Saturday, August 25, Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca, were guests in Puglia, at the NOTTE DELLA TARANTA.

It is a popular Apulian festival where, during the evening, typical Apulian songs are played and popular dances are performed like the PIZZICA.

It is a party that has a lot of involvement by the public, there were 150,000 people dancing and singing in a festive atmosphere.

Puglia 01

The guys of IL VOLO were guests in the backstage, but did not perform, They attended the popular festival and gave interviews, like this one, I translate for you.

P = We were really curious to see this event, and test the air, to be able, perhaps, to come next year, who knows.

G = Yes, absolutely beautiful to see this culture, which is not only famous in Italy, but all over the world. When you start dancing, this rhythm gets inside you, it’s nice, we’ll have fun tonight.

Journalist asks Ignazio = Do you already have any idea how you could adapt your voice to a Pizzica rhythm?

I = Actually no, but we can always work on it. It’s nice to see how this event is focused on folk songs and dances and how much tradition brings everyone into such a big event, so why not participate too? Next year or, in two years, we too might participate. It would be a great pleasure.

Journalist = Is there an evening, especially in the past years you know, or have you seen this event?

P = We must be sincere, NO. But we have always heard of the NOTTE DELLA TARANTA and this year, being free from engagements in these days, we decided to come and spend a couple of days in this magnificent land that lately is visited and loved by tourists from around the world. And it is a pleasure for us to be here.

As Ignazio said, on how to adapt our musical genre at this rate, we are a little unprepared, but our thinking is that the music has no barriers, and we never say, “This cannot be done.” But we say, “ Let’s try and then, let’s see what happens.”

Journalist = But will you come to this event, as a guest, or as a concert teacher?

P + I + G = (laugh) As guests, we do not think like teachers.

G = We cannot promise our presence, next year, of course, we would like it very much, but many things happen in a year, this year we came, we ca not wait to have fun, and why not, the next year we might participate.

P = The power of music is this, to see thousands of people united to dance LA PIZZICA.

Journalist = You are used to a large audience.

P = It is never enough.

Journalist = Do you know a Salento song and can you sing it?

G = Do you see how you put us in difficulty? You did it on purpose (everyone laughs, then Gianluca intones a typical Milanese song ….. ha ha ha …… final laughter.)

I = Thanks a lot to everyone, see you next year.

Puglia 02

International guest of the NOTTE DELLA TARANTA the singer LP, the American singer-songwriter of Italian origin, her name is, Laura Pergolizzi, she sang her most famous song “LOST ON YOU” to which she gave a rhythm to Pizzica, then she sang too a song in Italian.

Here is LP in two photos with IL VOLO.

Puglia 03

Puglia 04

The boys of IL VOLO on their arrival at the party were recognized and very welcome.

Here are some shots with people and their arrival.

Puglia 05


Puglia 06


Puglia 07

Puglia 08

Puglia 09

Puglia 10

Also this time the guys were very appreciated.

What do you think of this new adventure?

Would you see IL VOLO to sing to the rhythm of the Pizzica?

Did you know this popular festival in Puglia before?


Credit to owners of all photos and videos.

More Tantalizing Trailers & Teasings from our Talented Italians! (Un Amore Cosi Grande!)

Thank you to Federica Andreoli for sharing these video clips with the fans!  I had to watch the one with our guys in it a few times, just to read the subtitles.  I just can’t imagine our sweet Gianluca saying that one line, can you?  🙂

There is some backstage footage as well as a short scene with our guys, from Federica, “Here’s the surprise for the fans of Il Volo.  A movie scene with the boys. Only 30 seconds…but very intense…”

I just love the expressions on our guys’ faces.  Did not look like it was very hard for them to act in this movie.  Of course, we know they’ve really been acting for the last 10 years at all of their concerts!  🙂  

Getting excited now – really hope it makes it to the States and to Michigan!  Or, do we see a road trip in site?



Ciao – Jana


Gina Asks Again…

atlas close up dark dirty
Photo by Aaditya Arora on

Getting to know each other.

Can we share our birth place?

I was born in Panevezys, Lithuania but lived in two more cities , Kaunas and Siauliai, before we had to flee due to WWII. I was 9 years old. 
A city in the central part of Lithuania, located on the banks of the upper reaches of the Nevezis river. It is often referred to as the capital of Aukstaitija. Panevyzys is an important centre of industry and culture. As the fifth biggest city in Lithuania, Panevezys has 132.000 inhabitants. In historical sources the name of Panevezys was first mentioned in 1503. In the old town a visitor’s view is attracted by the churches of Sts. Peter and Paul’s and the Holy Trinity and the cathedral of the Kings Christ. The town has been famed by the performances of the Panevezys Drama Theatre under the artistic director Juozas Miltinis. The museum of local lore presents an exposition on the history of the city from its very beginning. Upyte has an interesting museum of linen. There is also a memorial museum of the writer G. Petkeviciute – Bite. On the left bank of the Nevezis river the city has preserved its oldest park called Skaistakalnis


See more images of panevėžys

Where were you born?


Un Amore Cosi Grande – The Movie!

Finally, with much delay, our beloved guys will officially make their big screen debut!  How long we have waited!  It will be released in Italy around mid-end of September.  I did hear some rumors at one point, it should be released elsewhere, including the United States.  Again, we wait!  Thanks to our Il Volo site friends, below I found this on my Instagram yesterday!  🙂  Isn’t it awesome how clearly they promote our Il Volo guys?



Win a Trip to Sicily for $12.00!



I think several of us subscribe to the electronic newspaper called, “L’Italo-Americano.”  They have quite a few interesting little articles and tidbits about Italy.  Often Gina sends me great ideas for articles, that I am sad to say, I never seem to have time to write! 😦

However, I’d like to pass along this contest they are running.  You buy tickets, for a pretty reasonable price, and are entered in to win a grand prize trip to Sicily, as well as many other prizes.  Buona Fortuna a tutti!  🙂    Jana

1 italo americana

It’s our richest and most beautiful raffle yet! And it’s not a coincidence. We want to celebrate with you all a very special occasion: this year, L’Italo-Americano celebrates 110 years spent to the service of the Italian American community.

“The Best of Oriental Sicily” definitely deserves the small, yet incredibly precious contribution you will give us. We are a 501(c) (3) non profit organization and, as such, your support is essential for us, as it allows the newspaper, which has been walking side by side with the West Coast Italian American community since 1908, to continue its mission of promoting the knowledge of Italy, of the Italian language and of the invaluable social and cultural heritage of il Bel Paese.

We’ll bring you to the discovery of some of Italy’s most extraordinary marvels: places, flavors, landscapes filled with history, craftsmanship and products which will show you the beauty of a country that doesn’t need to remain a dream.

Our first prize is an amazing trip to Sicily, including airfare for two (2), following an incredible tour along the breathtaking itineraries of the island’s East coast! BREAKFASTS, LUNCHES, DINNERS, WINE, PRIVATE TOURS, TRANSPORTATION, TICKETS ENTRANCE TO FAMOUS PARKS AND MUSEUMS… ALL INCLUDED!!!

Sicily: home to the heart and heritage of so many Italian Americans, it can turn from a dream into a beautiful reality for our readers, thanks to L’Italo Americano’s newest Raffle. Try to imagine how eight beautiful days in the land of Archimedes and Pirandello, Verga and Bellini would be, following the itinerary of the ultimate trip we organized for you…

Get your tickets here:  Tickets


$12 for 1 ticket  (you’ll need to scroll down about half way until you see the actual “buy tickets” little box.

Available Until: September 28, 2018 at 11:59 am PST

Drawing Date: September 28, 2018 at 12:00 pm PST

Each ticket gives you a chance to win any prize.  When you click on the link, you’ll see the other prizes.

Some pictures from their website…can you guess where they are?

1 - taor

1 - taor 2

1 - mt etna1 - ragusa1 - it 2

1 - siracusa

Bridge Collapse in Genoa, Italy

On Tuesday this week, the residents of Genoa Italy were devastated with a bridge collapsed.  At the time of one of the early articles, 37 people were presumed dead, and death toll was already rising:

Italy Bridge Collapse Leaves 37 Dead….  New York Times


This slideshow requires JavaScript.


The cause and whom is to blame is being highly debated.  The reasons are not yet clear, but some are being considered:

Italy Bridge Collapse: What Might Have Caused It  ~~BBC

Some articles I have seen have harsher, more definitive leanings about what they think is the cause and who is to blame, but for the purposes of this piece, that is not necessarily important.   It’s more important that people’s lives have been changed, and the people of Geona are grieving.  Our hearts go out to the Italian people at this time.

~~ Kelly


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