LAST CALL!!! Ignazio Turns 25! – Oct 4, 2019



Our dear Ignazio turns 25 this year – hey, he’s catching up to us now!  🙂  Yes, he has really toned up this summer and is looking fantastic, not that he didn’t 1-igna3always look most awesome!  He may have come in third place, but he’s always been number one in our hearts (ok, me, Marie, and I know there are quite a few of you others out there, too!)

So, you know the drill… send your best wishes to Ignazio and comment on this site, or send to the site email if you know what that is….

Also, Kelly is always up for suggestions on a 1-igna4theme song for his birthday video!


Tanti auguri, amico maschio!

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Photo credits to:  Emilia T, from Detroit; Ignazio’s Poetry from Instagram, and me! 🙂

VERONA : MUSICA TOUR 25 by Daniela

You wait for an event for so long, and then in an instant, everything seems to be over.

It happened again this time.

After a dreary autumn day, sported the day before, for the day of the big event, Verona has prepared a beautiful day, with a warm afternoon sun.

Verona 01

The meeting of the soundcheck was scheduled for 4:30pm and finally after an hour and a half of the queue, and endless beautiful meetings with so many fans that I know only via internet, we managed to enter.

Ignazio went wild in an imitation of Freddy Mercury, in “I WANT TO BREAK FREE”, too good and nice Ignazio.

Verona 02

Verona 03

Verona 04

Verona 05

Half an hour of song rehearsals, and the boys greeted us and left. There are two full hours before the concert starts and we can’t leave the Arena.

Slowly, the whole Arena fills up, the emotion is at its peak.

A pianist opens the evening and then IL VOLO, it all starts !!!

The stage is beautiful, full of lights, a large inscription IL VOLO stands tall.
It starts with NESSUN DORMA”.

A beautiful start as documented by the video of our Alicja that was in the front rows. Thanks Alicja! 😊



At the end of the song, there is a nice exchange of our boys’ lines, I translate it for you.

G = Thank you all, nice though, but do you realize where we are?
P + I = In Verona
G = OK, I wanted to play the part of those who exalt, it wasn’t a prepared joke, ok I won’t say anything anymore.
I = However, I, as a family member, as a brother ……
P = I understand, you’re driving me away.
I = No.
P = But look what a face you are !!
I = No.
P = You have the same face as that guy on the plane. We were returning from Paris, Paris-Bologna.

I = Can it be that he is here? We hope not.
P = Paris-Bologna, we enter by plane first, it was you and me …..
G = I swear to you that if it doesn’t make you laugh …..
P = It’s funny (and then addressed to people) Laugh! (laughs). I was on the plane, second row, me, corridor, Ignazio.
I = No, you are wrong.
P = Come on, Ignazio.
I = You must tell it like this, there was the corridor, I was here and you were there, in the row in front of me, but on the opposite side.
P = Perfect. A man enters, all composed, with a pair of shoes that …..
I = But what do you say “all composed” ?.

P = It was a little strange, the pistachio green shirt, the pink pants ….
G = Maybe there’s someone here, dressed like that …
I = (for people) Is there someone here dressed as a “pistachio and strawberry ice cream cone?” (laughter) I don’t think so.

P = Pistachio shirt and strawberry pants, and crocodile shoes, electric blue, it was something to think “tomorrow I go to the barracks to make the complaint”.
I = However I approach …
P = …. to me, and he tells me in Sicilian dialect …. (look, in Sicilian it says TALIA)
I = But sorry, I’m here, I’ll do my part.
G = I make the guy.
P = No, I do it, you do Piero, me.

I = Crocodile human ice cream arrives …
G = See that Pio and Amedeo (two Italian comedians) were here (in the Arena) yesterday!
I = Ok, at a certain point, I see the guy arrive, he passes and I say to Piero (in Sicilian dialect for not being understood by the guy): “ Oh Piero, taliaci scarpe” (look at the shoes) …… now, one of Paris, do you think he can understand ???

P = And this guy, two meters tall, passes by, turns to Ignazio and says “Do you want to look better at my shoes ???” (laughter) …. and Ignazio makes this face …. (Piero makes an open mouth)
I = But if I am here I do it my face ……. I made the surprised face !!!
P = However I wanted to tell this event and now I’m leaving, as a brother, I’m leaving. (to the people) I will miss 3 minutes and then I come back, don’t cry. (applause, Gianluca approaches Ignazio)
I = If now they bring us the microphones, we sing.

G = I’ll give you a little kiss.
I = No, no, (Gian dismisses), you never know, Ricky Martin teaches, in the end it is so, and there is nothing wrong, though ….
G = Stop it, you know it’s not like that!
I = What’s got to do with it, but you don’t give it to me, kisses.
G = It is a fraternal gesture.
I = And you keep these fraternal gestures, all this kindness ….
G = Do we want to sing ??
I = We are passionate about Musicals, and this is why we decided to sing this song, it is part of one of the most famous American Musicals in the world, “WEST SIDE STORY” ….. (Ignazio jokes with the emotions of the public) … I seem to be Mega Mind: “MARIA”.


When “SMILE” starts, there is a nice surprise, Fabio Ingrassia, on stage, performs a beautiful drawing, which in the end is a portrait of Charlie Chaplin.

Very beautiful.

One of the most touching moments:

Ignazio sings “ANCORA TU NELL’UNIVERSO”, magnificent interpretation, Ignazio, how much emotion.

Same emotion for Piero with his solo “WHERE DO I BEGIN”, wonderful interpretation.

And what about the fantastic “BRIDGE OVER TROUBLED WATER” by Gianluca, emotion to the stars, another fabulous interpretation.

Every once in a while my eyes turned around, and it was a spectacle in the show, a flood of faces and hands that clapped, little lights that lit up, fantastic!!

Verona 06

Verona 07

Verona 08

Verona 09

Verona 10


And in the end, an explosion and a lot of colorful confetti, beautiful.

All really fantastic, the 27 songs performed with so much skill but also with much love, and what about the voices, the voices of Piero, Gianluca and Ignazio, are getting better and better, a charm that takes you from beginning to end.

And for those who want to see almost the whole concert from beginning to end, here is this video, it was taken up sideways and often frames the big screens, but you really don’t lose anything of the evening.

Some beautiful pics of the evening.

(Click on any photo to enlarge it.)












This was published by Elisa d’Ospina, a famous model in Italy.

Operation happiness, success.

Yesterday I wanted to surprise my grandmother bringing her to the Il Volo concert. She did not expect me to come and I found myself in Verona waiting for her. She didn’t even know that we would have seen the concert from under the stage and she was ecstatic all evening holding my hand. The strongest moment when the boys sang “Caruso”, one of the few songs that makes me cry automatically. Before he died, when he was still well, I was at the table with my grandfather and in a transmission there was Lucio Dalla singing his masterpiece. This big man of almost two meters became small and moved. From that day “Caruso” became the song that reminds me of grandfather. And last night hand-in-hand we listened together with grandma. We went out at midnight with her repeating in a loop: “What a great gift”. Thanks also to Gianluca Ginoble who greeted her from the stage. It’s nice to make those you love happy.

If you have time, don’t waste your time and dedicate it as much as you can to the loved ones. ❤️

Verona 25

You guys were great, there are no right words to express emotions.

To understand, you need to be there, to see, and above all to feel, and then everything will seem so simple and beautiful to you, and a wonderful feeling will come into you and you would no longer want this beautiful feeling to go away.

But as always, everything ends and you already miss all of this, but other concerts are on the horizon. The emotions continue !!


Verona 26

Verona 27

Verona 28

Verona 29

Credit to owners of all photos and videos.


For IL VOLO, this was the first concert in this beautiful state: Lithuania.

The Lithuanians welcomed Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca with great warmth.

It is always nice to discover new people who appreciate and love our boys and also the Lithuanians have been involved in this beautiful atmosphere and have given enthusiastic applause.

Lithuania 01

The concert was announced with these words:

IL VOLO, the most famous and successful Italian trio in the world, celebrates a decade of creative career and for the first time arrived at the Kaunas Žalgiris Arena. We share moments of a wonderful concert..  🥰

Lithuania 02

And here are some videos of the concert.







Final greetings


Lithuania 03

I dedicate this post to our dear friend Regina Hanna, who will read with emotion and even some regrets.

Here are some comments from a Lithuanian fan:

Kodėl man taip patinka, kodėl įsimylėjau Italiją, kodėl dievinu juos, kodėl tai virpina širdį iki mažiausio kampelio? 

Tai muzika ir balsai, kurie užburia. ❤️

❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️❤️

Why do I love them, why do I fall in love with Italy, why do I adore them, why does it shake my heart to the smallest corner?

It’s the music and the voices that enchant. ❤️

Ok Regina, everything went very well. Your beloved Lithuanians left a nice memory in the boys.

You wanted to be there to applaud them, but you will see them there in U.S.
A hug to you and ……

Piero, Gianluca Ignazio . . . fast, Verona and thousands of fans are waiting for you!

I cannot wait!!



One more thing . . .

Before they left for Verona, the guys of Il Volo were guests on the show Dancing with the Stars Ukraine, Sunday September 22 in Kiev. No, they did not dance, but sang “Caruso” and “Grande Amore”.


Credit to owners of all photos and videos.


I was absent from reading Facebook for a day, but your voices of amazement and happiness reached me.


You will certainly have read them everywhere, and thanks to Victoria and Jay who have reported them in the comments, and here they are, the famous dates (with a few additions):

US Tour 01.png

28 January 2020: Sony Center for the Performing Arts (which will soon be Meridian Hall) – Toronto, Canada

30 January 2020: Place Bell – Laval, Canada

1 February 2020: Grand Theater at Foxwoods Resorts Casino – Mashantucket, CT

3 February 2020: Boch Center Wang Theater – Boston, MA

6 February 2020: Radio City Music Hall – New York, NY

8 February 2020: Borgata Hotel, Casino and Spa – Atlantic City, NJ

9 February 2020: MGM National Harbor Hotel and Casino – Washington DC (Oxon Hill), MD

11 February 2020: Wind Creek Event Center – Bethlehem, PA

13 February 2020: Fox Theater Detroit – Detroit, MI

15 February 2020: Chicago Theatre – Chicago, IL

17 February 2020: Cobb Energy Performing Arts Center – Atlanta, GA

20 February 2020: Dr. Phillips Performing Arts Center – Orlando, FL

22 February 2020: BB&T Center – Ft. Lauderdale (Sunrise), FL

24 February 2020: David A. Straz, Jr. Center for the Performing Arts – Tampa, FL

27 February 2020: Margot and Bill Winspear Opera House – Dallas, TX

1 March 2020: Ikeda Theater in the Mesa Arts Center – Mesa, AZ

3 March 2020: Copley Symphony Hall – San Diego, CA

5 March 2020: Microsoft Theater – Los Angeles, CA

7 March 2020: Fantasy Springs – Indio, CA

9 March 2020: San Jose Center for the Performing Arts – San Jose, CA

11 March 2020: Marin Center – San Rafael, CA

13 March 2020: Saroyan Theater – Fresno, CA

15 March 2020: The Pearl Theater at Palms Resort Casino – Las Vegas, NV

How wonderful, how many dates, and certainly others will be added. If you want, go wild in the comments, with your first impressions!

Loretta, you got it right, the first date is TORONTO, are you happy? 😄

But this was not the only good news of the last few days.

The 10-year CD will be released. Pre-order is already possible.


US Tour 02

I’d like to read your comments, for better or for worse, both on concert dates and on the release of this new CD.

Meanwhile, for me, and for many of you, Verona is approaching and the emotion is skyrocketing. 🚀



Credit to owners of the photos and video.

BULGARIA, MUSICA TOUR 22/23 by Daniela

Another concert, another country, we are in Bulgaria, exactly in Varna.

Here too much love, so much warmth, but these guys are loved everywhere .

Here are some videos of the concert.




Bulgaria 01

Bulgaria 02

Bulgaria 03

Bulgaria 04

And then, running to Sofia.






Final applause


Bulgaria 05

Bulgaria 06

Bulgaria 07

Bulgaria 08

Bulgaria 09

Bulgaria 10

These stops in Bulgaria were also a success.

We are not surprised by anything now. These guys sow success everywhere.

And slowly, the U.S. tour is getting closer and closer …….. but the road is still long!



Credit to owners of all photos and videos.

Come in and share the love of life, friends and Il Volo!