As promised, here is the first of two reviews sent to me.
This is written by Alessandra Composto, and concerns the concert in Milan on December 17th.
Alessandra, who lives in France, had warned me, via Flight Crew, that she would be coming to Milan and we were able to exchange a few words at the signing of the book, we hope to meet more calmly next time, it’s so nice to meet Il Volo-friends!!
Enjoy this review of the first concert seen by Alessandra.
Good viewing:
Daniela. 🤗
Hello Daniela and all IL Volo Flights Crew and Happy New Year to all!!
I wanted just to share all I have from the book signing at the instore on December 16 in Mondadori Milan and the concert of December 17 of Milano Forum Assago.
I am Italian (Sicilian), but I don’t live in Italy, my work has taken me to various places, now I live in lower France and will soon move to Paris.
I started to follow Il VOLO thanks to my uncle, since “Ti lascio una canzone” in Italy, but I never saw Il VOLO in concert before.
Their voices are really fantastic. Being brought up in Italy in a family that listened and read opera books, I knew right away that their voices were special.
I’m subscribed to several fan pages, as I believe all of you too, and also on this site, and it’s in this crew that I wanted to share my experiences.
I came from France to attend the concert and when I read that the day before there would be a book signing I was happy, so I could also do that event at the Feltrinelli bookshop.

I had the chance to see them from very close at the Mondadori Library. Gianluca and Piero looked really tired, no wonder after such a tour of the world in less than 80days 🤣!!!!
Must say that Ignazio was the most kind, fun, talkative, open and welcoming one that day.
While I was in line I took some photos.

I saw and called to Daniela, we exchanged a few words, but we didn’t take a picture.
Hi Daniela, it was nice to meet you in Milan!
And here it is my photo, posted on the library page!!

The day after, at  the sound check, I could approach Gianluca, who has been very kind indeed,  to ask him when they would perform in France, country where I live, he was really kind and took the time to answer me I could also see his father Mr. Ercole Ginoble and his brother Ernesto sitting not so far from  us, but I did not dare to go and talk to them ….I didn’t want to bother them.
Apart from the unfortunate and poor staff organisation of both events,
 -Fans put away by security for a photos after queuing 1 and 1/2 hour the first day……..and
 – standing in the cold for 2 hours to enter in the sound check without microphone for a Q&A , the second day, pity, because Il Volo certainly deserves an organization of a higher level………but the most important thing is that:


–  I went home with my eyes and ears full of magic ready to repeat this experience, very soon I hope, and over and over again thinking that this was not just a concert it was a true Experience that will grow intellectually and culturally old with them as time will go by… I truly can feel it.
– And  the three of them are not just singers they could be much, much more together and also by themselves …. I also bet that the fans have not yet seen a quarter of what they will and are able to do in the future.
Il Volo strives for the importance of the family. I wonder if they really know that they put together families and different generations  thanks to their concerts, their music and their art!!!
Here is my sister and brother-in-law whom I brought with me to the concert. They loved it!!!

Ignazio, Gianluca and Piero, have different personalities that we know and I could witness that is true now!
Ignazio is a real showman. ❤
Piero is a very good and handsome show supporter of Ignazio and his voice is just amazing especially when he sings opera…..❤
Gianluca has a fantastic scene presence. ❤
The three of them make ONE and complete each other leaving the audience with a breathtaking envy to have a listen to them once more.
Ignazio is unforgettable in his solo “All by Myself “ and unbelievably touchy together with Gianluca in the Alleluia duos with the magic and extra professional orchestra that plays what the three magically arrange.
Unfortunately I was too far away to take nice photos of our beloved boys, but I also wanted to enjoy the show.
I made two or three videos with my cell phone, but I don’t have Facebook and I don’t know how to share them with you, I hope Pat is able to attach at least the “Hallelujah” one, even if I turned my cell phone upside down. But the sights, sounds and beautiful voices of that evening remain etched in my mind.

When you are a fan, it is a serious thing and fans are forever. ❤️💕🌸

Wonderful seasons greetings to all!!!


Step Back in Time to 2013 by Susan

So here we are in 2023 and we’re getting ready for new concerts and new surprises. The guys have gotten really good at surprising us. All of this will play out over the next year but until then, let’s step back 10 years and see what the guys were up to.
For one, they spent a lot of time doing shows in America. That’s right! They had already done all the morning and night shows, and now, they were spending a lot of time on the local family shows. So, for today, let’s Step Back in Time to 2013 to see some of these shows.

Actually, before we move on to America, I want to post an article that Daniela did on the guys in 2013. Daniela did most of the translation for this article. I just added comments here and there.  This is a very funny video of the guys on the FIORELLO Show.  
I will give you the translation first, so you understand what is going on. The show is so funny you really don’t need the translation to appreciate it.
We are in December 2013 and the guys are promoting their latest CD “Buon Natale.”
The guys are in the study of a famous radio program in Milan, the program is called the newsstand and the entertainer is called FIORELLO.
FIORELLO is a talented showman not only on radio but also TV and he is very kid friendly and personable and …. of course … Sicilian.
The studio is located on the ground floor of the building and the people can come in and enjoy themselves, in fact the people around are people passing by (lucky them).
Fiorello began by saying today there are few artists who manage to cross the Italian borders. You know some of them Bocelli, Pausini, Ramazzotti.
Fiorello says that Il Volo’s disk does not contain some songs he calls ghost track and submits a song whose title makes me laugh so much and everybody sings it in a very playful manner especially Piero.

The song is a Sicilian tarantella and is titled TIRICHITOLLA. I don’t think you can translate the meaning but, know that it is a very typical Sicilian song and rather racy, and it is for this reason that Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca and Fiorello laugh a lot.
Piero at one-point attempts to translate the saying to mean “give me a kiss, I’m sick” it’s not really the true meaning of the phrase but it gives it some sense.
Keep the laughs on the double meaning of the sentence. Piero is unstoppable, and Fiorello says to be careful because these guys are crazy (in the sense of naughty, cheeky) more than he. Piero tells a few jokes, to joke, and Laurie says that is not funny.
Ignazio seems oddly calm.

Fiorello said that they are unleashing on his program because abroad they cannot sing this song and not even with Vespa in Porta Porta and they continue to laugh at this, and the people say that even with Barbara Streisand they could sing this song.
At this point a girl from the audience wants to sing WOMEN IN LOVE and the boys in a beautiful, beautiful moment accompany her.
Even Fiorello sings with them (he’s also a singer), but the magic moment is over and it’s back to TIRICHITOLLA.
Fiorello jokes that from now on he will open all his shows singing TIRICHITOLLA.
Fiorello says, “the boys speak English well! How did you learn English so well?”  Gianluca says he speaks “very fluent“ and Piero (who is actually very cheerful) says “when we go to London, people speak more sophisticated, and they don’t understand and they look at us and they are saying “what the f***.” (sorry but those are Piero’s words).”
Then Fiorello says FELIZ NAVIDAD is his daughters’ favorite song. He says, “do you promise that when you go to America at the end of your concerts you will dedicate a song to friends from Sicily.”
Piero replies, “What? Which?” And again, they sing TIRICHITOLLA.
The guys announced that on Christmas day they will sing in the Basilica of St. Francis of Assisi. Gianluca went on to say that their wish would be to do a series of concerts in their homeland – Italy, because they’re always abroad (wishes come true), and Fiorello said that he would close the concerts with TIRICHITOLLA.
Fiorello closes by saying, “They are really nice. I like them. I really like you a lot but again you must promise me the next time you’ll be hosting in America you have to say we dedicate a particular song to our Sicilian friends.
(What a lucky Sicilian!) We thank Il Volo. Here they are, so we wish you good luck with everything. Good luck with Bruno Vespa, tonight.
We remind you that the guys will do something for one of our Italian friends ~ St. Frances. On Christmas Day after the mass of the Holy Father, you will be guests at the concert from the Basilica of San Francesco.”
Gianluca: We do all we can especially for Italians because who we love our land, and we remember you always when we are abroad.
Beautiful ending with a small bit of Nessun Dorma.
Daniela said, “I do not know if you can understand the meaning of this video, but there is no doubt that the boys enjoyed themselves and also really appreciated Fiorello’s jokes and that he recognized the value of Il Volo.
This is a really funny video!

So, let’s go to America!

Among the shows that they did was the “Home and Family Show,” on the Hallmark channel. The first show is from June 2013. They cooked ravioli with Cristina Ferrare and of course they were interviewed, and what would the show be if they didn’t sing. They talked about their concerts in America and how much they love America. There was a lot of joking around between the guys and actor, Maz Jobrani.
So, sit back and watch the guys make ravioli with Cristina and have one of their famous Fruit Launches!

And in November 2013, the guys went back to do a Holiday Show on Home & Family.

They got the Latin American Music Award nomination for Latin Pop Album for Arist of the Year Duo or Group.

Let’s not forget their beautiful Tribute to Jose Jose at the Latin Billboard Awards in May 2013.

In July 2013 the guys sang on the Kris Jenner Show. They truly charmed her!

On the 40th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards the guys sang “Mas Que Amor” (“We Are Love”) for the 2013 Memorial for those TV actors who died during the year.

In December the guys stopped by Border Crossings to do an interview with Larry London. They discussed their new Christmas album and performed a few songs in the studio. This interview was part of Larry London’s 2013 Christmas Special.

And like this past year, the guys were part of the Walt Disney World Christmas Parade 2013.

Back at home they did a special Christmas Concert at the Basilica of St. Francis of Assisi.

I would also like to include one special event from April 2013. It seems fitting that it would be included!
In this show Piero was surprised by the host who has Piero’s grandparents sitting in the audience.
The host tells Piero he has a surprise for him. A special moment.
There is shock on Piero’s face when he sees his grandparents in the audience.
The Host said, Here it is a hug with the grandfather (Pietro Ognibene) who gave you the passion of the life of music.
The Host (continues): We also gave him a gift. He has never experienced the emotion of a live concert and we are giving it to him today. He said he heard him sing when he was small, and he understood that he had something more.
Pietro Ognibene: I always, always believed in it, but I always say it’s difficult climb high up but easy to find the ground. Be careful what you do and always walk in your own steps.
I always tell all my grandchildren to be careful because the stepmother is found in front of the door when leaving the house, the stepmother is sometimes with those who start walking and carry on with life, but we are strong, these young men will keep the honor of the family.
The guys then sang for him!
It was a very beautiful moment!

So that was our Step Back in Time to 2013.
Before I close I would like to answer a question that many of you have asked me over the last week. You want to know what Bosky_TV is about and where it can be found.

Bosky_TV is a Live CHAT on TWITCH which is hosted by Ignazio. No, it is not about Il Volo although questions obviously come up about Il Volo. On Bosky_TV Ignazio invites interesting guest to join him, and all the viewers are able to participate either as a listener, with questions or as subscribers who can be more interactive.

The CHAT is in Italian, but people can ask questions in English, Spanish, Portuguese or whatever language Ignazio has learned that day! If your question is in English it will be answered in English. In fact, Ignazio said he will have a CHAT in English soon.
This past week Ignazio hosted a show with a doctor who spoke about nutrition. It was a very interesting show and I personally learned a lot from it!
He had another show that was about social media.

And he did some shows with his friends Stefano and Marco!

The show isn’t at all serious, as you would expect coming from Ignazio. He dances and plays games. There’s music but not Il Volo music. We play BINGO.
And, if you don’t like something that Ignazio said or just for the fun of it, you can throw a TOMATO or other items at him. And of course, if you’re happy you can also APPLAUD him.
What is the show really about! It’s about Ignazio being Ignazio! Ignazio talks about whatever he wants to talk about or whatever we want to discuss with him. We can pose a question if we like. Every day is a new experience.
So where do we find this? TWITCH, Instagram, TikTok and later this week you will be able to follow on YouTube.
On your iPhone or iPad you can download the TWITCH App at the App Store and FOLLOW Bosky_TV.
If you follow Ignazio on Instagram you can click the link in his story and follow the CHAT Live. You can FOLLOW Ignazio on Instagram @ignazioboschetto. Look for the Blue Check mark after his name to make sure it is Ignazio. If there’s no Blue Check, it’s not Ignazio.
So don’t be left out! Join the CHAT today!
I also want to mention that I have started a new FaceBook page. Susan.on.Live. The Il Volo stories continue to take up a lot of my time and I get many questions about what things are trending, like the question this week about Bosky_TV. I also get questions about Il Volo interviews and newspaper articles so, I decided to start a page where I can post everything that needs to be posted, and you can go on there at any time and look at information or ask questions. Each week I will also post my story Through the Fields of My Mind but, of course, you can read this story on or the individual fan page. And I will also post Daniela’s Italian stories that she translates. This should put everything in one place for you.
On this page you can also find updates on my book, and my new book!
So FOLLOW me on FaceBook at Susan.on.Live. On Instagram you can FOLLOW me @susan_debartoli.
Join me next week as I go back Through the Fields of My Mind and open the door to a new adventure!
If you would like to share a story with me, please email:
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Credit to the owners of Videos and Photos. Most of the photos in this story came from IL VOLO~From Ti Lascio to World. Thank you, Judy! 

                  Happy New Year!



In this whirlwind of news, events and concerts in this month of December, there have also been the last three concerts of Il Volo in Italy.
I can only say that it was a success in all three cases.
These concerts have been postponed several times due to the pandemic and many tickets had already been bought since 2019.
Despite everything and despite the fear of contagion that still hangs over proximity of people in indoor places, people came and were truly satisfied.
At the last concert, Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca and all the Il Volo staff were so euphoric with the result, as if they had climbed a very high mountain.
Here is a small summary of the three concerts, where I will put different videos:

TURIN – December 15th

The snow, which had not yet reached Turin, saw fit to arrive in the afternoon of the day of the concert, creating inconvenience for those who had to reach the arena.
Because of this, the concert started over half an hour late in order for people to arrive. 😘

This is a video shot by Ercole Ginoble, immediately after Ecstasy of Gold, where you see the whole audience and Gianluca who starts by saying :
“Hello Turin, welcome to this warm evening.” 😁


Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca wore elegant velvet jackets with leather lapels.
But after the formal part of the concert, the boys changed jackets, Piero and Ignazio wore very bright and special jackets, Gianluca, on the other hand, wears a simple blue jacket.

We are very close to Christmas and therefore Christmas songs are also sung.


Just a couple of days and here we are in Milan.

MILAN – December 17th

Everything repeats itself.

Between one song and another, there is a “curtain” between the three boys. Ignazio tells Piero that he had a great inspiration that allowed him to write a beautiful song. He sits down at the piano and goes on to say that those things happen once in a while. Gianluca confirms that he has already heard the song and it’s really beautiful. Piero is amazed, but doesn’t know whether to trust him, but Ignazio is serious and therefore wants to make the whole audience hear the new song . He says: “Are you ready?”
Piero asks for the title of the song and Ignazio says “My cold winter,” and he starts playing………….brrrrr. (all gone, just a cold shiver) 😁😁😁

E LUCEVAN LE STELLE (the stars were inserted later in the video)



This photo was posted by stylist Nick Cerioni who recommends clothing for boys and who gives the photo the following title:
In this concert Gianluca also convinced himself to wear an extravagant jacket.

ROME – December 23rd

Another replay



Ignazio jokes a lot about this, saying that with that jacket he looked like one of the glittering lamps/disco balls that went around at the discos in the 70s. 😁
When Ignazio enters the stage, a chorus begins from the audience: “you are beautiful” and Ignazio immediately says that a chorus like this must be done to Gianluca,  to him they can say  “you are very good”. 😁😁😁


I would say that they were three important dates and that they confirmed Il Volo’s charisma and the great affection that the public has for them.
And let’s not forget that between one concert and another Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca also had four book signing instores, and exactly:
You have a resistance to fatigue, really remarkable guys.
That’s not all, because our friends Alessandra Composto and Kirsten Langer were present respectively: at the concert in Milan and in Rome and the two of them have already sent me their reviews.
So soon you will read the emotions of our friends.
Daniela 🤗


Credit to owners of all photos and videos.

Another Year Is Over by Susan

It’s December 26th and I am sitting at my desk putting together my last story for 2022! So much has happened this last year that it is so hard to decide where to start!
They let us loose from our houses and we all moved forward quite quickly. No one more so than our guys! They were everywhere!  And, as the year comes to a close, they already have the South America concerts in place for 2023!
As New Year’s Eve approaches, we think about the past. What do we do on New Year’s Eve? We always made resolutions but, now we’ve forgotten about resolutions! Our world has changed over the last two or so years! We look at life differently now! What was good about these past few years? We had the perfect opportunity to spend time with our families and find out who they really are and, I must say it left us all the better for it. Many of us got closer to the ones we love. Family! It’s so important! God had a good plan! Stay home and love your family!
I guess it wouldn’t be New Year’s if I didn’t start by saying what I say every year, “This is my least favorite holiday!” To me it’s a sad day because we remember all those who we lost over the years, and we think of them in a different way than we do on other days. We think that they left us too soon and over the last few years too quickly!
So, Another Year is Over but let’s stop for a moment and take a step back before we move on to 2023….
2022 ~ A year in review! What have we gained and what have we lost?
Let’s begin with the great loss for Piero.

When I wrote about this great loss, I started by saying, “Pietro Ognibene…. was a great discoverer! No, he didn’t discover lands or the cure for anything, he discovered something even better; he discovered Piero Barone!”
When we heard the news that Mr. Ognibene had died, we immediately felt the loss because he is a man we are all familiar with and he played an important role in Piero’s life. In fact, Piero would probably not be a singer today if it had not been for this man. 
Piero recalled the story of how he was discovered in the guys’ book, “Un’avventure straordinaria, la nostra storia”….
Picture this, in front of the terrace there was a typical swing from the past hanging from a mulberry tree.  One morning, my grandfather sat in a cool place on the terrace with his faithful stereo next to him. He enjoyed the peace of the countryside. And, then he sang a song that I believe, he had made up: ‘E lu suli talia, talia, talia. Sopra ‘sta petra luci ci duna,’ that is ‘And the sun, look, look, look, to this stone gives the light.’
I was swinging on the swing, I was about four or five years old, I was really, very, small. I listened to him a little and at a certain point, when he stops singing, I started: “E lu suli, talia, talia, talia. Sopra ‘sta pedra luci ci duna”.  
What can I tell you? It just came out like that.  My grandfather turned off the recorder and stood there on the balcony: imagine the terrace and the swing right there in front of you and he says loudly to my grandmother:
‘Rina, veni ca’ (Rina come here)
‘Chi è Pitri?’ (What do you want Pietro?)
 ‘Unni è Piero?’ (Where is Piero?)
‘In altalena’ (On the swing)
‘Ma cu cantava? Iddru?’ (But who was singing? He?)
‘Eh, sì.’ (Yes)
‘Chiamalo’ (Call him)
So, this is where Piero’s musical journey began! He grew up breathing the musical environment that has surrounded him since the age of 5. We are all grateful to Mr. Ognibene for his great love of his grandson. Because of him, we have the great pleasure of listening to this amazing tenor who grows more and more amazing each day!
These were Piero’s final words to his grandfather….
Hi Grandfather, 
This is for all the times I turned, and you were close to me.
For all the stages I went up hoping to find you underneath listening to me.
For all the days when I couldn’t, and you made me find the strength to continue.
For all the joys we have shared and the hardships we have shared.
Because even if it seems incredible, it was you who showed me that all of this really could come true!
So, we all bid you “Farewell Mr. Ognibene.”
Let’s move on to what made this year different. Certainly, some amazing achievements by our guys.

In June, the guys and their families had the great honor of being invited to the World Meeting of Families.
The Festival of Families was held in Rome on Wednesday, June 22, 2022. The 10th edition of the World Meeting was an event that was entitled “The Beauty of the Family.” The guys performed for the event and along with their families, gave witness to the beautiful events that made their families who they are. Their lives show that even when you find yourself in difficult situations, you can work through anything with love and understanding.

This is what the guys had to say about being invited to the event….
GianlucaWe are excited to come to Papa Francesco’s house. Hello everyone! We are very happy and excited to come to Pope Francis’ house and celebrate together with the families of Rome, families of the world and our families.
Piero: On that day we will witness to the importance of the strength and support of our families in our lives.
Ignazio: I come personally with my mother and my sister.
Piero: I will bring, Mom, Dad, my sister Mariagrazia my brother Francesco and I can’t wait to be able to hug Papa Francesco.
Gianluca: I will come with my family, we are numerous, but the best thing is that I will be able to bring my grandfather Ernesto who, at the age of 88, will be able to shake hands with Pope Francis. These are the most important things, the most beautiful emotions in life, like a mother who is a refuge, a father who is a guide, and this is really the importance of the family.
Ignazio: In all these years we have always reiterated how important our family is and they will always be important for us and for our careers, like a lighthouse in the middle of the ocean, a meeting point at this moment with them. We are really happy to be able to share this moment with them.
Piero: In addition to our families, we will also bring our music.

After the event, I wrote…. Where do you begin to tell the story of three child prodigies who have brought so much joy to people around the world with their wonderful voices. It’s simple you start with the families! And this week the families have received their reward for all they have done for their families and especially for their three incredible sons!

This was a great honor for our guys and their families! So well deserved! Congratulations to all the Families!
I said the guys were everywhere and they certainly were….
The concerts were in Italy, Europe, Japan, Canada, the United States and Australia! All the concerts were phenomenal!

They started the concerts by showing up in white tuxedos! My first reaction, SHOCK! But then I must say when the shock wore off and I saw them in person, they were drop dead gorgeous!

So, they started by shocking us in white tuxedos and ended by shocking us in their dazzling tuxedos. Talk about gorgeous!!!

And what’s a concert without one of Ignazio’s special performances. “Ignazio the Disco Ball.”

The guys returned to Disney World after 8 years for Disney’s Magical Holiday Celebration 2022

What have we gained in 2022….
Now it was time to give us something we’ve been waiting for, for a long time, a new book….

Il Volo “Quello Che Porta Nel Cuore” ~ “What I Carry in My Heart”
This beautiful book brings us up to date on all that’s happened since they wrote “Un’avventure straordinaria, la nostra storia” ~ “An Extraordinary Adventure, Our Story.” Sorry the book is not in English, but we can hope that someday they will translate it!
And if that wasn’t enough, they surprised us with a new Christmas song, “Happy Xmas.” (War is over). Written by John Lennon and Yoko Ono. The song was launched as a Christmas gift for the fans. Thank you, guys!

So how do you end such an amazing year? By doing another concert, of course! But not just any concert, a concert in the Holy Land to honor the Birth of the Christ Child. A Christmas Eve concert that had people in Italy glued to their TV’s for 2 ½ hours. I know I was glued to my TV! 

To see the entire concert with English subtitles, go to Danielas’ post here in Flight Crew “Natale a Gerusalemme” by Danilea, 
This is what “AllMusic Italia,” had to say about it:

Il Volo in concert in Jerusalem for the night of Christmas, an event broadcast on TV in the early evening of Canale 5, has conquered the public and made excellent numbers in TV ratings.
Piero Barone, Gianluca Ginoble and Ignazio Boschetto performed under the Tower of David in the Holy Land going to interpret beautiful Italian and international songs, including Happy Xmas (War is over) by John Lennon and Yoko Ono, a song launched as a Christmas gift for fans in recent weeks.
The concert broadcast on Canale 5 was produced by the manager of Il Volo, Michele Torpedine. Let’s find out the numbers of the television success of the event. “The Christmas Flight in Jerusalem.”
The three artists glued on TV, from 21:31 to 23:59, as many as 3,169,000 viewers with an average share of 23.6%.
And, in truth, it was a very beautiful, very emotional concert! Thank you, guys!
And so, we come to the Picture of the Year 2022.
Every year I say this year will be different. This year it will be someone else’s picture but, who am I kidding! We know who it is, who it always is? But before I tell you which picture won; I have to tell you that I had a different picture in mind for quite some time. It was a picture of one of the fans who nearly knocked Ignazio over. I actually think he was overwhelmed. I was so sure this was the one then…. BOOM! It was knocked out of the box! Why, because you never know when one of Ignazio’s friends is going to show up!

                                    Picture of the Year 2022
They say, “A picture is worth a thousand words” and I could certainly write a 1,000-word essay on this picture, but I can sum up this picture of Ignazio and his friend Nicola in five! That’s what friends are for!
So, now I leave you now with the words I left you with last year!
Every morning when I get up, I sing. What do I sing? “Smile!” Is it because of the guys? Well, I certainly love when the guys sing “Smile,” but no, I’ve been singing this song since I was a child because….

I believe no matter what happened yesterday, today has the possibility to be better, so, “Smile, just Smile.”

This year, I’m dedicating this final column to the fans. “I’m thinking about the smile on everyone’s face the day they unlocked their doors and set their lives in motion again!  That day we took a step back and leaped forward into the new world! And now Another Year (Is) Over, and (soon) A New One Just Begun!”
To all the fans let me say, never stop smiling! I recently said to a friend, “Always be happy! Happiness is the one thing that never goes out of style and never goes away if you keep it in your heart!” Keep happiness in your heart today and always!

                     A Happy New Year to All the Fans!

And from myself, all the staff at Flight Crew and all the Fans we wish you guys a very Happy New Year filled with many new Adventures!
We also wish all the Il Volo Family including Michele Torpedine, Barbara Vitali and all the crew that work so hard to bring us the best productions a very Happy New Year!
And I wish my personal crew in Italy. Alessandra Torma and Stefi Bonometti (the ladies who prepare the pictures for my stories) a Happy New Year full of love and joy!

See you in 2023!

I thought you might like all the lyrics to the song….

Happy Xmas (War Is Over)
So this is Christmas
And what have you done
Another year over
And a new one just begun
And so this is Christmas
I hope you have fun
The near and the dear ones
The old and the young
A very Merry Christmas
And a Happy New Year
Let’s hope it’s a good one
Without any fear
And so this is Christmas
For weak and for strong
For rich and the poor ones
The war is so long
And so happy Christmas
For black and for white
For yellow and red ones
Let’s stop all the fight
A very Merry Christmas
And a Happy New Year
Let’s hope it’s a good one
Without any fear
And so this is Christmas (war is over)
And what have we done (if you want it)
Another year over (war is over)
And a new one just begun (now)
And so happy Christmas (war is over)
We hope you have fun (if you want it)
The near and the dear ones (war is over)
The old and the young (now)
A very Merry Christmas
And a Happy New Year
Let’s hope it’s a good one
It’ a good, it’s a good one
Without any fear
And so this is Christmas (war is over)
And what have we done (if you want it)
Another year over (war is over)
And a new one just begun (now)
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The night of Christmas Eve was truly a magical night, a fantastic concert by Il Volo from Jerusalem enlivened the evening.
But I’d say go straight to watching the video of the concert and then I’ll give you my comments and you yours.
I was translating for you all the speeches that Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca made between one song and another, but today I saw that Donalee Dragna, administrator of the fanpage Il Volo American Fan Group We Are Love, published the entire concert with all English subtitles, so thanks to Donalee for the wonderful hard work and the Il Volo America Fan Group page that allows you to see and understand everything.
There is a small synchro problem, due to the video, in fact Il Volo sang live.
Enjoy viewing it, you will be impressed.

I have to tell you that I was speechless.
A wonderful concert, not only for the beautiful voices of Il Volo, but also for the solemnity of the beautiful place.
Breathtaking images and scenery, sharpness of video recording.
The elegance and fluency of our boys to sing and present is unmatched.
The lineup of songs is beautiful and appropriate, I listened with great pleasure to songs like TU SCENDI DALLE STELLE and AMAZING GRACE, and O TANNENBAUM, never heard sung by Il Volo.
I had the great pleasure of listening to AVE MARIA MATER MISERICORDIAE and NOTTE STELLATA and PANIS ANGELICUS beautiful, but rarely sung.
The words of the Patriarch of the Latins are beautiful.
The memory of Vito and grandfather Pietro by Ignazio and Piero is also beautiful.
And what about the wonderful piece, SILENT NIGHT, performed a Cappella in the basilica that houses the place of the Nativity, real shivers.
Magnificent, all magnificent and therefore we thank the Israeli Ministry of Tourism, Canale 5 and last but not least Michele Torpedine for these beautiful ideas.

On Christmas day, greetings also arrived from Piero, Gianluca and Ignazio who wished everyone a Merry Christmas, very much appreciated.
I await all your comments which will certainly be enthusiastic, I have no doubt.
A hug to all of you and good continuation of the Christmas holidays:
Daniela ❤❤❤
I want to finish with these three photos that were published on Christmas day, moments in the family of our Ignazio, Piero and Gianluca.
Guys, you are adorable😘

……and the most adorable, Gianluca with his cousin’s children.


Credit to owners of all photos and videos.

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