Il Volo arrived in Taormina.

Taormina is not only a beautiful place, but also a place in full swing when there is IL Volo, a magical place, where in addition to listening to good music you can meet Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca walking through the streets or eating a granita at Bambar. 


And it is here that Barbara di Palma met Gianluca and Piero and gave them a short and nice interview for the WEEKLY, a new program broadcast on RAI1. 
BARBARA = I moved, I’m in a symbolic place in Taormina. The greatest artists stop here to eat the famous granita, and so I thought, for our first episode, to try to organize a little surprise. 

I wanted to do it triple, but in reality I managed to do it double: Gianluca Ginoble and Piero Barone … Il Volo !!
(from the studio a voice “The friends of Il Volo, how wonderful.”) and I do the third. 😁
GIANLUCA = Look at Ignazio how beautiful he is, how Ignazio has changed.😁
PIERO = Can I ask you a question Ignazio?
BARBARA(she imitates Ignazio’s voice) Tell me Piero, tell me.😁
PIERO = For 10 years I have seen you with a goatee, you are more beautiful without a goatee. 😁
BARBARA = This morning I took off my goatee to be younger, because I’m growing up (laughter) 😁
GIANLUCA = Good morning from Taormina, from the wonderful Taormina.
WOMAN = (voice from the studio) Hi guys, what a nice surprise!
BARBARA = Tonight and tomorrow night they have to sing, cheer the whole audience of the Greek theater of Taormina, and you don’t know what’s behind the cameras, then I’ll show you (she refers that behind the cameras there are all the fans who are waiting).
PIERO = We weren’t ready for the unexpected, it was something suddenly …… (Piero jokes to make it clear that they knew the interview was there)😁
BARBARA = In fact we came to eat a granita ….
PIERO = ….. I go out in the morning wearing this (he shows the earphone to his ear, Gianluca has it too, precisely because there was the interview).
You got it, I feel comfortable wearing this !! 😁
GIANLUCA = You from the studio and you from home, for those who are watching us, what a surprise, look how wonderful ….. (Saretto del Bambar’s daughter arrives and brings them the slushes).
BARBARA = The famous granita. So, Federica (Saretto’s daughter), at this moment I am Ignazio.
What’s your favorite flavor?
FEDERICA = Ignazio prefers peach and raspberry.
BARBARA = And they (Gian and Piero)
FEDERICA = They prefer almond and strawberry.
BARBARA = By now they are like little brothers to you.
FEDERICA = Of home, we have known them for many years.
GIANLUCA = We also greet the father, Saretto, who is watching us.
PIERO = Do you know what her father Saretto did?
One day for my birthday in Naro, two hours from here, he came as a surprise with the trolley of slushes, we were celebrating 4 or 5 years ago and he arrived with the trolley of slushes. Saretto, a huge kiss (he sends a kiss).
GIANLUCA = We love you!
BARBARA = Taormina, you really have it in your heart, because it was also the first great theater that welcomed you, before the great success of Sanremo.
GIANLUCA = Yes, we were here in July 2014 (they won Sanremo in 2015), it was the first Italian concert, while our career started in 2009. Then, after the victory of the festival they started to know us also here in Italy, but it was weird for us.
BARBARA= The Greek Theater of Taormina believed in you, before the others!
GIANLUCA = Then, our musical genre is suitable for these prestigious and beautiful places like the Theater of Taormina, like the Arena of Verona. It’s always a pleasure to be able to sing and maybe represent our music, in such places ….. beautiful, let’s say.
BARBARA = In fact it is a curiosity that I had, that is, when you sing at the Arena of Verona or at the Greek Theater of Taormina, which have a truly unique setting, when you interpret the songs, does it give you an extra boost compared to a normal stage?
PIERO = It is clear, having the awareness of singing in a prestigious place, makes us feel privileged, sharing our music in these beautiful places, especially in Italy, but also in other places, in America, in Japan, we try not to lose never that emotion, that desire to be amazed and perhaps this, after 13 years of career, is the reason why, when we go on stage, we always feel the same sensation.
BARBARA = Instead you see here, your audience on the street following you … tell me Carolina (the woman from the studio)
CAROLINA = I was actually listening to the stories about the various tours and I was wondering what was the stage that they didn’t do, but that they would like to do …. where?
PIERO = In Italia?
CAROLINA = Even abroad, all over the world.
GIANLUCA = Look, there is a place where we would love to sing and it is the Baths of Caracalla (in Rome, where the concert of the 3 tenors was performed), and therefore it is not very far and it is a magical place ….
MAN = (from the studio) and then you come here to Weekly ….
GIANLUCA = Absolutely, then we come to you, but we invite you to one of our concerts, let us know where you want to come, it would be nice …
CAROLINA = Where can we come ???
PIERO = Let’s start from Italy, we will sing in Taormina, Agrigento in the Valley of the Temples, Torre del Lago, and many other concerts. Then we move to America, Japan and after 10 years, we will finally return to Australia.
We had two and a half years off, finally it seems that everything is back to normal.
After two and a half years we have planned a tour of around 100 concerts and so we are loaded.
BARBARA = I don’t know if you have heard, but the people behind us speak the languages of half the world.
BARBARA = Two women from Brazil came to Taormina for their concert.
MAN(from the studio) I wanted to ask Piero and Gianluca something, a hot comment, Ignazio is good though, is he getting along as a correspondent? (He means Barbara in the part of Ignazio)
GIANLUCA = Ignazio gets away with it, yes.
PIERO = Can I tell the truth?
MAN = Sure!
PIERO = I called Ignazio and he answered the third call and I said:
“Igna, where are you? Maybe we need to do an interview, there is a live broadcast on RAI1”
And he: “You do it, I’m sleeping”
This is reality! (laughs).
GIANLUCA = It’s not true, he’s kidding!
PIERO = He went to sleep late, tonight he has to sing, he also has to rest.
BARBARA = I haven’t tasted the granita yet. Good, peach and raspberry.
CAROLINA = Next stop?
BARBARA = This evening and tomorrow evening the Greek Theater of Taormina.
PIERO = Do you know what the next step is?
In a week we will have the honor of singing for Pope Francis at the world meeting of families on June 22nd. So see you on June 22nd.
BARBARA = And a few days ago, you interpreted our hymn in a way that always excites us a lot, with the celebration of June 2nd, and we have a little piece, right Carolina and Fabio?
CAROLINA = Sure, let’s watch it, let’s watch this video of June 2nd with you protagonists. Thanks to the friends of Il Volo.
 (the video begins where Il Volo sings the Italian National Anthem)
And here they are Gianluca, Piero and Ignazio, shaking hands with our President Mattarella.
Very proud of them !! ❤❤❤
And now I am translating a video that aired on RAI 1 on 07 June.But first I have to give a long explanation, so that you can see and rate this nice video without misunderstandings.First of all, I’ll explain who Drusilla Foer is.At the registry office, Drusilla Foer responds to the name of Gianluca Gori: photographer, painter, singer and actor originally from Florence, one day, out of nothing, he created this character that soon became a web phenomenon.Her character is liked, because she is elegant, refined, is not coarse and does not show parts of the body (as many showgirls do), in short, it represents a little elegance that often, in many programs, is left aside to make room for voices more and more screaming and using vulgar terms and elegance has given way to transparencies and many centimeters of exposed skin and flesh.
Drusilla this year was co-presenter for one evening in Sanremo and was very successful.
Now she has been entrusted with this small 5-minute column entitled “Almanac of the day after” in which Drusilla has given space to “The enthusiast of the day after”, that is a small space where already famous people are invited , but pretending to be unknown.
In the second episode it was the turn of  Il Volo and Piero, Gianluca and Ignazio were very good at keeping up with the game.
Drusilla interviews the boys giving them little space to explain and she ridicules their answers, as often people unknown to the world of entertainment have to undergo in their first approaches with interviews.
With all this premise, I am now translating to you what has been said.

DRUSILLA = Here we are with our guests:  PIERO …. and then … Piero, who is from Naro, right?
PIERO = Yes.
DRUSILLA = Where is Naro located?
PIERO = In Sicily, in the province of Agrigento.
DRUSILLA = Very good.
Ignatius instead?
IGNAZIO = I was born in Bologna, even if it doesn’t seem like it ….
DRUSILLA = This story is long ….
IGNAZIO = No, it’s short, that’s enough!
DRUSILLA = Enough … good.
Instead, you will be Gianluca.
GIANLUCA = I’m the Abruzzese of the group.
DRUSILLA = Ah, Abruzzo.
GIANLUCA = From Roseto Degli Abruzzi.
IGNAZIO = Enough!
DRUSILLA = Very good.
So guys I am truly enchanted by this common passion of yours. Let’s summarize a little. Do you travel the world always together?
GIANLUCA = Yes, we take many flights !! 😁😁
DRUSILLA = Because you travel far away? 😁 Not only from Abruzzo to Molise 😁 (these are the two neighboring regions)
GIANLUCA = We get together every now and then, we have many dreams, we hope to ….
DRUSILLA = How nice, that is, you go to the places and sing in the places where you go to work.
IGNAZIO = We have brought some photos.
DRUSILLA = Do you have any photos?
(On the screen there is the photo of the video “Ecstasy of Gold” that they shot in Sardinia)
IGNAZIO = Here we are in Texas 😁 (before Texas he says in a low voice Sardinia).
DRUSILLA = In Texas, and you go to Texas dressed in the blue suit?😁
GIANLUCA = With the blue suit, we sing in the middle of the sand. 😁
DRUSILLA = Ah, so really ??
PIERO = We are afraid to get a tan.
IGNAZIO = You know why, now all these social networks are in fashion …
DRUSILLA = Are you afraid that there is someone taking pictures of you? But who knows you !!!! 😁😁😁
GIANLUCA = Look at those beautiful smiles. (There is a photo with them at the Arena and it is wet on the ground because it rains)
DRUSILLA = How cute, where are you in the pool? 😁
PIERO = No, we had just left the dentist, we wanted to show our teeth! 😁
DRUSILLA = Then what’s up (the photo changes, is made in Japan). Ah, how beautiful, but look, where are you here? In Molise, in the Marche (other region)
IGNAZIO = I think we are in America.
GIANLUCA = No, here we are in Japan.
DRUSILLA = In Japan, of course I recognize Japanese architecture! 😁
I hope that this dream of music will come true, maybe you will become international stars.😁
GIANLUCA = We would like to win Sanremo!
DRUSILLA = Ah Ah, but what are you interested in Sanremo (as if to say that it is something unattainable). 😁
But have you ever sung with a real pianist? 😁
Or do you just use Karaoke backing tracks? 😁
IGNAZIO = Sometimes.
DRUSILLA = Little though, would you like to try? I have a pianist, he’s excellent, his name is Maestro Di Leo.
IGNAZIO = Let’s say that in Japanese karaoke, there is no piano available. 😁
PIERO = He is very elegant.
DRUSILLA = He is very elegant, I have forced him to dress well.
PIERO = And how are we dressed?
DRUSILLA = Very good, very happy.
GIANLUCA = Thanks for giving us this chance.
DRUSILLA = Come on guys, let’s go to the piano.
Don’t be intimidated, I know that the first time at the piano, it upsets you a little. 😁
IGNAZIO = We can sing you something …..
DRUSILLA = What would you like to sing?
IGNAZIO = …… that puts us at ease ?? 😁
IGNAZIO = One of our favorite artists has always been Jimmy Fontana. (Il Mondo)
PIERO = See, we have this in common, we like the same musical genre, we sing the same songs ….
DRUSILLA = Beautiful, beautiful …
PIERO = We like the same artists …
DRUSILLA = But this beautiful thing (and then pretends to get bored and fall asleep) 😁
GIANLUCA = We are guys from other times! 😘
DRUSILLA = Well, very cheerful!
IGNAZIO = Do you start singing?
DRUSILLA = What song would you like to sing? I really like Jimmy Fontana
IGNAZIO = Since we talked about travel, places ….
PIERO = You know IL MONDO?
DRUSILLA = IL MONDO, if I don’t remember the words can you suggest them to me ???
PIERO = I suggest them to you.
DRUSILLA = And the hue ??
Come on guys don’t worry, how it comes it comes … 😁
IGNAZIO = But we follow you …😁
DRUSILLA = Yes, come on, come on …
(The song begins, Drusilla pretends not to know the words and Piero suggests them to her, then at the refrain IL VOLO brings out all their voices and amazes Drusilla who is offended for having been deceived) 😁😁
GIANLUCA = Enough, (he turns to Ignazio) We understand that you are good.
DRUSILLA = Not good ….. the technique needs to be changed a little, the emission is a little scarce ….😁😁
PIERO = Two more days of karaoke …
IGNAZIO = I miss karaoke in Japan.
DRUSILLA = No, guys, study! 😁
GIANLUCA = You seem a little annoyed … are you annoyed by any chance?
DRUSILLA = No, imagine,…. one two and three, out of the studio ……. come here with coaxing …. but please go far …. go out ….
IGNAZIO = We salute the piano teacher.
PIERO = We hope to see you again soon.
DRUSILLA(to Piero) What goodbye, stop it …. (to Gianluca) goodbye ….. (to Ignazio) go to karaoke ….
IGNAZIO = But we go often …
DRUSILLA = …. to karaoke in Japan, especially you, you are disgusting, go ….. (Ignazio approaches her)
Security !!
IGNAZIO = Shall we do a duet? 😁
DRUSILLA = What a duet, but go do it with Barbra Streisand !! 😁
IGNAZIO= We did it …..😁
DRUSILLA = But go away …… arrogant …. gne gne gne ….they travel …. rude … but who sent them here? ….. I’d like to know where is the casting one …..😁
What can I say, they were all very good at making this pungent irony.
Even the articles in the newspapers wrote that Drusilla was very good and also Il Volo who lent himself to this game with great self-irony.The day after the broadcast, Il Volo published the photo together with DRUSILLA with this comment:“It was a real pleasure to participate in the ‘Almanacco del giorno dopo!’ Thank you so much @drusillafoer for hosting us!”
And now the last video I translate for you, a very important video, the news that Il Volo will be at the World Meeting of Families 2022 in the Vatican on June 22nd.

GIANLUCA = Hello everyone, we are very happy and excited to come to Pope Francis’ home and celebrate the World Meeting of Families together with the families of Rome and our families.
PIERO = On that day we will witness the importance of the strength of the support of our families in our life.
IGNAZIO = I will personally take my mother and my sister.
PIERO = I will bring mom and dad, my sister Mariagrazia and my brother Francesco, and we can’t wait to be able to hug Pope Francis.
GIANLUCA = I will come with my family, we are numerous, but the best thing is that I will be able to bring my grandfather Ernesto who, at the age of 88, will be able to shake hands with Pope Francis. These are the most important things, the most beautiful emotions in life, like a mother who is a refuge, a father who is a guide, and this is really the importance of the family.
IGNAZIO = In all these years we have always reiterated how important our families are and are still important to us, they have been like a pillar for our careers, like a lighthouse in the middle of the ocean, here, a meeting point.
So, we are really happy to be able to share this moment with them.
PIERO = In addition to our families, we will also bring our music.
See you on June 22nd. Hugs to all!
GIANLUCA = See you very soon!
As always, I am very happy with what Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca have said in these videos.
I hope you liked the translations and shed a little light on what was said by them.

Credit to owners of all photos and videos.

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  1. Daniela, I can’t thank you enough for translating this for us, not knowing what was going on, I got the wrong impression. Thank you for clearing that up. I love these three talented guys for over 13 years and if I feel someone is giving them a problem or disrespecting them I get very protective of them, like I would my own. I look forward to all of your transactions and stories. Until the next one……….

  2. Thank you so much Daniela! I am understanding more Italian as I study, but the subtleties are still lost. Your translations are at the same a treat and a lesson :). And aren’t our ragazzi among the most wonderful guys in the world? They just light up my heart. Grazie mille for helping me to share in the joy that is Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca. Grazie 🙂

  3. Good afternoon Daniella! Oh thank you for all the translations, it helps to get to know the guys on a more personal level…they never disappoint not ever! Their family closeness is one of the many things that we keep in our hearts, they very wholesome and very normal ❤️🥰

  4. Thank you for the translations. I am trying to learn some Italian. My mom spoke and understood from my grandparents. But didn’t teach us. I wish to get to Taormina one day to see their concerts there. But I am happy I will finally see them here in US at Borgota 9/23. 🙏🏼 My first time. So excited

  5. A real shame Angela, that your mother did not teach you the language of your grandparents, but with Il Volo, you can recover and learn.

  6. Daniela, Last September was my first time visiting
    Toarmina. Everyone that welcomes visitors is lovely.
    So now I know why the guys enjoy themselves and
    feel relaxed and “at home” there. I enjoyed the interview
    with Barbara. Thank you Daniela and Pat.

    1. Yes, Martha, it’s true, Sicilians are very welcoming. What a pity you weren’t in Taormina, what envy you will have had, to have tickets and not be there!
      Barbara di Palma loves our guys very much, I met her at an instore of the CD “Love moves” and she was there to interview the guys. She said she loves Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca very much, and that when someone despises them, she sticks out her nails and defends them.

  7. Thanks a million for the translation!! Love these guys. I wish that the will come to Ireland sometime. Lots of fans here

    1. That would be really cool Kate, but I think you want them, there must be a strong demand and a demand from whoever organizes the shows there.

      1. The trouble is Daniela how do they know what demand there is if they don’t come? I was having a count up this morning of all the venues they could come to in Yorkshire alone, well the bits of Yorkshire I know that is. Some are quite small venues, such as the Conference Centre in Harrogate, which is where Il Divo will be in December.

        York has a lovely theatre, newly refurbished too. Leeds has loads of concert venues, from the small City Varieties to the enormous Arena where Andre Rieu will be next May. There is also Leeds Town Hall where the Piano Festival is held each year. Sheffield also has their arena where Andre Rieu will be two days after Leeds.

        So with the will, and a lot of advertising, there is no reason why Il Volo shouldn’t come to the UK. There is after all a large number of Italian emigrants who have arrived on our shores over the years, so it isn’t as though Italian music is unknown.


  8. Thanks again to Daniela and Pat. I just got back from Taormina. I was there with my son and his wife. It was his first concert and her second. We had a great time and spent 2 magical evenings at the Ancient Greek Theater listening to our guys singing new and old songs. They were absolutely perfect. We met Ignazio at BamBar, and saw the three of them at dinner with family members. I have an opinion of people who stand around, take photos and ask for autographs while they are trying to eat. The guys try to accommodate their fans but come on people let them eat in peace. At the sound check of the second concert Ignazio played his guitar for us. He could be in a rock band, he is so good. There were many, many FB friends there too and it was so great to see them all. Ciao

    1. I must agree with you there Rose. It does seem a shame that they can’t have a quite meal, but then if it wasn’t the fans, I guess it would be the paparazzi, and we all know what they can be like.

      Much as I would like to see Il Volo live, there are times when I feel I may be somewhat overwhelmed by the sheer volume of fans. Not that they are any more likely to come to the UK than the Italian Tenors are, so I wouldn’t be able to see them anyway. Best stick to seeing Andre Rieu next May instead.

    2. You’re welcome, Rose Marie! I’m so glad you got to visit Taormina! It is my dream to go there one day!

    3. RoseMarie, you can’t even imagine how happy I am that you came and that you also took the famous photo at the Meet & Greet, beautiful.
      You have to write me your opinions, I wait for them and you will tell me about Ignazio’s guitar and also about the often annoying people, as well as about the beautiful concert.

  9. Daniela, Thank you very much for every stories that you clearly translate in English language. You are a big help to us who don’t have knowledge of any words in Italian. Because of you, being aware of what’s being said in this foreign language, make us to be included and be part of those who loves Il Volo. Thank you very much.
    Mrs. Lagrimas Brooks.

    1. You gave me a beautiful compliment, thank you. That’s what I try to do, that is, don’t make you feel excluded from what they say, it’s always interesting.

  10. Thank you so much for the translation with the boys and Drusilla! I saw it with no translation and thought She was extremely rude to the boys. Glad to know it was a set up and the boys went along with it. I think a lot of us were a bit upset so glad you set us straight on what was happening. Enjoy each and every thing you post.

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    1. Apart from making really stupid mistakes when I give myself a telling off, I am quite enjoying the experience. If I was a teenager, or even twenty/thirty something, it would be something to put on my CV! 😉

      Probably best not to add that being a fan of Il Volo, and other Italian singers is the reason. They might have thought I was completely bonkers. I do wish Barnsley College had courses in Italian, or anything else for that matter. All they have are courses for those who are not native Brits. 🙁


      1. Going to college to learn a language is a waste of time. Most teachers cannot teach and persist in using methods and materials that are woefully inadequate. You will learn much more by using the internet and getting a private tutor if you can afford one.

        Are you still checking comments on your needles and hooks website?

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        I signed up to Duolingo, which despite some of its silliness, as in i pinguini mangiano la frutta, and other rubbish like that, it seems to be the best of the bunch, at least price wise. Weird, I never knew fruit grew in the land of the penguin! 😉 I use Google Translate quite a lot, mainly because it appears to be the best when it comes to the spoken word.

        I tend to only check out my website when I receive an email telling me someone has posted. That hasn’t happened since I dunno when. Could have something to do with my not posting anything for nearly two years! I did in the early days of Covid, I think I gave up when the apples were a bit larger than they are now. I think my camera got fed up of going to the same places. It has a mind of its own, so requires something new at regular intervals.


  12. Thank you Pat and Daniela for the translations of the interviews. Looking forward to seeing videos at the World Meeting of Families. Piero, Ignazio, Gianluca and their families certainly represent and show the importance of families. They always acknowledge how much they appreciate their parents, siblings and grandparents, and they continue to remain close to them. They have nurtured their talent and helped make them wonderful and caring young men!

  13. Once again Thanks a million Daniela for the translations. You know how much they mean to me not understand a Word of Italuan and Hence makes me clueless when watching the interviews. Just having returned home from Italy last Night I am Way behind reading all the fantastic translations, reports and stories about the guys so it is Great knowing that I Can turn to the Flightcrew and find it all. You and Pat are a gift to us non-Italian fans. Thanks again and take care. Love Kirsten

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