Personally Speaking~Do You Remember When…


Gina sent in this amazing video from Piero from yesteryear!   Not only does the song caress the heart, but it shows such creativity on his part.  I remember when this came out.  We were all just blown away.

Gina, this got me thinking that many of our readers may not have been following the guys back then, so I am including some other priceless videos from the archives.  I remember spending hours on Youtube looking for any and all videos of theirs back in the day.  As much as I love seeing all of their new songs, I also love taking a step back to relive some very special moments in time.

This next video is before Il Volo sang, Maria, as a group.  Gianluca sang Maria as a solo and  he owned that song!   Before the song, Ignazio and Piero are bantering back and forth with how to pronounce the word, “world.”



And here we have their precious little friend, Mia.  Ignazio’s mother became friends with this family through a social media site, and you will see why.  The video her mother made of her singing and reacting to watching Il Volo on TV is priceless.  The genuine love and affection they show for this little girl is captivating.  The song is divine.

The next song, This Time, is an all time favorite as well.


More fun on the stage in Westbury, PA, before Ignazio sings Memory.  He has always been known for instigating the impromptu  comedy sketches with Gianluca being the straight guy, back then.  Gianluca has come full circle with his comfort level on stage.  But, there were times where he would look at them acting up, walk away shaking his head in humorous disbelief.   


I love  remembering how Ignazio had trouble standing still when songs were being sung.  The music pulses through him like blood through your veins.  He has good moves all the way!





I wonder if any of the people sitting in that room listening to them that day have continued to follow their stunning careers?  I sure hope so.  


And the rest…is history…



Thank you, Gina, for the great idea to look back at yesterday.

Credit to all owners of videos.






Tanti Auguri, Piero! June 24, 2017

Twenty-four years in the making, and one month in the planning of your birthday party, by the Il Volo Gals of Detroit!  Lucky for us, your birthday was on a Saturday this year!  1-pieroThat made it easy for us to plan and make sure everyone would be able to come and enjoy and relax and have fun.

As we were putting the final touches on your party, we could see from Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, that you had a jump on the festivities for yourself!  Lots of champagne, a little vodka, pizza, and some whipped cream possibly?  I’m sure you made it last all weekend, including a boat ride and swimming and lawn games with friends.

Saturday, June 24, 2017, proved to be a most beautiful day in Detroit, Michigan.  Gorgeous blue skies, a light breeze, big puffy white clouds, and about a cool 75 degrees.Picture11  Might have been a bit chilly for the pool, here…but we had a great time as always.

We invited our core group of 6 and a few others.  Betty from New Orleans tried to make it up here, but due to the storms tumbling through the Louisiana coast a few days prior, it was difficult to get a flight out.  However, she said she would be sure to be here for your next birthday – a quarter century it will be!

Target time for arrival was about 4p.  Lorna and I got there about 4:30p and a short time Picture5Donna arrived and everyone was there.  Emilia would be coming later to join us after she got off work, after 9:00pm.

We brought so much food!  We partied at Sharon’s, like always, and spread out our pot luck smorgasboard of cheese/crackers, chips/salsa, and fruit.  We brought chicken, salmon, brats, sausages, and hot dogs for the grill.  We had a nice healthy salad and green beans, too.  We even had some pulled pork!  And who could forget the wine and champagne and our toast to you!  Of course, everything was delicious… We ate outsidePicture6 under the beautiful early evening air, Picture14enjoying the serenity of the rushing water of the fountain in Sharon’s koi ponds.

There were special gift bags around the table where the cake was displayed with your picture on it.  Several of us contributed little gifts to go in the bags….as we also celebrated a few other birthdays on Saturday.  We impatiently waited until about 9:25p, when Emilia finally got there.  We were like little kids, peaking inside, Picture9wondering what was in the bags.  You may remember Emilia is the one who brought you the box of treats and sweets in Detroit at the meet and greet.  For us, she made peanut butter bars, oh so tasty!

Emilia finally arrived!  We greeted her and she had a bite to eat.  Then it was time to sing Tanti Auguri to you.  After 4 or 5 attempts, I think we finally got a good version!  Ok, finally, Christmas had come in June and it was time to pass outPicture3 the presents.  I knew what was in there, so my camera was ready to take pictures of the one special gift from Chris, along with a few others.  I took pictures of the faces of happiness and surprise, and sheer joy.

Oh, you want to know what was in the bags, too? 🙂  Well, some very thoughtful little gifts, ranging from personalized calendars and magnets, to Sicilian lemon candies and a Sicilian Lemon candle from Yankee Candle, to a wine bottle stopper, M&Ms, some sweet Picture12treats and photos from past events!  It was quite the little treasure bag – a big Grazie Mille to Chris, who had been planning this for months, as well as Lorna!

Then it was time – time to have some cake.  We hesitated in cutting into the beautiful cake, but we managed to cut all around it to save the beautiful picture of that handsome Picture13fella on the front.  The cake was chocolate with chocolate frosting with a strawberry filling between the layers.  It was almost as sweet and wonderful as you.

Before we cut the cake and were trying to figure out the selfie sticks, Emilia ran around and took selfies of us all (after she figured out the selfie stick!) 🙂

After the cake was done and we had stuffed the last crumb of the peanut butter bars into our mouths, we collapsed in chairs, looking at all of our presents.  Picture10We also put on the Pompeii concert to listen to that.  Soon, it was nearly midnight and time for us to say goodbye.

We had a wonderful evening… we helped Sharon clean up and put away the food.  Believe it or not, there were still nearly 3 whole bottles of wine left!

No games were played at this party, just the usual fun, laughter and togetherness we share in loving Il Volo!

It was hugs all around, as we said our goodbyes.  A few of us, including myself, stayed the night as we stayed up to watch another concert of yours!

To all the guys…you give us reasons to party, to have fun, to remember, and to hope, and for a few nights a year, forget all our troubles and be thankful you are Il Volo and we can Picture4share in this special experience that we all know and love.  You give us joy and inspiration to keep going sometimes, day after day, when we think we can’t go on, but when we look into your eyes, our problems fade away... Until next time, Piero!  Have a wonderful year!

Jana and the Detroit Il Volo Gals….

Chris, Lorna, Ginny, Sharon, Donna, Barb, Magdalena, & Emilia



~~ Simply, Piero Barone ~~

Daniela sent us this article from Torino Aspetta Il Volo E Poi, translated by Federica.


Piero is the tenor with glasses, the guy who has mostly changed through years, and I’m not only talking about his physical aspect.

In interviews, he seems looser and more confident. He knows how to achieve his goals. Being only 24 years old, he’s very mature and determined, dedicated to study and work.

It’s hard to meet someone like him. Despite of his self-defensive mechanism, he is definitely humble, sensitive and sweet. Piero is a good friend, indeed: the one person you can count on for a lifetime.



He loves listening to his mates as he needs them too. This guy doesn’t seem to trust anyone easily, but once he feels he can do it, he lets himself go.

As a son, as a brother, he’s very close to his family and he has a special regard to. Piero says that is more important the quality than the amount of time he spends with his relatives.

It’s wonderful to listen to him talking about his job. He does really believe in what he and his brothers built together since 2009 and counting. The three guys of Il Volo are truly amazing people with golden voices. Even today, after several years, Piero seems to be amazed by all the road they have made.

Singing for him is not just a job, it’s a lifestyle! When he’s on stage, he totally shows what he’s about and he gets really moved by every single smile, any glance of approval, any standing ovation. He knows how to give his audience 100%.



After Il Volo Notte Magica in Florence, he admits it was the very time he has really enjoyed his performance, he’s very self-critical, then. After Sanremo, he explained how he had changed O’ Sole Mio: at the beginning some notes were quite impossible to reach, but he studied hard and he made it. Piero always seems to face exams in his job.

However, you cannot listen to a single Il Volo performance without being impressed by his voice. Every time, you are about to experience something truly magical, there’s nothing like the Bel Canto, their voices and all the emotions you feel.

After several concerts, if you ask me to choose a single Piero’s song I love, I don’t know which to pick. He’s so perfect when he sings, moving from opera to pop lirico, from duets to solos and all the wonderful music performed together.

The best gift is probably being able to get to listen to how he sings: close your eyes and get overwhelmed.


I just want to thank him and his amazing friends for what they’re doing … they have really begun a fantastic journey and I won’t ever be tired of being part of it.

 published by TORINO ASPETTA ILVOLO E POI, and translated by Federica.

Credit to all owners of photos.



“Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness…” July 4, 1776! (2017)


First, let’s wish Signora Eleonora Barone, a very happy birthday!!  🙂

Now, a short lesson in American history…

The unanimous Declaration of the thirteen united States of America

When in the Course of human events it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation.

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.

(from US

Congress debated and revised the wording of the Declaration, finally approving it two days later on July 4. A day earlier, John Adams had written to his wife Abigail:

The second day of July, 1776, will be the most memorable epoch in the history of America. I am apt to believe that it will be celebrated by succeeding generations as the great anniversary festival. It ought to be commemorated as the day of deliverance, by solemn acts of devotion to God Almighty. It ought to be solemnized with pomp and parade, with shows, games, sports, guns, bells, bonfires, and illuminations, from one end of this continent to the other, from this time forward forever more.[7]

(from Wikipedia) 

Ok, I admit, American history was probably my most hated and boring of classes I ever had to take in high school.  It was not helped by Sr. Angela Marie, a well-meaning, 4 ft,, soft-spoken, 80 year-old, little Felician nun.  I barely passed with a grade of C.  I can’t say I remember much of that entire year of American history, except I was so glad when it was over!  I don’t ever recall having to read the declaration of independence, but I do remember Whitney invented the first steamboat, or was that Robert Fulton?  (yes, I think Whitney did the cotton gin!) Ah, I probably slept through most of it.
However, as we grow older, we learn to appreciate the things we often hated most, like rules, and how important some of those things were; like understanding American history!  (did you know that in an interview many years ago, Ignazio said he loved history – so smart at such a young age!)   I can’t say I recall ever having heard the first paragraph of the declaration of independence, although as a class field trip in 1976, we went to see the movie 1776!  It was our 200 year birthday of independence for the United States.  I recall getting these HUGE chocolate candy bars, wrapped in red, white, and blue and I think Betsy Ross was on there somewhere.  I also remember thinking the chocolate was not that great, not even Hershey grade.  Ok I was about 11 – I was discerning, even back then…
Ah, “the pursuit of happiness…”  Yes, I must tie this into the guys….  This declaration of independence gave us our freedom to be happy.  And to follow our guys, is our greatest freedom, joy, and happiness!  We know the guys love America and America loves the guys – at least our little part of it!

So, on this one special day of the year for the United States, let’s all join, from every nation, country, and continent, and stand tall, proud, and brave, and united together, in pursuing our happiness and greatest passion – Il Volo!

Wishing everyone a safe, and happy, Fourth of July!  Wherever you may be.  Last year, Lorna and I were in Verona at their “last” concert from the Grande Amore tour.  Talk about fireworks!  Best 4th of July I ever had!!  🙂


Since everyone seemed to love it on the last post, I thought I’d post it again!  Here they are, our beloved Il Volo, singing our cherished national anthem, the Star-Spangled Banner!  From 2013, at Dodger Stadium! (did you know the star-spangled banner refers to the American flag?)


I hope you enjoyed this as much as I did!  🙂


Notte Magica ~ Vienna, Austria 6-28-2017

nottemagica header

Beautiful, romantic Vienna.  A perfect setting for another night of Notte Magica!


View from Gianluca’s hotel room.



This appears to have been taken while getting ready for the concert.

No matter how many countless times they sing Nessun Dorma, it can  still lift your heart and soul to a higher place. 








A medley of songs mixed with a little Ignazio humor.

It looks like things got REALLY fun at the Meet and Greet!




Those Italians just love the blondes!! 🙂


And so it ends…

Another standing ovation,

The crowd chanting for more (I am guessing),

More handshakes, selfies and another pat on the head of a small child,

Another night to remember forever for the folks sitting in that Vienna Theater!!


Bulgaria, they are on their way!  


Credit to all owners of videos and folders.






Scala Dei Turchi ~ by Daniela

Today we saw Piero having fun with his friends on a water bike (his passion).


Piero and his friends were going to the sea in Sicily in front of the area called Scala dei Turchi.




The Scala dei Turchi is a rocky wall (cliff) rising over the sea along the coast between Realmonte and Porto Empedocle in the province of Agrigento.

The Scala dei Turchi has a wavy and irregular shape, with sweet and rounded lines.

The name comes from the past raids of Turkish pirates, who were sheltered in this area less than the winds and representing a safer landing.

The beach is famous for the candida and dazzling color of its rocks; is a protected area but in the past it has been threatened several times by tourism …



In the first video, Piero says:


“Guys, Good morning to everyone, from La Scala dei Turchi


And one of his friends says:


“Look what spectacle we have here in Sicily guys”


In the second video Piero presents his friends.


Credit to all owners of videos and photos.




Notte Magica – Warsaw, Poland – June 26, 2017

We were all happy to hear that Igna had gotten some rest and was back to singing again!  Lucky for us, they knew little Polish and spoke mostly in English at this concert.  I don’t think the voice of God helped them with this one though… 🙂 

Here are some short excerpts from the concert.  Thank you to Lisa Joy and those who uploaded to Instagram!






Here are some You Tube links Daniela found, thank you to owners!

Ignazio thinks something is very funny…. 🙂

This is a comment by a Polish girl

 Wspaniali utalentowani śpiewacy! To był fantastyczny koncert! Wysoki poziom muzyczny! Dobrze, że w Polsce, nie tylko we Włoszech są wielbiciele bel canto. No i udało się rozkręcić publiczność tak, że byli szczęśliwi. Dziękujemy

 Wonderful talented singers! It was a great concert! The high level of music! Well, in Poland, not only in Italy are devoted to the BEL CANTO. Well, the audience was able to please, so they were happy. thank you

This is a very nice article, written from  Thank you Judy Thurman for posting the link!  Article translated into English by Bing Translator…


It was a magical evening with Il Volo!

O’ Sole Mio, Torna a Surriento, Granada, My Way, Tonight, En Aranjuez Con Tu Amor and many other Italian and English songs wybrzmiało with full force in Warsaw Torwar. Trio Il Volo enchanted even the Polish audience, which in a special way she thanked handsome singers and for performance. It was an amazing evening, which for a long time will remain in the memory of Polish fans.


The trio came to the scene immediately after the uwerturze to “La Forza del Destino” Verdi, with a huge aplauzie the audience that at the sight of Il Volo leapt from chairs. Also revealed fans with the banner and the shouts of delight. Musicians greeted with the song “Nessun Dorma”. The next two also sang together, and these were the “Granada” and “Mattinata” and then each of the Italians presented solo. After the party Piero audience zaintonowała “Happy Birthday”, and one of the fans gave him a red rose, due to per birthday two days earlier. the 24-year-old thanked. After each song also echoed with applause and even during the singing, especially after he. It was a real hurricane of applause. Which one has the greater applause? Hard to say: each that evening earned great recognition, and the audience appreciated the trio in trójnasób. And it’s standing up! Sami singers well played and often turned to the people sitting in the front row, to teach them some of the words in English. Thanks to zaanonsowali several times: “ladies and gentlemen”, and then develop the delight!

In the first part of the concert, extremely beautifully sounded “Ave Maria Mater Misericordiae”. During the chorus the viewers sitting on the Board Torwaru raised up cards in the national colours of Italy. The trio–not emotions this gesture. -A surprise with the flag was adorable. Thank you, said Gianluca Ginoble from Il Volo. While singing hits “My Way” and “Caruso” viewers have lights in their phones. Made that the mood in the Hall did a truly magical!

Live audience react, was laughing and applauding in the second part of the performance. Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca finally sang real gems: “O Sole Mio” and “Libiamo Ne ‘ Lieti Calici”. While the “Grande Amore” sung on the bis sparked rage in the audience! Lively atmosphere even rozsadzała Torwar! It was also thanks to the musicians of the Orchestra Music Theatre in Poznań, which was conducted by Diego Basso. The audience appreciated the artistry of instrumentalists, rewarding their thunderous applause, a standing ovation.

-The most zdumiała me the reaction of the audience that in so enthusiastic way was: just like on pop or rock! You can see that artists have in Poland many admirers. I think that is what is most beautiful is that the people who came to the concert, were largely very young. Perhaps in such a way worth it to educate young people and bring them to classical music. With Il Volo and their popularity is actually going on. I am very pleased that our Orchestra musical theatre so impressively presented and in solo moments beautifully played. All together have created a wonderful climate- said right after the concert, Przemysław Kieliszewski, Director of musical theatre in Poznań.

-I am thrilled! I was on more than one concert, the boys and I believe that we presented a great, and the action with the Italian flag fared quite sensationally! I saw their faces – they couldn’t say anything, because you just have to sing-but they were very surprised. The audience was very hot and I think our singers were thrilled! not the serpent of delight Natalia Rosiak, Blogger and fan of Il Volo. At the end of the concert by the trio the audience ran to the scene, przybijała, “five” with the guys, awarded them with flowers and gifts.

-On the background of a red-white-black scenery trio Il Volo presented to truly bring! Their vocals impress the entire Torwar, a final Grande Amore literally powaliło all. It was an unforgettable evening: a magical evening with Il Volo! said Janusz Stefanski from Prestige MJM.

A few pictures, courtesy of the photographer from Prestige MJM…



trio maestro


Link to the happy meet and greeters and a few of Piero – credit to owner…



Nice job guys!!  Igna, take care of yourself, only a few more concerts to go!