Myron’s Musical Musings on their new Album! – by Myron Heaton

The guys have landed safely in Miami!  They are “here” for a little while, even if we are not lucky enough to run into them, like the fans in Miami….

From Myron…

I had planned to wait for the new Il Volo album to review but I have been getting a number of emails and phone calls about the album that have inspired me to comment ahead of time. I will still do a review of the album later. Since all of the people that have written and many of you on this Flight Crew site that I have met at concerts or at the Il Volo Fan Faire conventions are friends I had the urge to share some ideas about your concerns for this coming album.


First of all the basics: Gianluca, Piero, and Ignazio come from backgrounds that are founded in well-trained, formal voice work – private voice lessons. If you look at some of the concert or album reviews that I have written on this site (see Flight Crew archives) over the past 6 years you will see what factors are involved in the mechanics of good singing. It is not easy!

Our guys have that kind of formal work in spades! You may remember the tour they did with Barbra Streisand and how they had their vocal coach and she had her own. She started working with that coach 6 months prior to tour and had the coach drop in once in a while during the tour. This keeps the singing honest, true and high quality. For the Notte Magica concert in Florence that DVD had a “behind the scenes” video that showed the guys working with a vocal coach. As Barbra would probably say: you never stop needing a vocal coach if you want to do things right.

This kind of training will give them the prowess to handle any kind of music they choose to perform – including the Cuban-influenced Latin music that they are learning with Emilio Estefan.


From the beginning of their career the guys have chosen great music to sing and it has often been in different languages from different cultures: Italian (of course) , English, Spanish, French, and German. Some times they have gone back and redone parts of an album to sing a translated portion in Spanish that they had previously done in Italian or English. So a whole album in Spanish is nothing new. They have done it before and we loved it. Regardless, the songs they have chosen have been excellent and a person does not have to understand the meaning of the text to get the musical message from that song. Passion wins through in the end and these guys have great passion by the boat- load to add to those beautiful vocal instruments.

So now we have the guys working with renown producer, Emilio Estefan – husband of great singer, Gloria Estefan to produce this album. To get a little hint look at Gloria and her music history. She is a well trained singer and she has done not only Cuban – influenced albums but also, mainstream jazz, Broadway and Latin pop songs. She is superb in her wide variety. Recently, she released an album called “ The Standards”  which features songs the guys have also done like Charlie Chaplin’s “ Smile” and she has a number of Frank Sinatra and Henry Mancini songs that are American standards on that album. Go to Youtube and look up Gloria and Smile. Give a listen. She is very good. I am telling you this because Gloria gives a hint about the kind of background not only she has but also Emilio. So I would say that the guys are in good hands. From what I have heard they are doing a song with Gloria. Great ! I hope they do other things with her. Some of the “guest” singers they have worked with in the past left much to be desired (compared to the guys) . Well they can’t all be a Barbra or a Gloria.

The guys have indicated that they want to explore different musical cultures. They have for the past number of years, done an excellent job of exploring their own Italian heritage and the classical background they share. Now, while they are still young, they want to branch out. This is a good thing. It does not mean that they have stopped loving the music they have done up to now. It does not mean that they are leaving those of us in mainstream USA behind. It just means they want to try new things and they want to take us along with them on the journey. Hopefully, tried and true fans will want to venture out with them on that journey.

Nothing can erase the great albums, PBS specials, and the concerts that they have done so far. Those events will always be part of their heritage and our memory. Will this new album be equally successful ? From what I hear they are doing a number of songs that are original – never done before – unpublished. That is gutsy and brave.


If you want to get a hint about the new album listen to some of Gloria’s Cuban/Latin pop albums. Of all the Latin American countries Cuba has had a very strong influence on North and South American music. This goes back long before the Castro government came in. Even in Hollywood you can see from the movies in the 1930s and 1940s that the influence is strong. Go to Youtube and look up Gloria and “ Conga “ have some fun.


I had a chance yesterday to watch a video of the recent Sanremo event. Il Volo was not in competition this time but, rather, guests to add some sparkle to the show. They sang three songs – one from the Notte Magica album and tour – one from earlier album and tour and a song that was not in the earlier albums. It was great to see them back there again. I will save this review for another time.


Thank you, Myron!!

A note from Jana…

And to all of you out there that are saying “that is not my kind of music – pshaw!” and shame on you!  Remember that old “Life” cereal commercial?  “Mikey won’t eat it, he hates everything!…” as they say…  Then cut to “hey look, he’s eating it!”  Well, to all of you “Mikeys (and Michaelas)” out there – just TRY it, you might LIKE it!  I am not a personal fan of rap, or hip-hop, but if the guys are singing it, then I’ll listen to it.  Remember, like Myron said, they’ve been singing this same type of music now for nearly 10 years!  When was the last time you had a job, the same job, for 10 years?  It gets boring after a while, right?  Didn’t you want to branch out?  Do something different?  Change it up just a bit?  That’s all the guys are doing!  They have a long career ahead of them and they will probably try just about anything and everything in the next 20 plus years.  Some of us may be under ground or on a shelf by then, but they will still be going strong!  🙂   Does anyone remember how many people said “I don’t like opera” when Notte Magica came out?  I’m sure there were plenty!  These guys are chameleons!  But leopards, too!  They may change their colors up once in a while, but a leopard can’t change its spots and we can’t change the incredible voices these guys have.  Speaking of the animal world, they are also like zebras, where no two zebras have the same pattern of stripes – our guys are as unique and individual as they come, even amongst themselves!  Remember, you are never too old to learn or appreciate something new!   – jmv


I know we will all turn into “THIS” Mikey, real soon!  🙂 

I guarantee it!

55 thoughts on “Myron’s Musical Musings on their new Album! – by Myron Heaton”

  1. I So appreciate this post from you, Myron and Jana!

    It reminds me of 2 experiences I’ve had with IL VOLO music…

    1 – Years ago I read which songs were going to be on IL VOLO’s next album, We Are Love. So much anticipation!… so I looked them up on YouTube. I found a version of Non Farmi Aspettare, which I now know sounds *nothing like* IL VOLO’s magic. As I posted on 11-18-2012 (before our beloved Flight Crew came to be!) “I wasn’t too excited by the other renditions, but I trusted that IL VOLO and their sound engineer team, headed by Humberto Gatica, would make magic out of some songs which had yet to be done justice. WOW! My trust so was well-founded!” I Love this song IL VOLO style, and I smile knowing the title means “Don’t Make Me Wait!”

    2 – The other was when Sanremo Grande Amore ep came out. I had just received it in the mail, was So Jazzed to listen, and yet I absolutely had to take a nap, so I turned it on as I fell asleep. I remember waking up sad, feeling This isn’t my IL VOLO. The next time I listened I was fully awake and loved the album. (not sure What happened in my sleep) Then I saw Our Guys perform Ancora on Forte Forte Forte and of course fell in love with every nuance!

    And truly, I Love to Dance! Some of their new-er music is So Dance-able! So much fun! …L’amore si muove, Aspettero, La Vida … the list goes on!

    I have 100% confidence that we’ll be dancing, smiling, singing, celebrating their next album, and the next, and the next…
    night or day (and Night and Day 😉) IL VOLO MAGIC IS FOREVER!

    Loving Our Guys,

    1. Jeanine I am so glad you wrote what you did & I was just playing Ancora again & it was beautiful as usual. I so wish they we available so I could smuther them with kisses. I love them so much.

      1. You are such a beautiful IL VOLO friend to our 3 magnificent guys, Loretta! Great to hear from you!

        Yah, Ancora, and I really love L’Immensita, too! It’s so powerful and dramatic!

        TIme for sleep. 😴
        Love from Jeanine

    2. Jeanine, So great to hear from you, as always. Some of the new things they have done in the past we may have pushed away at first. But then we got into it more and loved it. Drop a line in email sometime.

      1. Thanks, Myron! I keep wanting to suggest some great IL VOLO songs to my ballroom dance teachers. They have a nice mix, but nothing says JOY better than IL VOLO! 😊

        Everyone have a comfy JOYluscious IL VOLO night!

  2. Thank you Myron & Jana. I am so glad you both spoke up regarding the slight change of songs that the boys mentioned they wanted to try. It really bothered me that people were so concerned that the guys wanted to add something slightly different to their songs to even mentioning that they might not listen to them anymore if they didn’t like what they would be singing. I know & I had stated that they can do no wrong & they were also saying they had to try different things & it was risky. Well good for them handling their own careers as it should be. I am behind them one million percent in whatever they want to try & sing. More power to them that I am looking forward to all the new songs because I know whatever they are going to sing will continue to be top quality. Ignazio, Gianluca & Piero way to go whatever you try I am jumping up & down waiting for the new songs & anything else you are going surprise us with. You guys will never do anything wrong because your all smart & know what you want & have the hearts & trust in yourselves to go after what you want. BEST OF LUCK

  3. Myron, I believe that in this article, you reassure the thoughts of many fans, it’s like putting a balm on the wounds.
    You Infuse optimism and respect in the new work.
    It is always a pleasure to read what you write with the expertise that none of us can have.
    From your words it always emerges the great respect and affection that you feed for these guys, but that never obscures your honesty in the reviews.
    Thanks Myron for all this.

    Jana your final note is beautiful, your comparisons to the animal kingdom are so relevant and nice, admirable!

    1. Hi Daniela I like hearing from Myron also he is so knowledgeable. His writing woke me up real fast as well as Jana’s. Its so wonderful that we are going to be hearing a few surprises from the guys & I am so looking forward impatiently to the new CD’s. I seem to be getting excited so am truly having to go to bed & hopefully I can have sweet dreams.

    2. Grazie, Daniela! Felt a little bad comparing our guys to animals, but they are certainly our “lion, tiger, and bear” sometimes! 🙂

    3. Daniela, It does not get said enough, but I want you to know that I really appreciate your input to this site. Very fine, indeed.

  4. Yes I liked Gloria Estafan’s voice before when I heard her sing. So I am glad she is going to be on the new CD & will probably be a better match than other singers than they have had so far. Although the girl who sang Little Drummer Boy at Christmas was pretty good. Gosh I am getting so impatient to hear the new CD now.
    Waiting to hear more comments Myron from you. They are always spot on.
    Jana I hope you have been successful selling the jewellery & your comments regarding the guys was spot on as well. We know quality when we hear it.

    1. Loretta – thanks, yes, the jewelry is going ok right now. I am pleased a few fans have purchased some! 🙂 I also loved Gloria Estefan, growing up in the 80s/90s. I even have one of her records, yes, records! Lol!

    2. Loretta – always great to hear from you. Sometimes I get so busy that I don’t get a reply out right away. Thank you for the comments. I hope all is going well for you.

  5. Thank you, Myron, for your thoughts. I am anxiously waiting for th cd to be released. Might not have been my first choice for them, but I WILL support them.

  6. Agreed!!! As my my IL Volo twin, Jan, has stated many times. We love their voices, they could sing the phone book and we know it would be great. I know I love the mystery of the foreign lyrics since I don’t speak those languages. Always enjoyed Gloria Estafan and have some of her CD’s so the new recording have to be great. Can’t wait for it to be available.

    1. Yes, sometimes you don’t have to understand the words to understand the feelings and emotions that go with them.

      1. I will add to that (from my article) that we fans have been hearing multiple languages from the beginning in 2009 (in Italy and 2011 here in the USA). Some of us even went to the bother of learning a little of those languages. Now that is a GOOD THING ! These boys are taking us places.

  7. Thank you Myron & Jana!! Wonderful insite from you both!! Gianluca has been so concerned that we would not like the new music! I tried to reassure him last year that we would love whatever is their choice to sing!!! The music is still Il Volo so no matter if it is different it will be marvelous!!! I think I made my point with many fans!!! Some people are fearful of change! Love our precious young men, awaiting release of the new Album.

    1. Yes, I do wish they’d listen to the real fans at the meet/greets and not the media that is feeding them false information.

      1. Do you suppose it’s possible that “the trio” checks in on this site from time to time, so they can read, for themselves, how passionate the Flight Crew fans are about their music?

    2. You may remember that some of our fans got all worked up when they went ” all opera” for the Notte Magica concerts. But the thing there was that was their heritage and their foundation. They have always been singing in an operatic style. Good Lord, with those incredible voices, they should return there every once in a while. so now they are going in a different direction for a while. We will learn with them.

  8. Thanking you Myron for your reassuring, encouraging and informative message. It was most welcome and appreciated. I’m “on board” now and looking forward to the release.

  9. I have to agree with the comments made by others.

    I cannot wait to hear the new album! I am unconcerned about the songs being in Spanish. In the days of the internet, within a week of its release, there will be translations into English, Italian, French, German and, in all probability, Japanese as well as many other languages.

    However, as Myron points out, no one will have any difficulty in following the emotions and passions of the music. As for them singing the phone book, who wouldn’t like to hear their own name being sung out loud by il Volo? Nevertheless, I am happy to forego that pleasure until a future occasion. I will just make do with a new album of songs that will include brand new, previously unpublished material.

    Remember how we all reacted to “l’amore si muove”, “tornerà l’amore”, “per te ci sarò” and of course, “grande amore”? They were all new pop songs that were not part of the guys’ original repertoire. However, they are all great songs because il Volo presents everything in their own incomparable style with voices that remain unmatched anywhere.

    Why would anyone expect the new album to be any different? If anyone finds that the new album is an unwanted present, we will happily take it off your hands and give it to a good home! I am not expecting many copies to be made available!

    1. Love your comment on hearing your name sung by Il Volo from the phone book! I have to say, that at the meet/greet at PBS, Gian was literally shouting out everyone’s name as we walked up. It really was a thrill! 🙂

    2. Bernard, Thanks for the comments. You are right we whined and belly-ached about the heavy bass pattern and percussion on Grande amore but now none of us can imagine that song with out it. It goes back to the old story: the person says: ” I know what I like ” to which we reply: ” No. You don’t know what you like, you only like what you know.” until you try something you don’t know if you are going to like it.

  10. Thanks Myron and Jana for your comments! Also all the others!the first songs I ever heard, that a loved, from Il Volo, we’re in Italian and Spanish! Did I care?NO! It wasn’t so much the language, but the voices and the passion! Do I care that the new album is in Spanish? NO! I’m ordering 2,one for my car and one for the house! My husband’s favorite saying was “the only thing that’s constant is change”!!!Bring it on! <3 <3 <3

    1. It’s so true – most of us heard them first singing in Italian or Spanish, of course they did have a few English songs, but we should know that by now! 🙂 Music is the language of love!

    2. Dorothy,
      You are right. If we hated different languages, we would never have gotten on board with Il Volo in the first place. Good for you.

  11. Thank you for this wonderful review Myron !! As Gianluca said in a recent interview “ We are young so this is our time to branch out and try new projects to keep it fresh” I have no doubt that this new Latin album will be fantastic and have us all dancing in the aisles when they go on tour again !! I loved Notte Magica and went to six concerts but I am going to be so excited and happy seeing them dancing,kidding around,laughing and running around the stage again !! I am looking forward to your review after the CD is released !!

    1. Yes, they are young, but getting older…. lol! Yes, let’s hope “time and distance” made our hearts grow fonder and we just flock to their nearest concert!

    2. Joanie, I have to admit I am anxious to hear all of it – only heard two songs so far. Our guys are great.

  12. Thank you Myron & Jana for bringing such excitement into 2018. We’ve be waiting patiently for the new Cd. Our guys are special in so many ways they are super international stars and their passion and love for music as no boundaries. As they move forward in their journey of entertaining the world . I must confess that I feel that they have just scratched the surface of the America song book, they have so much to offer and diversity has always been a apart of il Volo’s DNA. A friend that first introduced me to the great sound of Il Volo said that “IL Volo never disappoints,”she was so right. I’m all aboard with this new album!

    1. Vincent, when we have the next Il Volo Fan Faire convention I hope you can attend. Great comments. thanks so much.

  13. Myron, thank you for your welcome review. Il volo has entertained and guided us along with them to appreciate a big variety of their music. Remember them singing the latino song “Despacito” last year at the Estefan Kitchen? Since then I am enjoying hearing that song nearly as much as my most favourate “Notte Magica”
    I can not wait to hear their new Cd, hopefully early April.

    1. Yes, I remember when I first heard L’amore si muove. I thought… hmm… it’s ok, not bad, but the more I listened to it, the more I loved it!

  14. Jana, so spectacularly said. It hit every spot with all the right analogies. Could never understand how people can say they don’t like something before they’ve even heard. If you’re a fan, well you’re a fan all the way. Did everyone like every song Sinatra sang? I didn’t. But I didn’t stop listening to him. As for me I can’t wait for the new CD – I think they’ll be some good dancing music in there!

  15. I repeat a line I wrote earlier: ” You don’t know what you like, You only like what you know.” So to expand the things you do like you need to “try” new things. At least give it that.

  16. Thank you so much Myron and Jana for this wonderful post providing us fans with all the musical knowledge you possess. It is so fascinating and so informative. I am really looking forward to our guys new album and I will tell you why. There have been so many artists in the past that for one reason or another stay with the same genre; I guess whether they don’t want to leave their comfort zone or on the advice of managers and agents. Our guys are bravely branching out into this new musical territory and I can say without reservation that it will be as fantastic and amazing as all the albums they have made. We all know that Ignazio Piero and Gianluca put everything they have their heart soul knowledge and dedication into every album. This one will be no different. I can only imagine and wish for a beautiful love song sung by them in a different style from Emilio and Gloria Estefan. We need to trust our guys that by choosing this new type of music they are stretching their “musical wings” and God bless them for their courage and vision. I know in my heart they will not disappoint. They love their fame unconditionally and have us in mind always with their musical contributions.

  17. HI Myron it’s nice to see you keeping in touch with us it’s been a while I can’t wait for IL Volo’s new album to be released. I know from following IL Volo since 2013 every time they release an album it is wonderful and there is no reason to think this album shouldn’t be as good as any thing else they have done. All the amazing Spanish songs they have sung over the years is only probably a fraction of what we will hear this time. And what I will do is about 3 weeks after I buy the new cd look up one on of the many websites that will be translating the lyrics from Spanish to English problem solved. Take care Myron .

  18. Roxanne, I love your idea, “If you’re a fan, you’re a fan all the way.”
    No matter what song they sing, or what language they choose to
    sing it, I “LOVE THEIR VOICES.” I will listen to it just to hear
    “IL VOLO” one more time. I am looking forward to the new CD.
    I shouldn’t be much longer.

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