House Party by Susan

It seems since the new concerts have begun the guys are having lots of fun! My thought was, why let the guys have all the fun! We should have fun too. So, after writing about the Partita del Cuore last week, I went back and found some funny and entertaining videos. One of the videos actually was a follow up to the Partita del Cuore.
It seems that Alex Del Piero, had taken a picture with Piero after that fantastic play by Piero at the Partita del Cuore, and the other guys were not included. Del Piero said he felt bad about it. But no problem, he made for it up on House Party.
I know many of you have watched House Party on YouTube when the guys were on. For those of you who have never seen it, the host is Michele Hunziker.

Michelle Hunziker is a television host, actress, singer, and former model. 

In 2016 while Michelle was the host of House Party, Il Volo appeared on her show. The guys along with Michelle performed with many famous and interesting performers. Among them, Alessandro Del Piero, who they played against in the Partita del Cuore, one of my favorite Italian actors, Giancarlo Giannini, songwriter, singer and musician Gianna Nannini, singer Mario Biondi, singers Benji & Fede, among others.
We start our story today where we left off last week. The guys playing soccer with Alex Del Piero. Only this time, they are teams with Ignazio pairing with Del Piero and Gianluca pairing with Piero. Let’s go to the video to see how the match turned out….

Before the game began, Ignazio told Del Piero about his childhood when he played soccer with his friends. He said, “when I was a little boy behind, my house, there was a place we call nu puzzo (the well of water), this is the place where I played soccer with my friends.”
Of course, we remember this from Ignazio’s story about his childhood.
Ignazio continues, “since we are here with Alex we will pretend together. We will play some great football together.”
Michelle says, we have two teams Juventus and the rest of the world. Let’s Go! Ignazio and Del Piero for Juventus! And Gianluca and Piero for the rest of the world!
The game certainly needs no explanation with the exception of Piero saying his mistake should not be counted.
Del Piero said, “no sorry, sorry, sorry.” Even when Michele tries to reason with Del Piero in defense of Piero, he says, “no!” He won’t hear of it.


Of course, Juventus won! So, Ignazio asked Del Piero to autograph his arm. And he joked, next time you will sing with us, yes?

Of course, when they were on the show they always sang. On one occasion they sang with Italian singer, song writer and musician, Gianna Nannini. Gianna and the guys sang, “Meravigliosa Creatura,” a song that was written by Gianna. 
If the name Nannini is familiar to you it’s because Gianna is the elder sister of former Formula One race car driver Alessandro Nannini. 

On some occasions Michelle would ask the guy’s questions about their career and family. On this occasion, Michelle randomly drew questions out of bowl.
Let me tell you what some of the questions were before you watch the video….
Michelle explains, the questions were suggested by the audience. When Michelle mixes the questions in the bowl, she says he hopes they didn’t ask silly questions, like what is your favorite color.
What did you do that was strange on stage?
Gianluca: It is not something that I did. It is something that someone in the audience did.  (Gianluca playing around the words)
Michelle wants to know what it was.
Gianluca doesn’t quite know how to say “bra” because it seems out of place.
Ignazio finally says, “what harm is there to say bra.” 
And Piero says, “when you go to the store to buy a bra don’t you say bra?”
Gianluca (continues): I was singing, and I go to finish. 
Michelle (interrupts):  Did it hit you?
Gianluca: No, no it hit my microphone while I was singing, then I looked at it and there was a phone number in Spanish because it happened in Mexico. And when I read it, it said “call me when you want.”
Michelle: Did you call?
Ignazio (jokes): But, no, he didn’t call because it was a man.
Michelle draws a question and puts it in her mouth. She says it is not appropriate!
Which one of you is the most gifted but not in the singing sense.
Ignazio: I can answer? Can I answer?
Piero: No, it is dangerous.
And Piero continues by starting a whole conversation about boys’ shoes. He says, “I must tell you it is equivalent to the size of the boys’ shoes, and he says Ignazio’s shoes are size 46.” They turn the whole question into a hot discussion.
Michelle has enough and she stops them. I think she feared where the answer might go!
Michelle goes back to the bowl.
Michelle: I see two simple questions. Okay, I will give you one of my own questions because I want to ask about when you perform in front of all those people.
In short, you sometimes have (an audience of) 30 – 40,000 people and it can happen in stadiums, how do you feel?
Piero: I think the emotion I feel as an artist is an indescribable thing. You find yourself in front of all those people. I think it’s a great fortune and we thank all the people who grant us this, them and all the people who love us every day.
Michelle: It is a great thing and then the beautiful thing is that you have remained with your feet on the ground because you know that is, is it not? You also have a very nice family behind you.
Ignazio: I think family is absolutely, important, they were the first to believe in us, no? And thanks to them, huh, we chased our dreams without ever making it an obligation. No, because many times it can happen that parents push their children too hard. The best advice I can give to parents is, just to have your children always chase their dreams and leave them free and let them live, let them chase even making mistakes, but there are you who maybe you can help them because that’s it. We are, we are lucky in double, no? We are lucky because we always have the opportunity to shoot with so many wonderful people, but we are also lucky enough to work.
Michelle: But working doing what we love doing, what I really like doing you should never have thought you would arrive there when you were I don’t know 10
Gianluca: As long as I never thought about the fact of how it happened, I sing because I like it and I feel like I’m really only 13, 14 every time I sing, I get on, I imagine me as a little one with that first emotion when I went up on a stage at my house in front of my house also in front of my family, I always feel the same way. And it’s nice, it’s nice to be here with you too. 

Now let’s listen to the guys sing with another great Italian singer ~ Mario Biondi!

In one episode, Michelle asks the question…What would your career be if you weren’t a singer?
Piero: What would my career be? It happened very early I was 14/15 years.
Michelle: but have you seen Sliding Doors? Here’s how, if your life hadn’t been this what kind of job would you have wanted to do right?

For Piero, the answer was I would have followed in the footsteps of my father the coachbuilder. 

Ignazio said he would follow in the footsteps of his mom and sister who worked in a pizzeria.
At the end of the question to Ignatius, Michelle offered Ignazio a piece of pizza and then says “you can eat it? Does it produce an astringent effect on the teeth?” What Michelle means is can he sing if he eats the pizza.
Michelle asked Gianluca, if you did not sing in the microphone what would you do?

Gianluca replied, what had I done, I remember at school that I had fun making caricatures of my friends of drawings and then I also started painting a little so probably the painter not the painter. Why not?

Ignazio asked Michelle what she would be. She replied, a ballerina.
The guys sing “Piove” while Michelle dances. This is an absolutely wonderful video!

Now let’s listen to a wonderful song by the guys….

Also appearing with the guys were Benji & Fede. They did a beautiful duet together!

Now for the final segment on House Party let’s listen to the guys sing New York, New York!

So, since the guys were singing about New York, let’s listen to an interview the guys did with Julia Papa from 1010 Wins! New Yorkers know this station very well!

When the guys were in New York they would stop by Home & Family for cooking lessons!  This was always fun.

Hey guys! We miss you on American TV! Time to do some of these fun shows again!
Since we’re talking about New York, how about if we go back and relive A Day In The Life of Il Volo in NYC. One of my favorite videos!

Michele, are you listening? The guys’ dream of singing at Carnegie Hall! And I want them to sing there too!
And of course, what would the story be without some funny Brotherly moments…

I know the guys enjoyed doing House Party. I hope you enjoyed reliving those moments with our guys!
We took a stroll around House Party, and it led us back to New York. Now, the only way to end this story is with a song from their concert at Radio City Music Hall. How about two songs. I was at Radio City for this performance on February 6, 2020. Totally amazing! Nothing like witnessing the guys perform at Radio City. Their dream and ours! Why let the guys have all the fun! Join them at Radio City Music Hall on September 27th. I’ll be there and you should be too!

Join me next week as I go back Through the Fields of My Mind and open the door to a new adventure!
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The first half of July saw our favorites engaged in four concerts in Central-Eastern Europe.
Unfortunately, the concert on July 7 in Zaprešić in Croatia had to be postponed due to bad weather. These are things to put in the possibilities in outdoor concerts. In this case the concert was postponed to July 22nd. We cross our fingers hoping that the weather will be better on July 22nd.

On July 9, Il Volo had a concert in Poland, exactly in Łódź.
Poland welcomed the concert with great love, it was a great success. The event was organized by Prestige, who has a lot of respect and also friendship with our boys.
From the very first moment, Prestige MJM posted photos and comments like these:

The fourth concert of Il Volo in Poland is upon us! Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca have already arrived at the Atlas Arena. They are good friends of ours, so the greeting was friendly.
Then, after the beautiful concert they posted wonderful photos commenting like this:
️ Fantastic atmosphere among the audience and the enthusiasm of Il Volo conquered the audience of ❤Łódź, Il Volo Atlas Arena.
️ Wonderful voices and thrilling interpretations of famous hits have kept the concert in the memory of all fans for a long time.

Then Prestige also published a beautiful summary video.
Please click on photo below to view the video.

Prestige video from Lodz Poland

And finally this nice video where there are questions to our guys and people from the Prestige staff and also a radio journalist who expresses their sincere admiration for Il Volo. Really nice words that you can read translated at the bottom of the video itself.
Please click on photo below to view the video.

IL VOLO promo video from Lodz, Poland

It was a memorable concert and now we see some great videos of the evening.


Thanks Alicjia for this great video. 😘
Then Il Volo went to Bulgaria. Three wonderful concerts, with an adoring audience.
July 11, Plovdiv, in the beautiful old theater.


Little Vaja is the happiest child!

This is a press article published after the concert.
Plovdiv News article – Click Here

The fantastic Gianluca Ginoble, Ignazio Boschetto and Piero Barone appeared on the stage of the Ancient Theater of Plovdiv with the hit ‘The Ecstasy of Gold’ by the unforgettable Ennio Morricone from the film ‘The Good, the Bad, the Ugly’. Other magnificent melodies followed by the famous composer, musician and conductor – author of the music of unforgettable hits in the history of Italian and world cinema, including ‘E più ti penso’ from ‘Once upon a time in America’, from ‘Malena’, ‘Cinema Paradiso’  and others.
“Let’s sing love” – said the magnificent singers with cosmic voices and fascinated the audience of the Ancient Theater with a palette of favorite classical arias. Among these ‘La donna è mobile’ from the beloved opera ‘Rigoletto’ by Giuseppe Verdi, ‘Nessun Dorma’ from Giacomo Puccini’s ‘Turandot’, combined with the timeless songs ‘My way’ by Frank Sinatra, ‘Io che non vivo’ (without you), Leonard Cohen’s ‘Hallelujah’.
The song ‘Delilah’ by Tom Jones and ‘Can’t Help Falling In Love’ by Elvis Presley caused a real excitement among the spectators of the Ancient Theater. And with the performance of the song ‘Volare’ Gianluca, Ignazio and Piero made the audience stand up and danced on the ancient seats. This was followed by the success of Lucio Dalla ‘Caruso’, which aroused the adrenaline of music lovers.
Little Vaya, embraced by Gianluca, approached the stage in the midst of the audience. He congratulated the beautiful girl and said that the performance ‘O Sole Mio’ was dedicated to her. The most loved song in the world, created more than 120 years ago by the composer Eduardo di Capua based on the text of the poet and Napoleon admirer Giovanni Capuro, was sung from the entire hall and filled the historic center.
This inspired the wonderful musicians of IL VOLO, and the three went to the public in three of the sectors of the Ancient Theater, where they greeted their fans. Among the guests were admirers from Italy, unfolding national flags, from Greece, Germany, China and others. To applaud their favorite artists, music lovers didn’t sit down until the concert was over and gave their favorite flowers, gifts, sweets, hugs and kisses. This was followed by the wonderful ‘Cheers’ from Verdi’s favorite opera ‘La Traviata’.
And for the finale, as an encore, the magnificent angelic vocalists performed the unique song ‘Grande Amore’.
The wonderful Italians took their leave with the promise that they would return to Plovdiv again. Kisses and hugs.
With the spectacular show, Gianluca, Ignazio and Piero started their tour in Bulgaria entitled ‘IL VOLO SINGS MORRICONE.’

Listen to how pleasant this interview made in Bulgaria is.

And now here are the last two concerts in Sofia, on July 13 and 14, two wonderful concerts full of music and love.

Please click on photo below to view the next video.

Yes, you have seen well, at the end of the video Piero dances with Barbara !!

My goodness, how much joy, how much happiness, how much love Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca gave, but how much love they also received!
People were completely involved, and there were many gestures of affection and admiration.
The tour is proceeding in the best way, but there is no time to rest, next stop: Romania!
But there is also a video for the promotion in Japan, there will be three concerts in August, on the 8th, 10th, 12th.
I am very happy for the fans of Japan, Il Volo is coming !!
Please click on photo below to view the video.

And finally a new Italian concert was announced, on August 22 in Tagliacozzo in Abruzzo, to the delight of Gianluca !!
That’s all for now.
See you soon: Daniela


Credit to owners of all photos and videos.

The Tenor by Susan

Recently I had a revelation. I always knew how fantastic Piero was but when he stepped on that stage in Verona, he blew me away! That amazing voice stepped up so many levels I couldn’t believe my ears.

After hearing Piero sing in Verona, I wrote, “I want to give you some of my thoughts about our spinto tenor.  Piero’s voice which always was amazing, always was powerful, and his presentation which always produced phenomenal climaxes in the concerts, has now become such a vibrant sound in our ears! His voice has expanded so much in the last two years.
Over this period, Piero has had the opportunity to spend unlimited time on his opera lessons. This is something that is not possible in his normal schedule. The intense opera lessons of the last two years have paid off with Piero standing at the door of La Scala! The intensity of his voice sends shivers up and down my spine! A truly amazing voice that has become even more powerful than it was! Phenomenal! Bravo Piero!”

As you know, Piero has been intensely studying the opera, Cavalleria Rusticana, these last few years and he brought to the stage at Taormina, for the first time, the beautiful aria, “Mamma, quel vino.” Taormina was the perfect setting for this opera because the opera is set in Sicily on Easter morning.
Opera isn’t only about the song it is about presentation. In an opera you need to feel the person who is singing the aria. You must feel the character. The words tell a story, but the character gives it life.
Piero makes you feel Turiddu’s final farewell with his mother and makes you understand that he knows he will lose the duel. You grieve for his loss even before he’s gone. That’s what opera and arias are about. With Piero’s delivery, you feel him bring the opera to a climax even before it’s over. The intensity of Turridu’s final moments with his mother are highlighted in this aria. I hope someday to hear Piero sing this opera at the La Scala.

This video presents Piero in 2014 and 2022 singing “No Puede Ser.”  In both presentations he is fantastic. 
The final story can only begin when THE TENOR has arrived! You have arrived Mr. Barone!
In my story about Ignazio and Gianluca, I wrote about passion. What about Piero’s passion?
What were his passions?

A while back I wrote about Piero’s passion. Yes, he certainly has a passion for his opera but, his passion went in other directions too.

Piero had a passion for Chemistry and Math but not for all of his school subjects. And, so, I introduce my personal favorite story about Piero, the Story of Denise!
We know if Piero had a passion, it had to be for music but, in this story, we find out he had no great passion for school but, he did have a passion, so to speak, for chemistry and math!
Piero tells us that he had good grades in school because of his secret weapon Denise….

                                    Denise’s Wedding Day
Piero said, “For Denise I should make a monument.”
Denise was Piero’s classmate for twelve years. The good grades were thanks to her. In the afternoon Piero would pick her up in his electric car, an E50, and they would study together. She repeated the lesson and he learned by what she was saying. Well let me have Piero explain it to you….
I did not like reading books, what could I do? The songs have always remained in my head right away, I listen to a song and after two, three times at most, I know all the words, but the lessons no, these do not come into my head even with the hammering. You imagine that once, out of despair, to memorize a history lesson, I gave it a reason, that is, I put it to music. But when I could not do this – that is, most of the time – I sat next to Denise, and I listened to her repeat the lesson. Or, in classwork, she wrote and did it, zac! She put the paper in the middle of the desk and, I copied. The professors probably knew but they never caught me and so they always gave me that half vote less than she, even if the tasks were the same. But, who cared, I was very happy.

I only liked two school subjects. All of you are thinking physical education. No. Physical education I did not like, I did not want to put on the tracksuit because I was fat and, I felt clumsy with the tracksuit. Today everything is different.
Piero lost fifty-three pounds and he likes to go to the gym. He also helped Ignazio to get involved with exercising when he was on his diet….
At school, I did not like gymnastics instead I loved chemistry. I had good marks which I earned by myself. No Denise. And I excelled in Math, in fact, I am so good, that I am the one of the three that runs with a bag full of all of our accounts.
As for the other school subjects, I was always ordered, I was studying only the necessary, I did what I could. It is not that I did not study because of bad will, it was that I had other projects and the professors knew and understood it. I was not a tramp that ran from morning to night with the motorbike, I was one who was at home studying piano, solfeggio, I had many commitments, I always had something to do.
I was known in the country, I never smoked a cigarette, never used drugs of any kind, never went to the disco, I never did stupid. In short, never.

If you ask Piero’s father, he will surely tell you about the wheelies with the motorbike. It was the only thing that he did not do right. His friends told Mr. Barone that Piero did wheelies and he got angry….
When I arrived at the roundabout in the center of the city, voom, I did a wheelie with the motorbike. Just that. But even in those cases I was very responsible. Do you know what I was doing when I was driving the motorbike? My father gave me sheets of newspaper, I put them on my chest, under my shirt and I went around so the wind did not enter my chest, understood? Full helmet, strictly integral.
If you’re wondering, yes, I was a little weighed in those years but, I was so controlled because, I had a thousand allergies that put my respiratory tract “in danger.” I never went to school trips, I could not go to the disco, I could not do certain things that all my peers did. But now, when I return home I go to the disco, we are never less than twenty, twenty-five people, and Dad is calm because I’m even more responsible than before and because in the group there are also people older than me, even forty years and married.

I like being with people much older than me because, even if I’m only twenty years old, I have to manage my life in a very serious way and at a certain point I had to ‘grow by force.’ It’s strange if I think about it, because that little boy Piero, who was attentive to everything he did, so as not to ruin his voice, and not to get some asthma attack, would never have imagined becoming a singer. He had other plans.

Given his asthma and allergies, the one place you would never find Piero as a child was on a soccer field. So, it’s no wonder when he played in the Partita del Cuore for Charity everyone was blown away but no one more so than Alessandro Del Piero.

                               This is one of my favorite videos
Let’s begin with the fact that Ignazio and Gianluca grew up on a soccer field. They played every day. In the video you will notice that the reporters, who were making fun of the guys when they went into the game, changed their tune when they saw Ignazio and Gianluca play. But the big surprise was Piero.
So here, our Piero, who doesn’t know the what for, of a soccer ball, decides he is going to tackle Del Piero.

Piero played so well that when he went up against Del Piero he surprised everyone with his moves.  Especially the guys! You could tell Del Piero was enjoying the game as much as the guys! He was hysterical laughing when Piero took him on! I don’t think he expected it!  You need to know that Del Piero has a wonderful sense of humor. He can be very funny.

NOTE: Alex Del Piero is widely regarded as one of the greatest soccer players of his generation, and as one of the best Italian players of all times. If you don’t believe me, ask Ignazio. Go Juventus!
Many of you may know Alex Del Piero. He joined the ESPN sports roster last year. Del Piero currently lives in Los Angeles where he opened a world class Italian restaurant called No. 10, representing his jersey number when he played for Juventus.

They say the hero of the game was Gianluca because he scored a goal and tied the score, but I say it was Piero. When questioned by one of the reporters about his moves against Del Piero our dear Piero didn’t even understand what the reporter was talking about! The reporter said, “he doesn’t understand but he has taken up the invitation of his friends and he is playing more advanced.”

No matter, the important thing is he played well, and the guys were very proud of him!
So, if he wasn’t playing soccer in his youth, what was Piero doing?

To answer that question, I would like to go back to an interview that Piero had with Marcella Lattuca in 2013. Marcella and Piero were in the choir together.
In the interview Piero talks about his beginnings but also about where he and the guys are in their career. The 19-year-old Piero is truly amazing, red glasses and all! It is a very interesting interview.
Marcella: Dear viewers, welcome to this new episode of Agrigentini Bella Gente (Inhabitants of Agrigento, beautiful people).
This episode is very special because I have the privilege to talk with a real star of international music. 19-year-old, Piero Barone, who I thank for the interview, has reached goals that perhaps, artists cannot reach, over a whole career.
Thanks Piero, for being our guest.
Piero: It’s a pleasure. We did the chorus together and today we are here to do this fantastic interview.
Marcella:  It’s true, you and I started in parallel, with a fairly considerable age gap, alas. You start from Naro, you were born in Naro, you have a family from Agrigento, and you start with the Little Cantori di Santa Cecilia. (The Choir of Santa Cecelia)
Tell us how you approached music.

Piero with his grandfather Pietro
Piero: I have always pursued this dream of music, I grew up in the middle of music with my grandfather, Pietro, and thanks also to my father’s constancy, because you know, sometimes there are moments, when you’re little, you play piano and you want to give up everything, but thanks to the constancy of my father, I always, always pursued this dream, first with the chorus of Santa Cecilia, studying with private teachers, and now fortunately, I’m here.
Marcella: Anyway, your career was born a few years ago, when you were really a child.
What was actually this turning point, which made you feel you wanted to do something more?
What was the spring?
Piero: In fact, there was not, because I always wanted to sing, but there was luck, thanks to my father, always, thanks to my father, to do a summer festival in Cosenza.
My father called me and told me “Do you want to do this festival? Let’s go and come back in 24 hours (by car), let’s go and come back.”

I replied, “Dad, are you crazy?” and he “Come on, let’s try, I drive, and you sleep in the car.”
For that selection they did not take me, but they gave my name to the editorial office of Ti Lascio una Canzone, Antonella Clerici’s program.
One day I was returning from the piano school, and I found my father on the phone with a lady Isabella Abiuso, and from there it all started, in fact my father asked me if I wanted to do that program and I replied, “Why not, let’s try.”

Marcella: You started as a soloist at Ti Lascio una Canzone, and then maybe fate played a special role.
Piero: Oh yes, we started this program as three singers, and now I, Ignazio and Gianluca are the group Il Volo. In the fourth episode, the producer Roberto Cenci, had the idea to join our voices, and from there started … the three tenors …. the Tryo, we changed name, but in the end, we decided to call ourselves Il Volo.

Immediately after the program, we signed a contract with Universal Music in Los Angeles.
Marcella: A little thing of nothing….

Piero (about the name): They wanted a short Italian name. Il Volo was a metaphorical name, Il Volo, to fly.
Marcella: Anyway, what I understood from your words, the one that followed you the most, was your dad, also because, being a minor, you could not go around alone.
Piero: My father and my grandfather – my grandfather discovered my voice, my father helped me. He is great and he has been a great support.
Marcella: So immediately after Ti Lascio una Canzone, you signed this contract with Universal, and you started your flight.
Piero: Yes, we signed a contract with Universal, with our producer Tony Renis and Umberto Gattica and our manager Michele Torpedine, and from there, the first TV, the first album, with the first album we sold 1 million copies. And now the new album “We Are Love” has been released, where there is also a duet with Eros Ramazzotti and with Placido Domingo.
Marcella: But when you tell these things, do you realize where you’ve come from and all the way you’ve come in such a short time?
Piero: This is nothing, we made this new album, but behind this album we have done lots of experiences, like, a tour with Barbra Streisand, 12 dates with her. She was a great teacher for us, and we learned so many things from her, like from many other great artists.
Marcella: I can afford to mention some reviews I read on the internet.

“EL PASO TIMES: Electrifying: the name of the group means the flight in Italian, perfect name for a trio of young tenors who conquers ever higher peaks,” just to name one, another:
“Beautiful and intense voices accompanied by beautiful harmonies that enchant the public by giving strong emotions,” this is the enthusiastic comment of the NEW YORK JOURNAL.
You are a trio, so you are dealing with two other guys who are the same age.
Piero: Ignazio and Gianluca
Marcella: Perfect. What is the relationship between you three? Is it really difficult to keep united, even if you go in one direction only?
Piero: This project was born as three friends, you know, living every day together, we have established a great relationship, we are like three brothers, because we share everything …. not everything. There is a great relationship, a great agreement.
Marcella: But you also perform individually?

Piero: No, no, our concert is the concert of Il Volo.
We have just finished a tour of 48 dates in America, this is the fourth tour. We have done an American tour, a South American, a European and another American just finished and now in 2013 we will do another South American, American and Europe.
Marcella: But for a boy of your age, you have spent most of your adolescence ….

Piero: On the plane
Marcella: In fact, what effect does it make, having left your friends, your country, was it tough? Then you had to approach even with a language that was not yours, you had to learn English.
Piero: English is fundamental, and we also had to learn Spanish.
Marcella: You have learned Spanish because now, however, you will start a tour, if I’m not mistaken in South America.
Piero: The second tour, and now there are great future projects, but I’ll tell you what we did in the last two months. We started at Rockefeller Center in New York, with the lighting of the Christmas tree, the Christmas season opens all over the world, the Christmas time. We were there, Michael Bublé, Mariah Carey, Tony Bennett, everyone was there.
Immediately after we sang for the Nobel Prize presentation in Oslo. We represented Italy because the Nobel Prize was given to the European Union.
There was Jennifer Hudson, Sarah Jessica Parker, Gerald Butler, Sial, it was a great experience.
Marcella: Informing me on the internet, I read that you have also become a style icon, because your fans have adopted this red eyewear look, is your brand?
Piero: If you come to our concerts, you find all the girls with red glasses, it’s really nice!
Marcella: And then you also have some very important fans, like for example …. say you …

Piero: We were in Panama and a friend called us and told us “Guys, read the interview in LA REPUBBLICA”, we go on the internet and we read they asked Placido Domingo, what music he is listening to at the moment, and he replied: “I listen to Il Volo, they are three jewels that the whole world should know.” And the nephew of Pacido Domingo, is a wild fan, crazy about us, he wears red glasses, the vest, the tie…. and from there was born the duet with Palcido Domingo.
Marcella: In fact, because in the last album, in addition to the duet with Ramazzotti, you also have one with Placido Domingo, which is one of the three historical tenors.

Piero: Domingo, Carreras and Pavarotti. We dedicated the song we sang together with Placido Domingo, “Il Canto,” to Pavarotti.
Marcella: It’s an extraordinary thing, and tell me, you said that you met so many famous people and I would like to know if any of these gave you advice, if they made you a “mentor” in addition to your grandfather and your dad.
Piero: The advice, be yourself, because the key to success is only one, talent and humility, because all the great artists are great people.
Marcella: The real ones.
Piero: Real ones, like Barbra Streisand, 70, and every night she entertains 25,000 people in America’s biggest arenas.
Now we have to start the tour with Barbra Streisand, in Europe. Unfortunately, it never happened)

Piero: American Idol, the jurors were: Jennifer Lopez, Steven Tyler and Randy Jackson. Steven Tyler is the singer of Aerosmith and in our new album we sang “I Don’t Wanna Miss a Thing,” but we did it in a classic Italian “Questo Amore Splendido” (Piero begins to sing the song), just beautiful. (This was one of Piero’s favorite songs.)

Marcella:  Nice to even hear it live.
Piero: We did Jay Leno, it’s the third time, Jay Leno is America’s most watched Tonight Show, Jay Leno and Larry King are the most famous, we sang “Beautiful Day” two weeks ago, which is the cover of U2.
Let’s say that of our album, people ask us, but your kind of music, what is it? We did two duets, one with Ramazzotti which is the top of pop and Placido Domingo, which is the top of classical music.
Marcello: So, you are versatile, you have shown your versatility and even those who gave you a kind of emulation of the TRIO of Tenors, like a bad copy of the trio, in the end it was denied.

Piero: This problem was, and there is, only in Italy, but you know, Italy is a very, very difficult country, but …. let’s do everything in time.
But the thing that makes us angry, and I have to say this, we participated in the Nobel Prize, we have represented Italy, the whole world talks about it, who does not talk about it: Italy.
Marcella: It seems we are a little xerophilous.
Piero: But we love our country, so we love it as it is.
Marcella: With the merits and the defects.

You said you spent most of your teenage years on the plane, but how did you stay in touch with your friends and study?
Piero: I always say that what we do is what we like to do, so if you love what you do, everything becomes easy.
Marcella: But how did you study?
Piero: I study again, because I lost a year with my work. But this year I graduate, study in hotels, on airplanes.  
I took the license. I did the theory in August and the guide in November.
Marcella: Even if in America? It’s not like you travel by car there.

Piero: Yes, I do. I drive my producer’s car. Sometimes I hire a Ferrari, or a Porsche, I like driving.
Marcella: And can you orient yourself? You are now a citizen of the world.
Piero: But the beautiful thing … “beautiful”, so to speak, because sometimes you lack freedom, especially in South America, we walk with the escort, in South America we have five bodyguards at the baggage claim because at the exit of the airport there are a thousand girls.
Marcella: They recognize you on the street, it is shocking!

Piero: We travel with cars darkened and armored because unfortunately South America is a dangerous country, but we love it and they love us, the girls chase us with taxis…. and shout, it’s nice!
Marcella: Are you afraid of this thing?
Piero: No, no fear, it fills you with pride and satisfaction because you understand that what you are transmitting reaches people.
Marcella: But this life is so stressful, how do you recharge? What is your secret to recharging?
Piero: It’s my family. Many people tell me “You have traveled the world,” and it is true, I miss only Japan and Russia, because they are two very strong markets, and we love them….
Everyone asks me “What is your favorite city? Los Angeles, New York, Miami, London, Paris?” My favorite city is Naro, Naro is my world.

Marcella: What’s your relationship with Naro?? After singing in faraway places, with immense crowds, when you arrive at Naro, do you have to re-program again?
Piero: No, Naro is my homeland, so every time it’s always a party.
Marcella: What is your relationship with Naro’s inhabitants?
Piero: Fantastic, I love them!
Marcella: Welcome you?
Piero: Yes, I go to buy fruit, I go to the hairdresser … it’s very nice!
Marcella: Perhaps paradoxically your country is the only place where you can roam freely.
Piero: With my little car, now I go around with my friends, I greet everyone, I am a very open type.

Marcella: It is a practice of our program, to ask what advice you would give to a person who has become a public figure, like you, to the Agrigentini boys who want to approach the art of singing, in this case.
Piero: My advice is always to follow your dream, never give up, there will be people who will say, “But come on, change jobs, change profession.” Never believe in them, believe in yourself, but when you arrive, stay where you are. Returning to the previous speech, I learned this from Barbra Streisand, and from all the great artists.
For example, we were on tour with Barbra Streisand, we were in the dressing room, and we hear a knock, I go to open and there is Sting, or Michael Bublé, David Beckham, Tom Hanks, all these great artists who knock on our dressing room, to have a photo, to greet us.
Marcella: This proves the fact that these great artists that have such long careers, it means that they remained what they were, it means that goodness of mind pays, beyond talent.

Piero: And then the humility even if it is really difficult to say what you are, if you do not have great people behind, like a big family, I am doubly lucky because I am a person that could follow his dream and get there. Yet we have not arrived, but we are working, we study a lot, and my second fortune is my family – a moral support, a daily support, my father travels with me only when there are concerts, because the tour is very stressful. But for promotions, I travel alone, and you know, in the morning, when I call home, they give me the charge to start the day.
Marcella: As a good Sicilian you have left the roots here, however you continually feed from your family.

Piero: When someone tell me “You know, when you speak, we hear the Sicilian accent, the Italian accent….” Let it be heard!
Marcella:  On the other hand, your pride, it is this and, I can say, you are also our pride and I believe I also interpret the thought of all the inhabitants of Agrigento who followed you.
Last question, what do you dream of doing “when you grow up?”
Piero: I’m studying lyric now, because that’s my dream, that world, it’s my dream, the lyric is another dimension, but you have to study … too much … and now I’m studying, thanks to my possibilities, I am studying in Bologna, with my teacher Sergio Bertocchi, a great teacher, and he is a great person. I’m studying an opera setting, however, always with Il Volo, Il Volo is always …. the group Il Volo …. IS IL VOLO. And so, my dream is that one day maybe, to do the Premiere to La Scala or in some theater.

Marcella: And we really wish you to stand out even more in this flight.
Piero: Before closing I have a gift, I brought you the new album of Il Volo, “We Are Love,” this is the deluxe version, with over eight unpublished songs, including two duets, and four covers, there are five Christmas songs.
Marcella: This is the advantage of interviewing these characters, but I accept it only if you sign it.
I wish you all the best.
Piero: It was really a huge pleasure.
Marcella: For me too.
Piero: When my father told me that they had called for this interview, I immediately said yes, let’s do it.
Marcella: I confirm it, because you have remained what you are.
Piero, thank you very much, Ad Maiora. (Towards greater things!)

What a totally amazing interview with a 19-year-old Piero!
I have to say for me, this was a strange story because I started at the end and went back to the beginning. But it was necessary to do that with this story because I needed you to see how far Piero has come. The absolutely powerful voice was always there, always, but the voice that Piero wants, the one that will bring him the greatest joy in life has just begun to appear. I know Piero always sang opera. That’s what a spinto tenor does but to be THE TENOR, to stand on the stage at La Scala that tenor has to present himself over the years. It’s a lot of hard work but Piero made it. He got there! And so, it seems, the final story has begun! All that’s left are the finishing touches!

One final note. The World Tour has begun! So happy you guys are back on stage. It was lonely without you!

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Join me next week as I go back Through the Fields of My Mind and open the door to a new adventure!
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The Romantic Gianluca by Susan

Gianluca’s life began in the small town of Montepagano where he lived a simple life but, when he emerged, he began a journey that would take him around the world and through his amazing voice he would leave his mark in every corner of that world.

I love when Gianluca describes where he grew up…

To be precise, I grew up, in Montepagano, on a hill two hundred meters as the crow flies and ten minutes by road from the sea, and Roseto degli Abruzzi.
Gianluca makes us envision the magnificence of a crow in flight passing over the hill where his home rests and following the road that leads to the sea and landing on the seashore at the beautiful beach of Roseto degli Abruzzi ~ only two hundred meters away! It’s a flight in words that leads us to envision a crow soaring across an endless sky in search of a place to rests its feet. But Gianluca tells us in essence it is only a ten-minute flight! Remarkable!  It’s a beautiful description!   
This is how Gianluca describes his life from the beginning. From his very first words we can hear and feel the passion that he feels for Abruzzo!
Gianluca continues….
The accents are beautiful, the dialects are beautiful, but I can say that what I prefer is the Abruzzese? I am, very, proud to be from Abruzzo. I love everything about this region. And I like to bring Abruzzo around the world and keep it high.
He describes Abruzzo in the same way as he describes the crow! He has us envision a place that is so beautiful, so magnificent that it needs to be held high!
I am right at the sea. I’m relaxing, I’m calm! There is a sea breeze and nothing else. It’s Thursday and I am practically alone on the beach. I’m fine, from God! I’m fine because I’m home.
And then he goes on to say he is at home he is fine because he is so calm and at peace here and that he is one with God! Gianluca should write poetry!
So, I start this story by making you realize, if you don’t already know it, Gianluca is all about passion! Passion for family, music, country and soccer! Not always in that order!
In many ways, Gianluca is very different from Piero and Ignazio. He had a calm and peaceful childhood. As is evident in how he describes his life as relaxed and calm. He didn’t have the challenges that Ignazio had or the intense classical education that Piero had. No, Gianluca lived a very simple life. Perhaps that explains why Gianluca is a romantic and why I call him, The Romantic Gianluca.
With him, everything is about passion! Like his passion for Abruzzo which he takes around the world. On tour he always speaks about Abruzzo. He loves his country and, he wants others to love it too! I agree with Gianluca, Abruzzo is an amazing place. My maternal grandparents were from Abruzzo!

When Gianluca goes home to Abruzzo, he feels like he is on vacation. Montepagano is a very beautiful town. It sits at the top of a hill facing the Adriatic Sea. It is like a picture-perfect postcard!  It’s no wonder Gianluca is at peace here. Montepagano is Gianluca’s paradise.
If you ask Gianluca about this paradise and how he spent his childhood, there he will tell you…

My life as a child seems so far away. I remember, very, little of my childhood! It’s like twenty years have passed but, only five have passed. I’m not like Ignazio I was born and raised in Montepagano. I was traveling only with dreams. What made me dream? Music naturally.
And, so, we come to perhaps Gianluca’s greatest passion, Music! Or let’s say our greatest passion about Gianluca, his music!

As a child, Gianluca went to after school sessions with the nuns. One afternoon, while he was doing homework, he suddenly got up and started singing “Time to Say Goodbye.” The teacher, Gabriella, was speechless. “What a voice you have, what a wonderful voice,” she told Gianluca. “But do you know Andrea Bocelli?” She could not believe how it was possible for such a small child to have such a voice and to know a singer of that kind. “Of course, I know him, he’s my idol, my favorite singer,” Gianluca said with a certain pride. “Only I do not have his CD yet.” Gabriella promised Gianluca, “I’ll bring it to you tomorrow, I’ll gift it to you.”  
Gianluca recalls, “I was seven, maybe eight years old and thanks to Gabriella I was able to start listening to Andrea Bocelli as often as I wanted.”
Yes, this was Gianluca’s passion as a young boy to sing Bocelli songs. And he sang them all the time. But it was music itself that motived Gianluca.  In an interview with the “Rosetana Star” Gianluca said: “Music for me is the oxygen of my life.”
And it wasn’t just Bocelli as Gianluca will tell you.

As I grew older, I became more passionate about singing, including the great American classics, first of all Frank Sinatra.

Now let’s turn to Gianluca’s voice. While Sinatra was known as the Voice, Gianluca is known as the Velvet Voice.

Gianluca is a lyrical baritone. He is exceptional because he can sing from the lowest to the highest note in the baritone range. Most baritones are limited in range. Gianluca’s voice is huge. He has a very rich chest resonance which creates a feeling of depth and drama in his voice.
A baritone’s voice is very romantic, very pleasing to listen to and is always inviting. Most songs are written for baritones. Gianluca starts, almost, every song. Why? In order for a song to be received well you must draw your audience into it. Gianluca’s voice draws you in in a romantic way and you hang on to every note. He can mesmerize you with songs like “Mi Mancherai” where he reaches into the depth of his being and yours. His interpretation of “Surrender” is electrifying. But, when Gianluca sings, “She’s Always a Woman”, he takes your breath away. The highs, the lows, the emotion, the expression. His voice expands like nothing I ever heard before. He has total command of the song. You walk away with your senses lifted to another level.
As you know, Gianluca never studied music so, how did Gianluca get to be the phenomenal singer that he is?
Gianluca was a member of the Piccolo Choir of Roses which is one of the local branches of this choir. The Mago Zurlì, who was the presenter of the event when Gianluca was in the Choir, was his father, Ercole Ginoble.
Let me let Gianluca tell you how this all came to be….
When I sing, I don’t forget instinct.  What does that mean? I have never studied singing. I learned to ‘use’ my voice only thanks to my musical ear. I listened to the music and, it transmits everything I know. And I especially thank the Little Choir of Roses.
When I was about eight or nine, all those who heard my voice gave me the same advice: go sing in a choir. In Roseto there was the Piccolo Choir of Roses directed by the master Susy Paola Rizzo. They sang the songs of the “Zecchino d’oro” or other famous songs with arrangements in that style, with music for children. The Mago Zurlì, that was the presenter of the event, was my father. He had been for a couple of seasons.
This is where I started. It was nice because we studied the songs throughout the winter season, not the technique of singing, the songs. It was different, because we did not study the notes and how to do them, rather we studied instinctively, following what the teacher said and what our ears heard.
Then, in the summer, we demonstrated our work in the Municipality of Roseto. We sang in the squares during the local festivals, in the lidos, in the bathing establishments, around the whole of Abruzzo, all these tiny villages.
During the performances with the choir, besides the repertoire of the Zecchino d’oro, we sang the songs of Bocelli: Misere, Il Mare Calmo Della Sera, La Voce Del SilenzIo.

As you know Gianluca was discovered while singing with the Piccolo Choir of Roses.  He went to audition for Ti Lascio una Canzone and was accepted. And as we know he won!
And then there was IL Volo!
Each guy has his own way of contributing to the group. For Gianluca it’s constantly listening to music and selecting pieces that he thinks will work within the group. Each guy has his own way of presenting his music. For Gianluca, a song has to be presented in a romantic way. This is how most baritones deliver a song but, for Gianluca this is what he feels in his soul. Any piece he sings has a certain romance to it. Beyond the voice there is the body movements. A singer always has to get into and be in character. For Gianluca it’s just so natural.

Think of Gianluca singing the Ecstasy of Gold. I remember him singing the song for the first time at the Tribute for Morricone. This song which was already known to us took on a new meaning when the guys sang it. But when Gianluca started the song, he gave it the right punch. The perfect presentation and perfect delivery. He brought the song to life within seconds. There is power in the way he introduces the song. His body language says as much and his voice. It’s a complete package. Perhaps it’s the actor in him but, I think it’s more about his feeling the music in his soul. You can’t properly present a song if you can’t feel it! Gianluca can feel it!

And talking about feeling it, let’s turn to the guy’s greatest achievement winning guy’s! Who felt it from the beginning ~ Gianluca! We know that it was Gianluca who convinced the guys to go to Sanremo! Or rather Gianluca convinced Piero who convinced Ignazio.
Gianluca sums up Sanremo and the events that follow in this way….
The truth is that I was right from the beginning and, no one has ever listened to me, ever. I believed it so much that, if you notice, maybe I’m the one with the least surprised look when Carlo Conti announces the winner. Then, of those moments, one remembers little, there is great confusion, emotion. It was a dream to be able to shout, “Thank you, Italy!” from that stage. I looked at Sanremo as a child, when there was Pippo Baudo, and I was there and I have won because people were on our side and it was a dream, I repeat even if I have already said it. The emotion was only when my grandfather told me almost in tears: ‘Who would have told me that in my life I would see Modugno win at the festival and then I see you win.’

On Sunday evening, when I returned to Montepagano, I found the whole village in a party, not just my grandfather: my countrymen were waiting for me from the morning to celebrate. There really was everyone, including the mayor. And then, the journalists, the local TV and a crowd of people who we could not count.

In short, Sanremo was just a dream that brought us many different emotions.

Gianluca Ginoble with Luca Maggitti.
This photo is published on Luca Maggitti’s Facebook page with this dedication:
If I can express a wish to friends, for 2019, it is to have the humility of Gianluca: an international star who – since I have known him … and I have known him since he was 12 years old and he was nobody – has never been haughty.
On the other hand, I know people who are haughty and don’t even have a shred of talent.
Bravo, Gianlù!
Luca Maggitti
(In the lower right corner of the photo is Gianluca’s first public performance, on May 25, 2007 at the Oratorio Piamarta.)
The journalist Luca Maggitti interviewed Gianluca on the occasion of the ABBA Immobiliare event.  During the interview, started to drizzle. This was an excellent
Luca: On stage with me is the winner of Sanremo 2015 with Il Volo: Gianluca Ginoble.
Gianluca:  Good evening
Luca: These drops (drizzle), remind me of a passage from a book that says that Mexican nobles love to sleep outdoors with the drops of water that wet their sheets in the summer.
Gianluca: The perfect soundtrack. The sound of nature.
Luca: Singing in the rain.
Gianluca: Singing in the rain. Wet evening, lucky evening (it’s an old Italian saying).
Luca: You are truly an international artist. You have been on exceptional stages. A memory … when I saw you taking a selfie with Pope Francis in Panama, reminds me how many there were, how many you were.
Gianluca:  Maybe it was one of the best experiences ….. but you know that I don’t like to always talk about myself. This is a special evening and first of all I want to greet everyone, even ABBA Immobiliare and all of you, I am really happy and honored to be here, and thanks for the affection you have shown me also in these last week’s where we have had the opportunity to be together.
Luca: But they want to hear about you.
Gianluca: Yes, of course, let’s say that during my artistic career, it is now 11 years that I “fly” with my colleagues.
Luca: You have been on a world tour for 11 years without stopping, COVID has stopped you, otherwise you would be doing the eleventh year of touring.

Gianluca: Unfortunately, Covid has stopped everyone, there is no alternative and in any case health is the most important thing.
Surely one of the most beautiful experiences was to sing for the Pope, one meter from Pope Francis, an Ave Maria Mater Misericordiae written especially for us. There were thousands of young people, it was World Youth Day.
Luca: Eight hundred thousand young people?
Gianluca: You added three hundred thousand more …..
Luca: But do you realize how many young people ….. and then you go there and say “Francis, let’s take a selfie?”
Gianluca: It was nice, because the Pope is always very helpful, we had the opportunity to meet him also during the private audience, and that day we said ‘Can we take a selfie like young people do?’ And he said ‘Sure.’
Luca: Then I have an Argentine national volleyball guest and I keep you here, as you also speak Spanish, and I don’t.
Gianluca: Okay.
Luca: You also sang for two Presidents of the Italian Republic, in the Senate there was Napolitano and in Trieste, for the unification of Italy there was Mattarella. Even in those cases, I imagine, a great satisfaction.
Gianluca: Especially in the Senate I was very excited, I was 18/19 and it was something surreal, like the beginning of our career, from school desks, to travels around the world.
It was an honor for us, Napolitano, Grasso (President and Prime Minister), he was very prestigious, one of the things I will never forget.

Luca: Another thing I remember, at least it struck me a lot and maybe it is something passed over in silence, when you went to do a sort of “Band Aid”, years later for Haiti, if I’m not mistaken, and you were invited by Quincy Jones himself. Quincy Jones isn’t recognized by many, but he produced Michael Jackson, he produced Thriller.
You were very young, and you had this man who, from the videos, hugged you …..
Gianluca: There are great things very appreciated abroad, of our country, and they are good food and this type of music, which has its own light and illuminates the world for decades, also brought by Pavarotti and Bocelli. Thanks to this, we have attracted the attention of the great boss of international music like Quincy Jones, because we do nothing but bring, with our voices, the name of our music, of our country.

Luca: It struck me a lot, even the fact that the former Roseto basketball coach, Neven Spahija, when he was in Atlanta, called me and said, “Is that boy really from Roseto?”.  And then he came to greet you at meet & greet and he wrote me, “This is the music that everyone loves in the world,” and he is a Croatian.
The beautiful thing about Il Volo, I have always said, as a simple journalist, you are Il Volo in Japan, Il Volo in America …… that is … Vasco Rossi (a very famous pop singer in Italy) it is Vasco Rossi in Italy, but in France (France taken as an example of a neighboring country), no offense, he is nobody ….. you are Il Volo in the world, and this is an incredible thing.
When you go to South America, they give the news on the national news. For you, who are always kind it seems normal, but sharing this with you, let me say to all: let’s do another round of applause!
There is also another succulent anecdote, when you went with Bruno Vespa in New York and you met Woody Allen and you explain to him that you live in Montepagano, taking the wine route. Tell us.
Gianluca: I sometimes think about it and it makes me laugh.
Luca: Your spontaneity makes you do everything.
Gianluca: Sicily is certainly much better known than Abruzzo, this is the reality. We were having dinner with Woody Allen, and he asked us where we come from. The other two replied from Sicily and he said he had seen it several times, then I say from Abruzzo, he did not know where it was, then I add, near Rome, and then I say, “Do you know Montepulciano d’Abruzzo wine?” and he said, “Yes, great wine, I like it very much”. You understand, I had to go around through the wine to explain where Abruzzo is, because unfortunately he didn’t know it, but through the wine he understood.
Luca: Yes, for many foreign people, Abruzzo is close to Rome, even if in fact it is not that close for us, indeed it is far from Rome, but to explain it is easier this way.
Gianluca: In addition, the places of the Abruzzo mountains are more famous than those of the sea. But we have beautiful beaches here and there are people like you (Abba Immobiliare) who are investing in the territory of Roseto degli Abruzzi, which is a jewel and has nothing to envy from other beaches.

Luca: Last thing I want to tell you, something that happened to me and your dad, Ercole. One day I was here at the Liberty having a coffee and I see four women who speak English. They were four of Gianluca admirers from Connecticut, Texas, Florida, and I would say Louisiana or Georgia, who had come here, had hired a driver, an interpreter, and wanted to see the places where Gianluca had grown up. If I hadn’t witnessed this, I wouldn’t have believed it. They asked me, “Do you really know Gianluca?” And I called Ercole and told him that I had seen women who were almost crying for Gianluca.
Gianluca: Do you realize?

Luca: The Texan woman, (Deborah Georgini Beaupre) showed me the photo of the car with the personalized IL VOLO license plate, because there, paying for it is possible (in Italy it is not possible) and told me, ‘I am cured of depression, after the death of my husband, listening to the music of Il Volo’ and hugged you and never left you. They came from America to see your house, then, luckily you were there, but for them, it was enough to see Gianluca’s house in Montepagano. What do you think of this?
Gianluca: Sometimes I can hardly believe it, how life can radically change, however  I was a child who dreamed of singing, but I never imagined that my life could change like this and get to the other side of the world and excite and also to heal people ….. the power of music, and it’s something that still excites me.

Luca: In 2009, Massimo Ranieri (famous Italian singer) comes here to sing and the mayor tells me, I bring Gianluca to Ranieri and introduce him to him. You know him, and you tell him, ‘You will see that I will become a good singer.’
Gianluca: But…… I can’t have said that.
Luca: Then you also took the photo with your cell phone.
Gianluca: It was 2007 and then in 2015 we sang together on RAI1 “Qunado L’Amore Diventa Poesia” and he showed that old photo on TV.
Luca: What effect did it have on you?
Gianluca: This shows that over the years anything can happen, as a child I came to see a singer in concert and a few years later, I sing on TV with him.
Luca, but you know that I don’t like to talk only about me.

Luca: But you are the star. In 2007, the first memory I have of you, at the age of 12, you go to sing two songs for a poetry award at the Pia Marta oratory school and you sing “Il Mare Calmo Della Sera,” a very difficult piece.
Gianluca: I remember, I was a little anomalous, a 12-year-old boy singing Bocelli, my friends listened to something else. I also listened to other groups, but also classical music, so the children of my age saw me as a “different” child.
Luca:  And I remember, that this 12 year old is doing this very difficult song and in the end we all stood up. 
Gianluca: Then I still had the young voice, so it was easier to get to the high notes.
Luca: It was an exceptional ride and it is still at the beginning because you are very young.
Gianluca: I hope so, I’ve always enjoyed living with music.
Luca: Last thing, you were international stars, but you missed Italy, first time in Sanremo and immediately victory, what effect did it have on you?
Gianluca: In fact we were more known and appreciated in other countries than at home, it was a sort of revenge, to show that we had a great desire to do and to be recognized in our country after years abroad, and for us to win Sanremo it was the most important thing, it gave us the real fame in Italy, that of being recognized on the street. But I must say that I am really happy, and I hope to continue flying with my colleagues for many more years.
Luca: The hope is also that you will always remain so available, ladies and gentlemen: GIANLUCA GINOBLE.

I want to add one final note before I close. When Gianluca found out that he would be singing for the Pope for the World Meeting of Families and that his family was invited as guests to meet the Pope, his first thought was my grandpa will shake hands with the Pope. Grandpa, the head of the family.
So now, let me go back and sum up Gianluca’s musical career! Although Gianluca never studied music he did develop a musical ear and instinct and as a member of the Piccolo Choir of Roses and his performances around Abruzzo, he was discovered by Licia Giunco who brought Gianluca to Rome to audition for Ti Lascio Una Canzone. The rest of the story is history!

Gianluca shares his amazing voice with people all over the world! People who have come to know and love The Romantic Gianluca and all agree that he is the one who will lead you into the journey that is known as Il Volo.  
Join me next week as I go back Through the Fields of My Mind and open the door to a new adventure!
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*Excerpts from Il Volo, Un’avventura straordinaria, La nostra storia.
Credit to owners of all photos and videos.


We had followed Il Volo, up to the concerts in Taormina, but since then there have been many events to talk about.
The World Meeting of Families at the Vatican and the beautiful meeting of Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca and their respective families, with the Pope, was really very beautiful and exciting, an event of which Susan spoke very well to you.
There was Piero’s birthday and everyone wrote their best wishes for him, even on our site the beautiful publication edited by Jana and Kelly, and Piero, while he was flying to Germany, made a short video of thanks to all the fans.
“Hello to all the fan clubs, I have received all your messages, wishes for my birthday, thank you again, you are always too kind. ❤
Now we are on the flight to Frankfurt, for the concert tonight, tomorrow night we’ll sing in Düsseldorf, we are waiting for you at all the concerts.”
Then, there were the first two concerts abroad, and exactly in:
June 25 in Frankfurt.
There was a lot of emotion, sold out. The audience was very warm.
Here are some amateur photos and videos from the evening.


And then, almost without resting, on the 26th of June in Düsseldorf.
Another crowd bath, enthusiastic to listen to Il Volo.
Here is a beautiful collage of some songs, made by the Düsseldorf Mitsubishi Halle, where the nice concert was held.

And now look how nice they are!!
My friend Albertine, from Netherlands, was in Düsseldorf, at her first Il Volo concert, that’s what she wrote to me.
“Hi Daniela, I am back in our hotel and I am very happy.
Their voices are amazing. It is a pity they did not come down from the stage as in Frankfurt. But any how I am very happy.
I cannot express in words. They are fantastic.
It was more than what I have imagined.
Their voices are really so good. Imagine, I took the train from Holland and my friend Marie-Jeanne Jans from Belgium, to Düsseldorf.
We haven’t met and for the first time met in the hotel in Düsseldorf, because of IL Volo. We are best friends now. Two old ladies that long to see and hear IL Volo.
That was an evening that we will never forget. In our hotel, we met a lot of people who came from Holland to be in the concert of IL Volo. The next morning we met and talk about the concert. After seen them in concert makes me more love them and respect them. I hope one day I can meet them personally and able to hug each one of them. ❤❤❤ 🌹🌹🌹 Send them my love, please.   I wish I could speak Italian then I can understand all what they are talking. But I have enjoyed the concert very much. Next time, I hope to be in Taormina.”
And now some photos:
Quick return to Italy, Piero, Gianluca and Ignazio, post this photo, beautifully relaxed on Lake Como and we all think about a little relaxation before the concert in Italy …
………. but it is not so, Il Volo stopped at the beautiful Villa D’Este on Lake Como, for a private event, the celebrations of the 150th anniversary of Villa D’Este.
Villa D’Este is a beautiful villa in Cernobbio, on Lake Como.
It is considered one of the most beautiful works of architectural art of the sixteenth century, it is surrounded by a 10-hectare (24.71 acres) park with centenary plants, and in its halls you can admire fascinating works of art.
And here are our favorites singing in the beautiful Villa D’Este, thanks to the videos by @monicamasperoo via Instagram Stories, published on the Le mamme IlVolovers fanpage, June 28, 2022.




And the beautiful fireworks, posted by Gianluca, at the end of the evening.
And now here we are on 29 June, the last concert of June, in the beautiful square of Ferrara, as you can see from the photo published by Maestro Grani.
The mayor of Ferrara also came to shake hands with Piero, Ignazio and GIanluca.
Beautiful square, warm audience and many kind thoughts from ordinary people, like this beautiful cake made for Il Volo by the Fratelli Asta pastry shop!!

And here is a nice video of the beginning of the concert.


Some photos.
And now a nice video, made by Gianluca’s mother, and, a nice surprise, during the final song of Grande Amore, a couple arrives in front of the stage and he bows to make her the marriage proposal. Superb, how much love is in the air !!!❤❤
And here is Ignazio, Piero and Gianluca with the beautiful future married couple!! Best wishes!!! ❤

Please click on the Ferrara Summer Festival logo below to view the video.
Ferrara Summer Festival video
In short, the tour continues successfully.
Now a little pause, you will think, since the next concert is on July 7th, but no, because the day after the Ferrara concert, our three men were on a direct flight to Canada, but it is not known to do what, maybe a private event ???
Il Volo, no name could be more ideal for these three young men, these three rare pearls: Ignazio, Gianluca and Piero !!
Daniela 🤗


Credit to owners of all photos and videos.

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