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I was translating Il Volo’s long interview on Radio 102.5 for you, but I stopped momentarily to translate this nice review on the Milan concerts for you.
As I already told you, after the concerts many articles spoke well of Il Volo and also many news programs,…… is something changing?
But first read this nice interview published by the DEJAVU blog and written by Cristina Rampini . I will translate it for you all.

DejaVu Article – Click Here

IL VOLO: unique, sensational, amazing at the Arcimboldi Theater in Milan. Our review.

“The theater is a more intimate place that brings us closer to the Italian public who has followed us from the beginning and whose great support we always feel.”
IL VOLO with their show “Tutti per uno” will overwhelm the audience at the Arcimboldi Theater in Milan for six dates: 2, 3, 4, 6, 8 and 9 September!
It is the first time that Il Volo performs in a theater in Italy, thus establishing a special bond with the audience in a more intimate atmosphere. “Tutti per uno”, shown for the first time in June at the Verona Arena and broadcast on Canale 5, winning the prime time share, is a show that creates a magical harmony, transporting viewers on an unforgettable journey.
On stage, Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca, accompanied by the Orchestra, in addition to performing their classics that have now entered the hearts of fans, take turns giving the public their solo voices.
We at DejaVu were present on September 3rd and we are still intoxicated by it.


By joking with each other and telling anecdotes related to their careers, the trio creates an atmosphere of familiarity that envelops the entire theater.
Among the songs in the setlist there is no shortage of “Ecstasy Of Gold”, from their latest album “Il Volo Sings Morricone”, their hit “Grande amore” and the classics of Italian song such as “Il Mondo” and “Io che non vivo” and of operas such as “Nessun dorma” and “Luceavan le Stelle”.


When you say “know how to sing” you really can’t help but say “Il Volo”.
Three young artists who overwhelm the audience with vocals that are absolutely different from each other but of a disarming quality.
A mastery of the stage that is intertwined with a vocal and expressive ability of true Big that overwhelms the audience in a show lasting over two hours.
This new “Tutti per Uno” format highlights the musical tastes of the three and gives us a glimpse of the history of incredible international music.
PIERO, a lyrical range and technical precision that make him ready to take on great roles in Italian melodrama. In particular, he leaves us speechless with his interpretation of “Mamma, il vino è generous”, an aria taken from Pietro Mascagni’s Cavalleria Rusticana. (I’m sorry for those who dispute this simply because of archaic mental prototypes).
IGNAZIO, or “the voice”. Disarming vocal extension with a tightness even in the high notes that leaves you speechless. The star of the stage with his jokes and his irony who also doesn’t fail to make us cry with a splendid reinterpretation of “At least you in the universe” by Mia Martini.
GIANLUCA, always fascinating (but since super in love also very tender) takes us into the world of the Beatles, of the legendary Elvis Presley without leaving out precious jewels of Italian song such as “La cura” by Battiato of which he does an intense and highly emotional revisitation with a voice that enchants you from the first notes also for its truly enveloping timbre.
Great music, great voices, great stage performance… a show to absolutely see.
The only sadness: very few young people in the audience and this must make us reflect a lot on the fact that it is necessary to “educate” the new generations about good music by giving them the critical ability to distinguish the difference between real music, real artists and pseudo artists.

And finally a truly truthful review, which leaves nothing to chance.
The writer does not report “hearsay”, she was present at the concert and was impressed in a very positive sense. ☺
The comments on the voices and personalities of Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca are very beautiful and spot on.
I had the impression, reading this review, that the writer did not have any restrictions or impediments to write what she saw at full speed.
I was very happy, even elated, it’s been a long time since we read such a beautiful and accurate review.
In recent days, after the concerts in Milan, there have been many positive comments and even good reviews, but this is certainly the best.
There was another nice review, but in that one, I had the impression that whoever wrote it, while paying many compliments to the boys, justified their success because they use “popular” songs that aim for the heart and harmonies to very long times……..well, I don’t agree, being successful in Italy with the repertoire that Il Volo presents is not at all easy, in fact it isn’t easy at all because here, everything that it is part of our tradition is considered old, out of fashion. And what about their harmonies…. they are unbeatable and I challenge our other Italian singers to do similar ones.
The final reflection of the article DEJAVU is very beautiful, it’s true, our young people are not used to listening to beautiful songs even by recent song writers, if they don’t have rap or urban rhythms, in short rhythms that are successful now here in Italy.
Our young people don’t listen to Il Volo at all, also due to the denigrating campaign that Il Volo has had from the press which has always defined them as “old”.
But people are tired of the new rhythms, which have also brought rudeness, vulgarity and inelegance.
Something is changing and our favorites are getting more and more support and this makes me really happy.

In the meantime, you will think that Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca will be deservedly resting, after 6 concerts and in view of the concert in Zurich on the 17th………. this is not really the case.
Three days after the concerts in Milan, Gianluca gave a performance, singing Hallelujah alone during a fund-raising square party in Ascoli Piceno.
“Just over a month after the concert with Il Volo in Piazza del Popolo, I find myself here in this wonderful city for a special appointment with Dardust. Please follow us, there will be lots of guests.”
 And here are some brief pieces of the song.


This event is organized by Dardust (he is a pianist, as well as an excellent modern composer and producer well known in Italy). It is a memorial in memory of a boy who died of leukemia and the proceeds will go to AIL, the Italian Leukemia Association.
In his performance, Gianluca is accompanied on the piano by Dardust (it’s a stage name, in reality his name is Dario Faini).
GIANLUCA= Thank you for your presence and solidarity, the goodness can also be perceived from here.
DARDUST= Thank you.
GIANLUCA= And then thank you also for the welcome and love you gave us in our concert which was held here in Ascoli with Il Volo almost two months ago. Thanks so much for the support, thanks again.
(A warm hug between Dardust and Gianluca)

Gianluca with Dardust and Saturnino . On the fifth evening in Milan, Saturnino performed as a guitarist, accompanying Ignazio in the song “You Make Me Feel”.

In this photo, Gianluca is next to Giorgia, a very good Italian singer (the song E POI that Ignazio sings in concert is hers). Giorgia performed in the final part of the event.

In this photo Gianluca hugs Giorgia and shows the photo taken with Giorgia 15 years ago on his cell phone.
Well done Gianluca, even participating in this event honors you.
But that’s not all, Il Volo has announced that on the evening of Saturday 16th he will be in Verona and will participate in the Tim Music Awards.

So on Saturday evening we will see them on TV together with many other singers and the following day they will be in concert in Zurich………in short, never a moment’s break!!
Speaking of the concert in Zurich, Il Volo was interviewed by RSI musica, a truly beautiful interview, activate the English subtitles and rejoice. ☺

I really liked this interview, the place chosen was beautiful, the interviewer Isabel Piazza was good and our dear Ignazio, Gianluca and Piero were wonderful and very relaxed, they answered exhaustively and always with education and depth to the beautiful and interesting questions. TOP! ❤❤❤

And after this nice interview, I can go back to translating the RTL 102.5 interview.
See you soon: Daniela 🤗


Credit to owners of all photos and videos.






Ignazio, Piero and Gianluca are on summer vacation, but in the monthly LA FRECCIA, printed by the Italian Railways, a nice interview has been published which I am now translating for you, and what about the wonderful cover?? ❤❤❤

Gianluca, Ignazio and Piero. Three different characters, three different depths of thought, three personal voices which, thanks to a truly special chemistry, made up of glances and nods of assent, complement each other perfectly merging into a single voice, that of the Il Volo group.
At less than 30 years old they have lived unique experiences, bringing their passion for music all over the world. Simplicity is true elegance and Gianluca Ginoble, Ignazio Boschetto and Piero Barone are full testimony to this.

For 6 days, on 2,3,4 and then on 6,8 and 9 September, they will be at the Arcimboldi Theater in Milan with Tutti Per Uno (All For One), a show where their voices will come together to tell their story and their values, directly contact with the public.
Those who come from far away and don’t want to miss the event can take the Frecciarossa, the official concert train.

What does ALL FOR ONE mean to you?

IGNAZIO= It is the desire to show our three personalities. We presented it at the Verona Arena with two episodes on Canale 5 and it was a great television success. In September we take it to the theatre, a more intimate place, which allows us to have the spectators close.
GIANLUCA= We love our audience, who have been following us for almost 15 years. The great fortune is to be able to go on stage and express who you really are. We were born as child prodigies, over time we have evolved, proving that we are not meteors. Now the time has come for artistic maturity, to show what we are individually. We are three leaders, each with its own identity. It is important for us that the public perceive it.

What is left of those three children?

PIERO= Fortunately, the child in each of us is still there, capable of being surprised by each concert, by each result obtained.
Without him, the passion for this profession would also end.
We have a great fortune in common, that of always trying to think big, all three of us committing ourselves in the same way. All for one was a great commitment, because we wanted to highlight our individual vocal characteristics without distorting the sense of the group.

There is no perceived “routine” in your shows. It’s different every time.

PIERO= It must be like this, the saddest thing is getting used to it. Every time you look your audience in the eye from the stage, you know they are there to share your art.
GIANLUCA= We are constantly evolving, every day we see things with different eyes and we try to convey new emotions.

What are your best qualities?

IGNAZIO= Surely the stubbornness, stubbornness and discipline in achieving a goal. This characterizes all of us. We are three independent artists who always want the good of the group. Sometimes it is normal that we go a little out of line, but the beauty is in transmitting authenticity with our music.

GIANLUCA= It was difficult to consolidate success. Our need, in this phase of our career, is to demonstrate that we are not just three tenors, also because my vocality is a baritone, but three singers. This is the goal for the next few years, especially in Italy.

You started and continued with a popular repertoire, was it a choice?

PIERO= Honestly, at 14 it’s very difficult to choose what to sing. We met by chance on a TV show, nothing was planned and someone decided to put us together. We didn’t even know each other, let alone decide the repertoire. We achieved our first successes thanks to the popularity and strength of the songs we sang, transmitted by our grandparents and part of Italian culture.
Growing up we felt the need to have our singles and some unpublished works, such as Grande Amore, from 2015. Today the repertoire also depends on the country in which we perform: in Japan they love classical music more, while in South America they prefer our unpublished works.
GIANLUCA= The concert schedule in Warsaw is totally different from that of Mexico City. In Tokyo we sing with symphony orchestra, while in South America we are accompanied by band and orchestra.
In the United States we range from aire d’opera to Elvis Presley. And an incredible thing is that in 2011 we had a nomination for the Latin Grammy Awards with a Spanish repertoire. The public likes this dynamism.
IGNAZIO= Among other things we have a lot of fun, because that’s what we like to do. It is the fortune of those who have transformed their passion into a job.

How do you divide the tasks among you?

GIANLUCA= There are those who deal more with management, those who have a more creative and artistic vision, those who dedicate themselves to sound. There are roles, but everyone can intervene on everything. We have respect and esteem for each other: after all, only in this way can we move forward.

How do you always agree?

IGNAZIO= You have to be intelligent, have the ability to accept the ideas of others and look for a meeting point when you are in conflict. Wanting the good of the group has always been our strength.

The next goal?

PIERO= We would like to expand our repertoire of unpublished works. Grande Amore was a turning point that allowed us to do a lot, leading us to duet with great guests in Tutti Per Uno, to create something beautiful together, always with the aim of surprising our audience.

What is the beauty of life for you?

GIANLUCA= Having special people next to you, who allow you to grow, make you better every day and are able to listen to you.
IGNAZIO= Being able to feel alive every day, with enthusiasm and energy. At our age, everything should be fine. But we grew up fast. We are aware of the great opportunities we have had and, precisely for this reason, we try to aim higher and higher.
PIERO= The beautiful thing in life is to enjoy it. We rush too much, sometimes we need to have the strength to stop and reflect to identify the real priorities.

You don’t have star attitudes.

PIERO= They often define us as three humble boys, actually, I think the right term is educated. We are the reflection of how we grew up, of the values that our families have passed on to us. And we are very similar in this.
GIANLUCA= For people of our age it is important to understand that a secret to living more peacefully is to really put yourself in the other’s shoes: knowing how to respond to a message from a parent who asks you how it’s going or to that of a colleague who could be disappointed. Open up to sensitivity and empathy.

Did your families support you?

IGNAZIO= They have always been part of our growth and our career. And it is still like this today. They have helped us to be consistent, to make efforts and sacrifices without resting on our laurels.

Where did you grow up?

IGNAZIO= Traveling (laughs). I was born in Bologna, then I moved to Sicily to return to the Emilian city (Bologna) after the victory of Sanremo in 2015. Moving from here is more practical.
GIANLUCA= Me near the sea, in a small village of 600 souls called Montepagano, a fraction of Roseto degli Abruzzi, in the province of Teramo. Every morning I had coffee with my grandfather and his friends, who played cards. I have wonderful memories of summers cycling and walking on the beach. We had a normal childhood, then, upset by the sudden change in our lives, we matured quickly.
PIERO= I was born, raised and continue to live in Naro, a municipality that is part of the Agrigento consortium. Knowing that you have a place where you can regenerate after long tours is very important to me. Here people are sincere, they don’t know what ambiguity is and they see me as one of them.

What is the perfume of your childhood?

IGNAZIO= For me it is that of the land behind my house, in Sicily, where I used to play with my cousins building huts, soccer goals and motocross tracks to be covered strictly by bicycle.
GIANLUCA= I perfectly remember the smell of the donut that my grandmother used to prepare when I went to her house. Today my mom does it and the perfume always reminds me of the euphoria I felt going to my grandparents’ house, a bit like the madeleine for Proust. It is my personal search for lost time, for that infantile part that will never die.
PIERO= For me it’s the smells that the ground gives off after the storm, it’s the scent of being in the countryside with my grandparents. A mixture of earth and rain combined with the citrus aroma that came from the lemon and orange trees. Indescribable and never found elsewhere. Perhaps these are precisely the reasons why I can’t adapt to a big city.
IGNAZIO= I know that magic. When I was little and it rained, in the morning my friends and I went to collect snails.
GIANLUCA= And if he ate them raw (laughs).

With your concerts you have had enormous success in big cities of the world. What does it feel like?

GIANLUCA= Being able to express your passion exponentially and knowing that from New York to Tokyo there is someone waiting for you is the most beautiful thing that can happen to an artist. We hope, thanks to our audience, to be able to travel and open our minds to new horizons for a long time to come.

Speaking of travel, what emotion does taking the train arouse in you?

IGNAZIO= I’ve always been passionate about planes, but I must admit that today, the best way to travel in Italy is by train. It is also one of the reasons why I moved to Bologna, with the high-speed train you are in Florence in just over half an hour and in Milan in about an hour. In less than four you can reach Rome and Naples. Once, during a trip on the Frecciarossa, I was able to visit the cockpit, a sort of spaceship. Very cool. I also remember a train journey from New York to Washington as particularly exciting.
PIERO= In Japan we also got on the Shimkansen, the Japanese high-speed trains. But our Frecce are no different, a real Italian pride. We need to stop complaining about the things that don’t work and appreciate the things that work. The Italian railway service is of the highest level and if I can choose which means to travel with, for me it is always the train.
GIANLUCA= I would then add that there is no train without a book and there is no book without a train. Getting on board also means dedicating some time to yourself to think and reflect, read and get lost. You can fall in love on the train, it’s a true metaphor for life. (Piero and Ignazio smile)

What impression did it give you to know that Silvio Berlusconi was a big fan of yours?

PIERO= When in 2015 we participated in the Eurovision Song Contest, he supported and supported us. Many ideas and projects were then born from his ideas, so much so that our manager Michele Torpedine defined him as the fourth member of Il Volo, always present behind the scenes.
We recently closed an agreement with Mediaset for next year. A perfect harmony has been created with the company and knowing that those who have always led it appreciated us, is a reason for great happiness.
We are sympathetic to the family for the loss they have suffered. You can have all the talent in the world, but if you don’t have someone who believes in you, it becomes very difficult.

Which foreign country stole your heart?

GIANLUCA= In my case Japan. Eastern culture allows you to experience something very different from what we are used to.
IGNAZIO= Every country leaves us something. In South America, for example, fans chased after our cars for a photo with us.
PIERO= In my opinion you can steal something from every culture. It has to do with that attitude that drives us to look for the best in each country and take it away with us. The entrepreneurial mentality of the United States, the great respect towards the neighbor who lives in Japan. South America’s ability to face life with a smile. Of Italy, a foreigner would undoubtedly appreciate the quality of life.

Can you always find time for selfies and autographs?

GIANLUCA= An artist has to worry when they no longer ask him for a photo together.
IGNAZIO= We are first of all people and then characters. Sometimes you have days in which you are dazed, as we say in Sicily, moments in which you have little energy and appear less available, but that is not the case. We are always happy to meet our audience.

What do you love in people and what do you hate?

GIANLUCA= I borrow the words of Erich Fromm, the great German psychoanalyst. He said he couldn’t bear people who were amorphous, soulless, incapable of having a constructive dialogue or sharing ideas. Here, also in my opinion, those are the negative people. Instead, I love to surround myself with those who allow me to grow artistically and personally.
IGNAZIO= There are many people like those described by Fromm. If Amedeo Modigliani were still alive, today he would have painted thousands of faces without eyes.
PIERO= Instead I appreciate more than anything else the education that rewards and will always reward.

We conclude by thinking about one of the joys of life: food. Are you more for the table or for the kitchen?

IGNAZIO= I prefer to stay in the kitchen all my life.
GIANLUCA= I, on the other hand, am more of a table type. I like starred restaurants, two or three hour tastings accompanied by a good glass of wine. We had lunch in Massimo Bottura’s restaurant, an unforgettable experience.
PIERO= I have a wonderful relationship with food. I need to eat, I play a lot of sport and I don’t give up anything at the table. I run often, I’m also preparing for the NYC marathon.
IGNAZIO= It’s true, we don’t know who he’s running from, but he always runs.
Gianluca, Andrea Radic (interviewed), Piero e Ignazio.
Here instead is the video made by Andrea Radic who interviewed Il Volo and in the end, after meeting them, wanted to say a few things.
RADIC= Dear friends, Il Volo in its splendor, Gianluca Ignazio and Piero, from September 2 at the Arcimboldi in Milan, the first time in a theater in Italy, with a wonderful show, you can’t miss it, and in August on the Freccia (the train), our chat.
I really discovered how much humanity, passion, professionalism there is in these gentlemen.
GIANLUCA= See you on all trains, then.
PIERO= You can read our interview on all Frecciarossa trains.
IGNAZIO= And if the newspaper is on the seat, first remove it, don’t sit on it!
RADIC= Exactly (laughter). Great.
GIANLUCA= See you at the theater!
To go from Bologna to Caserta, Ignazio also used the Frecciarossa train, and guess what he found on the seat? 😁
And in this video, Ignazio promotes Italian trains a bit.
IGNAZIO=  Frecciarossa arrived. I’m in Florence, I’m going to Naples (Reggia di Caserta).
This is one of the reasons why I travel with Frecciarossa: comfortable, it avoids queues on the motorway, I hate traffic. Crazy, then it’s easy to reach Milan for our concert in September at the Arcimboldi, from any city, Turin, Bologna, Rome, from any city Frecciarossa, come to Milan, stroll around the Arcimboldi theater, perfect!
And then I must say that they have good tastes (he shows the newspaper with their interview) 😁
And here is the promo video published on the Facebook page of the Italian railways, which presents the newspaper that all the people who will travel on the Freccia train in the month of August will find this newspaper for free.
Truly a beautiful interview with excellent questions which our sweet young men answered as always with maturity and great knowledge of things.
Let me know what you think!
Daniela 🤗

Credit to owners of all photos and videos.

“UNO PER TUTTI” VERONA, MAY 1st, 2023 by Kirsten from Denmark

In spite of “just” having been in Rome back in December to enjoy the guys’ last concert in 2022, I did immediately get very excited when reading the announcement that IL VOLO would come to Verona primo May. A new craving arose… My husband would be away working in Norway these dates, so should I try to fly down on my own… Well, albeit Verona isn’t exactly around the corner from Copenhagen, Denmark, where I live, it is still “just” some 2½ hrs. away by air, so… And with concert tickets running half of the prices in my country and budget airline Ryanair offering very reasonable tickets to Italy, it didn’t take me long to convince my husband, that it would be a perfect thing for me to do while he was gone 😉. Talking it over with my good Italian friend Daniela – as you all know so well here – it was soon decided that I should come and she would help me with the ticket and practical arrangements. So she was on her toes at 10:00am sharp when the pre-sale opened and succeeded in getting us good seats on second row. Top! Jihaa – once again I was to experience IL VOLO live. 😀 💓
That the weather wouldn’t be particular good in Verona didn’t come as a surprise… I had followed the forecast for more than a week before my departure – but yet again, last June when my husband and I were in Verona it did likewise rain on the very day of the concert but cleared totally up in due time, so why shouldn’t it do that again? I was optimistic. Having said so I did, however, pack my long, warm woolen winter coat – in spite of Daniela having told me that it would be way too much for a spring day in Italy – but to-day I am truly glad I did and thanks to same I believe I avoided catching a huge cold or pneumonia as indeed it came in handy! Both on my arrival day – and on the very day – the weather was, however, pretty acceptable with a mild temperature, slight overcast and a tiny bit of drizzling only, so things were looking quite promising for a while. Till the very moment we set out for Verona. The first bit of rain drummed on the windshield. Well, it would pass, no doubt. But having reached Verona, parked and walked the short distance to the lovely square in front of the Arena, it was no longer just drizzling, nor a little bit of summer rain – it started pouring seriously… One hour before the concert we were admitted to the Arena, but everyone crowded together in the dry shelter under the historical buildings as by now it was raining cats and dogs! The street sellers had a big night exchanging their toys and souvenirs with a range of small umbrellas and rain covers – and the demand was huge. Soon we were a group of hooded people in all colors letting no-one detect the fine clothing that we so carefully had chosen to wear at this event and now all hidden by rain gear! We couldn’t be standing there forever, however, and we were directed into the beautiful Arena and to our seats.
Last time here I did almost lose my breath from the lovely sight and the wings of history when entering these more than 2000 years old roman ruins, but focus this eve was on everything else – namely on all the people working on and around the stage trying to swipe off waters from same and re-organizing entrance areas and covering up cameras etc. The possibility of a cancellation was still rather open, so I followed each single move carefully. Fortunately, most of the stage is covered by a big roof, but it was obvious that several meters into the stage the floor was wet and would continue to be so…  And what about microphones? The lightening? And the instruments? Would they be able to work in the now more than heavily pouring rain? Daniela and I had planned to meet up with several fans from Italy and abroad, but it was simply not possible to move around under these conditions. Once seated I did actually not get up a single time as it would mean your seat getting all wet again and water from your rain cover would drip down and sneak in under same. So sadly we had to give up on that. Luckily we had met a few people while sheltered by the entrance and others made a round in front of us waving a big hello. But a great social get-together never occurred. All the while the rain got worse and worse…  Soon drops from my hood ran down my face and clouded my glasses only to flow further and down into my lap forming little pools that evidently flowed over and made little waterfalls down to my knees and legs and soon made me soaking wet where not sheltered by the cover. Trying to take photos/videos meant having to get your arms and hands out in the free and allowing waters to sneak in from the sides, so in general I gave up on doing it as it was likewise more or less impossible to press the buttons or zoom with the by now drenching wet hands. Unfortunately, it did likewise mean, that clapping my hands would not be an option unless it was under the rain cover where it could hardly be heard… Well, but few minutes before 21:00 hrs. the musicians did, however, start to enter the stage – and a voice announced that the concert would go on and carried through to the end. What a relief 😁!
The stage was already lit up in a bright blue setting but few minutes later a big “fanfare” sounded and Gianluca, Ignazio and Piero marched in on stage from the right – most likely not as planned as at the second show they had a separate entrance ceremony – but, finally, caught in the bright spotlight, were our 3 beloved guys immediately setting in with the first tones of “Granada”. That this concert had a very special purpose did quickly show, as following Piero’s usual classical interpretation of this song Gianluca did suddenly step aside dragging an oldfashioned microphone across the scene changing the mood of the song into a typical crooner-swing style version before in the end Ignazio took over and the mood once again changed – now into a more modern pop/rock song. Yes, they had a message! Add to that their appearances. Albeit all dressed in black they were so absolutely not on the same page. Piero wore a fine black tux with a bit of bling-bling and a white rose looking exactly as elegant as one can expect of an opera singer. Gianluca wore a suit of the finest soft leather from top to bottom including a pair of rather tight fitting trousers with that typical 70-style sway at the feet that most of us recall so well and looking stunningly sexy, while Ignazio had jumped on the bandwagon of the latest trend wearing an oversized jacket and way too long baggy trousers true 1930 style, that in all honesty didn’t do him any good but made him look pretty heavy. Knowing Ignazio though he doesn’t really care what he wears and the choice must have been the one of a stylist and not particularly one of his, I believe. The whole scenario did, however, immediately signalize that this show was all about the IL VOLO guys showing and introducing to us their individual characters and personal choices of music genres and to prove that IL VOLO is much more than just 3 guys singing “O Solo Mio” together. A grand opening!
Not knowing what to expect of the show having just a few weeks prior to same learned of the fact that the guys would have a load of local Italian guest-stars join them, I was curious as to how that was going to function – but shortly following the guys singing a couple of their traditional songs the very first guest was asked to the stage – and it would appear that these guests were not to perform on their own but rather in duets with one or more of the IL VOLO guys. Coming from Denmark – and hence being a foreigner – I must admit that I had never heard of any of the invited Italian artists before, so I am sorry to admit that I cannot tell you whom they were and what they were singing..  Sorry. But there were quite a number of artists and having no program at hand, I cannot remember who was who. I trust, however, that Daniela will fill you all in as to this issue in her article. These artists performed their own hit-songs joined by one or more of the IL VOLO guys – and according to the response from the audience they were well known by the locals who were happily singing along in the rain, so we are talking about rather popular artists loved by the Italian people. And all of absolute different characters as well as representing various musical genres. Some were great –  some gave the duets an synergy effect and raise the songs to a higher level – while yet others admittedly didn’t exactly sound too good due to the voices not truly suit each other. I tend to think that some of these guests most likely were invited out of a planned strategy.  Namely to show and prove how fantastic singers and performers the IL VOLO guys are no matter whom they are coupled with nor what kind of genre of music they are introduced to. The guys shined throughout the evening and did most certainly show that they master it all including showmanship and hosting.
A few of the duets did stand out though – and I should like to mention among others the tall singer Mario Biondi with whom i.e. Ignazio did a fabulous soul song: “You make me feel like a natural woman” by Aretha Franklin and the Russian opera singer Aida Garifullina who coupled with Guianluca in a beautiful duet: “Angels” by Robbie Williams and looking stunningly pretty in a pink dream of a dress. Gianluca looked almost star-struck at her and did obviously enjoy singing with her. But first and foremost when Aida joined Piero in a piece from “La Traviata” a major highlight was born!. A brilliant match for Piero who in her got a partner of his own caliber – or above – inspiring him to perform better than ever. And did they ever look good together! Like a prince and his princess. Piero’s fine tux was in place! And they were about the sweetest when in the end they did a bit of waltzing. Piero shone as the brightest star!
Ignazio Boschetto (Il Volo) ft. Mario Biondi – You make me feel like a natural woman

Aida Garifullina & Gianluca Ginoble (Il Volo) – Angel


As indicated in the name of the show a larger number of songs by our guys were anticipated – and I believe we were pampered with some 4-5 songs from each of them. Some we have heard before but also totally new ones. Piero delighted us with several opera arias the names of which I do, unfortunately, not know. But he  delivered them brilliantly and did once again prove that his many hours of studying opera have so absolutely not been in vain. He is improving for each time I hear him. Very soon he is going to reach his next goal – to stand on the famous La Scala stage in Milan. He is ready! Bravo Piero!
Ignazio had chosen to show us various types of songs including one in which he accompanied himself by guitar – and then he did once again go down the lane of interpreting a mega hit song by a world famous female singer, and this time none the less than one of Whitney Houston’s, namely: “I will always love you”. Who would ever dare follow in the footsteps of Whitney Houston? Our dear Ignazio, of course. And boy did he ever nail it! I don’t know what it is with Ignazio and why he wants to sing songs by these famous female singers, but he is capable of making the songs “his” – taking ownerships of same. Fantastic! And I heard that he was singing Celine Dion’s immortal “My heart goes on” Wednesday night. Likewise with great success. He is awesome…. A rascal you do never know what to expect from, but you can always be sure that he delivers!
Gianluca had a ball on stage not letting us forget that he is a great admirer of Elvis Presley and that type of music and next to his beautiful version of “Can’t stop falling in love with you” (probably song to his girlfriend seated in the audience) he went down the same road singing the popular 60th rock tune “Crazy little thing called love” by Freddie Mercury/Queen dragging the microphone behind him and imitating moves and steps from Elvis/Travolta/Mercury’s 50th and 60th shows. I don’t think we have ever seen him so freely and loose on stage before – and he loved it. No doubt he has been working hard on these performances rehearsing steps and moves over and over and crossed some personal limits too doing so. Personally, I don’t know what to think… His voice is so beautiful and he sings fabulously – but dancing is not his force and these performances seems more like fantastic resemblances of his idols rather than Gianluca showing us the best of himself… I know I am a bit harsh here. In Denmark we have a saying: “Whom you love you chastise” – and I cannot hide that Gianluca is my favorite Il VOLO and I love him in all aspects. So out of love to him I wish he would have more confidence in himself and the courage to interpret the chosen songs in his very own way instead of resembling others. To me Gianluca has a much greater voice and a much larger potential than any of the singers he tries to imitate. He has been given a voice beyond compare – a unique gift – and he owes to himself and the world to make good use of it. Hence, if he feels more comfortable sitting on a chair with closed eyes fully emerging into a song – then let it be. I recall with great fondness his version of i.e. “Mi Mancherai” – standing totally still on the stage but having the audience fully in his hands and giving me the chills. He mesmerizes us when he becomes one with the song. He is capable of much more and ought to challenge himself further in songs like i.e. “New York, New York” (by Sinatra) or the main theme of “The Phantom of the Opera”. Sorry, Gianluca. I’m giving you assignments ;-). Having said this, he enchanted and surprised us all following with a Beatles medley – beautifully performed. I have always thought it would be interesting to have the guys sing Beatles as actually many of these songs have some extraordinary cords/harmonies that – at the time – you did not normally hear pop groups use or sing. And I bet IL VOLO would be able to do something awesome with these songs. Well, we didn’t get the harmonies but we got a lovely medley beautifully presented by Gianluca. Kudos!
In similarity with others I had a certain extended fear that the special concept of this concert might have given us less IL VOLO and more other Italian artists. I couldn’t have been more wrong! The extended length of the concert – 3½ hrs. – gave them ample time to not only sing duets with all the guest performers but likewise to sing more individual soli than normally while likewise pampering us with a large selection of their regular repertoire. So many that I cannot even recall them all, but among others: Il Mondo; The Ecstasy of Gold; Telefonado; Amore Così Grande; Volare; Grande Amore, A Chi mi dice, My Way and many others. So we were in no way let down – on the contrary. We got more than a “normal” IL VOLO Concert while all the guest performances were true VALUE ADDED BONUS! So we need to have full confidence in the guys knowing that they will always deliver! On top we got a full 24 piece symphony orchestra, an opera choir, a beautiful light-show, a lovely TV hostess who didn’t take over but filled in the gaps in a fine way and as such: A BRILLIANT SHOW! And in spite ending up soaking wet and cold – would I have done it again? You bet I would! It was worth all the trouble and each single rain drop. My only regret: I would have loved to clap my hands red in excitement and giving standing ovations over and over – but I didn’t due to the rain and the effect that would have followed. So sorry guys.
Credit to owners of all photos and videos.


And the second concert was also broadcast by Canale 5.
Needless to confirm that once again Il Volo had the highest ratings of the evening, a wonderful recognition, also considering that we had in Italy  a long holiday weekend  and many people had gone to the sea or to the mountains, so I am delighted with this excellent second result.
People love them, that’s for sure, and they’re recognizing their great talent.
I found this beautiful and very clear video of the whole concert, with subtitles, so turn them on to understand what is being said. Remember that sometimes the automatic translator does not understand the words well and therefore they are not exact, but I have verified that the translation is good, so activate it.
I will give you more news and a song list, to complete everything.
Enjoy the video!

The video begins with a nice scene filmed in the backstage of the Arena, where Gianluca, Piero and Ignazio rehearse the presentation of the show TUTTI PER UNO (ALL FOR ONE).
This is totally the night we were there, the night of the big cold rain…..really amazing.
After the opening music like last time, ALSO SPRACH ZARATHUSTRA by Strauss, Il Volo enters and GRANADA begins in the three musical versions.
IL MONDO follows immediately!
After a nice presentation, the first guest arrives on stage: Antonello Venditti, good songwriter, much appreciated by Gianluca, his songs remind me a lot of my twenty years!!
Gianluca and Venditti sing ALTA MAREA (High tide).
Ignazio and Venditti sing AMICI MAI  (Never friends).
Piero and Venditti sing RICORDATI DI ME  (Remember me).
And all together perform CHE FANTASTICA STORIA È LA VITA (What a  fantastic story life is).
I offer you the words of this last song, because it talks about 4 characters, each played by each singer, and the translator doesn’t translate well and doesn’t make sense.
V= My name is Antonio and I’m a singer-songwriter
My father and mother wanted me to be a doctor
I defied the destiny with the first song
I left my friends, lost my love
And when I think that it’s all over
Just then begins the climb
What a fantastic story life is
G= My name is Laura and I am a graduate
After thousand job applications I’m an office-clerk now
And my father and mother, with one single pension
Raised Luca, my only love
Sometimes I think that it’s all over
But that’s just when the climb begins
G+V=What a fantastic story life is
V= And when you think that it’s all over
Just then begins the climb
What a fantastic story life is
P= They call me Jesus and I’m a fisherman
And of the sea and the fish I can still smell
On this Cross in summer nights I still hear the voice
Of my Father and my Mother
And when I think that it’s all over
Just then begins the climb
P+V= What a fantastic story life is
I= My name is Aisha, 
I+G= like in the song
I am the fourth of three thousand people 
From this rock of good hope
I choose life, the only save
I+G+P+V= And when I think that it’s all over
Just then begins the climb
What a fantastic story life is
What a fantastic story life is
The boys introduce Federica Panicucci, who after greetings and compliments leaves the stage together with Piero and Gianluca, it is time for Ignazio who performs with a guitar.
He presents two songs by Loredana Bertè, a well-known rock singer (Mia Martini’s sister), the two songs are:

It’s time for Gianluca to sing CRAZY LITTLE THING CALLED LOVE, a beautiful song by Queen. ☺

Piero waits for Federica and after a brief introduction he sings LA MIA CANZONE AL VENTO, a beautiful song from 1939 often sung by Pavarotti.
I really like that these old and beautiful songs are brought to light, bravo Piero. ☺

This is followed by the beautiful THE ECSTASY OF GOLD sung with the whole choir, a tribute to Morricone, magnificent! ☺
Federica returns for questions about Il Volo.
Gianluca says that Piero on a desert island would bring a treadmill because he always runs and is training for the marathon.
Piero says that if Ignazio could make a wish, he would want a technological recording studio.
From Gianluca, both Piero and Ignazio say they would like to be taller and have the heels of his boots framed.
Federica tells Gianluca to react, but he says he loves them! 😘

Back to singing, another guest, a very good singer, Fiorella Mannoia and the pianist Danilo Rea, together with Ignazio perform the beautiful C’È UNA RAGIONE DI PIÙ, very good duet.

A really intense song and what can I say, it was raining really hard!!!
Fantastic Ignazio and Fiorella, a splendid seventy year old. ❤

The concert continues with the always green UN AMORE COSÌ GRANDE.
It’s time for another duet, this time Gianluca with Madame, she is a very young rapper singer-songwriter. Gianluca explains that they both grew up listening to De Andrè, a famous Italian singer-songwriter.
Madame isn’t exactly a singer who’s in my comfort zone, but I must say that I really liked her here, moreover she got involved on a type of song that is absolutely not her style.
The song is called GEORDIE and is a beautiful ballad of the Scottish type. Both are very good at interpreting this beautiful song that is not easy.
Small detail, Madame sings barefoot. ❤

After the publicity, they resumed with the success of Blue, A CHI MI DICE.
Later, Gianluca strongly emphasizes his Elvis-style musical imprint by singing CAN’T HELP FALLING IN LOVE.
It’s time for the next guest and well presented by Piero Mario Biondi enters. With him Piero sings MISERERE, a beautiful duet, with two totally different voices. ❤
This song was sung by Pavarotti and Zucchero, the idea came from Michele Torpedine, Zucchero’s manager at the time, he brought the cassette recording of the song to Pavarotti who was in Philadelphia at the time. To record the part intended for Pavarotti, Michele asked several tenors who refused, then someone told him that in Tuscany there was a man with a beautiful voice who performed in a piano bar, so Michele met Andrea Bocelli.

The vision of the Arena from above with all those ponchos for water is really strange.
The rain was so heavy that it was impossible to take pictures or clap or expose ourselves too much for fear of the rain getting under the raincoats. 😁
But the show goes on and now it’s Ignazio’s turn to duet with Mario Biondi.
Ignazio presents the new song saying it’s a soulful voice and Mario jokes by answering “it is a solo voice,” that’s why Ignazio laughs.
Beautiful tribute to Aretha Franklin, Ignazio and Mario Biondi sing YOU MAKE ME FEEL LIKE A NATURAL WOMAN. ❤
Very nice that Mario Biondi says (not detected by the translator): “I love these guys in an incredible way.” 😘

Follows the beautiful song of : ANCORA.
After the commercial break, a nice Il Volo medley:
Immediately after a solo by Piero, from the Cavalleria Rusticana: MAMMA, QUEL VINO GENEROSO.

Enter Edoardo Leo, actor and director.
It begins with a monologue on the contradictory relationship with our Italian excellence.
It is interesting to discover the story of Bartolomeo Cristofori.
Very nice the whole story and the presentation of the new song: NEL BLU DIPINTO DI BLU = VOLARE
Followed by Edoardo Leo, a small and playful audition for a future film, Ignazio, Piero and Gianluca, on the progress of the music. 😁😁😁

Now comes the time for Ignazio’s solo accompanied by the pianist Danielo Rea, he performs a beautiful one entitled: E POI, brought to success by Giorgia, another good Italian singer. ❤

A nice ovation welcomes GRANDE AMORE. ☺
Federica Panicucci returns to the stage with her questions to Il Volo.
Immediately after, Gianluca presents the good and beautiful Aida Garifullina, with whom he performs ANGEL by Robbie Williams. Wow, amazing duet. ❤

Solo by Ignazio who sings a beautiful and intense song by Elisa, another good singer-songwriter, the title of the song is: UNA POESIA ANCHE PER TE ❤

Again Ignazio, but this time in a duet with Orietta Berti, historic and good Italian singer, she was the one who had to sing Grande Amore in Sanremo, and she accepted that Il Volo sing it.
She had just turned 80, a lady of Italian music.
She and Ignazio perform CANZONE PER TE.
Below, Orietta with Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca mention two of her successes: “Finchè la barca va” and “ Io tu e le rose”.

It’s Piero’s time with NO PUEDE SER from the Tabernera del puerto.
And now it’s time for a beautiful medley by Gianluca with the choir, dedicated to three Beatles songs:
How wonderful, well done Gianluca! ❤

Surprise entrance at the top of the staircase for Ignazio who sings the beautiful song by Whitney Houston in a very high voice: I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU. ❤
We are at the final moments, Federica comes back and thanks and greets the audience and presents the last song: CARUSO.
And even this second evening is over.
Different songs, different guests.
Do you realize that in two evenings Il Volo sang more than 60 songs?? Mind blowing. And many are challenging songs and admirably performed.
The sets are beautiful and give great prominence to our young people.
Very professional choir and orchestra.
Lots of praise from the people and wonderful comments …… silence from the press as usual, yes there were some articles, but very few.
Too bad the rain didn’t allow us to show our cheers, but it certainly showed Ignazio, Gianluca and Piero the great affection from their fans.
Meanwhile, Il Volo was in concert in Montenegro on Saturday 3 June.
I look forward to knowing if you also enjoyed the second evening with your comments.
See you soon: Daniela 🤗


Credit to owners of all photos and video.


The great evening of the first concert TUTTI PER UNO (ALL FOR ONE) broadcast by Canale 5 has arrived.
What can I say, a wonderful evening that kept people glued in front of the TV.
As promised, I’m sending you the video of the entire concert, which I hope you all can see.
I will try to translate briefly what is said and I will offer you some lyrics of songs that you don’t know.
But here’s the video, good vision, enjoy every moment. ☺

I want to tell you that this is the evening recorded on May 3, the one in which I was not present and therefore it was not raining.
But there is a small piece of the evening of May 1st and you will immediately realize from the rain you will see, and from the waterproof hoods worn by the people, surely the next episode will be much more focused on the rainy evening.
As I already told you, the concert begins with GRANADA, sung in three different musical styles and from three different places, which could not happen at the concert on May 1st due to the rain.
Seeing the Arena di Verona from above is a unique spectacle. The sets are beautiful and the stage presence of the orchestra and choir is really special and then there are them: Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca, unique!

After greetings to the public, GRANDE AMORE sets off immediately.
The first guests are the Pooh, an Italian band with a 50-year career behind them. They are very close friends of Il Volo, they love and appreciate them, years ago when Il Volo was just starting out, the Pooh invited Il Volo during one of their concerts and they sang together and the thing repeats itself tonight, Il Volo and the Poohs united by music and from the beautiful songs of the Pooh, fantastic.

Nicely, at the end of their performance, the Poohs give our boys some good advice:

1= We have never followed trends, don’t do this either and you will always be personal.
2= My advice instead is this, there are three of you, alone you represent 30%, instead together you represent 3000%, this is the strength of the group, remember this.
3= I believe that the Pooh’s real success was a little talent and a lot of passion, the same talent and the same passion that I see in your eyes and in your career, and this is a good sign for you.

Federica Panicucci, well-known presenter of Canale 5, is introduced below, it is the first time she has worked with Il Volo, but there is immediately a good understanding. Her presence will not be intrusive at all.
Ignazio is struck by the beautiful Federica and instead she calls applause for “these fantastic bearers of Italian music in the world”.
Federica explains that during the evening Il Volo will show unpublished moments with solos and duets never performed, just to show their different personalities.
Ignazio explains that the three of them also have three different types of fans, mothers like Piero, Gianluca is “the one who catches the most” and children like him. 😁😁😁
Ignazio begins with the solo dedicated to Mia Martini, the good and late singer of this song. ALMENO TU NELL’UNIVERSO. ❤
Follows Gianluca who tells an anecdote of Elvis and then sings SUSPICIOUS MINDS. ❤

Closes the three solos Piero with “VIVA IL VINO SPUMEGGIANTE”, from the opera Cavalleria Rusticana.
This is followed by NESSUN DORMA.
Panicucci enters and asks Il Volo some amusing questions:
She asks Piero if they hadn’t become singers what Ignazio would have done. Piero replies that Ignazio would have been a comedian, because when he arrives he brings good humor.
She asks Gianluca in which emergency situation he would never call Piero. Gianluca replies that he would never let Piero cook, because he doesn’t even know how to open a can of tuna.
To Ignazio she asks what is never missing in Gianluca’s suitcase and Ignazio answers the hair dryer and even heels, but then adds a book, because he always reads.
New guest, this time it’s a woman, the rocker Gianna Nannini who sings in a duet classic-rock with Piero: MERAVIGLIOSA CREATURA. ☺
There is a medley of Neapolitan songs: TORNA A SURRIENTO and O SOLE MIO.
A guest arrives, a young Italian singer-songwriter: Francesca Michielin who will duet with Ignazio. Before singing, both read beautiful words I think written by Francesca herself:
IGNAZIO= So, I want to open up, lay bare, tell you the crash of my heart. Sounds like the title of one of those romantic movies, doesn’t it? Which always ends badly.
FRANCESCA= Inside each of us, a chaos of voices resonates, some make us feel insecure, others invincible, some don’t give us answers, others confuse us, and then there is a voice that tells you the truth that we will only understand later.
IGNAZIO= Yes, then love arrives alone, it arrives alone. It’s useless to go looking for him, dressing like Indiana Jones in search of unobtainable love, no. Love comes by itself, and doesn’t show itself when you seek it.
FRANCESCA= One fine day you realize that he has always been there, around the corner, silently, staring at you.
IGNAZIO= Yes, it was right there, that person who, despite making you feel good, tried to push her away.
FRANCESCA= Let’s not waste time looking for something that doesn’t make sense, or holding back someone who doesn’t make us feel good, because in the end, what matters most is feeling good.
IGNAZIO= It’s feeling good.
FRANCESCA= And we deserve to feel good.
Then Ignazio and Francesca sing Billie Eilish’s song: WHEN THE PARTY’S OVER. ❤❤ Very sweet.
Another young and talented Italian singer: Annalisa who will perform a duet with Gianluca and will sing a beautiful SHALLOW. ❤❤  WOW, what emotions.

At this point in the concert a long piece of the concert I was at is inserted, it is clear from the rain.
The first song is MY WAY.
New guest a young Italian singer-songwriter: IRAMA.
Gianluca begins a beautiful song called LA CURA (the cure) written by Battiato, another great Italian songwriter who wrote it for his woman, when she discovered she had a serious illness. The words are beautiful and Gianluca and Irama sing it from the heart. ❤


G= I will protect you from the fears of hypochondria
From the disturbances that you will meet on your way from today
From the injustices and deceptions of your time
From failures that by your nature you will normally attract
I will relieve you from your pains and mood swings
From the obsessions of your manias
I will overcome the gravitational currents
Space and light for not to make old you
And you will be cured of all diseases
Because you are a special being
And I will take care of you
I= I wandered the fields of Tennessee
How I got there, who knows
Don’t you have white flowers for me?
Faster than eagles my dreams
They cross the sea
Above all, I will bring you silence and patience
We will walk together the paths that lead to the essence
The scents of love will inebriate our bodies
The August calm will not calm our senses
G= I will weave your hair like the plots of a song
I=I know the laws of the world, and I will give them to you
G+I= I will overcome
gravitational currents
Space and light, not to make you grow old
I will save you from all melancholy
Because you are a special being
And I will take care of you
Yes, I will take care of you.
And now, Irama, Gianluca, Piero and Ignazio sing together the beautiful song written by Irama to remember his grandmother: OVUNQUE SARAI ❤


I= If you are wind, you will sing
If you are water, you will shine
If you will be what I will be
And if you have time, I will wait for you
G= If you are light, you will warm me
If you’re the moon, I’ll see you
And if you’re here, I won’t know
But if it’s you, I’ll hear it
I=Wherever you will be, wherever I will be
In every gesture I will look for you
I+G+P+I= If you’re not there, I’ll understand
And in the silence I will listen to you
I=If I’m on the ground, you will lift me up
If it’s cold, you’ll burn
G= And I know you can hear me
P= Where each soul has a color
And every tear has your name
I= If you come back here, if ever, you know that
I+G+P+I= I will wait for you
Wherever you are, wherever I am
In every gesture I will look for you
If you’re not there, I’ll understand
And in the silence I will listen to you
I will listen to you
I= If you are wind, you will sing
In the montage of the concert for TV, it was cut, but Ignazio said that evening that this song deeply touches their feelings, because he has lost his father, Piero his grandfather and Irama his grandmother. ❤
A blogger wrote this comment:
 “Seeing artists of this young age who manage to interpret (and well) masterpieces of this caliber is an injection of confidence.”
Small detail, we criticize Gianluca’s shoes a lot, but have you seen Irama’s shoes?? 😁
The concert continues with the beautiful soprano Aida Garifullina, beautiful, talented and elegant, she will play with Piero LIBIAM DE LIETI CALICI
Wonderful ❤
Damn it was raining heavily, impossible to get up and we clapped under the ponchos.
The piece from the May 1st concert ends here.
We continue with the beautiful song by Maurizio Costanzo: SE TELEFONANDO
Federica Panicucci returns to the stage. She asks Piero how his passion for singing was born. He recounts the episode in which he goes to a friend of his grandfather’s on an estate. He is struck by the voice of Mario del Monaco who sings A love so great. “That child thus recognized his vocation, that child was me.
I hope I can arouse some curiosity in the people who will listen to the next aria. If only I succeed with just one person here in the Arena or at home, then the goal will be achieved” 😘
Piero sings E LUCEVAN LE STELLE from Tosca. ❤

It’s time for a comedic guest, Giorgio Panariello.
When he enters, he stands in front of a lectern, he is serious and tells an excerpt of the beautiful plot of the film Nuovo Cinema Paradiso by Giuseppe Tornatore.
All to anticipate the new SE song.
Panariello is back and this time in a comic version, it’s a very hilarious skit.
Panariello tries to convince the boys that being three is not good, and proposes himself as the fourth element for Il Volo.
In the end, to show that he is up to this role, they sing the NESSUN DORMA which repeats VINCERÒ and in the highest moment, Panariello doesn’t say “I will win” but says “a draw is enough for me”. 😁😁
Then they perform an Italian song IL PULLOVER and every time someone makes a mistake, first Ignazio and then Gianluca, really nice!!
In the end Panariello, going out, says “But we are friends……(it’s true they are)….don’t call me anymore in your concerts!!” 😁😁
A beautiful and emotional moment follows.
IGNAZIO= Now is a very emotional moment for us, we have decided to sing this next song to reach all the people who have suffered in these years, to all the people who continue to suffer, and to all those people who unfortunately today, we, they watch from up there. Let’s hope that our song, our thoughts, can reach them up there. IL Volo sings HALLELUJAH!
There are no words! One magical moment and people responded by lighting their hearts. ❤❤❤

Immediately afterwards Piero sings with a beautiful song from 1942, VOGLIO VIVERE COSÌ.
Federica Panicucci returns, this time she seats the boys and asks more questions. She immediately asks Gianluca what gift Piero would like to receive on his birthday and Gianluca replies a nice tennis racket and Ignazio jokingly says that he would have given him a watering can for his flower on his jacket! 😁
Federica asks Ignazio what superpower Gianluca would like to have and he replies the power to lengthen his legs. 😁
She asks Piero to tell some funny figure of Ignazio and he tells that in Vienna Ignazio greeted the public saying:
“Good evening Berlin”.😁
Federica compliments the boys on their tour that has just finished and a video of beautiful images starts and Federica asks what is the best memory.
GIANLUCA= Seeing people’s faces is oxygen for us and a privilege. We are young and we are living the life we have always wanted to live, and it is amazing how this music overcomes the barrier of language, and reaches all ages, and we are proud to be able to give these emotions to all of you. 😘
It’s time for a solo by Ignazio and he pays homage to Celine Dion. Sing MY HEART WILL GO ON, a part of this also in the original key. Fantastic.❤
At this point begins a tribute to another Italian singer-songwriter: Sergio Endrigo.
Il Volo sings a trio of beautiful songs by Endrigo, starting with CANZONE PER TE, followed LONTANO DAGLI OCCHI and last GIROTONDO INTORNO AL MONDO, this is a beautiful hymn to peace and friendship, in the background war videos, unfortunately …… Piero says: “This song was written in the 60s but unfortunately it is still relevant today.”
Very nice to see Gianluca, Ignazio and Piero putting their hand on each other’s shoulders at the end of the song.


G= If all girls
The girls of the world
They shook hands
They shook hands
Then there would be a roundabout
Around the world
Around the world
I= And if all the boys
The boys of the world
Wish once
Becoming sailors
Then a great bridge would be made
With many boats
Around the sea
P= And if all the people
He shook hands
If the world, really
He lent himself a hand
Then it would be a roundabout
Around the world
Around the world
G+I+P= What if all the people
He shook hands
If the world, really
He lent himself a hand
Then it would be a roundabout
Around the world
Around the world
The Gianluca concert continues with a solo, the beautiful WHAT A WONDERFUL WORLD, a very sweet song. ❤
Now still in trio, Il Volo performs a song well known to us: PIOVE, homage to Modugno.
Followed by a solo by Gianluca with the choir, the beautiful KNOCKIN’ ON HEAVEN’S DOOR by Bob Dylan.

Another guest, the baritone Gianfranco Montresor, in duet with Piero, performs an aria by Bizet in French: AU FOND DU TEMPLE SAINT
Beautiful duet! ❤
Last solo, it’s Ignazio’s turn singing a song by Evanescence: MY IMMORTAL.
How much passion. ❤
Federica Panicucci returns, announcing the end of the concert, greets everyone and makes an appointment for next week.
And how does it end? As it should. HERE’S TO YOU by Ennio Morricone. The three boys descend into the audience to shake hands and take selfies. Very respectful public, people approach them but without causing problems.

It was a very long concert, but what a concert.
I have no words, despite the numerous guests, our boys shone with their own light in every song.
Beautiful duets, magnificent solos.
It goes without saying that the concert recorded the highest ratings of the evening and people’s comments were very many and positive, everyone admired their way of being, polite and never excessive, in addition to their skill. As for the newspapers,  only a couple wrote about the concert, the others did not write  positive or negative comments, as if there hadn’t been any concert.
But it doesn’t matter, people got it, they’re waking up from their slumber, they really appreciated it.
On this Fanpage.it Facebook page, not dedicated only to Il Volo, which published this beautiful photo with SUPERLATIVES written the morning after the concert, people started commenting and even today after 4 days they continue to write enthusiastic comments, and they are not only written by Il Volo fans, they are all the people who saw the concert, and this makes me so happy.
Francesca Michelin, who duetted with Ignazio, posted this comment:
“I could say that my voice didn’t shake like when I was a child, or that it was a normal performance, but I would say a lie, because it was one of the most powerful and beautiful moments I’ve experienced on stage, I felt fragile and strong like never before thank you very much Ignazio and Il Volo for this shared magic.” ❤

ALL MUSIC ITALIA posted this photo with the caption, and this comment:
Yesterday evening on Canale 5 the first of two special evenings full of guests was broadcast, recorded at the Verona Arena, starring IL VOLO.
From La cura di Battiato with Irama to Celine Dion, from Sergio Endrigo to Mia Martini, from the duet on Shallow with Annalisa up to the classical lyrical repertoire, the Italian trio that the whole world loves, and that some Italian journalists snub or boo, has shown flexibility, talent and love for our tradition… which is not something old but tradition, roots and history.

And this news has just been published by I POOH:


AFTER THE GREAT SUCCESS of the show where we were guests of 3 INCREDIBLE guys, we decided to return the favor, and to invite Il Volo to two unmissable live events in stadiums this summer: July 6th at the G. Meazza Stadium in Milan and on July 15 at the Stadio Olimpico in Rome.
Ignazio, Piero and Gianluca, SEE YOU ON STAGE! 😊

Well, I have nothing more to add. I await your comments and if you want clarification, please ask me.
And now I’m waiting for Saturday to fully review my rainy evening!!
Daniela 🤗


Credit to owners of all photos and videos.