B.V. ROAD MANAGER by Daniela

Today I want to talk about a very discreet and very special person for IL VOLO, Barbara Vitali.

All of us fans know her and her role, but certainly not because she is an exhibitionist, yet she plays a very important role for Gianluca, Ignazio and Piero, but little is heard of her, but her presence can be sensed, it is like a shadow that follows our boys and watches over them.

Road 01

When Gina suggested the idea of making a post dedicated to Barbara, I immediately accepted, because I liked the idea a lot, but I must say that in my search for news about her, I found almost nothing. Yet she plays a very important role, but it is certainly not the person who loves fame. Her task, very well done, does not require footlights, but requires a lot of patience and also a lot of firmness.

Road 02

And so I remembered when I read an interview with Torpedine. He said that in the beginning he had to deal with three kids, who came from different cities and he immediately thought of a person who was able to maintain relationships with the various guys, solve their adolescent problems, and try to get them in agreement – three guys, surely with different characters and also doing “bridge” between their parents, mothers and fathers who had to be reassured …… in short, a role, not at all easy, a ROAD MANAGER, but with many shades more than the usual road managers.

Road 03

And Barbara plays this role very well, always present for “her boys”.

Always ready to go with them. It must not have been easy, at the beginning, to channel three kids from different cities, in a single point from which to set off all together for long flights to distant destinations, and then, the long stays in America, luckily there was always support at least one parent for each boy. And she, always with them, almost a second mother.

Road 04

In short, a SPECIAL person, who knew how to establish excellent relationships with as many as six parents, who love her and respect her, and who immediately understood the importance and seriousness of this person.

And the fans who had the pleasure of meeting her, they were fascinated, an exquisite person.

Not to mention the guys who love her.

The drawing below, which depicts a kitten, was made by Gianluca and the dedication says:

“To Barbara, I love you so much, Gianluca.”

road-05-e1553218965229.pngRoad 06Road 07Road 08

Taormina, 23 August 2015 – The XXI International “Rosario Livatino – Antonino Saetta” Award, dedicated to the memory of the two judges of Canicattì, victims of the mafia, was assigned to Piero Barone, Ignazio Boschetto, Gianluca Ginoble de Il Volo, to their road manager Barbara Vitali.

Road 09

The three boys are now young men, but she is always with them, the problems to be solved are different, but her presence is always welcome, an indispensable support for IL VOLO.

Road 10

Dear Barbara, we fans thank you for everything, because surely on the formation of the character of the guys, your advice will also have influence, your presence went far beyond the working relationship, has taken over, the mutual affection and esteem, these are fundamental parts between you and Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca.

Thank you so much !!


Road 11

Credit to owners of all photos.

Personally Speaking ~ Barbara! ~ by Jane

Our three handsome Italians here are adorned with yet another beautiful ItalianBarbara, their devoted Road Manager.

How many of us have said we would give ANYTHING to have HER job?

When the IL VOLO team is ON THE ROAD…there you will find Barbara leading the way with a smile on her face and the patience of a saint. Yet she always stays in the background and wants it that way.  The guys have lovingly referred to her like she is an aunt or second mother.  She takes good care of them and they know it.

To awaken each morning and say, “Oh, gee, I’d better check on the guys and make sure they are all up and ready to hit the road”…or “Oh, gee, I’d better be sure the coiffeur (hairdresser) will be here in plenty of time before we leave this city”…or “Oh yes, make sure we have Nutella on hand for Gianluca, fruit for Piero and sushi for Ignazio!”  What a job, right?

Yes, I DO realize her job is not all fun and games.  She no doubt has the huge task of keeping them on a tight and at times grueling schedule,  let alone airline and  hotel reservations, safety issues, venue transportation…the list must go on and on.  I am thinking she must be the ultimate multi-tasker of us all!  A job she does impeccably well.

Piero, Gianluca and Ignazio have given up any sort of normal lifestyle years ago in pursuit of their dream.  I would think Barbara has also given up a normal lifestyle as well.  Granted in our eyes she has the dream job of all time, but I’m sure the long hours and constant travel are not easy on her either.  All the more reason I admire her for her devotion to these three!

You will find this lovely woman standing quietly off to the side at the Meet and Greets.  Yes, she is more than happy to chat with YOU (and yes, she speaks wonderful English) while you wait your turn to see the guys.  She appears friendly and professional at all times, yet I am thinking that one on one with these three hunks has GOT to be more fun than she would lead us to believe!      She couldn’t possibly let on to us how unbelievably extraordinary it is to be with these guys day in and day out now could she?  We’d all be tackling her down and trying to pay HER to take a day off where WE’D watch over her charges for her…just for ONE day…pulleeezzzeee?