Do You Know?

Ciao all!!  I am so sorry you are not seeing the Mexico posts today!  However, Gin and I literally had to go tonight to check on a sick friend and I did not get home until 11p.  Oh, early for me, you say?  True, but I had a few other pressing emails I also had to return.  So, enjoy this lovely little poem from Marie!  🙂

Buonanotte tutte!!   jmv  (y estoy muy, muy cansado!)


Do you know?

Gianluca, do you know that when I’m sitting in absolute silence I hear your voice?

Piero, do you know that even in the middle of a conversation you are suddenly singing opera in my head and it interrupts my train of thought?

Ignazio, do you know that I can feel your song finding its way gently, yet swiftly from my ears to my heart?

Do you know that I can almost taste the words “Il Volo” ?

Oh, my three angels of soul, do you know that these things happen not only to me?


Notte Magica – The Movie


I saw the Boys nearly 10 ft tall.
Braced myself…wasn’t scared at all.

You think Gian’s eyes are a mesmerizing green?
Just wait til you see them on the big screen!

They were large and dreamy like shiny jewels.
I wanted to dive into those lovely big pools.

They sang and they sang mouths 5 ft wide.
My greatest desire was to crawl inside.

My sister and her daughter came along.
They clapped and bravo-ed thru each song.

Ignazio’s chest so large and sublime.
My breathing stopped about that time.

His mustache was huge and what do you suppose?
I could see the freckle on the end of his nose.

His dimples well.. I could hardly look.
Were as deep as the ocean, my whole body shook!

Piero’s face so sweet and serene.
I wanted to hug that big flat screen.

Enormous were the size of the glasses
covering the eyes of a man loved by masses.

I knew the music, I’d seen it live on stage.
Now, my Il Volo book has another page.

The surround sound certainly did what it could.
Not the same as live, but still very good.

A movie critic I may not be,
But this is one you all should see!

I promise you I’ve told no lies.
I’d love those guys just any size!


Fridays Flashback in English

Here, for your pleasure and better understanding, are a few Il Volo songs with English lyrics.

This is my all time favorite Il Volo number:

My newest Fav:

One of “the worlds” favorites:

The “greatest love” song for many of us:

I really wanted to give you Nessun Dorma, but couldn’t find an Il Volo English translation.  However, here it is by a man our Boys regret they never met.  Luciano Pavarotti died in 2007.  Our Guys would have been 11 or 12 then.  Piero, Gianluca and Ignazio wouldn’t have heard of each other back then either and never would have thought of the words Il and Volo connected to them. They couldn’t possibly have dreamed of the fame they someday would achieve:

He would have loved our Guys.

English lyrics, all but one, beautifully sung in Italian by three stupendously talented young men.  We are so lucky to know them.

Italians in America? You Betcha!

Thank you Gina!

All articles from:


San Francisco’s Italian Consul General Looks Forward to the Year Ahead

In San Francisco fellow Italophiles, look forward to a year filled with the charm and culture that represents our native Italy. Photo by holbox

The year 2017 has begun con gusto and the San Francisco Bay Area’s Italian community, and fellow Italophiles, look forward to a year filled with the charm and culture that represents our native Italy.

On that note, Italian Consul General, Lorenzo Ortona is in his fifth month as Italy’s representative to the San Francisco Bay Area. In his statement of September 2016, Consul General Ortona expressed recognition of his important task and appreciation of the Bay Area Italian community by saying, “It has made a decisive contribution to the creation and growth of this marvelous city known and loved around the world.”

For the rest of the story ⇒


The art of making pizza to become part of the UNESCO Intangible Patrimony


The art of Naples’ pizza -making could become a patrimony of the world. Photo:

Pizza finds a place on every country’s table and is topped with countless delicacies, each country creating its own – more or less – orthodox version of this quintessentially Italian food. Yet it remains Neapolitan in the  minds of all of us and having a pizza in Naples is certainly on the bucket list of more than a foodie. 

Neapolitan pizza, or “verace pizza Napoletana,” as it is known in Italy, has been a “specialità tradizionale garantita” (S.T.G., a guaranteed traditional specialty) since 2010: this means the European Union recognized that a true Neapolitan pizza can only be produced in a certain manner, in a certain area. Manner: with a dough as supple and simple as that of bread and only a handful of allowed toppings, like Sammarzano tomatoes, olive oil, basil and mozzarella (di bufala) or fiordilatte (cow mozzarella), to create the perfect Margherita. Sammarzanos, garlic, oregano and olive oil for the humble and flavorsome Marinara. Area: Naples.

The sweetest thing: cannolo siciliano and its amazing history


Cannoli siciliani have a huge identity-defining power: Italian bakeries all over the world make of their presence on the shelves a symbol of “italianità” and heritage associated with only a handful of other products. Photo by siculodoc

Cannolo siciliano: is there any other Italian dessert this popular in the world? Tiramisù may be one of its more glorious competitors, but cannolo making is an art that you can’t reproduced at home with the same simplicity. We can all make a good tiramisù in our own kitchen, but preparing cannoli right is far from an easy task. 
Cannoli siciliani have also a huge identity-defining power: Italian bakeries all over the world make of their presence on the shelves a symbol of “italianità” and heritage associated with only a handful of other products.

Italy’s Oscars: 14 Statuettes and Counting

Oscar nominee for “Best Documentary Feature” to Gianfranco Rosi’s Fire at sea and two Italian nominees for “Best Makeup and Hairstyling” to Alessandro Bertolazzi and Giorgio Gregorini. Design copyrights: L’Italo-Americano Newspaper

As usual, the 89th Academy Awards, aka “Oscars,” ceremony – annually presented by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (AMPAS) – took place at the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood, February 26th. 

More unusual is the presence of Italian roots both in one of the event’s producers, Michael De Luca, and in the host of the evening, comedian Jimmy Kimmel.

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A Little Il Volo Poetry by Sandi Eyman

Here are three poems I wrote about Il Volo.  I hope they are worthy of the Flight Crew.  They are Senryu (a type of haiku), so it will be a format not familiar to some of our readers.


Il Volo

Three Italian guys
   attentive, humorous, and kind
      once boys…now men

Gian, Igna, Pero
   exquisite voices
      smooth, lyric, strong

Velvet, silk, brocade
      like ribbons entwined


10 Reasons to Never Visit Italy

Ann (anncruise) received this article from a friend who got it from  Since I can’t go there to see the Boys this article seems appropriate.  So, if any of you believe this and decide not to go to such a horrible place AND you just happen to have tickets to a concert..say…in Verona.  Ann and I will take them off your hands.

Jane, this one will tug at your heart.

Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Never Visit Italy

There are many many reasons why you should never visit Italy. Here are the top 10. If you have already visited Italy please do not do it again.



Why would someone visit Rome? Because of its history and countless monuments and statues? Art, beautiful alleys, nice people, the famous Trevi Fountain, the Colosseum, the Vatican city and hundreds museums are a few of the reasons why you should never visit Rome.


Never ever visit Florence. Too much romance, history and beauty. The city is not big or small. It has the perfect size and is considered one of the most walk-able cities in the world. Who wants to walk? Plus, why would someone want to visit Duomo, the magnificent Basilica di Santa Maria del Fiore?


Gelato means ice cream. Italy is famous for having the best ice cream in the world. Who cares, who likes ice cream. Just have a look at the photo. Would anyone want to taste this gelato?


Another reason why you should never visit Italy and especially Milan is shopping. You will find the most famous and most expensive brands in Milan like Versacce, Gucci etc. Italians are well known for their finesse and style. I am sure you hate going shopping as well.

6Italian Red Wine

Nobody loves wine. Even if it is the best red wine in the world. Yes, Italy is known for producing the best red wine. Like we care. We drink no wine, right?


Another famous region in Italy to be avoided is Sicily. Actually Sicily is the biggest island in the Mediterranean sea. It is famous for its history, its turquoise beaches, its seaside cities like Taormina and the Etna volcano you can see in the photo.

4Italian Food

I almost forget about Italian food. Don’t let the photo trick you. It is much more delicious than it looks like. Pizzas are even more delicious. Many worldwide famous chefs are Italian. Do not try Italian food, please!


Numerous beaches, white sand, turquoise crystal clear water and every beach is unique. Italy’s Mediterranean climate make the beaches ideal for swimming. Stay away!!!


I am sure you have heard of Venice before as I am sure you already know why you should never visit this city. First reason is romance. Having a tour with a gondola during sunset with your partner is something very common in Venice. Plus the city is unique. There is no other city like this one. A floating city that instead of roads has canals and instead of cars has small boats called gondola. How can someone live without air pollution?

1Cinque Terre

Finally the number 1 reason you should never visit Italy is Cinque Terre. Just have a look at the photo and you will understand. Amazing beaches with turquoise water, colorful seaside villages, the best Italian food and good people are only a few of the reasons to avoid this region and Italy in general.