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English Article: Il Volo Meet Fans Young & Old During Album Signing in Italy ~~




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Personally Speaking ~A Bonus At This CD Signing!


Fans got an extra bonus at this CD signing…Ignazio not only signed CD’s and received his quota of kisses,  but DANCED while doing so!  Any music just pulsates right through him when he’s on stage.    He’s definitely got what it takes…all the right moves in all the right places!



Another way to spice up a CD signing event.



And of course no event would be complete without showing a little extra love to the children.


Just have to close the post with another great shot of our illustrious three!



Photo and video credits: All Things Il Volo

Il Volo Professional ~~ This and That

All the professional dealings of Il Volo

All the professional dealings of Il Volo


It’s Media and more media for Il Volo right now.  The next few posts will be in no particular order, and show some of that work. 🙂

~~ Kelly


Audio only of Interview




RAI1: L’ARENA, Il Volo will be guests October 16 (edit: this even has taken place)

Mara Carfagna, Michelle Hunziker e Il Volo ospiti di Massimo Giletti ~~

Music for the Soul ~ Lydka

 Il Volo Notte magica – know a little bit of the songs.

Ciao ~ Jane & Marie

Where we will be on Oct. 28th.

Where we will be on Oct. 28th.

Well Crew, it’s almost time for Jane and I to go.   We will leave Oct 18th and return on November 2nd.  We will be sleeping Nov 3rd, 4th and 5th.   I can’t begin to tell you how excited we are!  But then you know that.  I have to tell on Jane.  She has practiced packing…twice!  Her husband told her to just leave it packed and sleep on top of it.  I practiced too.  After-all, we’re only taking a carry-on and a small backpack each.  Yeah, we’re ready!

Anyway,  you probably won’t hear from us until we get back.  If we come back!  However, I may give you an alert if…say…Piero’s family invites us to dinner, or Mrs. G has us sit on her front stoop to watch the sunset over Montepegano, or Ignazio has me ride behind him on Walter.  I will let you know those things as soon as I have regained consciousness.

Since we will both be gone, the site will go to an every other day posting schedule.  You will hardly miss us.  I have left some of your submissions in draft for Kelly, with Jana’s help, to post.  I’m sure they will take good care of you.  So sad they both work and Jane and I are retired.  I feel really bad about that.  Not bad enough to stop jumping up and down with glee, but bad nonetheless.

So… Arrivederci Amici miei!


DREAMS IN FLIGHT ~ Dario Gerardi

 Daniela:  I found on the internet this passage written by an Italian guy
Dario Gerardi and dedicated to IL VOLO.
I liked it a lot.


The lights … From darkness to light in the blink of an eye,
to feel microscopic in large concert halls, the heart always beats faster …
Three silhouettes appear out of nowhere to fill the eyes of those extraordinary
desire to see the wonder possesses.

Begin the applause … The screams of those who have always dreamed them so much …
The moment arrived and everything now seems to be as it should.
Great orchestra behind them, sensational musicians as an added value to all
that fantastic with their voices imprinted in the hearts of women and men
who have always loved them.

Italian pride, made in Italy … Each stage of this world is recognizing
the great value of who is spreading the love in the air.
Immediately the first song, there are those who listen to them
has not stopped even open his eyes, opening them again this is not a dream
but it is simple and pure reality, fantastic!
A track leads to another just as delicious and tasty cherries,
thundering voices in the air …
The dream seems to end.

The irony and sympathy, very important elements of those
who not only with his own voice enchants …

But above all know how to smile about in this life lasts not constantly ago.
In almost seem wonderful mix of music and sympathy, between a song and another,
The hearts take on a fair rhythmic beat as percussion beats from sweets.
The smile stamped on the faces of the listeners as a symbol of happiness,
as if it would never disappear …

They … Healthy carriers of happiness.
The last song marks the end of all that hitherto seemed an endless dream, but …
The bis it is upon us. Who never cease to follow them …

Eternally their concert will be imprinted in their minds in their hearts,
all in their own homes can always dream them just as they did live.
Three hearts for a world ! Honor to them.

Dario Gerardi***********************************

Dario has written two beautiful passages ever dedicated to IL VOLO
and if you want to send translated.  I told Dario that I passed them to my American friends, and thanked me for it.