Left to right: Gianluca, Piero and Ignazio wth arms around each other


Immediately before the beautiful performance in Sanremo, Il Volo made this small clip to congratulate Radio Subasio for 45 years of activity.
I propose it because in any case we see Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca, quite serene.
As soon as the performance was over, Il Volo was interviewed by Radio Italia. Or rather, only Piero and Gianluca were present, because Ignazio, as soon as the performance was over, left immediately.
Perhaps not everyone has already seen this interview, as soon as I heard the first sentences, my heart was filled with gratitude for Piero ❤ and Gianluca ❤, for the beautiful words of affection towards Ignazio.
Mario Volanti = Two of Il Volo came to visit us …
Piero = Two thirds of Il Volo …
Gian = Happy to see you.
MV = We greet Ignazio who had to leave immediately …
Piero = Do we want to thank Ignazio because he has the strength of a lion?
If we are here today it is thanks to him.
Gian = Our great life and travel companion.
MV = How long have you been traveling together, guys?
Piero = 12 years.
Gian = It all started in 2009, right here, in Sanremo, at the Ariston. Then a few things happened.

Left to right: Gianluca, Ignazio and Piero on stage

MV = Do you still feel Italian or have you become a bit globalized?
Piero = Imagine. Perhaps the thing we have suffered most in recent years has been to do concerts only abroad before 2015. After 2015, thanks to Sanremo, we started doing concerts in Italy. I must say that when concerts are held in Italy it is always more beautiful. You feel close to home and this is nice for us, who spend 8/9 months a year away from our home, from Italy. However, abroad, the public manages to appease this lack.
MV = What was it like to sing on the Ariston stage, without an audience and in those somewhat particular conditions?
Gian = It looks like a soundcheck. But you are aware that millions of people are watching you. We lose empathy with the public, but we have given our best, because we must always try to be impeccable. We are really happy with this performance, but above all to be able to pay homage to the great Maestro Ennio Morricone. We are working on a new musical project, a record, with all the Maestro’s soundtracks sung, in English and Italian, from Nuovo Cinema Paradiso, to Once Upon a Time in America, Sacco and Vanzetti, to the Ecstasy of Gold.
We are working on a very nice project, we hope.
MV = I have to pull your ears though. At the Sanremo Festival you are extra-elegant. Then come to us, in Palermo, in front of 100 thousand people, with t-shirts and jeans. Why?
Piero =  Can I give you a great answer? When we come to you we feel at home. We make ourselves comfortable.
You are here now with the jacket and pants, as soon as you get home, you put on your tracksuit or pajamas, right? You make yourself comfortable ….
MV = Do you mean that next time you come to me in your pajamas?
Piero = With you we feel at home, we make ourselves comfortable.
Gian = We don’t come in pajamas though.

Left to right: Gianluca, Ignazio and Piero singing on stage

MV = You are highly forgiven.
Do you remember Palermo? (beautiful outdoor show in front of thousands of guys).
Piero = And who forgets it.
MV = Crazy. An infinite crowd.
Gian = We will be back. Very early.
MV = As soon as possible.
Piero = Have you already thought about it?
MV = In 2020 we had already organized Palermo. Then what happened happened. And it jumped. You, you came in 2019, the last RADIO ITALIA LIVE – THE CONCERT in Palermo. You made 100,000 people sing.
Gian = We will soon be back to normal. Let’s be optimistic.
MV = Thanks anyway, it has always been nice to have you as our guests, and hearing you sing is always something exciting, and unique, you are good.
P + G = Thanks
MV = What happens in the near future?
Piero = We are in full registration phase. It is a very delicate phase. When an artist works on a new musical project, he has that doubt: “Will he like it or will he not like it?” We can say that the name of Ennio Morricone clearly helps us a lot. In June we will hold this concert-event, dedicated to Ennio Morricone, taken up by all the American, Japanese, South American televisions and, we hope, a tour will follow in 2022.
Gian = There will also be duets, musicians and international singers.
Piero = But if you give us the date of the Radio Italia concert …
Gian =… We already fix it and we won’t have any commitments.
MV = Promise?
Best wishes for your production. Goodbye, at the next RADIO ITALIA LIVE – THE CONCERT.
P + G = With the T-shirt
MV = No, I fly you in my pajamas !! Bye guys!
P + G = Bye
For those who want to review the performance of Il Volo at the Radio Italia Concert in Palermo, here is the video.

Radio Italia Concert in Palermo – Click Here

What a fantastic performance, and what a beautiful choral participation of all the many young people of Palermo.
We hope that soon, these beautiful experiences can be made again.
I am positive and we will do them again soon.
Now look at this photo, it is from 2017.

Left to right: Piero, Gianluca, Hauser and Ignazio

There are Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca with Hauser, the famous cellist, who was then part of the 2CELLOS. They had promised then to do something together but the common commitments never allowed it, but in these days has been published this beautiful video, a “virtual meeting”.
Really nice work and the song acquires a different but very sweet sound.

Now in addition, I want to offer you this beautiful statement, made by Lello Analfino, who is a good Sicilian singer-songwriter, his songs are true poems.

Left to right: Piero, Lello Analfino and Ignazio

Education and Respect are values that cannot be studied, cannot be bought, handed down from parents to children, you cannot lose them, if you have them you will have them forever no matter what happens. I would like to congratulate Messrs Barone and Boschetto for having handed down these values to their children.
Today I had the privilege of being able to personally verify the human depth of these two guys, who were guests in my studio which is then my home, and who made me fall in love with their vitality and their music that they communicate not only with their beautiful voices, but also through that simple way of being great artists. Thank God I make music and I still manage to be moved and the world still manages to amaze me.
PS = the following photo shows the swabs we made before starting work, so please don’t criticize our selfie because today the only thing I missed is not being able to hug and hold tightly these two guys too good . ❤❤
Lello Analfino
Three negative COVID tests
When words like this are written, which come directly from the heart, but also from the deep intellectual honesty, which admires respect and education, in addition to the undeniable skill ….. what to say ….. I am ecstatic and proud, almost as if they were my children.
And I’m sure Analfino didn’t get to know Gianluca, otherwise the compliments would surely have been extended to him too.
How lucky we are to be fans of these three guys!


Credit to owners of all photos and videos.

43 thoughts on “SPECIAL GUYS by Daniela”

  1. We knew they were Special from day one. All 3 of the boys have hearts of lions to be able to have gotten through the evening at Sanremo. Respect also works both ways, They show it in their private lives and to their fans in their professional lives. God bless them.

    1. Yes, they are also courageous, in life and very professional.
      In addition to talent, they are also courageous in their work, they know how to overcome fierce criticism, because they know that it is unfair criticism.

  2. Is there any doubt that they love each other? No doubt in my mind. They are God’s gift to music and to us for our enjoyment. “Sing a joyful noise to the Lord.” I will love them all until I take my last breath.

    1. Karen, for us fans it’s all very clear and obvious, but for those who don’t know them and don’t even try to know them, it’s clouded by what they’ve always written about them. For this reason, I always say that “whoever really knows them, then loves them”

  3. These three lovely young men are indeed one of a kind. They have so many beautiful qualities as well as being the most incredibly talented men. Thank you so much Danelia for sharing this beautiful message ❤️❤️❤️

    1. I agree with you Barbara and when I read these beautiful words, I immediately had to translate them for you, these compliments are so sincere !!

  4. Every article you write about the guys touches my heart, Daniela. Realizing that Ignazio was absent from the interview because he needed to return to his family immediately reinforces his heart of responsibility to those he loves and his career. He truly has the heart of a Lion. The Sanremo performance was as exquisite as it was heartbreaking. How many millions of tears have been shed watching and rewatching the the Sanremo video. We all were touched and amazed at the beauty and strength of the voices of Ignazio, Gianluca and Piero. Their faces reflected the pain in their hearts.
    Thank you Daniela. We continue to send our love and condolences to Caterina, Nina, Ignazio and family on the passing of dear Vito Boschetto.

    1. He was truly a lion, our Ignazio, he made us all move, yes, I believe that many tears will have been shed, and he is still there, in his Sicily, with the women of his life, to whom he does not miss his love.
      I really like the respect, affection and support they have for each other, it’s something that fills the heart.
      They are all, like our children.
      Thanks for the compliments, Judy.

  5. Grazie Daniela, i ragazzi are all around terrific! Even in the interview at Sanremo Ignazio was present in my mind and heart. They are so connected. This was a delightful way to spend some time on a Saturday morning <3

  6. I think during the pandemic when the guys have done poignant interviews and a few live engagements that they are now poised on the “launch pad” for even greater things and lots of positive acclaim in the future. Just a feeling that keeps coming to mind. They will become greatly recognized at last. I’m hoping that the June 5 concert will be another Notte Magica in terms of splendor and international recognition.
    In a way, the pandemic, which has hindered them from concert performing, has provided more time to foster new ideas that will prove to bare much IL Volo notoriety going forward. Thankfully we will witness all that is to come on this blog.

    1. Yes Mark, this forced detention due to the pandemic, has certainly made sure that Il Volo have more time to think well about their new projects and have more concentration for “different” jobs, such as the Makari theme song. Besides their voices, they certainly had a benefit for the rest.
      Too bad that life events, such as Covid for Gianluca but above all the loss of Vito, for the Boschetto family, have dealt a very hard blow.
      I also believe that the event dedicated to Morricone will certainly be at the level of Notte Magica and I can’t wait to see it.

  7. Yes, the guys are unique in every way and we are lucky to be their fans. Thanks a lot Daniela for translating the nice and interesting interview and the beautiful words of Signore Analfino. It’s always nice to hear such beautiful words about our guys.

    1. It would really take a lot more words like that for Il Volo, right Jolanta?
      They are well deserved and would give our guys a big boost.

  8. The magic and strength of the three best friends is heart-warming!
    I hope one day to see them in person……..at the tip-top of my bucket
    Their voices are amazing and only getting better……

    Much love to all the IL Volo family members who are grieving…..
    Sheryl Anderson
    St. Augustine

  9. Both interviews were great, so heartwarming Piero and Gian’s comments about Ignazio. It was great to see the big smiles on Piero and Ignazio in the meeting with Analfino. I think he expressed how many of us feel about the guys, How can you not fall in love with them. Many thanks for the translations. Really looking forward to June 5, so glad American TV is going to be there

    1. I am happy that on June 5th there is American television to resume the event and I very much hope that the public will be present, because I would like to be there too and then because it is right that Il Volo feel the affection and presence of all of us. .
      Analfino’s words are like balm for us !!

  10. Daniela, thank you so very much for sharing the Palermo video. I am guessing they love performing in front of a group of people their age. They are most respectful to all of us grandmothers and know that we love them too, but it has to be a big thrill to perform in front of peers in an easy casual venue. So grateful to you Daniela for keeping this older
    fan up to date on these gentlemen!
    Flight Crew,
    S. McConnell

    1. Sally, did you see what a huge crowd, of very young people, who sang happily with our boys? Very beautiful !!
      And I think that, on these occasions, outdoors, our boys dressed in jeans and a T-shirt, are perfect, they wear exactly the things of the boys of their age and this brings them even closer to the young.
      They always know how to be perfect for any occasion.

  11. Thank you so much, Daniela, for sharing news of our exquisite and beloved singers. And also I extend my sincere condolences once again to Ignacio and his family. It will take time to recover from this great loss. Dena Pitchfork, Mercer Island, Washington U.S.A.

  12. In a manner of speaking, I was late coming to dinner! You see I had never heard of IL Volo until my friend and her Mom were talking about them and how IL Mondo was her Dad’s favorite. So knowing her taste, I hopped right over to the site, and I was had the very second I heard the song and seen “my guys”! I’ve loved many singers from the U.S. all being pretty much Italians! IL Volo gives me comfort, laughter, and now sadness for Ignazio bc of losing his dad. I understand they were very close and pictures show that. Most know I’m no young chick, but I tell you all.. my soul knows and loves these three guys! Handsome, talented, mannerly and kind to each other. When they sing I’m in heaven, and God if you are listening, please let us have a concert every week with “my guys”! I’m not sure what it is except exceptional voices, manners, and the cut-ups they do that make me love them. My heart aches for Ignazio but in time he will laugh at his and his father’s good times and all the fun they had. Thank you Daniella, you are a joy to read and if (doubtful) I ever get to Italy I want to meet you. You made a big difference playing their songs and telling stories. Thank you ever so much. To my IL Volo guys, Gianluca, Piero, Ignazio you are the whip cream on the pie and cakes. Love you thru Eternity and beyond!

    1. IL MONDO was the song that did it for me too! By the end of the song I had tears in my eyes and at that time I didn’t even understand one word of Italian! But that song affected me and now, when my little dog hears it, he comes running and howls along with it! I can even sing IL MONDO and he does it! That is the ONLY song that affects him that way. Music has been an important part of my life since I was a child. It does something for me, touches my soul. And when I found IL VOLO, it took music to another level for me! These guys are the best in every way! ❤️️🎶️🎤

    2. Jackie, if you come to Italy, I will be super happy to meet you, it would be really beautiful.
      I must tell you that I have always loved the song IL MONDO, ever since Jimmi Fontana sang it (he was the first to sing it) and now performed by Il Volo it is always fantastic.
      Thank you very much also for all your nice compliments, they are very welcome: thank you very much.

  13. Many thanks, as always, for this, Daniela. So touching–the words of Piero and Gian, and the I loved the praise from Lello! I’m so sorry to learn of your Easter lockdown, though, and hope all will be better soon and Italy will have all the vaccines it needs.

    1. Judi, we are all home again, very strong restrictions, but due, given the numerous infections and vaccines that are slow.
      Luckily our beloved guys keep us company!

  14. Daniela, I just happened to notice in the picture at the very top your current post, that the tattoo on Ignazio’s upper left arm appears to have vanished. The one we saw a few months ago was sizeable and would certainly have showed, in part, below his white t shirt sleeve. Assuming this a very recent picture. Maybe I’m getting too caught up in details, that’s a big part of my training in the medical field? What do you think?

    1. Mark, it’s nice to be attentive to details. Unfortunately I have to tell you that that photo is not recent, it was done before the famous big tattoo. Soon the guys will start putting on shirts with short sleeves and so we will see if the tattoo is really as big as it looked.

  15. The night of Sanremo these 3 very fine young men showed the strength of love and compassion of true friendship over the years.This shows the result of a loving upbringing in a true family environment filled with problems joy and laughter.Stay safe boys and please co me to the uk as soon as safe

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