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Taormina is one of those places you never forget! From her position on a hilltop, she looks down over the beautiful Ionian Sea and she constantly witnesses the eruptions of Mount Etna. In the evening the glow from Etna adds to her beauty and thrills us with a fiery display.

Tourist season in Taormina is almost year-round. The magnificent resort lures the jet set with its elegant hotels and spas. In the evening streets are lined with shoppers who wouldn’t dream of leaving Taormina without one of her treasures. Perhaps a trinket from one of the many jewelry shops.
Taormina is one of the most beautiful cities in the world.  It a city where you get lost in your dreams but, it is so much more than a dream….
Every now and then, the tourist go home and the city becomes a magical place! A place where groups of people come together in total alliance. It’s not about the elegant resorts or the fabulous restaurants. No, it’s so much more! It’s the time when Taormina is transformed into a magical place. Thousands of people in love with three handsome Italian men line the streets waiting for the first sight of their guys…. And then, Taormina becomes Il Volo Land….


Early on Saturday morning, New York time, I got a message from one of the fans that read, “Ignazio has arrived.” She told me the minute Ignazio was spotted, everyone stopped what they were doing, ran out of the shops and went in search of him. I found out that he can clear out every shop along a street in two minutes flat!!! Mr. Personality!  It seems Ignazio was in everyone’s picture and selfie on Instagram and Facebook.
Ignazio held down the fort and entertained the fans until Piero and Gianluca arrived!

When the guys come to town, they turn it upside down! They take one of the most famous tourist spots in the world and turn it into IL Volo Land.
The fans start planning for this event as soon as the date of the concert is posted. Every hotel, guest house and apartment is booked long in advance of the concert.
They start to arrive about five days before the guys. They move around making their plans for how and where they will all meet, what dinners they will share and they tell stories about past concerts that they have attended.
While the guys were having lunch another member of the Il Volo family was out working the crowd and stealing the heart of the fans.

Dinner time is the time to meet!

Dinner at La Botte seems to be the one thing everyone can agree on! 
So, who gets together? Some are new fans but mostly they are the old die-hard fans. They come back year after year!  These are not just fans they are exceptional people who love the guys and have followed them for thirteen years! 
But, if you’re a new fan and you don’t know where to go, then take a tip from me!

Go to BAM BAR!

While Ignazio was walking around greeting the fans, Piero and Gianluca were at BAM BAR being interviewed by Francesca Bambara from “Weekly” on Rai 1

How well do the guys know Saretto the owner of BAM BAR. This is a  picture from 2018.

When night falls and the Concert begins.

The magnificence of Taormina becomes even more apparent at night fall! The ruins are lit, and the fans are in line waiting to enter the Ancient Greek Theater. The main attraction in Taormina is the Ancient Greek Theater. Built for the most part of brick it seems more likely that it is Roman rather than Greek.  The plan and arrangement are in accordance with the Greek style rather than Roman. It is most likely that the present structure was rebuilt over the foundations of an older theatre of the Greek period.
The theater is frequently used for operatic and theatrical performances and for concerts. The greater part of the original seats have disappeared, but the wall which surrounded the whole cavea is preserved. In most ancient theatres only traces of the original remain but here they are preserved in an uncommon state of integrity. From the fragments of architectural decorations, we learn that it was of the Corinthian order, and richly ornamented. Some portions of a temple that are visible were converted into the church of San Pancrazio.
There are many Festivals that take place in this theater. One you will remember is the Taormina Film Fest which Il Volo performed in last year.

The fans have arrived and assembled, and the concert begins.

The guy’s solos are always a major part of the concerts! People try to guess what they will sing but most times they’re wrong. For this World Tour the guys chose three different songs. Let’s say we were all surprised by the choices. But, without a doubt, they were magnificent choices and fabulous solos!
You may not be aware of it, but Piero has been studying the opera Cavalleria Rusticana for the last two years and he made his debut performance in this concert with the aria “Mamma, quel vino è generoso.” The fact that he chose to sing it in Sicily does not escape me. The opera is set in Sicily. Pietro Mascagni, is the Composer. The Italian libretto is by Giovanni Targioni-Tozzetti and Guido Menasci.

Ignazio always thinks long and hard about what he will sing. For him every solo has a deep meaning. “All By Myself” is a song that Ignazio sang during quarantine. Loved it then love now!

Gianluca’s choice of “Can’t Help Falling in Love with You” needs no explanation. Gianluca said it all before he sang it. He dedicated it to someone special in the audience. Wanna guess who?

The set list as you know is 27 songs. And I promised each week to bring you more songs. These two songs are certainly songs that we know and love and look forward to in every concert!

After the concert, it was back on the streets. Most of the fans went to BAM BAR for Granita!

Some fans like sisters Sabrina and Jessica went to La Botte for dinner and ran into Ignazio and Piero. In the afternoon Gianluca ran into the girls and asked them if they were twins! No, they’re not twins. But they are very  lovely Sicilian girls!
The next day everyone was back on the street and it started all over again! 


For some it was time to look around and to shop!

For others is was about the beauty of the city!

As you can see this story was about the fans, the images and the music! The guys love the fans!  The fans are legendary! They will go down in history alongside Il Volo because of their dedication to them. There were two performances which I’m sure they all attended. As I’m sure they attended Sound Check and Meet & Greet! For now, it’s over but the fans will wait for the next announcement that the guys will be in Taormina and the process will start all over again. See you all next time in Il Volo Land.
Join me next week as I go back Through the Fields of My Mind and open the door to a new adventure!
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  1. What a wonderful read that was, thank you so much. Beautiful photos and videos a real treat. Love Italy and love these guys, their voices are very special, as are they!

  2. Zdjęcie nie pochodzi z 2015 roku. W 2015 Piero nosił jeszcze czerwone oprawki. To zdjęcie jest z 27 lipca 2018 roku.

  3. Very much looking forward to seeing the guys “live” October 4th in Ft.Meyers. Coming 3000 miles! Maybe I’ll cruise the beach and look for Piero as he takes his morning run! LOVE, LOVE LOVE IL Volo and their beautiful music!

  4. Thanks you, Susan for such a beautiful account of Taorima, videos and photos. I guess it is true that Italy is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. Everyone – including the guys – seemed so happy. So much beautiful scenery, color and sun, sun, sun!

  5. Thanks to Susan, as usual summing the concerts up for us who were not fortunate enough to attend….but one day!! Taormina is a beautiful city that I’ve been to twice, I really love Sicily, it’s unique and my late husband was Sicilian.
    Our boys never disappoint! Piero’s solo was magnificent. Ignazio’s very moving and Gianluca’s pour out his love for his Eleanora….so sweet❤️🥰🎵🎶💯🥰❤️🥰❤️🌹

  6. Thank you for this read. I hope to get to Taormina maybe next time and see their concert there. Would be a dream come true. Instead I have to settle that I have tickets in Sept here in NJ. 9/23 Borgota. My first time I am excited to see them anywhere I can.

  7. Thank you, Susan. So nice to see what’s happening with our guys and the concert. Taormina looks beautiful! The Bam Bar looks delicious! I was delighted to learn that Piero has been studying opera the last 2 years. He definitely has the voice for it. He sung that aria so well. They have the best voices!

  8. Susan, this is another exciting account of the guy’s concerts in my favorite place! My memories there have Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca written all over them! Unfortunately our trip was canceled at the last minute but that only enhances our plans for next time! Thank you for sharing your talent as a writer to share the joy that it is to be a fan of the guys! ❤️


  10. Ik was 3 tot 7 juni in Rome spijtig dat de jongens daar geen optreden hadden, ik kijk altijd uit naar U verhalen over Il VOLO , Groetjes en tot later

  11. Thankyou so much for filling us in before & after the show .. wonderful to see what the boys get up to then 👏👏👏❤️❤️❤️

    1. Because this website is not a fashion blog, and the clothes Gianluca wears has nothing to do with his singing abilities. If you want to bitch about that Manintown photoshoot or about his relationship with Eleonora, you’re in the wrong place. You want to be in the All Things Il Volo Facebook group for that pointless banality.

      1. I think I stumbled upon that Facebook thingie Thordis. A right load of ****** it was too. Put your own word in the ****** as I can’t think of one!

      2. Cachu tarw. Will that do for the ******** ?

        I applaud the article writers of this website for NOT posting those pictures.

        The Manintown photoshoot is old news, darlings.

      3. I wasn’t bitching about it. I was just asking since this is a fan blog. Also, I never even mentioned his relationships, either. Chill

      4. You asked the why and I gave you the because, plus I dished out some bonus information about where you can look at those photos and discuss them.

        My bitching about relationships statement was to give you an example of something else you won’t read about here. This website concentrate on Il Volo’s professional life, and rarely posts about their private lives.

        Funny you managed to miss the comments here about the photoshoot…

  12. Okay, ladies, that’s enough!!! This Il Volo fan website is to be kept civilized and not to be throwing out angry fill in blanks. I’m disappointed in both Roz and Thordis for doing that. Now, be ladies and not pimple-faced teenagers! Listen to your Elder! Dol

      1. Some people… Roz, you want fost dibs in the naughty corner or you wanna go second? At least someone in Canada now knows the Welsh for ******.

  13. Susan – thanks so much for taking us along to Taormina, Sicily. Now I understand – it was here you all met up and not in Verona, where I did only succeed in meeting Daniela. Sure sounds like a very special time to be in Taormina – with the possibility of bumping into one or more of the guys just strolling the streets or dropping in at Bam bar or other favorite waterholes of the guys😜👍❤️
    The Greek Theatre does definitely also sound like a fantastic venue for their concerts. Beautiful, romantic and outdoor. Sitting there under the stars on a warm summer night listening to the guys… I can only dream of it, but it must be sooo special!

    It was great to see the many pics of fans with one or more of the guys. I have, however, been wondering how I would react myself if I did suddenly See them in the Streets or a restaurant. What would be proper and acceptable? I would probably not dare approach them… But om the other hand they always tell ud that they love their fans, so? Would it be Ok to walk up to them and approach them with s hand Shake? Or? I should love to learn of your opinions and:or experiences in this respect.

    Thanks again for your lovely report Susan. You have now inspired me to possibly travel to Taormina next year… I just cannot wait to hear and see the guys again❤️

    Greetings from Kirsten🇩🇰

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