LATAM TOUR 2023: BRAZIL by Daniela

And so came Brazil’s turn.

Here too Il Volo is much loved, in fact, there will be 7 concerts in Brazil.

(Rosa Elena Urzúa Ramírez)

Let’s start right away with the two concerts in São Paulo:




Once in Brazil, Ignazio wanted to pay a special tribute to the public, first of all, as we recall, he now speaks Portuguese well and therefore presented his solo with these beautiful words (I translate sparingly, but I think I interpret it correctly), I must say once more that Ignazio is a beautiful shining star!! 😘

(At the beginning of the video he is finishing a speech, then he leans on the piano and says these words).
I haven’t prepared this speech, (he has to present his solo) maestro make some music, I haven’t prepared these words, when you have a great understanding it’s difficult, I haven’t prepared words because it’s better if the words come directly from my heart, they are better than the written ones (applause).
For me being here is very special, not only because I’m coming back to Brazil but because Brazil is in my heart. Many of you know that I spent a lot of time here (with Ana Paula) and I really had the opportunity to really know Brazil, and I can say that I love Brazil and all the people of Brazil, you are simple people who love life, I learned this in Brazil and it stayed in my heart and so I wanted to dedicate this next song to all of you who are here tonight and to all the people who have been a part of my story here in Brazil, and they are many people.
I hope you can help me sing this next song, the words (of the song) I wrote here on the paper above the piano. (Ignazio sits down on the piano). Let’s begin. (He starts singing to everyone’s surprise: Ocean, a very famous song in Brazil, sung by the Brazilian Djavan) 
And here is a good part of the song sung by Ignazio.

On the second evening Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca wore their beautiful shiny jackets.

This short video is really nice, where at the beginning Ignazio interprets in Portuguese everything Gianluca is saying. Gianluca says that their music must also be known by young people, and then he talks about a great Brazilian interpreter….at that moment Piero pretends that they are talking about him and gets up and thanks (it’s a joke).😁😁… ..but instead they are talking about Roberto Carlos who was also in Sanremo with this beautiful song:

CANZONE PER TE! (while they sing Ignazio takes a Brazilian flag on his legs)





Piero with Maestro Adriano Machado that conduced the orchestra in Brazil.
And now off, Rio de Janeiro is waiting for Il Volo!!


These excerpts of songs taken only on Piero are very beautiful.


Gianluca with Maestro Machado.
Not even a day off… fact, just the day after another concert in Belo Horizonte. The venue is much smaller and the stage is central.
A really nice thing, Piero sat at the piano and played while Ignazio and Gian sang the national anthem of Minas Gerais (the State of which Belo Horizonte is the capital)


Another important moment, when Il Volo invited Paula Fernandez on stage who sang Grande Amore with them.
Here are the words posted by Paula:
“EXCITED, that’s the word that describes me! I’ve been waiting so long for this moment…
Il Volo what an honor! What a privilege! Thank you guys! Shine in our Brazil!”

And these are the words of a fan present at the concert.
“The happiest day of my life! Today I made my dream of meeting Il Volo come true! And even more I managed to hug Piero Barone, I still can’t describe in words what I felt at that moment. Thanks to God, to Piero for being so thoughtful and loving to me! Thank you, thank you my God! I fell even more in love! The best day of my life!” ❤️ 🔥
I think Maestro Machado is having a good time with our boys.


Maestro Machado with Ignazio.

And now Brasilia.

Here’s what Metropoles Music, organizer of the event, wrote.
“Il Volo enchanted the Brazilians in a breathtaking show at the Ulisse Guimaraes Convention Center this Tuesday (14/3). The unforgettable evening was marked by photos with gifts, declarations of love to Brazil and much more. Between music and the other, the Italian tenor trio was ovated by the audience, which crowded the room.
Throughout the presentation, the audience extended their show into their seats and did their part. Amid emotional screams and standing ovations, the audience went into tears and returned all their love and affection to the singers.
Entitled to an apotheotic finale, with the audience standing in front of the stage in communion with the audience, the Italian trio is back again for an encore.
And it wasn’t just the fans with more emotions. On stage, the musicians also clarified the happiness of returning to Brasilia and hugging each other. During an interaction with fans, Il Volo joked about the language they were going to speak and they remembered that Ignazio speaks Portuguese.
Il Volo continued to surprise and excite the public that crowded the Ulisse Guimaraes Convention Center. In addition to the onstage presentation, the Italian trio of tenors put on a show by reciprocating the love of fans offstage and walking through the crowd.
In addition to circulating through the corridors of the room, the musicians took the opportunity to take a photo with those present. Several people who were seated moved around the Congress Center and met the singers.
Shortly after the moment of pampering, the tenors invited the audience to sing Come Vai by Roberto Carlos. With full lungs, the fans responded to the invitation and accompanied the trio in the Brazilian song.



Among the fans present at the concert, there were also Ana Paula and her parents. Ana Paula sang “Como vai voce” loudly, it is clear that Ignazio has maintained great friendships with her and her parents. 😉
Ignazio also met Ana Paula’s parents, in his dressing room, who were really very affectionate with him and he with them. 😊
And how can you not love Ignazio when he embraces the security officer who helps him like this? 💓
Or when, at the end of a song, he kisses Gianluca? 😘
Or when he makes an admirer dance.
Then Il Volo participated in the television program THE NOITE hosted by Danilo Gentili.
Here are some videos.


In the videos, after the presentation of Il Volo, Piero asks Danilo if he has Italian origins and he says that his grandfather was Italian and came to Brazil by himself and was a painter, and painted many churches.
The rest of the interview is joking, Danilo asks the meaning of some Sicilian gestures and Piero performs the gestures and Ignazio translates. Danilo asks if a tenor or a baritone earns more and Ignazio says it depends. The direction shows some stages of Il Volo’s career (several videos cannot be seen due to the agreements with YouTube). Then they also talk about the pandemic and the moments lived with the family and also the video of Grande Amore made remotely with Paula Fernandez, with whom they had the pleasure of singing together for the first time in Belo Horizonte. Then Il Volo sings Como vai Voce in Portuguese.


We are at the last two concerts in Brazil, Porto Alegre and Curitiba.

Here is Porto Alegre, the Il Volo concert is opened by an Italian-Brazilian artist Fabiano Lafalce, and he was playing a song by Eros Ramazzotti, and surprisingly, Piero and Ignazio took the stage, in casual clothes and sang two verses from the song.
The video is not beautiful but it was really a surprise.

Fabian wrote this:
“What an honor guys.”

And now Piero and Ignazio immediately change clothes, it’s time for your concert!






Last concert in Brazil: Curitiba.






I would say that all the Brazilian concerts went very well, and despite the effort being really great, I don’t think I see Ignazio, Piero and Gianluca particularly tired, but certainly happy.
Now Mexico awaits them!!
Daniela 🤗
But before concluding, enjoy this nice interview with the translation below.😁😁😁
“Il Volo members accepted Caracol‘s challenge to show how well they know each other with a few questions about their tastes and personalities.”


(At the beginning there are two pieces that we find later, the interview begins with the photo of Il Volo, CULTURA CARACOL is the title of the TV program.
The nice thing is that everyone has to answer for the other, to understand if they really know each other well.)
 The question written under the photo is:
“How well do the three of Il Volo know each other?”
GIANLUCA= Hi everyone, I’m Gianluca.
PIERO= I’m Piero.
IGNAZIO= And I’m Ignazio.
PIERO= And together we are Il Volo.
QUESTION= When are your birthdays?
IGNAZIO= 11 February (he indicates Gianluca) and 24 June (he points Piero)
PIERO= 4 October (he points to Ignazio)
QUESTION = What is your favorite dish?
GIANLUCA= Pasta with tomato and basil (for Piero)
PIERO= Beans with oil and guacamole (for Ignazio)
GIANLUCA=….no, no, I know what Ignazio likes, Ignazio likes pizza…
GIANLUCA= …with tuna and you like grated lemon (obviously Gianluca is right because Ignazio confirms it by giving him a kiss)
PIERO= And he (Gianluca) likes the pizza his mom makes for him with tuna.

QUESTION= What would you have done if you hadn’t been singers?
GIANLUCA= Technical composer of sounds (for Ignazio)
IGNAZIO= Chef! (He doesn’t confirm what Gianluca said about him and says he would have been a chef) and Piero would have been an opera singer or piano teacher, and Gianluca an interior designer.
QUESTION= Your favorite movie.
GIANLUCA = (for Ignazio) The Truman Show, (and then Gianluca says)  all Robin Williams’ films are my favorite films.
QUESTION = What is the emoji you use the most in chat?
GIANLUCA= I’m using…..
PIERO= I say it, and he joins his hands making a heart
GIANLUCA= Yes, always, I like the new one (emoji), the heart with the hands.😘
PIERO= And he (Ignazio) replies this when I send him a message (the emoji is obscured) 😁
IGNAZIO= But he knows what I mean by this…
GIANLUCA= Or the one who laughs. 
PIERO= He, (Ignazio) never answers.
IGNAZIO= I use laughter or the little monkey that closes its eyes. 😁
QUESTION= What do you dislike about each one?
GIANLUCA= He, (Ignazio) is touchy, easily sensitive.
PIERO= What I don’t like about him (Gianluca) is that when lunch arrives on the table…. (he makes a quick gesture)
GIANLUCA= I eat everything, even the dishes.
PIERO= If you go to dinner with him (Gianluca) you don’t have to share … (Piero and Ignazio laugh)
GIANLUCA= But between friends we do…😁
IGNAZIO= But how….. is it done???
QUESTION= What are you addicted to?
GIANLUCA= Ignazio is addicted to videogames.
PIERO= I do the news, I like reading the news in the morning.
GIANLUCA= You don’t have to say it, we are the ones who need to know about you….
PIERO= Ah, it’s true!!!
IGNAZIO= Gianluca likes photos.
QUESTION = Who is the most jealous?
GIANLUCA= Ignazio is not the most jealous of the three of us, he is the most jealous of the world….
IGNAZIO= No, you don’t know me….
GIANLUCA= …..of the world…..yes, I know you……he’s the most jealous in the world, of the whole universe…..
IGNAZIO= It’s not true, but what are you saying???
GIANLUCA= (Asks Piero for confirmation) Come on, is he jealous?
PIERO= No, no (but Piero says no with his mouth, but yes with his head, he and Gianluca laugh). 😁😁
IGNAZIO= What do you say??
GIANLUCA= Don’t be touchy!! We just said it (that Ignazio is susceptible)
PIERO= (to Ignazio) Don’t get angry ….
IGNAZIO= But I’m not jealous!!
GIANLUCA= Of course, look!!
QUESTION = What shoe size do you have?
PIERO= (for Ignazio, laughing) 50 .
GIANLUCA= (for Ignazio) 46
IGNAZIO= 45/46
GIANLUCA= (for Piero) 42
IGNAZIO= (for Piero) no, 42 and a half
PIERO= (for Gianluca) 40 he is Cinderella
GIANLUCA= no, 41
IGNAZIO= 40 and one (confirm)
GIANLUCA= I have a small hand but a bigfoot.
IGNAZIO= Why is 41 big?? 😁 
GIANLUCA= 41 is big compared to the man I am (he means his body)😁
Then they talk about the CD TRES VOCES UN ALMA, the musical culture of Latin America, and how many South American songs they know, the homage to Josè Josè, why they included a song with the Mariachis. In the end everyone says goodbye.
I’d say it was fun watching them answer, and I can tell they know each other really well, good and bad!! 😉

THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT!!! Listen carefully to what Ignazio says in this video.


Credit to owners of all photos and videos.



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  1. Wow, you have outdone yourselves on this report! So many videos, so many photos, and translations of interviews! I love them all! Thank you so much, Daniela and Pat! The guys will have April to be home and rest after this long tour, but I know they love their exuberant Latin American fans. Daniela, I hope to meet you in Verona on May 1 – I’m going to both concerts. I look forward to seeing them in Italy, at ”home”.

    1. Maija, they will come to rest in April, but also to rehearse for the Arena concerts, they will be different, something new, and it is certain that we must meet to say hello.

  2. What an amazing amount of work you & Pat have accomplished here Daniela – I truly appreciate all your hard work in keeping us informed of what the boys’ are up to – love the boys’ singing “Here’s to You” – their voices sound magnificent – Piero has such an incredible voice – he sang Abrazame so stunningly – Piero playing the piano while everyone sang the National Anthem of Minas Gerais – very classy – had a laugh at Ignazio being helped off the stage by a very nice Security Guard – what a hoot!! – these boys’ have so much class – they are so good to their fans young & old alike – Daniela – I am so appreciative of all your hard work & Pat too – I just had to mention how grateful I am again – much love.

    1. You’re most welcome, Jude!😊 That video of Ignazio with the security guard was hilarious! I think the guard was having a good time too!

    2. Jude, I also like to see when they sing Here’s to you, especially to see the interaction with the audience. They were very nice to play the anthem of Minas Gerais! Thank you for your compliments!!

  3. Thank you so much for your reports. I look forward to them, especially since I don’t speak Spanish or Portugese. This LatinAmerican tour has been such a joy and a frustration for me. Watching the guys perform and, so obviously, having so much fun and loving the fans and the culture has been a thrill. Not being able to understand the jokes and dialogue during the concerts and interviews has been crazy frustrating for me. I am a student of Italian and I am always moved by the lyrics of the Italian songs they sing. While their voices soar, the songs they sing that I don’t understand make me feel like I’m missing something beautiful. It’s a dilemma for me. I love that they are so loved in Latin America, but I cant wait for them to return to Italy, where they engage audiences and interviewers in Italian. They are so funny and interesting, and I want to understand every word. Thank you again for your wonderful site. I’m so glad I found you xoxo

    1. Carol, I have to tell you instead that, as an Italian, I can understand most of the speeches in Spanish and also in Portuguese, you use the translator very little with those languages. But I understand your need to understand what is being said, and it’s often really funny!! The Italian dialogues will also arrive.

  4. Thank you both for the photos and videos also translation of thier guestions its great to see how much they now each other ,i dont understand how they say Ignazio is jealous what is he jealous o,f he has great talent ,fantastic voice ,goodlooking great personality and he is loved as much as them all .The guys have had great concerts in Latin America and they audience have been singing along with them ,i still think the tours are long and they dont get much relax time ,i hope they stay well and safe and to say thank you both for all your hard work to make this report ,Regards

    1. Pamela, the times of the South American tour are intense, but I think the boys are having a lot of fun and this often takes away a lot of stress.
      I think Gianluca didn’t mean jealousy in a good way, he wasn’t talking about obsessive jealousy.
      Certainly Ignazio looks good, but it cost him a lot of effort and he always has to be careful to be able to maintain this physical shape, while someone else doesn’t have these problems…… reason for jealousy??

  5. Thank you so much, Patti and Daniela, for this absolutely wonderful posting! What a great way to spend a morning by watching all the videos and interviews.

    I can see the “class clown” coming out of Ignazio now and again when he and Piero poke fun at Gianluca and his way of holding the microphone (Abrazame in Curitiba, Brazil). Good thing Gian has a sense of humour or it might affect the brotherhood of the trio! Igna can’t seem to stand or sit still for even a moment and has to be working the stage all the time!
    Boy! I wish I had his energy!!

    Many thanks once again, Daniela and Patti, for all your work in keeping us in the know of just how much our “boys” are loved the world over. Hugs, Dol

    1. Thanks Dolores for the compliments.
      Yes, Ignazio is a cyclone on stage, and sows good humor. Despite appearances, all three love each other very much and I think they also show it in interviews, they are unique!

  6. Daniela & Pat, This is another “Made my day” review and translation! Since I post so much for 2 fan groups I think I’ve seen almost everything but you continue to amaze me with the beautiful and unique photos/videos I have missed! Just as “Our boys” are a class act, the two of you produce a classy page of special memories for us. Ignazio and his comedic genius, huge amazing range of voice and command of the stage always inspires me. Piero’s spine tingling voice and leadership mesmerizes me with every new song they sing. And Gianluca, third only because I try to recognize the three in a different order as much as possible, is the voice that is the foundation of the breath taking harmony and his perfect, gentle, romantic tones always touch my heart. We could not do without each of them. It simply wouldn’t be the Il Volo that we cherish. Thank you!!!!! ❤️🎼🎶❤️

    1. Judy, thank you very much for the wonderful compliments.
      You know how many Il Volo fan pages there are and each one is a source of news. This post was really long, 7 concerts in Brazil and Il Volo leaves so much to write about.

  7. Many thanks Daniela and Pat for the videos, photos and the translations. My Portuguese and Spanish are as near to zero as one can get!

    I haven’t watched all the videos as yet, though some I have already seen on Facebook/YouTube. They will be my treat over the coming days. 🙂


    1. Roz, don’t worry about Spanish and Portuguese, we’ll take care of translating, while our boys are also perfect in these two languages!!

  8. How do you gals do all this every week? Thank you both for all the work you put into doing posts like these to help bring us to these far away places so that we can all enjoy the boys no matter where they are! It’s a Gift and we appreciate all of you endlessly. It is so amazing to me that Gian, Piero and Igna don’t seem to tire….oh to be young again!! Love all the videos, stories and interviews you translate to make us all a part of Il Volo and their concerts.
    Blessings and hugs to all,
    Carol 🥰🎤🎼🙏😘🤗

    1. Carol thank you, beautiful compliments. Pat and I have only the task of finding, translating, attaching, publishing, but they do the hard work, our treasures and they do it very well. I like being a fan of Il Volo!!

      1. It’s very evident in all the articles the love you all have for IL VOLO! The rest of us are also adoring fans, I find that love in all the responses. I think it makes what you gals all do all the more special!❤️😘🤗🙏🙏😉Carol

    2. It ain’t easy! hahaha 🤣 Just kidding, it’s a pleasure to help Daniela because we all love IL VOLO so much! 💗 And you’re most welcome for the thanks!

      1. Yes, Carol, the love for Il Volo in this site is quite evident, in fact the full name of the site is: IL VOLO FLIGHT CREW SHARE THE LOVE

  9. Thank you Daniela and Pat for a total dose of emotional and visual “IL Volo overload”. These sights and sounds will be going round and round in my head for days to come..

    1. You’re welcome, Mark! It was definitely something to see. I don’t know how the guys keep up with this pace! 😮

    2. Mark, there is so much to see and hear, that sometimes it’s hard to make a choice for a release, so we look for the highlights. What makes me happy is seeing how much affection surrounds our young men everywhere, it’s truly amazing.

      1. The displays of affection everywhere from the fans is phenomenal. Still curious about Ignazio’s black finger nails-thanks.

      2. You’re right Mark, I said I would write why the nails painted black.
        In reality it is a trend that famous people use to draw attention to the abuse suffered by children, I also found an article that talks about this, with several photos of celebrities (like Brad Pitt). But during the live coverage of Bosky TV, someone asked Ignazio the question and he replied that it was for fashion. For this reason I haven’t written anything in this post, because he has already replied, but if I have to be honest, Ignazio is not the type to do one thing only and strictly for “fashion”, I am convinced that Ignazio always has a specific purpose and we all know that he always stands up for the kids, so……..i’ll leave the conclusion up to you.

  10. I absolutely adore these three guys! They can sing me to sleep, rock me in my rocker, and I am thrilled just to hear them sing, and to see them even better. This is not teen-age crush, but an old lady of 86 that they thrill as much as any entertainer ever. They are kind, warm, funny, but most of all they are sincere. Their parents did a wonderful job raising them. Always will be my #1 entertainer. Thank you for the wonderful story of them on tour. I am always thankful and pleased to read about them. I thank God for their beautiful voices, their personalities, and their love of people. I thank you Daniella and all others that report on them to us. They are true blue to the core of their being. God Bless them wherever they are. One Iowa lady who fell madly in love with
    them in Arizona in 2020! Hugs and love.

    1. You have written some beautiful words, you feel that they have entered your heart and age has nothing to do with appreciating kindness, goodness, sincerity and excellent singing skills. Thanks for your feelings.

    2. Hi. Sassylady! Looking forward to my 91st birthday on May 1st, so they have cornered the Very Senior market, as well! There is no age limit for excellence and they certainly are EXCELLENT!! Hugs to you, too! Dol

  11. Thank you so much Daniela and Pat for this very long and really enjoyable post. Also for the translations. The guys are really enjoying themselves and the love between them and the fans is so beautiful. I especially liked the video of Piero singing. I always think of him as the more reserved and quiet one but he seems to be more relaxed and really having such a great time. It’s fun to watch. They are such amazing performers and beautiful young men.

    1. Cathy, I too love their interaction with people and you can tell from the videos that are recorded during concerts that people love them, appreciate them and they reciprocate.

  12. Daniela – and Pat – what can I say? Thanks, thankks, thanks a million for all the work you two have put into this article to keep us update on the guys’ adventure in Latin America. Wonderful video clips I haven’t seen before, great translations of interviews finally giving a bit sense to me (not knowing any Italian/Spanish/Portuguese) and lovely footage. So much appreciated.

    Reading all this I get totally exhausted on behalf of the guys – what an itinerary packed with travel, concerts and interviews – but boy are they ever on top of their game! They don’t look nor sound tired the least – in the countrary. So muh smiling, laughing and energy put into everyone of their doings. They must fuel on success :-). as, indeed, what a success this tour of South America has turned into. And all my worrying about possible half filled halls due to late announcements is totally put to shame – full houses evening after evening. I am so happy on their behalf – they deserve it so mucch!

    I have enjoyed each single video here – some of them are, so hilarious and funny (I love the “elegant” way Ignazio gets down the stage by means of his body guard.he he. Way to go Ignazio 🙂 ). And I cannot believe my eyres as to how accommodating they are to their fans no matter the age – mingling with them, posing with them, dancing with them, hugging and kissing them… kudos guys! If it is all business it does sure not show! They are truly amazing!

    Well, now I do just wish them a safe journey back home – and some good time to relax and recuperate – so that they will be all “hungry” for more singing and fans coming May and their performances in Verona. Daniela, I have started counting the days and cannot wait to see you and to have the pleasure of sharing their new show in Verona with you – it’s going to be a blast! Once again thanks a million for your great work!

    Love and hugz from snowy and cold Denmark. Kirsten 🙂

    1. You’re welcome, Kirsten! It is fun seeing all that the guys have done, but I also wonder how they keep up with this schedule!! They are amazing guys! 😊

    2. Kirsten, I too find it hard to understand where Ignazio, Piero and Gianluca find their strength, to always sing so well, and always seem fresh and rested, it’s an exhausting tour and it must be hard to keep up with these rhythms, but they succeed.
      It’s great to see them interact with the audience like this, I can confirm that they seem much more relaxed, and they are adorable.

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