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For info on the Panama youth day vigil tonight 6:30p Panama time and Mass tomorrow, scroll all the way to the end.

Yesterday on the official page of IL VOLO was published this beautiful message from our boys:

message 01

Hi  #ilvolovers! We are almost ready! We promised you a 2019 full of surprises and start immediately!

On February 22nd our new album “Musica” will be released, and shortly we will communicate in the stories the link to the PRE ORDER AVAILABLE FROM TODAY on Amazon.

We are leaving for Panama, tomorrow we will sing for the Pope, the emotion is great and in these days we can not think of anything else, but as you know, we are preparing for another important event … Sanremo festival and we can not wait to present the single “Musica che resta” on the stage of the Ariston!

You are ready?

Yes, you got it right, the new CD, the CD of pop-lyric music, will be released on February 22nd. In it, is the new song that will be presented at Sanremo MUSICA CHE RESTA will also be contained.

For now you can pre-order on Amazon.

This will be a month full of events, the Sanremo Festival is getting closer and closer.

Meanwhile, the cities of our boys begin to encourage.

I LOVE NARO the city of the baroque, has published this post:

message 02

“It would be nice that all the Narese would share this post in the Facebook profile since our fellow citizen Piero Barone brings ever higher our beloved city of Naro.

Musica Che Resta is a song by Il Volo.

It is the song with which they participate in Sanremo 2019.

For the trio this is the second time on the stage of the Ariston, after the victory of Sanremo 2015 with Grande Amore.

The song speaks of a love and the strength it gives to move forward:

“Love hug me, I want to protect you, we are the sun on a rainy day, tonight hold me, kiss my soul, we are true music that remains.”

The text of Musica Che Resta was written, among others, by a great name of Italian rock music: Gianna Nannini.”


message 03

This is the beautiful banner hanging above the bar in the middle of the square of Montepagano !! The inhabitants of Gianluca are really nice.

Also this event was published: Tuesday, January 29 press conference of IL VOLO where they will exhibit their projects for the year 2019 and 2020 ……….. surely they also talk about the tour !!!!

message 06


But in the meantime our boys are certainly not resting.

Yesterday they left for PANAMA for the WYD event.

G = Just arrived at the Amsterdam airport, ready for this flight to Panama, about 12 hours, but it will be a magnificent experience. Follow us on this journey.

P = Boys, we are in Amsterdam, we will soon board the flight to Panama, because tomorrow we will sing in front of Pope Francis, for the World Youth Day. Hello.

(the sweet Barbara is always with them)

Ignazio: Hi everyone! We’ve just wrapped up the shooting of “Musica Che Resta” video.

Gianluca: This Saturday we’ll experience a great emotion because we’ll sing a very special “Ave Maria” for Pope Francis in Panama.

Piero: As you know, when we’ll come back in Italy Sanremo Festival awaits us, to sing for the first time our new song. We can’t wait to present you, let you listen our new single “Musica Che Resta” on stage at the Ariston theater. 


In fact, two days ago the filming of the new video ended, little is known of it, but it seems to have been made in Milan.

G = We are recording the video with a great director, Mauro Russo.

MR = Come on Gianluca, you cannot say that we are recording the video, now we are not doing anything.

G = Look what kind. We are doing a masterpiece.

message 04

……. and there is someone who has a lot of fun, during makeup sessions….our Ignazio is too funny. 😂 😂


message 05

I am very excited! We will see the boys sing in front of the Pope and to thousands and thousands of young people from all over the world. Simply fantastic!

At 6:30 pm (Panama time) today, the vigil in Panama will begin and the boys may sing.

Sunday at 8.00 am (Panama time) there will be Mass, where our boys will sing the Ave Maria.

For those who want to follow the live streaming please try the link below.

TV2000 Live link – Click Here

(This link may not work for those in the United States.)

Also, EWTN is carrying live World Youth Day coverage on their cable channel.

If you don’t have that channel on your cable line-up you can view a live stream on the EWTN website.

EWTN Live Stream – Click Here


message 07

So, are you all ready for the great news of the next days?

I am waiting for you all for the comments and your impressions.


Credit to owners of all photos and videos.

PIERO and the PROMISES to MAINTAIN by Daniela

June 20 in Italy is the first day of school exams for the baccalaureate.

But perhaps not everyone knows that among the many students, there was a person that we know very well: PIERO.

Piero Scolar

Here is the article that announced it:

Corriere Agrigentino Article – click here

I translate:


Promises are promised and those made to parents must be honored and maintained. For this reason, this morning, Piero Barone, voice of the musical group of “Il Volo” at the age of 25 will sit between the benches of the technical and commercial institute “Federico II” of his country, Naro, to support the first test of Italian in field of the 2018 graduation exams. School that depends on the Institute Galileo Galilei of Canicattì led by the head teacher Professor Vincenzo Fontana. Objective of the artist from Agrigento, – as the newspaper La Sicilia writes today – obtaining the diploma of maturity in Administration, Finance and Marketing, address to which he was regularly enrolled, concluded the junior high school, but who had to leave to devote himself to music with tours and commitments that in recent years have brought him to every part of the world.

Piero Singing

These days, those who know him well, told of Piero engaged in books and exercises. In short, struggling with a pre-exam tension like that experienced by millions of Italian students. But that morning, there is to bet, many tried to capture this event. Many would try to capture selfies, photos, dedications. However, it was necessary that the commission made sure that didn’t happen.

Piero Singing 2

Piero did the first two written tests, then on Friday, June 22 he reached Sorrento for the Agnes Award and while he was in the car, he was studying for exams. Monday 25 he hd the last written test and then will have to do the oral exam.


In fact, Piero has published on the official fan club a video where he talks about the exams, unfortunately the video and the translation cannot be published, otherwise I would have added it.

But the translation of the video to you I can give. Read it, it’s so sweet…..

Hi fan club friends, how are you? As you well know, this year among the work commitments, I managed to take the exams to take the diploma. I did the first two exams. At the first rehearsal, I made the topic about the Constitution, and I think it was fine. The second test, Business Administration, was much more difficult, but we did a team work with the class and we succeeded (maybe it means that the students helped him). Now I’m in the car, I’m going to Sorrento for the Agnes award, which will air on June 27th, and I’m studying for the oral exam. I’m going home in a couple of days for the third test, I’m getting ready for that too. Now I’m reviewing French but I do not understand anything (he says a sentence in French) is difficult, but I will, I will let you know. I to the oral test harbor “the collapse of the Wall Street stock exchange”, interesting. Well, bye guys, I’ll update you. A kiss!!


But I don’t understand why I see you always active in the fan club? Every time I enter the fan club, it tells me that you are online to be able to chat. But I sent you two questions but you never answered, so I thought it’s not true that you’re online.


What to say, Piero is an extremely kind person, sensitive, serious, and I would also say very humble.

I do not know how many people in his place, already famous, would have faced this type of examination, in a public institute.

Bravo Piero, I respect you even more.

I believe your parents will be very happy that you have kept your promise.


“In bocca al lupo” (into the mouth of the wolf) is an Italian idiom used in opera and theatre to wish a performer good luck prior to a performance. It is equivalent to the American actor’s wish “Break a leg”.  The expression reflects a theatrical superstition in which wishing a person “good luck” is considered bad luck.

Credit to owners of all photos.

Jane & Marie in Sicily…Part 2

I will tell you up front that we did NOT meet any Barone family members.  We may have been close.  We will never know.  

The car we rented was a VW Golf.  Nice car.  Had warning beepers when you get too close, front, back and both sides.  This car was NOT meant for Naro, Sicily.

Once again I got ahead of myself…

We left Marsala (and all that floating DNA) for Naro.  The drive was around two hours.  We were happy for the opportunity to explore more spectacular scenery while dodging Italians behind the wheel.  We managed to do both.  






We finally saw it…NARO! A shining village perched on top of an exquisite hill.  Just like in the storybooks.  


Our GPS, Missy, was set for Barone Autocarrozzeria.  When we arrived at the location we couldn’t see it.  We parked the car and spotted two gentlemen and a waitress chatting in the doorway of a local eatery.   We asked them if they knew where the Barone Auto place was (more pointing and hand gestures).  They pointed across the street, we walked over, but all we saw was this…


“Must be on the other side of the building”, we thought.  So, around we went and…no…nothing.  Back around the three were still chatting and watching us.  I pointed to one of the doors and they shook their heads.  We went to the next door…They shook their heads no again, but looked hopeful pointing to the next door.  Didn’t look like an auto place to us, or for that matter, any kind of business place at all.  Jane nor I are easily daunted.  We have already proven that.  So across the street to the trio we went.  Here’s how we understood the next attempt at conversation.

Us:  “Are you sure that’s the Barone Garage?”
Waitress:  “Yes, it was.”
Us:  “Was?”
Waitress: “Yes, they moved a long time ago.”

We just sort of stared at them for a minute.  Thanked them for their “guida” and once again went on our merry way.  We laughed about that at least once a day, everyday, for the remainder of our journey.  I don’t think we improved the image of American intelligence one bit on that little stop.

Jane remembered pictures of Piero in front of St Erasmus Church.  So, we shifted our goal and the car and off we went up the village hill. The further up we got the narrower the roads became until there were mere inches on either side of the car and the warning beepers were going off in tandem!  Jane had to squeeze out of the car twice to guide me between stone buildings.  The second time was when we came to a dead end and I had to back down a steep narrow hill.  WILL THOSE BEEPERS NEVER STOP!?!  I heard a distinctive crunch. I had visions of my 1200 dollar deposit flying out of the car window.  Then Jane yelled, “it was a plastic bottle!”  Whew!  Just then I had another vision.  It was me trapped inside the car wedged between buildings and the villagers were pointing and laughing at another American tourist, in a rental car, trying to drive their village streets. Then Jane would be scrambling for the “jaws of life” or a crowbar or at least a can opener to try to pry me out.

Here is one of the wider two-way streets.  When it got really narrow pictures were not our main priority!


If I told you even some of the things I said during that little drive this post would be a whole lot longer.  I later apologized to Jane for some of the words I’m not telling you that I said.   All Jane really said that entire tense time was, “Piero, Naro is certainly narrow”. Oh, she said it more than once. 

We finally found our way down the hill and out of Naro only to discover that tonight’s reservation was back up the hill.  We took a vote and it was two to zero (Missy refused to vote) NOT to trek back up to the village. 

Piero, we didn’t make it to meet your family, but the age and beauty of your narrow little village and the surrounding country blew us away!

A mile or so down the road, in the middle of nowhere, we found this oasis:



When we checked in I gave the manager our card he turned his CD on to “L’amore Si Muove”  and told us that Ignazio stays there when he comes to visit Piero.  (Whats the matter big boy?  Afraid to drive those roads too?) When we got to our room I turned to Jane and said, “Ignazio could have stayed in this very room.  Could have slept on this very bed!”  I soon rolled around on that bed…just in case.   By now I should have gathered enough DNA to make my very own lovely tenor.

We had dinner in this stunning restaurant of our Oasis.  We were the only ones in the entire place.


Oh, those warm, friendly and so lovable Italians!  The owner, Franchesca, her son, our waiter and the cooks all came out to meet the crazy lost American women.  Several of them were dreaming about coming to America to work.  You know, “America…land of plenty…Land of Ilvolovers… land of wide roadways”.



It was hard to leave such a gorgeous place and its wonderful people, but we must return the car to Palermo and ourselves to Naples to catch a train for our next destination…The Cinque Terre’s…Riomaggiore and Portofino…The Italian Riviera


Il Volo Professional ~~ Ambassador of Naro in the World


original artwork by LiJoy
original artwork by LiJoy

Well, today was finally the day!  Piero was named “Ambassador of Naro in the World”, truly an honor and a credit to his character and to his work with Il Volo.  The ceremony was held at Chiesa di San Francesco in Naro, and Il Volo as a group was recognized as well.

There is so much that could be said, but in true Ilvolovers’ fashion, it has been covered more eloquently than I need to try to repeat.  All of the groups have been hard at work all day, basically, bringing out all the pictures and news that can be found.  Thank you so much, because a lot of my work was made easier by all of you! 

Congratulations, Piero!

Shutting up now,      😉

~~ Kelly


Entire Ceremony ~~ LiJoy

by Gabriele Tarranova

Click here —> English Translation in Real Time ~~ All About Il Volo (read from the bottom of the post to the top)

Click here —> “AMBASCIATORE DI NARO NEL MONDO” ~~ Pictures by Vincenzo Porrello ~~ I LOVE NARO LA CITTA DEL BAROCCO Facebook (107 pictures)

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Translation of Italian article from “Ideafolle Naro” by Athina (original Italian text included)

Big celebration in Naro
Large number of visitors expected in Naro on Sunday, December 28th for the celebration – NARO in VOLO.-
Protagonists the three tenors of IL VOLO, Piero Barone, Ignazio Boschetto and Gianluca Ginoble, now acclaimed worldwide.
Guests of the community of Naro, the young celebrities will visit the monuments of the radiant Baroque City, sharing with guests and fans street food and tasting typical local products.
The celebration will take place in the historic center, at Piazza Garibaldi and surroundings.
In the afternoon, the baroque church of San Francesco, (Unesco world heritage), will be the magnificent setting of the main event of the day:
The Mayor, Dr. Lillo Cremona, will tribute to IL VOLO the deserved recognition for the success and talent of the trio and he will appoint Piero Barone, born citizen and resident of Naro, as

(Original text in Italian):
Grande festa a Naro
Grande affluenza di pubblico è prevista a Naro per domenica 28 dicembre per la festa -NARO in VOLO.-
Protagonisti i tre tenori del VOLO, Piero Barone, Ignazio Boschetto e Gianluca Ginoble, ormai acclamati in tutto il mondo.
Ospiti della comunità narese, le giovani celebrità visiteranno i monumenti della Fulgentissima Città Barocca, condividendo con gli ospiti e i loro fans cibo di strada e degustando prodotti tipici locali.
La festa si svolgerà nel centro storico, piazza Garibaldi e dintorni.
Nel pomeriggio l’interno della chiesa barocca di San Francesco, (patrimonio dell’Unesco), sarà la splendida cornice all’evento principale della giornata:
il Sindaco, dr Lillo Cremona, tributerà al Volo il meritato riconoscimento al successo e al talento del trio e nominerà Piero Barone, cittadino nato e residente a Naro,


original artwork by LiJoy
original artwork by LiJoy

Click here —> All Things Il Volo Album ~~ Jo Longstreth (video screen caps)

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Click here –> Giovanni Granaro Facebook Timeline Photos ~~ Athina via LiJoy

And what would the day be without family, friends and randomness? 

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Easter Traditions in Italy

Holiday traditions around the world vary from country to country, and region to region. Many of us will be celebrating Easter this Sunday with our own unique traditions. We are so lucky that our Maria Pia L. from Rome took a few minutes to share some Italian Easter traditions with us. Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca may have Easter traditions of their own too.  Guys what about it?  How do you celebrate Easter in Marsala, Montepagano and Naro?  We’d love to know!

Maria Pia says, “This is the Holy Week and all we Roman Catholics are preparing for the Easter Sunday. As you know, for us Easter is the most important event as it represents the Christ’s resurrection.

Here we’ve the habit of exchanging Easter eggs in chocolate, preparing hard-boiled eggs to be colored and decorated in various ways, and of course, preparing a lot of food and a lot of candies that vary from region to region.

But there is a candy which is famous throughout Italy i.e. the COLOMBA PASQUALE (EASTER DOVE). It identifies Easter as the PANETTONE identifies XMAS.”  Thank you, Maria Pia!

UPDATE: Just in case we do not hear from Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca on their Easter traditions, Maria Pia, whose father was from Abruzzo added this, “Well, I don’t know what the Sicilian [traditions] are, but I can say on Gianluca’s behalf which is the Easter breakfast in Abruzzo, as my father was from there.

On Easter Sunday the table is set with a beautiful tablecloth and there you put the breakfast cups, a particular cake,  made only at Easter, and made of eggs, flour, butter, baking powder and grated “pecorino” (a  tasty cheese typical of central and South Italy), then salami, hard-boiled eggs, other candies and wine. And this is just the prelude to a wonderful lunch.    

As you can see here in Italy every occasione is good to eat and to stay with relatives and friends.”

Maria Pia, Thank you so much for this update! I see that my family still carries Italian genes – as we definitely  take every “occasione ” to eat and spend time with family and friends!  We spend a lot of time talking about eating too!   Happy Easter to all!   I am so excited you all are enjoying this post!  Michele

 Italian Easter treats from the Internet

br can

More from the web!  I found “Easter in Italy: Traditions and Calendar of Events” from Monteverdi LLC’s Daniele S. Longo of the Chief Marketing Office, Monteverdi Tuscany interesting, I hope you enjoy it too.   Michele

Easter in Italy: Traditions and Calendar of Events

The weeks before and after Easter represent a very special time of the year for all Italians. Many cities and villages host ceremonies and events whose origins can be traced back to hundreds or thousands of years while people prepare meals based on “secret” family recipes handed over from generation to generation.

For all Italians, Easter “week-end” begins on Thursday. I remember being a young child scouting for leaves and colorful flowers in my neighbors’ gardens. As from tradition, all churches designed elaborate sketches nearby the main altar. Each drawing, representing a special scene of Jesus Christ’s life, was “colored” with flowers or leaves—petal by petal, leaf by leaf. Petals could not be colored so the children had to scout for specific colors needed to complete the artwork. The deadline was always the 6:00 p.m. mass and I remember that many times we were finishing the “tappeto di fiori” (carpet) or “sepolcro” (tumb) while churchgoers were reciting the rosary, just a few minutes before mass began. Tradition asks that after attending mass, people visit at least three or more churches between Good Thursday and Good Friday, always being careful to visit an odd number of them.

The most emotional celebrations and events usually happen on Good Friday when many cities host ceremonies recalling events related to the Passion of Christ and when priests bless homes and buildings. If you happen to be at Monteverdi during Easter week, make sure you visit the cities nearby. In Pienza, just a few miles from Monteverdi Tuscany and Castiglioncello del Trinoro, a religious procession (“La Processione degli Scalzi”) showcases a statue of “Cristo morto” (dead Christ) along the main streets and squares. Twelve hooded and shoeless people holding candles open the procession and a band plays sacred songs. on the same day, in Chianciano, people dressed up in traditional historical costumes (Roman soldiers, Ponzio Pilato, the Holy Women, Erode’s entourage …) accompany the statue of Christ and the Virgin Mary in their journey around the city. The procession, called “La Giudeata di Chianciano,” is a tradition dating back to the 17th Century. Interestingly, all of churches’ bells get fastened on Friday and no bells will ring until the Resurrection of Christ. Also during this time, you should not bow nearby a church’s altar. (This is the only exception during the entire year!) When I was a child I was told, “Jesus is not home right now. He shall be back soon.”

Holy Saturday is a very “quiet” day. Italians spend most of the time with their children getting ready for Easter and mostly cooking. Each region has its own typical set of traditional Easter dishes. However, lamb, “Colomba di Pasqua” (Easter dove), and Easter eggs make the list of almost every household’s Easter meal. The day ends usually at church with a long and elaborate evening mass. At midnight, all the bells are “released” to celebrate the Resurrection of Christ.


Easter Sunday and Monday are all dedicated to family events and elaborate meals. On Easter Monday, Italians celebrate the discovery by the Holy Women that Jesus is no longer in his grave. I am not sure who and when the tradition started, but on that day, you won’t find most Italians at home. We all scout for isolated and remote places to go (i.e. mountains, lakes, countryside …). However, as there is a limited supply of remote places to go, we all end up meeting our family members and friends somewhere.

If you are looking for a place to go to during Easter week-end, come and join us at Caffé Monteverdi in Castiglioncello del Trinoro, Siena. Take time to tour the village, enjoy a breathtaking view of the Val d’Orcia and learn about our villas and the upcoming pool and hotel.

Buona Pasqua
Daniele S. Longo
Chief Marketing Office, Monteverdi Tuscany

More  Easter Traditions in Italy

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