MÀKARI by Daniela

Life is like a book, there are beautiful pages and less beautiful pages, and now we turn the page on the events that have just passed and we hope to always find positive pages.
In fact good news is coming and it’s called MÀKARI.

On the evening of Sanremo I was waiting impatiently for the arrival of Il Volo on TV, advertising promos were passing and one concerned an upcoming 4-episode television miniseries. I was not paying attention, but something immediately attracted me ….. the beautiful and unmistakable voice of Ignazio !!!
Immediately on the web, the rumors of other fans circulated who had the same thought and here it is, it is him, Ignazio.
But what is Màkari? Is the fiction in 4 episodes, deals with the works of Gaetano Savatteri (Sicilian writer) set between the Zingaro Nature Reserve and Baia Santa Margherita, (Trapani area)
Plot: The series of 4 yellow novels, stars Saverio Lamanna, writer by vocation and detective by chance. During the four evenings, Saverio engages in investigations into murders, disappearances and mysteries that bloody his land.
But here’s the promo that aired just before their performance in Sanremo.
And here is the explanation of MÀKARI from the voice of Il Volo, yes because the theme song will be sung by Il Volo, but  the song is written by Ignazio.
This is the video of the remote press conference of Il Volo on the Màkari project.

IGNAZIO = Let’s say it is a Sicily told by a twenty-five year old who lived Sicily, through stories, through images. Màkari  is a landscape that I experience every summer, because I have many friends in S. Vito lo Capo and every summer I take the opportunity to return to this land.
It is a song that tells about my Sicily, land of sages, land of fools, made of devils and saints, but I have also seen some images from the series and this series is also about love, which is something that I love, love combined with yellow (they are detective stories).
It is a song linked to traditions, from how it speaks, and for us, at least for me who wrote it, it is an honor to tell about my Sicily through a fiction that tells the truth of this Sicily.
In days it will be available on all platforms, for those who want to listen to it. Sony is working to make it available on all platforms.


GIANLUCA = I also have a great passion for acting, so, hoping one day to undertake this journey as well, I wanted to congratulate all the actors.
We got to see some small parts, so I was also happy to be able to preview some parts of this fiction that we will all watch. We can’t wait, I have anxiety waiting for this moment, so I renew my congratulations to everyone for this great project and we are delighted to be part of it.


PIERO = I am very happy, but all three of us are, to have married this project. In fact, Gianluca and I are very proud of Ignazio, of the work he did in this song, and it was exciting to record a song by Ignazio in the recording studio, to hear it in the commercial, every time it is exciting.
We wanted to thank Carlo degli Esposti, Marco Cingoli and Luigi Pinto for choosing us, it’s not something to be taken for granted. (a little taste of the fiction and the beautiful song follows,)


In the final piece of the video there is a small verse of the song, which is accompanied by a classical guitar. Ignazio sings.
The text is in Italian with a few words in Sicilian, here’s what it says:
“Sing louder but do it in silence, because no one here hears and sees us, but Makari is home is joy is love. I don’t forget Màkari anymore.
Chista è na storia nu pocu curiosa nu pocu scuntrusa mi parla di amuri (Sicilian dialect = This is the story a little curious, a little grumpy, it speaks to me of love.)
For the traditions, for my roots, Màkari is home and the heart sings for you.”

The two protagonists of Màkari

in the photo the two protagonists of Màkari

One more thing to be very proud of these guys.
A nice surprise, no one expected this gift.
Ignazio, you are fantastic, your talent as a composer has finally found the right launch, and it can be heard and tasted by many people, who will surely love it.
Once again I am very proud of you, once again you have shown that you are united and great. 
Your talent knows no bounds.
I look forward to hearing the whole beautiful song.

Beautiful view of the sea

Credit to owners of all photos and videos.

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  1. As a Sicilian and an avid reader of romanzi gialli (Italian detective fiction), I am a big fan of Gaetano Savatteri and have many of his books and short stories. He writes great dialogue in Italian mixed with Sicilian.
    I can’t wait to be able to watch this series in some format. I’m very proud of Ignazio and his wide range of creativities and Il Volo for supporting this.

    1. Jo Ann, I must tell you that I too am very curious to see this series, which by the way, will also be broadcast in streaming.
      I’m so proud of the guys, every time the promo comes on TV it’s a joy !!

  2. I seem to be saying thank you to the ladies of the Crew a lot lately, but you all deserve many thanks for what you do here. Now, Thanks to Ignazio for writing this beautiful song, and to Il Volo for singing it as no one else could. Daniela, the word Makari in Greek means I wish, what is the English translation. Google does not translate it. This is not Ignazio’s first composition and I wish, makari, that he would sing some in concert. I think he may have but I don’t remember. He is so talented, he is my renaissance man. Ciao

  3. Pretty melody and if you had asked me which one of the three wrote this song I would have guessed Ignazio. It’s him all the way. Hopefully it will also be featured in the June 5 extravaganza.

    1. Mark, this song is really beautiful, written with the heart of a Sicilian from Marsala !! In the conference he kept saying MY Sicily.
      I don’t think it will be in the June event which will be entirely dedicated to Morricone. But paves the way for new projects (and opens the eyes and ears to journalist)

  4. Rose Marie, our Ignazio is fantastic. Now some people will no longer say that Il Volo only sings old songs written by others.
    I discovered that Makari is a small village near Castelluzzo and San Vito lo Capo, exactly where Deborah always goes !! Wonderful places.
    I am so happy with this song.

    1. Sì!! My beautiful home for approximately 4-6 months for the past 3 years….and soon I will make the trek across the big pond once again in April….but this time I will stay to the end of November! I still hope for that day to come, when I run into Ignazio at the beach in San Vito Lo Capo!! 😉😊💖💖💖

    2. Actually last year, I saw all the trucks parked by the Reserve in Macari and knew they were filming, but I had no idea it was for this series and that our wonderful Ignazio and IL Volo💖💖💖 was a part of it! I also saw a bit of filming 🎥 of a girl running on the beach one day and going into the water on a windsurfer board….but not sure if it was part of this project! There was a small camera crew and a Droid involved!

      1. Deborah, the usual privileged, who knows how many would like to be in your place, after having seen the beautiful series of Makari. It’s right near Castelluzzo and maybe you just saw it while they were filming !! What luck …. maybe Il Volo will come to make a video !!

  5. Thank you for sharing this happy news!

    Always proud of Ignazio and all of Il Volo
    getting well deserved recognition, resulting in opportunities to grow, and showcase their talents.

  6. Daniela, I saw this on twitter, and just got the basic idea. I was hoping we’d hear from you about it! My husband and I stayed at an inn near Erice overlooking lo Capo. Can’t wait to hear and buy the whole song and am eager to find out how you like the series. So proud of and happy for Ignazio. GRAZIE!

  7. Daniela, Can’t wait, I hope to see it next season hopefully
    on Netflix w/subtitles in English.
    Bravo Ignazio and ll Volo.
    We should vote them “Most Productive During Lockdown”.

    1. Yes Martha, you can also watch it in streaming the same evening, but I don’t think it will have subtitles, however you will appreciate the beautiful landscapes of Sicily, of the area where Ignazio lives. I am also very happy with this project.

  8. Thank you very much for sharing good news and translating the conference. I can’t wait to hear the whole song. I hope that we will be able to hear more and more songs written by Ignazio. I’m also very proud of Ignazio and happy to be IL VOLO’s fan. Grazie mille.

    1. Jolanta, I too can’t wait to hear it all, but I already like the first words very much, as soon as the whole song is there I will immediately make the translation. Ignazio, although Bolognese by birth, is very attached to “His Sicily” and feels a lot.

  9. Daniela, Such a beautiful place (if this the photo we see) and the song is perfect. I can not imagine the lifestyle of such a gorgeous place. And, like all my Il Volo Flight Crew members….we know that Ignazio is a truly gifted person. The boys singing this new song makes me wish that I could see this new series. I love the books by Andrea Camilleri and this author is new to me. I would hope that this detective series in Makari is available at some time in English. Ignazio talent, not only his composing and voice, knows not bounds. Our boys are always extending their talent boundaries…that shows how truly talented and versatile they all are. Congrats, gentlemen! We are so proud of you!

    P.S.I do have concern over Gian wanting to act. He is a sensitive soul and I fear the acting profession might take advantage of him or eat him alive. Like all Granny’s we want to protect those we love. And always Daniela thank you for translating for us non-Italian speakers.

    1. Sandi, the one in the photo is the Macari beach, which is right near San Vito lo Capo (more famous). They are beautiful places and this series will highlight them. I think the genre is similar to that of the writer Camilleri, but here he is not a man devoted to investigations (like Inspector Montalbano) but a simple citizen who, despite himself, remains involved in some stories.
      As for the theme song of Ignazio performed by Il Volo, I hope it has the success it deserves !!

  10. Ciao a tutti! Yes, so exciting for our guys!!
    I did do a search and found the book series on Amazon! However, all I saw was the Italian version, no English. However, they are available on Kindle and if determined enough, can always download to Kindle and do the translation, as I did with their book!

    Buona fortuna! 😉

  11. Thank you so much for letting us know about this project. I knew it, I knew it! Ignazio has talent coming out of his pores, and I think I said that in another post. The truth is evident. But, Gianluca and Ignazio are also talented. And Gianluca wants to act. Of course why not. He and Piero also have talent. Given to them by God, and I am so happy they use their talent and are still humble as well. All the best to them. I’ll be looking forward to hearing the music.

    1. Karen, since we are on the subject of Sicily ….. these guys are active volcanoes !!! I am so happy with this song, it will silence so many bad mouths !!!

  12. Igna’s new song sounds beautiful. Another exciting step forward for him and his Il Volo brothers. They are so talented and I believe they can do anything they set their minds to. Thanks Daniela and Pat for the translation of this surprise announcement. Looking forward to more news about this tv series and hearing the whole song

  13. What wonderful talented young man Ignazio is, it must have been great for him to compose a song about his beloved Sicily, as it’s so obvious that he and Piero are very proud of their homeland. Well done Ignazio and Il Volo we are very proud of you.
    Thank you for translating the interview for the non Italian fans, we appreciate it so much.

    1. Eileen, as I say, Ignazio exudes love for “His Sicily”, is visible to all, and now he has put it in a song.
      These guys deserve a lot of respect.

  14. Early this morning I recorded Porta a Porta in the hope that Bruno Vespa might mention Il Volo. Later I went through the recording with speed. Nothing there, but the next program was Uno Mattina, and I saw the name ‘Makari’. It was a preview, and in the background it was Gianluca singing and then Ignazio followed and it sounded absolutely beautiful!!!!!!
    How wonderfully talented is Ignazio for composing this song!!!
    Many thanks Daniela and Pat for giving all the details. I can not wait till Monday night, to hear more of the song.

  15. Pat and Daniela, your devotion to Il Volo and the Flight Crew is wonderful. This all takes time all the time. I’m so grateful. This piece is so interesting and heart warming to see our Il Volo guys continuing to develop their craft. The quality of their creations always to the highest level. I love that we can support them in these endeavors. They take us along for the ride.

    1. True, Kay, the quality of their work is always high, and coming from you that you are in this field, it is worth a lot.
      When they are there, the others disappear !!
      Thanks for the compliments.

    2. Thanks! Like I have said before, Kay, it is a labor of love.❤️ I am glad to help everyone bring news of the guys to everyone! 😊

  16. Dear Daniela! I checked my mail every day until I received the last article … I am very proud to be a fan of Il Volo and part of the flight crew. Now that I am in quarantine from Kovid-19 I am not alone with my boys and yours translations. Be healthy and do not tire of leading us after our talented loves.

  17. Hello, I am from Calgary, Canada and I asked if the will be aired in Calgary on the Rai Italia channel? I have not seen a reply and I would really like to know when and what time. My mother watches Rai Italia and she would also like to watch this. Please let me know. Thank you.

  18. Last night when scrolling through on my homepage they said that the whole song was on Spotify and I got to listen to it It was beautiful. Ignazio is so talented as are the other two. Not sure if I can get the program today,have watched Rai before when the boys were performing. Thank you guys again for the translations Would be very frustrated fans if we didn’t have Flight Crew, so much gratitude to you all.

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