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Myron’s Musical Musings on their new Album! – by Myron Heaton

The guys have landed safely in Miami!  They are “here” for a little while, even if we are not lucky enough to run into them, like the fans in Miami….

From Myron…

I had planned to wait for the new Il Volo album to review but I have been getting a number of emails and phone calls about the album that have inspired me to comment ahead of time. I will still do a review of the album later. Since all of the people that have written and many of you on this Flight Crew site that I have met at concerts or at the Il Volo Fan Faire conventions are friends I had the urge to share some ideas about your concerns for this coming album.


First of all the basics: Gianluca, Piero, and Ignazio come from backgrounds that are founded in well-trained, formal voice work – private voice lessons. If you look at some of the concert or album reviews that I have written on this site (see Flight Crew archives) over the past 6 years you will see what factors are involved in the mechanics of good singing. It is not easy!

Our guys have that kind of formal work in spades! You may remember the tour they did with Barbra Streisand and how they had their vocal coach and she had her own. She started working with that coach 6 months prior to tour and had the coach drop in once in a while during the tour. This keeps the singing honest, true and high quality. For the Notte Magica concert in Florence that DVD had a “behind the scenes” video that showed the guys working with a vocal coach. As Barbra would probably say: you never stop needing a vocal coach if you want to do things right.

This kind of training will give them the prowess to handle any kind of music they choose to perform – including the Cuban-influenced Latin music that they are learning with Emilio Estefan.


From the beginning of their career the guys have chosen great music to sing and it has often been in different languages from different cultures: Italian (of course) , English, Spanish, French, and German. Some times they have gone back and redone parts of an album to sing a translated portion in Spanish that they had previously done in Italian or English. So a whole album in Spanish is nothing new. They have done it before and we loved it. Regardless, the songs they have chosen have been excellent and a person does not have to understand the meaning of the text to get the musical message from that song. Passion wins through in the end and these guys have great passion by the boat- load to add to those beautiful vocal instruments.

So now we have the guys working with renown producer, Emilio Estefan – husband of great singer, Gloria Estefan to produce this album. To get a little hint look at Gloria and her music history. She is a well trained singer and she has done not only Cuban – influenced albums but also, mainstream jazz, Broadway and Latin pop songs. She is superb in her wide variety. Recently, she released an album called “ The Standards”  which features songs the guys have also done like Charlie Chaplin’s “ Smile” and she has a number of Frank Sinatra and Henry Mancini songs that are American standards on that album. Go to Youtube and look up Gloria and Smile. Give a listen. She is very good. I am telling you this because Gloria gives a hint about the kind of background not only she has but also Emilio. So I would say that the guys are in good hands. From what I have heard they are doing a song with Gloria. Great ! I hope they do other things with her. Some of the “guest” singers they have worked with in the past left much to be desired (compared to the guys) . Well they can’t all be a Barbra or a Gloria.

The guys have indicated that they want to explore different musical cultures. They have for the past number of years, done an excellent job of exploring their own Italian heritage and the classical background they share. Now, while they are still young, they want to branch out. This is a good thing. It does not mean that they have stopped loving the music they have done up to now. It does not mean that they are leaving those of us in mainstream USA behind. It just means they want to try new things and they want to take us along with them on the journey. Hopefully, tried and true fans will want to venture out with them on that journey.

Nothing can erase the great albums, PBS specials, and the concerts that they have done so far. Those events will always be part of their heritage and our memory. Will this new album be equally successful ? From what I hear they are doing a number of songs that are original – never done before – unpublished. That is gutsy and brave.


If you want to get a hint about the new album listen to some of Gloria’s Cuban/Latin pop albums. Of all the Latin American countries Cuba has had a very strong influence on North and South American music. This goes back long before the Castro government came in. Even in Hollywood you can see from the movies in the 1930s and 1940s that the influence is strong. Go to Youtube and look up Gloria and “ Conga “ have some fun.


I had a chance yesterday to watch a video of the recent Sanremo event. Il Volo was not in competition this time but, rather, guests to add some sparkle to the show. They sang three songs – one from the Notte Magica album and tour – one from earlier album and tour and a song that was not in the earlier albums. It was great to see them back there again. I will save this review for another time.


Thank you, Myron!!

A note from Jana…

And to all of you out there that are saying “that is not my kind of music – pshaw!” and shame on you!  Remember that old “Life” cereal commercial?  “Mikey won’t eat it, he hates everything!…” as they say…  Then cut to “hey look, he’s eating it!”  Well, to all of you “Mikeys (and Michaelas)” out there – just TRY it, you might LIKE it!  I am not a personal fan of rap, or hip-hop, but if the guys are singing it, then I’ll listen to it.  Remember, like Myron said, they’ve been singing this same type of music now for nearly 10 years!  When was the last time you had a job, the same job, for 10 years?  It gets boring after a while, right?  Didn’t you want to branch out?  Do something different?  Change it up just a bit?  That’s all the guys are doing!  They have a long career ahead of them and they will probably try just about anything and everything in the next 20 plus years.  Some of us may be under ground or on a shelf by then, but they will still be going strong!  🙂   Does anyone remember how many people said “I don’t like opera” when Notte Magica came out?  I’m sure there were plenty!  These guys are chameleons!  But leopards, too!  They may change their colors up once in a while, but a leopard can’t change its spots and we can’t change the incredible voices these guys have.  Speaking of the animal world, they are also like zebras, where no two zebras have the same pattern of stripes – our guys are as unique and individual as they come, even amongst themselves!  Remember, you are never too old to learn or appreciate something new!   – jmv


I know we will all turn into “THIS” Mikey, real soon!  🙂 

I guarantee it!

(a little history of…) Grande Amore… We never get tired of listening to it.

On December 16, 2016, this article was published on, by Antonella Esposito. Although it has been a while of time, I (Daniela) will  translate it for you because it is worth reading.




After the first listening to GRANDE AMORE, did the song really like you and did  join your favorite playlist? Are you still irremediably attracted to the melody and lyrics of the song? That’s why GRANDE AMORE of IL VOLO does not tire you.

Grande Amore is the winning song of the 65th edition of the Sanremo Festival, interpreted by the trio opera lirico Il Volo. Although it seems to have been written specifically to brush the powerful and versatile voices of Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca, the piece had a tough road before cutting the finish line “Il Volo”.



Composed in 2003, by Francesco Boccia, songwriter and frontman of the music band I Quisisona, together with Tommy Esposito of Il Giardino dei Semplici, the romantic piece already having a precise layout designed for lyric lyricals, is presented at the selections of the   Festival of the Italian Song, in 2005, with a negative result.  So it remains to dust in the drawer for 10 years.


It is in fact 2015 when the song is enthusiastically evaluated by the commission of Sanremo Young and assigned to the duo Operapop. Even then, fate is a strange joke, because the duo is excluded from the competition for the age limit reached by one of the two components, Enrico Giovagnoli.


Grande Amore  is also offered to Orietta Berti, who proves to be favorable to the song but she is, however, unable to participate in the singing contest for personal reasons.


Once again, bounced back and without interpreting the fate of the piece, it is entrusted to the hands of the artistic director Carlo Conti.  At his first conducting of the Festival, using the help of the Operapop manager, convinces the producer of Il Volo, Michele Torpedine, to compete for the three young singers with the signed song Boccia-Esposito.

It’s the evening of 11th February, 2015, when IL VOLO sing for the first time, Grande Amore, in the slaps of applause from the Sanremo audience. The three different and perfectly complementary voices of the three singers, enter the heart and fill the audience’s eyes in the theater and viewers who are following the kermesse  (festival) in the world. Grande Amore.


For some it’s a discovery, for others it’s a confirmation. The elegance of the guys of Il Volo, the stage presence with which they saturate with energy each single tile on the stage of the Ariston, and the dramatic might with which the three young singers sing the love all or almost conquer.





Great love strikes, likes and creeps in the head with a basically simple and essential text and for this easy to memorize. The plain strode opens with the term “love” which in a vibrant and prolonged acute spreads the basis for the beginning of the refrain. And here comes the engaging redundant melody that never touches the nenia, by the way, draws a rhythmic curvature cleverly caressed first by the baritone basses of Ginoble and then raised by the strong and precise setting of Boschetto and then exploding with Barone in a  Love screaming to all generations.


It is therefore a universal love that sang by IL VOLO declinable in all the nuances of loving sentiment, not by chance as revealed by the same authors: “The text is not inspired by a specific person, but it is a story always valid as it may be love declaration”.


Musicality, universality and pop-lyrical contamination are probably the key elements to place with a certain conviction the classical lyric passage for the song’s story. Grande Amore with an extraordinary rapidity of diffusion not only musical but cultural has already been able to fully fit within that pink of international pieces representing Italianity. Grande Amore has all the characteristics of symphonic sweetness needed to become the Caruso of the new millennium. It  has that rhythmic and flamboyant stylistic cadence so that it can be sung by the middle world as has always been the case with O ‘sole mio.





It seems despicable and yet between different artists the song would not get the same feedback or maybe yes, but this is another story. The truth is that each song chooses its own interpreter and Grande Amore was born and struggled to end in the repertoire of Il Volo, altering in a shocking way the same artistic path of Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca who so much to the song that made him disconnect the ticket to success in Italy. Not that the three were not good enough, just as often happens the masterpieces make a difference and Grande Amore is without too much delay the diamond tip that has given the group the gender specificity that has always been sought after.


These are the technical reasons why listening to Grande Amore does not tire and will not even tire in twenty or thirty years. Stylish stylistic lists that are merely fine to themselves, which, because the longevity parable is valid over time, then add other elements with the most irrational flavor. These are the emotional ones, those you can not explain and that with a song almost invite you to listen to it and listen to it again and again.



Article translated by Daniela.  Credit to all owners of photos and video.




Even Amazon Knows!

Someday at Christmas/Ciao from Marie & Jane! ~Jana & Marie


As we have all heard, Italy was struck, yet again, with another earthquake, near where the last one was back in August.  So far, through various news media, I have not seen anything of any casualties – thank God!I posted on Jane’s FB if she was ok and where were they?  She posted back that they were out of the earthquake area and ok.  Just minutes ago, I got an email from Marie, stating, that indeed, they were safe!  🙂

Here is what she said:“Hello, please let our readers know that we are fine!  I am getting emails asking. We picked up our rental car in Perugia, the epicenter, as we left Assisi the other day.  We are now in Naro, south of any trouble and will drive to Palermo this morning and fly to Naples for the night.  Tomorrow we will begin our journey, by train, up the west coast toward Portofino.  We should be ok to go.  The quake happened in the night and like most of Italy, we are waiting to see the final results when daylight arrives.  it is now almost 7 am.”

I asked if she had heard that Gianluca mentioned the Flight Crew in the interview the other day, she said, “Yes!” along with this:


Jana, reporting live, from my green leather chair in chilly Dearborn!


The Christmas album “Someday at Christmas” by Jackie Evancho features a Duet with Il Volo.  Ready for release on Friday, October 28.  Available on both Amazon and Barnes & Noble for $10.79.


Jackie  in 2011:

And in 2016:

Our Guys 2011:

And in 2016:


Yeah, she’s pretty lucky.



Myron’s Thoughts on “ Notte Magica “


As I write this article, I have heard the CD and seen about half of the video scenes but have not seen the whole concert in one video. That is yet to come. My comments are focused on the concert from the standpoint of music and performance quality. Since it is more of a formal concert than the guys normally do there really is no comment to be made on staging and lighting, etc. The program is presented in a classic formal format.

When I was in high school and undergrad college taking voice lessons I was introduced to some of these songs and, in fact, ended up singing some of them in recitals. This literature is part of an advanced, good quality vocal training program. The boys of Il Volo each went through that kind of training early on and continue it even today. However, when you sing programs of more pop music as they normally do, and the pure bel canto approach gives way a bit to vocal techniques that fit the pop music.

That was the case for most of the past 5 years but now they come full circle to a concert to honor the “Three Tenors” program from over 20 years ago. This kind of music is very demanding from the standpoint of vocal power and energy as well as range. It is hard work! It also represents a return to the foundation from which the boys started.

The songs: (done in CD album order – not program order)

First of all it is great to have a more substantial orchestra working with the guys. It is also great to have as conductor, one of their mentors: Placido Domingo. Domingo has for 40 years been one of the greatest opera stars in the world. He is very helpful not only conducting but also, of course, as another vocal coach. (side bar: many people know Domingo as a star singer in opera but he also has for the past decade or more been conducting many operas. So he is very experienced.) He shares the task with Marcello Rota. Also, Domingo joins the guys to sing the song: “Non Ti Scordar di Me”.

Nessun Dorma – one of the most famous and beautiful love songs ever- written by Puccini for the opera “Turandot”.  All three of the guys take this on and it is no surprise that Piero and Ignazio handle the high notes but Gianluca joins them on the end that is a wonderful surprise. On my first and second hearing of this recording I went “ WOW ! “

Granada and Mattinata are songs that the guys have done many times on tour going back to their first programs in the USA. Beautifully done, as usual. It is interesting to hear the more original arrangements of each vrs. the tour version they usually do. Very nice. (not good or bad – just different and still wonderful)

One song I learned in college and sang on a recital was “Una Furtiva Lagrima” from the opera “L’Elisir D’Amore” (Elixir of Love) by Gaetano Donizetti. This song belongs to Ignazio with his incredible ability to take very high notes to a very soft tone with total control. I can’t tell strongly enough that is very, very hard to do ! He sings this song so beautifully !

Gianluca takes on a song that we singers back in college days used to call “a tear to hell” (pardon me). La Danza by Rossini is “baritone madness” – a song that we all loved to hate. It takes a man (vrs. A boy) of power and resilience to just simply survive to the end. You know already what I am going to say: the short skinny guy we all loved as a boy now in 2016, is the MAN that ABSOLUTELY COMMANDS this song. What an incredible tornado. I dare you to sing with him on the last note and get all the way to the end without a breath. I dare you !!!

Naturally, we have to have Piero’s wonderful rendition of E Lucevan le Stelle written by Puccini for his opera “ Tosca”. The program would not be complete otherwise. He delivers superbly.

On tour the boys did an Elvis arrangement called Surrender which is a re-write of the song called Torna A Surriento by Ernesto Curtis. Lovely song done in its original ¾ time meter and phrases. (the Elvis version was in 4/4 time).

Core ‘Ngrato with all three guys and ‘O Paese D’ O Sole with Piero and Ignazio in duet. Also from their tours and very nicely done as usual.

Maria from “West Side Story’ by Leonard Bernstein. This wonderful song has been done by Il Volo in different guises: as a solo song; as a trio; and as a duet. On this album and the concert in Florence it is done as a duet between Gianluca and Ignazio.

They are wonderful together on this duet. Even though all three did a great job on this song when they used to do it as a trio, I do feel it works better as a duet. Very fine indeed.

However, some of us remember five years ago when a skinny short kid of 16 came out on stage and did this song as a drama-vocal rendering with just piano. We had our breath taken away because of the introspective passion that kid brought to the front.

He always looked so delicate out there by himself and it seemed as though he would pass out after the end of the song each night. How many of you remember that ? Bless you Gianluca! Great memories.

From the recent tour we have the famous song My Way composed by Paul Anka and sang by Frank Sinatra and Elvis on tour. Here Piero and Gianluca are superb. Gee, when are they not superb?

Also from the recent tour Ignazio sings the iconic love song Tonight from West Side Story also by Bernstein. I remember his performance of this when they came to Las Vegas last year. So wonderful.

Then the trio comes back for ‘O Surdato ‘Nnammurato and the always fun, Mama.

They continue with the folk song inspired Cielito Lindo that many of us learned in elementary school. Giampiero Grani does a great orchestra of this.

More solo work follows with Gianluca’s wonderful and dramatic En Aranjuez con tu amor from “Concierto de Aranjuez” by Joanquin Rodrigo . This song always features a solo violinist as the protagonist to the baritone.

From a little mini opera called “La Tabernera del Puerto” by Pablo Sorozabal comes an aria perfect for Piero called Non Puede Ser. Of course, Piero owns this song as well. He is so fine.

Il Volo has sung Non Ti Scordar di Me by Ernesto Curtis before but this time Placido Domingo joins the boys for a gorgeous rendition. It is always great to hear their mentor join with them in a song (as they did in the wonderful song “Il Canto”).

The theme song for the boys has been O Sole Mio by Eduardo di Capua and here it gets the original treatment with orchestration by Giampiero.

This concert has a great song for the closing number. The composer usually considered the “king “ of opera composers: Giuseppi Verdi and from one of his most famous operas called “La Traviata” comes the most famous of all drinking songs: Libiamo.

You may think you don’t know this song but when you hear it, I bet you will recognize it. Great (we used to call this kind of wild and challenging music a “barn burner” ) way to end a concert.

This program is almost a perfect review of the songs that Carreras, Pavarotti and Domingo did in the late 1990’s and early 2000’s in those “Three Tenors” that they took on tour. The difference is that our boys left out a few songs including some in German and French. That is a trivial thing. As a voice teacher who took time to listen to the CD of that concert and contrast with this one, I must say that Il Volo does as well and often better than the original (Pavarotti was often in poor voice in those later years). To be technical since the human voice is the last part of the body to mature and usually not until around age 32 to 35, There are about two times in the program when the original guys are a bit bigger in size of tone. But it is amazing to me that our guys at 21, 22 & 23 are the equal of the original and in some songs – better.

This is the most demanding tour program they have done and I am pleased to note that the American tour has a relief date before each concert and sometimes two dates. That is what I have asked for for years. Young instruments need the work but also need the rest in between. You try and sing 2 hours and 30 minutes of intense music like this without a break and you will feel the strain.

These guys are doing something so incredible.



We’re Not The Only Ones!

From our friends at… 

musical notes Global Dec

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“Per te ci sarò”-Il Volo

Why We Picked It: Featured on their new albums Grande Amore (International Version) and L’amore si muove, “Per te ci sarò” quickly became a fan favorite from this trio that has experienced remarkable success throughout 2015. From Sanremo to Eurovision to the release of their three new albums, Il Volo now has five albums that rank in the top 100 of Italy’s music charts. We can’t wait to see what 2016 will bring!
For more of their top Italian Song picks:


And from….



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Il Volo still dream of your glance in “Si Me Falta Tu Mirada”

by George Vasileiadis

Talk about stuffing our stockings! Shortly after releasing their video clip for Per Te Ci Sarò, Il Volo have given the visual treatment to yet another song. This time Gianluca, Ignazio and Piero, our beloved Italian threesome, turn to Si Me Falta Tu Mirada (If I Forget Your Glance). The song is the Spanish version of Il Tuo Sguardo Manca”, the fourth single from their latest album L’amore si muoveNew day. New video. Same gut-wrenching pain over lost love…

The classic-yet-beautiful orchestration and the way their voices meld make this sound like a hymn. It’s like a delicious piece of bubble gum: you chew it, you keep chewing it, and at times it blows up and pops and you love every moment of the sweetness…
The lyrics, however, are not that original. They loved someone, they were betrayed and now they miss their lover and can’t get over it. #devastating.

You left me on the way to happiness,
And today my heart has stopped,
Embracing everything, clinging to nothing

Music Notes Global: Review of “Grande Amore”

Nice words from our friends at…

Musical notes Global

Albums We Love: Grande Amore (International Version) (2015)-Il Volo

Our favorite trio is back!

After a long wait and a one-week postponement, Il Volo is ending an already amazing year with the launch of their new studio album Grande Amore.

Available in three editions, the International and Spanish versions find their title from the career-defining, Sanremo-winning Eurovision entry “Grande amore,” while the Italian release shares its title with its first single, “L’amore si muove.”

Il Volo Grande Amore album cover

Here, we chose to review the International Version, which includes tracks in English, Spanish, and Italian. We knew even before we heard this album that it was going to be an Album We Love.

Whether they’re Sanremo winners or international classics, many of the songs included on Grande Amore have a storied history. But it’s the Il Volo originals on this album, perhaps, that are to be especially taken note of, as they are on the way to becoming classics themselves and give us a peek into what the future will bring from the trio.

Our Thoughts on Grande Amore:

1. “Grande amore”

We cannot declare our love any more than we have already for this vocal knockout. “Grande amore” took the world by storm, becoming both an anthem and a motto, and confirming that Il Volo just keeps getting better with age.

2. “La vita”

From the lyrics to the melody, “La vita” is an ode to the beauty of life. Did you notice that beat in the background that sounds like a heartbeat? The track is absolutely stunning and provides an ideal stage for tenor Piero Barone to shine.

3. “Nel blu, dipinto di blu (Volare)”

Originally recorded and co-written by Domenico Modugno, it was only a matter of time before Il Volo interpreted this timeless treasure, infusing it with their own charming style.

4. “Quando l’amore diventa poesia”

We love that Il Volo is giving so many fantastic Italian pop songs the chance to move a new audience. Massimo Ranieri’s 1969 enchanting Sanremo entry is an overwhelmingly perfect fit for them.

5. “Per te ci sarò”

Laced with the flavor of U2, “Per te ci sarò” is inspirational fuel and is already a fan favorite. Don’t forget to check out its Spanish counterpart, “El Centro del Sol”—the lyrics are captivating.

6. “Aspetterò”

Ignazio Boschetto’s soul-piercing vocals are absolutely brilliant on this track, which sounds equally incredible in Italian as it does in Spanish. Gently revealing pure, genuine emotion and tender vulnerability is his specialty, and we are so thrilled that he has the chance to share this gift with us here.

7. “L’amore si muove”

“L’amore si muove” is a bold and commanding hit that follows the splendid grandeur of “Grande amore.” Breathtaking and compelling with a dash of pop, it is an Il Volo original that is modern and radio-friendly while precisely capturing their essence as a vocal group.

See it featured on August’s list of our Top 5 Italian Songs of the Moment.

See the Spanish version, “El Amor Verdadero,” featured on September’s list of our Top 5 Latin Songs of the Moment.

8. “You Don’t Have to Say You Love Me (Io che non vivo senza te)

This song, in both English and Italian, is one of our long-time personal favorites; and we are ecstatic that they have recorded both in studio. There’s no denying that their English version is absolutely perfect—and we love it. We must add, however, that their take on the Italian version “Io che non vivo senza te” (only available on L’amore si muove) is pretty much the best cover of the song that exists.

9. “Eternally”

Let us never forget the beauty that exists in simplicity. Backed by a crisp and classical arrangement, Il Volo proves that their voices have the power to fascinate their audience no matter what they are singing.

10. “Si Me Falta Tu Mirada”

As the only Spanish language track on the album, “Si Me Falta Tu Mirada” is filled with longing emotion. We can totally hear it being played on the radio.

11. “Delilah”

A dark tale of deception and scandal, Tom Jones’s “Delilah” has maintained its haunting allure through the years. Il Volo brings a wise youth to the track, renewing the 1968 hit it for a younger audience.

12. “L’immensità”

We love the rock edge of “L’immensità,” and it is an impressive demonstration of how versatile the dynamic voices of Il Volo truly are.

13. “Caruso”

We know of a “few” others out there who are jumping for joy that “Caruso” is on Grande Amore, and we need to take a moment to appreciate the fact that it has finally been included on one of Il Volo’s studio albums. Their rendition of Lucio Dalla’s legendary song is extraordinary, capturing all of the anguish and emotion present in the original and then some. It is important to note that as a live performance it will take your breath away.

14. “The Best Day of My Life”

“The Best Day of My Life” is a good old fashioned, sweet love song that makes the heart flutter. We adore the live performance from their Rai special Un’avventura straordinaria featuring Lorenzo Fragola.

15. “Beautiful That Way (La vita è bella)

Inspired by the original score from the award-winning Benigni film La vita è bella (Life Is Beautiful), the first vocal version of “Beautiful That Way” was performed by Israeli singer Noa, who also wrote the lyrics. The song and its ethereal, dreamlike arrangement fits in well with the rest of Il Volo’s repertoire.

16. “Piove (Ciao, ciao bambina)”

Ciao, ciao bambina…What an absolute beauty this song is. Its swinging style ironically lifts our spirits even though it recounts a relationship coming to an end.

These 16 perfectly crafted tracks combine to form a repeat-worthy modern classic. With their soaring vocals bringing more power and intensity than ever, Grande Amore unquestionably serves as a historical milestone for the trio. It is on this album that we have the pleasure of witnessing Il Volo and its members settle into their own, solidifying their identity as well-rounded, unique, original artists who are constructing a legendary career. This is a group we’ll be looking back on, saying: Remember Grande Amore? That was magic.

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below or Tweet us @MNGBlog

For more on Il Volo from Musical Notes Global, check out our review of their 2015 EP Sanremo Grande Amore, as well as our Best Of list and our special feature “The Power of Music and Il Volo.” Or search our site for the tag “Il Volo.”

Albums We Love: Grande Amore (International Version):

~Thanks Music Notes Global!