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Thank you LynnK for this information:


Other ways you can help:


Donate to the Italian Red Cross

You can donate to the Italian Red Cross by clicking here.  A fund has also been set up by the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC), where you can donate with international currencies.

The National Italian American Foundation (NIAF) and UNICO

The National Italian American Foundation has set up a donation page, while UNICO, America’s largest Italian-American service and charitable organization is also collecting donations through its relief fund. Donations can be sent to the UNICO Foundation Disaster Relief Fund can be sent to 271 U.S. Highway 46 West, Suite F-103, Fairfield, N.J. 07004.

Save the Children has also set up a donation fund.

MoneyGram Announces Zero-Fee Transactions for Red Cross Donations Following Italy Earthquake.
MoneyGram (MGI)

I am monitoring for more ways to help as other charities and NGOs respond to this disaster. ~Marie

Dedicated to those who lost their lives in the tragic earthquake in Italy. May they rest in peace. 😦— with Italy.


Detroit Wine & Dine 2016

Update:  From Jana – 8 pm



Mary Bohling, Jana, Allene, Chris and several other Flight Crew Folks will be part of the lucky 35 TONIGHT in Detroit! 

They will have dinner, Meet & Greet with Il Volo, then spend time in the studio just watching Our Guys being interviewed and having fun.  Those fortunate guests will, at the same time, be viewing the premier PBS release of the Una Notte Magica video on closed-circuit TV.

Here is what we, the poor unlucky souls left behind, expect from all of you:

1) Hugs to the guys while saying,  “This is from the Flight Crew who love you, but were, sadly, left at home.”

2) Tell us everything!!!  E V E R Y T H I N G !

3) Send Pictures.

4) Have a blast!


Some of our Ladies got together for dinner last night at Antonio’s.  Thanks for the photo, Jana.


The Antionio’s, who own the restaurant, are friends of Il Volo.  You can read a news article about Our Guys framed on the wall.  You may also order “Il Volo Pollo” from the menu.


Video of their arrival in Detroit.  Thanks Emilia Tomaszycki!  I know you’ll be at the dinner!

Sorry, could not embed this.  You will have to view the video on Emilia’s facebook:


em 1

 Emilia (cupcake) and Piero at Detroit airport yesterday!



Detroit PBS press release:

Placido 1


Il Volo is joined by Placido Domingo for Una Notte Magica

In their fifth special for PBS produced by Detroit Public TV premiering Wednesday, 8/24, at 9:30pm ET, the members of Il Volo will be joined by Placido Domingo himself for a magical concert beneath the stars in Florence, Italy’s incredible Santa Croce Square.


P.S.  Tell Ignazio I’m not very far away!

More Crew Sharing

♥ From Penina…

 So CUTE!!! It says “Awaiting the signing of San Remo (that part doesn’t concern us) and “the godmother of a surprising musical trio”
Antonella certainly was their godmother! Some of the newer blog people might like to see this from the old days:

Penina 1ALL Things Il Volo


♥ From Gina…

Penina 2

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♥ From Ann…


This is a really nice video of Ignazio singing “Somos Novios”. He’s on Skype with his girlfriend Alessandra while he sings. Watch him dance with her during the musical refrain. (Kudos ~ All Things Il Volo)

(I must add here that this is one of the most romantic things I have ever seen!  – Marie)

1111 b♥ From Gina…

62 Interesting Facts About . . .Italy

#19  No other country in Europe has as many volcanoes as Italy. This is because the Italian peninsula stands on a fault line. Three major volcanoes (Etna, Stromboli, and Vesuvius) have erupted in the last hundred years.

#39 Soccer is Italy’s most popular sport, and the famous San Siro Stadium in Milan holds 85,000 people. Italy has won the World Cup four times (1934, 1938, 1982, and 2006), making the country’s team second only to Brazil’s in number of wins.

1111 c

From Lydka

I mentioned that I was big fan of tennis and still I like tennis as a viewer.When I was younger I collected  tennis posters, I gave away some of them ( for example gave as gifts few posters of Novak to my former friend ), but I still have quite a nice collection ( Djokovič, Federer, Nadal, Wawrinka, Tsonga, David Ferrer, Juan Carlos Ferrero, Berdych, Sharapova, Venus Williams, Ivanovič, Henin,Azarenka…).  I mentioned in comment that I have book about Nole, also about Roger, and I got as gift from friend autograph from Djokovič, so that as evidence that I am not a liar I send photos of books, 2 posters and autograph.🙂

Lydka tenni 5s

Lydka tenni 6s

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From LynnK…

“Oh Dear!”

Penina 5

Chef Carlo Cracco has been reported to police for cooking pigeon during a Masterchef episode. Photo: Giuseppe Cacace/AFP

Italy’s Masterchef judge reported for cooking pigeon

1111 d
From Ann…

Penina 6
Osteria Francescana by Chef Massimo Bottura was awarded the price as the best restaurant in the world.
1111 e

From Lydka…

“This is my Il Volo Poster.”

Lydka poster


♥ From Gina…

Common Italian Words and Phrases

Italian is known for being one of the most beautiful languages there is. It is the language of Dante and Da Vinci, and the direct descendent of Latin. When learning Italian, however, it might help to start with the basics.
When you meet people you will have to communicate with them, introduce yourself, and know how to ask and answer some basic questions. You may not be fluent yet, and you may not be quoting renaissance poetry, but at least you can communicate and find your way around, which will open up many doors for you when you’re traveling around Italy.

1111 g
END ~~~

$6.86/second…Is It Worth It?

Hi, my name is Jana, and I’m an Ivolover. My obsession started about 3 years ago or so, and like many obsessions, it started out slow. But along the way, I had to find a friend or two to help feed my obsession and help it grow. It started with just watching them on PBS, with a 1 me 2concert or two. Then, I went to the concert. After that one concert, it became apparent that this obsession turned into an addiction! I just had to have them – their faces, their music, their voices, the sound, it filled my soul like no other euphoric thing I’d ever experienced! I became a fanatic, ordering every CD I could find and scouring You Tube each night for a video or interview, so I could experience this amazing phenomenon. I got my fill most nights, but I just had to have more. I started listening to them all day at work, playing the same CD over and over. The bad thing was, I became a pusher! Yes, every time someone came to my desk and asked what I was listening to, I couldn’t wait to start pushing my addiction on to them. And it was so easy, too. Just showed them the CD cover and told them how awesome they were. Then I brought in the DVDs for them to watch. I was so bad…. Pushing my addiction on others like that. When we thought we couldn’t possibly get more of them, it becomes our ring tones on our cell phones, and their pictures are our wallpapers on our phones and computers, and to really annoy those that aren’t our fellow Ilvolovers, we have their songs on our ringback tones on our phones! There we were, 3 ignaexposing innocent persons to just a snippet of their voices, every time they called us! I just had to stop, but I couldn’t. Then, I found what I thought was a support group. We met and shared our stories about our addiction, and they were all so similar. Kindred spirits! I’d also found this blog site, where I found more addicted and obsessed persons! This obsession was rampant, and I quickly found it was spreading like wildfire all around the world. The scary thing was that no one tried to stop it! We just kept adding more people to our group. Like all addictions, it was getting a bit expensive, too! We just had to have their latest CD or DVD and we had to have it now. We could not wait and thought nothing of paying expedited shipping costs, just so we could have it first! We went to concerts and fought to get front row seats. We did not care what they cost, it was “the guys!” Then there were the meet & greets. Were we afraid of overdosing? No, never! We knew our friends were there to help us. The cost of the meet & greets and concerts? Hundreds…to some, maybe even thousands! It didn’t matter. We were there. Even when we’d thought 3 gianwe’d had enough, we just kept needing more to feed this habit of ours. We kept pushing others, so they would share in our glorious addiction; this untold high we got when we heard our favorite guy sing “that” note! It was pure ecstasy for those precious seconds! The cost of those meet & greets become a distant past when you see their faces up close and personal.  Oh, and it doesn’t stop there….all of a sudden, we find out there is a concert in Italy!  The next thing we know we are buying a ticket to Florence or Verona and then we are afraid.  Afraid to tell our loved ones we are going to see the guys, yet again  – that part is not so bad, but we are afraid to tell them it’s in Italy (because we are sure they will be calling the men in the little white coats!)!  What a joy it will be to hear them in their own country.  We’ve yet to experience the joy and beauty of our own country, but don’t think twice about jetting off to Italy!  They don’t know it, but for those 30 seconds or less when you are looking into those innocent and talented eyes, they are yours! They belong to you. When you hold their hands, the power of your touch, matches 3 pierotheirs and it’s electric. The fire courses through your veins, their eyes penetrate yours and you are lost in those few seconds; you get dizzy, and lightheaded. You cannot speak; your legs feel like fettuccine, and your feet like cement blocks. You are rudely brought back to reality when they say to turn around and smile, and snap! You turn around one last time. You look at them and the moment is gone.


Many say, after one, or even two meet & greets, and the money it cost; that’s it, no more, won’t do it again. Won’t spend all that money on a ticket, or to get first, their latest CD…they are done. They are calling it quits. They try to be strong, but peer pressure is overwhelming. The date of their next concert is drawing near. Ok, you decide, you will go – just to keep your friends company. Well, maybe you’ll try to get good seats, but definitely no meet & greet. The time is getting closer and closer…you start to feel it again, as hard as you try to push it way, it overtakes your very being again. All of a sudden, you realize, your addiction is back. It’s this craving, this thing, it’s just so overpowering; you can’t stop it. You buy the ticket, you check your bank account, it’s nearly overdrawn, you buy the meet & greet!


No, no, you said you wouldn’t get caught up in this thing again. It’s not worth all the money, and the waiting, and anticipation. It’s too much stress! But, like the words in Unchained Melody, it’s a hunger; a hungering, for their touch. A need, only they can fill.

So, is it worth it you ask?

3 guys pbs

There they are, standing before you, looking at you with those innocent, sparkling, and playful eyes;

your hand reaches forth…1 hand

(Photo credits:  PBS 2015)

Personally Speaking ~ Colorful Il Volo ~ Mary Bohling


To say that the Il Volo men are colorful has meaning on different levels.  They have colorful personalities just by virtue of being Italian, yes? Always beautiful and captivating, they instill in their fans a desire to follow their moves around the world, whether in concert or just enjoying casual time.  They have made us care about them on a very personal level, because they are not only colorful in their endeavors, but always maintain their intrinsic solid base.

Piero has certainly been colorful this summer, sporting his YELLOW attire.  He looks like a ray of sunshine in the yellow shirt, and YELLOW shorts have never looked so good before.  It’s a dramatic color that really suits his outgoing personality–remind-ful of Lemoncello, the intense Italian aperitif.



While Gianluca usually favors the conservative look in dress, we can’t forget the shiny BLUE suit from the Jose Jose tribute.   Only GG could have pulled off that look, but on him it was perfection.  And not to forget the RED speedos –we could never forget them.



Yes, RED was a good color for the speedos and remember how dashing Piero looked in his RED sport coat on the Buon Natale DVD?  We could stand seeing more of that.  And it goes without saying that the RED glasses have always been his trademark.



When performing at special occasions the guys are usually dressed in formal BLACK  suits.  They fit the role of dignified, professional men to a T.  With the white shirts and BLACK ties, they are the quintessential examples of professionalism.


And speaking of WHITE shirts, what is it about a WHITE shirt on a handsome man that makes women of all ages sigh with delight?  WHITE shirts are worn everywhere and on all occasions.  Fathers and Grandpas wear them (though perhaps somewhat begrudgingly) and they look very nice, but put one on a handsome young man, roll up the sleeves a bit and leave the top four or five buttons undone, and women over the age of 16 are likely to breathe more heavily at the sight.  We have numerous examples of how our handsome young men use this tempting show of masculinity.  And when they choose to drape a sweater over their shoulders, they are the epitome of casual sophistication.  Long live the WHITE shirt.





BLUE seems to be the alternate color choice for Ignazio, albeit a subtle shade, when he prefers something other than the usual grayish color that the guys tend to wear when performing.  It may be a suit, or something more casual like a T shirt. No matter, he looks great in anything.



Yes, our guys are colorful, and we like them that way.  We can’t get enough of their colorful characteristics no matter what colors they are wearing.

~~Mary Bohling~~

Photo credits

Detroit PBS, Getty Images, All Things Il Volo, Piero Barone Facebook

Djokovič and Friends Charity Gala Dinner with Il Volo

Announced by the Djokovič Foundation, but not confirmed by Il Volo.

Novak Djokovic Foundation and Friends: 2016 Charity Gala Dinner

We are very excited to inform you that, on September 20, 2016, The Novak Djokovic Foundation and friends will hold its fourth charity Gala dinner.

The event will take place at the magnificent Castello Sforzesco in Cortile Delle Armi, Milano, Italy, and will include a red carpet press line and cocktail reception, followed by a seated dinner, with a program featuring a performance of the Italian pop trio Il Volo and an exciting live auction.

Co-founder Novak Djokovic and, director and co-founder of Novak Djokovic Foundation, Jelena Djokovic, along with many of their friends from the worlds of film, fashion, aristocracy, business, and international philanthropy, will be in attendance to raise funds and awareness for the children that NDF supports through their work.

The Gala will take place only a few days before the start of Fashion Week and will be followed by two days of the tennis exhibition matches (21-22/09) with stars like Novak Djokovic, Rafael Nadal, Serena Williams and Flavia Pennetta participating.

Our love for tennis, fashion, and giving back to the less fortunate has always been the powerful motivating force behind our success in the past, and we are confident that this time as well, our Milano Gala will prove to be the event not to miss.

For further information contact us at <a href=”http:”=””>

Passion and commitment are the core values of our Foundation, and evident in all the work we do, from training more than 600 teachers, building or repurposing 18 schools and helping over 10,000 children and counting. We believe deeply in the vital importance of early education, and we’re determined to change the world: one preschool at a time.

For more on past gala’s:

For Tickets:–%5B%5D%E2%80%94

~Thanks for the heads-up Lydka and Gina