In this whirlwind of news, events and concerts in this month of December, there have also been the last three concerts of Il Volo in Italy.
I can only say that it was a success in all three cases.
These concerts have been postponed several times due to the pandemic and many tickets had already been bought since 2019.
Despite everything and despite the fear of contagion that still hangs over proximity of people in indoor places, people came and were truly satisfied.
At the last concert, Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca and all the Il Volo staff were so euphoric with the result, as if they had climbed a very high mountain.
Here is a small summary of the three concerts, where I will put different videos:

TURIN – December 15th

The snow, which had not yet reached Turin, saw fit to arrive in the afternoon of the day of the concert, creating inconvenience for those who had to reach the arena.
Because of this, the concert started over half an hour late in order for people to arrive. 😘

This is a video shot by Ercole Ginoble, immediately after Ecstasy of Gold, where you see the whole audience and Gianluca who starts by saying :
“Hello Turin, welcome to this warm evening.” 😁


Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca wore elegant velvet jackets with leather lapels.
But after the formal part of the concert, the boys changed jackets, Piero and Ignazio wore very bright and special jackets, Gianluca, on the other hand, wears a simple blue jacket.

We are very close to Christmas and therefore Christmas songs are also sung.


Just a couple of days and here we are in Milan.

MILAN – December 17th

Everything repeats itself.

Between one song and another, there is a “curtain” between the three boys. Ignazio tells Piero that he had a great inspiration that allowed him to write a beautiful song. He sits down at the piano and goes on to say that those things happen once in a while. Gianluca confirms that he has already heard the song and it’s really beautiful. Piero is amazed, but doesn’t know whether to trust him, but Ignazio is serious and therefore wants to make the whole audience hear the new song . He says: “Are you ready?”
Piero asks for the title of the song and Ignazio says “My cold winter,” and he starts playing………….brrrrr. (all gone, just a cold shiver) 😁😁😁

E LUCEVAN LE STELLE (the stars were inserted later in the video)



This photo was posted by stylist Nick Cerioni who recommends clothing for boys and who gives the photo the following title:
In this concert Gianluca also convinced himself to wear an extravagant jacket.

ROME – December 23rd

Another replay



Ignazio jokes a lot about this, saying that with that jacket he looked like one of the glittering lamps/disco balls that went around at the discos in the 70s. 😁
When Ignazio enters the stage, a chorus begins from the audience: “you are beautiful” and Ignazio immediately says that a chorus like this must be done to Gianluca,  to him they can say  “you are very good”. 😁😁😁


I would say that they were three important dates and that they confirmed Il Volo’s charisma and the great affection that the public has for them.
And let’s not forget that between one concert and another Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca also had four book signing instores, and exactly:
You have a resistance to fatigue, really remarkable guys.
That’s not all, because our friends Alessandra Composto and Kirsten Langer were present respectively: at the concert in Milan and in Rome and the two of them have already sent me their reviews.
So soon you will read the emotions of our friends.
Daniela 🤗


Credit to owners of all photos and videos.

45 thoughts on “THE LAST THREE ITALIAN CONCERTS by Daniela”

  1. Once again Daniela thank you so much for letting us “attend” the various concerts and book signings with the Guys. Where do they get so much energy….pasta perhaps !! 2022, such an eventful year, and now looking forward to 2023 with new and exciting venues to come, and new songs with their amazing voices. They will truly give us all much pleasure, as always. Best Wishes to all and a Happy and Healthy New Year.

  2. What success and acclaim. If all those audiences are as rock solid loyal fans as the folks on this blog, then the guys have no worries about their popularity and acceptance. I know I don’t express it enough, but you (Pat and Daniela) bring me weekly enjoyment with all that you put into your posts for which I am most thankful. Something to look forward to and read, watch and listen to over and over if I want. This site is truly a gift to us. Happy New Year to all.

    1. I’m so glad we can give you such pleasure, Mark! I am more than happy to help Daniela bring all the IL VOLO news to you! Happy New Year to you!

    2. Mark, I assure you that not all fans are people like those of this blog, unfortunately, there are people who are also very heavy (and I’m not referring to body weight) and also ridiculous, and even vulgar, while here, I’ve always said it , there are people who love and respect Il Volo.
      Thank you very much for your compliments, Pat and I are happy that our work is to the liking of all of you who read.
      Happy New Year!!

  3. Thank you Daniella and Pat! This blog is a gift that keeps on giving 🙂 Nick Cerioni is the same stylist who styled Gianluca for the Man In Town feature in the summer. Remember that? I think he was the stylist at Eurovision. Anyway, I am happy that at the 3 concerts they complemented their beautiful singing with classic elegance but also bold, dazzling style.

    1. Yes Amy, I think lately their stylist is still the same. Nick Cerioni isn’t always understood, but I like to see that Il Volo tries to approach even the most youthful tastes.
      And then sometimes it’s also nice to amaze and not just be predictable.

  4. can some one do an article on the music arrangers who make the 3 voices blend so well – I think these people get forgotten when listing credits – usually its the composer that is listed and very rarely the voice / music arrangers.

    1. Good point! I miss liner notes. I remember getting a new album or cassette and then pouring all over the liner notes- reading the teeny tiny print, the lyrics, all about the song and everyone who worked on the album, and there were pictures!

    2. Rosemarie, nice question, but unfortunately we don’t know much about who does the arrangements. I can only tell you that the harmonization of Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca came spontaneously from the beginning and this was certainly not expected, that their voices merged in a very natural way. As far as the arrangements are concerned, I can tell you that the version of Your Song sung by Gianluca and Happy Xmas were made by maestro Melozzi, who was very skeptical and critical of Il Volo, this until he really met Gianluca and then the others, he now speaks highly of them. As we always say, those who know them cannot help but love them.

  5. Pat and Daniela, Thank you for putting this together for us. I was pleased you included Ercole Ginoble’s video of the crowd reaction.
    I watch Il Volo videos on YouTube but they rarely include much more after they finish a song.
    Another thing I noticed about the audience in Jerusalem. They didn’t respond when the songs started. I thought maybe this was a whole new crowd that wasn’t familiar with what they sing.

    1. You’re most welcome, Gail! I don’t know anything about the crowd but I did notice Piero’s sister was there.

      1. The mystery has been solved by you, Patti!! I was wondering who Piero had his arm around in one of the pictures, so no new lady in his life, then??? Dol.

    2. Gail, let’s say that the solemnity of the Christmas concert songs doesn’t expect the audience to react by singing. I have to tell you that at the Arena in Verona, knowing that the whole concert was filmed by TV, the people were much more calm, almost intimidated.

    3. I don’t know this for a fact but I believe the audience was drawn mainly from people who are connected to the Italian embassy.
      There aren’t that many Italian speakers in Jerusalem for starters, and the audience clearly understood what they were saying. I felt that they knew Il Volo very well,
      I do know that the concert was not advertised in any way, so the audience had to be people who were invited.

      1. Thank you for responding Penina. I thought the audience must have been Christian tourists in Israel for Christmas. I couldn’t think who else. But you’ve come up with a logical answer.

      2. Surely the Italian embassy did its part, but I remind you that the concert was sponsored by the Israeli Ministry of Tourism, very generous indeed, I was wondering if it was also broadcast in the Christian area of ​​Israel. I will look for news.

      3. Yes, I am not downplaying the part of the Israelis. They certainly paved the way for this concert to happen. And they are very accommodating to all religious groups–and there are many–some that most people never heard of–in Israel. Contrary to whatever you may hear Israel respects and facilitate the needs of all the various groups that live there.
        I hope for the Il Volo fans in Israel that someday they will come for a concert that anyone can go to.

  6. Thank you from the bottom of my heart Daniela & Pat – you are two loyal souls to Piero – Ignazio & Gianluca – without you we would never know what is going on down under – have a stunning New Year – much love from Queensland.

  7. Thank you again for another great Review on the boys ,i hope this New Year i will be able to come over to see one of thier concerts ,they are fantastic singers and are always dressed to perfection ,Happy New Year to you both ,love from Wales

  8. Another great post, Daniela and Pat! There were some terrific videos here (better than some I’d seen on Youtube) and also stunning photos. I’m especially happy to be able to “save” the new Almeno Tu video. Many thanks for this New Years’ present! And best wishes to you both, the guys, and all the Volovers for a wonderful New Year.

    1. Thanks Judi, there was a large selection of videos and images, so I had no trouble putting this post together. Thanks for the compliments. Happy New Year!!

  9. Just another note I can’t help but make to you both, Daniela and Patti — you very graciously acknowledge each and every comment from the fans that are sent your way. Thank you, so very much. Hugs, Dolores/Dol

    1. You are very kind Dolores, and I like to answer your comments, I like to keep this thread that unites us from one end of the world to the other.

  10. Thank you Daniela and Pat! Another beautiful article! I absolutely loved them singing, War Is Over. So very special!

  11. Thanks again and again Daniela for your tireless work to keep us updated with the doings of our guys – I am exhausted on your behalf. I do hope that you have had to enjoy some quality time with your family and friends too during this December albeit to me it seems that you have been glued to your computer the entire time… Your efforts are, however, very much appreciated I can assure you❤️ It was especially fun for me to read this article being present at the Rome one myself. It was like re-experiencing it all again😋👍 Apparently these 3 concerts have been rather similar – at least as to energy, intensity and ambiance – only a slight difference in the repertoire each night. In comparison to the concert I experienced this summer in Verona I felt that the guys were a lot more relaxed and “loose” and moving much more around on the stage. They seemed to be very comfortable and enjoying themselves truly themselves yet Rome was likewise their last concert this year while Verona was their official first one, so they have had their entire world tour to adjust and getting back in routine. I can only say, I enjoyed the Rome concert thoroughly and loved each single moment. Cannot wait for a next time😋❤️.
    Greetings – Kirsten🇩🇰

    1. Yes, Kirsten, you understood the mechanism exactly, Verona was their first real concert after a long standstill imposed by the pandemic and therefore there was a little shyness, perhaps a little more fear, instead after a tour that gave a lot of satisfaction , the concert in Rome, that is the final one, must have been almost liberating and euphoric because the whole tour went well.
      But now they start again!!

      Thank you I spent happy holidays with my family !!

  12. These videos and photos from Il Volo’s last three concerts in Italy were great! I can’t thank you enough Pat and Daniela for all you do all year long to bring us news, videos and photos of our dear Il Volo. They seemed so happy and I enjoyed seeing their new “sparkly” jackets. Anything on them looks good just as any song they sing is beautiful! God bless all in the New Year with peace and joy.

    1. Thank you Margaret, we do our best to bring you news, photos and videos, and knowing that they are welcome fills our hearts and motivates us to continue.

  13. Thank you Daniela and Pat for another amazing account of our boys in action! Loved the sparklie jackets, it suits their personalities! I love that Ercole posts videos of their performances, he must be sooo proud of all of them and his son in particular! I’m hoping when they are back in the USA they will include Amazing Grace, so beautiful and they made it sound especially grand. Happy New Year to everyone and may your year be peaceful and you all be healthy and safe, of course our guys and their families as well.
    Praying for Peace, Carol☮️❤️

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