$6.86/second…Is It Worth It?

Hello all…. I’m going to cheat a little bit here (but I still have to pack, as I’m leaving for an exciting weekend with hot and sandy beaches – already getting chilly here in MI!) and repost this one I wrote last year, just about a year ago now.  It seemed to be a well-loved post, so I hope you enjoy it again.  I know there are some newbies out there that have not seen this!

Just an update… I still have this addiction and my pusher skills are still going strong, just recently I converted another admin at work.  It started out she was having a stressful day, trying to schedule some meetings.  I viciously sent her Gianluca’s version of Bridge Over Troubled Water from the first LA appearance.  I waited and waited, knowing she was busy.  I wondered… did she like it?  did she think I was crazy?  I started out with something in English and well-known.  I figured she’d at least like the song.  Ok, sent an email back “thanks, she said, that was wonderful!”  Oh whew!  So glad.  She’s a director’s admin!  lol!  🙂  Another week or two pass….another stressful day.  But finally, it was almost over.  I told her she need an Il Volo break.  I sent her the “new” Ave Maria and told her that even if she did not know the song or words, the melody was hauntingly beautiful.  I waited some more…. YES!  She loved that one as well…  Ok, time to really reel her in!  I pretty much had her hook, line, and sinker!  I think I sent her Nessun Dorma as well and then told her a “little bit” more about me and the guys.  Then I sent her this article!  Days passed… I knew she was busy.  Finally!  The email was returned.  She loved this article!  And she says… yeah, they aren’t too bad to look at, either!  lol!  Yes, folks… there are more fans to conquer.  You never know when some poor, unsuspecting person will just fall into your evil web of deception with those 3 innocent-looking faces!  I challenge all of you to make a new fan this week!

Hi, my name is Jana, and I’m an Ivolover. My obsession started about 3 years ago or so, and like many obsessions, it started out slow. But along the way, I had to find a friend or two to help feed my obsession and help it grow. It started with just watching them on PBS, with a 1 me 2concert or two. Then, I went to the concert. After that one concert, it became apparent that this obsession turned into an addiction! I just had to have them – their faces, their music, their voices, the sound, it filled my soul like no other euphoric thing I’d ever experienced! I became a fanatic, ordering every CD I could find and scouring You Tube each night for a video or interview, so I could experience this amazing phenomenon. I got my fill most nights, but I just had to have more. I started listening to them all day at work, playing the same CD over and over. The bad thing was, I became a pusher! Yes, every time someone came to my desk and asked what I was listening to, I couldn’t wait to start pushing my addiction on to them. And it was so easy, too. Just showed them the CD cover and told them how awesome they were. Then I brought in the DVDs for them to watch. I was so bad…. Pushing my addiction on others like that. When we thought we couldn’t possibly get more of them, it becomes our ring tones on our cell phones, and their pictures are our wallpapers on our phones and computers, and to really annoy those that aren’t our fellow Ilvolovers, we have their songs on our ringback tones on our phones! There we were, 3 ignaexposing innocent persons to just a snippet of their voices, every time they called us! I just had to stop, but I couldn’t. Then, I found what I thought was a support group. We met and shared our stories about our addiction, and they were all so similar. Kindred spirits! I’d also found this blog site, where I found more addicted and obsessed persons! This obsession was rampant, and I quickly found it was spreading like wildfire all around the world. The scary thing was that no one tried to stop it! We just kept adding more people to our group. Like all addictions, it was getting a bit expensive, too! We just had to have their latest CD or DVD and we had to have it now. We could not wait and thought nothing of paying expedited shipping costs, just so we could have it first! We went to concerts and fought to get front row seats. We did not care what they cost, it was “the guys!” Then there were the meet & greets. Were we afraid of overdosing? No, never! We knew our friends were there to help us. The cost of the meet & greets and concerts? Hundreds…to some, maybe even thousands! It didn’t matter. We were there. Even when we’d thought 3 gianwe’d had enough, we just kept needing more to feed this habit of ours. We kept pushing others, so they would share in our glorious addiction; this untold high we got when we heard our favorite guy sing “that” note! It was pure ecstasy for those precious seconds! The cost of those meet & greets become a distant past when you see their faces up close and personal.  Oh, and it doesn’t stop there….all of a sudden, we find out there is a concert in Italy!  The next thing we know we are buying a ticket to Florence or Verona and then we are afraid.  Afraid to tell our loved ones we are going to see the guys, yet again  – that part is not so bad, but we are afraid to tell them it’s in Italy (because we are sure they will be calling the men in the little white coats!)!  What a joy it will be to hear them in their own country.  We’ve yet to experience the joy and beauty of our own country, but don’t think twice about jetting off to Italy!  They don’t know it, but for those 30 seconds or less when you are looking into those innocent and talented eyes, they are yours! They belong to you. When you hold their hands, the power of your touch, matches 3 pierotheirs and it’s electric. The fire courses through your veins, their eyes penetrate yours and you are lost in those few seconds; you get dizzy, and lightheaded. You cannot speak; your legs feel like fettuccine, and your feet like cement blocks. You are rudely brought back to reality when they say to turn around and smile, and snap! You turn around one last time. You look at them and the moment is gone.


Many say, after one, or even two meet & greets, and the money it cost; that’s it, no more, won’t do it again. Won’t spend all that money on a ticket, or to get first, their latest CD…they are done. They are calling it quits. They try to be strong, but peer pressure is overwhelming. The date of their next concert is drawing near. Ok, you decide, you will go – just to keep your friends company. Well, maybe you’ll try to get good seats, but definitely no meet & greet. The time is getting closer and closer…you start to feel it again, as hard as you try to push it way, it overtakes your very being again. All of a sudden, you realize, your addiction is back. It’s this craving, this thing, it’s just so overpowering; you can’t stop it. You buy the ticket, you check your bank account, it’s nearly overdrawn, you buy the meet & greet!


No, no, you said you wouldn’t get caught up in this thing again. It’s not worth all the money, and the waiting, and anticipation. It’s too much stress! But, like the words in Unchained Melody, it’s a hunger; a hungering, for their touch. A need, only they can fill.

So, is it worth it you ask?

3 guys pbs

There they are, standing before you, looking at you with those innocent, sparkling, and playful eyes;

your hand reaches forth…1 hand

(Photo credits:  PBS 2015)

Do You Know?

Ciao all!!  I am so sorry you are not seeing the Mexico posts today!  However, Gin and I literally had to go tonight to check on a sick friend and I did not get home until 11p.  Oh, early for me, you say?  True, but I had a few other pressing emails I also had to return.  So, enjoy this lovely little poem from Marie!  🙂

Buonanotte tutte!!   jmv  (y estoy muy, muy cansado!)


Do you know?

Gianluca, do you know that when I’m sitting in absolute silence I hear your voice?

Piero, do you know that even in the middle of a conversation you are suddenly singing opera in my head and it interrupts my train of thought?

Ignazio, do you know that I can feel your song finding its way gently, yet swiftly from my ears to my heart?

Do you know that I can almost taste the words “Il Volo” ?

Oh, my three angels of soul, do you know that these things happen not only to me?


Flashback – 1 Year ago today: Detroit’s Notte Magica! Aug 24, 2016

Wow – it’s been a year already!  Where does the time go?  We’ve had an incredible year, the guys are enjoying their time off and the Latin Tour awaits.  Saw them 3 times this year – certainly not enough!

(thank you to those that have answered the survey from Tuesday – let’s get some more answers!  So far there are over 100 responses!)  🙂

Ciao a tutti!  Ok, this might be even a little longer than normal, but I think I if I didn’t have all the details in here, some would be upset!  🙂  Here’s the inside scoop…

Lorna and I had barely been back a week from Italy and on July 14, Chris and I received the email to volunteer for the upcoming pledge drive at PBS.   A quick check on Aug 24 said it was a live event – YES! Il Volo was coming! We quickly signed up to work the phones as we did last year, not knowing how things were going to go and we wanted to be sure we were there. Later that afternoon, we received the official email from Michelle Gaisser at PBS.  schedule Per Il Volo management, there were only to be 35 tickets available for sale at a cost of $350 a ticket! Oh no, our odds just dipped! She announced they would go on sale on July 26 at 10a sharp and enclosed the website link to the PBS site. Wow, there were over 10 of us in our little group. What if we all didn’t get tickets? Operation “get tickets” went into motion! Of course, we went to the website and as she had said, there was nothing there yet. We later found out this email went to about 250 persons. Our odds of getting tickets were getting slimmer by the moment. Ok, we quickly mobilized the troupes and our plan went into action on the morning of July 26. Ginny and Lorna were at Jana’s with fingers ready on the keyboards at 9:55am. Chris was at work and unable to order, so Ginny had her info. Donna went to Sharon’s, so they could help each other. Sherry was at home, at the ready, too! I was at the office, behind closed doors, waiting nervously for the laptop I had borrowed to strike 10am! I had preset the link to the website on the computer. I believe we all did. All we had to do was hit refresh, and boom, order as fast as our fingers allowed! We all agreed we would sign on and order at least 2 tickets so everyone in our group would be able to go. If there was a chance someone didn’t get tickets, we would work it out.


Ok, it was 10a – refresh! Refresh!! Refresh!! Wait, it wasn’t working, I was starting to panic and break out in a cold sweat! I quickly emailed Michelle and said it wasn’t working. Plan B. I went back to the original email, on my phone and clicked on the link! Presto! It worked, by then it was at least 5 after 10a and I was in panic mode. I quickly chose 2 tickets, that said that was our limit, put in my information and voila! It said I was confirmed for 2 tickets! Yea! I quickly texted the others and said I had 2 tickets. Oh, no, Sharon and Donna could not connect. I told them to go back to the original email, said they did, but that didn’t work. Ok, I told Sharon to send me her info ASAP and I would try to order them. She sent the info and I believe I got the last 2 tickets, from what I heard later. By about 10:20a, the tickets were sold out. We later learned that Lorna had gotten 4 tickets. So, between the 5 of us, we had gotten 12 tickets!! Just about 1/3 of the tickets were ours!


As usual, the anticipation grew, and clothes were getting chosen. OK, fast-forward…..August 24th!


It was a beautiful day, however there was a threat of rain in the forecast. We all met at my apartment (Ignazio’s Blessing – lol!) and took off shortly after 4:30p. A group of us, about 15 or so, met at Antonio’s the night before for a meet/greet/celebration of our own.

It was to start at 6:30p. After almost a 1.5 hour car ride out to Wixom from Dearborn, while dodging a few rain showers, we finally arrived about 6:15p. We got our badges, mingled a bit and took a few pictures. At just about 6:30p, they led us to the dining area. The food was all set up and waiting for us and the wine on the tables.   We were table #1. There were 7 of us sitting at a table for ten. Mingled some more and took more pictures. Had a glass of wine.ginny It was really warm in there and it wasn’t the wine! There appeared to be something wrong with the A/C! (Chris and I later found out on Sunday, while we were volunteering that the guys were too cold and they asked to turn off the air. A room full of 40 year-old plus women and they turn the air off!) Dinner was pretty good; better than last year. It was a little after 7:30p and we were anxiously awaiting for 8p to get there. Finally, about 7:55p or so, Il Volo security announced we could not personally give them any gifts we brought, but we had to put them on a table and they would take them to them. That was very disappointing for everyone. But at least they will get them and I could get rid of those t-shirts! They started calling the tables about 8:10p – late again. We were told they were rehearsing and on a tight schedule. However, they called table 3 first! That was ok though, I didn’t really want to be first. We ended up being the 3rd table to be called. There were 4 tables.food


We went in and it was nothing like last year. It was dull and almost sterile. They didn’t allow the others to stay in the room. They were ushering you out as soon as you were done. However, I did stay as I had put my bag on the floor and went back to get it and then stayed until our group was finished.


The guys were just standing up there, kind of looking bored, no presents, no fun, no extra lights. Red carpet, but dull and boring beige backdrop for pictures. We had nametags on and Gianluca was calling out everyone’s name, kind of announcing us – that was nice.


I was next. “Jana!” “Gianluca!” I exclaimed. I excitedly walked up to them, clutching my book and bear. I asked Gian and Piero to sign my book and Igna to sign my bear. After they signed my items, I brought them all close to me and told them all that I saw them in both all 3 - 2the Florence and Verona concerts. They seemed mildly amused that I had attended both concerts. I told Gian we went to Montepagano and how much we loved it. I told Piero how perfect he always was and he grinned broadly. I told Igna how awesome his note was in Per Te Ci Saro in Verona and he loved that as well. I then gave them all a hug and was time for the pictures.




Snap! Poof Scree-eech wait, rewind….!!




Sadly, that was how I wished it had gone!


Here is what really happened… I may have to turn in my official membership card (and I have one lol!) after I ashamedly admit the true story….


Some of it was true…. I was excited to walk up there, a bit nervous, but not too bad. I had already seen them up close and personal 3 or 4 times already this year! I handed Gian and Piero my book and asked them to sign it, then turned to Igna and asked him if he would sign my bear. He did seem to grin a bit at the picture, but signed it no questions asked… I did tell Ignaigna 3 that I had gone to Italy and was at both the Florence and Verona concerts. I think he said, “yeah?” At least I think he looked at me with questioning eyes? Then I had to tell him that I had to go 4,400 miles to hear them sing Per Te Ci Saro and that I/we were very sad they didn’t sing it in the United States. I felt so bad, I really did, because of his reaction – “yes,” he said, “we, know…” Then, I just turned around and said, ok, now what, and they said “look here” and took our picture. I then put my arm around Igna’s waist and said to him that Alessandra was beautiful and I hoped they were happy together. He said thank you with a little smile. I wanted him to feel a little better after I made him sad… I started to walk away and realized that I was missing the cap from my pen, so turned around and Piero had it. I took the cap, looked into beautiful eyes and said “grazie!” I then went down the red carpet to gather my bag…  Marie put my picture that Chris took up on the site, so you can see that. (the other professional pictures have not been posted yet)gian and piero


Yes, that was it – no hugs – at all, unless you count my arm around Ignazio! I hang my Flight Crew head in shame! Others were more successful than I – getting hugs and selfies, even, with Gianluca! Well, I guess I have to keep doing this until I get it right! Next time, I’m going to write everything down so I don’t forget it.



Then it was back in the dining area for some dessert and coffee and the raffle prize giveaway. We also sang Happy Birthday to Mary to celebrate her 87th birthday! Some lucky lady won a HUGE signed poster of the guys. That same gracious lady, gave it to Mary, for her birthday! Mary was tickled – but how was she going to get it home to Minnesota!? I heard today she had it shipped UPS.


It was really roasting in there and suddenly the air seemed to kick in, I felt a cooler breeze every so often. Finally, 9:30p and the show was already starting. They gave us a lecture, yet again, on cameras, videoing (we could not), when we could take pictures, etc. That was a bummer! Ok, we got to go into the studio. The guys were sitting behind the desk, all prim and proper. They really HAD matured since last year. But they were also pretty tired. I knew, first hand, how exhausted they must feel, as Lorna and I were on the exact same flight they were from Rome to Detroit. I remember, about the 2nd day home, it really hit me about 8 or 9p and I wanted to just collapse. They all had coffee in front of them! Everyone always says, “oh, they are young…” but when jet lag hits, you can’t help it! Another lecture on when you could take pictures – only when he said we could, so many of the pictures you see are almost identical, except for the possible angle. Or for those that snuck pictures, somehow, when security wasn’t looking! I see there were a few of those pictures out on Facebook… I may have snuck a few also, but my new camera made a lot of noise and they threatened (and already did) take someone’s camera away if they took pictures when they weren’t supposed to! I wasn’t taking any chances. There were only about 3 or 4 times we could take pictures during the whole 1.5 hours of taping. Very disappointing. all 3And to top it off, the guys did not MOVE from their chairs behind that desk until the very end. I was so looking forward to that this year, since Chris and I were stuck on the phones last year.


They had a different gal this year doing the interviewing – oh good, we thought. Maybe she won’t screw up their names! What were we thinking? Agggghhh! She introduces Il Volo – “here we are with GianlucO, Piero, and Ig – naz – io!” Ugh, you should have heard the audience groan! I’m still surprised you did not hear it on the taping! She screwed up their names a few more times, we kept trying to tell those in charge to stop butchering their names. At one point, one of the security persons asked the audience, how many think she is messing up their names? Just about everyone raised their hands – I’m thinking now, those on the end didn’t because maybe they didn’t hear him? I raised BOTH my hands!! Finally, please, someone tell her!! Shortly after that, they started doing these promos for different cities. They went into their old routine of “I’m Gianluca, I’m Piero, and I’m Ignazio, and we are Il Volo!” Ah, finally, after about 10 times of doing this, we figured she’d get it right!? Like, why didn’t they do that in the first place?? Well, after that, I think she was too afraid to say any of their names, but did, finally, get Gianluca’s name right! I think she even screwed up Piero, but I’m not sure how. Such an embarrassment for PBS. I think the guys thought it was funny. Once or twice, even Ignazio said “GianlucO” with great emphasis on the “O” part. Lol! Good ol’ Igna – I hope she got the hint!


Ok, they did a few retakes and a few more promos. Finally, they were coming out from behind the barrier of the desk and coming toward us. Gianluca made a few donors happy, as I saw him with the headphones on. Ignazio must have really wanted to get out of there and he was coming down first. Ok, maybe I can get my membership card reinstated here, maybe…. I was being bold, not my usual style, and stood out in the aisleway, waiting for him to get near me. ignaI called out to him and then he stood still, and took my hand and shook it. Ok, no hug, but his soft, cool hands, were nice. He held his one hand over mine, as I shook his other one. So sweet. I told him, “if you see t-shirts, they are from me…” Ok, he said, and he walked away, out the door… Then Gianluca finally got near. Lorna had her moment cut short, so security promised her a few extra minutes with the guys. Gianluca came by and he purposely stopped him so she could take a picture with him. We finally convinced her to stand up, and she did. I tried to get his attention afterward, but it was a no go. Sadly, I was not able to tell him we went to Montepagano. And he walked out. Ok, Piero was last and the ladies up front were keeping him close. He was finally walking toward me and I took my big chance…I reached out to him and the guard was just about to push me away when he heard me say “I’ve never had a hug from Piero!” Ah, my saving grace, he backed off and I got a small hug from the deep, tenor, himself. Even though it lasted just a few seconds, he was sweet. He kept walking down the aisle, getting hugs from all the ladies on the ends. And then, they were gone! That was it, that was our “mingling with the audience” we were promised, by PBS!


Needless to say, we were quite disappointed. They really sat up there like bumps on a log, pretty much the entire night. No cutting up like last year. Maybe Barbara had warned them this time? Every so often the guys were really watching their performance. I opted to sit in the back row so I could stand up and take pictures without bothering anyone and of course, everyone else stood up in front of me! I got a few shots, but nothing great. Others were able to take better pictures that I’ve seen on FaceBook. I think the coffee may have finally taken effect near the end of the program and once in a while, Ignazio would sing a little phrase here and there from Mamma, or some other song. I’m sure it was just to stay awake! Like, that’s how boring it was!


One cute little tidbit… a few days before the show, a select few were emailed and asked to give some questions to ask the guys. Wow, ok, that was cool. Chris was one of the select few and she forwarded the email to me. I submitted 5 questions. They said there was no guarantee they would use them. Well, lo and behold, they actually used 2 of my questions! One, directly aimed at Gianluca… ”Being the only baritone of the group, how was it different, or was it any different to prepare for the concert for the 3 Tenors?” Well, I was tickled when I heard that – didn’t realize it until I was watching it the next night, as we couldn’t hear a thing in the audience. He gave a really strange answer and did not even really answer it. He said he sang this song by so-and-so and he was a tenor (I guess?), so in literally so many words, I guess he said he didn’t really have to prepare any differently? The other question I asked was, “if you could tell the fans anything, what would you tell them?” That was even the more oddest answer (I know that’s not good English, but Gianluca’s answer was bizarre!) Something about wanting to bring opera to young people? I really have to go watch it again.


I was happy to hear Ignazio say he was interested in studying more operahim being such the “pop” guy and all? And, I’m saving the best for last, this was not on the program….THEY ARE COMING BACK! In MARCH, to Detroit!


Yes, this hand will reach for her credit card, once again! Do you think I can get it right next time? Let’s wait and see!

p.s. well, as many of you know, I did get to do a “do-over” when they came back in March, and it was perfect.






Notte Magica – The Movie


I saw the Boys nearly 10 ft tall.
Braced myself…wasn’t scared at all.

You think Gian’s eyes are a mesmerizing green?
Just wait til you see them on the big screen!

They were large and dreamy like shiny jewels.
I wanted to dive into those lovely big pools.

They sang and they sang mouths 5 ft wide.
My greatest desire was to crawl inside.

My sister and her daughter came along.
They clapped and bravo-ed thru each song.

Ignazio’s chest so large and sublime.
My breathing stopped about that time.

His mustache was huge and what do you suppose?
I could see the freckle on the end of his nose.

His dimples well.. I could hardly look.
Were as deep as the ocean, my whole body shook!

Piero’s face so sweet and serene.
I wanted to hug that big flat screen.

Enormous were the size of the glasses
covering the eyes of a man loved by masses.

I knew the music, I’d seen it live on stage.
Now, my Il Volo book has another page.

The surround sound certainly did what it could.
Not the same as live, but still very good.

A movie critic I may not be,
But this is one you all should see!

I promise you I’ve told no lies.
I’d love those guys just any size!


Happy Birthday, Piero!


“Don’t Rain On My Parade” from “Funny Girl”
Barbra Streisand
photo credits: Bing Images


Happy Birthday ~ from Irene Cohen


Here’s your Birth Flower..

On your birthday, Piero, I am reminded of an old song that so aptly describes you:

“Stay as sweet as you are,

Don’t let a thing ever change you.

Stay as sweet as you are,

Don’t let a soul rearrange you.

Night and day I pray

That you’ll always stay,

Just as sweet as you are.”

HAPPY BIRTHDAY from Mary Bohling

Happy Birthday and enjoy your day! Hugs Linda

Happy 24th birthday dear Piero. Your voice sends me to the stars. My life has been enriched by your talent and personality. See you at your next U.S. tour. Joanie Guyon in California

Happy  Birthday from your Detroit fan who told you: it is your voice that makes this singing group – DIFFERENT.        *:x lovestruck     Rosemarie Ringenbach

Dear Piero:
A Love Letter for you.
From the time I first saw you, September 4, 2011, you have been changing my life every day. Simply by growing up to be the many-talented and handsome and charming young man that you are – you continue to change my life. Every day I hear your voice, and I fall for you all over again. You give me hope for the future of music among the young people of the world. What heights you have flown to! When I hear you sing, I forget to breathe!
When I see you face to face, my brain just quits and I am unable to say anything that makes sense. So count me among the many fans who cannot tell you what you really mean to me, except from the safety of the internet. You are one of my newest three grandsons – adopted, of course, and younger than my natural granddaughter!
Piero, I send you my love and admiration, and for the parents who raised you  – gratitude for their job, well done! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
With love from Texas,

Linda P

Happy 24th birthday Piero!   Enjoy your day.


Piero, you light up my life with your glorious voice.  You have a most wonderful career ahead of you.  I am wising you a heartfelt Happy Golden Birthday!  I’ll be eagerly awaiting your next American Concert Tour.
 Love to you from Minnesota, USA ~ Allene Shipman

Dear Piero,
On your birthday, we wish you a wonderful, special day full of blissful happiness, surrounded by the people you love and doing whatever brings you great joy.
You are, without doubt, one of the best singers in the world, but your magic is much more than that. Your fun loving personality, generosity of spirit, the passion you give to the music and that magnificent smile, brings great happiness to thousands of people. You deserve that this bounces back to you and to experience enormous happiness, especially on your special day.
Buon compleanno
Sue and Graham Hemshall
Nottinghamshire UK

Happy Birthday, Piero!  I hope life is good and you have many blessings!

Rosemary Westgate

Tanti Auguri Piero! Since your last birthday, it has been another amazing year! Your “Notte Magica” concert in July in beautiful Florence with Placido Domingo was absolutely stunning! Loved that you started the concert with Nessun Dorma which I had been hoping for you, Ignazio and Gianluca to one day sing. It was everything I expected and more. The entire concert was splendid! The solos, duets and all the songs were wonderful and Ave Maria, Mater Misericordiae was spectacular as well. Can’t imagine how you found the time to train for such a difficult repertoire but appreciate how hard you all work to be the very best and that you certainly are.

I am very grateful that I was able to attend your concerts in Easton and at Radio City Music Hall and they were both wonderful! Thank you for all the beautiful music and best wishes for another extraordinary year. God bless you and all your loved ones.

Hugs to all, Margaret Ladolcetta

Happy birthday, Piero! Best wishes for you. Many successful years with Gianluca and Ignazio. All the best!

Best regards, Paula

Buon Compleanno Piero🎂🎂 May your 24th year be filled with many more successful endeavors. Grazie for sharing your time and talent with your many adoring fans. I attended the Notte Magica concert in Miami where I did my first M&G and had a grand time. I look forward to many more!! 🎼🎶🎼🎶

Tanti Auguri Annette Simonini Naples, Florida

“Sending you my wishes for a happy 24th birthday. I hope you have a special day filled with all good things – love of family, friends and fans. Your music has given so much pleasure to the world and I hope you know how special you are to all of us.
Happy Birthday, Piero!!”

Best Wishes and much love,  Janet D

Dear Piero…have an awesome birthday❤️ ~~ tcarosi1956

Have a wonderful, relaxed day, get some rest & recreation! All the best for the future, from that crazy old lady, you overwhelmed in Düsseldorf on 17A! ~~ Astrid Scheck

Your Birthday marks one of the many milestones from the day you were born. Sharing your gifts makes the world a happier place. We all need the joy you’re bringing to the world. Be well and may you have an unforgettable Birthday.
Dr. Jay and Victoria Wilson

Ciao, Piero….♥♥

This is ‘Nonna’ Harriett sending you my love and warmest Happy Birthday wishes for your 24th Birthday! *<:-P party You cannot imagine how your beautiful music helped me during my months of therapy following my back surgery last January. You lifted my spirits so much, every day, as I played your CD’s and DVD’s. I set a goal to make it to the Chicago Opera House in March to attend IL Volo’s concert. I made it!!! You all were magnificent, as always, and I stood with tears of happiness, with many others, to offer standing ovations following every song. You, Gianluca and Ignazio were so kind to me at the Meet and Greet, steadying me to stand without my walker. I am looking forward to attending another concert when you return to Chicago. God bless you, dear Piero, and may you celebrate your birthday and enjoy your well-deserved success, as you bring love around the world.
Ti amo. Nonna Harriett Eckberg

Dear Piero,

Hope you have a fantastic birthday; still young and so very full of talent.  I am still on a high cloud after seeing you in Verona, it was the best time of my life!  Love you guys.  Cannot wait to see you again!  Much love,  Il Volo fan – England  xxxxxx

Dear Piero, Wishing you a wonderful Birthday, hope one day you can return to San Antonio, Texas🤗. Love Joyce Bond

Piero, Buon compleanno from the lady in Detroit that gave you the Nail of Pavarotti. Good luck in your career and in your life. Thank you for all the joy you bring to us. 🎂 ~~ Rose Marie Paliobeis

PIERO! Happy Birthday from Minnesota! You have adoring fans here who claim to have known you since your very young days & watched you grow up from being a child prodigy to a very handsome young man with a magic voice & a magnetic personality. May you always have happiness & good cheer. Please stay just the way you are. We love all of you.


Happy Birthday, Piero!!! I know your day will be filled with fun, laughter and much love from your family, friends and fans. God bless you on your special day.

Hugs, Beverly Schreiner, NJ, USA

Dear Piero

May the coming year bring you much happiness, health and good surprises!

from Toronto with love, Penina Honig


Wishing you champagne, a cake with a sparkler candle and a chorus of –

Happy Birthday To You,
Happy Brthday To You
Happy Birthday Dear Piero
Happy Birthday To You

Lot’s of hugs, kisses and best wishes for your 24th.

Luv Ya
Julie Bernache

To Piero

I know that all the members of Flight Crew and all the people that attended the Il Volo Fan Faire convention last year in Las Vegas (many of these are one in the same) wish you a very happy birthday.

May your life continue to bring great and soulful experiences. As a voice teacher and coach I am thrilled to see that your vocal craft continues to grow and you are and will continue to be a wonderful musician and a singer with great heart.


Myron Heaton
Las Vegas

Dear Piero,
I wish you the happiest of Birthdays. You and your partners have brought so much joy to so many people around the world. You deserve so much in return – every day and especially your own special day. It is hard to believe that you are only now, closing in on the years when the voice of a tenor is supposed to peak. Yours has been amazing for all of nine years already. You are loved by so many. Lesley Newall.

Happy Birthday Piero! You are such a tremendous singer and fine gentleman. It has been a joy to watch your career soar upwards. Enjoy your special day and the year ahead!
Jane from Minnesota

Happy Day, my dear Piero! The time has certainly flown by since my first birthday wish to you. Thank you for several wonderful years of the best music in the world. I know there will be many more years of joy ahead for us all. I can’t wait to see what’s next.
Love and Best Wishes,
~Marie Crider

Buon Compleanno, Piero!  Venti quattro Anni!

Have a wonderful day with your family and friends!

It was so good to hear you sing and to meet you in Chicago. Your dedication and hard work was very evident in that heavenly music!

Hoping that all the love and kindness you have shown to all returns to you one hundred fold!

Auguri!    Patricia W. (@pitterpat0) – Missouri, USA

Happy Birthday, Piero!
I am wishing & praying for you to have your best year yet!
May this coming year bring you fulfillment, gratitude, joy, still more dreams come true, and always deeply deserved recognition!
This has been another year of spectacular accomplishments, which I know bring you joy and which create sparkling happy-dances in me and all your beloved fans!
Each tour year, my greatest joy is to travel to see you and your “brothers” in concert… the best vacation anyone could wish for!

Great love & happiness to you, Piero!   Jeanine DuBois

Piero~ My best wishes and adoration for your birthday from Arlene Butler in Morro Bay, CA

Tutti il meglio a Lei Piero!  La veda in Lucca …. JoJo


“Dear Piero,  Wishing you a wonderful 24th birthday and all the best for the year to come.
Have a great time in Mexico and South America.  Kathy and John Pritchard.”


It was wonderful to attend so many concerts in Italy and especially great to visit with you in Taormina… You made my vacation very special.. By the way, you were born on my father’s Birthday… So happy Birthday Dad and Happy Birthday to you Piero…God bless you always,

Jeannette Giglio

Happy 24th birthday!!! Hope you have a wonderful day with family and friends. 

With many wishes,
The Rosas Family
Las Vegas, NV USA

Buon compleanno Piero and with best wishes for many more to come. Have a GREAT day. Thank you for all the pleasure you give. Ciao, Marion Ferrari in Florida.

Buon Compleanno Piero !! ~~ Jean Haines

Caro Piero,
Buon Compleanno!           Tanti Auguri!
Have a wonderful 24th birthday!    Thank you, Piero for the pleasure & happiness your wondrous music has brought to me.  Notte Magica is a  magnificent Concert presenting  the beauty of your voice at it’s best! This year will bring many new adventures  with more awards & honors as The Flight continues to soar!    Amore,  Nonna Anne


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My Dear Piero, You are a very kind, caring ,and loving young man !!  Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the beautiful memories that have filled my heart watching you grow up, listening to your magnificent, breathtaking voice at many concerts and your sweet hugs and kisses at the M&G’s !! It is one of my biggest pleasures in life following you as you continue your incredible journey fulfilling all your dreams one by one !! I hope your birthday is as special as you are !!! Have FUN !!! 🎂🎈🎂🎈🎂
HAPPY “24th”BIRTHDAY !!!!!
All My Love, Joan Brenin 💕💕

“Hugs and kisses for a wonderful 24 th birthday! May all of your birthday wishes come true!

Sandi Eyman

Dear Piero!
    Each for us has somewhere in the world some “secret love”.
    In interview you were often told that your idol is Angelina Jolie. I wish you so much personal meeting with them – Angelina comes and say to you —

Friendly Zdena from Belgium

Buon Compleanno, Piero, Happy Birthday Cento Anni. A Beautiful powerful Voice in a wonderful young man. Congratulations, God Bless you, with love from Brooklyn! Vincent


Happy Birthday Piero! Love, Manola

Hope you have a wonderful birthday ~ Camille

Happy Birthday, Piero! Hope you have a WONDERFUL one! Love ~ Maimi

Tanti auguri! ~ Ineke Poisson, South Africa

Happy Birthday to the best tenor in the world!  Roxiebell

Happy Birthday Piero thank you for all the joy you bring us . I hope your birthday is filled with everyone and everything you love ~ Margaret

Happy Birthday! ~ Margaret Mirailh

Tanti Auguri!  🙂  ~ Jan Bolin

Ciao Piero!

Much love, happiness, and tanti auguri from the Detroit Il Volo Gals.  Emilia is busy baking your cake right now, but she sends her wishes and all the sweet treats to you.  We celebrate your birthday each year and hope you have as much fun as we do!  May you continue to soar above the turbulence with your 2 trusty co-pilots – Gian and Igna!

Detroit Il Volo Gals:  Jana, Lorna, Chris, Donna, Sharon, Emilia, Barb, Ginny

Piero, from these many birthday wishes, you are well-loved, the world over!

You are love!

The Flight Crew… 🙂