Tanti Auguri, Ignazio! October 4, 2018

Yes, once again, the Detroit Il Volo gals, celebrated Ignazio’s birthday!  It was a smaller gathering, just 7 of us, but we still had lots of fun!

Again, the day was threatened by rain and storms, but when the time arrived for the party to begin, the skies cleared and it was beautiful.  One of our last warmer 1-igna decweekends for the year, actually!

We did not grill outside, but had homemade lasagna, green bean casserole, tomato and basil salad, lots of appetizers and of course lots of wine and 2 special bottles of 1-igna foodNero d’avola from Sicily!

No games were played, but we did have some fun hanging Ignazio over the fireplace… the old joke comes to mind – “how many does it take to hang a canvas over a fireplace?”  A video was taken of this even and I 1-igna 2think it’s somewhere on Facebook, but I’m not sure where!  🙂

And of course, we had cake!  Chocolate with chocolate filling.  Always so good!  :)1-igna cake

Alas, that is all for the parties for this year – we always save the favorite one for last!  Happy 24th, dear friend! Haha!

Next year, will be Gian’s – maybe he’ll be spending it in New York?  We can only hope!





As you all have already read IL VOLO has had different commitments …… but where will they find their strength?? I will summarize in order.

Last week they flew to Kazakhstan for a private engagement of which we know nothing, the only clue a picture with the singer Vlad Sytnik.

Then they returned to Italy for another private event in Milan, the presentation of the new Patek Phillipe watch collection.




So the guys rush to Rome.

Rome 01

They are ready for a performance at the Palalottomatica in Rome, for the private event Dream Night, organized by Jeunesse for its members.
















This next video, in my opinion, represents a great point of pride.

This event was a surprise for Jeunesse affiliates, who are not explicitly fans of IL VOLO. It was also an international gathering, so people came from various parts of the world.

At the end of the exhibition there was a standing ovation, absolutely spontaneous, surely people have recognized the guys’ great talent and professionalism.

As always our boys have gone out of their way, running from one place to the other for their commitments.

As always, despite the times are always tight, they were excellent.

Congratulations to PIERO, IGNAZIO and GIANLUCA !!!

Il Volo – As Close as your Nearest Bar!

Hello Ilvolovers!

There was a bar and grill that closed many months ago in Dearborn, but it finally opened up again in September.  It was just a few miles away, so we had to check it out.  It was nicely redone and a bit more modern with electronic dart boards, video games, about 5 or 6 big screen TVs and this electronic juke box.  We happened to sit right in front of it, so I was forced to stare at it.

I was in awe of all of its blue flashing lights and various songs and artists were glowing back at me.  It said it had over a million songs.  Yeah, ok, but surely not the guys!?

My curiosity finally got the better of me and I daringly went up to the selection pane.  It was 2 credits a song and it was already preloaded by some kind patron. So… I cautiously and excitedly punched in… I L V O L O and with some trepidation, I hit the enter key!

Much to my surprise and delight, TWO of their albums popped up!  Ok, let’s just say this is my favorite Saturday afternoon bar!  🙂  They had the Grande Amore album, as well as the “Takes Flight” album.  I didn’t want to scare off the patrons, so I played it safe – lol – and chose Delilah!  There were a lot of people in there, so it was only somewhat audible, but a few said “hey, good song!”  As I sat there with a smug grin on my face, thinking, if they only knew who they were listening to!  🙂  Needless to say I was pretty happy.

Ok, next time I was there, I tried it again.  Not sure how, but THIS time, FIVE albums came up, including Noche Sin Dia, as the single and others’ albums they were featured on!  OMG, almost ALL of their albums?  We could have an entire concert of them and drive out the whole bar!  Ha, ha!

Just to be nice, I played Delilah again and a few others in English.

What electronic jukebox you say?  The APP is called AMI Music.  You can download it from your favorite App store and once you do, it asks for your location, or you can set it that way, I can’t remember now.  Anyway, when you set your location, just click on it and it tells you all of the nearby bars/restaurants that have this digital jukebox.  The songs are mostly 2 credits and a credit is a quarter or fifty cents – I can’t remember, but not bad, huh?   🙂

So, those that are daring enough – download this app and tell us where you can hear the guys!  🙂  In taking a quick look, they even have it at some nearby bowling alleys around here and other restaurants.  You might be surprised!  If we can’t see them in concert, annoy your local neighbors, or maybe even go out of town!  It also appears to be at several “mens” clubs, like Vet’s Posts, Stitt Posts, American Legion, Moose Lodges, etc.   (see picture below…)


I imagine this is international, so any of you in other countries, let us know if it works for you?  🙂


p.s.  It’s also Boss’s Day – not sure if international or not, but all you bosses out there, current and retired – have an awesome day – we couldn’t do it without you (ok, maybe we could if you ever saw the movie “9 to 5?”  🙂 )  But have a great day, anyway!!



A few days ago, we read the gossip about Piero and Valentina. Sightings continue and the newspapers talk about them. I will translate this sweet article that speaks of their love story. The article was published in the gossip newspaper OGGI.

OGGI Magazine Article – Click Here

Valentina Allegri: è vero amore con Piero Barone

Valentina and Piero 01

Valentina Allegri and Piero Barone meet at Linate airport where he has just landed arriving from Catania and they let themselves go to kisses and tenderness …

Valentina and Piero 02

Valentina and Piero 03

The Juventus coach’s daughter runs to pick up her boyfriend at the airport. And he does not even give him the time to give her a red rose: he clings to him and does not give him up (almost) anymore …

Valentina and Piero 04

Valentina and Piero 05

Valentina Allegri, and Piero Barone, tenor of Volo, are the living demonstration that when two people love each other they do not want to steal their story, not even for a moment and every moment is good for being together, talking, exchanging tenderness and kisses.

Valentina and Piero 06

Valentina and Piero 07

Reduced from a tour in Sicily, Piero Barone landed in Linate with a red rose in his hand. As if there were not a moment to lose, his girlfriend Valentina Allegri did not even give him the time to deliver the flower and in a tangle of legs she stuck him to a bench in the arrivals area for an out of plan of intimacy and affection.

Valentina and Piero 08

Valentina and Piero 09

Valentina and Piero 10

Valentina and Piero 11

After twenty minutes of languid caresses between Valentina and Piero it was already over. The singer received a call, left the Linate hall and got on a taxi with an unknown destination. She went to the parking lot, got into the car and all alone left. But lying on the seat next to her, she had a red rose.

Valentina and Piero 12

Valentina and Piero 13

Valentina and Piero 14

Valentina and Piero 15

Valentina and Piero 16

Valentina and Piero 17

Valentina and Piero 18

What is certain, is that Piero and Valentina, do not hide, indeed, after these photos, stolen by the paparazzi, they themselves have published a photo of them, united, have made public their love story.

Unfortunately, Piero has also disabled the comments under their picture, because many people have posted very bad comments.

Here’s the picture.

Valentina and Piero 19

I do not know what effect these pictures do to you, but to me, fill my heart, I am a romantic and think that Piero may have found the girl of his dreams, makes me very happy and certainly Piero is feeling moments of pure happiness.

Will the romance continue? It will be the time that will tell us.


Credit to owners of all photos.



SPAIN, FORMENTERA . . . and IL VOLO!! by Daniela

Surely all of you, these days, have seen photos of the boys in Spain, and exactly on the island of Formentera, but perhaps not everyone knows the reason for their trip to Spain.


But let’s start in order. On October 5th, Ignazio published this video.

I = First of all I want to thank all those who made my birthday wishes to me and have had the thought for me yesterday.

Now we are heading for Formentera, we are in Ibiza and we are going to Formentera.

Hello everybody.

= Guys today go to Formentera, while Ignazio thanks his fans for yesterday’s best wishes.

G = Greetings all, a greeting from the VOLO from Ibiza, we are going to Formentera.

I = Around Formentera.



All these videos have triggered the fans’ questions: “What will they do in Formentera? Why are they in Spain?

Some (among them, me too) have thought that they were there to shoot a music video, the presence of Barbara, meant that they were not on vacation.


Here they are while renting a car.

I = When it comes to randomness and you arrive in Formentera and find the car labeled IB (Ignazio Boschetto) ha ha !!

G = We have a car that is not very special. It drives, Ignazio the guide.

P = A little narrow. The Flinstones car. (Laughs)

I = Wait, it turns on like this.

G = Ignazio, what do you think of this car?

I = Superb.

G = Bella, is not it?

I = Other than Formula 1

(they sing and laugh)

P = Today you go around with the Flinstone’s car.

I = But if you do not put me GOOGLE MAPS, where the hell we go ???

P = Maximum speed?

I = 50 km per hour (31 mph)



Certainly they are having fun, but the reason for their trip to Formentera is not yet revealed, but in the evening, the clouds of doubt are thinning out.



A party?? Will they be invited to sing at a private party?
In the photos we recognize so many famous people in Italy and in the last video, the person with the black jacket is Cenci, the one who had the idea of uniting Piero, Gianluca and Ignazio.

Still mystery!
Also appears a picture of Piero that seems to clarify something ……. she is the bride, all the people are dressed in white, a party for a wedding ??
But, whose? 
Some fans have misunderstood, seeing Piero hugging the bride, she is blonde, but she’s NOT VALENTINA !!!


Here is the mystery revealed.

In the evening, in a television program, wishes are given for the wedding of Ferdinando Salzano who is the CEO of F & P Group.

The F & P Group is an Italian company belonging to the Warner Music group, that specializes in organizing, promoting and producing shows and events in the field of music (live) and entertainment. The F & P Group deals with various activities, such as concerts, sponsorships, events, multimedia and TV productions, using a team of professionals of great and proven experience.

Here are some photos of the wedding.


Piero with the groom.


Gianluca with Nek.


Ignazio is looking at the ball game on the phone.

The bride arrives.


SPAIN 10 cropped

Here is revealed the mystery of the presence of many well-known faces of Italian artists, including Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca.


OK, guys, it was almost a short vacation and you had fun, but now, back immediately to Italy, there is a recording studio waiting for you and countless fans waiting for the fruit of your work !!


PS = Greetings to Salzano for the wedding ……….. please organize beautiful and numerous concerts of IL VOLO for their decennial !!

Credit to owners of all photos and videos.

IDENTIKIT OF A STAR , tribute to Ignazio Boschetto for his 24th birthday by Valeria Bosch

A few days ago was Ignazio’s birthday and my friend Valeria Bosch wrote a beautiful post.

Once again Valeria interpreted our thoughts and managed to analyze some of the attitudes of our dear Ignatius, who certainly did not escape those who love him. 

I translate for you, with great pleasure: Daniela


What makes us feel so much fondness, so much affection, so much continuous interest for a public figure, be it actor, singer, writer or other? Of course, first of all is the emotion that he knows how to communicate to us with his art, the feeling of enchantment and uniqueness that he creates around him, and, of course, also what means a lot is his physical appearance, his way of posing himself, what in short is commonly called “body language”.

But what do we really know about these characters? If we want to know them in depth, we must not rely on the tamed, plasticized official biographies or even the news we read in newspapers and mass media, always affected by interested intentions, positive or negative, but we must rely only on our eyes, on our ability to observe, especially small details, signs that can act as a litmus test to define with confidence the personality of our darling.


So I did for Ignazio, intending to pay him a tribute for his 24th birthday: I closed my eyes and I tried to review, among many images that crowded in my mind, some moments, some gesture that could work as a mirror or introspector for understanding his feelings, his intimate reactions. And I share them here with you, chronologically rearranged, although obviously this is not the sequence with which they resurface to my memory.


1. The embarrassment of the boy – 2009

We are at “TI LASCIO UNA CANZONE”, the guys (future “IL VOLO”), from soloists who were, have recently been composed in a trio that debuted with “ ’O sole mio”. Antonella Clerici, who admires the three teenagers , says to them with great affection: “In short, they already call you ‘the three tenors’ – which of you is Pavarotti?” The three little boys, frightened and awkward in their little clothes, remain silent. Only Ignazio, the most plump, manages to murmur with a voice that barely comes out, almost choked: “We do not know ……” A boy a more grown up would have responded with a joke or a brilliant answer. He takes seriously that strange question, still unaware of the incredible future that fate was preparing them.


2. The childish joy of Sanremo – 2015

It is the evening of 11 February 2015 and the trio Il Volo has performed for the first time on the stage of the festival with “Grande Amore”. As soon as the performance is finished, the audience snaps up and gives to the very young singers a resounding and interminable “standing ovation”. An applause never seen in Sanremo at the first performance, a round of applause that leaves them breathless: Piero is annihilated, cannot even grumble thanks, Gian (who turns 20 that day) breaks out in tears and takes refuge on the shoulders of Carlo Conti, Ignazio tries in every way to cope with the situation, thanks the audience, but, just like a happy child, he cannot help but let slip a smile, which he covers childishly with his hand. It is a gesture of infinite tenderness, which I will never forget.


3. The tears of “Alleria” – 2016

During the concert at the Forum Mediolanum of Assago, 29 January 2016, Ignazio performs as a soloist the wonderful song by Pino Daniele, “Alleria” – a cry that rises from a sad soul, who suffers a lot for love and continues to suffer, despite the passing of time. Ignazio is in symbiosis with Pino, it is as if he had tattooed it on the heart, in the head, on the skin: he interprets the song with such force, such an identification that, at the end of the execution, he cannot hold back the tears. The intensity of the interpretation has overwhelmed him, his emotion is true and profound. Tears are the testimony.


4. The wonder for the beauty of Florence – 2016

A date that will remain a milestone in the history of IL VOLO: 1 July 2016, the joke of the words of Antonella Clerici has become incredibly real. With great humility and without wanting to compare themselves to the Three Tenors in the slightest, but as an act of homage and remembrance, the three boys who became incredibly beautiful and elegant, perform an unforgettable concert in the presence, and partly direct, just from one of the three celebrated tenors of the last century, Placido Domingo. The concert is a sum of excellences: the beauty of music, the skill of the boys, but above all the beauty of Florence. It takes place in Piazza Santa Croce, dominated by one of the most beautiful churches of our Renaissance, an inestimable example of art, culture and Italian genius. The church stands out against the backdrop of the square in the dim light of the evening, a square full of people, the lights are turning on, the show is breathtaking: Ignazio, on the stage with the master Domingo and his companions, cannot restrain himself from saying,  “Look how beautiful Piazza Santa Croce is!” and joins hands, raising his eyes to the sky in a gesture moved and full of amazement. Master Domingo uses the right adjective to answer him: “Divine!”


5. The disarming sincerity in the Red Ronnie study -2018

On 3 May, in a long 4-hour interview, the boys met with Red Ronnie. An evening of positive sign, jokes, joy, interaction with fans of all the continents. The old musician was amazed in the face of fame and the international success of the three boys, and of course, also confidences, revelations, work projects. Ignazio as usual is the fool, jokes, not standing still for a minute, makes Red desperate because it causes a small failure to a precious jukebox that stands in the studio. But to specific questions of Red, responds to questions with an unexpected and disarming sincerity.

The person Ignazio most loves in the world? His sister, who acted as stand-in mother and a reference point in the sad period when his mother was forced to long absences to cure a serious illness.

Relationships of love? To be taken with great seriousness, to be men also means to prove to be able to resist temptations, a principle that he never failed during an engagement lasting more than two years, even if now that bond is over “Because we grow, we change, and there are new demands that life inevitably puts in front of you.”

An Ignazio, in short, who is very mature and very sincere.


The portrait of Ignazio that emerges from the small episodes recalled here is that of a boy with disarming sincerity, not yet counterfeited or “corrupt” from the environment in which he is forced to live for work. Contrary to what is his outward attitude, especially on the stage where he is lively and restless, often comedian and joker, is a serious and concrete boy. He once said, “The first thing for me is to stay down to earth.”  But Ignazio is also very emotional, strong and fragile at the same time. His particular sensitivity leads him to live emotions in a profound way, with an intensity that puts everything in his song, and it is precisely for this reason that he manages to establish a special pathos with the audience. For him, music is everything. When he closes his eyes and sings he seems to leave for distant lands, of which only he possesses the key of access;  music is his second skin, and it is perhaps also for this that he has made contact with Gian and Piero, who are certainly not less, a perfect artistic and professional alliance!


Credit to owners of all photos and video.

Happy 24th Birthday, Ignazio!



Wishing you a BEAUTIFUL DAY filled with all the things that bring you JOY. Gina from  Texas

Buon compleanno Ignazio! May life bring you joy and serenity.                  🎂🎂🎂🍾🍾🎉🎉
Leslie Kinn

Happy 24th Birthday to our wonderful, talented, funny and kind Ignazio!

You make me smile when you laugh and smile. It’s contagious!

Have fun celebrating with family and friends!


Patrizia from Missouri

Buon compleanno  auguri igna

Compleanno famiglia   louise

It is hard for me to believe that almost nine years have gone by since I first heard the magic voices of Il Volo.  You, Ignazio, were amazing.  You obviously were singing with pure joy and your eyes sparkled.  I was hooked!  Don’t ever lose that joy in singing!  A Very Happy Birthday and many, many more years of joyous singing!  With love from Minnesota, USA – Allene Shipman
Allene Shipman

Hi Igna from California.  I am sending you my wishes for a very happy birthday.  You have brought such joy into our lives with your voice and great personality, and I wish for you to have as much  joy and happiness as you have given all your fans.  Blessings on you on your special day.

Sue and Graham Hemshal

I celebrate you, dear Ignazio,
for all that makes you “You” ~
your magical, impressive, versatile voice
your humor and fun
your sincerity and forthrightness
your dedication to your beliefs
your courage and joy in BeingYou
and more than I can know!
I am grateful to you, dear Ignazio,
for the Love that emanates from
   your heart, your voice, your life!
for the Joy that fills my heart
   in listening and singing with you!
for the Play that makes me laugh
   in watching your antics.
for the miraculous surprises
   I have experienced with you and IL VOLO ~
March 2012 when my mom healed
   in part thanks to your music played daily.
October 2nd, 2012, when you invited me to Meet & Greet.
   (Was I ever more surprised & delighted?!)
March 2017 when you offered back
   praying hands from the stage.
Every Day when I sing and dance and twirl
   in nature to the music of you & IL VOLO!
Namasté & great love from Jeanine @jrd1776

Birthday wishes Ignazio!! You are so talented, so very handsome and your infectious personality draws fans to you from all around the world! Love your interactions with your Il Volo brothers while on stage. I can’t wait for another American tour to be drawn into that special magic you have with your audience! Buon Compleano & Tanti  Auguri🎂🎂❤️❤️Annette Naples, Fl.

Ignazio, wishing you a wonderful day and an amazing life …… Happy Birthday! From Ineke in South Africa.

To the irrepressible Igna, full of passion and energy with a voice that touches the soul. You have a gift of connecting with people that is truly rare. Continue to use it and your splendid soaring voice in that positive, loving way you have. Thanks for sharing yourself with us.  ~~ Ann

Ignazio – Have a very Happy 24th Birthday and many, many more. May God bless you and your family and keep you safe and healthy.
Alice in Florida

Caro Ignazio,

Auguri di buon compleanno. Ti auguro il meglio del mondo e tanta salute.  Successo continuo con Il Volo.

Molti saluti, 

Buon compleanno Ignazio!!!
Hope you have a fabulous birthday with your family and friends.  We miss you and hope to see you soon. 
Love the Rosas Family ( Angelica, Ines, and Miguel)
Las Vegas, NV

Sandy Wilkinson

A toast to you Ignazio on your birthday!!

Thanks for the joy you give us by sharing your
exceptional talents and your lively sense of
humor.  Hope you never change.
Enjoy your day with friends and loved ones.
Luv Ya,
Julie Bernache

Caro Ignazio,
E’ così che ti immagino, uno spirito libero,
ma anche un ragazzo molto professionale, che nell’impegno lavorativo, dona tutto se stesso, con serietà,
che spesso ride e scherza, ma che ha un grande cuore.
Auguri, “Spirito libero”!!
con affetto: Daniela
Dear Ignazio,
That’s how I imagine you, a free spirit,
but also a very professional boy, who in his work commitment, gives everything to himself, with seriousness,
who often laughs and jokes, but who has a big heart.
Best wishes, “free spirit” !!
with love: Daniela.


Hey, Ignazio,
I want to wish you a really great birthday ! ! !  With family or with friends or both I hope it is meaningful for you.  You are always easy to talk to either in person or by phone.
Looking forward to seeing you here in Vegas again.
Myron  from  Il Volo Fan Faire   in Las Vegas

Happy Birthday May you have many many more from Denver Colorado (Frances P)


Happy Birthday! Ignazio, it is the perfect time to celebrate your special day with you. You are a very special young man. You are so talented and have a beautiful heart of gold. You are everything a woman wants in a man. I pray you find the right woman to share your life with that is worthy of you. Enjoy your day and I cannot wait to see you in concert someday in the USA. Best wishes and Felicidades! Love you and The Flight. 🎉🍾🎂💋💋 ~~ Linda Halbert

Happy Birthday my handsome Ignazio. You’ve brought so much joy into my life. I hope you have a beautiful day.
❤❤❤❤❤💋💋💋💋💋 ~~ Kitty Gatlin

You’ve captivated my heart from LA Showcase although I knew of you before. I have wondered if your magical heart has grown, I’ve chosen to seek you once more, what I’ve found has mesmerized me. I’m held captive and stagnated in another world of your magic. Your passion for your music has kept me in amazement of your soul. I loved everything of you from afar, I wish you one of the best birthdays you’ve had so far. I may not be around for the next one as I move forward with my life. I’m so blessed I’ve finally found you, Your magical power has engulfed my life I will carry it with me forevermore. May all your dreams come true on this special birthday. I wish you stay as Magical and never ever change. ~~ MB

A very Happy Birthday Ignazio with many happy returns I love when you sing feelings because you sing it with such intensity  ~~ Betty Allan

Happy Birthday Ignazio.  Have a wonderful day  ~~ Camille Greco

Ignazio Ignazio…. Le Vita e Bella because of the joy and Grande Amore you bring to your audiences.. You have truly given all of your fans and audiences all ove IL Mondo….Somebody to Love. Ciao Ciao Bambino❤♥💕🎵🎶💋.  ~~ rmlamonte


Dear Ignazio,
Warmest wishes for a lovely birthday filled with much love and happiness!  Thank you for all the beautiful music and joy you give. Looking forward to hopefully seeing you on tour in 2019!
God bless you always.
Margaret Ladolcetta

Wishing you a wonderful birthday!
Love your voice!
Love your smile!
Love your personality!
Can’t wait to see you all again!
Penina Honig

Dear Ignazio many good wishes to you on your Birthday. God has blessed you with your great tenor voice, a wonderful sense of humor. I admire your caring for people in need. Your goodness shows in your voice. You can go from the amazing beautiful Neapolitan songbook to Opera, and then to Broadway. The awesome harmonies you have  with your brothers is extraordinary. I would love to hear you sing Andrew Lloyd Webber “The Music of the Night” from Phantom of the Opera. You have the voice and looks to be the best Phantom ever.
Again a very Happy Birthday! Buon Compleanno!         Vince Padovano, Brooklyn, NY.

Dearest Ignazio,
Happy Birthday wishes to such an extraordinary, accomplished and gifted man.  I am very proud of all you do and your generosity to others!  I found a perfect birthday gift for you.  I bought a small book of contemporary love poems, that I made me think of you. I could envision your ability to convert poetry to musical lyrics.  So I am enclosing the poem, as a small gift.  Consider it as a small gift from a granny to a favorite grandson.
Those rare times
you are near enough
for me to watch the gleam
of sun on the hairs
of your wrist,
smell the tang
of your skin,
you are always
busy with other
do not wish to
notice me
sitting silent
behind you.
The kisses I
have never had
burn my lips,
and I build
senseless daydreams.
Scorched wings
do not fly well
even away.
The poet is Amy Jo Schooner
Happy, fun-day birthday,
Sandi E.    Ohio, USA

My message to Igna:  Ignazio you are my renaissance man,  every thing you do, you do with passion and a maturity beyond your years.
I wish you a long and happy future.  Even though you probably don’t know your impact in my life, I thank you for being a part of it, you  are a treasure to me.
Happy Birthday to you, Buon Compleanno.
  ~~ yiayiadawg

My dear precious Ignazio I cannot pass up the chance again to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the handsomest & best singer I have ever met. You are my heartthrob who is patiently hoping & praying you could make it back to Canada so I could see you in person & give you a special hug. I love you as much as I do my grandson. Please protect your precious voice & keep yourself safe along with your partners. I’m sure I’m not the only one who is praying for safe traveling for you boys. Please see if you can squeeze in a concert back to Canada then I will be on top of the world. Love & prayers are constantly sent your way. I will never forget how you came off the stage in Toronto to see if I got home safely the previous day. You are a very special young man to me who is constantly in my thoughts & listening to your music. Loretta Foley

Happy 24th Birthday Ignazio I wish you the happiest of birthdays – may you have a special day filled with love family and dear friends. You are the sun the moon and the stars – You are the universe. From the moment I heard your beautiful voice, saw your beautiful and handsome face and found out what a special and caring heart you have, I was hooked. Your amazing and beautiful voice lifts me way up whenever I hear you. Listening to your voice starts my day! Ignazio You Light Up My Life each and every day. I hope you will be able to see all the warm birthday wishes your IlVolover fans send to you today. I want you to know your joy is infectious, your sense of humor is endearing and I can hardly wait for your 2019 tour with with your brothers to arrive. May God always keep you safe and in the palm of His hand.
Love always
Margaret D. Mirailh

Happy Birthday Ignazio. Wishing you many more wonderful and exciting celebrations. You are the sunshine of my life.   Connie Gagliardi

Happy Birthday many more mine is a day after you libras are good people love you many happy returns!  Maureen Parucca

Sandy Wilkinson

DON FORGET IGNA NIET – Louise van Hemert

Happy Birthday Ignazio
Have a wonderful day.  –  Camille Greco

Happy Birthday May you have many many more from Denver Colorado.  – Frances Pastore

Our Dearest Igna…
There is a phrase, “be still my heart” and a song sung by Keely Smith… “be my love, for no one else can end this yearning…”  That is what you do to us, Ignazio…. With each breath you take to sing your lovely notes, our hearts stop beating and our lungs stop breathing, you give us our life’s breath and heartbeat, with each note you let linger on your lips.  You breathe into us life and love beyond what any soul can possibly bare, and we drink in each drop of song that you share with us.  Each note, each word, each soft breath and each long note you hold, you instill pure love and energy that nothing and no one can match.  The love for your fans and the joy you share with us is so honest and true, we are humbled by your humbleness – in that, you are truly the epitome of a rare beauty, only known to you.  If there were to be a new rose, it should be named Ignazio, for no other can compare to your beautiful soul.  It would be of pure white with just a tinge of pink and orange on the edges.  The purity of your soul and the warmth of your heart.  We look forward to celebrating your birthday again this year on Oct 6.  God truly blesses you, as well as He blesses us, for allowing us to experience all that is you.  Many birthday wishes and blessings, to infinity, and back again!
You are, and will forever be, my beniamino!  🙂
Jana VandeLaare and the Detroit Il Volo Gals!  (Virginia, Sharon, Lorna, Donna, Magdalena, Betty, Barb D, Barb T, Jeannette, Chris, Emilia)

ILVOLOVERS all over the world are joining hands to wish you a very HAPPY “24th” BIRTHDAY DEAR IGNAZIO !! You are a very special young man with a magnificent voice, kind heart,beautiful smile and vivacious spirit !! Always and Forever “ Dream, Dance, Smile and Sing Loudly !! Have a GREAT day full of Grande Amore !! WE LOVE YOU !! 💕🎂💕🎂💕 Love &Hugs, Joan Brenin (The Granny Groupies !! )

Buon Compleanno, Ignazio! I hope you have the most extra special birthday. Thank you for the gift of your sweet, kind and loving heart in all our lives. Your smile makes our days brighter and your happy, carefree personality reminds us of how important it is to fully embrace all the beautiful moments life gives us. Your voice is a blessing from above. Keep being the special person that you are and follow your heart always in all you do. We love you, Igna…auguri!!! Christina Q 💛


Come in and share the love of life, friends and Il Volo!

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Come in and share the love of life, friends and Il Volo!


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