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BRAZIL, MUSICA TOUR 37/38/39 by Daniela

The tour of Il VOLO in Brazil continues unabated, and the great success continues.

The boys perform the songs impeccably, but also very relaxed, they know they are not under a magnifying glass that only looks for their flaws, and so the performances are relaxed, full of loving gestures, between the boys and their audience.


A mix of songs by Paulo Ricardo Coutinho, travel agent, who thus commented: “IL VOLO”, 10 years of success in Sao Paulo !!

A wonderful evening with beautiful songs and a beautiful show.




“O SOLE MIO” (the beautiful love of the people)



“GAROTA DE IPANEMA” (Bravo Gianluca for singing in Portuguese.)


“ARRIVEDERCI ROMA” (too funny Ignazio and the security man 😁)



Sao 01

Sao 02

(Click on each image below to view a larger version.)

This brief interview is very nice, the boys’ answers are in English, so you can understand the meaning of the questions.



But this song is not part of your concert, guys, what are you doing? 😁





These words of Piero are really beautiful:

“If they were to ask me” what is the most beautiful thing in life on tour? – I would answer with difficulty. It is difficult to say with words the emotion that overwhelms you at each concert: every evening there is a different energy given by new cities, new people, different languages, but in all this diversity there is the common language of emotion, of gestures and smiles of people of all ages, life on tour is a long journey, where each city becomes a bit your home and new people become your friends.”

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Sao 17

Maestro Adriano Machado, who directed the concerts in Brazil commented on their photo:

“Today we end the Il Volo tour. Another beautiful work with the participation of Orquestra Sinfonica Villalobos.

Incredible to participate again with such talented guys and with a contagious charisma on stage. Impeccable technique and a lot of voice to endure an entire night singing with exemplary quality!”

Sao 18

And so IL Volo concluded the 6 concerts in Brazil. They were beautiful moments, full of joy.

What else to say, I end with Piero’s words:

We spent 2 weeks in Brazil and we can’t wait to come back!

Thank you for making these 6 shows amazing. Now it’s time to fly to Argentina.
See you Wednesday Buenos Aires



Credit to owners of all photos and videos.

BRAZIL, MUSICA TOUR 34/35/36 by Daniela

New State, again different songs.

The affection of the Brazilian people has always been evident for Il Volo, and this time it was no different.


A mix of songs



Scrolling through the various Facebook pages, I saw this photo, published by the page IL VOLO SAO PAULO -BRASIL, is a really moving embrace between Piero and a man, which happened during the concert.

Here is what my friend Stella Maris, the page administrator, comments:

Achei linda esta foto! Pena que não dê para vermos Piero no abraço. Gostaria muito de saber que tirou.

Segundo a amiga Lara Silva, em Brasília (17/10), Piero “desceu, cantou junto com este senhor e o abraçou.”

(Foto publicada e compartilhada: grupo Tributo a Il Volo.)


I found this photo beautiful! Too bad we can’t see Piero in the hug. I’d love to know why you did it.

According to her friend Lara Silva, in Brazil (17/10), Piero “came down, sang with this man and embraced him.”

Brazil2 01

A fan comment:
“Day 17/10 I realized another dream! What a fantastic day! Ignazio Boschetto, who takes my mother and looks at me directly, Barone Piero takes my phone and takes a picture! What a show, what voices, what a dream! 10 years waiting for this moment and I have no words! I love you and return soon in Brasilia!” ❤️❤️❤️

Brazil2 02

Brazil2 03




Mix of songs



Really nice this video, where the boys sing “CANZONE PER TE” sitting among the fans and Ignazio forgets (or pretends to forget) the words and asks for help to Gianluca!



Brazil2 05

Lisete is the girl standing in front, this is that’s what she wrote:

“Olha como fui agraciada por Deus…o meu presente de aniversário… só gratidão.” ❤️


“See how I received from God … my birthday present … only gratitude.” ❤️

Brazil2 06

And what about this sweet Piero ??


(Click on each individual photo below to enlarge it.)






“CANZONE PER TE”  (very sweet)


Even this first adventure in Brazil was accomplished, but three other concerts are still waiting for you.

Come on guys, we’re all with you!



Credit to owners of all photos and videos.

A Sad Loss – The Tragic Fire of National Museum of Brazil

It is with heavy hearts that we share in the sadness of this grave tragedy that afflicted Rio on Sunday.  To AAIV and all fans of Il Volo in Brazil and South America, please know our thoughts are with you.  My current boss was born in Rio, Brazil, so I, too, have a connection to this.  🙁

There is a very nice and in-depth article published by the NY Times, of which I am providing the link:  https://www.nytimes.com/2018/09/03/world/americas/brazil-museum-fire.html


It said the museum did not have a fire suppression system, but was due to get a $5 million dollar grant/overhaul soon, which included a fire suppression system.

From Wikipedia & https://travel.sygic.com/en/poi/national-museum-of-brazil-poi:29978 :

The picture above is also from this site…

National Museum of Brazil
Local name:  Museu Nacional
Location:  Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

The National Museum is the oldest scientific institution of Brazil and one of the largest museums of natural history and anthropology in the Americas. The museum is located inside the Quinta da Boa Vista park, in the city of Rio de Janeiro, and is installed in the Paço de São Cristóvão. The palace served as residence for the Portuguese Royal Family between 1808 and 1821, housed the Brazilian Imperial Family between 1822 and 1889, and also hosted the Republican Constituent Assembly from 1889 to 1891, before being assigned to the use of the museum in 1892.



Notte Magica – Brasilia! Curitiba/Sao Paolo – Sep 19 – 24, 2017

nottemagica header

The guys are quickly making their way now through South America with just 3 more concerts to go.  It is hard to believe and what events they have been through so far, earthquakes, just missing hurricanes, etc.  Things seemed to have settled down a bit, weather-wise since they actually got to South America.  We are certainly glad of that!

ercole sao paolo planeThe Latin crowd seems to be getting an all-around concert, kind of what I’d hoped for in the US – a little of this, a little of that, but as we all say, it doesn’t matter what they sing, it is awesome and never long enough!  However, they are getting to hear Volare, Canzone per Te, Il Mundo, Mas Que Amor, and maybe even a few others people haven’t shared.  Through these last few video clips, I think the guys are finally having fun again.  The clip from Il Mundo, reminds me of “old” Igna, where he was bouncing on his toes during the refrain.  Their voices just keep getting richer and richer.  Their tones continuously awesome.  Adding nuances here and there, just to keep it interesting!

Very special thanks to the AAIV group, who appeared to attend all of the concerts inercole audience sao paolo Brazil and uploading their clips to Instagram.  Also thanks to all owners of the videos and pictures and of course Ercole, Piero, and Gianluca, for always keeping us entertained.  🙂

I’d also like to welcome all the fans from the AAIV site, to enjoy our site.  Please forward to all of your friends!  🙂 


OMG PICS!  (we of course do not have the group from Sep 24 because it is tonight’s concert)



https://www.omgvip.com/il-volo-september-23-2017/   (look, a REAL Igna fan at the end of this one – the look on Igna’s face is priceless!)  Sorry Marie, that should have been you – wait, I think there is one of you like that?  lol!

My doctor said I should add more cardio to my exercise routine, do you think he would approve of this?  🙂 Picture3

Piero – looking up and down at life!

The picture was a little gift from the hotel….was Piero trying to be incognito?  🙂 

I think he might just have to retire that shirt….

piero sp

Hey, guys, can you let us in on the joke?   🙂 



trio brazil


And now a few videos…





curitiba fan


Muchas Gracias Todos!  🙂

Hasta luego!  (3 more to go, Igna gets to spend his birthday at home with darling Alessandra, then it’s off to the Ukraine, Japan, and home for the holidays – and a night on a cruise ship? 🙂 ) And can’t forget Australia!


Il Volo Professional ~~ Concerts with Mariah Carey Cancelled

All the professional dealings of Il Volo
All the professional dealings of Il Volo


With regret,  the concerts in Brazil on the Sweet Dreams Tour of Mariah Carey  in which Il Volo was scheduled to appear have been cancelled as confirmed by Mariah.


Bing Translation of article’s opening: If Tuesday was not good for the ilvolovers, Wednesday is not expected to be better. After the cancellation of the show at Il Volo and Mariah Carey in Curitiba, in Sao Paulo and Porto Alegre are also cancelled, according to the American singer.

Article: Mariah Carey ataca produtora e cancela shows no Brasil com Il Volo ~~ http://www.latinpopbrasil.com.br


Mariah has apologized to her fans:

~~ Kelly