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Today on many Facebook pages, the photographs of Ignazio have been published, in a children’s hospital, exactly at the pediatric ward of the S. Orsola Hospital in Bologna.

Every year Ignazio makes this visit to sick children.

He’s a boy with a heart of gold.

Generous 01

The photos were posted by the doctor Salvatore Santoro.  

Generous 02

Generous 03

Generous 04

Often there is little information from Ignazio, and so one thinks that he is a boy that is sometimes a little grumpy. Then you see these gestures and you understand that he is a really special guy!

Generous 05

Generous 06

Really a special boy.

It is not the first time that Ignazio makes such a gesture, in fact remember that a year ago, in the same hospital, Ignazio donated a machine that serves children with diabetes.

Generous 07

A gift that he personally made to thank the hospital in Bologna that took care of, long ago, the mother of Ignazio, suffering from cancer.

The donation of the machinery took place at the end of January last year, during the inauguration of President Trump in the White House, the journalist asked Ignazio if he did not go to the event in the US because he had to deliver this machinery. Here’s what Ignazio answers.

I = I sincerely think that being here is very important, it is not “the usual thing” to sing for the President of America, but here it is really like being close to children. Then of the hospital S. Orsola I am fond, because my mother many years ago had a tumor and was treated here.

Now that I  have grown up, thanks to my parents, I had a little luck.  My thought was to help the hospital that helped my mother, so it’s an honor for me to stay here and contribute to this gesture.

Generous 08

What about our Ignazio?


Were you aware of last year’s donation?

Meanwhile, our boys who have just returned from Lebanon left for Slovenia.

Have a nice trip, come back soon!


Credit to owners of all photos and video.

Something is Happening by Daniela

The guys have just returned to Bologna after the holidays with their families, that they are posted some photos that send all the fans into raptures.

Here are the pictures, posted by the official website of IL VOLO.

Something 01

Something 02

O MY GOD, the guys are in the recording room!

What are starting to affect the new record for the decennial (10 year anniversary)??

It would be really beautiful!!!

But the most beautiful picture is undoubtedly this.

Something 03

My friend Valeria, who you already know very well, made a long comment about this photo, which I’m now going to translate.

I stayed a few minutes to admire this photo. All the photos of the boys, both together and individually, are beautiful, it’s indisputable, but there are some photos that through the image, are particularly eloquent, communicate a meaning so meaningful that lead us to stop and reflect. In this photo, there is not IL VOLO, but Il Volomusic, there are not only the three guys with the wonderful voice, beautiful, lively and funny that we are used to seeing on the stages of the whole world, but there is “team”, the formidable team that has produced dozens of masterpieces for us, masterpieces that we all have in our ears, in our minds, our hearts.

A photo that lends itself to different levels of reading, there is the plan of the “group”, the three guys sitting next to each other, forming a circle of work, to which many other people participate, but which is true and productive at the highest level only when they are three, to study, to agree songs, rhythms, assonances, virtuosity!

Then there is the plan of friendship, a strong friendship, which goes beyond everything and everyone, the three of them who speak, listen and understand each other, strong in a life together, strong in suffering, in toil, of sorrows, but also of joys and triumphs together!

Finally there is the plan of simplicity and naturalness, three boys dressed in some way, smiling at each other, and in this way they smile to life and to the future.

Come on guys, we are thousands who expect great things from you, this image in your place of work makes us foretaste a new season of great music, “your” music, which as always will enlarge our hearts!


Something 04

What to say, Valeria expresses so well the things we all feel.

I only know that when I saw this beautiful picture, I was invaded by a really great emotion, the guys are in the recording room, something is happening …….. and see them, so, as neighbors, FRIENDS . . . it fills my heart with so many beautiful and positive things.

Come on guys, let us be amazed, we are waiting for you and we will support you in your projects.


Credit to owners of photos.
Last image is from Mollysianna.

~ Spot Bologna ~

GRAZIE, to Daniela for sending this to us!

Our dear guys have just come back from Kiev.  Will they be resting?

Absolutely NOT.   Today Piero, Ignazio, and Gianluca starred in an advertisement in Bologna!


IL VOLO, the band consisting of two tenors and a baritone that is so successful  in Italy and in the world, landed under the Two Towers. An unexpected visit that has conquered Bologna.   Tourists and passing students stopped to photograph the three idols of young people: Piero Barone, Ignazio Boschetto and Gianluca Ginoble.


Using  the Piazza Santo Stefano square and the alleys that dive into the jewel of the city, the three very beloved stars have created an advertisement, transforming a quiet Wednesday afternoon into an exciting occasion to meet the young VIPs. The spot is for Ferrero, as part of an event that the multinational will organize in Mexico over the next few months. In front of the curious eyes of the fans, the three of IL VOLO have shot some scenes where they walk around the square, under the porches, in front of the church and via De ‘Pepoli.

The baritone Gianluca Ginoble, and the tenors Piero Barone, and Ignazio Boschetto, did not escape from the embrace of the fans.   They lent themselves to selfies and autographs. Although Ignazio was born under the Two Towers, Sicily and Abruzzo are the lands where the young singers grew up. For a few years, however, for all three Bologna is a second home because their manager is Bolognese, Michele Torpedine.  Their roads crossed in 2009 at a talent show by Antonella Clerici, “I Leave You A Song.”  From there their show began in 2015, with the song “Grande Amore,” to triumph at the 65th Festival of Sanremo.


The Journal of Bologna, IL RESTO DEL CARLINO,  published this article  translated by Daniela.


Credit to all owners of video and photos.

Il VOLO A VENEZIA ~ by Daniela

Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca have just returned from Miami.  We all thought that they would return to their homes for a well-deserved rest, and instead they headed to Bologna immediately, without going to their homes.

We all wondered what they were doing in Bologna?   Yesterday morning we saw pictures taken by Piero and Gianluca in Venice.

Another mystery, what will they do in beautiful Venice?


Here is the mystery revealed.

On the evening of October 16, 2017, a private event at the Scuola Grande di San Rocco took place, with cocktails, gala dinner and a concert that featured the trio “Il Volo” by Piero Barone, Ignazio Boschetto and Gianluca Ginoble.









Piero gives us some dinner details.


Every year in Venice in February, there is the famous carnival  with many masked dances.   At the end of the carnival there is a particularly sumptuous dance, IL BALLO DEL  DOGE  (Doge was like a king of Venice). It is a very exclusive dance and the artists wear very sumptuous costumes.

These artists also participated in the event where IL VOLO took place.

 Il Volo and the Doge’s Dance Artists were hosts for the evening.


 The woman standing with Il Volo is the organizer of the February event and is also the creator of the beautiful costumes.


This is the exterior of the palace.


Venice is always a very charming city and this is one of countless buildings that you can visit and where you can also admire paintings of famous painters like Tintoretto.



The show is over, Piero Ignazio and Gianluca come into their hotel, naturally through Venetian calle, Gianluca offers us a glimpse of the return.

On to the next  ILVOLO-Adventure!


Credit to all owners of photos and videos.

Notte Magica – Bologna/Milan – Personal Review by Veronica!

nottemagica header

The following review and adventure is from one of our newest Flight Crew members – Veronica B.  You may remember me mentioning a Veronica in a few of my Florence/Verona Italy stories last year.  This is the same person!  She lives just outside of Milan and saw the guys in both Bologna and Milan.  Here is her story of her notte magica and her magical 12 hours!


On 6th May at 2:30 p.m. I went to MXP Airport to meet Daniela, after 10 long months! We were so happy!

Our trip began under a very intense rain (and rain NEVER left us…NEVER!)

After 2h 30min, we reached Casalecchio di Reno (near Bologna) where our hotel was and also the Unipol Arena, where the guys were performing that night.

We relaxed a little with a pre-dinner drink and then we dressed up to go to the show; a shuttle waited for us at about 8 o’clock!vero daniela

When we reached the Arena immediately we saw the huge stage with the beautiful chandelier and the red background, it was beautiful!

When the show began, we get back to the wonderful experience in Florence…

bologna 1The guys came in and they were so nice in their elegant blue suits!

Their voices sounded powerful and more mature than ever and the audience was enthusiastic!

Piero was very serious, more than usual 🙂piero 1

gian 1Gianluca sweet as always…

And Ignazio was absolutely amazing; beautiful, funny and with a clear, fantastic voice!

Standing ovation by Standing ovation and joke by joke the show turned to the end with Grande Amore; always great emotion from the audience,also for them!igna 1

They said hello and thank you to the audience and they went way!

The shuttle was waiting for us in order to bring us back to the hotel.

trioWe slept very well that night; tired, but happy!

The day after, our plan was to go to Bologna center to have lunch in a typical restaurant and shopping around. Unfortunately (or not maybe…LOL 🙂 it was raining…and I decided to surprise Daniela.

I was driving but my direction wasn’t city center but the place where I knew the guys were going to be – the furniture store.

At a certain point Daniela screamed, “Heeeeey Sis’…Essegistore!!! There!!!”  she looked at me driving, “YOU KNOW!!!! OHMY GOD!!! YOU KNEW IT!!!”….ah ah ah

They arrived with their cars after about half an hour and they did some fast interviews.

After that they began to get pics with fans, they were really nice and they hugged and kissed everybody in a warm way!furniture store

After that we went away in order to have lunch…this time for real! LOL 🙂

We went to a very nice place that I know very well, a restaurant called Buca Manzoni in the center of Bologna. We got Tortellini with Ragu’…of course!

After that we were ready for our “tour” in the city.

Because of the rain, we decided to go inside the shops so we would not be so cold!

Walking by we saw one Il Volover we know and we went to say hello…just 1 minute after Ignazio arrived with his car and I was like “WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT!?!??!?!?!”...yes…lucky me! 🙂 He was a little tired but he kindly stopped with us to share some minutes, he did a selfie with my phone, he hugged me and went away (we understood they had a meeting with all the staff inside the hotel at our back).outside store

I was SOOOOO happy; without any effort we met them 3 times in 12 hours! 🙂

And it was time to go to the airport to let Daniela catch the plane and for me to drive home!

Concerning Milano, unfortunately I do not have so much to tell you, apart from the amazing show and how they were sweet and funny…and of course talented.

Milano is a very important place for music. Record companies, important singers and VIP attended the show.milan

The most emotional moment was, of course, when Piero, after No Puede Ser, received a HUGE standing ovation and he was evidently touched…Ignazio and Gianluca were at left side of the stage proudly applauding at him.

Veronica, si, you are certainly 2 molto molto fortuna ladies!!  As well as some beautiful pictures from the front row!

Do we ever tire of meeting the guys, isn’t it always almost like the first time?  🙂


Veronica – thank you for taking the time to send me this lovely review and your day of adventure!  I’m sure our readers will enjoy it.   Until we meet again…and welcome to the crew!

Baci a tutti!




Il Volo Professional ~ Notte Magica! Roccaraso~Turin~Bologna!

nottemagica header

The guys have been on the GO, but fear not we have NOT lost track of one minute of them as they serenade themselves from one part of Italy to another!

Starting with Roccaraso, Italy…a town in central Italy in the province of L’Aquila in the Abruzzo region…a mere 85 miles from Gianluca’s home town of Montepagano….next on to Turin which is way up north in the Piedmont area, then landing in the lovely town of Bologna where Michele and Barbara are from.  You can almost hear every note they are singing or feel every ounce of joy they are expressing when you look at these pictures.


Roccaraso 1

Backdrop for rehearsal in progress.

Roccaraso 2

Looks big enough to be a football field!Roccaraso 4I’m just sure he is thinking of Marie!

Roccaraso 5

Some pictures need no words.


Roccaraso 7


Roccarasco M&G

A gift from artist Domenico Di Cienzo…”we artisans” takes flight.



Turin 2

What a set!  Absolute elegance and class.

Turin 3

Turin 4


Bologna 4

On the road brotherly love and support.

Bologna 2

And how adorable is that little wave from Gianluca?


And the Notte Magica lingers…until we see you again.


Piero and Gianluca  enjoy watching Ignazio sing his part.  They still do this after all the years of performing together.  How endearing is that?

One can never hear this magnificent song too many times.

Ave Maria Mater Misericordiae


Photo/video credits: Facebook and Instagram


Il Volo Professional – Il Volo’s Official Tour Car/Photo Shoot/Italian TV

il volo car

Il Volo is on the move again, this time to Bologna!  They are doing a photo shoot and they were also at Audi Zentrum Bologna to retrieve their tour cars.  By the looks of the writing on the side of the cars, Audi Zentrum is the official Il Volo car for the Italian/European Notte Magica Tour.  Enjoy!

Gianluca on the way to Bologna.  Lucky Bologna!

Pictures/video courtesy of @audizentrum



With the boss man!


With the General Director of AudiZentrum Bologna


Bye bye – see you throughout Europe!


Getting ready for a photo shoot for a commercial for Giessegi furniture!  I wouldn’t mind having these three as my home furnishing accessories.  You?

Courtesy of @fdloto_iv
From the Giessegi Store Bologna website:

“A special meeting in #giessegi store! It’s gonna be the beginning of a new adventure together? Soon we will reveal all the details of this meeting, come and discover the great surprises on all the furniture #giessegi, only in the store officers!”

Thank you, Lisa Joy and Il Volo Sicilia, for sharing the following videos.



Daniela sent the following rough translations of the videos.  This just gives us an idea of what is going on.  Please pay attention to what Gianluca is saying at the end of the first video.  They will be recording for an important Italian TV show (see below).

Translation first video
G = We are live. A beautiful girl has put so many hearts.
Here we are, there are many people.
T = What do you think of the sultan who has 21 wives?
G = The Sultan has 21 wives? He is number one.
We have finished a day of filming, will see some good.
Piero, Piero, Piero you want to see?
(Piero looks and smiles, Gianluca is reading the display).
Hello from Hollywood ……. Michael, hello from Malta, Russia, Croatia ….. want to speak in English or Spanish?
T = What is this thing?
G = we live ……. Romania, Brazil, Honduras, ….. (someone calls to take a group photo) …. Daddy you reprove, rebuke us.
E = Gianluca images not.
(Everyone starts posing and someone calls … Ignatius Ignatius Ignatius …)
I = (from afar) You wanted to take a picture without me? ……. (everyone laughs)
G = The photo with the crew, love, greet, greet here are a lot of people (embraces the make-up artists …… more photos, cheers …. Gian takes his cell phone in hand)
We ‘video, we live, from around the world are watching us, from Venezuela, from Honduras, from Russia, from America, from around the world, you see? From Greece, my brother is in Greece now, how nice …… (looking Ignatius making a photo with a girl), selfies time.
(Reply to a message) hello, how are you Fracann, see you soon in Panama, say hello to your family, please. (Speaking in English)
Greetings from Fabriano, see you in Ancona is fine (is reading messages), Poland, hello Grove,
You want something to eat? Here again there is something.
A banana? An Orange? what do you want?
That’s my father, greet him, he is my father, this is Ignazio Boschetto with Catherine’s mother.
Natali You like when I speak Italian (he says it in Spanish)
From Japan, even Japan.
However, now I have to go, I have to change, otherwise my father gets upset, because we do later, we’re going to Rome, and tomorrow we have the recordings of an important Italian program, do not say anything, you’ll find out very soon …… ..I am changing ….. a moment dads do not get mad, hello ….. there strucchiamo?
Hello to all.
Second Video
G = We give a greeting to all the people who are watching us.
Here I am, I serve you?
operator. = put yourself in that position I make you a close-up while you continue to write and to my way …… are you recording? ….. my way you look at him (Piero) going through skateboarding .
G = Okay
= operator but you’re for live?
G = is, you can not?
operator = why not? live on IL VOLO.

Il Volo will be guests at FRIENDS on Channel 5.

These are the articles that talks about it.
The episode will be broadcast on Saturday 15th at 21.00.
These articles are in Italian of course but they basically say that they are recording today with for show to be aired April 15th on Canale 5.  Also appearing is Emma Marrone, James Blunt, and Luis Fonsi.
~~ Leelee ~~