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Always looking for something interesting to offer you, while I finished the translation of the Bosky TV video for you, I found this beautiful and interesting interview that Ignazio, Piero and Gianluca had before the American tour.
It was written by Umberto Mucci and published by WE THE ITALIANS.
Maybe not all of you have read it and so here it is.
Enjoy the reading. ☺
In 2015 I attended my first National Italian American Foundation Gala in Washington, DC. Somewhat intimidated by the size of the venue, the 2,000 hosts in tuxedos or evening gowns, and the importance of those in attendance, I discovered that at my table were CEOs and managers of the highest caliber, with their respective spouses.
My surprise, was great, when the time came for the musical performance, I saw them snapping to their feet and dancing enthusiastically. Driving them crazy with joy and Italian pride were three young very talented Italian boys, Gianluca, Ignazio and Piero: Il Volo. I will never forget it, which is also why I am happy and proud to welcome them on “We the Italians”, on the eve of their new prestigious fall tour in the United States.

IL VOLO on stage

Ciao ragazzi! Thanks for being on We the Italians. How did you meet and how did you start singing together?
We met in 2009 on a RAI television show called “Ti Lascio Una Canzone” (I Leave You a Song). The producer of this television show heard these three boys with adult voices and decided to put our three voices together and remember the three tenors in a nice way, asking us to sing “O Sole Mio”. That was the first song that we sang together, and from that Italian program that had great success with the audience and online shares, we were catapulted into the American market, signing a contract with a major American label, Iterscope, part of Universal Music. Ours was 100% the famous American dream. We signed the American contract and recorded our first album, Il Volo. And from there our artistic journey began.

A young IL VOLO on stage

Were you in love with America since you were children?
For sure the greatest curiosity, as children, was to see the cars and the streets, and the yellow taxis, because we had always seen them in films and television: the first that comes to mind is “The Fresh Prince of Bel Air.” So the yellow taxis, the immense six-lane roads, and the huge cars are the first memories as children that we have of the curiosity to one day see America: we are from three different parts of Italy, none of which had these things.
We were very small. It was difficult to dream of anything else at that age. Obviously even as a child thinking of going to America was difficult, we wondered how many hours the trip lasted … but when we were children we also listened to Elvis Presley and of course Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin, because our parents also passed on to us the passion for American music. Some of us also have some relatives in America, like a large part of the Italians living in Italy. It all seemed so far away then, but instead then in the end we lived it and we continue to live it every day and it’s fantastic.

IL VOLO on a New York City street

What names do you give me, if I ask you your favorite Italian American singer or group?
The greatest Italian American singers that we admire are Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Perry Como, Lady Gaga, Tony Bennett, and also Michael Bublé, who even though is Canadian sings in English and it’s the same continent. Moreover, two of us, Ignazio and Piero, are Sicilian like Frank Sinatra and Lady Gaga, while Gianluca has Abruzzese origins like Perry Como, Dean Martin and Michael Bublé. Instead Tony Bennett is of Calabrese descent.
IL VOLO with Lady GaGa and Tony Bennett
How many concerts have you put on in the United States up to now? What memory do you have or your past US tours? 
We think we have put on about 350/400 concerts in America, in our 13-year career, considering that our first tour had 55/60 dates, and then we did tours of about 20/30 concerts every year. The nicest thing is that obviously the descendants of the Italians who emigrated are, everywhere, our first fans, and they always show us a lot of affection.
The tradition of Italians abroad is exceptional, even subsequent generations retain the Italian blood, the attachment to our country. But it is also true that our type of music, as Pavarotti and Bocelli teach us, manages to conquer not only the Italian abroad but also the real American or the Japanese or Brazilian who have no Italian origins. This is sometimes striking. When we travel the world, of course we find many people who have Italian origins, however most of our audience is not Italian and it is amazing how the strength of this type of music – like when you sing ”Nessun Dorma” – is that it completely breaks through any cultural and linguistic barrier. This is the strength of Italian music, of our vocalism, of the Italian musical genre.

IL VOLO on stage during their last tour with IL VOLO in lights behind them

Is there an anecdote, a curiosity, something nice that you want to tell about your musical adventures in America among Italian Americans? 
Well, it was exciting to meet Dean Martin’s daughter in New York. Perhaps the best anecdote happened in Los Angeles. We were there on our tour with Barbra Streisand, and we were in this barbershop for men but also hairdresser for women to get our hair cut. Next to us a lady was looking at us from the mirror and at one point she told us: “Ah, tomorrow night you will be performing here in L.A.”.  We say yes, not knowing who she is. And the hairdresser, who was cutting our hair, trying to signal us without being seen by the lady, wanted me to understand that this lady was a famous person. We ask the lady if she will come to see us, but she does not answer us. In short, in the end the hairdresser reveals that that was Priscilla Presley, Elvis’s wife. In the end we invited her to the concert and a great friendship was born from there.

IL VOLO with Priscilla Presley

Let’s talk about the 2022 tour. Let’s remind our readers the dates and cities of your concerts and how they can purchase tickets if they haven’t already done so. 
They can find all the details and can purchase tickets for all the dates on our website. The tour was originally planned for the spring of this year but was postponed to September and October because of Covid.
The tour starts in Canada and arrives in Detroit, MI September 10; Cleveland, OH September 12; Chicago, IL September 13; Indianapolis, IN September 15; Uncasville, CT September 17; Boston, MA September 20; Atlantic City, NJ September 23; Oxon Hill, MD September 25; New York, NY September 27; Bethlehem, PA September 29; Atlanta, GA October 2; Fort Myers, FL October 4; Clearwater, FL October 7; Sunrise, FL October 9; Phoenix, AZ October 13; and finally Los Angeles, CA October 15.

IL VOLO poster

What is your favorite song to sing in your American concerts? Is there one that you do as a tribute to an Italian-American artist? 
Perhaps one of the most beautiful moments is when we sing “Smile” by Charlie Chaplin or “Caruso” by Lucio Dalla, and of course also “My Way” by Frank Sinatra. Perhaps the most exciting moment is “Nessun Dorma”. Because now, we are sorry for those who perhaps think differently but we believe we must be realistic, “Nessun Dorma” is now considered a song. When our fans hear “Nessun Dorma” they have been waiting for it from the beginning of the concert, and they know that this is the ending. When we finish singing it there is a great standing ovation. For us it is really a great joy to sing it, always, but we understand that it is the same also for those who came to hear us.

Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra

Il Volo sings Morricone: a great success dedicated to an extraordinary and unforgettable Italian master. Can you tell me the emotions you felt in paying homage to such a gigantic Italian? 
It is authoritative, elite music, which gives great prestige to our repertoire, brings us a musical level up that expands our repertoire, which is already an elegant and varied repertoire. This further upgrade for us also means a new and greater responsibility and musical maturity, progress.  In our repertoire we try to represent Italian music but not only that, we also sing “My Way” by Frank Sinatra and “Smile “by Charlie Chaplin, in addition to ”Nessun Dorma” and “O Sole Mio”. So in addition to representing Italy, we try to represent what it is the bel canto from all points of view. Now let’s add these incredible soundtracks that have been a fundamental and beloved part of the most important films in the history of cinema. For us it is a matter of pride to give a further touch of prestige and elegance to each project. 

IL VOLO sings Morricone CD

Would you like to send a greeting to the many Italian-American readers of We the Italians? 
Of course. Obviously we are very young to know directly the stories of these people, who are sons and daughters and grandchildren of courageous people who emigrated from Italy to America with a lot of courage, trying to find luck and their way. We have enormous respect for these Italians and their ancestors, and it will certainly be nice to be able to meet them around America at our concerts. We will see them in September or October, depending on which city they live in. We want to thank them for the great support they have always shown us in our 13-year career.

IL VOLO in blue suits singing on stage

We the Italians logo

Meanwhile the staff of Il Volo continues to announce new dates for the 2023 tour, here is the ever-increasing list for now…………of course I’m crossing my fingers for some Italian dates!!
Here are the confirmed dates to date:

2023 Latin America concert dates

Furthermore, the date of May 27 in Krakow, Poland has already been confirmed.
It is clear that from the end of March to May, other dates will be added, and will you go to any of these concerts?
Ignazio, Piero and Gianluca are also working on some new projects or music, as Gianluca tells us in this photo:

#Repost @gianginoble11
making some new music

And then, as already anticipated in December, Il Volo released a song by Roberto Carlos, entitled COMO VAI VOCÊ, available only for Brazil.

IL VOLO - COMO VAI VOCÊ cover photo

Very sweet song!!

And from this video message from Piero, Gianluca and Ignazio announcing the new single, we are waiting for a surprise for February 17th!!! ❤❤❤
Last thing.
I found this short piece of “I COLORI DELL’AMORE” sung by our boys, from which the musical base has been removed, and therefore we only hear the voices……..chills…..those wonderful voices!!! 😘😘😘

~ Click Here to listen ~

Really nice interview, I really liked the introduction and the title: “Two Flag, Three hearts”, very apt indeed .😊
Your interpretation of Roberto Carlos’ song is very beautiful. 😊
“Guys, we hope for new music and we are here ready to listen to what you will do and it will surely be well done!!” 😘
Your South American tour will be fantastic, your fans have been waiting for you for three years. 😊
Then there are rumors, for now, that speak of a presence of Il Volo, as guests in an episode of an Italian television program ….. we will keep you updated. 😉
That’s all for now, see you soon:
Daniela 🤗


Credit to owners of all photos and videos.


Surely you have already had the opportunity to see this video, and I know that the video also has the possibility of having the translation, but as I know that some of you have difficulty activating this function, I preferred to translate this very special moment of which our Ignazio had us participate, also in order to explain the situation well and the words that are said. So, I hope I’ve done something that you like. ☺
But first I want to translate this message from Ignazio, which anticipates the video.
IGNAZIO = Guys, the video just came out on you tube.
We went to visit some children at the Bellaria hospital, didn’t we, Pelle? Is the video out?
PELLE = Ah, yes!
IGNAZIO = We went to visit some children at the Bellaria hospital, together with an association called BIMBOTU. Watch it, click the link below, it’s a beautiful video, it was very nice to go and find these children, we brought some things, watch it, it’s very exciting, I was excited to see it again.
PELLE = Me too. I enjoyed watching it again and importantly, watch it all the way to the end, and it’s the first in a long series.
IGNAZIO = And subscribe to the channel, it’s free, on you tube. Bye, watch it!!

(The scene begins with Ignazio and his friend Stefano , called Pelle, taking some boxes).
IGNAZIO = Are you ready?
PELLE = I’m here, born ready.
(They get into the car and while Ignazio is driving, he contacts someone by telephone)
IGNAZIO = Good morning Alice.
ALICE = Good morning
IGNAZIO = Hello, first of all, Bellaria San Lazzaro right? (it is the name of the place that Ignazio is reaching).
I’m not doing bullshit (Italian way of saying he’s not wrong).
ALICE = You’re Ignazio, right?
ALICE = Because I didn’t save the number (phone number). Okay, sorry. Yes, we are in Bellaria San Lazzaro.
IGNAZIO = We’ll be right there, we’ll be there in a minute. (Ignazio and Pelle arrive in front of the entrance to the structure, Giulia is waiting for them).
How are you?
GIULIA = Good.
IGNAZIO = We are very happy.
GIULIA = Well, so are we.
IGNAZIO = We woke up energetic, he was at 10.37 am, but he woke up.
GIULIA = Blessed are you. (Together they enter the ISNB structure, Institute of Neurological Sciences of Bologna).
Welcome to our department. (being a hospital ward, everyone wears surgical masks) This is our kitchen that we have set up for the kids and families who live here. (It is a support structure for the hospital, where children who undergo therapies and also their families are hosted). Every now and then we do some workshops.
IGNAZIO = Sometimes we could come and cook, he’s the cook.
GIULIA = Really?
PELLE = In fact, I was watching because I’m curious and I’m liking it.
GIULIA = Ah, excellent.
IGNAZIO= Whenever you want, you call me and say “Ignà, when you want, come and cook”, and we’ll come here to cook for you. I have an idea (of what to do) and you cook (Pelle).
(Ignazio and Pelle brought boxes of sweets to be delivered to the children/teenagers present)
Hi Angelica, (a young girl who is hosted in the structure) I’m Ignazio and he……
PELLE = I’m Stefano.
IGNAZIO = …..his name is Stefano, but everyone calls him Pelle. (Pelle = Skin)
IGNAZIO = Since his surname is a bit disgusting, Pellegatta (Catskin).... so everyone calls him Pelle.
PELLE = Boschetto spoke (ironic,  he want to say that Boschetto is not a wonderful surname either, Boschetto= Smallwood) 
IGNAZIO = today I brought you some things. Do you like Chupa Chups (lollipops).
IGNAZIO = But you want to keep the line. Do you train?
IGNAZIO = He trains too (Pelle). Since you’re the first, we’ll let you open it (the package), okay? Do you want to?
(Angelica and Ignazio begin to open the package.)
You look sorry? (to Pellle).
PELLE = I look, I observe.
IGNAZIO = (addressing Angelica) He looks, understood?
Please, when choosing friends, find them useful, who do things, not who look.
Here are a few things for everyone, there are Goleadors (a type of candy) that you don’t like because you want to keep fit.
ANGELICA = My sister likes them.
IGNAZIO = Ah, does she like them? Well then they might be of interest to her.
(Another young boy arrives, a guest of the structure.)
How are you?
BOY = Good.
IGNAZIO = Fist (post-Covid greeting method).
Do you eat sweets? Because she doesn’t eat them, she wants to stay fit.
(Another young boy arrives)
How are you? Good?
I am Ignazio and this is Stefano. (Pelle)
PELLE = Hello.
IGNAZIO = You write messages to girls on instagram ?
ANGELICA = Where do I put this? (she is holding a box of sweets)
IGNAZIO = But, I don’t know, in the bathroom, is there a place in the bathroom? (the usual Ignazio joker) 😁
IGNAZIO = (addressing the second young boy) Of course you too can give me a hand, he (Pelle) is already enough, he looks and does nothing.
ANGELICA = My sister is crazy about these!!
IGNAZIO = But everything to your sister, excuse me?  Have we taken all the things for your sister?
ANGELICA = In the end yes.
IGNAZIO = (addressing the second young boy who slightly, physically, reminds Ignazio as a younger and more robust) When I was younger I was like you, indeed, you are like me.
GIULIA = He likes to sing.
GIULIA = He likes to sing and play the guitar.
IGNAZIO = Ah! Then I’ll bring you a guitar, I didn’t know.
What genre do you like?
BOY = Rock.
IGNAZIO = I love you (and hugs the boy).
He is Pelle981 on Twitch (channel, like Twitter), if you have it, look for him and he plays, that is, he does this job: he plays.
Hi Luigi (another boy enters, a guest of the facility), I’m Ignazio and he’s Stefano.
PELLE = Pleasure, Stefano!
IGNAZIO = I am very happy to be here, because due to my job, I am never at home.
When I’m at home I like to come and find these associations where they really help and I think that you too feel comfortable here, right? (turning to the boy )
You can talk, I swear I won’t eat you, and he (Pelle)  seems big either, but he won’t eat you.
We wanted to say thank you for hosting us. Will you take me somewhere? (in this way Ignazio asks the boy to let him visit the structure). Hello everyone!
WOMAN = (A woman’s voice, perhaps the robust boy’s mother).
We arrived today. (She means that the boy cannot guide Ignazio in the structure because he doesn’t know it well yet)
IGNAZIO = Ah, did you arrive today? I took the worst (meaning he can’t accompany him in the facility – laughter) 😁
Are you from Bologna?
ANGELICA = Province of Carpi.
IGNAZIO = And you?
BOY = I from Correggio
LUIGI = I’m from Bologna.
GIULIA = Gabriele has also arrived.
IGNAZIO = Gabriele, pleasure. I am Ignazio and this is Stefano. How old are you?
IGNAZIO = What is the thing you would eat now?
GABRIELE = Kinder (chocolate egg)
PELLE = No, Ignazio, you’re on a diet.
IGNAZIO = Think for yourself!
(while Ignazio offers a chocolate egg to Gabriele he sees the robust boy)  Look at those little heart eyes he has?
Thanks to all of you and to all the staff. ☺
GIULIA = Can you sing us something?
IGNAZIO = What song do we know that we all sing together? I won’t tell you mine because you don’t know them.
PELLE = You are old Igna (ironic)
IGNAZIO = Ah, I’m old….come on, tell me a song.
So, we can sing “Io tu e le rose” (it’s an old Italian song).….do you know it??😁
ALL = No!!
IGNAZIO = “La Fisarmonica” , no! (another song from the 70s.)😁 “We are the champions” by Queen? Yup? You all know this, right? Here we are? Are you there? (and Ignazio starts singing the refrain of the song and tries to make the stout boy sing the two final words – applause) 
Thank you very much, see you soon, (Ignazio greets all the boys) …. young lady (he greets Angelica), bring something to your sister.
PELLE = On the last day (he means when she gets home) you get something and bring it to your sister.
IGNAZIO = (embraces the hefty boy) Don’t harm the little girls on instagram too much!  
(A hug to the younger boy, meanwhile Angelica takes a chocolate egg)
ANGELICA = It’s for my sister!!
ALICE = He is Tommaso, anyway. (another boy)
IGNAZIO = Tommaso, excuse me, pleasure, Ignazio.
(in addition to the desserts, the board games that Ignazio and Pelle have brought are also shown.
Gabriele asks Ignazio and Pelle for an autograph) 
GIULIA = (She leads Ignazio and Pelle in the various rooms of the structure.)
I can challenge you to table football, but I advise against it.
IGNAZIO = Excuse me, miss, what’s her name?
GIULIA = Gabriele
IGNAZIO = Gabriele where do you want to play?
PELLE = I watch this match.
She (Giulia) is the champion!
(Ignazio takes the ball and pretends to open it like an egg) . 😁
We are not in the kitchen!
IGNAZIO = Ah, isn’t it an egg?? Sorry! Go!! 😁
GIULIA = What’s in the prize, guys?? Shall we reward a Kinder egg?
IGNAZIO = A Kinder egg, go!!
Go Gabriele, go Gabriele, go Gabriele…..NO!!!
I made you score this goal!
PELLE = (To Ignazio) Are you putting the point on yourself?
IGNAZIO = Ah, sorry! (The game ends, everyone shakes hands). I won’t give you the Kinder egg (because it was defeated 😁…. below is a nice group photo )
IGNAZIO = (to Luigi) Do you support Juve? (Italian soccer team, favored by Ignazio)
LUIGI = If I want YES.
PELLE = Sure, he can change his mind.
IGNAZIO = I understand, but it’s not correct…
LUIGI = So I’m rooting for Juventus!!😁
IGNAZIO = Bravo, bravo!!
(Ignazio lends himself to various photographs with the hospitalized children and their families). 😘
Bye bye!!
PELLE = Hello everyone!!
(This is followed by a fake scholastic interrogation made to Ignazio and Pelle by the teacher of the structure, since the boys have long hospitalizations, they also have to study during those periods)
IGNAZIO = Well, I swear I’ve studied.
IGNAZIO = I know everything!!
TEACHER = The fall of the Roman Empire.
IGNAZIO = I was very sorry about this fact. 😁
PELLE = Maybe she wanted to know the year it happened! 😁
IGNAZIO = Good times those.
TEACHER = (to Pelle) And by whom was the discovery of America made?
PELLE = Surely someone discovered it (Ignazio tries to suggest, as students do at school)……it’s Italian…perhaps Christopher Columbus?? The year ….1492??
TEACHER = Now let’s do algebra?
IGNAZIO = Algebra, yes.
TEACHER = The addition of fractions ….. what should I do here?
IGNAZIO = They add up….
TEACHER = I have to do the minimum……
PELLE = Least common multiple!
TEACHER = Well done!!
IGNAZIO = The guaranteed minimum, because there is always a guaranteed minimum!!😁  Are we promoted?
TEACHER = Yes, yes, but you have to review the lessons.
IGNAZIO = We have to study, all right.
(to Pelle)
Today we are with Giulia, let me introduce her to you.
GIULIA =  Giulia!
IGNAZIO = She’s very strong at table football.
GIULIA =  Tell us about the association.
We have opened this channel, where we will create this format, where the idea is to receive emails with requests, wishes, which we will try to fulfill.
We wanted to start with an association, there are many that help children with illnesses, special cases and really help people. Unfortunately people don’t know these associations, or know them little, so our idea is to be able to make them known more through that channel, through my work, his work (Pelle), to make known as many associations as possible, and today we are from you.
IGNAZIO = Who are you? What do you do? (He means as an association)
GIULIA = I am Giulia, I am part of this beautiful association called BIMBOTU. Bimbotu was born in 2007 from the will of Alessandro and Federica, husband and wife, who had a personal experience of their son’s illness, who is fortunately doing well now.
This was 15 years ago and they decided that the difficulties they had to face as parents, as a family, they didn’t want other families to have to face, or at least give those families support. So since 2007 we have been dealing with assistance in the wards, therefore from the simplest things, as we have done together today, being together with the children and their families, chatting, lending a hand, offering a coffee….
IGNAZIO = So are you volunteers or…..??
GIULIA = We currently have about 200 volunteers….
IGNAZIO = 202 now (he offers himself and Pelle as volunteers)
GIULIA = We are active in this hospital, therefore the Institute of Neurological Sciences of Bologna at the Bellaria hospital, also at Sant’Orsola and Maggiore (other hospitals).
We are dealing with children and families who arrive from all over Italy, as you saw today.
IGNAZIO = Are all pathologies treated here?
GIULIA = In particular, in this department, we follow the pathologies of the central nervous system and also eating disorders which is a world to which we too are only recently approaching.
IGNAZIO = I knew a person, very close to me, who suffered from bulimia and it’s very complicated, it’s very psychological and it doesn’t make you think, it’s not a matter of drinking or eating badly, because maybe people think: “Come on, you ate too much, what are you doing?”
Instead bulimia is a serious matter, if you think you need support, talk to someone, because it’s important. There are certain things that should not be trivialized or talked about and approached in a superficial way.
GIULIA = Absolutely yes, in fact, even the volunteers we have all follow a training course to be able to better face the experience within the departments and the volunteers who are in contact with the kids who have eating disorders follow a further specific course on the subject, first of all to always be updated and informed, precisely because there is always a tendency to trivialize it, it is a taboo that is rarely talked about, and getting information is essential to be able to help those suffering from this pathology.
PELLE = Also to know how to approach children and teenagers.
GIULIA = Exactly.
IGNAZIO = That’s why you have wards inside the hospital, right? Because there is also the support of doctors.
GIULIA = Yes, exactly, indeed it is the hospital that hosts us as an association and each volunteer brings what they know how to do. For example, when I come here, even if my job is in the office, I play foosball, then there are those who play the guitar, those who sing, those who draw, everyone brings their own way of approaching…..
PELLE = A piece of yourself…
GIULIA = Yes, a piece of himself.
In addition to being present in the wards, we also have apartments where we welcome families arriving from outside Bologna free of charge, because they often have very long hospitalizations, and on average we welcome around fifty families a year, and we know and assist around 800/900 children and families in the various wards.
IGNAZIO = I often go to visit (hospitalized) children because…..I don’t know, we are all important,….but there is something that attracts you about a child or a young boy, something that pushes us to do our best and always give more. Every time when I enter the hospital wards and I see a child with a drip, or without hair, I see situations that are unacceptable to me, and I always have a reaction of not knowing how to behave, not knowing if I can accept that situation so, to a volunteer or even for you when you arrived, how was this impact? ❤
GIULIA = It’s not simple and in any case I don’t want to get emotional in front of the camera, I’m telling you about my personal experience, when I started being part of the BIMBOTU team I asked myself:
“Giulia, do you feel up to it?”, because in any case it’s not obvious, it’s not easy, and at the beginning I too was struggling in the first approach, I wondered how I could be useful. Being yourself is the key to first being able to empathize with children and their families. ❤
IGNAZIO = Those are the things that make you feel good.
If I wanted to support this association, how can I do it, where can I find information? 😉
GIULIA = Volunteering is a great way to help, because donating can be done in many ways, so you can donate your time, or you can make a cash donation that always helps because we have many activities and many services that we offer , we always offer them for free, so financial support is also very important.
IGNAZIO = So for those who live in Bologna, or in Emilia Romagna (region with capital Bologna), or near Bologna, if you want to come and spend your time helping someone, to volunteer for BIMBOTU, you can do it. 😘
GIULIA = We have the headquarters of our offices which is in San Lazzaro and then there are also other ways to donate and support this very important cause, for example, if one is a tailor, he can help us to pack objects to be exhibited in our solidarity banquets.
PELLE = So everyone can put their own, (make available what they can do)

GIULIA = Yes, exactly. For more information, the website is, and then they can follow us on social networks with BIMBOTU OFFICIAL, also because we are super active and we always have many new projects to present, and they can subscribe to our newsletters to stay up to date and see what we are doing.
For example , we have started a fundraising campaign to be able to buy neonatal ventilators for the pediatric department of the Maggiore Hospital , and they have a very significant cost and therefore anyone who wants to lend a hand is welcome.
Often there are also those who call us and tell us:
“I do this in life, what can I do for you?” And it’s the most beautiful thing in the world. ☺
IGNAZIO = Sometimes, supporting an association, or doing charity, it’s not always and only to give money. Doing charity, helping someone or these associations can also be helped with one’s work, with one’s time, as Giulia said, with very few things.
Little or big help is equally important for people in need. Every gesture is important. ❤
PELLE = Since when are you with Bimbotu?
GIULIA = For almost two years.
IGNAZIO = Ok, the people who follow us, are also contributing to this. ❤
PELLE = We say it a lot and we push it a lot because we want to make it clear that what we say, we do and we will do  (it won’t be just words).
IGNAZIO = Anyway, it’s not an initiative that is limited to just the two of us, it’s from the whole Bosky TV community, it’s something we’re all doing together, to help everyone. ❤
GIULIA = Congratulations.
IGNAZIO = Thank you very much.
GIULIA = Thanks to you.
IGNAZIO = Thank you for having hosted us, for giving us this opportunity, we hope to see you soon, we will return.
GIULIA = Absolutely. We are waiting for you.
PELLE = I have to cook, now I have this thing in my head.
IGNAZIO = And I have to take the guitar to the rocker (strong boy).😘
(to the camera) Thank you so much for being with us, for watching this video. Support this channel, because thanks to your support, we were able to do what we did today. Hello everybody. ❤🤗
GIULIA = Don’t forget, bye!
PELLE = Thanks again!!
IGNAZIO = (Now Ignazio and Pelle are in the car). Good thing you were in Algebra, because I just…..
PELLE = Thank goodness, I only said one right word at the end.
IGNAZIO = I understand, at least we made a half figure, a good impression.
PELLE = Beautiful, even the teacher was happy.
IGNAZIO = Do you know what the beautiful thing is? We’ll have more meetings like this!!! ❤
I have no words to compliment Ignazio and Pelle for what they have done.
Truly something that honors them and all those who are supporting them.
It’s not the first time that Ignazio offers us these great gestures of the heart, remember when he donated equipment to the Bologna Pediatric Hospital?
Thank you Ignazio for being such a big-hearted person, we appreciate you so much for that and we are so proud of you!! 
Daniela 🤗

Credit to owners of all photos and videos.

BOSKY TV by Susan

Before I begin, I want to say Ignazio holds a special place in my heart because of stories like this that show how kind and compassionate he is! And now I am finding a place in my heart for Stefano too!

Where do I begin to tell you about Bosky TV! I could say it’s Ignazio’s fun TV and that would be true. Or I can say it’s about open discussions on any topic whether suggested by Ignazio, Stefano or one of the listeners. Or a guest speaker! It’s about asking questions and having people answer live and surveying the answers. It’s about agreeing and disagreeing. It’s an open forum for whatever you may be feeling! Some place to bring that question to and possibly find an answer for! Is it a show about Il Volo? No! But every now and then, questions do come up about the guys and Ignazio will answer them if he can.

                                             Bosky TV

What I can truly say about Bosky TV is, it’s about having fun in the afternoon, for people in America, or at night for those in other parts of the world.
All this being said, the real truth is, it’s about one of Ignazio’s greatest ideas, and he has had many, but this one goes to the heart of who Ignazio is! I’ve been talking about Bosky TV for weeks and now we are seeing the fruits of its labors.

For those of us who follow Ignazio everywhere, we know that Bosky is Ignazio’s pen name, nom de plume, his literary double, it is his pseudonym. It’s not a name he uses to hide who he is but, in fact, it is a name he uses in different social media like videos games. It gives him the opportunity to live a normal life under a name other than Ignazio Boschetto, which is known worldwide! Bosky like our well-known Ignazio is a fun guy!

A few weeks ago, Ignazio introduced us to Bosky TV and what we learned from it is for as easily as Ignazio can make you laugh he can equally make you cry. They are tears of joy, for the work he does! And, sometimes, they are tears for children who suffer every day of their lives!

One thing I want to mention, you will notice in the video, that Stefano refers to Ignazio as The Grove! For those of you who don’t know the English word for Boschetto, it is Grove! Thus, when Ignazio’s name comes up in the subtitles, it will come up as Grove not Boschetto!
I also want you to pay special attention to a particular part of the video where Ignazio is drawn to a young boy who he jokes with.
He says, “You mostly write messages on Instagram (to girls)?”  
He continues to say to the young boy, “you too could help me. He’s (Stefano) already enough for me, watching and doing nothing.”
Now I want you to take a good look at this young boy!  Does he remind you of anyone?

This is what Ignazio had to say about this young boy!
Ignazio: When I was younger, I was like you, in fact you’re like me.
Someone interrupts and says, “He likes to sing and play.”
Ignazio replies: Then I will bring you a guitar, I didn’t know.
Ignazio asks: What genre do you like?
Young boy: Rock!
Ignazio: I love you!
At this point, I want you to stop and look at the face of the young boy when Ignazio hugs him. It’s almost like looking at Ignazio’s face at that age!

I think what I love best about this particular part of the video is that the young boy is very much like Ignazio at his age. He kind of resembles him, he is a little shy like him, and he loves his music! This may be a special moment in this young boy’s life that will lead him on a special path in life!


That’s what, BIMBO TU, this organization, is all about. The struggles of young people today and a promise for a better future. These wonderful young people have many problems mental and physical. And BIMBO TU is an organization to help them. It is free to everyone.
Enjoy the video and I will talk more after you watch it!
Don’t forget to go into Settings in YouTube and Click on subtitles and select your language. If your language is English click on English for the English translation. If you don’t know where this is, it’s at the bottom of the video. Go to the bottom and a selection will pop up that includes Settings.
Don’t forget to Subscribe, Like and Leave a Message on YouTube!
This is one of the most beautiful videos you will see this year, and this is only, January! Make sure you have tissues when you watch it! Tears flow easily! Ignazio said he watched the video a number of times and he cried. I did too and so will you!

Before I go on, I want you to know that Daniela Perani will translate this video for those who don’t know how to use YouTube or don’t quite understand how to work certain parts of it. Daniela’s translation will be out next week! Look for it on Flight Crew!
There were some very emotional moments in this video. I can tell Ignazio is holding back tears when he is speaking about the children in the wards!

Near the end of the video, Ignazio talks about Bulimia. He says a person close to him had it.  He talks about how serious it is and, if you have it, you need support. He advises that you talk to someone! This is a very important issue. And a very serious disease.

Then Ignazio, Stefano and Giulia end by discussing ways to support BIMBO TU.
Ignazio says, “it isn’t always about money.” They suggest, if you live in the Bologna area or in Emilia Romagna or near Bologna, you can contact BIMBO TU and discuss how you can volunteer. Of course, cash donations are always acceptable.  
Giulia says: “Volunteering is a great way to help because giving can be done in so many ways. To donate your time, make a cash donation that always helps because we have so many activities and all the services are offered free of charge, so it is also very important in terms of financial support.
We have the operational headquarters of our offices which is San Lazzaro and in addition there are also other ways to donate and support this very important project.
I’ll give you an example. Follow us on social networks with BIMBO TU. Because we have a lot of new projects to present. We ask that you follow on social networks or subscribe to the newsletter in order to stay up to date and see what we are doing, for example, we have now opened a fundraising campaign to be able to buy neonatal ventilators for the ward of pediatrics at the Ospedale Maggiore which have a pretty important cost, so anyone who wants to lend a hand, here’s an opportunity.”
Ignazio: So, for those who live in Bologna or in Emilia Romagna or near Bologna, come and spend your time helping someone and volunteering for BIMBO TU!
Thank you, Giulia, for hosting Ignazio and Stefano! BIMBO TU is a great organization that has great people like you volunteering and supporting it!
To learn more, go online to BIMBO TU that is It’s in Italian so for our Italian friends, go online to find out how to volunteer or donate!
Or follow    on: 
For our English-speaking audience, you can also donate on that site. Go to the top right-hand corner and you will see the donate button. Donations are in EURO.
The best way to donate is on Bosky TV. This is how Ignazio explained it in English.  If you are already on Twitch at
 Or at
This is what you do!  To just donate go to Gift a Subscription below the video in the purple box and donate!
To donate in Attack go to the Red Tomato or Purple Character on the bottom right side of the video and donate! To donate at Sound Alert and send a BIT donation, do the same!
I will also ask Ignazio to explain it again on Bosky TV in English for those who will join now.
What did Ignazio say in conclusion about the video, “The beautiful thing is we are going to make more!”
So, we have more of these videos to look forward to.
Also remember every time you go on Bosky TV and subscribe or donate, you are also helping other causes besides BIMBO TU!  Ignazio will keep us informed about what organizations he will help in the future.
So again, I give you all the information to follow Ignazio on Bosky TV.
Please sign up today to be a part of this wonderful project.
Below are all the ways you can follow Ignazio’s CHAT. Of course, TWITCH is where most of the videos will originate and the best place to donate.
Subscribe on Twitch:
Link your AMAZON PRIME Account to  then go to
I hope you enjoyed the video. When you sign up on Ignazio’s social media CHAT on Twitch, you will receive an email when these videos are available.
It is very important that you sign up and join Ignazio to help him to continue his support for organizations like BIMBO TU. When you subscribe, you help in these worthy causes.
Sign up today on one of the social media channels I mentioned!
So, I leave you with a song from a young Ignazio and also the Concert at Verona because no article should end without important music! Enjoy!

Join me next week as I go back Through the Fields of My Mind and open the door to a new adventure!
If you would like to share a story with me, please email:
To read more Il Volo stories visit us at
Credit to owners of all photos and videos.

VERISSIMO 2022 by Daniela

And here it is, my Christmas present to you all. 🎄🎁
I know you are waiting and I am late, but there have been too many events to follow during this time.

But here is the translation of VERISSIMO!!

Verissimo 2022 video – Click Here

SILVIA = They are the bearers of Italian music in the world, Piero, Ignazio, Gianluca, or Il Volo!!
(enter Il Volo)
GIAN = Can I hug you?
SILVIA = Yes, welcome back.
IGNAZIO = How are you?
SILVIA = Fine and you? Hi Piero, how are you?
Welcome back, Il Volo, how elegant you are. (everyone sits down)
GIAN = We have the same trousers, look! (Silvia and Gian are wearing wide-legged trousers, which are fashionable).

IGNAZIO = Because he wanted to pay homage to the “CUGINI DI CAMPAGNA”. (It’s an Italian musical group from the 70s who always wore wide-legged trousers)
SILVIA = You are all in gray clothes.
GIAN = Today yes, but we are not gray (he means temperamentally and morally)
SILVIA = No, you all are full of passion, you are red inside.
GIAN = Red like you (she is dressed in red).
IGNAZIO = Today, when I tried it on (the suit) I thought it was beige, instead they told me it’s grey.
GIAN = You’re fine, you’re fine.
IGNAZIO = I have become colorblind.
GIAN = (turning to Ignazio) I see you in great shape, as always.
SILVIA = How are you guys? Welcome back to Verissimo.
PIERO = We met a year ago.
SILVIA = Exactly one year ago.
PIERO = A year ago things were a bit different, the concerts still didn’t take place, but finally we’re back on tour, we’re back singing on stage, to meet our audience again who have been supporting us for thirteen years now with their affection, with their love.
SILVIA = But there is another trip, which you will have to make, which you will make very soon, I know you have already been there for the rehearsals, because on December 24th, there is a wonderful event that sees you as protagonists in Jerusalem: IL Volo Natale in Jerusalem, and will be broadcast on Canale 5.
PIERO = Yes.
SILVIA = Well, Jerusalem is a symbolic city, I imagine also exciting for you.
GIAN = A city where all religions, cultures, languages really meet, visiting it is truly a unique experience, but for everyone, at all ages. Experiencing it at a young age maybe helps you really understand the difference of how humans are really different, anywhere in the world, how they really dedicate their lives to spirituality. It is truly a unique place and for us, living it has been a mystical, spiritual experience that has taught us new things.
A truly unique thing, even Jerusalem, Bethlehem, are places of great inspiration.
PIERO = We try to keep the Italians company on this special day, Christmas is a special day for everyone, and so we try to keep everyone company.
SILVIA = And even more on Christmas Eve, because it’s the wait for Christmas…Ignazio, did you wait for Santa Claus when you were little?
IGNAZIO = No, I was waiting for dinner more. (laughter and applause)
SILVIA = How to ruin a poem!!
GIAN = Exactly, like ruining a poem…..
IGNAZIO = No, I’ve always liked gifts, but full plates even more.
SILVIA = Those even more, anyway, obviously to celebrate your return, I prepared some little gifts and I didn’t make a gift for everyone but a gift for each one of you.
GIAN = Indeed!!
PIERO = Ohhh
SILVIA = I’ll start with Gianluca. (a video dedicated to Gianluca starts)
Gianluca’s voice in the video: It all started as children.
I remember the first moments we didn’t know how to deal with the cameras.
In ten years life has changed us in an incredible way.
We are proud to be the only young people to bring this style of music anyway, because it all started with the great Luciano Pavarotti, the three tenors, Andrea Bocelli, so we try to follow in their footsteps.
Affections are often neglected, if at a young age we have this awareness, it allows us to live the moments more intensely, especially with the family, where everything started from there.
A mother, a brother, a father, a grandfather, will always be waiting for you, even if you are away for months.
I must say that I have a wonderful relationship with my grandfather Ernesto, and one of the most indelible memories, in 2012 grandfather came to New York and saw me sing with Barbra Streisand.
I always carry my past with me.
Reflect when you wake up each morning in different cities or even in different countries.
I see the people at concerts who are there, they are there for me, for us. (applause)
GIAN = A nice present, thank you.
SILVIA = You were a child.
GIAN = Well, little has changed, and then now they make fun of me (Ignazio and Piero) because I removed my beard and let my hair grow like when I was a child.
SILVIA = (addressing Piero and Ignazio) What are you two doing?
GIAN = Have you seen they always do this when I talk, they talk to each other, it’s not easy for me….
PIERO = (he and Ignazio are teasing Gianluca good-naturedly) The camera is over there. (they do this to say that Gianluca is always looking for the camera)

GIAN = See how they make fun of me??
SILVIA = They are imitating you….
GIAN = They imitate me.
IGNAZIO = But he was like that….
SILVIA = Was he like that when he was little?
IGNAZIO = It was impressive, the first few times, when a photographer, or a camera followed us, when turned on the camera…. (Ignazio suddenly turns his face and strikes a pose like Gianluca did).
GIAN = Then I understood why I did it.
GIAN = Because when one is insecure, he needs confirmation. I also have to acknowledge, with hindsight, that looking at me as a child, I feel a certain tenderness, because in any case seeing how we grew up together, how we faced life, recognizing one’s limits, or trying to overcome them, trying to be the best version of themselves. But I’ve always remained a bit narcissistic, oh well but it’s normal (he turns to Piero and Ignazio who exchange knowing glances to confirm), but you always make fun of me for this.
PIERO = But these are our characteristics, we have three completely different personalities and perhaps it is also our strength.
SILVIA = Do you know that Gianluca studies acting? True?
GIAN = I had a very nice experience with some guys, also to try to have a little more control on stage, I was a bit stiff, I’ve always been.
IGNAZIO = Now it’s more flexible…..
GIAN = No, but really…..
IGNAZIO = Especially when he dances he is less rigid…. (he makes fun of Gian because he doesn’t know how to dance)
GIAN = I don’t know how to dance for example…
SILVIA = Can’t you dance?
GIAN = But acting is a passion that I love to cultivate, you never know, in life….
SILVIA = So maybe you would also like to act one day?
GIAN = Why not, why not.
SILVIA = What do your colleagues think?
IGNAZIO = Never limit yourself in life, because the greatest limitation of ourselves is ourselves.
SILVIA = Ah, you see?
IGNAZIO = Why limit yourself?
PIERO = But where did this sentence come from?
IGNAZIO = From my pearls of wisdom (applause)
SILVIA = Then it’s your turn (Ignazio).
IGNAZIO = To me?
SILVIA = Are you ready? It’s up to you.
SILVIA = You too grew up with them, you too.
IGNAZIO = Oh yes.
SILVIA = In short, you shared beautiful moments, less beautiful moments, with your working family, we can say.
IGNAZIO = Absolutely.
SILVIA = Are you ready?
IGNAZIO = Yes, let’s see! I’m a little worried…..
Ignazio’s voice in the video = As a little boy every day I made my mother scream, I came from school, I ate, if I had homework I did it, when I did it, and I went behind my house because we built huts. Everything was better.
Our life is divided like a sheet divided in half: Ignazio in his life with Il Volo, and Ignazio in his private life.
Two parallel lives.
But thanks also to our parents, we always manage to keep simplicity in both lives.
Your Love is a song that means a lot to us, because we performed in Sanremo three days after my father’s death and it means a lot to me.
I haven’t lost my father, my father is always with me, well, I like to think like this.
Many ask us:
“But aren’t you afraid, afraid of the public?”, it’s all adrenaline.
There have been many difficult moments in our career, it has never been all sunshine and roses.
It’s also nice to experience things with a little ingenuity. (applause)
IGNAZIO = When I was thin.
PIERO = What subject Ignazio.
SILVIA = Oh yes. Well I have to say that reviewing that performance (Your Love) with them by your side, I got goosebumps.
IGNAZIO = It had a bit of an effect on me too, I haven’t seen it for a while, I’ve really never seen it, it’s the first time, but yes, it has an effect.
SILVIA = There your friends really gathered around you.
IGNAZIO = I’ll tell you the truth, I’m one of those people who thinks that the people closest to you are not seen in times of need, but in times of happiness, because anyway in times of need, anyone can come there and give you a hand out of tenderness, pity, anything. It is in difficult moments that it is more difficult to rejoice for a friend.
SILVIA = And you call yourself Libra, because you are from Libra by zodiac sign, but spongy, what does that mean?
IGNAZIO = But then you’ve read the book, eh!!
Spongy Libra, it’s all those people who, like me, absorb all the energies, negative, positive, whatever, and we keep everything inside, so as not to explode, to seek balance in our lives, but above all in that of others. However I am a person who likes to see happy people, I would do anything to see happy people, neglecting my happiness, more often than not. So, spongy Libra because we always try to make others happy and never think about ourselves.
SILVIA = And you don’t even vent with them, with Piero or Gianluca?
IGNAZIO = Not much.
SILVIA = Do you keep everything inside?
IGNAZIO = Absolutely.
SILVIA = But at a certain point you have to tell….
IGNAZIO = Yes, but that’s exactly the flaw, I like being a spongy Libra, but then the flaw is just that, I get to a point…..
SILVIA = (turning to Piero) And you don’t try to make him talk?
PIERO = This is one of his positive characteristics, for the group, because you know, sometimes not everything can be said, not everything one thinks. However, perhaps he stays silent for a long time and then tells you everything to your face, but the beautiful thing about Ignazio is that he tells you the truth, and you know that when he speaks he is telling the truth, and that is what perhaps at the beginning gives what shock to the group, which surprises you a little, but makes you think, because if he says so, it means that it’s all true.
IGNAZIO = For example, I’ll tell you an anecdote.
IGNAZIO = I’ve never told it, it’s a scoop.
SILVIA = A scoop!
IGNAZIO = A few years ago…..(Piero touches his leg and Ignazio asks him: ) “What happened?”
PIERO = Stay….. (and imitates Ignazio with his legs spread)
IGNAZIO = I’m comfortable… what, excuse me (and he sits down with his legs together, and then crossed).
PIERO = Well done.
IGNAZIO = Is it okay?
PIERO = Very good.
IGNAZIO = A few years ago, it was a period in my life where I was detached from work, I have to tell the truth, I don’t know it was a moment like this, and every now and then they would throw sentences at me:
“You are never there”, “You are always away”, “You are never with us”, “You are always at home”, “You go out with others and not with us”…..and in a meeting I said: “The real reason why I’m not with you is because I don’t feel well, I can’t be with you”.
Since that day, our relationship has changed.
SILVIA= How nice, you had great courage. (applause)
IGNAZIO = (addressing Piero), Do you remember, in Bologna? (Piero nods)
SILVIA = You reacted!
IGNAZIO = They were disappointed.
PIERO = In the end you reflect on the words, you always try to understand the person, his reaction, a word spoken, but in the end he was right, because maybe he needed to be with himself for a while, he didn’t go out with us because he needed to reflect, but like everyone else, you know we go to dinner, we go out when we stay in hotels on the other side of the world we stay together, he was always in the bedroom, always in the bedroom, the first time we invite him , the second also, the third you start to leave him on his own. This thing lasted a couple of months.
IGNAZIO = Yes, yes.
PIERO = Then we tried to deal with this thing, because you know, in the end, the three of us respect our private life very much, but the truth is that we have fun when we are all three together, even off stage, and we didn’t feel like not having him anymore with us, maybe he stayed too much time alone in the bedroom, so we faced this discussion, he had the courage to tell us what was wrong, maybe certain aspects of our character that he didn’t digest…..
IGNAZIO = That is, prejudices, judgments, those things there.
PIERO = And then…..
IGNAZIO = In the end, between friends, it’s the beauty of being friends, the word friends, it’s a bit like in a relationship you say the word I LOVE YOU, you can say, but the true meaning of I love you, it has a great meaning and giving a value to the word FRIEND must be as much as I LOVE YOU. Being friends also means this, being transparent, telling each other everything, how things stand. (applause)
SILVIA = Gianluca do you remember that moment?
GIAN = Yes, but then we know each other so well that we really need not to have any kind of judgement.
SILVIA = Having the freedom to be yourself, because being together for so long, work is fine, but then one feels limited, right? I imagine!
IGNAZIO= Sure, that was the straw that broke the camel’s back, because we have to feel good together.
SILVIA = And are you all right now?
PIERO = Very well.
IGNAZIO = Unfortunately yes!! (applause)
SILVIA = Your time has come (she turns to Piero) are you ready to see you again as a little boy?
PIERO= Go, go, I’m very ready.
SILVIA= Let’s go back in time and this is our gift to you. (applause)
Piero’s voice in the video:
My grandfather Pietro discovered my voice.
“Piero’s grandfather= There was something true, I felt that slowly something had to happen.”
My father never stopped believing in me, I used to sing on the bonnet of cars in the workshop, and you would see this short child, only 1.40m tall, singing, and all the neighbors would look out to listen.
Love is a particular theme, but it is such a strong feeling that it must be protected. I see a good future with a family and children, in my opinion that is the reason for living.
I think the highlight of our career was when we sang in front of Pope Francis in Panama.
Our luck … in the midst of so many people, sometimes you feel alone …. but I think that in 10 years something like this has never happened. (applause)

IGNAZIO = (he turns to Piero) But you are the only miracle in the world without cosmetic surgery.
PIERO = Why?
IGNAZIO = Because you’ve become a handsome boy without surgery. (laughs)
SILVIA = It’s true, but he’s always been handsome.
IGNAZIO = No, it wasn’t always nice.
IGNAZIO = No, come on, when we started he wasn’t handsome, now he’s a handsome boy.
PIERO = That is, do you understand who I have to stay with? (he means that Ignazio is making fun of him)
IGNAZIO = (he points to a photo of Piero) Look at that handsome boy.
SILVIA = With a beard….
PIERO = He (Ignazio) is making fun of me.
IGNAZIO = I’m not kidding you, I’m being honest.
PIERO = I still have to understand when he’s serious.
SILVIA = Yes, me too, I still have to understand.
SILVIA = Are you serious or are you joking?
IGNAZIO = I’m serious.
SILVIA = You are serious!
PIERO = Thank you, we are approaching Christmas and you have become better!
IGNAZIO = No, no, I’ve never told you, but it’s true, you’ve become a handsome boy.
PIERO = Thanks, if you tell me I believe it.
SILVIA = Well done Ignazio!!
IGNAZIO = I’m sincere!
SILVIA = Indeed! (applause)

SILVIA = (she turns to Piero) So, how much did you grow up too, together you trod the most important stages in the world, maybe you never see your videos again, but seeing you, seeing how you grew up, what effect does it have on you?
PIERO = In the video they are images from when we were 15/16 years old, you notice the difference, not only physical, but there is that maturity that only comes with time, with the experiences you live.
This is also the reason why we decided to do this concert in Jerusalem, let’s hope everything goes well, we have just returned from the inspection, an incredible place, (he then turns to the audience) I’ll see you on December 24th on Canale 5.
SILVIA = Bravo, on Christmas Eve! (applause)
PIERO = I was saying that we have decided to sing, to do an event in Jerusalem now, at the age of 28/29, because we are aware that you can only undertake such a profound and important journey if there is that extra maturity, which of course a little boy 14/15 years old cannot have, and therefore we also hope to convey these strong emotions that we experienced in this pre-trip and that we will experience on December 24th.

SILVIA = Well, we talked about you, we talked about Jerusalem, and now let’s talk about LOVE.
IGNAZIO = (ironic) I couldn’t wait.
PIERO = Excuse me, but is Silvia Bond still there? (Silvia in spy version for love topic)
SILVIA = Yes, there’s Silvia Bond, because last time  all you made some important statements to me, (she repeats a sentence in Portuguese said by Ignazio) for example, promises, question marks, look, because now it’s time for truth.
(Start a video of some pieces from the previous broadcast where Silvia had asked about their love life and I summarize their answers:
GIAN = I’m engaged and in love, I’m happy and my girlfriend has my mother’s name, Piero intervenes to say to wait for the next interview with Verissimo to confirm, because Gianluca often changes girlfriends.
Then Piero states that for now he is fine on his own .
Ignazio says that he met a girl from Brazil through the web, he went to meet her and now they are in love and he is happy and would like to be a young father.)
IGNAZIO = (he turns to Silvia) But, won’t they fire you 007?? (he is paraphrasing a James Bond film)
SILVIA = Where do I start? Voluntary question!
IGNAZIO = Go to Piero, start with him.
SILVIA = So Piero was single right?
I read stories, but I don’t know anything (because Italian newspapers write about so many absurd love stories).
PIERO = Better to change the subject. No, as you left me, you find me. (he means that nothing has changed)
SILVIA = Ok, you’re alone, always alone with them (Ignazio and Gianluca).
PIERO = I’m resigned and it will be like this for all the episodes of Verissimo….
SILVIA = But have you had acquaintances this year or just peace of sense?
PIERO = Maybe we concentrated a little too much on work.
SILVIA = Ok, just work….is that right, Ignazio?
IGNAZIO = Yes, he (Piero) will soon be giving his vows (to enter the convent, Ignazio is the usual joker)
SILVIA = It smells of sanctity.
IGNAZIO = The trip to the Holy Land has served and will also serve for this.
SILVIA = And what about you? (she turns to Ignazio but he avoids the topic)
IGNAZIO = Gianluca, so you?
GIAN = No, Ignazio is your turn.
SILVIA = Ignazio we stayed with Ana Paula, from Brazil, a beautiful, blonde girl…..
IGNAZIO = Let’s go on……yes, because it’s complicated……
SILVIA= The distance?
IGNAZIO = Eh, yes.
PIERO = But there is a positive aspect of this relationship.
IGNAZIO = I learned Portuguese.
PIERO = He learned to speak Portuguese and now we don’t do all the interviews in Brazil with the simultaneous translator, but with Ignazio.
SILVIA = Wow, see?
IGNAZIO = Yes, but it’s difficult, complicated.
SILVIA = It’s over.
IGNAZIO = Yes, yes, but for a while already, for a few months already, since June, that’s life, things have a beginning and we don’t know when the end is, when it arrives, it depends how it arrives…. …. do we go further?
SILVIA = See…..
GIAN = Curious, Silvia is curious.
SILVIA = No, I want to know, indeed the public wants to know… and you? Dear Gianluca?
GIAN = It’s a dual relationship, we are one person.
I told you I wouldn’t change.
IGNAZIO = Wait, it hasn’t been two years yet (because Il Volo was invited to Verissimo every two years, instead it’s only been a year since last time)
Usually he has a two-year contract.
SILVIA = But I understand, are you still with Eleonora?
PIERO = Yes, the surname is still the same!
GIAN = Have you seen how they do it? When I speak they jump on me.
IGNAZIO = If I jump on you, you’ll hear me more.
SILVIA = So you kept your promise, if we can say so.
GIAN = Yes, I told you!
SILVIA = Did you do it for us?
GIAN = Of course (he laughs)
PIERO = In fact in the wedding ring there will be written for Silvia (laughter)
SILVIA = Are you happy? Are you OK?
GIAN = Yes, I’m fine, because it’s not easy being around (on tour) and being in love, especially in an age where you often live in freedom, for a series of things, but I’m fine, as I said before, it’s a dual relationship, we are one person, we are similar, really, as if she were my female version and vice versa, in short.
SILVIA = Let’s go ahead and talk about music.
IGNAZIO = Please, are you coming to our concert?
SILVIA = Of course I’ll come to your concerts. So let’s remember on the 24th there’s Christmas in Jerusalem broadcast on Canale 5, then there are three other concert dates.
PIERO = Yes, the day after tomorrow we leave for Brazil, then we will return to Italy for the concerts in Turin on December 15th, Milan on the 17th and in Rome on the 23rd.
SILVIA = And since you never stop, there’s also a new single.
PIERO = Yes, Happy Christmas.
SILVIA = Happy Christmas which is a song by John Lennon which is a beautiful song, a beautiful hymn.
IGNAZIO = Many know it as War is Over.
PIERO = Written in 1971 during the war in Vietnam and unfortunately still today…..
IGNAZIO = is current unfortunately.
PIERO =….. let’s keep talking about this sad topic. And with this song, with Happy Christmas and with Christmas, we try to continue giving life to this message, which is an eternal hymn to PEACE. (applause)

SILVIA = And let’s listen to it, are you ready?
Il Volo with Happy Christmas War is Over. Thank you.
(starts the song)

SILVIA = Thank you!
IGNAZIO = Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays.
SILVIA = Merry Christmas
GIAN = Happy holidays to all.
SILVIA = Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, see you on December 24th, Christmas Eve, with these three really extraordinary guys.
I+P+G= Thank you, thank you all, happy holidays to all.

To all of you at Flight Crew, our warmest wishes for a merry Christmas full of joy, from all the staff:

Daniela, Pat, Susan, Jana, Kelly and Jo Ann…..


Credit to owners of all photos and videos.





After a long wait, the book-signing event in Milan has arrived, in which I wanted to participate.
I had many expectations about this event, and some were met, but unfortunately not all, but first things first.
The meeting was in Milan in the Mondadori bookshop located in the beautiful Piazza Duomo.
Since I can’t go to any of the Italian winter concerts, i.e. Turin, Milan and Rome, I was hoping for a lot for this meeting, which was scheduled with a presentation of the book, some questions and answers and then the signing of the book.
Milan is close to Brescia, just over an hour by train, the meeting was at 5:30pm, so my husband and I left Brescia on the 1:30pm train.
As soon as we arrived in Milan, Piazza Duomo was revealed in all its beauty and sparklingly dressed for the upcoming Christmas.

The beautiful Galleria in Milan, sparkling with its beautiful Swarovski tree.

We immediately rushed to the Mondadori bookstore to buy the book, a necessary condition for having a pass for the event. I had already bought the book in Brescia and I brought it with me, with the intention of having it signed even that too.
The Mondadori bookshop cashier tells me that we have the pass for the second group, because the first passes for the first group were already sold out, and she tells me that the event for the second group will be after 6:00 pm, and there will be only the signing of the book, without being able to interact with questions to Il Volo. This annoyed me a little, I tried to protest, but the saleswoman told me that there were too many adhesions and they couldn’t do otherwise.
So I went up to the third floor, where there were already many fans in line and it was only 4:00 pm.

This photo was just the final and shortest part of the queue, back there it angled towards the longest part but which I couldn’t photograph from my seat.
I couldn’t queue, as my group was on the second floor, but I could at least talk to the people in line and say hello to some friends.
And so I was able to see and say hello to Judith from Canada, in great shape.

And then I also met Sophia, granddaughter of RoseMarie Paliobeis. Both Judith and Sophia will go to the concert at the Forum in Milan, how lucky!!

I also met Alessandra Composto , but we didn’t take the photo, sorry. 

A friend of mine, Cinzia, tells me she has a pass for the first group and offers it to me, I gratefully accept, so I’ll be at the first event, and I queue up, it’s very hot in the library but I’m happy to get in earlier.
But a person in charge of the library arrives who informs us that there will be no book presentation event, but due to scheduling problems, only the signing of the book!! Oh no, what a pity, I was really hoping to have a chat with Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca and instead there will only be a quick signing of the book.
It’s 17:30 and the doors of the room finally open, where Gianluca, Ignazio and Piero are already waiting, I’m at the back of the queue and I don’t see the room. the people in front of me start calling out the names of the boys.
I was hoping to have a little talk with them, but it doesn’t matter, I’m already happy to see them.
And finally after a long queue, I can enter the room and they are there at the back, here they are, finally!!
As I slowly approach, I continue to take pictures.

How beautiful they are, Ignazio is very cheerful, Piero and Gianluca are wearing surgical masks.
At one point I see that Gianluca stares into my eyes, I’m still distant, but I have the clear feeling that he stares at me and recognizes me, he sees that I’m taking pictures, lowers his mask and smiles.

In the mean time I arrive right in front of them, I put my coat on a chair, to be able to take better pictures, while I wait for my turn. But a man from the library tells me: “Madam, did you know that you can’t take pictures?” and so I put away my cell phone, but now it was my turn.

They tell me that I have to stay there next to Gianluca.
I hand over the books to sign, and while they sign, I manage to say:
“Congratulations guys for all your tour and all your events. The book is very nice”.
Gianluca = “Thank you”
Ignazio = “Have you read it?”
Me = “Of course you two (Gian and Igna) did a good introspection. (the photographer takes the picture)
Greetings from Flight Crew, (they smile at me and the photographer tells me to carry on).”

That’s all I managed to say…………shame, but that’s okay. I had the feeling that they were serene, Ignazio was laughing, I felt Piero less present because he was on the opposite side.
I didn’t want to take advantage of the time, because shortly before the library security man complained to a woman who was taking advantage of the boys’ time and ordered her to go ahead.
It’s already dark outside.

I have to rush to the train station, because just today there are strikes by means of travel and I risk not returning to Brescia.
I leave the library, one last shot of the beautiful Piazza Duomo in the evening and off to the station.

I’m tired but also satisfied.
While I’m on the return train, I check the photos I took, not bad, I like them.
Then I find a nice photo of the boys on Facebook, there on the third floor of the library, right in front of the balcony from which they performed in 2019.

And finally this nice summary video.
After a long wait, everything ended quickly.
Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca in these days have already done a book signing event in Turin, then the concert in Turin then this book signing event in Milan and the following day there was the concert in Milan (I will tell you about the three concerts in another post). The day after the concert in Milan they went to Montecarlo for a private event.

Then they will quickly return to Italy, because there is the book signing in Bologna and then the book signing in Rome and the concert in Rome, and then the final event in Jerusalem.
You guys are a force, I don’t know how you can handle this.
In any case I am happy to have seen you, even if only for a few moments, but to have seen you all smiling and serene.
A hug:💗💗💗
Daniela 🤗


Credit to owners of all photos and video.