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MEXICO: MUSIC TOUR 16/17/18 by Daniela

After the summer break, the tour started again with three stops in MEXICO.

The boys were welcomed with great affection.

Mexico Tour 01

But let’s see some moments of the concerts of the various stages:


I am attaching this unique video but almost one hour in concert !!

What a beautiful series of songs and what to say about “La Luna Hizo Esto”, sung in the company of three girls from the audience. They will never forget it, how lucky you are !!!

Mexico Tour 02

Mexico Tour 03

Mexico Tour 04

Mexico Tour 05

Mexico Tour 06





Mexico Tour 07

Mexico Tour 08

Mexico Tour 09

Mexico Tour 10







Mexico Tour 11

Mexico Tour 12

Mexico Tour 13

Mexico Tour 14

Furthermore, Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca have participated in many radio and television programs, where they have always brought joy and sweetness.

Mexico Tour 15

Mexico Tour 16

Mexico Tour 17

Mexico Tour 18

Even the newspapers have spoken very well of them and of the concerts.

These are two excellent articles, of which I translate the most important parts.

Diario de Yucatan Article – Click Here

Il Volo fell in love with thousands of fans during the concert they offered as part of their “Music Tour” tour, with which they celebrated 10 years of their artistic career.

In the Italian, English and Spanish languages, Piero Barone, Ignazio Boschetto and Gianluca Ginoble have interpreted, for two hours, twenty themes of Latin American classical music, their successes and the new songs from their album.

As soon as the intensity of the National Auditorium’s lights decreased, the show began. The silhouette of each of the singers was barely glimpsed and the audience, mainly women, started screaming with excitement.

Quién Article – Click Here

The baritone Gianluca Ginoble, the tenor Ignazio Boschetto and the tenor Piero Barone provoked the euphoria of their Mexican followers, who gathered at the National Auditorium to answer the call of their idols, Il Volo, which after six years of absence is climbed the national scene again and simply fell in love. 

Mexico Tour 19

The power in the voice of Ginoble, Boschetto and Barone was the perfect pretext for the warm applauses, and regardless of the genre, compliments were shouted, like a strong “I love you Nacho!”, From a man, or the amusing – and already popular – cry of a woman: “Make me a son!”

Piero’s sensuality, Gianluca’s gallantry and total feeling, which Ignazio gives to each of his interpretations, as well as his renewed figure, caused delirium, all the more when they dedicated part of their repertoire to a tribute to one of the greatest performers Mexicans: José José.

Mexico Tour 20

Another of the highlights of the night was when the Mariachi appeared, with whom they delighted to the rhythm of “Cielito Lindo”, who made it clear that the clear register of Boschetto and Barone’s voices, and the most serious of Ginoble, reaches harmony with vernacular instruments, which have also generated the absolute emotion of the public.

The trio also made room for hearing their own songs, which reached a monumental chorus. If their mere presence was no longer a matter of madness, euphoria was unleashed at most when every young man invited a girl from the audience to sing directly with them. The face of the three lucky girls, between emotion and disbelief, will remain in everyone’s memory.

Mexico Tour 21

Guys, what to say, Mexico has also been conquered, by your talent and your love.
Mexico has not forgotten you, has patiently waited, and has rejoiced with you.
Beautiful songs, many in Spanish, which we would also like to hear more often in concerts.
How much love, how much happiness in these three concerts ………. but now away, Russia is waiting for you !!!


Mexico Tour 22

Credit to owners of all photos and videos.


Piero was interviewed by SHOWINAIR, the events magazine.

Nice interview, Piero’s answers are beautiful ….. but we had no doubt !!

I translate the most interesting parts, the direct questions.

Piero 01

Showinair Article – Click Here

Q = Your new single “A CHI MI DICE”, is a song with a bitter and nostalgic taste. Are you always around the world, but there are moments of bitterness and nostalgia in your life, when maybe the lights on the stage go out?

P = I state that this beautiful question, I had never been proposed, therefore, thanks. We are fortunate and have the privilege of traveling a lot, but never staying still means unfortunately giving up; distance, very often, takes us away, from a person we care about, or, even before, does not allow us to know this person, as we would like.

“A CHI MI DICE”, tells us this, the awareness, of not meeting that person anymore. I am not referring, only to the girls, but to all our loved ones, on the other hand, however, we live by our greatest passion, that is, music.

Q = Is the single from the album MUSICA, when music has become your traveling companion?

P = We were born in the midst of music, all three, we have a very similar past. My grandfather made me discover the art of musical notes.

After a concert, around the world, we continue to sing music, that’s all for us: it’s oxygen.

Piero 02

Q = How would you define the art of notes?

P = A life without music would be meaningless. A film cannot exist without music.

We may not notice this, and yet, wherever we are, and in whatever phase of our life we find ourselves (whether it is full of light or darkness), music is always there.

Q = You are Sicilian, precisely from the province of Agrigento, what do you always carry with you, from your land?

P = It is a particular land, mine. Many boys of my age are forced to leave it, it’s nice to come back, but it’s very difficult to re-start.

When I leave it, it’s like taking a piece of me. Sicily is a land that teaches you to fight for what you want, it allows you to get used to it and adapt to everything. When I’m away from my land, a few words in Sicilian always come out of my mouth.

Q = Everything started with TI LASCIO UNA CANZONE, with Antonella Clerici, what did you expect from that talent?

P = It was all by accident. I can say that our journey was really a fairy tale, like all those unexpected encounters that change your life forever.

TI LASCIO UNA CANZONE, it was a nine-week experience that marked us a lot. We were noticed by Michele Torpedine who is our current manager, Tony Renis and Roberto Cenci.

The great fortune is that of being a group of three boys, who have developed a great friendship.

Piero 03

Q = Now, to whom “would you leave a song” to say Thanks?

P = The first person, it would be my grandfather, because it was he, who when I was little, accompanied me to piano lessons: I have the same, identical voice, it was he who advised my father to insist on this path. As a blind person, he gets sad, because he can’t see me, but fortunately we can hear each other.

Q = In Sanremo, in 2015, you won with “Grande Amore”, but love to whom? What meaning do you attribute to this word?

P = It is a theme that occurs a lot in our melodies. In this profession, you can discover the positive and negative side of people and understand what is really needed.

I spend a lot of time on the phone with my brother and sister, because I love them unconditionally; a girl can leave you, but your family doesn’t, that’s a love that will never end.

In my opinion, in life we must not trust someone outside our loved ones, but we must be able to enjoy the moment of people who are really close to us.

Q = 10 years have passed since your debut, how were you?

P = We were completely different from what we are now. We were shy and insecure; today, getting on stage means emotion and to do emotion all those who are listening.

If before, we quarreled, the quarrels lasted two days, now, a few minutes. We are much more mature than before, we live and we throw ourselves headlong into what we do.

PIero 04

Q = You have walked the most important stages in the world, but which one really gave you the chills and much emotion?

P = I could say New York. Before “Grande Amore” we did many concerts abroad; we were sorry not to share the songs with our Italy. After Sanremo, we started here too, and I must say that our country, gives us unique places in the world, which are not found anywhere else.

Q = What message do you want people to get from your music?

P = The same desire that we all three have, to make music, and not let die, this musical genre that was born in Italy, and that is always played in our country.

PIero 05

Beautiful answers Piero, by now we know your character, but every time we learn something new and that we always like.

There are fixed points in your education, family, friendship, respect, very important and not obvious qualities, for an excellent artist like you.

Bravo Piero !!



Credit to owners of all photos.

IL VOLO at TG KIDS NEWS by Daniela

While IL VOLO, was on tour in Genoa, they were interviewed as usual by several journalists, but two were really special, here is their interview that aired on the TGCOM24 channel, and what I translate for you.

PR1 = Hello everyone, and welcome to a new episode of the children’s news, here from the Children’s City of Genoa.

PR2= Today we start with a trio, known and appreciated all over the world: IL VOLO.

PR1 = Marta and Giorgia, two great fans of theirs, went to the International Festival of Nervi, to meet these three artists who are celebrating 10 years of career together, despite being very young. Let’s see the interview together.

MARTA = You have been together for 10 years, but how was your trio born?

I = We met in a TV show of young talents, and the producer and director of that show, joined us, and we started singing together.

GIORGIA= At your beginnings, you have been selected, to represent Italy, in a new version of “WE ARE THE WORLD”, dedicated to Haiti, how did you feel in the midst of great artists?

P = Look, I don’t know if it was a greater experience, that of doing “WE ARE THE WORLD” or that of being interviewed by you, because it never happened to be interviewed by some beautiful girls like you.

At the age of 14, we found ourselves, in the midst of great artists, but we didn’t immediately realize the event, but then we realized how important that adventure was.

MARTA = One of your big fans is Palcido Domingo, one of the three tenors, along with Pavarotti and Carreras, you also did a great CD and a concert with him, right?

G = We had the honor of sharing the stage with the great master. I guess you have dreams? We had them at your age and we continue to have them even now, and we had the honor of making our dreams come true, that of singing with one of our idols.


GIORGIA = The song “GRANDE AMORE” that you presented in Sanremo, to whom it is dedicated, if you can reveal it.

G = You are curious! Do you want to know if we have a girlfriend? “GRANDE AMORE” is our favorite song, we dedicated it and we continue to dedicate it to all the people who are 10 years old, who follow us and support us.

MARTA =  Your voice has a lyrical setting, why do you use it also for pop music?

I = Between us there are differences, for example Piero is the one who has the most lyrical voice, I the most pop and Gianluca is in the middle. We also use it in pop, because we think that an artist must never be limited, we must always go further and see where we can go, and this is what we do.

GIORGIA = You tour all over the world, but what is the Italian song you sing that has the most success ever?

P = “VOLARE” ….. how does it do next? Do you know the song “VOLARE”? (the girl does not know the song)

G = You know “MI FA VOLARE” by Rovazzi (an Italian disc jokey)

P = Hello everyone, to our friends of the TG of kids.

G = We had the pleasure of being interviewed by two princesses.

P = What’s your name?

GIORGIA = Giorgia

MARTA = Marta

I = My name is Ignazio (with the voice of a small child).

P = We send you a big hug. Bye Bye


What do you think of this type of TG?

I find it a great idea, and that these children play in a special way, good!

I also think that our boys, as usual kindly, have agreed to be interviewed by these little beautiful “princesses”.  👸 👸


Credit to owners of all photos.


During their stay in Matera for the two concerts, IL VOLO was also interviewed from Ana Ferreira by Brazilian TV, for the “Vida Melhor” program. The interview is in Portuguese and I do not understand this language, but at a certain point, about mid-video, in the direct interview, the questions to the boys were made in Italian so I translate the questions and their answers from there. There is also the possibility of using subtitles, but since the presenter speaks quickly, the translation is not reliable, in fact it is sometimes ridiculous.

Interview on Vida Melhor – Click Here

Ana = Claudia, what a joy, to be here alongside the three most beloved Italians in Brazil, Gianluca, Piero and Ignazio. All right, guys, how are you?

G = All right, all right, let’s try to speak in Portuguese, not very well.

I = We are very happy to speak Portuguese.

Ana = First of all, I would like to compliment you and best wishes for your 10 year anniversary, it is truly a long and beautiful, and wonderful story. In 10 years, so much time, so much experience, what was the most beautiful moment, the most important for you.

P = In 10 years, so many experiences, so many collaborations with so many artists, world-famous, international, we have only learned so many things from them, but the fundamental thing of these 10 years is that our friendship, from the first to the tenth year has always solidified .

Ana = For you (turned to Ignazio) the most exciting moment of these 10 years.

I = Surely the Pope was one, singing in front of the Pope, one meter from him, during the WYD in Panama, it was a very strong emotion, something that touched us a lot, also because unexpected. Seeing all that expanse of young people and that particular energy that was created on that altar, you can’t call it “stage”, it was really very beautiful.

Ana = Let’s jump into the future, how do you imagine yourself in 10 years?

P = Many people are asking us, “Now, after having celebrated 10 years of your career, what do you expect?” We will certainly try to reconfirm everything we have done in the past, make new music, grow even more professionally, because we never stop learning.

(Ignazio sings “A CHI MI DICE”)

Matera Interview 01

Ana = Whit all this talent, the boys of IL VOLO have made thousands of fans fall in love, I ask, how is the heart of each of you?

And they respond with great humor.

P = I did blood tests yesterday and they are fine !!

Ana = Seriously, we have discovered that Gianluca is the only one engaged in love. Both Ignazio and Piero are looking for “true love”.

I = The nice thing, speaking of love, is that there are no well-defined canons, starting at zero and ending to ten. Love can be unpredictable, it can be something that will surprise you in any situation.

(Gianluca sings “IL MONDO”)

Ana = Romantic, elegant, this breathtaking combination, next October, IL VOLO landing in Brazil, comes back, to our country, for the new Music tour.

Will the concert in Brazil be different from the others? It will have a little history from all these 10 years, what songs can we expect?

G = The best of our repertoire, everything we have built in these 10 years. We look forward to returning to surprise all Brazilian fans and we hope to excite you.

P = We promised it and we did not keep our promise, but this year we will work on it and try to do some songs in Portuguese, even to see, our pronunciation as it goes.

G = We hope not to disappoint you, in fact, if you hear something gouging, do not laugh, as regards our pronunciation in Portuguese.

Ana = See you in October. Thank you.

G = See you in October.

P + G = See you soon, bye.

Ana = As they say in Italian “arrivederci”, Brazil is always waiting for you, with open arms.

Matera Interview 02

And now, I translate the beautiful words that their friend Marico Bartoletti expressed on IL VOLO and Alessandro Quarta.

The guys from Il Volo, they gave me a double beautiful gift inviting me to attend their private concert in Matera: a magical evening (of music and feelings) and the friendship of a star of the stage that I already admired and what time it is me entered the heart: Alessandro Quarta

For those who have not already framed it, it is the wonderful virtuosist who appeared in our lives (at least in mine) first alongside Roberto Bolle and then on the Sanremo stage just duet with Il Volo and making the Ariston audience stand up, enraptured by the almost erotic passion with which he attacks the violin, drawing sounds of a celestial brutality.

Matera Interview 03

This year he is the fourth member of the most famous Italian musical education in the world: not for nothing is our most appreciated violinist on a planetary level, having completed – starting from his Salento – a professional path very similar to Gianluca’s , Ignazio and Piero: and that is, while here we wondered who he was, on the other continents they went mad for him.

I don’t have the musical culture to judge his professional talent (from which I limit myself to being dazzled). But I have the sensitivity to evaluate his human talent which is not inferior. We immediately told each other beautiful tales: I saw him get excited for people and situations that can be in total harmony only with a very high soul. At fifteen he was the most successful young violinist in the world.

Matera Interview 04

Now it has drained the adjectives that can describe it. To raise the bar of the challenge, he decided to artistically confront himself with an even crazier one: Astor Piazzolla, the one who in response to those who maintained that “in Argentina everything can change except tango”, with his bandoneòn made an artistic revolution no less to that of jazz. And it became, precisely, “el asesino del tango” (the killer of tango).

In my opinion it was three hundred years that the Demon, after having inspired in a dream to Giuseppe Tartini the mad “Trillo del Diavolo” was looking for someone like Alessandro. He probably put his bow on his shoulder and told him. “Go ahead you boy”. He forgot to give him the tuxedo: but even so, we like it all the same.

Matera Interview 05

This is instead an article that talks about IL VOLO, and was published in the Italian magazine OGGI, which I translate for you.

Matera Interview 06


“But just when I was going to sing with the Pope, did they have to steal my suitcase?” The anecdote is by Piero Barone, the bespectacled of the three.

“I was the only one who had brought the big suitcase for Panama, for World Youth Day. And just at that time they stole my suitcase. So I ran to buy a suit, but the shoe store was closed. In the end I performed in front of Papa Francesco, in sneakers. Fortunately the cameraman, crafty, has not filmed my feet and no one has noticed. “

Stories like these, the three boys of IL VOLO, are full of.

“Ah, and that time that Ignazio fell off the stage with a child in Tampa, Florida?” This time Boschetto is the protagonist “We are always very affectionate with the little ones. They put this baby in my arms. I take it but I stumble, to protect the child, I turned around, I hurt my arm, and they also have  sued me”.

But nothing can stop IL VOLO. It seems like yesterday, but 10 years have already passed since Gianluca, Piero and Ignazio presented separately to TI LASCIO UNA CANZONE.

They were just 14 years old, now they are three very solid career pop stars, famous all over the world.

“We have just returned from Japan, we will spend the summer in Italy for a tour that will end on September 24th here in Verona. Then we will go to South America and Eastern Europe. We are around, until May 2020.”

We meet them in their dressing room at the Verona Arena, just before the performance of the Seat Music Awards. To see each other at the beginning, little more than children, chubby, unrecognizable, has a certain effect on them. “But do you really have to publish it, the photo of 10 years ago?” they joke. “We have changed a lot physically, but we keep the carefree, the passion of the beginnings, Gianluca tells us. “We have remained humble and simple.”

Matera Interview 07

This, unfortunately, is not shared by a part of the press. During the final of the last Sanremo Festival, a chorus of whistles and insults was raised in their direction in the press room.

“There is a difference between criticism and offense,” comments Barone.

“We knew that by participating in Sanremo, we went to the lion’s den, but we risked it,” says Ginoble.

“In 10 years, we have faced so many prejudices against the music we make”, Boschetto intervenes, “But the very fact that Alberto Urso, a tenor, has won AMICI, fills us with pride. Our message has passed, there “we have done”.

Do you quarrel among yourselves?
“Once on stage,” says Piero, “Ignazio is a fanatical Juventus, Juve lost four to one, and I kept making the sign of four with my hand. He didn’t take it well.”



Chapter Love. It is here, that the three pretend not to hear …..
Piero Barone broke with Valentina Allegri (“but I can’t tell you why”) and swears to be single.
Gianluca Ginoble, who to us, turns out to be engaged, eludes the question: “I leave you in doubt”.
The only one outspoken is Boschetto: “I am single because with our life around the world, it is not easy to keep up a story. You can succeed only when you meet the love that makes your head spin. And then, who knows because, I like blondes, but I tie myself only with brunettes .”
Same sincerity on today’s music: “I listen to the TRAP, but I’m not in this genre”, says Ignazio. “I am a romantic and when I listen to lyrics that say – I’ll take you, I’ll slam you, I’ll do you – I don’t like it. I prefer texts with more poetry. In music, the damned, are more like. As in love: at women,  like bastards,  us good guys,  they don’t consider us. “

And … icing on the cake, from the official page of the designer Carlo Pignatelli:

Matera Interview 08

Carlo Pignatelli

IL VOLO celebrates 10 years of career, wearing Carlo Pignatelli men’s suits.

Beautiful interviews, which lead us to get to know our dear boys more and more.

And in the last image, how much beauty, how much elegance.

Come on, guys! 



Credit to owners of all photos and video.


Despite the very strong wind, MERANO, at Ippodromo di Maia, was also done.

It was the first time Il VOLO had performed in Trentino Alto Adige, and despite the wind, the people were warm and it was a success.

Merano 01

Here is a twitter of the Regional TG.

Fourth and last concert of the Maia Music Festival at the #Merano racecourse. 3,500 spectators listen to the songs of the Volo, the three opera singers, two tenors and a baritone, famous all over the world. Accompanied by an orchestra, they performed the most famous classics.

Here, a short video of “MY WAY”, you can hear and see the strong wind, but the boys have continued in their performance undaunted …… and the people, liked.






My friend Marina was present at the concert, and said it was a success.

There were many people from Germany and Austria.

Despite the wind, the curtains flew, and then the musical scores, the boys have not lost their way of making jokes. This is a video of their “siparietto” (witty, sequence of jokes).

(a spotlight fell on the stage)

G = A sudden gust of wind
I = (turning to the orchestras and playing down) in the end you only took a blow from the lamppost.
G = Even the lights can take flight !! (laughter and applause).
The important thing is that you are well. (addressing people) And how are you?
I’ve already seen some of you, we’ve known each other, some haven’t, because it’s the first time we’ve come here.
I = I really see many new faces.
P = The lady is from Germany.
I = Wasn’t it better to wait until we came to Germany?
P = Here you speak German, don’t you? (the people disagrees)
I = That is, here they speak Italian and, as a second language, German. (this is an area on the border with Germany and Austria, but the identity is Italian)

(Ignazio reads aloud, a great message among the people) I wish I had wings to fly there from you ……… but you don’t need wings, lady, but your legs!!
P = (reads another message) I would like a hug ……. love, later, later.
I = What is it now guys?
P = I don’t know.
G = It’s time to sing, to go on, we all know this song.

Merano 02

These guys are too nice, real entertainers, Marina, also said that, at a certain point, as the wind was getting stronger (in fact Ignazio and Piero finally put a sweatshirt on), Ignazio said: “Okay that our name is Il Volo, but do not overdo it with this wind !!”

They are too funny.

Merano 03

This instead is a short video of amusing speeches, between Ignazio and Piero, taken up by another friend, Antonietta.

P = This is a fairly important year for us, in these 10 years, we have discovered that we have different musical tastes, even three personalities and three different vocalities.
So for a couple of years, we started singing singly even during concerts.
Tonight, the new silhouette of IL VOLO (indicates Ignazio, who has lost weight …. laughter), before we were 4 to sing, 1,2,3 and 4 (while he says this, he indicates himself, then Gianluca and two sometimes Ignazio), now, we are three.
I = I too, I remember we were: me, Gianluca and Dumbo (refers to Piero’s ears …… laughter).
P = I had a little ears like that! (he spreads his ears), then, like tonight, there was a gust of wind and they became like this (he squeezes his ears).
I = But be careful that this wind makes them reopen to you !!

Really hilarious, and Antonietta, told me that so many people in front of and behind her, commented saying, “But how good, how nice they are.”


And here an interview published by the TG Alto Adige.

PR = You are in Merano for the first time, what was your impression?
I = We arrived at night, so we didn’t get a chance to see the place, but it is a very beautiful place, in the mountains, really very beautiful and relaxing.
PR = In a Hippodrome, have you never sung?
I = No, never sang, but I’m a horse lover, so I’m in my habitat.

PR = And you instead? (addressed to Piero)
P = This morning, I woke up, opened the window, and it really looked like a surreal landscape, I sent a picture in the family group, because it looked like a postcard.
PR = Singing at the Hippodrome? (addressed to Gianluca)
G = Surely it is something different, singing at the Hippodrome will be a beautiful emotion. We have had the opportunity to sing in different places, but we will surely remember this, a place as beautiful as Trentino, we love it and Merano is a wonderful city.

In this beautiful video of another TG of ALTO ADIGE TV, there are beautiful words for Il VOLO, I bring you the most important ones.

“Not just music, because Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca are also true entertainers, last night, despite the wind and singing in chorus, the audience also enjoyed the joking words that framed the 15 songs sung by the three boys.
Voices set for opera singing, vocal skills, out of the ordinary, but also the desire to revisit the best of Italian pop music.”

Some beautiful shots.

Merano 04

Merano 05

Merano 06

Perfect, even Trentino Alto Adige, has been successfully archived.
Wherever they go, there are only nice comments and nice articles.
The tenth year celebrations are going very well, and success is really deserved.
But there is still a long way to go, it’s time for Cattolica!



Credit to owners of all photos and videos.