her life.  

Did you know she used to be a ballerina??  Just look at these beautiful photos of this young woman at the age of 19!20170620_075556


She carries herself with style and grace to this very day.


Daniela and her Sicilian husband, Beppe, reside in the beautiful town of Brescia.  They have two grown children and one precious granddaughter.  She also owns and runs a Bridal Store business with her daughter, Stephanie!  How special is that?  🙂

 Both she and Beppe  possess a passion for Il Volo that runs deep.  Maybe it’s the boys from Sicily that he connects with so easily, but either way he is right there next to Daniela at concerts and listens to Il Volo music cranked up real loud!  The best way! 



Daniela is always there for us to help with translations, stories, explaining the meaning of Italian ways as well as providing translators for others who have written for us.   She is never too busy when asked to do anything for us, except if it’s the middle of the night in Italy and evening here in the states. She will say she has to sleep and get back to it in the morning.  Ok Daniela, if you insist!   She even gives HUGS and KISSES to us on the site in the classic Italian way.

Thank you, Daniela, for being our very own ICE!


Happy Birthday, Piero!


“Don’t Rain On My Parade” from “Funny Girl”
Barbra Streisand
photo credits: Bing Images


Happy Birthday ~ from Irene Cohen


Here’s your Birth Flower..

On your birthday, Piero, I am reminded of an old song that so aptly describes you:

“Stay as sweet as you are,

Don’t let a thing ever change you.

Stay as sweet as you are,

Don’t let a soul rearrange you.

Night and day I pray

That you’ll always stay,

Just as sweet as you are.”

HAPPY BIRTHDAY from Mary Bohling

Happy Birthday and enjoy your day! Hugs Linda

Happy 24th birthday dear Piero. Your voice sends me to the stars. My life has been enriched by your talent and personality. See you at your next U.S. tour. Joanie Guyon in California

Happy  Birthday from your Detroit fan who told you: it is your voice that makes this singing group – DIFFERENT.        *:x lovestruck     Rosemarie Ringenbach

Dear Piero:
A Love Letter for you.
From the time I first saw you, September 4, 2011, you have been changing my life every day. Simply by growing up to be the many-talented and handsome and charming young man that you are – you continue to change my life. Every day I hear your voice, and I fall for you all over again. You give me hope for the future of music among the young people of the world. What heights you have flown to! When I hear you sing, I forget to breathe!
When I see you face to face, my brain just quits and I am unable to say anything that makes sense. So count me among the many fans who cannot tell you what you really mean to me, except from the safety of the internet. You are one of my newest three grandsons – adopted, of course, and younger than my natural granddaughter!
Piero, I send you my love and admiration, and for the parents who raised you  – gratitude for their job, well done! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
With love from Texas,

Linda P

Happy 24th birthday Piero!   Enjoy your day.


Piero, you light up my life with your glorious voice.  You have a most wonderful career ahead of you.  I am wising you a heartfelt Happy Golden Birthday!  I’ll be eagerly awaiting your next American Concert Tour.
 Love to you from Minnesota, USA ~ Allene Shipman

Dear Piero,
On your birthday, we wish you a wonderful, special day full of blissful happiness, surrounded by the people you love and doing whatever brings you great joy.
You are, without doubt, one of the best singers in the world, but your magic is much more than that. Your fun loving personality, generosity of spirit, the passion you give to the music and that magnificent smile, brings great happiness to thousands of people. You deserve that this bounces back to you and to experience enormous happiness, especially on your special day.
Buon compleanno
Sue and Graham Hemshall
Nottinghamshire UK

Happy Birthday, Piero!  I hope life is good and you have many blessings!

Rosemary Westgate

Tanti Auguri Piero! Since your last birthday, it has been another amazing year! Your “Notte Magica” concert in July in beautiful Florence with Placido Domingo was absolutely stunning! Loved that you started the concert with Nessun Dorma which I had been hoping for you, Ignazio and Gianluca to one day sing. It was everything I expected and more. The entire concert was splendid! The solos, duets and all the songs were wonderful and Ave Maria, Mater Misericordiae was spectacular as well. Can’t imagine how you found the time to train for such a difficult repertoire but appreciate how hard you all work to be the very best and that you certainly are.

I am very grateful that I was able to attend your concerts in Easton and at Radio City Music Hall and they were both wonderful! Thank you for all the beautiful music and best wishes for another extraordinary year. God bless you and all your loved ones.

Hugs to all, Margaret Ladolcetta

Happy birthday, Piero! Best wishes for you. Many successful years with Gianluca and Ignazio. All the best!

Best regards, Paula

Buon Compleanno Piero🎂🎂 May your 24th year be filled with many more successful endeavors. Grazie for sharing your time and talent with your many adoring fans. I attended the Notte Magica concert in Miami where I did my first M&G and had a grand time. I look forward to many more!! 🎼🎶🎼🎶

Tanti Auguri Annette Simonini Naples, Florida

“Sending you my wishes for a happy 24th birthday. I hope you have a special day filled with all good things – love of family, friends and fans. Your music has given so much pleasure to the world and I hope you know how special you are to all of us.
Happy Birthday, Piero!!”

Best Wishes and much love,  Janet D

Dear Piero…have an awesome birthday❤️ ~~ tcarosi1956

Have a wonderful, relaxed day, get some rest & recreation! All the best for the future, from that crazy old lady, you overwhelmed in Düsseldorf on 17A! ~~ Astrid Scheck

Your Birthday marks one of the many milestones from the day you were born. Sharing your gifts makes the world a happier place. We all need the joy you’re bringing to the world. Be well and may you have an unforgettable Birthday.
Dr. Jay and Victoria Wilson

Ciao, Piero….♥♥

This is ‘Nonna’ Harriett sending you my love and warmest Happy Birthday wishes for your 24th Birthday! *<:-P party You cannot imagine how your beautiful music helped me during my months of therapy following my back surgery last January. You lifted my spirits so much, every day, as I played your CD’s and DVD’s. I set a goal to make it to the Chicago Opera House in March to attend IL Volo’s concert. I made it!!! You all were magnificent, as always, and I stood with tears of happiness, with many others, to offer standing ovations following every song. You, Gianluca and Ignazio were so kind to me at the Meet and Greet, steadying me to stand without my walker. I am looking forward to attending another concert when you return to Chicago. God bless you, dear Piero, and may you celebrate your birthday and enjoy your well-deserved success, as you bring love around the world.
Ti amo. Nonna Harriett Eckberg

Dear Piero,

Hope you have a fantastic birthday; still young and so very full of talent.  I am still on a high cloud after seeing you in Verona, it was the best time of my life!  Love you guys.  Cannot wait to see you again!  Much love,  Il Volo fan – England  xxxxxx

Dear Piero, Wishing you a wonderful Birthday, hope one day you can return to San Antonio, Texas🤗. Love Joyce Bond

Piero, Buon compleanno from the lady in Detroit that gave you the Nail of Pavarotti. Good luck in your career and in your life. Thank you for all the joy you bring to us. 🎂 ~~ Rose Marie Paliobeis

PIERO! Happy Birthday from Minnesota! You have adoring fans here who claim to have known you since your very young days & watched you grow up from being a child prodigy to a very handsome young man with a magic voice & a magnetic personality. May you always have happiness & good cheer. Please stay just the way you are. We love all of you.


Happy Birthday, Piero!!! I know your day will be filled with fun, laughter and much love from your family, friends and fans. God bless you on your special day.

Hugs, Beverly Schreiner, NJ, USA

Dear Piero

May the coming year bring you much happiness, health and good surprises!

from Toronto with love, Penina Honig


Wishing you champagne, a cake with a sparkler candle and a chorus of –

Happy Birthday To You,
Happy Brthday To You
Happy Birthday Dear Piero
Happy Birthday To You

Lot’s of hugs, kisses and best wishes for your 24th.

Luv Ya
Julie Bernache

To Piero

I know that all the members of Flight Crew and all the people that attended the Il Volo Fan Faire convention last year in Las Vegas (many of these are one in the same) wish you a very happy birthday.

May your life continue to bring great and soulful experiences. As a voice teacher and coach I am thrilled to see that your vocal craft continues to grow and you are and will continue to be a wonderful musician and a singer with great heart.


Myron Heaton
Las Vegas

Dear Piero,
I wish you the happiest of Birthdays. You and your partners have brought so much joy to so many people around the world. You deserve so much in return – every day and especially your own special day. It is hard to believe that you are only now, closing in on the years when the voice of a tenor is supposed to peak. Yours has been amazing for all of nine years already. You are loved by so many. Lesley Newall.

Happy Birthday Piero! You are such a tremendous singer and fine gentleman. It has been a joy to watch your career soar upwards. Enjoy your special day and the year ahead!
Jane from Minnesota

Happy Day, my dear Piero! The time has certainly flown by since my first birthday wish to you. Thank you for several wonderful years of the best music in the world. I know there will be many more years of joy ahead for us all. I can’t wait to see what’s next.
Love and Best Wishes,
~Marie Crider

Buon Compleanno, Piero!  Venti quattro Anni!

Have a wonderful day with your family and friends!

It was so good to hear you sing and to meet you in Chicago. Your dedication and hard work was very evident in that heavenly music!

Hoping that all the love and kindness you have shown to all returns to you one hundred fold!

Auguri!    Patricia W. (@pitterpat0) – Missouri, USA

Happy Birthday, Piero!
I am wishing & praying for you to have your best year yet!
May this coming year bring you fulfillment, gratitude, joy, still more dreams come true, and always deeply deserved recognition!
This has been another year of spectacular accomplishments, which I know bring you joy and which create sparkling happy-dances in me and all your beloved fans!
Each tour year, my greatest joy is to travel to see you and your “brothers” in concert… the best vacation anyone could wish for!

Great love & happiness to you, Piero!   Jeanine DuBois

Piero~ My best wishes and adoration for your birthday from Arlene Butler in Morro Bay, CA

Tutti il meglio a Lei Piero!  La veda in Lucca …. JoJo


“Dear Piero,  Wishing you a wonderful 24th birthday and all the best for the year to come.
Have a great time in Mexico and South America.  Kathy and John Pritchard.”


It was wonderful to attend so many concerts in Italy and especially great to visit with you in Taormina… You made my vacation very special.. By the way, you were born on my father’s Birthday… So happy Birthday Dad and Happy Birthday to you Piero…God bless you always,

Jeannette Giglio

Happy 24th birthday!!! Hope you have a wonderful day with family and friends. 

With many wishes,
The Rosas Family
Las Vegas, NV USA

Buon compleanno Piero and with best wishes for many more to come. Have a GREAT day. Thank you for all the pleasure you give. Ciao, Marion Ferrari in Florida.

Buon Compleanno Piero !! ~~ Jean Haines

Caro Piero,
Buon Compleanno!           Tanti Auguri!
Have a wonderful 24th birthday!    Thank you, Piero for the pleasure & happiness your wondrous music has brought to me.  Notte Magica is a  magnificent Concert presenting  the beauty of your voice at it’s best! This year will bring many new adventures  with more awards & honors as The Flight continues to soar!    Amore,  Nonna Anne


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

My Dear Piero, You are a very kind, caring ,and loving young man !!  Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the beautiful memories that have filled my heart watching you grow up, listening to your magnificent, breathtaking voice at many concerts and your sweet hugs and kisses at the M&G’s !! It is one of my biggest pleasures in life following you as you continue your incredible journey fulfilling all your dreams one by one !! I hope your birthday is as special as you are !!! Have FUN !!! 🎂🎈🎂🎈🎂
HAPPY “24th”BIRTHDAY !!!!!
All My Love, Joan Brenin 💕💕

“Hugs and kisses for a wonderful 24 th birthday! May all of your birthday wishes come true!

Sandi Eyman

Dear Piero!
    Each for us has somewhere in the world some “secret love”.
    In interview you were often told that your idol is Angelina Jolie. I wish you so much personal meeting with them – Angelina comes and say to you —

Friendly Zdena from Belgium

Buon Compleanno, Piero, Happy Birthday Cento Anni. A Beautiful powerful Voice in a wonderful young man. Congratulations, God Bless you, with love from Brooklyn! Vincent


Happy Birthday Piero! Love, Manola

Hope you have a wonderful birthday ~ Camille

Happy Birthday, Piero! Hope you have a WONDERFUL one! Love ~ Maimi

Tanti auguri! ~ Ineke Poisson, South Africa

Happy Birthday to the best tenor in the world!  Roxiebell

Happy Birthday Piero thank you for all the joy you bring us . I hope your birthday is filled with everyone and everything you love ~ Margaret

Happy Birthday! ~ Margaret Mirailh

Tanti Auguri!  🙂  ~ Jan Bolin

Ciao Piero!

Much love, happiness, and tanti auguri from the Detroit Il Volo Gals.  Emilia is busy baking your cake right now, but she sends her wishes and all the sweet treats to you.  We celebrate your birthday each year and hope you have as much fun as we do!  May you continue to soar above the turbulence with your 2 trusty co-pilots – Gian and Igna!

Detroit Il Volo Gals:  Jana, Lorna, Chris, Donna, Sharon, Emilia, Barb, Ginny

Piero, from these many birthday wishes, you are well-loved, the world over!

You are love!

The Flight Crew… 🙂



Notte Magica – Moscow! June 18, 2017

nottemagica header

We just learned that Spain has been cancelled.  We are very saddened by this as I heard their last 2 Ukraine concerts were cancelled as well.  Enjoy Moscow!

To paraphrase James Bond…. “To Russia, with love… from Il Volo!”  Did you know that according to some trivia, Italians refer to James Bond’s character as “kiss, kiss, bang, bang!” ?  Tonight, Il Volo did not need any guns to keep a captive audience; their mere presence alone was enough to stun and hypnotize their fans.  From beginning to end, they kept you on the edge of your seat with one amazing feat of song after another.  They dazzled with death-defying high notes, to spine-tingling low notes, and arias!  Always amazing; always getting their man (or woman), to experience new heights, never before seen or heard.  Giving us chills and thrills as only they can do!  Their voices lifting you to the highest mountain-tops, to the depths of the deepest oceans.  From Crocus City Hall, here is,

Il Volo!

(with a little help from the voice of God!)  🙂

with a little bonus, they speak in English!

(how many hands does it take to carry all the flowers?)

Link to the entire concert, thank you Daniela for finding this!  Thank you author, Olga Anacheeko (sorry, not sure of last name…)  for posting!  🙂


Many lucky fans ran into them in the streets from Red Square to the many pictures taken in front of St. Basil’s Cathedral below…

igna fansall st basilsbarbara st basilsgian red sqpiero michelewith the fans

And some pictures from the concert…. thank you to Lisa Joy and those persons that she shared the posts from for all pictures above and below!

trio moscowignadolls of themgrazie moscowThank you, Moscow!

The happy meet and greeters!




Summer Is Here! Choose Your Brew!

Ann (Anncruise) sent in a photo of a delicious looking cup of Italian iced coffee.  I love iced coffee year round, which got me wondering about how many other types of  summer Italian coffee drinks there may be out there.  Here is but a few of the many tempting delights I found!  Thank you Ann, for the wonderful idea to research yet one more thing we love about Italians…their specialty coffee drinks!

As the temperatures begin to rise, bars all over Italy start serving iced coffee, a beloved summer tradition many Italians enjoy. How do you like yours?



Italy’s Answer to Iced Coffee


It makes sense that the Italians would invent a most exquisite coffee drink for the summer. It’s a shaken-over-ice, slightly sweetened espresso called shakerato, served in a stemmed glass, prepared in bars all over the county.

The shaking process yields a thick crema that floats on the espresso. In Italy, ice is viewed with suspicion, and you’d never be served a tall glass of coffee over lots of ice, the way iced coffee is in the U.S. Too dangerous!

(From The Atlantic.)


Coffee granita


You have surely heard of granita, the Italian dessert consisting of sugar, ice and flavorings. The original recipe comes from the town of Messina, in the region of Sicily – that’s why it is also called “granita siciliana” – and it derives from sherbet, an Arabic dessert. Today we teach you how to make a real granita siciliana al caffè (Sicilian coffee granita).

The original granita siciliana is made from three simple ingredients: coffee, sugar and ice.

Prepare 10 ounces coffee using a good Italian blend. A strong Arabica blend is the best choice. In a small pot, pour 16 ounces water, 9 ounces sugar and one vanilla bean. Cook over low heat until the sugar has completely melted and has turned into syrup. Take out the vanilla bean. In a steel pan combine coffee and syrup and stir using a wooden spoon. Let chill, then put the pan in the freezer.

Now comes the most important part. After one hour, take the pan out of the freezer and use a whisk to scrape the ice. Put the pan back in the freezer and do this every 30 minutes for three or four times. Serve the coffee granita in small glass cups and add some fresh whipped cream on top. Garnish with coffee beans or a dust of cinnamon powder.

Fun fact: granita siciliana was historically eaten along with fresh crisp bread. In today’s cafes it comes served with “brioscia”, a typical Sicilian pastry.
Enjoy your granita al caffè!


Coffee frappe


In Italian it’s called “frappè al caffè” and it’s usually consumed during an afternoon break rather than as a dessert. A coffee frappè is a milkshake made with Italian espresso, milk, sugar, ice cubes and chocolate powder. Some recipes also feature two scoops of coffee gelato


Coffee soda


This coffee drink can’t be found everywhere in Italy: it’s a recipe from the southern region of Calabria, where it’s known by the name of Brasilena. It’s a sweet, cold drink made of Italian espresso, sparkly water, sugar, caramel and lemon juice


Coffee cocktail


How about an alcoholic drink with your favorite Italian beverage, to enjoy with your friends after a nice dinner? To make a high-quality coffee cocktail you will need an Italian coffee blend, vodka, coffee liquor and some ice cubes



I do not know what Piero and Max  are drinking, but it sure looks like it could be some sort of coffee cocktail!!  Looks good what ever it is!

(Credits to Filicori Zecchinis Usa…one of the most ancient coffee roasters in Italy, founded in Bologna in 1919.)




Well I don’t know about you,

but I am ready to settle down in a comfy lawn chair on the beach

gazing out over the Adriatic Sea,

while sipping on my coffee cocktail listening to Il Volo.

(Oh yes, and it would be perfectly alright with me if that nice young man in the blue shirt and glasses wanted to sit right next to me.)

  Anyone want to join me?