Sanremo STILL CONTROVERSY by Daniela

The chaos caused by the videos of the press room journalists in Sanremo has not yet subsided.

Today all the radio and TV programs have spoken about IL VOLO and the injustice suffered.

Many famous people in Italy have taken a position defending the boys.

Sanremo Contro 01

The boys did not intervene in any transmission, and their attitude aroused great admiration from many people. There are comments that come also from many who were not their fans, but now take their defense.

Among the many, what has made me a lot of effect is this of Michele Monina.

He is a critic who has always written bad things, even very bad and offensive on our boys. He had never met Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca and in the early days of Sanremo, he had had a long interview with them. He liked them a lot and he understood what kind of people they are. At the end of the interview he said that he liked them a lot, even if they sing a kind of music that he does not like.

Today Monina, after reading what happened in the press room has published this nice video of the boys and has commented:

“The moment when it comes out that a part of the Press Room has insulted the boys of Il Volo, here is the moment we met. The criticisms can be made, but we do not hide ourselves … Ah, best wishes Gianluca Ginoble!”

Sanremo Contro 02

And this is what Alessandro Quarta said, the violinist with whom they made the duet.

“Being on the stage of Sanremo with Il Volo was a blow of crazy and wonderful emotion, we found ourselves right away, the charge was wonderful.

I really like the guys from Il Volo, they are the only international Italian artists. They are loved all over the world. As an Italian and a musician it is important. We invented everything, we Italians, from notes to instruments. We do not forget it.

We are sons of Bel Canto.

We are not ashamed of being Italian.”

Sanremo Contro 03

But as I said, things have not yet settled, there is still a lot of rage for the unfair treatment suffered by IL VOLO and today in an interview with a radio, Michele Torpedine, has confirmed the desire of the three singers to pass to legal proceedings against journalists who have insulted them in the press room, while reading the Festival ranking.

Sanremo Contro 04

Yesterday evening, while I was writing the post, I randomly listened to the TV and I came across a program, usually of politics, where instead they talked about Sanremo, and then I immediately listened well.

The topic was, of course, the video of the press room.

The conductor of the evening Nicola Porro, has made specific questions to the journalist in the studio, Paolo Giordano, who was present in the press room of Sanremo.

Paolo Giordano, four years ago, gave very low votes to IL VOLO, but then a couple of years later, knowing them, he had changed his mind about them and then, afterward he always spoke well.

After listening to the questions asked by Porro to Paolo Giordano, I asked my friend, Daniela Ci, to extract from the whole video of the evening, only the piece concerning the questions on IL VOLO, and here’s what was said:

NP = Reply to me please Paul, is it true that there was an insult against IL VOLO? What have they told the guys from IL VOLO that they were shit?

That’s true, you were there, you’re an eyewitness, was there this thing?

PG = Yes, I heard it, it was there, and I disagree because I’m not like that.

man in the studio = Only the person who pronounced it will answer for this.

woman in the studio = Even others, they imitated and ridiculed them.

NP = Paolo Giordano, you have to explain something, you are the critic of IL GIORNALE …… but there was a particular climate against IL VOLO, because they were too perfect, or against this ULTIMO, in the press room? Was there the feeling you saw, that it was independent of the music? It’s a question I ask you and I trust what you tell me.

PG = Against IL VOLO there is a fairly widespread prejudice, for years, practically since they were born. Against ULTIMO, no.

All this makes me angry even more, because it was a situation that we fans knew very well, while not explaining why there is this attitude.

But seeing this confirmed by a journalist is really terrible.

This confirms that ULTIMO was not penalized by the jury of the press room, but only by the jury of honor who gave only a sixth place to ULTIMO in the evening of the duets. Instead IL VOLO was penalized by both juries, the duet took the lowest place, so I say that if the juries had not penalized IL VOLO so, it would probably still be in first place.


All this history, will still have a train, but in the meantime let’s enjoy the moment of the proclamation of the three winners.

And we do a little gossip ….. our boys were wearing ARMANI.

Sanremo Contro 05

Moreover, Radio Airplay tells us that the song of IL VOLO is broadcast in 8 countries of the world: Bulgaria-Croatia-France-Greece-Italy-Malta-Switzerland-Hungary.

Ok, guys, an old proverb says:

“Not all evil comes to harm”

and perhaps all this malice has brought out your splendid personalities.

Keep up your head, we will always be with you!


Sanremo Contro 06

Credit to owners of all photos and videos.


Sanremo has passed. It was really hard. The boys expected very busy days of work and emotions.

Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca were, to say the least, fabulous, magnificent performers of a beautiful song.

The first night, they are greeted with a very long applause that has confirmed the affection of the public.

On the evening of the duets, together with the violinist Alessandro Quarta, they performed a magnificent performance and received a standing ovation. They deserved first prize!

Let’s review the performance together.

Sanremo Scandal 01

Sanremo is over and third place went to them. Honestly, as things were going, I did not even believe that they would be placed within the first three positions, but, as usual, let’s recap everything.

It is now known to all that Italian journalists have never had a good relationship with IL VOLO, but this year they have really exceeded the limit of rudeness.

Already the Sunday before the beginning of Sanremo, the newspaper ROLLING STONE ITALIA had published an article to say the least honorable comments on our boys, so that in the evening, Torpedine had made a hard post against the newspaper, from his Facebook page.

Sanremo started and there were evening performances and continuous interviews during the day.

For those fortunate enough to be able to follow Italian TV, he will have noticed that the boys have always been polite, humble and sincere, always with a smile even if they sometimes listened to comments and unjust vows on them.

Sanremo Scandal 02

Therefore, during the final evening, in scrolling through the final classification and getting to the fourth place and seeing that IL VOLO had not been called, I was very happy. I ran to vote again, final verdict, third place. Damn, I’m glad they are within the first three, but they could also be second, because I’ve always known that ULTIMO was the super favorite and is also followed by countless very young fans.

But now, after being aware of certain videos and above all of the votes of each evening, I felt a great rage.


Sanremo Scandal 03

But the thing that made me more angry are videos taken in the press room, where we see journalists ridicule our boys, when Piero begins to sing and a journalist shouts “in jail” and then to the final proclamation journalists rejoice because IL VOLO is only third, and a woman’s voice says a dirty word addressed to the boys, whom I do not want to repeat.

These are really scenes of infinite baseness. I am deeply ashamed of these people.

Here is the video.

Today this video, is going around the web, thanks to Francesco Facchinetti (TV-radio host) who retweeted it by adding these textual words to journalists:

“I would kick you in the ass, until the end of the world, idiots, assholes and fools.”

Everyone is outraged, and all the newspapers and TV are talking about it.

The boys of IL VOLO, have always been very kind and polite to everyone and do not deserve a similar treatment.

Sanremo Scandal 04

Saturday afternoon, just before the last night in Sanremo, the boys were guests on a television program and there was a debate between our boys and a woman journalist who was always very critical with them.

The presenter asked Gianluca if he was affected by the negative criticism and Gianluca said no, because the more journalists criticize them and the more people support them.

Then the presenter, addressed to the audience in the hall, said: “Whoever agrees with Gianluca gets up.” and all the people got up.

The journalist was offended and wanted to leave, Ignazio intervened, trying to calm her down and reassure her, while Piero said: “It’s a week that you tell us that our music is old, but we like it.”

Sanremo Scandal 05

But let’s talk about the votes.

I am attaching the table of overall votes, before the final evening, as you can see, IL VOLO was in first place.

In the last last vote, Ultimo overcomes them, thanks to the televoting, but also to the juries, the same juries that allow Mahmood to win, because both juries all vote for Mahmood, which instead had not taken so many votes from home.

So now there is a big storm, because those who voted from home paying, has seen the result overturned by a jury of 8 people.

A newspaper wrote: “If there is someone who has to complain about the vote of the Press Room and the Jury of Honor, it is IL VOLO”.

Sanremo Scandal 06

And in all this, our boys how did they behave?

Exceptional as always.

After suffering all the bad comments, they were on the podium and immediately congratulated the winner, a sincere hug, to Mahmood, still incredulous to be the winner, Ignazio even seems to help him out of the shock. Ignatius, you are a sweet teddy bear.

There is no malice in them, only affection for everyone.

Sanremo Scandal 07

Sanremo Scandal 08

Of course the bitterness is so much, then watching those horrible videos, the anger rises, and I wonder how the families of our boys reacted? One of them commented, but I believe on behalf of everyone, of course Ercole Ginoble.

“Sanremo has always been a stage where there is no lack of controversy, it is not the first time that we are facing them but it is also a stage that leaves room for the judgment of the people who listen and choose the music in which they recognize each other!

Thanks to all those who have made their support felt these days and in these 10 years. YEA, IL VOLO!”

Ercole Ginoble

But after watching those videos, Ercole Ginoble tweeted like this:

The good and educated “journalists” ??? Italian. Thank you for your professionalism!

Sanremo Scandal 09

And at the end today, on the official Facebook page of IL VOLO, the guys have published this comment: 

We needed a few days to be lucid and to tell our story about what happened.

Some journalists (and it is good to say only a few) have heavily insulted us. They used words like “shit”, “fuck”, “in jail”, which we consider as the result of a real form of bullying, of teasing from the stadium. These people have not brought glory to the order they represent, their attitude has been an insult, before us, to all fellow journalists who do their work in a serious and professional manner.

In 10 years we have received a lot of criticism about our music, about the genre we sing, we have been accused of being arrogant and snooty.

We have never given importance to all this, also because, fortunately, we have supporters who support us daily and love what we do. But when we see videos that testify to the wickedness and lack of humanity on the part of people who could be our parents (many of whom are also our grandparents), it annoys us a lot. Bother because every artist must have his own space for musical expression. To be called “shit” or to see someone shouting “in jail” just because we are doing what we like to do in life is very disrespectful to us, but above all to freedom of expression.

Music should be freedom, not a reason for insult!

Piero Barone, Ignazio Boschetto, Gianluca Ginoble of Il Volo.

But since we talked a lot about last night, let’s enjoy at least a little piece of MUSICA CHE RESTA.

And here in this video, the most beautiful moments of this adventure of Sanremo.


And here is the cover of Sorrisi e Canzoni.

Sanremo Scandal 10

I’m so proud of our Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca !!

You guys are formidable, you’ve done some performances, not a step, but a whole scale above all the others.

Your talent is unquestionable, and when you have combined your talent with the Fourth violinist, it has been a pleasure for ears and eyes.

But what should we say about you as a human person?

You are really beautiful people, polite, and pleasant to everyone, humble and good.

I’m so proud to be your fan.

I am a fan of IL VOLO.

Sanremo Scandal 11

Credit to owners of all photos and videos.

Happy 24th Birthday, Gian!


Buon Compleanno Gianluca,
May happiness be yours always !
Jean Haines

HAPPY BIRTHDAY GIANLUCA! May God Bless you on the special day…..and The Blessed Mother On this her day in Lourdes. Keep you safe under her mantle of love. Have a day filled with love❤️🎶 and sunshine ……..🎶🎵🇮🇹🇮🇹♥️❤️💕🎂  ~~ Rose Lamont

Hi Gianluca. I want to wish you the happiest of birthdays. You deserve all the best. I hope you are able to celebrate your birthday with loved ones and also know that your fans are thinking of you and sending you wishes of love and affection. I wish you many, many more years of singing, sharing and making the world a happier place with your music and gorgeous voice. See you next year in San Francisco????
Janet in San Francisco

Dear Gianluca,

I wish you a very Happy Birthday and I know you have another exciting year ahead! You sang for Pope Francis and thousands of young people in Panama for WYD. There’s Sanremo, a new album and the celebration of your amazing ten years together with Piero and Ignazio. What a blessing it has been for so many people who love you and your beautiful music! I am looking forward to seeing you when you tour in the USA. God bless you and all your loved ones.

Margaret Ladolcetta


Buon compleanno Gianluca! 🎂🍨
Hope you have happiness in your life and good health.

Love always,
Ines Rosas
Las Vegas, NV


From: Conni Bruns




Happy Birthday!

We love you and have been going to your concerts since 2009 in Toronto.

You are a wonderful person and your voice brings joy to the world!

God Bless you.

Maria and Alan Hahn
San Diego, CA



Ti auguro tanto successo e felicità!
Con affetto,
Patricia W. in Missouri USA



Dearest Gianluca,
Happy Birthday! 🎉 May this year be a joyous and successful one for you! Best wishes for a win for team Il Volo at Sanremo! 🍀

Sandi E.
Ohio, USA

Happy Birthday and Best Wishes Gianluca on your special day! Your recent days have been filled with much excitement–singing for the Pope, a new CD, tour dates and participation in Sanremo!Wow! What an agenda! Sure wish that you were coming to the US sooner than 2020, but I await patiently until then to hear that gorgeous baritone voice of yours !!🎶🎼🎼Tanti Auguri ciao Annette Naples, Fl

A most Happy Birthday to you Gianlu
Sending hugs and kisses for your special day
Have a wonderful celebration full of love and joy
See you in Boston next year

Lot’s of love,

Julie Bernache


Dear Gianluca: Another year gone by and you continue your flight into the hearts of the people of the world. You flew into my heart almost eight years ago and changed my life forever. My very best wishes to you for a Happy Birthday as well as my fond affection for your Mom, Eleanora and all your loving family, who mold you and shape you to make you what you are. Thanks be to God for your voice and thanks to you for giving that voice to us.

Fly high, dear one!
Linda Parks

Happy Birthday Gianluca!
You are such a tender hearted and sweet spirited man. I have observed how you loving caress a cheek and kiss young children, how you take the time to greet and appreciate your fans, and how you fondly interact with your IL VOLO brothers.

My wish, prayer, and birthday blessing for you is that your heart and soul are continuously filled by the outpouring of love and affection from your fans, friends, and family so that you remain a fountain of LOVE flowing with your special sweetness of character out into the world.

May you remain energized and devoted to IL VOLO. I wish you continued success, prosperity, health, happiness, and that you find your own Grande Amore with a special woman.

Thank you for sharing your special gifts with us— your devoted fans.

Happy Birthday!🎉🎂🎈
Happy 10th Anniversary! 🍾

I will be praying for you and your IL VOLO brothers as I walk the 900k Camino de Santiago pilgrimage in Northern Spain (March 24-May11).

With great love and affection
Crystaldawn (age 62)

Crystal Dawn



Caro Gianluca,
dal profondo del cuore ti auguro un compleanno pieno di cose belle.
Intorno a te c’è tanto amore, tu stesso emani amore verso chiunque si avvicina a te
Sei una splendida persona , sensibile e profonda,
caparbia quanto basta , o forse un poco di più.
I tuoi occhi esprimono sincerità e dolcezza.
Non cambiare mai Gianluca.
Buon Compleanno, con affetto: Daniela


Dear Gianluca,
from the bottom of my heart I wish you a birthday full of beautiful things.
Around you there is so much love, you yourself emanate love towards anyone approaching you
You are a wonderful person, sensitive and profound,
stubborn enough, or maybe a little more.
Your eyes express sincerity and sweetness.
Never change Gianluca.
Happy Birthday, with love: Daniela


Happy Birthday Gianluca! You are an extraordinary young man with a heavenly voice. We have watched you grow from a young boy to young man. What joy that has brought us. We wish you many more years of song and joy!
Jane from Minnesota



Jay and Victoria
Birthdays are always such fun and may this birthday bring loads of happiness and blessings that are so richly deserved.

Happy Birthday hope you have a wonderful day. Cannot believe you are 24 already – have been following you from the beginning of your wonderful career. Hope you get a wonderful gift by winning Sanremo. I remember the first time I saw you were just a boy who has turned into a wonderful young man with a fantastic voice. You have given me so much joy to have followed you these last 10 years. Enjoy your day.
Love, Camille Greco

Joan Guyon
Happy birthday Gian. I have from the start looked into those gorgeous green eyes and melted. Winning Sanremo would be a wonderful gift. My birthday is coming up also and I will be 90. Your voice will be in my mind at the celebration.


Rose Marie Paliobeis
Happy Birthday to the best hugger in the world. Hugs and kisses back to you GG.
Love to all!

Arlene Butler
Many thanks ladies for all your communications about our adored men.
My love and gratitude to all of your and especially to the birthday boy

Jill Manning
Happy Happy birthday Gianluca. I know you and your brothers will win that beautiful trophy in San Remo again.

Ok,Pirate here with piratey thoughts….Aye, aye to you, matey!

Rose Marie Lomonte
Cheesecake should be birthday cake…. Wishing you all life’s best, remember that your God given voice put you where your success has brought you…God Bless you , may you keep singing with your beautiful voice always. Do not let publicists rule your beautiful heart, always remember what your priests said to you when he said that he would pray for you. ♥️ Happy Birthday Gianlucca many more….La Vita e Bella!♥️


Dear precious Gianluca,

I am wishing you a joyous 24th birthday with all your desires fulfilled and a blessed, amazing year. May you find as much joy and fulfillment in this day and year of life as I, and all your fans, do in listening to you and being present with the heart of you and your music.

Your three-voices-one-soul always resonate out to the Universe. Just like Lao Tzu said,
“Music in the soul can be heard by the Universe.”
Gianluca, the Universe is listening, and Sanremo is one segment of that sweet amazing Universe-of-Love.

Sending you Love and Gratitude
from Jeanine DuBois


Maureen Longo

Margaret Camilleri Pace
A very Big Happy Birthday to our Gianluca and may you have many more. Good luck

Happy Birthday to the world’s best baritone! May you have many, many more. Can’t wait to see your smile and hear your voice in person!

Happy Birthday Gianluca!. Wishing you a wonderful year ahead, where all the things that you yearn for, always be within your reach. You, your music, your voice, has given me so much joy and I always look forward to all your “surprises”!!! A big hug and many thanks. God Bless you. From Ineke in South Africa.

Myron Heaton
To : Gianluca,
I remember the first time you and I met which was in Chicago. We actually met a year before in Atlantic City but just to shake hands. But in Chicago in 2012 we had a fair amount of time to talk. Evidently, I had caused a little fuss that you all were all aware of and there was an interest in talking. All three of you were so kind and considerate but I remember that your hug was the long one. That touched me and after that when we would meet again – especially later at the first Il Volo Fan Faire in Las Vegas – you were even more generous with your kindness. You are close to my son in age and with both of you I cannot believe that you are that old – already ! ! !. You probably feel it has taken forever. I do wish that I could be there with you and do another of those wonderful hugs as I wish you a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY.
All my love, Myron

Susan Medal
Buon Compleanno Gianluca!
Wishing you a year filled with amazing adventures and happiness. You touch our lives every day with your beautiful smile, zest for life, and gorgeous voice. Thank you for sharing this gift with all of your fans. Looking forward to meeting you soon.
Susan Medal/NYC

Jeanne Thomas
Happy Birthday dear Gianluca. Celebrate your special day!

Eleanor Biehl
Dear Gianluca, you are my Blue Velvet Prince. I wish you every happiness and perfect love … you have awakened my poor heart which has been in need of love and tenderness for so very long, and for that I am eternally grateful. You will never know…
…I wish you a very Happy Birthday from America, and I hope your life is full of family, friends and love. I’ve admired your talent and your passion, and I’ve admired the beautiful man you are. I am Forever Follower and I’m so proud of you. Many blessings from my heart to yours!! Happy Birthday My Blue Velvet Prince.
Con Amore da America and Adore Mio Sempre per Sempre……Eleanor

Gianluca, thank you for bringing your wonderful voice to us in Ilvololand. I love you, your Il Volo “brothers” and your music more than I can say. Wishing you a Very, Very Happy Birthday from Minnesota, USA – Allene Shipman


Felice 24!!
Hope it’ll be one of the best years of your life. Be safe, stay healthy, and remember to relax your velvety smooth voice every chance you get. Che tutti i tuoi desideri si possano avverare.

Con affetto,
Angelica Rosas
Las Vegas, NV







Vincent Padovano
A very Happy Birthday Gianluca, what a fantastic voice you have, Your velvet sound always leads the way with that magnificent sound that has made Il Volo is world famous for. The great harmonies you guys bring to the stage is uplifting and entertaining are many levels. God Bless You and your Brothers on your Happy 10th anniversary. Waiting for the new CD and your return to Brooklyn USA.

Happy Birthday to a remarkable young man with an incredible head of hair, that I envy no end. You bring much joy and happiness to so many people around the world. May all that joy and happiness be returned to you on your special day, surrounded by family and friends. Best wishes, Mark

Imogene Summers Lutenbacher
Happy birthday Gianluca and happy 10th anniversary. I wish for you many more years of great success. Thank you for sharing the photos of your beautiful country Italy. Sing more Frank Sinatra songs in English, as you do it extremely well. I grew up in the Bobby Socks era, he was my idol. So have a beautiful 24th birthday. Wishes from, Imogene Summers Lutenbacher Nashville Tennessee USA

Toni Cochran
A very happy 24 birthday Gianlu! I wish you all the greatness and love God can give. You and your two stage brothers are so blessed with talent and kindness. May your life always be filled with love and generosity. And yes, I agree with others who would like to see you sing more Sinatra songs in English. What an amazing voice you have! I hope you have an amazing year ahead as you celebrate 24!

Happy February 11th, Gianluca. Glad you came to Earth, sweet soul.

Loretta Foley

connie gagliardi
Happy Birthday Gianluca. It has been a joy watching you grow up into the amazing young and super talented person you have become. I first saw you when you did your first PBS special and perform in Philadelphia. I have been a huge fan since then. May all your dreams continue to come true and may your life always be filled with sunshine and rainbows. Much love.

Beverley Foster
Happy Birthday Gianluca May you have many many more and much continued success

JoAllan Tsyitee
I want to wish you the best of Birthdays on 2/11/19. God blessed the world when you were born.

Happy Birthday Gianluca!! Enjoy every minute of your day with everyone that loves you, big hug and a kiss

Alice N White
Happy Birthday Gianluca. May you and your family have good health and may all your dreams come true. You are a very nice young man. I met you in Tampa. Keep singing all those wonderful songs. I hope to get to see you again.
Alice in Florida

Maureen Longo

Rae Jean Dancey
Happy Birthday to our sweet Gian from one of your many Grandmas! Love love your music and listen every day and night! Keep making us happy!

Happy Birthday Gianluca, Celebrate this wonderful day with all your family and friends and may all your wishes come true. The pleasure of your voice circles the world and for that we are forever grateful.,.

Pia Bahoric
Happy Birthday Gianluca!!!!

Roberta Carlson
Happy Happy 24th Birthday Gianluca! With the birthday wishes come love and prayers from another mother!

Gale Wall
I wish you a HAPPY BIRTHAY, GIANLUCA. You are a great
singer/musician, lovable and kind to your fellowman and to
children. I know your parents and Erny are proud of you, I can
only imagine their pride. Stay safe and I hope to attend another
concert in 2020 in America. Love and Prayers to you. Have
fun today.

Harriett W. Eckberg
Happy Birthday to you dear Gianluca. ♥ May your new Birthday year bring you more blessings and satisfaction as you go forward bringing love, joy and kindness into the world with your beautiful music. Te amo!!! Nonna Harriett ♥ USA ♥

Duhh Kitty
Wishing Gianluca a very Happy 24th birthday from Woodstock, Ontario from a very devoted older fan who wishes she were in her 20s again. You have not only the exceptional talent, very handsome looks, nice build, beautiful smile, but most important you have a good heart and your fans all love you. It’s the heart that makes the man!!!!!
Carol Watson

Loretta Foley

Happy “24th” Birthday Dear Gianluca!! You have always been and continue to be a very loving,sweet,caring and talented young man and you have brought more happiness then you could ever imagine to me, your beautiful,supportive family and millions of people all over the world. I love you and I’m wishing you a very well deserved Relaxing, Funfilled birthday celebration your family and friends and an exciting and memorable 10th Anniversary year ahead. I can’t wait to see you in concert here in America and give you a big hug!!  Lots of Love from”Granny Groupie” Joan Brenin

Our Dearest Gianluca,

We “can’t help falling in love with you,” “night and day.”  You “bring us to our senses” each day; “it’s a beautiful day!”  “When we kiss (in our dreams) our hearts are on fire, “we” “surrender to you…!  “Per te ci saro!” – siempre!  You are our “grande amore.”  After each concert and meet and greet, it is “musica che resta!”  Tanti auguri, Gianlu!

The Detroit Il Volo Gals:  Jana, Ginny, Lorna (rock star), Donna, Sharon, Chris, Magdalena, Barb T, Barb D, Betty, Jeannette.


Among the various articles that came out in these days of the frenetic life of Sanremo, with one, I was genuinely pleased.

I translate it for you.

Riviera24 Article – Click Here

The whole world is supporting IL VOLO in Sanremo, the performance on you tube, commented by the United States to Russia.

Greece, Egypt, Poland, Brazil, Canada, Indonesia, Turkey and Sweden are just some of the countries where the approval messages for the trio competing with the song “Musica che resta” come from.

Whole World 01

That the trio of IL VOLO was famous all over the world is now well known. Despite the very young age the “tre tenorini”, a nickname with which they are known, can boast a respectable career that has led them to duet with singers of the caliber of Barbra Streisand and Placido Domingo and to perform in every corner of the globe.

After the victory at the Sanremo Festival, which took place in 2015, the vocal trio has landed at the Eurovision Song Contest where the song “Grande Amore” has managed to climb on the third step of the podium, but is in fact the most voted by the vast public from home, made up of over 200 million viewers.

Whole World 02

An experience that has made them even more famous internationally and has allowed them to grab fans from every country. Now, on the occasion of their return on the stage of the Ariston theater for the 69th edition with the song “Musica che resta”, their admirers have been poured much praise on the YouTube video uploaded by RAI a few hours after their performance.

Immediate comments from the numerous supporters and to amaze is the amount of reactions from people from all over the globe. Romania, Greece, Egypt, Cyprus, Poland, Guatemala, Bulgaria, Spain, Brazil, Argentina, Portugal, Canada, Indonesia, Turkey, Hungary, Germany, Georgia, Serbia, England, Sweden, United States, Russia, Bulgaria and Azerbaijan are only some of the countries from which the approval messages for the trio of IL VOLO come, a sign that the international public has not forgotten them after the European song contest, but rather expects to find them on the stage of Tel Aviv for the 2019 edition that will be held next in the month of May.

Whole World 03

“Dear Italy, send your pearls to Eurovision. Sincerely. All the Europeans.” , is just one of the many comments under the video of the Sanremo exhibition. If Piero Barone, Ignazio Boschetto and Gianluca Ginoble turned out to be the winners of this edition of the Italian Song Festival, in fact they would automatically represent our country on the famous European stage and, after the success achieved in 2015, could easily point to first place.

Whole World 04

But now here are two other episodes of the video-diaries of

I = Hello friends …. I start. Hello friends of Sorrisi, today is the third day, today there is a lot of promotion.

P = But why did you leave with a blessing gesture?

G = But we were lucky, because we found a wonderful weather, about 15-16°C  (59-60°F) every day, better than that it could not go.

I = So, today a lot of promotion, as always every day, but especially today there is something special.

P = Today we will rehearse with our beloved Alessandro Quarta, the one who will duet with us tomorrow night, in the evening of the duets.

G = Great musician, great violinist, we cannot wait to try on the stage of the Ariston, there will be many surprises on Friday.

P = Tonight we will not sing, we will finally watch the Sanremo festival, the whole episode, on the sofa.

G = Relax, we relax a little tonight.

I = This morning I woke up earlier than the other days.

P = I did not go running.

I = You, what have you done?

G = I slept, I needed a little rest.

I = Boys, as always, see you tomorrow, and you can always follow us on Hello.

P+G = Ciao

Friends of SORRISI, here we are, this is our fourth day in Sanremo.

G = Another episode of Sorrisi’s video diary. Ignazio takes the sun ….

I = Excuse me, yes, a beautiful sunny day today. However today is an important day, especially beautiful, because tonight will be the evening with the host, with the duet.

P = Who will we sing with?

G = With a great violinist, the Jimi Hendrix of the violin, which will make the show really special with his violin, with a touch of rock.

P = He is called Alessandro Quarta. This morning we did a lot of interviews, radio …..

I = We woke up early …

G = We will continue to do interviews, the day is still long.

P=  Yes, it is long.

I = So guys, do not miss tonight Sanremo 2019, festival, we will sing, and then, always here on Sorrisi. com.

P+I+G= Ciao

Whole World 05


Whole World 06


Whole World 07

I just watched the third performance of IL VOLO in duet with Alessandro Quarta, they were simply fantastic.

They got a long applause and a standing ovation.

The boys were visibly excited.

Very good Alessandro Quarta, I did not expect such a performance.

In the face of all the bad comments.

Here are some photos.

Whole World 09

Whole World 10

Whole World 11

Whole World 12

Whole World 13

Whole World 14

Whole World 15

Whole World 16

Whole World 17

And here’s a piece of their performance.

This beautiful interview is made immediately after the performance.

P = Performing with Alessandro Quarta, I think it was the best choice we could make. Because it is unique.

G = It was an added value, it made the song even more powerful if you can say that.

I = And then he, like us, tries to send the same message, tries to make understand that the music is beautiful all, there are no factions.

AQ = Exactly. I could not come with others. Either come with IL VOLO or you’d better stay home.

P = You are biased

AQ = No, I’m not biased, I’ve played with many artists (Lenny Craviz, Liza Minelli, Celine Dion, Carlos Santana) but no Italians, they are the first, but why? Because they sing with the heart, not with the head, with the heart !!!

Whole World 18

There . . . are . . . no . . . words.

Our guys are by far the best of all the singers competing in Sanremo.

I do not think they will succeed in winning, as they are hindered, from the first moment.

Even the vote from home will not help them, because the “favorites” have an impressive following by Italian followers.

It does not matter, for us they have already won.

They knew it would be tough and they took this race, thinking only about promoting their new CD.

We want to support the boys. We all make a comment under the video of the first night of Sanremo, even just a heart, but we declare our city, so that everyone sees that they are really supported by every part of the world.

And then …….. go as it goes,
we are always with you!


Whole World 08

Credit to owners of all photos and videos.

It’s Birthday Time Again! Gianlu!

Last call for birthday wishes for Gian.  They will all need some cheering up after Sanremo!

We made it through record cold temps in the midwest. Forecast of near 50 for Sunday and Monday!

Yes, those of us in the Midwest are now in for more snow on Monday, along with frigid temps for the weekend!  We’ll just have to imagine ourselves next to Gian on the beach!  🙂 

Yes, it’s birthday time again for our youngest, curly-haired, member!

Gianluca will be 24 this year on Feb 11 – hard to believe they are growing up so quickly!  Time sure flies when you are having fun?  We are having fun, right?  🙂

Anyway, this year will be special again for Gian, as Sanremo will have just happened.  Let’s hope he has more to celebrate than just his birthday this year.

Once again folks, send your birthday greetings to Kelly, our phenomenal video/graphic artist on the crew and she’ll start her gathering of favorite photos!

Submit your wishes to:

You can also submit them here, on this post.  Kelly will get them directly from the Flight Crew address…

Once again, I’m sure Kelly would like ideas for a theme song for the video.  Of course, Gian is her favorite, so she might just have something already in mind, but I know she loves all of your ideas!




p.s. we’re having a cold front move through the Midwest here, thought we could use a picture to warm us up a bit!  🙂

SANREMO DAY 1 by Daniela

And so the first evening of SANREMO has passed.

What to say, the song IL VOLO is very beautiful, but the audio of the TV show was bad, then it was fixed, but the boys had already sung.

But let’s look at the video of the evening together.

The more I listen to it, the more I like it, it’s beautiful.

The lyrics are very beautiful, the music has a less classic touch of “Grande Amore”, and a little more rock. The voices of the boys always very beautiful.

At the end there was a very long applause, I think the longest of all the evening. The public loves IL VOLO.


Too bad that in the RAI video, the applause was cut.

At the end of the performances, there were no eliminations or even rankings, but only groupings in three great colors.

In the blue color the most voted, IL VOLO is in that, then there is yellow and finally red.


What do you think of their clothing?

Honestly I do not like Ignazio’s pants, the rest, everything is OK.





The guys were very excited, but they were fantastic!

Today in the newspapers, there are different opinions, some consider them winners and those who do not.

A satisfaction, I read a comment that says that the press room, gave an applause to IL VOLO, while if you remember the last time they had reserved only whistles to them.

The official video of the song has also been published today. Here it is, we try to make the views go up, watching it continuously. 

It’s a rather strange video, I have not yet understood the meaning, I have to see it again and again.

Also in these days the video-diary started, we are already on the third day, here it is.

P = Here we are, guys we arrived, the party started.

G = We are here too, ready to celebrate.

P = Hi guys.

G = Hello everyone, we are IL VOLO, this is the first appointment with the video-diary of Sorrisi.

P = We will tell you about our days in Sanremo.

I = Yes, even our ugly figures ….. no, the ugly figures, maybe not. We are happy to do it again (the video diary).

P = You can follow us on

I = A hug, hello.

I = Hello friends of Sorrisi, here we are at another appointment in the diary.

P = This morning what have we done? I was good, because I woke up first and went to the gym, I trained, then I met Gianluca at breakfast and Ignazio, as usual, last.

G = Yes, because we two train ourselves, Ignatius no.

Now, we are doing the interviews.

P = Exactly, we have already done six or seven interviews, we’re going to rehearse this afternoon.

G = It will be a pretty intense day, we are excited because day five is approaching. now we are close, the emotion increases, even the tension, but we cannot wait to sing the song for you.

P = Ignazio, on the other hand, cannot wait to train ….

G = Hello friends of, today in Sanremo is a wonderful day.

I = We wanted to introduce you to Fonzie (he refers to Gianluca).

P = We have not forgotten about our video diary, we are walking, but we are actually going to eat.

G = We have already done several interviews, it is a busy day up to 4:00 pm because then we have to rest for the evening.

I = Yes, now comes the most important moment, as Piero said, which is lunch, you have to eat, treat yourself.

P = Actually we are really loads for tonight, there is a different tension, compared to other days, we can not wait.

G = We can not wait to sing “MUSICA CHE RESTA” for you. Hello.

P = From tomorrow we can sing it.

I = Hello everyone.

I = Hello guys third day.

P = We are at the editorial office of Sorrisi e Canzoni.

I = Last night we sang for the first time “MUSICA CHE RESTA”.

G = The feedback from the public has been positive, perhaps we will be returning tonight

P = You will know soon, after the press conference.

G = We can not wait to sing it again, so you can hear it again, and you can learn it by heart.

P = Today, for a change, lots of interviews, it’s nice to hear our song on the radio, this is the most beautiful emotion.

I = But do you like my hair today?

G = It’s too classic.

I = But I’m a “cool”, look.

G = Yes, but you say it to yourself, alone.

I = You are jealous ….

P = Boys, you’ll soon know if we’re singing tonight or tomorrow.

G = Follow us on social media.

I = And here on

P+G = Hello


In addition, today our boys have received a prize from you tube.


This is the motivation:

PR = I am very happy to deliver you on behalf of YouTube, the “Gold Creator Award” for having passed one million subscribers on your YouTube channel. This shows all the affection and enthusiasm of your many members.

P+I+G = Thank you all.


You can be original, being Italian !!!


Some shots of the boys in the performance of the second evening.





So, how did you feel the first evening?

I want all your comments and tonight, waiting for us the second night.

Good luck guys!!!

Tonight, Thursday, IL VOLO does not perform, so they will have a day off, tomorrow they will perform in the duet with the violinist Quarta.


Credit to owners of all photos and videos.

Hi – Jana here again…

Click on this link – it takes you to the odds (unfortunately, they have dropped the guys again to #4 after the Wed performance), as well as the “who wins Sanremo poll!”  Look who’s on top!  Be sure to vote!  🙂



Note from Jana…. Ciao a tutti!  I just wanted to add the lyrics to the song, here are a few links – thank you to Penina and Leslie….

Such beautiful words!!  🙂

If you click on this link, it should bring up the words in Italian 🙂 1-musica ital

Here are words in English… 1-musica engl

In the words of Ignazio (and West Side Story) …”tonight, tonight, we’ll see our loves tonight” (ok, maybe tomorrow, because I think they are in the 2nd flight..)

Here are some more links to viewing, if needed:   (there are already some taped things about Sanremo on here….)

Now – please enjoy Daniela’s post!  🙂

These days there is so much new news and interviews that it is impossible to keep up with everything that is being published.

Our boys are already in Sanremo, there is very little missing.

We already know the track list of the new CD, but now let’s focus on the piece that will be presented at Sanremo:MUSICA CHE RESTA”.

Therefore, today I propose to you a part of this beautiful interview made to Antonello Carozza, one of the authors of “MUSICA CHE RESTA” and, as you see in the photo posted below, really a young author.

Musica che resta 01

EuroFestival Italia Article – Click Here

Now on the eve of the next Sanremo Festival, we reached Antonello Carozza, co-author of the piece “Musica che Resta” that Il Volo will present on the prestigious stage of the Ariston. Carozza himself speaks to us about the song, which is going to be great. Also for a possible Eurovision Song Contest.

Antonello, very pleased to be able to host you on our website for this very welcome interview. Let’s start now with your important contribution to the next edition of the Sanremo Festival, namely the participation in the writing of the song “Musica Che Resta”, for which you collaborated with Piero Romitelli, Emilio Munda and with the great Gianna Nannini. How is this collaboration born?

Piero Romitelli and I have been “Friends” for 13 years and we had already signed some things together, while Emilio Munda has known him through Piero since 2014. “Musica che Resta” was one of those songs destined for Il Volo right away. The participation of Gianna Nannini, who has managed to give the piece a personal touch, further embellishes it.

Certainly the great Pasquale Mammaro is also fundamental, it is he who has transformed the intuition of the authors into reality: with stubbornness and determination he has convinced everyone that “Musica che Resta” would have been the right track for a great return.

We still do not know the text of the song and clearly, to listen to it, we will have to wait for the start of the Festival. But we all know the style of Il Volo, which will interpret it. What should we expect from “Musica che Resta”? What kind of music and text?

Expect the music that explodes along with their voices. It is a work that at times follows the style of “GRANDE AMORE”, but it is definitely more … “rock”. “Love look at me, we are the sun on rainy day, we are true music that remains!” … I’m sure it will be sung by many, it’s a beautiful declaration of love.

Let’s go into the merits of Eurovision: you have an experience that few can boast in the world of Eurovision. From the Junior to the traditional Eurovision Song Contest you have accumulated, despite the still young age, an experience such as to have experienced this world in every aspect, from singer, producer and of course a passionate connoisseur of its dynamics. How would you see a new representation of Italy by Il Volo at Eurovision and, according to your experience, “Musica che Resta”, what impact would it have on that audience?

“Musica che Resta” at Eurovision would be an assured place on the podium. Because from Il Volo you expect a song like that; in Europe, from Italy, they expect Il Volo, it’s as if they “pretend” it. I was in Vienna in 2015 and I followed closely the moment of the verdict together with the parents and the families of the boys. I still remember the disappointment, we all believed very much. Well, we all believe that even now with this song. Let’s cross our fingers, first they have to win Sanremo, then we’ll think about the SC.”

Musica che resta 02

You all know that the third evening will be dedicated to the duets. We all hoped that the duet of IL VOLO was with Gianna Nannini, co-author of the song, instead Gianna refused and the boys will duet with a good Italian violinist Alessandro Quarta. Here’s what he wrote about this participation:

“On 8 February I will be the “GUEST” of Il Volo on the Duet evening. A big surprise and an honor for me to be able to accept their invitation when they called me – Michele Torpedine and the guys of Il Volo, especially by virtue of the professional esteem I have for Gianluca, Ignazio and Piero. Baci ❤”

Musica che resta 03

This instead is a comment made by Tony Maiello, who is the author of the new “FINO QUANDO FA BENE”, I translate:

“Happy and proud of this new partnership. Inside the new album of IL VOLO, you will also find the unpublished “FINO QUANDO FA BENE”, a ballad of those that please me. Thanks to the guys for the trust, I hope you like it.”


In addition there is also this wonderful collaboration:

Musica che resta 05

TIZIANO FERRO = IL VOLO will included my song “A CHI MI DICE” in their new album. How cool! Take it all around the world guys.

Meanwhile in Roseto degli Abruzzi, Gianluca, before leaving for Sanremo, receives his best wishes from the mayor and municipal representatives.

Musica che resta 06

Musica che resta 07

Another beautiful novelty.

G = Hello everyone, we are IL VOLO.

P = As you know this year we participate in the 69th edition of the Sanremo Festival.

I = And also this year we will do the diary of Smiles and TV Songs and you follow this on:

G+I+P =, bye.

Musica che resta 08

But the final pride, it was this beautiful front page that they got in the weekly GENTE, is not it beautiful? The photo with the Pope and inside a beautiful article.

Musica che resta 09

…….. and finally the first VIDEO-DIARY of Sorrisi e Canzoni.

P = Here we are, guys we arrived, the party started.

G = We are here too, ready to celebrate.

P = Hi guys.

G = Hello everyone, we are IL VOLO, this is the first appointment with the video-diary of Sorrisi.

P = We will tell you about our days in Sanremo

I = Yes, even our ugly figures ….. no, the ugly figures, maybe not. We are happy to do it again (the video diary)

P = You can follow us on

I = A hug, hello.

The interview with Carozza has put me in great excitement, I really want to hear “MUSICA CHE RESTA” !!!!

And then I want to hear the other unpublished and all the new CD.

And how much fun I had in 2015 to watch the video-diaries of the boys, I watched them after Sanremo, because I started to follow IL VOLO after the victory of Sanremo, but I laughed so much with those nice video-diaries and I hope to have fun with the new ones, which we will certainly post with the translation.

Only a few days are left until Sanremo, I do not know about you, but I am anxious to the stars.


Credit to owners of all photos and video.

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