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BOIN ~ The Journey, the Reveal and the Whisper! by Susan

The Journey….

Are you enjoying the Journey?
The week began with the little Chick pilot. He just stole my heart! He is adorable!  You know he was with us from the beginning of the journey. I wanted to call him “Wrong Way Charlie” because in our introduction to BOIN he was going in the opposite direction from everyone else. But, as you can see, he finally caught up with us.Color illustration of a little gray bird in yellow and teal airplane
Ignazio’s counterpart welcomed us on this journey! He serenaded us while giving us a vision of what was to come.

The first crew member we met was the BOIN teddy bear. We followed him and allowed ourselves to be transported into the vision of BOIN. We didn’t know what to expect but, we were curious so, we got on board!

Black and white illustration of a teddy bear

Each of us has journeyed with the Orcas and the Butterflies to the Aquarium and back home. Oh, by the way, I see some of you are still calling Coco a whale. Coco is not a whale. Orcas are dolphins. They came to be known as whales because ancient fishermen saw them kill a whale and they became known as Killer Whales.
Our journey took us to Palermo where we heard the story of Kalsa the beautiful girl who fell in love with the Moor but, soon she learned that he had a wife and children in the east so, Kalsa, cut off her lovers’ head rather than have him return home. As you know, the head became a vase which became a symbol and then a tradition was born. Every home in Sicily has a traditional Moor’s head vase!
Soon we arrived at Valentine’s Day! We met the two doves, the symbol of love! And the melting heart!

And then everything exploded!


Color illustration of an ice cream cone with pink ice cream and a cherry on top

We witnessed the unleashing of color on an Ice Cream cone with sprinkles! We met a new character the little one arm man. Then we met the BOIN Pig and we were reminded that Ignazio is obsessed with Ice Cream. And we ended the week with Miss Daisy. She dazzled us with her beautiful green and yellow dress and her beautiful necklace of white petals!
Finally, the little Chick pilot caught up with us and he brought along some interesting characters who he met along the way.


After Chick landed, we met quite an unusual character, if that’s what she is??? When I first saw ChupaBoin, I really didn’t know what to make of her!
And then the question! Can you be sensual without being vulgar? Can you be sexy without being vulgar?

Black and white illustration of lips with a lollipop

When I saw the Black and White picture, I thought, what is that! I see the lollipop but, I couldn’t make out what else was in the picture. So, I cheated, I went to the color picture.

Color illustration of red lips with a yellow lollipop

When I went back to the Black and White picture, I thought, this one will be tricky!
How do you invite your senses to enjoy a lick without being vulgar?
I decided to wait for further instructions. The instructions didn’t come and, I decided,
Only a lollipop can understand how it is possible to be sensual and sexy without being vulgar!
Then we were introduced to another symbol ~ the Fica d’india. It’s a prickly pear, which is a cactus. It is the Symbol of Italy. We are asked, “what is your country’s symbol?” The Rose is America’s symbol.
Color illustration of a prickly pear
Have you ever seen this cactus or prickly pear before? My grandfather was from Calabria so, I have. Interesting fact, the fico d’india thrives around the island of Sicily. It also goes by the name of the Barbary Fig. Sicilians and Calabrians make a liquor from it. Liquore di fico d’india is similar to limoncello.  Substitute the lemons with fico d’india. So good!


And soon another character arrives! ~Mickey Boin. Is he a character or a Crew Member? Not sure! A little clarity guys!
Black and while illustration of a Mickey Mouse type character
And the questions! “At what age do you stop being a kid?”
We know you don’t stop in your 20’s or 30’s because of the two guys who are doing these posts. I can personally tell you, you, never stop being a kid! If you do, you stop dreaming! And all your wishes disappear. “A wish is a dream your heart makes…”
Always follow your heart and your dreams! A good place to start @boincollection


And then there was Homer Simpson’s counterpart! And the question, “What’s your favorite cartoon?”
I’m more of a Mickey Mouse person than a Homer Simpson person! I only watch cartoons with kids!


The Reveal!

Soon we will understand what BOIN really is!
Now it’s time to open the box and unveil the secret of BOIN. The BOIN Winter Collection.

By the way, love the box, very chic! Nice packaging!
So, what’s in the box? The BOIN hat that adorable Noah wore and a book. Is it a notebook, a coloring book or a cartoon book? Let’s ask the Chick and the Owl.


The Whisper!

What’s the secret? Whisper in my ear.
What’s all the whispering about? Do you know what’s in the book? I do but, I really can’t say. It’s part of the reveal.
Do you know BOIN?
What I know about BOIN is very exciting!  The characters are wonderful! And now, we learn something new every day!


But really, who is your favorite character?
The moment of truth!
The little Chick pilot is my absolute favorite character. Look at how cute he is. You can’t tell me he didn’t steal your heart away!
Color illustration of a little gray bird in yellow and teal airplane
I noticed him on day one and I waited for him to arrive. There’s something so sweet about him! Like those two sweet guys who created him!
Let’s find a nice Chick for him. I meant the Pilot!


FOLLOW @boincollection for a continuing Journey that will Reveal much more to Whisper about!


Credit to owners of all illustrations and videos.



BOIN ~ It’s Delicious! by Susan

Thank you, Ignazio and Fabio. You unleashed the color in the most delicious way!
This has been an exciting week on BOIN!
We started our week with Valentine’s Day and the symbol of love, two turtle doves.
The guys really got into Valentine’s Day! They used the turtle doves to draw us in and then asked the question “How will you spend this day of love?”
The turtle doves symbolize love and faithfulness, they mate for life, work together to build nests and raise their young together. Nothing more romantic than that!
Maybe Fabio was thinking about Noah and the creation of his family!
They followed that with a heart with one face. And the saying “Happy Singles party. May your other half arrive soon.” I think the idea of the post was that singles can be comfortable with their status. And if love comes along, that’s good too!
I saw the post as a heart waiting to be loved. I quoted, “I await you with such desire that my heart melts with love for you!” So, I’m a romantic!
I think Ignazio and Fabio are romantics too!
Then there were the ice cream cones. My thought is the ice cream cone in black and white left something to be desired! Could that be Color?
Finally, after a month of wondering and waiting, the Color begins!
I can’t think of a better way to express color! Who doesn’t like an ice cream cone and with sprinkles too! WOW, that certainly was scrumptious!
The colors were rich! They shook up our senses! They brought back summers on the beach and, beautiful, delightful treats!
I think the idea for gelato came from Ignazio. I don’t know how much Fabio likes it but, I do know Ignazio loves gelato and ice cream.
Time to introduce some new characters!
Our first character is a little guy with one arm torn off. “When you help others and, they take all of you!”  And the question, “Let us know, in the comments, if this ever happened to you.”
I think they were trying to say that sometimes you help people and, they take advantage of you! They tear you apart!
Or maybe they were using it as a metaphor on love. Love can tear you apart!
I will say the character in black and white caused quite a stir. Many thought he was so sad. But, when the COLOR showed up, he was a happy little guy! Isn’t it amazing what color can do?

After the question “Black and White or Color,” we found out that it was almost an even split. So, Fabio and Ignazio informed us that BOIN will continue in Black and White but will definitely continue to bring us Color! It’s only right that they should continue in Black and White. It’s their signature! The minute Black and White comes up on Instagram, we know there’s a new post from BOIN!
Remarkable that Black and White can attract more attention than Color! Bravo guys!
And, then there was the little pig. In Black and White he reminded me of an old piggy bank!
Odd that, in color, he was dripping in ice cream!
Someone is obsessed with ice cream, Ignazio!!!

Well ladies, today the guys gave us a nod! They introduced us to a valuable BOIN Crew member. In her elegant Black and White business suit, Daisy, proudly represented all of us out there!
Daisy also proved that ladies know how to have fun! After work, she stepped out in her lovely yellow and green ensemble with a beautiful petal white necklace! ! “Isn’t She Lovely!” Maybe she’ll meet the love of her life! You go girl! And you go ladies to @boincollection to FOLLOW the achievements of all the BOIN Crew Ladies!
So, the guys spent the week telling us that we can find love or lose love in many different ways!
In the person who shares Love with us! In the family we create from Love! Or in the scrumptious Ice Cream that we Love! And they remind us that Love can be lost but it can always be found again! No matter how you say Love, It’s Delicious!


Credit to owners of all illustrations.

BOIN – Black and White or Color by Susan

Last night I was thinking about where we are in this story. We have become an important part of the story. In the beginning we were asked to open our minds and follow a story which to many of us made no sense at all. Many of you who follow my Il Volo stories, wrote to me to ask, “What is this about?”  Sometimes I think that you think I know more than I do. I only know what you know. I have no inside information!
Recently my messages have changed. Many of you are now weighing in on the stories. After Coco was left at the aquarium, and the butterflies reappeared, you stormed my messenger to say, “I think the Butterflies will rescue Coco!” Good for you!

So now we are asked if the post should remain in Black and White or Color! Again, you began to weigh in. Many of you said, you liked the black and white and, many said there is room for color.
Before we go on, other things have happened this past week which we need to address.
We have a new character. Her name is Kalsa. What does this character have to do with the story? I’m not sure where Fabio and Ignazio are going with this but, I can tell you there are two things I know about Kalsa that do contribute to the story. But, of course, I’m not going to tell you what that is. I’m leaving that to the guys to tell you. But what I will tell you about the Kalsa story is this is a story about traditions. What started out as a mythical character (the Moor’s head) wound up being the symbol of Sicily.

We know the ultimate goal of BOIN is to make us feel like we are part of the project. So how do we fit into the new story? Traditions!
Traditions are what form our good values.
Traditions are important because they keep us in touch with our past and by sharing them keep us closer to our families and friends. Everything Ignazio and Fabio have done so far points to Good Values!
We also saw the BOIN watch and BOIN hat this week. First off, baby Noah looked adorable in his BOIN hat.

And I assume the watch is a Smart Watch. I have a Smart Watch. Let me say it is smarter than me! But what was revealed to us when we saw the watch? In the background of the picture, we saw a color poster with BOIN objects on it.
So that brings us back to the question: “Black and White or Color?”
To me Black and White is their signature. Their logo is in Black and White. I find it very intriguing and mysterious. You see the Black and White and there is no need to say who or what is this, we automatically know we have a new post from BOIN. Having said that, a splash of color couldn’t hurt. Perhaps slowly color will come into the project and it will reveal the end result, the project we’ve all been following for almost a month.
Until now, the figurative characters have added the needed color to the story but, in my opinion, Ignazio and Fabio, maybe it is time to add a splash of color here and there.  Unleash the Color let us begin to see the future!
To see if BOIN will continue in Black and White or if the guys will Unleash the Color follow Ignazio and Fabio on their journey. Bring your friends along! FOLLOW @boincollection


Credit to owners of all illustrations and photo.

BOIN-To Follow the Dream by Susan

BOIN ~ To Follow the Dream, You Must Be the Dream!

Week three and finally it’s starting to come together! “To Follow the Dream, You Must Be the Dream!” What is the Dream? What is any dream? Dreams are about our futures! Yes, there are dreams about our past and sometimes bad dreams but, in this World of BOIN, we are talking about a Dream for the future. A Dream of HOPE!

You need a Dream to Achieve a Dream. You need Hope to achieve Hope!

I don’t know when Ignazio and Fabio decided to start this project but, I do know that this is a message that is so important to all of us in our world today!
What have we learned by entering the World of BOIN? The ultimate goal is to make you feel like you are part of the project. They represent style, creativity, sensitivity and an openness to an old idea that needs to be revisited! An idea that there is HOPE for the World!
Through his music, Ignazio leads us to a world where music calms the senses and opens the mind to new ideas! We float on his notes that sail us across the sky following the path of the Butterflies!
The orcas and the butterflies are used to express comparison and emphasis clarity and to make the story more interesting by adding an addition of color and freshness where only black and white exist! This is something that Fabio has used in his art many times. And now he is introducing this new way of approaching art through this narrative in Black and White! Recently I wrote a story about Fabio called “In Black and White Between Colors!” This is what we’re talking about here! Color can be added in many ways. In this story it is added figuratively!
The orcas and the butterflies are “figurative” characters. 

Butterfly balloon carrying an orca through the sky

The Orcas symbolize spiritual guidance. Through spiritual guidance, we confront our emotions.  To do this, we must learn to trust our instincts. Your only limitation is your mind!
The Butterflies signify spiritual rebirth, creativity, joy, promise, and the capacity to experience and enjoy the beauty of life.
Many of you have said you don’t understand what’s going on. You’re lost! I’m lost sometimes too! Soon, Ignazio and Fabio will do a Live and will explain it all!
Some of you have said, you wish it was in English. When they can they do translate to English but, you must understand, that certain expressions do not translate well. That’s why I am following the story and writing about it so that I can fill in some of the blanks and tell, in the best way I can, without losing the feeling of their words, what they are expressing.
So, getting back to this dream!
Ignazio and Fabio want to create a grand family with which to share their values. What do we know about their values?
In the case of Ignazio, we know he is very compassionate and, he has a great love for family, friends, animals, actually, all humanity! Knowing Fabio as I do, I can honestly say, he is always out their fighting for the little guy! He cares about peoples’ feelings and, he wants all people to be heard!
They have told us that they want to talk to as many people as they can. “Every day we grow more and more!” They love your questions! They can’t answer all your questions but, they try to answer as many as they can. And, when you add their story to your story, you let them know that you understand or are beginning to understand their message!
What is Ignazio and Fabio doing for us? Through their visual and musical communication, they are opening our eyes and minds to a beautiful world where there is a lot of sensitivity and a lot of love for family, friends and animals. There’s room for everyone and everything in the World of BOIN.
We are learning “To Follow the Dream You Must be the Dream!”  It is essential to their idea and to attain their goal.  What is that goal? It is a Dream that we will all share a beautiful future! A future full of HOPE!
In their World, the Rainbow that follows the rain does not lead to a pot of gold but to a World full of HOPE!

Good work Ignazio and Fabio!

WE are all BOIN!

To continue to the Dream tell all your friends to FOLLOW @boincollection  #boin #coco #lorcaelafarfalla #weareallboin #hope #dream

In their World, the Rainbow that follows the rain does not lead to a pot of gold but to a World full of HOPE!


rainbow ending with a cloud and the word hope in it


Credit to owners of all photos, illustrations and videos.

NEWS AND FUN by Daniela

Ok, I admit that it is nice to start a post with good news and this is it, even if by now everyone will be aware of it: Gianluca has done the control swab and is no longer positive !!
Here is the selfie and message with which Gianluca gave the news.
“FINALLY NEGATIVE and optimistic.”
We are all happy with this and suppose it is the same for Ernie.
But next time Gianluca, send us a big smile, so we are happier.
A beautiful smile like this one below that you sent to your friend Marino Bartoletti, who published it with his comment:
“There are many friends who, out of gratitude or affection, wanted to send me the photo with LA CENA DEGLI DEI  (The Dinner of the Gods). I publish one that made me particularly happy: both because I love Gianluca very much, and because I can take advantage of it to hug him and wish him well. See you soon grandson.”
Always very nice our Marino Bartoletti, for him the boys are just like his grandchildren!

But Piero and Ignazio, where are they?
Rest reassured, the two of them are fine. Gianluca’s contagion occurred after the Christmas event, where everyone was in their own home.
Piero on January 21 posted this beautiful photo to wish Placido Domingo a happy birthday.

Furthermore, Dario Mirabile, a friend of Piero, publishes these hands,  undoubtedly of Piero, who performs the beautiful music of Morricone of Nuovo Cinema Paradiso, very sweet.
So the work on Morricone’s special continues!
As we all know, Ignazio is involved in the BOIN COLLECTION project, together with his friend, new father, Fabio Ingrassia.
Best wishes for this new project!

Another particularly  juicy bit of news, was this of a sharing in a song of the new Mario Biondi CD, it is the same Biondi who writes it:
In my new album “Dare” to be released on Friday 29 January, there will also be “Crederò” a song featuring Il Volo. 🤩 Are you curious?
Yes Mario, I am.
Who knows what you four have done together !!

But how beautiful is this photo below sent by Arena Live Official, which reminds us that  21 January was the day of hugs (I did not know), and comments on the photo:
“On World Hug Day, a hug from Il Volo at the Verona Arena
See you soon!
A presto!”
We are all with our fingers crossed in this wish!

How much we miss the warm hugs of Ignazio, Piero and Gianluca !!! ❤
A funny photo is this published by Sony, we could call it “A dive on the fly.”  At least the boys saved socks and shoes !!

Let’s go back a little bit in time …. 2017, I found this nice interview made by Prestige MJM, which is the agency that also deals with Il Volo concerts in Poland. Maybe not all of you have seen this interview and it is in English!
At the beginning the splendid images of Taormina, who has been to Taormina, surely recognize it. During the interview Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca will tell their ideal of female beauty.

And now we finish with a big smile, seeing this nice video of funny moments.
Buon Divertimento: Daniela 



Today, Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca are reunited and at work with the necessary precautions !! Good job guys. 😀

Credit to owners of all photos and video.