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VERISSIMO 21/05/2023 by Daniela

Just a few days ago, Il Volo published this photo with the announcement that on Sunday 21 May they would be guests of Verissimo, the beautiful show hosted by the good and nice Silvia Toffanin,

…….and therefore, how better for closing on a rainy Sunday?  Watch and listen to the three of them, a little sun!!

A nice interview to talk about the upcoming events on Canale 5, the two concerts recorded in the Arena.
I’ll translate the video for you, enjoy watching and enjoy reading, you’ll have fun.

~ Click Here to Watch the Video ~

SILVIA= Let’s start this episode with three guys who conquered the world with their talent and their voice… Il Volo 🎶
(applause, Gianluca Piero and Ignazio enter)
Welcome back, how are you? (kisses and hugs).
Welcome back to Verissimo! (everyone sits down)
How is it going? How are you?
GIANLUCA= Who’s back, again!
SILVIA= Sometimes we have an appointment and we have to meet, it’s good luck!
IGNAZIO= Yes, the only thing that worries me is what comes next.
SYLVIA= That is?
IGNAZIO = Silvia Bond, that thing there. (he refers to the questions Silvia will surely ask about love).
SILVIA= Ah, the one there about love? Of course there will be the question of love, but it’s not time yet.
You will be the protagonists of two special evenings, May 27 and June 3 on Canale 5, are you happy?
PIERO= Yes! We are very happy because we got to work and create this event at the Verona Arena, with so many artists. These two event evenings are called ALL FOR ONE, the reason why we decided to name it like this is because we want to show our audience, perhaps to those who have never come to our concerts, our individual personalities, because yes, we are Il Volo, we have been together for 14 years, but each of us has his personal tastes, has his own identity, and then, demonstrating and highlighting these three personalities, we get together and sing together, in the end the goal of the three is always Il Volo.
SILVIA= And are you really all for one, one for all as the musketeers said?
IGNAZIO= Absolutely, because maybe, sometimes you can’t see what’s going on behind, right? So maybe we back each other up, we help each other, we build courage, there are moments during the concert that are sometimes difficult because of the things that happen and maybe we help each other by saying:
“The concert isn’t over, let’s move on.”
PIERO= Also because every day is not the same, there are moments of stress and perhaps it is our strength, because over time our relationship has always improved, and there is an incredible understanding. I thank life every day for the gift it has given us, that it has given me, to have met them….. 
IGNAZIO= Think how lucky (ironic).
PIERO=….. and it’s an incredible journey.
SILVIA= Wow, but it’s a wonderful declaration of love, of esteem.  ❤
IGNAZIO= Mamma mia.
GIANLUCA= This is the declaration of love! (applause) 
SILVIA= Do you agree, Gianluca?
GIANLUCA= Yes, and then let’s say that we’ve known each other since we were little, we’ve learned a little to know each other, to manage the moments when we were immature, leaving aside the ego, the presumption, trying to understand each other, it’s a relationship all the effects, so this is much more important, getting along off stage, and then everything comes to itself, that’s the most important thing.
SILVIA= Because you spent all your adolescence we can say, together, you went through it together and it’s a moment….
IGNAZIO= Ah yes, unfortunately yes, I must say (and he laughs) 😁
PIERO= Don’t do the usual…..always the same, it never changes!! 😁
IGNAZIO= I’m kidding, but we lived the most important moment of life together and we shared it, in good times and in bad things and we grew up together, that’s it. (He looks at Piero) What’s up, why are you looking at me like that?
PIERO= Were more, the beautiful things.
IGNAZIO= Yes, but in fact I said good things and also bad things.
SILVIA= But was there a moment when one of you has ever gone to his head, ( si è montato la testa) and you had to tell him to stay calm?
GIANLUCA= But do you know what I believe? It is said that success changes you, when in reality, in my opinion, it is the amplifier of what you already are, because if you have a strong personality, and you have the important values that your family transmits to you, in the end you don’t change, in my opinion. Then you have to manage it with intelligence, with maturity and with responsibility and you have to have the right people around you who then allow you to grow in the best way. But it has never happened between us, I don’t think anyone has ever gone to his head. Then I don’t know what people perceive at home, but we have always tried to be ourselves and to send our message for the love of bel canto.
PIERO= Often one hears:
“How humble these guys have remained, what humility”, humility is synonymous with education, because in the end, if you are educated, if you grow up with values, you can’t change much, and perhaps our strength is to be surrounded by people who send us affection every day, and who care above all about our health, our mood, about feeling good about ourselves, and then about the activity we carry out, and therefore we must be grateful to them, for the education they gave us. ❤
SILVIA= What unites you, besides the beautiful voice, singing, profession?
IGNAZIO= I think we are three guys who…. I don’t mean that they are never satisfied….., we are always looking for something, it is as if, despite being aware that we are very lucky, we are not satisfied never, we always try to go further and look for new stimuli. Here, perhaps what we have in common is that we need stimuli in life, enthusiasm, and we are always looking for something that can give it to us.

SILVIA= So, of course I have prepared some gifts for you, the first one is for you, to celebrate these guys: ONE FOR ALL, ALL FOR ONE, let’s look.
( A video starts which summarizes some moments of Il Volo’s career)
VOICE IN VIDEO= There are voices that start from a precise place and reach the whole world with their echo. By writing a story capable of making people fly beyond the boundaries never imagined, Ignazio, Piero and Gianluca have given life to a myth that is marked by a legendary motto, ALL FOR ONE.
GIANLUCA in video= We met when we were children and we grew up together.
VOICE IN VIDEO= Theirs is the story of two tenors and a baritone, who meet to sing in unison.
PIERO in video = We weren’t aware of what we were experiencing, now it’s our job, our daily life.
VOICE IN VIDEO= Walking in the footsteps of the great contemporary and past tenors, they grow by reaping successes and victories.
Music leads them to discover every part of the world, from the United States to South America and Japan.
They sing on the most prestigious stages, in front of the most important personalities, reaching record numbers in the international charts.
IGNAZIO in video= We try to give messages with our music.
VOICE IN VIDEO= Between superstar meetings and events, they maintain the genuine identity of those children who, without knowing it, years ago, were already writing a dream.
And if it is true that by exploding their respective singing potential they have reached dizzying goals, it is in that being THREE that magically becomes ONE, they find the profound meaning of what really matters.
PIERO= I would like to know the operator who made this montage (of the video). What is his name?
IGNAZIO= Yes, the editor….
GIANLUCA= You know what, we have to thank all the people who work. It is true that the singer or all public figures “put their face” in the foreground, certainly, but we must never put ourselves on a pedestal compared to all the people who have a very important job and if we are here it is because behind the scenes, there are people who work for us.
SILVIA= It’s true, let’s applaud all those who allow it. (Applause).
Well, you’ve traveled a lot, I know you’ve also come from a tour you just did in South America, where there are always these fans who are so warm to you.
PIERO= South America is apart, South America is a magical, unique place, they have their own way of welcoming people, we are calm again, because in the end, we travel a lot, we play concerts every day, but in the end stress goes away, because it’s all repaid with the affection you receive every day. Then South America is so big, a huge territory, in the end you do a concert in Mexico City and the next day you have to sing in Santiago de Chile and there’s a 7/8 hour flight. But in the end all the fatigue goes away the moment you step on stage.
SILVIA= But do you remember your first autograph? When people started to recognize you, you were really small.
PIERO= We have to tell this one. Our first autograph (he addresses Ignazio and Gianluca), do you remember the first sign-session, the first autograph signing…..
IGNAZIO=… goodness!!
PIERO= We released the first album, no one knew us….
IGNAZIO= One of the most embarrassing things in history…
SYLVIA= Age? How many years?
PIERO = 15 years.
IGNAZIO= Our first record in Italy.
PIERO= Our first album. Together with the record company, we organized this autograph signing in a bookshop in Rome, and nobody was there, because nobody knew us.
IGNAZIO= So, there were about thirty people inside the shop and we said…a good result, but then there were only 5/6 for the signature, who wanted the autograph.
PIERO= Do you know what we did? There were people who worked for us, they came with the disc and we signed it (to show that someone was signing!!) 😁😁
GIANLUCA= But joking aside, those moments there remind you of how ephemeral success is, because you can really lose it from one moment to the next, if you have that awareness, you continue to surprise yourself and you don’t have that presumption of it “going to your head”, because then you have to remember where you came from, how you started, how we felt when we were children and began to have our first experiences.
SILVIA= Have you ever thought if everything were to end tomorrow what could you do?
IGNAZIO= Absolutely yes.
SILVIA= What would you do?
IGNAZIO= But I don’t worry, I don’t worry, because in any case the important thing is that I am happy, then I am an anomalous case, in the sense that fame is very beautiful, because it leads you to discover new worlds, new people , but personally I am a very homely person, peace of mind, I would be happy even with a quiet job, then I always thank life for the immense opportunity it has given me, but I think that in life you don’t need so much to be happy. So, I would still find my happiness.
PIERO= It depends from which point of view you see things. On a personal level, these little moments, that nice thing we told you just now, makes you understand that the most important thing in life is to last, to stay.
After all, it’s not the one who conquers who wins, but the one who goes on, because in the end, yes, you have brought home a great event, but already when the last song ends, you have to think about what to do tomorrow morning, so the goal it’s about studying every day, renewing oneself, always keeping pace with the times, and I think this is the goal, the purpose of anyone, any professional.
SILVIA= We talked about fans, we went right to the Verona Arena, and look who we met, not only Italian fans, but fans from all over the world come for you.
(A beautiful video starts with small interviews with fans made before the concerts)
WOMAN 1= I may be their grandmother, but I’m really a huge fan.
WOMAN 2= They transport me to another world.
WOMAN 3= Thanks to them I can hear better, because I’ve had deafness, thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart.
WOMAN 4 = My mother really liked them, so it’s also a memory of affection, they’re magnificent.
WOMAN 5= Their voices really have a melody that fills the soul.
WOMAN 6= Very good, simple, and when they sing, for me it’s an emotion that I can’t describe.
WOMAN 7= I’m here because they are UNIQUE. Thanks to them I have also found the strength to carry on and I will accompany them at the top of my lungs.
MAN= For me they represent Italian music.
WOMAN 8= They helped me especially in a very dark period of my life, in fact I also got a tattoo dedicated to them (she tattooed: music that remains) which I really care a lot about.
WOMAN 9= I like to sing, and so they inspired me a little, let’s say.
WOMAN 10= I adore them and then when they won Sanremo with GRANDE AMORE, I was expecting my second child and it was beautiful.
WOMAN 11= I really like that song A CHI ME DICE (TO THOSE WHO TELL ME), it reaches the heart with all the words, to the person you love.
WOMAN 12= 50 years of marriage, and we celebrate them here on this splendid evening with the guys from Il Volo.
WOMAN 13= Hello Gianluca, I love you!
WOMAN 14= You are great.
WOMAN 15= I came from Bari for you.
MAN 2= Me from Caserta.
WOMAN 15= I’m proud to be Italian, even for them.
WOMAN 16= What I carry in my heart, which is also the title of your book, is you. I love you.
WOMAN 17= I’m French, hello to Il Volo.
WOMAN 18= I come from Mexico, I discovered them in 2009 and I will always be with you, I love you.
WOMAN 19= Greetings from Germany and we are looking forward to an amazing concert tonight.
WOMAN 20= I carry incredible emotions with me, and from the bottom of my heart, thank you, thank you, and thank you again.
WOMAN 21= Goosebumps, fantastic.
WOMAN 22= I’m from Germany, your music really helped me through these difficult times, so thank you very much.
WOMAN 23= I come from Brazil to see Il Volo. Brazil loves Il Volo and I love them too and I love Italy.
SILVIA= Wow, I got goosebumps!!
GIANLUCA= You know that sometimes I think there is always a reason. The incredible thing is seeing the affection of people of all ages, you know I still remember when we sang together in 2009, I remember people were surprised to see three children who had adult voices, it was the first time that three kids that age sang lyrical pop, so the hardest thing was to that of maintaining such a varied audience over the years, of all ages, and who after 14 years continue to come to our concerts and show us their affection.
SILVIA= And then it really struck me when two or three people said that you helped them in difficult moments, it’s a responsibility and I also think, a beautiful thing for you.
PIERO= It’s also the strength of the music. Music, both for those who listen to it and for those who interpret it, has incredible power. For us, I personally think singing is the only way to express my joy, so I feel like an extremely happy person, I really don’t know how to describe this and luckily they (Ignazio and Gianluca), on stage, can understand what I feel at that moment, because describing the feeling that music gives you, that it gives you when you receive an applause, it is impossible to describe that emotion.
SILVIA= How many times have you been moved while you sang?
PIERO= Often, lately often.
IGNAZIO= But also in the Arena, it happens. There are times when, personally speaking, it’s like I teleport to another world. It’s bad to say, in the sense, there are ten thousand people in front of the Arena, but it’s as if nobody were there.
SILVIA= Because you are with yourself.
IGNAZIO= It’s strange, yes, it’s a very strange feeling. When they ask you:
“But how can you sing in front of all those people?” Sometimes you don’t see them, because it’s a strange connection that only those who experience it can understand. It’s really hard to explain.
SILVIA= However on May 27th and June 3rd, there will also be many other artists with you….
PIERO= We have seen some pictures….
SILVIA= We have framed the Pooh (an Italian group), but we have images of some artists who will be with you. Watch!
(A video starts and we see various artists who will sing with Il Volo during the two evenings. It is obviously raining and Gianluca says: We won’t stop even with the rain).
SILVIA= Nothing stops you!
How nice, so many friends, so many artists came on stage for these two beautiful evenings…
GIANLUCA= It’s almost new, let’s say. We are always consistent with what we have done in the last 14 years, however it is the first time that we perform with singers like Madame, like Annalisa, like Francesca Michielin (all three are young Italian female singers, very popular with the very young), and then with the Poohs, Antonello Venditti and many others, it was nice to try to vary, even with different musical styles, to show a part of us that perhaps no one knows yet.
SILVIA = It will be a wonderful thing, I’m sure. (applause)
PIERO= The most beautiful part of this profession, of these events, is trying to enjoy the journey, from when an idea is born, to the moment in which you manage to realize it, clearly with the people you work with, with the means you use part, and fortunately we have a team behind us of people who believe in us.
I want to say that this idea, not by chance, was born to our manager Michele Torpedine, he always has this stroke of genius, he always manages to amaze us with ideas, he comes to the table with some cards and says: “Guys, I have this idea, what do you think?”, and in the end, we always deliver on these great ideas.
IGNAZIO= Yes, and then if you think about it…..
PIERO= I was finishing the speech!
PIERO= …… so to get to the events of May 27th and June 3rd, I will personally duet….. every evening each of us will do two duets each, so every evening I decided to do a duet related to music classical, with a singer, an artist who is part of the world of opera, and then, on the contrary, the musical genre very distant from classical music, in fact we have seen (in the video) Gianna Nannini will be Mario Biondi, therefore the experiments that arise with particular ideas, which music allows you.
SILVIA= Superb!
So, are you ready?
PIERO= But is there that BOND thing?
SILVIA= No, because you just have to talk this time.
PIERO= Ah, okay!
SILVIA= Yes, my dears, are you ready to talk about love?
IGNAZIO= I couldn’t wait!
SILVIA= I knew it, and in fact I start with you, my dear!
How is it going?
PIERO= You have to talk, so start…
IGNAZIO= There are no videos??
SILVIA= How are you? The Beatles had Yoko Ono, in short …. who is here for you?
IGNAZIO= There is no one today!
SILVIA= That’s not true!
IGNAZIO= I swear!
SILVIA= Isn’t anyone there?
IGNAZIO= There is no one.
GIANLUCA= Well, you know, Brazil is far away.
SILVIA= Are we still stuck in Brazil?
IGNAZIO= No, Brazil is finished.
SILVIA= Is it finished?
GIANLUCA= It’s far, far away.
IGNAZIO= Now I’m moving to other continents (jokes). No, no, it’s just…… Piero, so Piero, my dear Piero, how are you doing? Everything OK? (he tries to change the subject)
PIERO= If Brazil is far away, mine is in New Zealand (he jokes that there is no one for him too)
SILVIA= Ah, your New Zealand?
PIERO= No, no, zero!!
IGNAZIO= It’s that things have a beginning and an end, we know when they begin, we don’t know when they end, and it’s over, that’s it.
PIERO= So, to avoid, we don’t start.
IGNAZIO= We can go on, please because then I feel…..
SILVIA= So the only one engaged is you (to Gianluca).
GIANLUCA= Mine is nearby, it’s in Rome, so…..
IGNAZIO= He is with the same girl!!
SILVIA= All these years?
GIANLUCA= But I told you last time, do you remember, that I made you a promise…
SILVIA= And we’re still here guys, chapeau (French exclamation to say: hats off, that is, to compliment. Applause.)
IGNAZIO= I must say…. that I too was amazed.
PIERO= I see then, he also has an engagement ring, you see how beautiful, how sober. (He refers, jokingly, to the eye-catching snake ring that Gianluca wears, and that he also wore on the evening of the concert).

SILVIA= So you’re getting married?
GIANLUCA= No, no, it’s a snake, but no, he plays stupid, (laughs), no, it’s still early, damn it, no.
SILVIA= That’s right!
IGNAZIO= You are thirty years old! When do you want to start a family?
GIANLUCA= We’ll see, we’ll see, then over time it changes, but…..
IGNAZIO= I would have become a father at the age of 25, I would have loved it.
GIANLUCA= I’m still a son, I’m still a son to be a father, so I still have to wait a little longer.
PIERO= Your son is born in heels (he keeps joking about Gianluca because he wears high-heeled shoes. Piero and Ignazio laugh)

SILVIA= Why does he say this?
GIANLUCA= Because they make fun of me because I have stilts now (he shows the boots with high heels), you understand, I’m a rocker, I want to be a rocker.
IGNAZIO= It’s not that you’re a rocker, it’s that you’re short!! You’re short, so wear heels!
SILVIA= Don’t do body shaming to Gianluca.
IGNAZIO= No, no!!
GIANLUCA= But I’m not touchy anyway, so it’s fine!
SILVIA= Well, let’s remember the important things, May 27th, June 3rd, from the Verona Arena, Il Volo ALL FOR ONE. What to say, thank you!
PIERO= We only want to say one very important thing, we thank this network (Canale 5) for having believed in us, and for all the support we receive every day.
GIANLUCA= It’s just the beginning….of a long series.
SILVIA= It’s just the beginning of a very long series, thanks to Gianluca, thanks to Ignazio, thanks to Piero! The flight!! (Kisses hugs, to Piero Silvia she says “see you next time” to Ignazio she says “be good” and he replies “I’m always good”, unfortunately you can’t hear what he says to Gianluca).

I would say that it was a really pleasant interview. It’s almost time and we’ll see the two concerts recorded in the Arena.
Piero Ignazio and Gianluca were relaxed and serene, Silvia knows how to put them at ease. Ignazio and Piero, as usual, joke about poor Gianluca for his heels, but what about Ignazio’s and Piero’s shoes? Really unwatchable, and let’s not talk about Ignazio’s pants, too wide and long and Piero’s too short!!! These guys make me die laughing, but the words they say, are always beautiful and sensible, and mature and always grateful to others!!

And these days, the promo warning of the two events is on the air on Canale 5, here it is.
Furthermore, Il Volo has recently announced 3 concerts in Milan in September.


Unfortunately there are many fake profiles, which creep into the fans’ comments, posing as Gianluca, Piero and Ignazio and also asking for money. I remind everyone that they never respond personally to fans and only have three instagram profiles certified by the blue check, so be wary of fake profiles. Torpedine also made a post about this.


That’s all for now, waiting to see the first event on May 27th, I await all your comments on the Verissimo interview.
I want to close with the beautiful words of our friend from Colombia. Only you, Adriana Luz can find such beautiful words, thank you!!
Daniela 🤗
They fill the spaces of the heart, they are incredible, they inspire so many feelings and beautiful emotions, that one cannot explain how it is possible that all three reflect so much talent, so much love, so much Voice.
Each one shines without dulling the other two, each one is different, without resembling the other two.
However, by bringing together each of her voices, each of her talents, each one shines.
Together they highlight their personalities much more, forming a perfect amalgam of vocal harmony and soul.
Example of delivery, example of maturity, example of tolerance.
They are unique, special and charming.
Admiration, affection and respect from Colombia.


Credit to owners of all photos and videos.


On May 16th, the weekly SORRISI E CANZONI TV was released in Italy on newsstands, publishing a beautiful interview with Il Volo, and what a thrill to see the faces of Ignazio, Gianluca and Piero on the front page!!! I translate for you:

It’s May 1st, Labor Day (in Italy). But not for everyone.
The first part of “Tutti per uno”, Il Volo’s gala which will be broadcast on Canale 5 on May 27 and June 3, will be staged at the Arena di Verona.
The next day I meet Piero Barone, Ignazio Boschetto and Gianluca Ginoble in their hotel, in the heart of the city, tired, happy and above all amazed by the affection shown by the public, who undauntedly, watched the show in the rain, which lasted over three hours: “Nobody left, despite the water, and we got even more excited seeing that they all remained motionless under umbrellas”, Ignazio says, as he bites into a double chicken club sandwich with a side of fries, under the stern gaze of Gianluca and his seared salmon with white rice.
The Arena is an important place for you. In what state of mind do you go up on this stage?
GIANLUCA= “We are three leaders, but very different. With this project we felt the need to show our different personalities and vocalities”.
PIERO= “The Arena allows you to make your every wish come true, both artistically and in terms of production. Then it is a place that attracts the public and for this project we wanted a safe, already baptized place.” (means a place that already has an important name)
IGNAZIO= “It’s not just for this though. We could have done it even in a television studio. But our strength is to sing in front of the audience and charge ourselves with its emotions.”
You have just crossed the 14-year career milestone. Do you realize that half of your life you have spent together?”
GIANLUCA= “We are not related by blood, but by passion. We didn’t choose each other, but the intensity of the emotions we share on stage unites us more than anything else. We must learn to put aside ego and presumption, and listen to each other.”
PIERO= “At the beginning we were three teenagers and everyone thought they were right, we didn’t have the maturity to listen to each other. Fortunately our relationship has also matured with the chronological age.”
How did the idea of these two evenings come about?
IGNAZIO= “Our personal tastes go beyond what we sing. We are having an evolution in our group.”
GIANLUCA=“Il Volo remains the priority, however the lineup of the two evenings has been designed in a coherent way to show who we are.
Piero is the tenor of the group, he studies opera and dreams of one day interpreting one.
I, on the other hand, love American music like Elvis Presley, Bob Dylan, John Mayer with his guitars, but also Italian songwriting like Fabrizio De André.
Ignazio also has a soulful voice and can do anything.”

You will sing both alone and with other artists. Can you give us some examples?
You will sing both alone and with other artists. Can you give us some examples?
GIANLUCA= I will sing GEORDIE with Madame (Italian singer), because we both love De André, with Irama (Italian singer) LA CURA by Battiato (Italian singer-songwriter) and with Annalisa (Italian singer) SHALLOW by Lady Gaga.”
PIERO=“I will sing MISERERE with Mario Biondi, and with Gianna Nannini MERAVIGLIOSA CREATURA.”
IGNAZIO=“Instead I will sing with Francesca Michielin (Italian singer). I know her artistically, she is very good at reaching people with her words. We will talk about love.
And then with Mario Biondi I will sing NATURAL WOMAN and SEI BELLISSIMA, alone with the guitar. Ah, I will also duet with Orietta Berti! (long career Italian singer).”
PIERO= “And we will sing with Pooh  (Italian group), we will almost be a soccer team!”
GIANLUCA= “We would like to say that we are three singers, not just three tenors. But obviously we will also re-propose our classics.”
PIERO= “We will open the show with GRANADA, but in different versions: classical, soul and pop, three like our personalities.”
Federica Panicucci will be on stage with you.
PIERO= “When we created this gala, we thought of a female figure who would help us show small features of our character. We couldn’t ask each other questions or celebrate ourselves. When her name came up, we all agreed. It is correct and balanced. It is the first time that we work together with her.”
Did she put you in line?
PIERO= “We don’t use the hunchback and we don’t follow a script, but the authors give us small inputs to bond with.
Then maybe we change the subject and improvise, but Federica is very well prepared, a great professional.”
GIANLUCA= “While they were trying on the lights, she called me to ask me for advice on the dress. I told her that ours would have glitter and so she too chose a long sparkling dress. She put us at ease, we talked about the most and at the very least, it was like we were at home singing with friends. Federica was a nice surprise.”
ALL FOR ONE was the motto of the three musketeers. What’s yours?
PIERO= “We don’t have one, but just before going on stage we always shake hands and look into each other’s eyes. The nice thing is that we encourage each other, especially if one of us is less excited, or has a moment of discouragement, as happened to me yesterday evening: when I reached the last four songs I was mentally tired. Between the rain and humidity, I saw the audience suffer and I felt bad.
We sang 32 songs for over three hours in the rain.
I couldn’t take it anymore, but Ignazio encouraged me. Unity is our strength.”
What is your routine in Verona?
GIANLUCA= “Even in this we are different. Like Piero, I get up early, I always train and eat healthy, but he loves having everything under control, he is precise and doesn’t rest for a moment. Ignazio, on the other hand, is genius and reckless.”
PIERO= “I get up at 7:30 am, I train (I asked for an exercise bike in the room to pedal 20 minutes before going to bed, because I’m training for the New York marathon), then I have a protein breakfast, rigorously alone and in silence, because I read the news on my computer.
I am very organized and respect the timetables. Before I lived with more anxiety, now I enjoy the journey and arrive on stage serene.”
IGNAZIO= “Before, I too was careful about what I ate and trained constantly. Then my dad passed away within a month. I wasn’t prepared. When these things happen, you change.
Now I try to do what makes me feel good. I’m lucky enough to do what I like and if something goes wrong, patience.
Why do I have to have trouble, or suffer if it rains? We just give our best, tomorrow we don’t know what will happen.
I want to live like this with the sun on my forehead.! (This is a phrase that is part of a song that Piero will perform in the Arena)”
The last time we met was October 2019, to celebrate the collection of THE BEST OF TEN YEARS. In these four years, three of which due to the pandemic, what has happened in your lives?
PIERO= “We have dedicated ourselves to ourselves. This stop has helped me a lot to clarify my ideas and -set myself up- for the future. I have deepened my studies on opera.”
GIANLUCA= “I rediscovered reading and studied the piano, as well as being with my family.”
IGNAZIO= “I too started studying, I fell in love with sound, with how a recording studio works, with how a song is produced. I spent time with my loved ones.
For years we have been in the midst of a storm of commitments, emotions and compromises. It was important to stop and understand what we wanted to do.”
So let’s look to the future, what awaits you after these two evenings?
GIANLUCA= “We are working on a new album. Then in October we will conclude the dates of the world tour that started in May 2022. After three years of standstill, we are back in a big way, without neglecting any continent. We have been everywhere: Australia, Japan, South America, USA, Europe and now we have added a date in Petra, Jordan. We have done more than 100 concerts. It is our longest tour ever. We had so much fun. We returned to the stage with a new awareness, enjoying every moment.”
PIERO= “The public waited for our return for four years, they didn’t abandon us. This is a further confirmation of the people’s affection.”
As usual I’m speechless, but did you read correctly??? Petra in Jordan, wow, wow… but they haven’t said the date yet.
Meanwhile, May 27th is approaching and we will see one of the evenings on Canale 5 and on the same day, Il Volo will be in live concert in Krakow!!

See you soon: Daniela 
Credit to owners of all photos and videos.


On 6 May 2023, Il Volo was a guest in two television programs broadcast at the same time, one on Rai1 and one on Canale 5.
The one on RAI1 was a repeat of a program dedicated to Lucio Dalla (he wrote Caruso), recorded in the Arena and broadcast on TV exactly on June 3, 2022. That evening I was in the Arena for an Il Volo concert and therefore I didn’t see it this evening,  and I never sent  you the video of the only song sung by Il Volo and exactly: CARUSO.
So I take this opportunity to present it to you now.
So I dedicated myself to watching the AMICI broadcast on Canale 5, to see the moment of Il Volo. You know that AMICI is a program where young people dedicated to singing and dancing are selected, it’s a kind of school and at the end there is the final exam where the winner of the program is elected by elimination, in short, a talent show.
( Il Volo in backstage)
Our boys also came out of a similar program, but let me tell you that there is a notable difference between the singing talent of those who showed up years ago. 
In particularly the young singer, those that nowadays are pushed forward by record companies, they have anonymous voices and no intonation, often they are out of tune, but the record companies seek guys who focus on the image not on singing ability and often is not a “clean” image, in short, guys who are sometimes insolent, rude and also lacking in talent, unfortunately, and often without particular singing skills to exhibit!!!
I want to emphasize that this is my opinion, but I’m realizing from the many comments that people are opening their eyes and ears and are also very indignant about the choices of the judges, and the record companies ……. surely something is changing in people’s tastes and the praise to Il Volo and their voices and also to their way of being, in the comments, this time, were unanimous and this makes me very happy.
I had to wait for the whole broadcast to see them, practically midnight had already struck and finally here they are, beautiful, dressed differently, but still elegant, and Ignazio……….. you look much better in that type of trousers!! 😉
They presented a short medley of three solo songs, mirroring their different genres.
Ignazio started proposing “When the Party’s Over” by Billie Eilish. Gianluca proposed “Crazy Little Thing Called Love” by Queen, yes that’s it, Roz!! And Piero, a short piece of “E lucean le stelle” from Tosca.
And finally, all together “GRANDE AMORE”!!
At the end of their performance, the boys and Maria, recalled the two concerts they had just held in the Arena and said that they will be broadcast on Canale 5 on May 27th and June 3rd.
Now the dates seem official. A little more patience and we can see them again.
All three then went to greet the judges and teachers of the show. ☺
There is nothing to say, three beautiful performances, Il Volo is also this, three good singers, with excellent voices, three different personalities, but which then come together in the best.
There will still be a lot to discover about them and they will only be good things, I’m sure.
Daniela 🤗


Credit to owners of all photos and videos.


On April 7, Il Volo, just back from the South American tour, participated in the TV show on Canale 5 entitled “Felicissima Sera —-all inclusive”.
This show is a nice program where they make fun of other programs, it is hosted by Pio and Amedeo, two comedians.
The show started at 09:40 am and Il Volo came on around midnight!!
Here are the photos of Piero and Gianluca backstage during at make-up session…

Here is their moment which I will try to explain better.
After a nice presentation, where the two conductors make a long speech about success and profit, which are not everything in life, Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca arrive and sing My Way.
Immediately after the song and the applause, Pio and Amedeo tell the boys not to leave, because they will have to get involved and Piero says he has always been afraid of the two of them!! 😁
In fact, immediately after, Pio and Amedeo are seated in the audience and exactly next to Giovanna and Alberto, who are the wife and son of Amadeus, an Italian presenter who presented Sanremo again this year.
Pio and Amedeo ironically tell Giovanna and Alberto that they must convince Amadeus to invite the neo-melodic Neapolitan singers to Sanremo who are very famous here in Naples but have not been admitted to Sanremo. To convince Amadeus that the Neapolitan neo-melodic singers are very important, he makes Ignazio, Gianluca and Piero duet with them. 😁

Click Here to view the video

Really nice: Ignazio, Gianluca and Piero dueting with the three neo-melodic singers and the finale was really fun, with the introduction of freshly baked croissants, a classic in Italy in those very early morning hours.
Ignazio can’t resist and immediately bites into a croissant, Gianluca holds it in his hand and says the final goodbyes, and Piero, he’s upright and resists hot croissants……..but it’s not really like that and then you’ll understand why. 😁
Pio and Amedeo thanked il Volo saying that the three of them were on tour from the other end of the world and when they called them to take part in the show and also learned that they had to duet, they immediately said yes. ❤

And that’s why I was telling you that even Piero couldn’t resist the deliciousness of the hot croissant, in fact, backstage…………and with some sweet additions of Nutella!!!
Piero says “I can’t eat, I’m also intolerant to dairy products!!”……but he can’t resist.😁😁😁
Furthermore, in the backstage of the broadcast, Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca also met their godmother, Antonella Clerici, who introduced them in 2009, exactly in April, during “Ti lascio una canzone”, 14 years have passed, but Antonella is always been very affectionate with them. 

More photos from the evening.

But there is also another novelty, the promos announcing the two concerts that will take place on May 1st and 3rd in the Arena are circulating on TV.
Here is the first promo, broadcast during the Tele-news in Canale 5.
GIANLUCA= They will be two unpublished events, you will see us in a guise, like you have never seen us before.
VOICE= The boys of Il Volo, come back to perform live in Italy.
PIERO= Each of us…..
IGNAZIO= Don’t tell anything, May 1st and 3rd come to the Verona Arena and you will see everything.
GIANLUCA= A completely new show.
VOICE= Piero, Gianluca and Ignazio,  TUTTI PER UNO  (ALL FOR ONE) the title of the highly anticipated live event of the trio, in the magical setting of the Verona Arena.
IGNAZIO= See you at my concert at the Arena di Verona…
PIERO= No, to mine….
GIANLUCA= …. to my, to my…
PIERO= We know that we have three different voices….
GIANLUCA= We would like to highlight this thing.
VOICE= After a long international tour that has just ended in South America.
GIANLUCA= There we sing most of the songs in Spanish, and it’s nice to see such a different culture passionate about our music.
VOICE= Their extraordinary and unmistakable voices will thrill the audience for two incredible evenings that we will soon see on TV on Canale 5.
GIANLUCA= They will be aired soon on Canale 5, you will see us in a new, different guise.
IGNAZIO= I’ll wait for you at my concert.
PIERO= See you on Canale 5, from the Verona Arena.

And then also this nice promo. 😁😁😁
GIANLUCA= Hi, I’m Gianluca and I’m here to meet you at the Verona Arena for a special occasion.
PIERO= Hi, I’m Piero and I want to meet you at the Verona Arena for a special occasion.
IGNAZIO= Hi, I’m Ignazio, actually it’s me who has to give you a special appointment at the Verona Arena.
GIANLUCA= (towards Piero) Excuse me, but what are you doing here?
PIERO= I’m making an appointment at the Verona Arena for something of mine.
GIANLUCA= But like your thing….
IGNAZIO= Hi, did you say I’ll be at the Verona Arena?
PIERO= No, I’m there!
GIANLUCA= We’re not joking, I’m there!
PIERO= Guys, I booked it for me.
IGNAZIO= I’ll be waiting for you…
I+P+G=….At the Verona Arena!

That’s all for now, I’m getting ready for the concert on May 1st, how exciting.
The two concerts will then be broadcast on Canale 5 on May 20 and 27, but I will give you a good report of the concert on May 1, waiting to see the entire Canale 5 recording.
I will also meet several Volo-friends, it will be wonderful!!
Daniela 🤗

Credit to owners of all photos and videos.


March started very well here in Italy, in the evening on Canale 5, we were waiting for the previously recorded episode where Il Volo was a guest of Michelle Huzinker in the MICHELLE IMPOSSIBLE program.
It was all wonderful, Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca perfectly at ease, but you will see for yourself from the long video.

Daily Motion Video – Click Here

A splendid Michelle comes down the stairs and makes a long speech to introduce Il Volo.
MICHELLE= Do you ever think about the moment that completely changed your life?
That moment when everything changes in an instant, when we took that train, that decision, or accepted that job, that’s the moment that started a series of events that led us to where we are today.
And if it had gone differently what would it have been like? Would we still be with those people we know today? Or would it be completely different? Because in my opinion the people we have around us are very important and are a turning point, they are fundamental in the meetings we have, and this is why we must be careful, we must pay close attention to the opportunities that present themselves, because the meetings that we do, they can change our existence, and fate is unpredictable.
(The very sweet notes of MICHELLE MA BELLE begin and Il Volo enters and goes down the ladder singing Il Volo, kisses and hugs ) 
GIANLUCA= Good evening.
IGNAZIO= Hello everyone.
PIERO= Hi Michelle.
GIANLUCA= Did you hear that serenade???
MICHELLE= But guys, what an entrance, thanks!
PIERO= In English it doesn’t make it, but in Italian: you are beautiful!!
MICHELLE= You too, you too, and then I’m always very happy to have you here, come and let’s settle down here on the staircase we sit down with a grace. (it’s not very comfortable to sit on those steps)
GIANLUCA= We are all super bright. (All four are wearing elegant and bright suits by Armani)
MICHELLE= (Ignazio remains standing) Please, Ignazio, take a seat.
IGNAZIO= I am admiring your enchanting-ness. (he says it by mangling the word in Italian )
MICHELLE= Wow, that’s too many compliments!
I am super happy that you are here, because I think back to the first time we met…….
IGNAZIO= (He starts to sit down) Help!
MICHELLE= Ignazio, you’re very young, look, this is the first hint of seniority.
IGNAZIO= It’s not the age problem, it’s the size problem. 😁

PIERO= The first button Ignazio, unbutton.
MICHELLE= They have never changed, because I met them for the first time in 2011, think, they were very small, I presented WETTEN DASS in Mallorca …. (At the bottom of this long post is the video of Wetten Dass )

GIANLUCA= Our debut on international television was with you.
MICHELLE= Yes, I was hosting this program in Germany, by the way it was broadcast in Germany but we were in Mallorca. Next to Il Volo were : Cameron Diaz, Heidi Klum, Jennifer Lopez…
IGNAZIO= Ah,  I remember her well. (Jennifer Lopez)
MICHELLE= You remember her well,  eh….and then there were them singing, you realize that they left abroad, that is, they were born here, but they immediately hit the international stages and this is an incredible thing, because it’s not something that happens to everyone in Italy.
PIERO= Us….our story is particular, because we didn’t know each other…
MICHELLE= Exactly…
PIERO= We met in 2009. We live together….it is in all respects a coexistence, because we have been living together for the past 14 years…
IGNAZIO= Unfortunately yes (ironic-laughter). 😁
MICHELLE= Yes, but I really want to understand, because before, I told the audience about the “sliding doors” issue, i.e. you met by chance.  Tell us for a moment that moment when you met, i.e. did you really understand that it would have changed your life?
IGNAZIO= But I think that, as you said, being at the right time, in the right place is fundamental, because in any case there are so many talents all over the world, in Italy, especially we have beautiful voices, and we were lucky enough to find each other in the same place, in the same year, because we met on a children’s television show, and from there they put us together. But it was our decision to say: “OK, let’s continue together”, because in any case we, yes, we are a group, but we are three singers put together, that’s it.
MICHELLE= I understand, but let me understand something, you started your experience, you were put together and then you walked the most important stages in the world. Suddenly you were international, but between you, you had immediately that friendship could spring…
GIANLUCA= The thing that struck me is that there is this similarity, very strong in us, because music, like any form of art, allows you to express what you have inside, and it’s truly unique as a sensation, all the anxieties, all the emotions that we live, and singing is a way to express emotions, and we have this strong thing in common, this strong emotion and this passion for music that unites us in an indissoluble way.
PIERO= But the beautiful thing is that the emotions you feel on a stage are unique, indescribable, and the beautiful is being able to share them with someone who in that instant comprehends and understands those things….
MICHELLE= …. what that you’re living. They sang with Barbra Streisand, tell me, Barbra Streisand, then Laura Pausini, Eros Ramazzotti, you sang in front of the Pope, after singing with everyone,  you go back to Italy and win Sanremo, and that was one more step, you became prophets at home.
PIERO= We used to come back to Italy only for holidays. 😑
MICHELLE= Really??
PIERO= We couldn’t digest this thing, but…..
MICHELLE= In what sense?
PIERO= We only sang abroad, America, South America, Japan… and in Italy, you know it’s always pleasant to sing for your people, for your countrymen, and therefore we had the opportunity to have the GRANDE AMORE song in our hands ……
MICHELLE= Wow, that’s a wonderful song.

IGNAZIO= But we never told you the story, you also wanted some gossip…
MICHELLE= Yeoh, give me some gossip…
IGNAZIO= The audition of GRANDE AMORE arrives and one thinks: “Wow, mamma mia, what a piece” ….. I didn’t like it, not even Piero…
PIERO= That’s not true!
IGNAZIO= No, the only one who liked it was Piero, he went crazy, Gianluca and I didn’t,….because the audition arrived strange, it was sung by a tenor and a soprano and lyric singing, so we got into the study…
MICHELLE= And you two (Ignazio and Gianluca) who are not as lyrical as Piero, didn’t love this piece so much.
IGNAZIO= Not for the lyrical fact, but because the piece didn’t reach us….
PIERO= But there was that refrain (he articulates it with his mouth), which stayed in my ear, and I said let’s try it, it doesn’t cost us anything, let’s just waste one day of our lives….
IGNAZIO= We sat there with Celso Valli (arranger), Michele Torpedine our manager…
MICHELLE= So you won Sanremo thanks to Piero, though!! (She pronounces the phrase in a Sicilian way – applause)
IGNAZIO= Let’s not exaggerate.
MICHELLE= Then Sanremo, a nice extra piece. then at a certain point you also find yourself in international situations, crazy international parties, where you met Beyoncé…anyone, but you were scared…..
IGNAZIO= Her too I do not forget! (Beyoncé)
MICHELLE = Oh yeah? She has a beautiful voice.
IGNAZIO= She’s beautiful, apart from the fact that she’s a crazy singer, she’s very good…
MICHELLE= It’s the queen…
IGNAZIO= But then she is a beautiful woman, really very beautiful.
MICHELLE= Yes, I imagine. Then you went home and you were afraid to tell this because you thought they didn’t believe you anyway.
PIERO= Our friends thought we were crazy, because we were 15/16 years old, we went home, I repeat on vacation, I was ashamed to tell my friends that we were at those parties…
GIANLUCA= Let’s say that flaunting is always wrong, both knowledge and material things, we certainly don’t boast.
PIERO= I used to tell my brother, my sister and that’s it.
Later, over the years, as time went by, we showed some photographs.
MICHELLE= It was a matter of delicacy.
GIANLUCA= But the secret is just that, in the end, for how many things can happen to you in life, like totally changing the path, we always live it with that innocence, just without ever forgetting, that child that is within us, which is the most important thing.
MICHELLE= For this reason you are so wonderful, huh! (applauded)
Like that time when at some point you escaped the fans, and you found yourself in the kitchen with a girl named Lady Gaga.
PIERO= Yes, get Ignazio to tell him.
GIANLUCA= We were at a big event in New York, in 2016/2017 if I’m not mistaken, and we were guests of this big event where Lady Gaga was also there.
He (Ignazio), at a certain point, after the performance, after the evening, the gala, says: “I’m going to sleep, I’m sleepy.”
MICHELLE= Well done Ignazio!!
GIANLUCA= He goes to sleep and instead we spend a nice evening with Lady Gaga. He missed this experience.
MICHELLE= But why did you go to sleep?
IGNAZIO= No, but I told them I was going to sleep…..
MICHELLE= Ahhhhh…….
IGNAZIO= I think you can understand me, each of us goes through periods in our lives where you are particularly passive….
GIANLUCA= (addressed to Michelle) Why are you passive??
PIERO= Can one be passive at 23???
GIANLUCA= He was 23!!!
MICHELLE= Passive in what sense?
IGNAZIO= (He got up) Let me breathe.
MICHELLE= You mean introspective, that you had a particular period?
IGNAZIO= I breathe and I answer you.
MICHELLE= You are very elegant.❤
IGNAZIO = Thank you very much.
MICHELLE= You’re not breathing but you’re fine. 😁
IGNAZIO= There are those moments where you ask yourself questions, I’m like that, it happened to me, but I think it happened to many people, that period comes when you stop and ask yourself who you are, what you want, if you’re in the right place, and I had that period where I wondered many things and I was also very closed off, and therefore I isolated myself a lot, I never went out with them. I went through that period and I have to say it’s nice to be a group, being three of us helping each other overcome difficulties and obstacles and therefore it was lucky to find ourselves in three. I finished my concept.
MICHELLE= Beautiful!! (applause)
PIERO= Can I say one thing? Just one thing, I ask the director to give me a close-up with Michelle, just a moment, where is the camera?
MICHELLE= Sure, why?
PIERO= I would like to tell my friends: “I’m in the right place.”
MICHELLE= Ah, what a charm. (applause)
Ok, a little more gossip. Who happened to find his autograph on the calf of a Vololover??
IGNAZIO= On the calf!
PIERO= We were in the United States, the morning of the concert I go on the treadmill to run and while I was running, I saw this lady next to me, we say goodbye, I run with earphones, I see it and I think I know that signature there, it was my autograph, here, tattooed like this (and he marks at the end of the calf).
MICHELLE = Crazy, incredible! (applause… all must know that the woman Piero is talking about is Marie Crider, a founder of Flight Crew.  When I had the pleasure of meeting her, she herself told me about this moment with Piero.  She also wrote about this meeting with Piero in a post, and  she also took two photos of Piero, you can read everything here, at the bottom of the post)
Piero says it was his signature, in reality was written IL VOLO” ☺
MICHELLE= I understood that all three of you are truly fantastic, but now, as life has brought you to be together, in this small juncture, while you are here at MICHELLE IMPOSSIBLE and I want you to do an impossible mission, that is to separate for a moment and ask yourself a little what it would have been like if these three guys hadn’t met, they would certainly have made a career as soloists, but they would have had different tastes from each other.
Ignazio, what would you have sung, would you have entered opera?
IGNAZIO= If I were alone and could choose a musical genre, what I like most, I would opt more for pop …. R&B (type of music rhythm and blues)
MICHELLE= Oh, really??
MICHELLE= You would have become an R&B pop singer.
IGNAZIO= Yes, yes.
PIERO= But he has an incredible vocal reach.
GIANLUCA= He is the Freddie Mercury of Marsala. (applause)
MICHELLE= But you are also, the boys told me, that you sing girl songs very well.
IGNAZIO= I’ve been trying for a few years to carry on a project, in our concerts, where I like to sing songs, let’s say made famous, brought to success by women and which maybe have never been sung by a man .
MICHELLE= I believe you, because the others fail.
IGNAZIO= But not for that.
MICHELLE= No guys, I’m telling you, I’ve heard it, he doesn’t like compliments so plug your ears, but he sings amazing female singer songs, without changing the key……Maestro, we want put Ignazio to the test and bring him to the centre, we want to see him alone, in a context…..
IGNAZIO= I change some keys, also because otherwise I would sing like the Cugini di Campagna (Italian musical group that sings in falsetto)

GIANLUCA= Which we say hello to them.
MICHELLE= Go Ignazio. So, only here at Michelle Impossible will we enjoy a beautiful piece…..
IGNAZIO= Wait while I take the stand. (of the microphone)
MICHELLE= We are here that listening to you: ALMENO TU NELL’UNIVERSO, an easy, easy song !! (Ignazio begins to sing) – at the end applause, standing ovation) 

MICHELLE= Piero, instead you? Let’s sit down again for a moment, (she laughs because it’s tiring to sit down) “Whoever wants to appear beautiful, must suffer a little,” then Piero, instead you, since you were little: pure lyric, you always have loved the opera, is it true?
IGNAZIO= (he too tries to sit down with difficulty) Ouch Ouch….
GIANLUCA= Again eh!!
PIERO= As a child I immediately rediscovered my vocation for opera, it was passed on to me by my family, and my plan before meeting them (Ignazio and Gianluca), because we met in the pre-adolescent phase, was to finish high school, enrolling in the conservatory and embarking on a course of study to become a tenor, that was my life’s goal.
MICHELLE= But in fact, even now you study 3-4 hours a day, because you train your voice, in the depths of your heart it’s as if you wanted to go there……or in any case you keep yourself trained because it’s a dream in the drawer or do you leave it there, in the sense that you’re already satisfied with what’s happening and you continue to train like this because it’s a passion?
PIERO= I think it’s right to be satisfied with the work you do, but never lose that ambition which is that extra stimulus that makes you alive and gives you that motivation when you wake up in the morning, to always do something more.
MICHELLE= That’s the beautiful thing: the goal in life. (applause).
So what would your dream be? Leave them (Ignazio and Gianluca) alone, leave diplomats “politically correct” alone, what is your dream?
PIERO= I don’t believe much in dreams but I believe a lot in goals. This is one of my goals, I don’t know if I will succeed in my life one day, but I will try to make this wish come true.
MICHELLE= But tell me, because that day I want to be there to show you the tape of this moment. What is the opera stage you would like to tread, the most important one for you.
PIERO= Definitely an Italian theater, more than anything else I’d like to debut with an opera: La Traviata, L’Elisir d’amore, one of these.
MICHELLE= And I think it will happen, meanwhile it happens here with Michelle Impossible, I ask the director please to transform this stage into a great Italian opera house, because they are the most beautiful in the world. Maestro, are we all ready?
PIERO = Wow, I go! (The stage has turned into a theatre – applause)
MICHELLE= Present us the piece well! The piece you will sing.
IGNAZIO= Can I do it?
PIERO= Go, go, you do it come on!
IGNAZIO= Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the second edition of Michelle Impossible, (Michelle corrects Ignazio’s pronunciation)…..I’m introducing, so leave it to me…..
Now Piero Barone, a member of the Il Volo group, will delight us, charm us, amaze us, and in any case he will sing…
PIERO= Do you also want the tax code?? 😁
IGNAZIO=……one of the most famous, most important arias in the history of opera. Taken from TOSCA, E Lucean le stelle (applause, Piero begins to sing)  

MICHELLE= Maestro….incredible!! (applause – standing ovation)
PIERO = Thank you.
MICHELLE= It’s nice to hear them sing alone, to hear how they are different from each other, in their character.
Gianluca is missing.
In any case incredible. (turning to Piero).
PIERO = Thank you.
MICHELLE= I can’t wait to see you on one of those stages and I’ll be the first to come see you.
GIANLUCA= Everyone in the front row.
MICHELLE= The first really.
PIERO= Promise!
MICHELLE= We said it here. (applause)
MICHELLE = Gianluca…
GIANLUCA= Shall we sit down again?
MICHELLE= No, no now it’s your turn.
We heard from Piero and Ignazio, what would you have done, in this moment, let’s say alone?
GIANLUCA= But honestly I’ve always wondered over the years, because knowing each other is difficult, I’ve had periods of confusion. I grew up listening to both Bocelli and Elis Presley and Bublé , Alex Baroni who I loved to death (an Italian singer ) so it was always a world between pop music and … but classical music has never been part of me, let’s say. Then I found a great inspiration in Elvis Presley…
MICHELLE= You mean you’re singing to me something about the great Elvis?
GIANLUCA= I’ll try (applause)
MICHELLE= So the stage is all yours and I would say transform it at this point…Elvis isn’t exactly from New York, but we want to bring people to America. He (Elvis) never got out of America, he wished he would…
GIANLUCA= He went to Germany to enlist..
MICHELLE= But never to sing.
GIANLUCA= He has never sung in Europe, exactly.
MICHELLE= Then you’ll do it now for him.
GIANLUCA= I try, humbly, I try, I go!
MICHELLE= Please. (applause). So at this point Piero, do you want to announce Gianluca?
PIERO= Ok! Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the second edition of Michelle Impossible….
MICHELLE= Perfect like you said it!! (Piero and Michelle make fun of Ignazio)
IGNAZIO= Crafty (untranslatable) can you tell on TV?
MICHELLE= Nowadays, yes.
PIERO= We welcome Gianluca who will sing for all of us: Can’t Help Falling in Love. (applause, Gianluca starts singing) 

GIANLUCA= Thank you (applause and standing ovation) Thank you all, thank you Maestro, thank you to all the musicians.
MICHELLE= Guys but you’re giving me emotions, here the heart …. gives way, I have no one to make out with, it can’t be like this. (laughs)
I tell you one thing, but even during rehearsals, there are few artists who have ….plug your ears (she tells Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca, because she wants to give them a compliment), they seem to be recorded singing because they have perfection, because they study. Then you understand why they are so appreciated abroad, they are international, and I am happy that you are returning home, because now you are in South America at this moment and therefore you have come from South America especially for me.
GIANLUCA= But do you know what the most exciting thing is? Me as a child when I was on the sofa and I looked at you crazy, in love….
MICHELLE= Don’t say that I feel old… “when you were child”…. 😁
GIANLUCA= I wanted to pay you a compliment, (applause), I wanted to pay you a compliment….when I was a teenager…
MICHELLE= Come on, kidding!
PIERO= No, wait, Gianluca showed me his TV from when he was little, it was still in black and white! (laughs)
GIANLUCA= I wanted to say that before being famous, that sounds better, I watched her on television and I was in love and now we are delighted to be here with you.
MICHELLE= Thanks!! (then she turns to Ignazio).
Leave the Maestro alone. Ignazio, look, Maestro Chiaravalli is very jealous.
IGNAZIO= But you’re mean, calm down!
MICHELLE= He’s jealous of his cube.
IGNAZIO= This is the reason why your hair fell out, calm down, you are too agitated. (jokes)
MICHELLE= No, because Ignazio, I’ve already touched this little cube here in the first episode several times, the Maestro doesn’t want to because he says things happen….
IGNAZIO= Can’t I touch it?
MICHELLE= You can’t touch it, because if you touch it, things happen.
GIANLUCA= (addressing the people) Aren’t you curious now?
IGNAZIO= (to Michelle) What are you laughing at, explain to me.
MAESTRO= (Piero tries to touch the cube) No, no, no, you can’t touch it.
MICHELLE= The beauty is that everyone you say “you can’t touch” wants to do it.
PIERO= You have become famous, we saw it in a television programme…..
MAESTRO= Yes, but you mustn’t touch this, please, because this is a mechanism….
MICHELLE= Look at them, look at them….but now are we the whole transmission here with the cube?
IGNAZIO= But can you touch it? I mean….
MICHELLE= I could touch it, but I’ll leave it alone because I know what could happen.
IGNAZIO= Let me see what happens.
MICHELLE= Try it then, if you must.
IGNAZIO= But you do it. Let me see what happens.
MICHELLE= Me? No, if I touch him, it’s happy. (laughs)
You touch it first, go. (applause) Please go if you must. (Ignazio crushes the cube, but there is only one raspberry)
IGNAZIO= Oh, just like that?
MICHELLE= You touched it wrong, when you touch it wrong it happens like this.
MICHELLE= Go, go. (Piero squashes but only a raspberry). You have to touch it with feeling, understand?
PIERO= (addressing one of the laughing audience) You, I’ll see you later (jokes).
MICHELLE= Feeling, do you want to see how it is with feeling? Are you ready?
IGNAZIO= Go! (Michelle crushes and nothing happens)

MICHELLE= So?? But did something unspeakable have to start?
MAESTRO= Evidently there wasn’t the feeling that there should have been.
IGNAZIO= I’ll take care of it…with feeling we said (Ignazio brings the cube and crushes it with his forehead)
PIERO = Good night…..
MICHELLE= Enough let’s go on…..(but Ignazio starts singing sweet Notting Hill, Gianluca immediately joins in while Michelle and Piero dance

MICHELLE= All right guys the time has come for my request as a Vololover, for me and for my mum, you must do me a great pleasure, you know I wrote you a message before winning Sanremo and I wrote you that you would have won, I brought luck, so now I would like you to sing Grande Amore for me and for my mother, Ineke, who is at home.
PIERO= Before singing Grande Amore I have to tell you two things:
1= we sing it only if you sing it with us….
MICHELLE= Alright.
PIERO=…. 2= the project that we presented this evening to sing individually and then always gather together, which is our strength when all three of us sing together, we will present this project which is called  TUTTI PER UNO (ALL FOR ONE) in just two evenings on this network Canale 5 in May.
MICHELLE= Ah, a big event on Channel 5.
GIANLUCA= We will go back to the Arena.  (I already have tickets for May 1st )
MICHELLE= I can’t wait.
PIERO= And it’s called UNO PER TUTTI – ALL FOR ONE…… tonight’s was a completely organized scene….
MICHELLE= But don’t say that….
IGNAZIO= Anyway, don’t delete our (telephone) numbers if we go back to Sanremo, who knows, you’ll write to us again.
MICHELLE= Of course. (laughter)
IGNAZIO= So you sing with us?
MICHELLE= But if you want to take that risk…
PIERO= Have you reviewed Grande Amore?
MICHELLE= Yes, in the dressing room, I reviewed it again, now I’m like real singers who wear inears. (Ignazio knelt down to give her the microphone)
PIERO= The proposal is being made to you.
MICHELLE= Then I am like Blanco who doesn’t hear anything (Blanco is a singer who didn’t hear the music in the inears at the last Sanremo). 
Ok, how do we position ourselves?
IGNAZIO= As you wish, do you want to stay here, do you want to stay there.
PIERO= Maestro!
MICHELLE= I would like you to be united, I want to put you back together, because this moment is solemn, and every now and then I get into the song.
IGNAZIO= All right.
GIANLUCA= We are about to sing Grande Amore with Michelle Hunziker (applause)

MICHELLE= I can’t wait! Maestro!
IGNAZIO= Maestro! (Grande Amore begin)
MICHELLE= Il Volo (applause)
Thank you, you are fantastic! But how can you not love this song and these guys.
GIANLUCA= But thank you.
MICHELLE= I would like a man to dedicate these words to me looking into my eyes and tonight you did it in three….
IGNAZIO= Tell me that never, that you will never leave me. (he quotes the lyrics of the song)
MICHELLE= How good you are, a big round of applause again for Il Volo!!
Carry on with your tour in South America.
IGNAZIO= Thank you! One very quick thing: thank you, because you are one of the few people who makes us feel really good, makes us feel spontaneous, and makes us feel at home, so thank you very much, you are a wonderful person. Obviously they don’t know you at home, like maybe as well we know you and you really are a wonderful person. Thank you so much for inviting us!
MICHELLE= Do you want to make me cry?
GIANLUCA= But it’s true, it’s what we feel.
PIERO= It’s the truth.
IGNAZIO= Thank you musician, thank you so much you are amazing. Many thanks to all of you (to the audience) because you are the most important part and every artist owes so much to their audience, because you are the reason why we do this job.
GIANLUCA and PIERO= Thanks!!
IGNAZIO= See you in May.
MICHELLE= We get ‘em out with the final chorus of Grande Amore, come on, let’s get ‘em out big!
I don’t want you to go out like this, I want you to go out great. (final chorus of Grande Amore begins, greetings to all) ❤❤❤


This still image on PC was sent by Piero from Ecuador to show that they were watching MICHELLE IMPOSSIBLE from Ecuador.


It was a really beautiful program. Michelle, an elegant, kind and nice hostess, immediately put our treasures at ease, who gave their best, both in speeches and in songs.
Great to have them exhibited individually and then join them in the final. I’ve read many enthusiastic comments about their performances, from people who wouldn’t have listened to them like Il Volo, but seeing them separately, not only listened to them, but were pleasantly impressed by their undeniable skill.
I had fun translating everything for you, even if I fell behind with the descriptions of the concerts in South America. I can’t wait to see Il Volo in May at the Verona Arena.
Have fun everyone, I’ll add other things at the bottom that you will surely enjoy seeing and reading!!
Daniela  🤗

Il Volo to WETTEN DAS 2011

And here is the beautiful post made by Marie in 2014 after meeting Piero in the hotel gym.
It’s really fun to read about Piero wanting to take a picture of Marie’s tattoo and her asking Piero if she can take his picture.
You will have fun reading it and seeing how young Piero was!!
Marie, if you read today’s long post you’ll be happy to know that Piero hasn’t forgotten that moment and still talks about it today.
A big hug Marie !! ❤😘
Click on Marie’s Excellent Adventure title below to view the post.

Marie’s Excellent Adventure ~ Piero ~ The Final Chapter


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