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This year is also the tenth anniversary of another event, but very sad, that concerned Italy at that time – the Aquila earthquake – a series of seismic shocks that destroyed most of the villages of Abruzzo in the province of Aquila and claimed 309 victims.

We all know that Gianluca Ginoble is a native of Abruzzo, and we know his sensitivity to his homeland, which he loves so much. Several times I heard from Gianluca that he wanted to do something, really useful for this land.

I am sure that Gianluca will have pushed a lot for this event and, knowing the sensibility of Ignazio and Piero, surely he will not have done much to convince them.

The event was announced by TG ROSETO, with this article from which I translate the most important parts.

L'Aquila 01

TG Roseto Article – Click Here

On 26 August at 9.30 pm at the Teatro del Perdono, Piazzale di Collemaggio, the Music Show, stories and emotions entitled “Il Volo per L’Aquila” will be held, which will be accompanied by the Grand Symphony Orchestra of the Italian Conservatories, conducted by master Leonardo De Amicis.

The musical group of Il Volo, Gianluca Ginoble, Ignazio Boschetto, Piero Barone and have decided to pay homage to the city of L’Aquila on the occasion of the tenth anniversary of the earthquake giving up their compensation, lending their voices and their talent for free with the will of leave something beautiful and real to the city.

Places on the Prato are free. The 1500 chairs are paid and everyone will pay, even the authorities. The proceeds of the tickets will be used to support boys who will be trained at the conservatory.

L'Aquila 02
(photo during the rehearsals of the concert)

Really a beautiful initiative, thanks to the great heart and the availability of Gianluca, Piero and Ignazio, very commendable.

I liked a passage on the article, it was written that everyone, including personalities, will pay for the ticket (only 15 euros). Yes, because here, in the various concerts, often the celebrities or at least the personalities, enter without paying. Unseemly.

With the boys, on the stage, there will also be Alessandro Quarta.

Another thing that pleased me to read about the article, is that the orchestra conductor will be Leonardo De Amicis, the one who directed them in TI LASCIO UNA CANZONE, remember?

Here they are, together in this photo.

L'Aquila 03

Gianluca, 10 years ago, sang for the L’Aquila earthquake, you remember a little child who was singing Gounod’s “AVE MARIA”,  also this year IL VOLO, will dedicate a particular song, during this event and it will be “AVE MARIA MATER MISERICORDIAE”.

Guys, there is no song more beautiful and suitable than this one. You will sing it with all your heart and we will listen to you with great affection.

L'Aquila 04

L'Aquila 05

L'Aquila 06

It rained in the afternoon, big clouds are still in the sky, and now the show begins.

And here’s to the TGR Abruzzo news, what they said about them. 

PR = Waiting in L’Aquila for the IL VOLO concert.

Full of appointments, the PERDONANCE program, many tourists in the city.

We connect live with L’Aquila, where the 725th edition of the PERDONANCE is going on, tonight there will be the IL VOLO concert, live for you with Gianluca Ginoble interviewed by Daniela Senepa.

DS = I’m here on the stage of Collemaggio, where there is rehelase of IL VOLO that is trying the AVE MARIA. Sorry everyone, we are the TGR of Abruzzo, turn to the camera, excuse yourself guys from the orchestra. IL VOLO, for  AQUILA, you are trying the Ave Maria, there is truly your embrace for this city, which is trying to re-rise.

P = We are very close to this city, also because 10 years ago, when the tragedy happened, we were at TI LASCIO UNA CANZONE, the program where we met, we lived fully that moment, there was also the maestro De Amicis, maestro , come here beside us.

DS = Here behind me, on the other hand, there is an extraordinary violin, we listened to the tests and I assure you that my heart beats fast, then when it sings IL VOLO, accompanied by these orchestral boys is a very important moment, (she he turns to Ignazio), because it’s not just your art, but also what you dedicate it to, so it’s a very important moment.

I = Absolutely, we are honored to be here and to be able to sing for all the Aquilans, and above all for all the people who came here to give a symbol of solidarity, for what happened 10 years ago, all united together, music, art, and that’s what we do every day. We must say thank you, certainly to Leonardo De Amicis, who invited us, and we could not say no, but thanks also to Alessandro Quarta, he too, like us, came to help, to spend an evening in music, all together.

DS = Gianluca, I’ll call you by name, because you were born here, you’re from Abruzzo, born in Roseto. Teramo has suffered a lot from the earthquakes of central Italy, I know that for you, it is a strong emotion, every time.

G = Yes, I’m not from L’Aquila, but I feel a little for Aquila, because 10 years ago, immediately after the earthquake, in the following months, they moved many Aquilans to the coast, so many were boys of my age, I made friends with them, but then, I never saw them again. Maybe tonight they will be here and we will sing for them and for all the inhabitants of the Aquila who are here to spend moments of joy and happiness.

L'Aquila 07

Is evening, the tickets are all sold out, people arrive with great traffic difficulties and parking.

But then it all begins, and “it is music, the real one that remains.” 




At the beginning this next video, the master De Amicis, says that he has known the boys since they were really small, and he finds them again, after 10 years, grown up, sensitive and immensely artistically, a gift to the Aquila and to all the people.

Then he calls the mayor, to offer the boys a little recognition.

The mayor says that they have seen so many concerts in L’Aquila, but they have rarely seen so many people, so much emotion, for such an event, which has joyfully paralyzed Aquila. “You have given us indescribable emotions, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

L'Aquila 15
(in the photo the boys with the maestro De Amicis and the mayor of L’Aquila)

Here is another short video by a fan:



In this photo, during their stay in L’Aquila, Gianluca, Ignazio and Piero also had time to visit a summer camp for small children.

L'Aquila 16

But still, a series of beautiful shots of the event.

Guys, I have no more words and I want to conclude with these shared by Gianluca. Mr. Ercole Ginoble shared it with the maestro De Amicis.



“Abruzzo is a wonderful land for many reasons. The biggest reason is the emotion that provokes seeing a city wounded in the depths, like L’Aquila, react to one of the most disconcerting tragedies that nature can unleash with such great strength! At 10 years from that earthquake, seeing 20 thousand people warm a square there made you more proud to be there last night! ” ❤️

L'Aquila 22


Credit to owners of all photos and videos.


Surely in these days, this beautiful photo has not escaped you, but perhaps (Italians aside), not everyone knows who this man is that warmly embraces Michele and Gianluca.

He is a very good singer, indeed a true complete artist.

For those who do not know him, Massimo Ranieri is a fantastic singer with excellent vocal talents, but also a good actor, a historian, in the true sense of the word.

The photo below has been posted by Ranieri himself, with a beautiful dedication.
He was in Roseto degli Abruzzi, for a concert, which was very successful. Michele and Gianluca also went to his concert.

Massimo 01

The dedication:

Ieri magnifica serata a Roseto degli Abruzzi in compagnia dei miei cari amici Gianluca Ginoble e Michele Torpedine.


Yesterday wonderful evening in Roseto degli Abruzzi, in the company of my dear friends Gianluca Ginoble and Michele Torpedine.

Il Volo, in 2016, had already been a guest of a transmission conducted by Massimo Ranieri, entitled SOGNO O SON DESTO?

During that transmission, Gianluca showed the photo with Ranieri, whom he jealously kept in his cell phone.

Here is the video of the evening, it is not of excellent quality but it is seen and feels quite well.

Massimo, at the end of the song “QUANDO L’AMORE DIVENTA POESIA”, presents IL VOLO with these words, “Here they are, these three fantastic, wonderful boys”.

After the pleasantries, Massimo says he was moved when Gianluca showed him the photo, stored in his cell phone. 

Massimo 02

There is a lot of respect and affection between Gianluca, Ignazio, Piero and Massimo Ranieri.

Another thing you may not know, is that the beautiful song “VENT’ANNI”, sung in concert in 2016 by Gianluca and Piero, is a song brought to success by a young Massimo Ranieri.

And here is the video of Massimo Ranieri who sings “VENT’ANNI” during Canzonissima (a transmission of songs) of 1970. Massimo was 19, the song was a great success.

And here, the beautiful words of the lyrics of the song.


La mia vita cominciò
Come l’erba come il fiore
E mia madre mi baciò
Come fossi il primo amore

La la la la la
La la la la la

Nasce cosi
La vita mia
Come comincia
Una poesia

Io credo che lassù
C’era un sorriso anche per me
La stessa luce che
Si accende quando nasce un re

Una stella una chitarra
Primo amore biondo e mio
Con l’orgoglio dei vent’anni
Piansi, ma vi dissi addio

E me ne andai
Verso il destino
Con l’entusiasmo
Di un bambino

Io credo che lassù
C’era un sorriso anche per me
La stessa luce che

si accende quando nasce un re.

Io credo che lassù…..



My life began
Like grass like a flower
And my mother kissed me
How I was the first love

La la la la
La la la la

Thus was born
My life
How it begins
A poem

I believe that up there
There was a smile for me too
The same light that
It lights up when a king is born

A star a guitar
First blonde love and mine
With the pride of twenty years
I cried, but I said you goodbye

And I left
To destiny
With enthusiasm
Of a child

I believe that up there
There was a smile for me too
The same light that

It lights up when a king is born

I believe that up there……

Massimo 03

Did you enjoy getting to know Massimo Ranieri better?

What do you think of his performance at 19?


Credit to owners of all photos and videos.


In these days Regina Hanna, who is part of the crew, sent me an e-mail and wrote “do a summer post on this video”.

Okay, I thought, it’s a beautiful video from almost four years ago, and maybe some of you haven’t seen it and, for those who have seen it, it’s certainly nice to see them again.

Unfortunately there is only one single video of that evening, but I remember well all that happened in the transmission and that now I am going to tell you.


Francesca Lorito, is a beautiful and good girl who participates in the program broadcast on TELEFE, called LATEST CORAZONES (an Argentine television program) , where the children sing with their parents. Francesca performs with her father Giorgio, of Italian origins. Giorgio taught Francesca the beautiful Italian songs and that evening they will sing “VOLARE”.

Francesca likes IL VOLO, which are fresh from victory, in Sanremo (we are in October 2015). What Francesca does not know, while singing, with her beautiful little voice together with her father, that Gianluca, Piero and Ignazio, are behind the scenes, ready to go out during the live, to give her a nice surprise.

When the boys come out into the open, Francesca remains open-mouthed, but then, after the initial astonishment, she starts singing with them, and the voices of all four are very beautiful and well blended.

This beautiful video is really moving, but I remember very well, the emotion of Gianluca, while he was singing and holding little Francesca, the tears ran down his cheeks, and the presenter, seeing so much emotion in Gianluca, told him, not to be ashamed of show his emotion and sensitivity.



Definitely very excited Francesca, but perhaps even more our treasure of Gianluca. His gentle soul could not resist, sweet Gian.


Francesca told the camera that it was her mother who introduced her to IL VOLO and she immediately fell in love with Gianluca: “What I know about him is his name is Gianluca and he is the most beautiful of all.”



The conductor thanked Il Volo, describing them with words of respect and admiration, saying that they are great personalities of international music but also humble and very helpful boys.


At the end of the stay IL VOLO sang “Grande Amore” dedicating it to Francesca who was giving them big smiles. She certainly felt like a real princess!  👸


Thank you guys for making this little girl’s dream come true!

Crew, did you see this video before and know all the background?
I hope I told you something new.


Credit to owners of all photos and videos.


This is a tribute to Il Volo in the first decade their career.

Some time ago Valeria Bosch wrote this beautiful article, which talks about true Friendship, the one with a capital F.

Perhaps not all of you have had the opportunity to read these beautiful words, which only Valeria knows how to compose so well, and then I propose to you this beautiful reading.

Friendship 01

1 – Traveling to Rome.

Who knows what was going on in the minds of those three kids while, in the spring of 2009, who on the plane and in the car, headed for Rome. The expected convocation had arrived and now they could hope to be selected for the television show of Antonella Clerici – to perform on the most important national network, to be seen by everyone and return to their towns with an upturned nose, at school with the comrades boasting of having been seen in the magical world contained in the television box, and of having sung just like the most famous stars, in short as they too had become, “VIPs”!

Friendship 02

Not even the unbridled imagination of three thrilled and enthusiastic teenagers could ever remotely imagine what the destiny behind that convocation was concealing for them: it would have taken a magic mirror more powerful than Snow White’s to see inside the journeys, the planes, the thousands of discs sold, prizes, awards, the Radio City Music Hall and the Barclay Center in New York, the Olympia in Paris, the Royal Albert Hall in London and the most prestigious theaters in the world, the thousands of people across the planet  standing to applaud  their every song, the adoring little girls that crowded under the hotels waiting for them, dealing, on equal terms, with the most famous celebrities of the music world.

The story that starts from that journey to Rome could be told in a thousand ways, the songs, the theaters, the people, the prizes, the interviews, the relations with the press. But I would like here instead, and just to honor the ten years of activity of Il Volo, which is equivalent to ten years of life in common, choosing a really personal and delicate button, something that, especially considering the current times, is extraordinary and amazing, and that is friendship, the true friendship that exists between these boys, strengthened more and more over the years, a friendship as used in ancient times, that is made of mutual support, understanding, capacity for forgiveness, of confidence of the most intimate secrets, in short, a feeling that, in certain situations, can prove even more solid and satisfying than love.

Friendship 03

2 – A true friendship

At first it was certainly not a bed of roses: who was that kind of a nuisance that was already talking and singing on the pullman that took them to Rome? and that timid little bit of snobbish, who singing, brought out a powerful voice? and that other one with glasses and command modes, who was nevertheless always ready for a joke and a laugh? Bringing together three males still in full adolescence, tearing them away from their habitual context, home, school, friends, to get them to travel the world, subjecting them to considerable physical and psychological stress, was a daring feat. There is no doubt: at first the thing seemed titanic, but then, over time, something was changed. There was something more in them than the normal vivacity of adolescents, the whims, the desire to have fun: there was a basic solidity, a great loyalty and goodness of character that in the formative years had been shaped in them by three exemplary families, parents and grandparents united, full of intelligence and love, who had managed to convey to them the need to be serious, the beauty of doing their duty, the acceptance of fatigue and sacrifice.

Friendship 04

And so, slowly, they began to look at each other not with mistrust, but with sympathy, not with rivalry, but with a spirit of collaboration. The friendship has been strengthened and has managed to create an understanding between them that, to those who have to observe it during performances, both in concerts and in interviews, can only appear obvious and even incredible: just a nod of one to start (or block) the other, sometimes they touch their shoulders to look for security, they hug each other to welcome the ovations of the audience, they shake hands in a superstitious gesture before each concert. Really three voices and one soul, as is often said.

Friendship 05

The litmus paper of the by now profound mutual affection was, as told in their testimony book An Extraordinary Adventure (Un’avventura straordinaria: La nostra storia), an accident that occurred in Miami in 2013, when during an evening at the disco among friends, Ignazio was unknowingly drugged, beaten and left unconscious on a lawn. The fear felt in not seeing him return, the anxiety of waiting that drove Gian to watch all night in the hotel in the hope that he would appear, and Piero, on a motorbike on the streets of Miami to look for him, cemented them indissolubly, made them understand, how important they were to each other, and urged Ignazio to give a public thanks during a subsequent concert at Radio City Music Hall in New York, without mentioning the incident, but expressing to his friends his affection, his joy of being together and sharing all the experiences with them.

Friendship 06

There is no rivalry, there is no envy, there is no jealousy between these three boys: they collaborate in the work of recording in the studio, in the technical preparation of the pieces, in all the activities required of them, and they are sometimes seen together even outside the stage, this is a true sign of sincere understanding. In fact, if they felt annoyed with each other, after work they would immediately split up, to live each their own life.


This is their secret, their spring, their added value: in the DVD that was released after the victory in Sanremo in 2015, one is surprised to hear Ignazio declare that, “Gian is the best boy in the world.”, and Gian reiterating, “We love each other so much.” and Piero, “There are no problems between us because when one is born, we resolve it immediately, where it is born it must die.” No more friends, therefore, but brothers, as they themselves have been declared several times.

Friendship 08

3 – The bench of Montepagano

Even the magic mirror of Snow White, no matter how powerful could tell us if, after this first decade, the guys of Il Volo will still celebrate others together. It is also possible, with the golden voices that can be found in all three, that to someone, and it would be completely legitimate, the desire to probe new ways and to pursue, at least at times, a solo career. But we do not need the mirror of Snow White to be certain that their friendship will be celebrating the 2nd, 3rd, 4th decades, and so on: Ignazio will forever remain an indelible piece of the life of Gian and Gian of Piero and Piero of Ignazio, and vice versa.

Friendship 09

Perhaps, when they are three sprightly old men, without the need for tricks and wigs, they will meet again on the bench of Montepagano, made famous by “L’ amore si muove”. And there, they will still be friends and brothers, it will be enough – a joke, a laugh, a memory, a hug – to find each other as they have been for the whole life, “three men and one soul”.

Friendship 10

What a beautiful story, of an incredible friendship, born by chance, but lasting over time. Certain feelings are connected with time and events.

Valeria you have the gift of finding the most beautiful words to describe this beautiful friendship between Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca.


Friendship 11

Credit to owners of all photos and videos.

PBS Special by Daniela

Well, the date of the PBS special arrived, 14 June 2019.

We are all very excited to have photos, videos, discover the songs that will be sung.
There are two Flight Crew members that have been selected by the official fanclub for this great initiative, and they are Crystaldawn and Antonia Guzzo.

We are very happy for them, we hope they can send us some nice news.

Yesterday there were general rehearsals and little was leaked, just some afternoon photos and a video of TRM Tele Radio Matera.

Here they are.

PBS 01

PBS 02

PBS 03

PBS 04

PBS 05

PBS 06

PBS 07

And here is the TRM video, remember to activate the subtitles.

And TGR Basilicata.

And here is the opinion of Crystaldawn, who published in the comments of the post of Matera and that perhaps, not all of you have read.

The concert was very intimate with only approximately 20-25 round tables seating 6-8 guests. Upon arrival we were offered a glass of sparkling wine. The evening warm and the backdrop of Matera skyline lit up was spectacular. Our fan table was in the front row near the center. Due to PBS filming, we were not allowed to use our cell phones to video the guys.

PBS 08

Their voices were amazing and being so close it was a powerful sound. The guys were great of course, but somewhat reserved due to the filming. Ignazio the most active—but that is to be expected. 

Now for the songs, it was a mix of everything. Beginning with “IL Mondo” and ending with “Grande Amore”. Alessandro Quarta was their special surprise guest. He played “Musica Che Resta” with them, along with accompanying each on their solos, and having a solo of his own. Only a couple of songs from their new album were sung . . . “Arriverderci Roma” and “A chi mi dice”.

PBS 09

To be honest, I anticipated more songs from their new album (I will hear them Sunday night), but this is for PBS promotions in the USA and I felt a lot of the material they presented had already appeared on PBS specials and therefore to promote their new album for Americans mostly new material (along with some old favorites) was expected. 

The guys were dressed in casual black suits, black shirt and socks. Ignazio wore blue loafer shoes. They never changed their clothing and kept their jackets on. I like it where part way through they take their jackets off and roll up their sleeves. But again, PBS filming. I look forward to Sunday night when they can cut loose.

PBS 10

Ignazio brought a jogging friend and his mom. Ignazio looks great with his weight loss which all three made a point of showing it off. Gianluca had his whole family and girl friend Francesca. I didn’t notice any special guests of Piero. I was able to obtain a quick photo with Piero and Gianluca as they were entering the sound check prior to the concert and give both a small pilgrimage gift that I prepared for them. In the case of Ignazio, I handed it to his mom after the concert.

I had hoped that the guys would be able to say a quick hello and photo with the 10 fans who were selected. But that did not occur before or after the concert. We did receive a little wave from the stage when they were near our table and off camera. 

I look forward to Sunday night and a concert that will be more in line with my expectations.

PBS 13

PBS 11

Thank you very much Crystal Dawn, for your very welcome report, it must have been exciting to have the boys so close.

Well, the voices of the boys have not betrayed, strong and powerful as always.

We understand that you prefer a less formal program, where guys don’t feel harnessed by how they should look, but more free to express their personalities. I think their concert on Sunday will have a more formal initial part and then another less formal one. Sure that the songs will be different, less popular classics and maybe some new additions.

And what about Matera, the ancient Sassi lent their precious image for an even more beautiful show.

Thanks Matera.

PBS 12

From what Crystal Dawn said, and from what has transpired from the short videos, we can say that there were these songs: (in random order)

















(For now, they are the ones we have been able to know, but I believe there are others.)

And here are some short videos of the evening.






In the exchange of words, here is the speech:

G = We have a prince here.

I = Thank you, in fact, they wanted to do me PRINCIPE DI MARSALA (Prince of Marsala), but I said no, no, no, there is already a BARON, just a Baron of Agrigento here. (laughter)

P = Di Naro, not from Agrigento.


And here’s today’s Basilicata news.

Director Duccio Forzano in Matera for the live show of Il Volo.

Thanks again to Crystal Dawn for her report, now we wait for the other news.

Ok, the special PBS has been made. And now it’s running, tomorrow is the big day, MUSICA TOUR is waiting for us.


Credit to owners of all photos and videos.