Notte Magica – Personal Review, our own Daniela P! Verona May 19, 2017

(I’d like to preface this post with our thoughts and prayers to those affected by the tragedy at the Ariana Grande concert.  May God keep Il Volo, their staff & management, and all friends, family, and fans safe in London.  I saw this morning, the London concert will go on.)nottemagica headerThis is Daniela’s beautiful review!  After I read it, I literally had tears streaming down my cheeks – no kidding.  Yep, blaming it all on menopause!  lol!  🙂  Molto bello!!  I did not change a word of it, as I loved the translation and how she speaks.



Finally, the long awaited day had arrived, on May 19th Verona Arena, I had booked the tickets just after NOTTE MAGICA of Florence and the months spent reading all your good comments about the concerts you’ve seen.

After so much waiting, RAIN, it is not possible, in Arena we will be open.

My husband and I also have passes for soundcheck, a novelty for us.

Brescia is also close to Verona, so we’ll be there early in the afternoon.

We arrive in Verona after a car racing , the sky is very dark and it rains strong.

We park near the Arena. No longer rains, what a relief.

We arrive at Arena gate 15 for the soundcheck, many people are in a row. Soon after the clouds, a beautiful sun appears to be more decisive.

I have a list with me where I wrote all the names of Flight Crew people who told me to be in the Arena the same night, I just want to meet them.

After a long wait they get in, we take a seat and immediately we see on the stage PIERO IGNAZIO and GIANLUCA are trying out Nessun Dorma, but there is another guy partly to them and he also has the microphone. I do not understand who he is, he is the same age of our boys, the music goes on and this guy performs the acute that Ignazio usually does, I think a fourth tenor ….. but I look at cameramen that run back and forth in particular they dwell on this guy and then I understand, they are shooting the scenes of the movie GRANDE AMORE that will be in the movies in February next year. So that guy is an actor.

Of course it is forbidden to photograph, but today this photo was published.

1-daniela p

These are the two actors who will recite in the movie, he is just the guy who pretended to sing alongside them, he was just dressed like this.


The soundcheck lasted for a while, the boys greeted us and left. We could not leave the Arena again, stayed two hours before the concert, meanwhile I could talk to people I was expecting to meet.

The two hours passed fast and the Arena had filled up and began to obscure. The concert was about to begin.

The orchestras enter, start the first solo music track, here they arrive …… a boast of applause welcomes them.

That is, a unique emotion, their voices are fantastic, the mastery they have acquired in recent months is remarkable. These guys enchant us, they know how to make us dream.

The songs run one at a time, each one shows his talents in the beautiful solos, but when the voices join is one beautiful song you can reach high peaks of singing pleasure.

They are also adorable tricksters that make us laugh and it seems impossible that after a while they are again serious professionals.

Everything goes perfectly and in a moment the two hours fly, we get to the last track, GRANDE AMORE.

The Arena is filled with thousands of lights, a fantastic show and all the people sang the words of this song. Wonderful and troublesome.

Everyone runs under the stage to be able to touch the hands of these formidable boys, a final salute. It’s all over.

Wonderful. We are all satisfied, we had our MAGIC NIGHT.

 These are two of the videos I’ve taken.


1-dani p and mary

Susan e suo fratello

1-dani p and jean

Jeannette and Dani


Sue Hemshall and her husband, Graham, I could not take a photo, but I know that you did it, so I’ll post it to you.

 I could meet nice and sunny people, as only the ILVOLOVERS know they are.

Thank you friends, I am honored to have met you.

This is one of the powers ILVOLO, building bridges of friendship.

 I’m sorry not to have met Dorothy Vessey, Wendy Keigley, Maura of Siena, we hope there is opportunity in another concert.

 I also had the opportunity to know Italian virtual friends with whom we feel now on a daily basis and who are a strong presence.

Patrizia Ciava (Trishadria) you all know about beautiful articles on IL VOLO.

Patrizia, let’s wait for your beautiful article on this concert.


I met Daniela Ci, who posted on Flight Crew’s facebook, even with her I did not have a photo, but she has two wonderful ones with our treasures.

1-dani ci and guys

And last but not least, I met the mythical grandmother Maura, who for us in Italy is the fan N.1. She has 10 grandchildren and considers Gianluca (her favorite), her eleven grandson.

She is 86 years old

1-dani-grandma maura

The lights are gone, the concert is over, some sigh, but the certainty that my friends will continue.

Thank you so much for IL VOLO.

Daniela – that was so precious!  I loved it!  Great pictures!  Grazie mille for getting this out so quickly!

More to come, amici!  Tomorrow – The Wilson’s!  🙂




Notte Magica – Verona! May 19/20, 2017


nottemagica header

Ah, two more beautiful concerts, all just a memory again…you wait, and wait, and then POOF! it is over in a matter of a few moments.  Even for those of you who saw them twice in a row.  The first time it’s like a dream.  The second time, you still need to pinch yourself to make sure it is real, and then you still don’t think it is real.  Only pictures make you believe you were really there – whether pictures with friends, of the guys on stage, a few videos of your favorite songs, and the lucky ones with meet/greet photos!  And even, after all of that, you stumble away thinking, did that really happen???

The guys, once again, or should I say, twice again in a row, sold out 2 beautiful nights at the Arena di Verona!  And a very unique picture of the Arena di Verona from Leonora via Instagram….arena di verona - leonora Many attendees were betting against the rain that dampened the atmosphere before the soundcheck the first day, but never dampened their spirits.  Many, many beautiful photos came through over those two days from walks in the streets, chance meetings with the guys, to pictures of friends during the soundcheck, to the concert, and afterward!

I think Il Volo Music is trying something new, for the last few concerts, they have been LIVEstreaming a few songs via Instagram.  So, if you don’t have Instagram, or don’t follow them, I would highly recommend doing one or both!  It was a real treat for me at work on Friday, when about 3:30p or so, “buzz” went my phone and there it said a live video from Il Volo Music – it was their Ave Maria!

I also had a chance to see them live yesterday, May 20, during Il Volo Music livestream on Instagram.  They started with the Ave Maria, then filmed a few of the duets.  The last was Maria with Gian and Igna.  While trying to get Igna off the stage, Igna did a “wave” to the audience with both arms in the air, and was met with mighty whistles, yells, cheers, and clapping!  He did this 2 or 3 times more, up with his arms, each applause/reaction, louder than the last time.  (I tried to find the video feed of this, but could not – I asked Daniela to see if she could find that anyone got it.  It was so precious!)  He finally left the stage and then looked right into the phone of the video and said, “Ciao!” and left.  Then the video ended.

You Tube link sent from Daniela:

They also did this at the Livorno concert.

Credit to all owners of videos I grabbed from You Tube, and videos/pictures I swiped from FaceBook, I hope you do not mind!  🙂  Thank you to Daniela for sending a few videos along, as well!  Without further ado – here is Verona!

These two videos are nice uploads from Pamela from Il Volo Mojo FaceBook – a few highlights from each concert:

A few pictures from Dani Ci – sent to me while waiting for the concert to start and the opening!  I was with her in spirit, as I was at work!



After the concert….from Dani:




A few other random pictures –  🙂  Photos are from either the 19th or the 20th…

Ok, this is from the soundcheck on May 19


Elegance on a chaise…

gian 1

all 3 ver

Picture above from Veronica, as well as this one below, of Igna – this one of Igna literally took my breath away!

igna from veronica

This special treat is courtesy of Elena Vulcano (from their hotel) – a little breakfast music, by Igna…we don’t know what it is, but whatever those long and beautiful fingers play, is certainly music to my ears!

And we finish, with Grande Amore – the audience sing-a-long!  🙂


And can’t forget the smiling faces of those at the meet/greets!  Including the Fabulous “3” on May 20, along with our own Dani Ci on May 19th!  Dani – we are waiting for your review!  (Daniela’s bella review will be posted tomorrow!)



A grande notte di amore – si!  And many more to come.  Next stop, London!  May 23.

Ciao a tutti!!


p.s. be sure to send your personal reviews to 🙂

Once Upon A Time….

Hey, Everyone!

I’m not sure how this will go, but I’ve seen something like this on social media and thought it might be fun to try here; we have so many creative people in this group.  🙂

The rules are simple:  I’m going to start a story, and when I stop, the next person continues it with a comment of one or two sentences, then the next person does the same and so on.  Only rules: keep it G rated, and have fun!  🙂  Oh yeah…Il Volo has to be incorporated in some way…of course!  😀

Ready?  Here we go!




Once upon a time, long, long ago in a far away land, lived a set of twins named, Eva and Eddie.  Like all brothers and sisters, they sometimes quarreled over toys, or Eddie would make Eva cray when he teased her, but they were always the best of friends.  Then one day…


Notte Magica~Livorno~May 17, 2017

nottemagica header


During Sound Check with Ignazio doing his thing that he does so well!


And so begins another night of magic with the beautiful Nessun Dorma!

I could have danced all night…

Sweet fan interaction

Fancy new way to make a stage entrance!


Daniela translates for us:

P = (addressed to the public is talking about Ignazio) I’m right, it’s nice.

I = (there are very few applause) Thanks for the enthusiasm anyway. (Everyone laughs)

W = (a lady from the public cries) IGNAZIO you are strong. (Ignazio sends her a kiss)

I = say it aloud, Lady

W = I’m not a lady

I = Okay, anyway you are a woman

(And mentions a verse of an Italian song saying “I’m not a lady”)

G = otherwise, as you know this guy does not only have a great sympathy but also a great voice

I = Ah, the mythical legends …..

P = stop

G = It ‘s a very special moment because Ignazio Boschetto, just him, will sing for you one of the most beautiful and most famous arias of Gaetano Donizzetti, from  Elisir d’amore, Una Furtiva Lagrima




Next stop, Verona!  Some of our Flight Crew members will be there to Share The Love.  Lucky them and lucky us, for I’m sure they will share some of their experiences here with us!

~~Credit to all owners of videos and photos.~~

~~GRAZIE DANIELA for video and translation!~~




Personally Speaking ~ Aspirations ~ by Mary Bohling



We know that the highest aspiration of Gianluca, Piero and Ignazio has always been to bring appreciation of the Bel Canto music of their native Italy to the whole world, but are there other things that they also aspire to?  Do they sometimes lose themselves in thoughts and dreams (aspirazione)?



Ignazio seems to be deep in thought.  He is serious, but not sad.  Perhaps he is thinking of all the dogs in the world who are homeless or neglected.  How many of the unfortunate ones could he rescue?  He might be thinking, “Since I can’t rescue all of them by myself, maybe I could start a rescue program that would change the lives of some of these desperate animals….maybe it would be worldwide.  It would be in honor of my two beloved dogs.  They have opened up a whole new world to me.  To nurture them and watch them grow up has brought me joy and comfort.



He looks so serene….might he be thinking, “And now, some time alone to meditate and reflect on the meaning of life.

The meaning of life may well be Love…to love and be loved, really.  Il Volo is bringing love to the world with our music….after all WE ARE LOVE as the song says.  We were raised on familial love and that has taught us well what love is.  We aspire to show heartfelt love to our fans, and we can feel it radiating back to us.  Love completes our lives.”



Might Piero be thinking, “I believe that I could fly if I can just jump high enough.  Ever since we sang “Volare” I have dreamed of soaring into the blue where everything is peaceful and serene….like diving into a blue lagoon…to fly and sing as I glide through the clouds…to escape from reality into a calm and surreal world.  Of course I would eventually have to come back to earth to rejoin Gian and Igny.  They couldn’t get along without me, and I love our life, but sometimes I just want to escape into the blue to bask in its’ beauty and revive my soul.

Photo credit:  Maria Renata Pina Williams and Facebook

~~Mary Bohling~~

Notte Magica ~ ANCONA! ~ May 15, 2017

nottemagica header

In between their final show in Rome and the next one in Ancona, Gianluca found time to go home for a short visit where Michele joined him.  A few nice photos and video of them with Ercole walking at the famous arch location in Montepagano overlooking the Adriatic Sea emerged.  A beautiful spot!



Three of  the many wonderful people who are guiding these young men through this amazing journey.  We can not forget Vito Boschetto.   Just picture him standing behind Michele!


Now it’s time for some fun with the Sicilians and a little “relax” before show time

Daniela provided this translation for what Piero is saying into the megaphone…

ARROTINO (man knitting knives) is a historical figure here in Italy. The roller bicycle on the roads of the countries, occasionally stopped, took the megaphone and said the words Piero said.

The women came out of the house and brought knives and scissors to sharpen, and he did the work on his bicycle.

It’s a job that has disappeared, I remember a couple of times when I was small, but it is likely that Piero, although much younger, had to see it because in the South-Italian countries this work was longer.


Ignazio plays a short version of  Buon Compleanno  for Michele.  Ignazio, your talent with musical instruments never ceases to amaze us!

Finally…it’s almost show time and WOW…lookin good!


And on with the show!



Ever find yourself wondering what they do when it’s not their turn to be singing on stage?


GRANDE AMORE!  The crowd is actually singing louder than the guys! 

Can anyone come up with a fun caption for THIS photo?


Gianluca’s family members at Meet and Greet.


They leave you with a song in your heart and a longing to see them again and again and again…

And on they go to their next concert in Province of Livorno!

Grazie to Daniela for sending photos, videos and translation!! And Credit to all owners of these!