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Since they returned to Italy, Ignazio, Gianluca and Piero have not had a break.

In Turin, they did a private concert for a corporate event.

Return 01

Return 02

And here, we have a few short videos.




Then they were guests in the broadcast VIVA RAIPLAY, conducted by Fiorello.

But how are they dressed ????

Return 04

Return 05

Return 06

Of course they are THE DARK VOLO BAND😁

In this short video the boys say that only Fiorello managed to dress them like this, and they recommend watching the show if you want to know what happened.

And here is the video of the evening.


Return 07

Return 08

What to say, they were fun, in their imitation of rapper singers, they sang famous song phrases, rap style ….. hilarious !!!

Very good also in the movements and those clothes, too funny!

And what about the beautiful Queen song? “We Are The Champions”, wonderful !!!

I think the boys had a great time with Fiorello, who is a friend of theirs.

Return 09

Return 10

But the next day, in the morning, here they are guests at a radio program, RADIO2 SOCIAL CLUB.

Return 11

And here is their participation in the program.

After the greetings, the boys are asked the thrill of having their photos on Times Square, and Ignazio says that it was very exciting to see their photos there.

Return 12

The speaker, standing with glasses, is Luca Barbarossa, he is the author of the words of “IO CANTO”, which he had written for Pavarotti, but which was then sung by Placido Domingo with IL Volo, while the music is by Musumarra, which is the same author that wrote “Ave Maria Mater Misericordiae”.

Then the famous selfie with Pope Francis is remembered. Below, “Musica Che Resta” is played on the air.

On the way back, the boys sing “Arrivederci Roma” live.

The boys sang “Jingle Bell Rock” and then sang “Nel blu dipinto di blu” in Dean Martin version. Here is a video of snippets of the songs. There is no sound until about 12 seconds into the video.

In the end a good female singer, Frances and Il Volo, especially Ignazio, sang “Imagine”.

Return 13

So here they are guests in the broadcast of RAI1 “20 years that we are Italian”.

Return 14

In this beautiful broadcast, they presented a nice medley of their songs. And then, in the second part, Il Volo, along with Gigi D’Alessio sang a beautiful song by Modugno “Tu si na cosa grande”. Beautiful, all four very good.


Return 15

Return 16

Return 17

In addition, new Italian dates for 2020 have been announced.

August 30 at the Verona Arena
August 31 at the Verona Arena (new date)
September 4 at the Teatro Antico in Taormina
September 5 at the Teatro Antico in Taormina (new date)
November 26 at the Pala Alpi Tour of Turin (new date)
November 30 at the Mediolanum Forum in Assago, Milan (new date)
December 4 at the Palazzo dello Sport in Rome (new date)

Return 18

As usual, Ignazio Gianluca and Piero, leave us speechless, with all these commitments, always carried out in an excellent way, and we are all very proud of them.

Guys, you always have the gift of making us smile!




Credit to owners of all photos and videos.

Il Volo Professional ~ Notte Magica! Roccaraso~Turin~Bologna!

nottemagica header

The guys have been on the GO, but fear not we have NOT lost track of one minute of them as they serenade themselves from one part of Italy to another!

Starting with Roccaraso, Italy…a town in central Italy in the province of L’Aquila in the Abruzzo region…a mere 85 miles from Gianluca’s home town of Montepagano….next on to Turin which is way up north in the Piedmont area, then landing in the lovely town of Bologna where Michele and Barbara are from.  You can almost hear every note they are singing or feel every ounce of joy they are expressing when you look at these pictures.


Roccaraso 1

Backdrop for rehearsal in progress.

Roccaraso 2

Looks big enough to be a football field!Roccaraso 4I’m just sure he is thinking of Marie!

Roccaraso 5

Some pictures need no words.


Roccaraso 7


Roccarasco M&G

A gift from artist Domenico Di Cienzo…”we artisans” takes flight.



Turin 2

What a set!  Absolute elegance and class.

Turin 3

Turin 4


Bologna 4

On the road brotherly love and support.

Bologna 2

And how adorable is that little wave from Gianluca?


And the Notte Magica lingers…until we see you again.


Piero and Gianluca  enjoy watching Ignazio sing his part.  They still do this after all the years of performing together.  How endearing is that?

One can never hear this magnificent song too many times.

Ave Maria Mater Misericordiae


Photo/video credits: Facebook and Instagram