After a long wait, the book-signing event in Milan has arrived, in which I wanted to participate.
I had many expectations about this event, and some were met, but unfortunately not all, but first things first.
The meeting was in Milan in the Mondadori bookshop located in the beautiful Piazza Duomo.
Since I can’t go to any of the Italian winter concerts, i.e. Turin, Milan and Rome, I was hoping for a lot for this meeting, which was scheduled with a presentation of the book, some questions and answers and then the signing of the book.
Milan is close to Brescia, just over an hour by train, the meeting was at 5:30pm, so my husband and I left Brescia on the 1:30pm train.
As soon as we arrived in Milan, Piazza Duomo was revealed in all its beauty and sparklingly dressed for the upcoming Christmas.

The beautiful Galleria in Milan, sparkling with its beautiful Swarovski tree.

We immediately rushed to the Mondadori bookstore to buy the book, a necessary condition for having a pass for the event. I had already bought the book in Brescia and I brought it with me, with the intention of having it signed even that too.
The Mondadori bookshop cashier tells me that we have the pass for the second group, because the first passes for the first group were already sold out, and she tells me that the event for the second group will be after 6:00 pm, and there will be only the signing of the book, without being able to interact with questions to Il Volo. This annoyed me a little, I tried to protest, but the saleswoman told me that there were too many adhesions and they couldn’t do otherwise.
So I went up to the third floor, where there were already many fans in line and it was only 4:00 pm.

This photo was just the final and shortest part of the queue, back there it angled towards the longest part but which I couldn’t photograph from my seat.
I couldn’t queue, as my group was on the second floor, but I could at least talk to the people in line and say hello to some friends.
And so I was able to see and say hello to Judith from Canada, in great shape.

And then I also met Sophia, granddaughter of RoseMarie Paliobeis. Both Judith and Sophia will go to the concert at the Forum in Milan, how lucky!!

I also met Alessandra Composto , but we didn’t take the photo, sorry. 

A friend of mine, Cinzia, tells me she has a pass for the first group and offers it to me, I gratefully accept, so I’ll be at the first event, and I queue up, it’s very hot in the library but I’m happy to get in earlier.
But a person in charge of the library arrives who informs us that there will be no book presentation event, but due to scheduling problems, only the signing of the book!! Oh no, what a pity, I was really hoping to have a chat with Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca and instead there will only be a quick signing of the book.
It’s 17:30 and the doors of the room finally open, where Gianluca, Ignazio and Piero are already waiting, I’m at the back of the queue and I don’t see the room. the people in front of me start calling out the names of the boys.
I was hoping to have a little talk with them, but it doesn’t matter, I’m already happy to see them.
And finally after a long queue, I can enter the room and they are there at the back, here they are, finally!!
As I slowly approach, I continue to take pictures.

How beautiful they are, Ignazio is very cheerful, Piero and Gianluca are wearing surgical masks.
At one point I see that Gianluca stares into my eyes, I’m still distant, but I have the clear feeling that he stares at me and recognizes me, he sees that I’m taking pictures, lowers his mask and smiles.

In the mean time I arrive right in front of them, I put my coat on a chair, to be able to take better pictures, while I wait for my turn. But a man from the library tells me: “Madam, did you know that you can’t take pictures?” and so I put away my cell phone, but now it was my turn.

They tell me that I have to stay there next to Gianluca.
I hand over the books to sign, and while they sign, I manage to say:
“Congratulations guys for all your tour and all your events. The book is very nice”.
Gianluca = “Thank you”
Ignazio = “Have you read it?”
Me = “Of course you two (Gian and Igna) did a good introspection. (the photographer takes the picture)
Greetings from Flight Crew, (they smile at me and the photographer tells me to carry on).”

That’s all I managed to say…………shame, but that’s okay. I had the feeling that they were serene, Ignazio was laughing, I felt Piero less present because he was on the opposite side.
I didn’t want to take advantage of the time, because shortly before the library security man complained to a woman who was taking advantage of the boys’ time and ordered her to go ahead.
It’s already dark outside.

I have to rush to the train station, because just today there are strikes by means of travel and I risk not returning to Brescia.
I leave the library, one last shot of the beautiful Piazza Duomo in the evening and off to the station.

I’m tired but also satisfied.
While I’m on the return train, I check the photos I took, not bad, I like them.
Then I find a nice photo of the boys on Facebook, there on the third floor of the library, right in front of the balcony from which they performed in 2019.

And finally this nice summary video.
After a long wait, everything ended quickly.
Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca in these days have already done a book signing event in Turin, then the concert in Turin then this book signing event in Milan and the following day there was the concert in Milan (I will tell you about the three concerts in another post). The day after the concert in Milan they went to Montecarlo for a private event.

Then they will quickly return to Italy, because there is the book signing in Bologna and then the book signing in Rome and the concert in Rome, and then the final event in Jerusalem.
You guys are a force, I don’t know how you can handle this.
In any case I am happy to have seen you, even if only for a few moments, but to have seen you all smiling and serene.
A hug:💗💗💗
Daniela 🤗


Credit to owners of all photos and video.

83 thoughts on “MILAN BOOK SIGNING by Daniela”

  1. Dear Daniela and Pat, we owe you many thanks for the excellent gift of the videos and translations you give us. They always bring a smile to my face. Especially this time because my granddaughter Sophia was working in Milan and had the opportunity to attend the book signing and meeting Daniela. The next night she went to the concert where she met my friend Judith who was so kind to her. Sophia said that I have such nice friends. It is because of Il Volo that I have these great friends, so thank you to Gianluca, Ignazio and Piero. By the way, the book was signed to me. My gift from Sophia.

    1. You’re welcome, Rose Marie! I’m so glad your granddaughter got to go to the book signing and meet Daniela!😊

    2. RoseMarie, it was really nice to meet Sophia, to whom I repeated that she is the granddaughter of a great woman and a friend of mine, and Judith, as you told me, was very kind indeed at the concert.
      We have always said it, Il Volo fans are special people and we are part of them!!

  2. Grazie Daniela per un altro post. Sono felice per te, di stare con i ragazzi. E sono anche molto felice perché ho già acquistato il mio biglietto per il concerto del 18 marzo a Curitiba-PR, Brasile. Buon Natale a te, alla tua famiglia e a tutta la squadra.
    Dalva Nunes

  3. Daniela, Thank you for your beautiful updates on our much loved guys💙 Merry Christmas & wishing you & all a peaceful, Happy New Year!!
    Nancy, New Hampshire USA

  4. Many thanks Daniela for the update. I’m ever so slightly puzzled though as I have seen other photos on t’Internet where Piero isn’t wearing a mask at the signing.

    I hope the book is published in English eventually as I really would like to know just how good my translation is. I’m still a long way off, only reached chapter two of Gian’s section, as I am leaving the rest of Piero until the end.


    1. Roz, I’m even further behind than you in translation, I’m only on the fourth chapter of Piero. These guys can’t stand still for a moment and I can’t concentrate to finish translating.
      The surgical mask is a precaution that is better to wear when there are so many people, also because at the signing of the books so many people wanted to kiss the boys.

      1. I haven’t finished Piero’s section yet, I think I paused after chapter two. I will do Igna once I have finished Gian’s. Hope to do a bit over Christmas while ‘himself’ is glued to the telly! 🙂


  5. Daniela, you were so lucky to have gotten the book, great closeup photos, autographs and those few precious words with them Thanks for sharing!
    Happy Holidays to the entire Flight Crew and Happy 2023 in peace and health.

    1. Thanks Mark, they were only a few moments, but intense and not being able to go to the concerts, I couldn’t let this beautiful opportunity slip away.

  6. Daniella, how lovely for you to have participated in the book signing. Your picture with the guys is very nice! Also, ok I have a new dream now – when I win the bajillion dollar lottery I will invite Il Volo to a private event and you are all invited! LoL

  7. Such a rigmarole to finally get your book signed, Daniela. I am sad to say I wouldn’t be as accommodating as you were. Good thing you got the train back home while you still could. Look forward to your and Patti’s next posting. Merry HoHo! Hugs, Dol.

    1. Dolores, it was a long process, but it was worth it, and my husband, while he was waiting for me to meet Il Volo, went for a tour of the whole square in Milan, what a sweet husband, who always accompanies me.
      There should be a new post soon.

  8. Daniela, the video was great! I felt like I was right there with you. However, the picture of you with the guys is just precious. I would enlarge it to poster size and hang it up! I feel bad you cannot go to any of the concerts. Hope you are well and you and your family, and the crew, enjoy a blessed and holy holiday season.

  9. Thank you for taking us along for the ride!!!
    You are so thoughtful,
    I hope the guys knew you were representing a lot of loving fans 🤗❤️

    I’m a bit concerned and hope they get some rest as they seem to be going non stop.
    Tell Mr. Torpedine to spread out the performances and travel so they do not burn out.
    As much as I love to see them, I do care about their health.

    1. Chicago Love, that’s exactly what I wanted to tell them, that here at Flight Crew they are surrounded by so much love, but I think they already know it!
      Yes, they are a whirlwind of dating these days, let’s hope they don’t abuse too much.

  10. Thank you Daniela for this lovely story. I feel as though I was right there next to you. I am so glad to read everything about my three favorites – I don’t know how they do it, here, there & everywhere! Have a very blessed Christmas & happy New Year🎄🎅😘

  11. I’m so glad you were able to get into the earlier signing, Daniela. It’s great that so many fans are turning out for these events. And that’s such a good photo of you with the guys, although I wish Gian and Piero weren’t wearing their masks. I sympathize with your wanting to say more to them, but didn’t because of the line waiting behind you–it was the same for me at my Meet and Greet. Did I miss the Verissimo post with Silvia? Or maybe it didn’t happen yet because you have a regular job and are a wife, mother and grandma–plus it’s almost Christmas! Wishing you, Pat, and all the Flight Crew a wonderful holiday, with warm thanks for all you do for us.

    1. Judi, you are so right, I’m a mom and a grandmother and I also have a shop with my daughter to follow. At this time of the year it’s difficult to have time to do everything, the granddaughters have Christmas essays and I don’t want to lose them, there are gifts to prepare and Christmas Eve dinner (and unfortunately I won’t be able to see it live, TV special Christmas in Jerusalem). I haven’t managed to finish the translation of Verissimo yet, I hope to do it to you as a Christmas present!!

  12. Thank you Daniela for sharing your time with the guys with us. Your photo with them was lovely. I hope that you, Pat and your families have a Merry Christmas and a happy and healthy New Year. I appreciate all you both do for us.

  13. Thank you so much Daniela for your sharing – you amazing!! – lovely to here about what the boys are doing – their concert tours are very whirl-wind & non-stop – we love & adore them – but we must remember they are only human – they fill the world with much happiness – we do not want them rundown through work commitments – love your passion you have for the boys – me too – much love to you & Pat.

  14. Cara Daniele Grazie Thank you! And very Nice to have met you in Milan
    I had thé same feeling about thé sign copies in Milano I could not take picture of me with them I was blocked by a security Gard and I don’t even know we’re to take the picture nobody was saying
    I am great full though to have seen them for a first time so close for thé book sign
    I was a little sad because apart from Ignazio Gianluca seemed shuttered very tired and Piero tired an absent and annoyed May be for the organisations who knows?

    Thé concert in Milan was fantastic i will send you thé picture tell me we’re to send them and will wire to you in private in the fan club chat …..Wish a wonderful to you and all the Volovets that are reading Ciao Alessandra

    1. I honestly don’t even find it weird anymore for Piero being aloof and annoyed by god knows what or who, he’s been that way for a while now, which i really find it sad. I honestly have no mercy or tolerance to excuses of his recent behavior and i honestly find it ironic that he’s the most vocal when it comes to loving the fans, which is obvious that he doesn’t enjoy to interact with.

      1. That’s odd, because I thought he has been looking even more cheerful recently. Well on stage anyway. Of course I don’t have the interaction that fans who go to see them have, so I’m not in any position to know what goes on.

        Perhaps he is still worried about Covid, and what it might do to his voice. Perhaps he also has personal issues that we don’t know about. He is after all a very private person. Didn’t he say a while ago that his private life was exactly that, private?


      2. Let’s put it in the exhaustion like you say Piero is the one that preach theirFan Greatness and greatfullness … Gian and Igna made up for him ….that’s what friends are for…😉😉😉🎄🎄🎄💕🌸

      3. Could it just be that they are TIRED after all the commitments management has booked for them?? Could you or anyone else even try to keep up with their schedule? As more Il Volovers have said, we just hope they don’t burn out ahead of time. It would be such a great loss!! Dol

      4. Do not confuse introversion with aloofness. If people cannot tell that Piero is an introvert, they are bad judges of character. Being an introvert in a neurotypical world built for extroverts is hard work. Lots of bah humbugs going around at this time of year.

        T’is the season to be jolly. Eternal freedom, joy and abundance with one and all.

      5. I want to expand my comment.

        Being on stage = mentally exhilarating.
        Book signings = mentally draining.

        Doing mentally draining things when tired is a bad idea. No wonder he comes across to some as mardy.

      6. As a long time Piero lover, I find it sad when people think that he’s arrogant or thoughtless or just not what some fans expect him to be! He’s obviously quite introverted; he can turn it on when he’s on stage, but has difficulty, being an introvert, with a big press of people when he’s off stage. Unlike another group member he’s not a narcissist; he has trouble looking into the camera when not performing. No tolerance or mercy for his behavior…good grief one would think he was an ax murderer or ponzi scheme perpretrator. And lets not forget that wearing a mask for any asthmatic much less a professional vocalist is just good sense and shows he does not want to disappoint fans by having to cancel a concert due to illness. Reading the Verissimo trascript, I was surprised to read that Ignazio told him he was no longer unpleasant looking but “a handsome boy.” That comment from a friend no less. Can we cut this man some slack and be gracious about his supposed shortcomings?

      7. Personally I won’t hear a word against Piero, even though I haven’t had the pleasure of meeting either him, Ignazio or Gianluca. All I will say is that he took the trouble to sign the CD cover for Dolores to give to me. He even added my name, not just a squiggle. 😉

        Babbo Natale was very kind to me this morning. Not only the 10th anniversary CD/DVD but also an Il Volo t-shirt. My Secret Santa gave me an I Love Italy t-shirt last Tuesday.

        A friend in Australia sent me a CD of the 10 Tenors!!! I think that was because I had sent her Il Volo with Placido Domingo, the CD anyway. I have given another friend the same CD/DVD, I will also give her my spare 10th Anniversary copy when I see her in the new year.

        My DD gave me an Andre Rieu scarf. Hmm, she is probably trying to tell me not to wear an Il Volo t-shirt to his concert next May! I will wear my The Italian Tenors sweatshirt instead. 😉


    2. Alessandra, surely they will be exhausted and it is understood from the meetings, where they are unable to interact as before. It’s true that the shutdown due to Covid is still scary and we’re trying to make up for what we couldn’t do, but strength has a limit, so I hope the new year has a less whirlwind start.It was nice to meet you, but we didn’t get to exchange more than two words, too bad. Write me your comment on the Milan concert and send me the photos, I will publish them when I post the three Italian concerts. Merry Christmas, Ale!!

      1. Oooooo I am sooooo looking forward to what you write about the Italian concerts. All photos from the three concerts will be much appreciated too. 🙂 I have seen a few videos from the first two, but I am greedy and want more!

        I am saving up my pennies just in case they do come to the UK, preferably north of Nottingham, or even west or east of said city! I wouldn’t mind a few days in Liverpool should they go there as it is once of my very favourite cities in the UK. 🙂

        Have a happy and peaceful Christmas, with a hope for a peaceful 2023.


      2. Daniela do you want me to wrtite to you and post all photos and the videos of Milan concert in thé fan page or a private e mail? please let me know we’re I am at your disposal for you to post and share them with all thé Fantasti il volo flight crew To all of you Fans from above and beyond Happy Happy Xmass much love and peace to all🌸💕🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄

    3. Roz, that’s why we defended him against the he’s-not-acting-like-an-extrovert-so-there-must-be-something-wrong-with-him brigade.

      All them presents from Santa but he never left Piero under the Walters’ Xmas tree (or was it under the mistletoe where you wanted him?).

      1. A few weeks ago I bought a large stocking. The ladies at the needle & natter group were teasing me about was I expecting it to filled with Piero! They know me sooooo well. 😉

        Under the tree, mistletoe, wherever! 😉

        Ha, I’ve just found part of the yesterdays concert in Jerusalem. Brilliant it is too. 🙂


  15. Daniela, I am so happy you had the opportunity to attend the book signing in Milan. I was delighted to read you were gifted with the ticket to attend early session and that you made it to the train on time. By the way, I love the photo of you with our guys. It is,a keeper. I am sure Gian did recognize you. The guys might be young, but they must be exhausted. I have been thinking about the masks. Knowing they have several.more commitments this week Gian and Piero may have just been taking precaution or maybe they weren’t feeling up to par.You may recall there were a number of photos during the past year where only Ignazio was wearing a mask.
    Pat, thank you for the technical support. You are,a gem.

    I wish you bipoth and your families a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

    1. Thanks Mary Jane, yes, I think the surgical mask was for precautionary purposes, there were a lot of people and many of them wanted hugs and kisses.
      Merry Christmas to you too!!

  16. Thank you Daniela and Pat for this beautiful post. It’s always nice to read about impressions of the meetings with the boys. Thanks to them we all could feel a little closer to the boys and think about them not only like stars, but like members of our big family, who thanks to their talent and personality make us happy and we want all the best for them. I’m happy Daniela you have had a chance to meet them again, it’s so nice Gianluca recognize you. I have tickets for the concert in Cracovia in May and I’m so excited, nice Christmas gift, but I have to admit that my big dream is the concert in Italy, in Werona. I hope that next year the dream will come true. Bacci e Buon Natale 😘

  17. Daniela, any thanks to both you and Pat for keeping us update and informed on what the three wonders are up too! How wonderful that you Daniela were able to attend the book signing….I would cherish my book being signed. The masks didn’t surprise me but Ignazio not wearing one did! I’m back to wearing one in the US too between Covid and the flu, I don’t want anything to interfere with our Christmas celebrations this year…’s been too long since we’ve been able to have family around and we’re all so looking forward to Christmas Eve and Christmas Day and NEW YEARS EVE. This is my favorite time of year!
    I also worry about our grandsons and their hectic schedule, even young bodies can wear out. I pray for them every night to be safe and healthy, as well as their families and friends and all of the IL VOLO staff, management and crew and fans.
    Merry Christmas to all and good health and safety all year.
    With gratitude and love, Carol 🎄❤️🤗😘🎼🎤🙏🙏

    1. Carol, I read that you are a grandmother like me, I too commend my granddaughters in prayer every night and this time of year that I love, I want to be present for their school essays. But I also think of you from the Il Volo crew who are waiting for the translations, in short, I have a little to do, but it’s also fun.

      1. I couldn’t get the link to work, but have found this one on Facebook
        I have had a hunt on YouTube, but so far, apart from the advert about the concert, I haven’t been able to find it. 🙁 I’m sure it will turn up eventually.

        What about the Disney World/Land, has that turned up anywhere yet? I can’t remember which is which, despite Dol explaining it to me. 🙂


      2. Il Volo Christmas in Jerusalem link was from the wonderful, Il Volo Sicilian site which I was lucky to come across! I hope you all get to see/hear this concert, at some point.

      3. Thanks Roz! This link worked! I am super glad you found it!
        I wasn’t expecting a 2 hour concert–the last few Christmas concerts were very short–one or two songs. So this is really a big treat!

  18. Penina, Roz and anyone else struggling with Facebook, here is another source :

    Click on ACCETTA, then the X in the top right corner, then the triangular play icon. Worked for me. Note this was using a tablet.

    Also, as long as you have the link to a video, you can download the video without having to have an farcebook account.

    1. Ta ever so muchly. Now my little flowerpot, I have managed all that, going to watch it tonight. It works on my Kindle Fire by the way.

      What I can’t figure out is how to actually download it to my lappy. Soooo any help in that department would be good, just in cases it vanishes into outer space!

      I have registered with them, which was a bit of fun as it stretch my limited knowledge of Italian. Hey ho, at least I am learning something, even if sometimes it requires good old copy and paste!

      I take it ‘farcebook’ was intentional? A bit like me referring to Microsoft as Microfluff! 😉


      1. It was intentional although useless auto correct wanted to change it.

        There are several ways to download videos. I will give you the easiest ones. They won’t all work for every video. Every video is downloadable. Some are harder to get than others.

        1.) Right click on the video. Sometimes there is a save as option.

        2.) Use a website. Google “download facebook/youtube/vimeo video”. Pick one of the websites that comes up in the results. Usually you copy and paste the url of the video and click on convert/download.

        3.) Install an add on to your browser. Video DownloadHelper is a good one. To install add ons for Firefox, open the menu and click on add-ons and themes.

        4.) For the link in my previous comment, go to
        then copy and paste the url for the Il Volo video in the box with the words “video link”. Click on Fetch video. Wait a bit. If you click on Download (best quality), the video will open in a new tab. Right click on the video and press “save as”. I have downloaded the video this way and it worked well. If you want a smaller sized video (fewer GiBs), click on “all formats”, then click on whichever link you want to download.

        There are many other ways. I generally use a program called Youtube-dl. Another is VideoProc Converter. The free version lets you download videos.

        But, when all else fails, record the desktop.

        (This comment is longer than I intended it to be.)

      2. (I posted this but it did not show in the comments, so here’s to attempt number 2.)

        It was intentional although useless auto correct wanted to change it.

        There are several ways to download videos. I will give you the easiest ones. They won’t all work for every video. Every video is downloadable. Some are harder to get than others.

        1.) Right click on the video. Sometimes there is a save as option.

        2.) Use a website. Google “download facebook/youtube/vimeo video”. Pick one of the websites that comes up in the results. Usually you copy and paste the url of the video and click on convert/download.

        3.) Install an add on to your browser. Video DownloadHelper is a good one.

        4.) For the link in my previous comment, go to
        then copy and paste in the url for the Il Volo video in the box with the words “video link”. Click on Fetch video. Wait a bit. If you click on Download (best quality), the video will open in a new tab. Right click on the video and press “save as”. If you want a smaller sized video (fewer GiBs), click on “all formats”, then click on whichever link you want to download.

        There are many other ways. I generally use a program called Youtube-dl. Another is VideoProc Converter. The free version lets you download videos.

        When all else fails, record the desktop.

      3. It was intentional.

        One very easy way is to use an online video downloader. yass is a good one (there are many others, use google to find them); it will let you download from many websites including

        Copy the link in my previous comment or for the English-subtitled version copy


        Go to (bookmark this!).

        In the box with the words “video link” paste in the link you have copied.

        Click on “Fetch video”.

        If you click on Download (best quality), the video will open in a new tab. Right click and select “save as” or “save video as”. (Don’t shut your browser down while the video is downloading.)

        You should end up with a .mp4 file somewhere on your computer (the downloads folder is a likely place). Play it to check it’s all tickety-boo. And job’s an gud’un.

      4. Drat. The vimeo link did not work properly.

        Just click on the v in the bottom right corner of the video. It will open the video in a new tab. Copy the url from the address bar.

      5. Apologies folks for the excessive number of long comments about ways to download videos. I thought the first two had gone AWOL – it only took 4 days for them to be published. Oh well… Not intentional.

      6. Thordis, my apologies for your posts taking so long to show up. A couple of yours went to our spam folder and I had to manually OK them. I need to remember to check that folder more often.

  19. Well, there’s no question about their having been enthusiastically accepted in their own country! I remember those first years when so much was written about how they didn’t feel known in their own country.

    1. Ah now there could be a very sound reason for that, well according to Evans Tonon that is. The following is part of an interview with him, in which he explains why:

      As far as Italy is concerned, it must also be said that it is perhaps a country in which the mixture of pop and opera has been viewed with some suspicion. Italy is the homeland of bel canto, of opera, and music lovers don’t like to see it contaminated. Perhaps only in recent times the younger ones are becoming curious about the offer of modern music interpreted by those with classical training. So on the one hand there is a practical matter of project management, which requires technical times and marketing work, on the other hand a market that is perhaps not yet so intrigued. Other so-called crossover artists, such as Bocelli or the Il Volo trio, although known, do not find the same success in Italy as they do elsewhere.

      I would like to say that at this point a certain Yorkshire soprano would tell him off for using the word crossover! 😉


      1. At the risk of stereotyping Italians, many of them only take notice of someone when that someone has made it big in his/her chosen career. They just ain’t interested in nowters*. It’s why so many Italians have to build their careers abroad. On the other hand, the British support the underdog and throw scorn at the achiever.

        *Roz will understand “nowters”.

      2. We have lots of “nowters” here in the UK. Who could ever forget Eddie The Eagle! It was the same with the Jamaican bobsleigh in the Winter Olympics some years ago. Sheesh, they even made a film about them!

        I always cheer for the Italian rugby team, except when they play Wales that is. I was a bit miffed they beat Wales in the Six Nations, but heck, they deserved to. Come the next six nations they are going to give the other five a big surprise (I hope). 🙂

        So, yup, nowters rule in the UK! 😉


      3. I would have done if I hadn’t forgot the ‘save as’ bit!!! What a twit I am. I think I am a few cells short of a brain tonight!

        No matter, will do it again tomorrow. At least I now know how to save all those other lovely videos I have. I’ve just done it with A Mano A Mano. As that works ok, I will have a go at the concert tomorrow, preferably when I will be nowhere near my laptop. That way I won’t get sidetracked by wanting to watch it instead of doing more of Gian’s section in ‘the book’. 😉


      4. I have quite a few things I want to download, not just Il Volo, but my Italian Tenors and Il Divo, plus a few other bits and bobs. Just as well I have an excessively large hard drive, and an even larger external one.

        ‘Himself’ will be asking how many more shelves I am going to fill up!!! 😉 Tiz my lappy, and assorted hard drives, so I reckon I can fill ’em with whatever I want. 😉


  20. Roz, I purchased Real Player which enables me to save lots of videos. It won’t, however, save videos from the groups on Facebook that you have to be a member of or be logged in too. Daniela and I run across that all the time when posting. She will find a nice link in a certain IL VOLO group and send it to me but I cannot see it because I haven’t joined that group. Or if someone doesn’t set videos to “Public” then I can’t save the videos.

    1. I Purchased Real Player, mainly because Windoze (deliberate) 10 refuses to play the videos I have bought I had to buy Real Player. I could use my old laptop of course. That not only plays CD’s/DVD’s via its own DVD/CD player, but I can still play them via the media player as it is Windows 7.

      The main problem is the machine is sooooo sloooow, and the quality of the music isn’t as good because my speakers aren’t plugged into it. 🙁


      1. There’s a free player called VLC media player which plays all sorts of formats. I have used it for years.And there is another thing called Free YouTube Download that will download any video from youtube.

      2. You’ll have to ask everyone you know to give you very large hard drives for your next birthday. And a shelf.

        There are many many ways to download videos (FREE programs you install on your computer, browser add ons, other downloading websites, recording the desktop when all other ways fail, youtube-dl (my favourite way)). Try different ones. Do some googling.

        Penina, VLC player can be used also for streaming and downloading. It’s my second go to media player. Pleasing to read someone else goes for good quality free software.

      3. I do so like that word FREE. 😉

        My laptop hard drive is 750GB, but my big external one is 1.5TB. I have three smaller externals as well. 2x500GB, both getting on in years, and a prehistoric 250GB. I can’t find the cable for one of the 500’s. It was one of those things that vanished when I had to move my desk for the first electrical check. Did he bother? No he flippin’ well didn’t. I moved a great heavy desk for nothing!!! 🙁


      4. I didn’t know you can use it for downloading. I’ll have to figure out how. I am 78 but I consider myself to be “with it” pretty much. I am not a computer whiz by any stretch of the imagination but I can do things as I am not afraid to try.

      5. VLC player is not the best for downloading. Too many steps and faffing about. Try the free version of video proc converter.

        Nowt makes a Tyke happier than the word “FREE”!

  21. Finally I got around to read this article of yours Daniela – a bit late everything taken into consideration – but it sure puts your suggestions about the possibility of incl. the Rome book signing in my tour-de-force 48 hrs. Fling to Rome into perspective. I don’t think I could have managed more hours of standing in line and a bossy staff and “only” get half a minute with the guys while making their doodles in the book without having the possibility of saying a few words to them… It would have been rather frustrating albeit I did not anticipate much more, but I am not good with stressed situations. So you did right in warning me albeit I would have loved to have met them all up close and personal. (Not that I am unfamiliar with long waiting for meeting stars – I have been quite a number of times at UK film premieres in London meeting up at 10:00 am to secure your first row place and then waiting some 8 hrs in the cold for the stars to arrive, but that’s been a bit different and we have been a small group of international friends meeting up and enjoying the company of each other and watching the TV stations and journalist prepare while waiting. But I haven’t done that lately and would probably not be able to cope with those long waits any longer either). Anyhow I am glad that you did go and that you did even manage to get into the first group😋👍 I don’t like to read though that the arrangement was altered on the spot cancelling the presentation by the guys… after all a lot of fans have been traveling to Milan just for this meeting/signing and it is not nice for them – or anyone – to return home disappointed. I wonder who are responsible for these decisions… the book stores, Torpedine or the guys themselves? I do not hope the latter as fam is indeed fickle and you can loose it overnight. Coupled with my own experiences in Rome where none of the guys showed up for the scheduled “Meet and ask the guys questions about their new book event” and no one gave out any information as to why, I am a bit concerned… I have so far put the blame on their Fanclub, but I might be wrong doing so. Hopefully not though as it doesn’t correspond with my impressions on these guys and their appreciation of their fans. I wouldn’t put much into the fact that some of the guys wore masks – actually they have had me worry a lot on their behalf the way they have put themselves out among so many people and hence so easily could have caught a regular cold, a flu or the Covid again making it impossible for them to sing and perform. Their voices are their instruments and their livelihood, so they need to protect themselves and take very good care of themselves in all respects. Piero is normally very good at wearing turtleneck sweaters, scarfs and warm jackets while I feel like a mom towards Gianluca and kindly would like to advise him to button up his shirts and wear something warm and protective…Anyhow I am all OK with them wearing masks in these situations although one would of course have liked them to remove same in pictures… Well I am rambling on, sorry, just happy for you being able to go and for being my advisor in connection with my Rome fling.
    Warmest regards – Kirsten🇩🇰

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