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And the second concert was also broadcast by Canale 5.
Needless to confirm that once again Il Volo had the highest ratings of the evening, a wonderful recognition, also considering that we had in Italy  a long holiday weekend  and many people had gone to the sea or to the mountains, so I am delighted with this excellent second result.
People love them, that’s for sure, and they’re recognizing their great talent.
I found this beautiful and very clear video of the whole concert, with subtitles, so turn them on to understand what is being said. Remember that sometimes the automatic translator does not understand the words well and therefore they are not exact, but I have verified that the translation is good, so activate it.
I will give you more news and a song list, to complete everything.
Enjoy the video!

The video begins with a nice scene filmed in the backstage of the Arena, where Gianluca, Piero and Ignazio rehearse the presentation of the show TUTTI PER UNO (ALL FOR ONE).
This is totally the night we were there, the night of the big cold rain…..really amazing.
After the opening music like last time, ALSO SPRACH ZARATHUSTRA by Strauss, Il Volo enters and GRANADA begins in the three musical versions.
IL MONDO follows immediately!
After a nice presentation, the first guest arrives on stage: Antonello Venditti, good songwriter, much appreciated by Gianluca, his songs remind me a lot of my twenty years!!
Gianluca and Venditti sing ALTA MAREA (High tide).
Ignazio and Venditti sing AMICI MAI  (Never friends).
Piero and Venditti sing RICORDATI DI ME  (Remember me).
And all together perform CHE FANTASTICA STORIA È LA VITA (What a  fantastic story life is).
I offer you the words of this last song, because it talks about 4 characters, each played by each singer, and the translator doesn’t translate well and doesn’t make sense.
V= My name is Antonio and I’m a singer-songwriter
My father and mother wanted me to be a doctor
I defied the destiny with the first song
I left my friends, lost my love
And when I think that it’s all over
Just then begins the climb
What a fantastic story life is
G= My name is Laura and I am a graduate
After thousand job applications I’m an office-clerk now
And my father and mother, with one single pension
Raised Luca, my only love
Sometimes I think that it’s all over
But that’s just when the climb begins
G+V=What a fantastic story life is
V= And when you think that it’s all over
Just then begins the climb
What a fantastic story life is
P= They call me Jesus and I’m a fisherman
And of the sea and the fish I can still smell
On this Cross in summer nights I still hear the voice
Of my Father and my Mother
And when I think that it’s all over
Just then begins the climb
P+V= What a fantastic story life is
I= My name is Aisha, 
I+G= like in the song
I am the fourth of three thousand people 
From this rock of good hope
I choose life, the only save
I+G+P+V= And when I think that it’s all over
Just then begins the climb
What a fantastic story life is
What a fantastic story life is
The boys introduce Federica Panicucci, who after greetings and compliments leaves the stage together with Piero and Gianluca, it is time for Ignazio who performs with a guitar.
He presents two songs by Loredana Bertè, a well-known rock singer (Mia Martini’s sister), the two songs are:

It’s time for Gianluca to sing CRAZY LITTLE THING CALLED LOVE, a beautiful song by Queen. ☺

Piero waits for Federica and after a brief introduction he sings LA MIA CANZONE AL VENTO, a beautiful song from 1939 often sung by Pavarotti.
I really like that these old and beautiful songs are brought to light, bravo Piero. ☺

This is followed by the beautiful THE ECSTASY OF GOLD sung with the whole choir, a tribute to Morricone, magnificent! ☺
Federica returns for questions about Il Volo.
Gianluca says that Piero on a desert island would bring a treadmill because he always runs and is training for the marathon.
Piero says that if Ignazio could make a wish, he would want a technological recording studio.
From Gianluca, both Piero and Ignazio say they would like to be taller and have the heels of his boots framed.
Federica tells Gianluca to react, but he says he loves them! 😘

Back to singing, another guest, a very good singer, Fiorella Mannoia and the pianist Danilo Rea, together with Ignazio perform the beautiful C’È UNA RAGIONE DI PIÙ, very good duet.

A really intense song and what can I say, it was raining really hard!!!
Fantastic Ignazio and Fiorella, a splendid seventy year old. ❤

The concert continues with the always green UN AMORE COSÌ GRANDE.
It’s time for another duet, this time Gianluca with Madame, she is a very young rapper singer-songwriter. Gianluca explains that they both grew up listening to De Andrè, a famous Italian singer-songwriter.
Madame isn’t exactly a singer who’s in my comfort zone, but I must say that I really liked her here, moreover she got involved on a type of song that is absolutely not her style.
The song is called GEORDIE and is a beautiful ballad of the Scottish type. Both are very good at interpreting this beautiful song that is not easy.
Small detail, Madame sings barefoot. ❤

After the publicity, they resumed with the success of Blue, A CHI MI DICE.
Later, Gianluca strongly emphasizes his Elvis-style musical imprint by singing CAN’T HELP FALLING IN LOVE.
It’s time for the next guest and well presented by Piero Mario Biondi enters. With him Piero sings MISERERE, a beautiful duet, with two totally different voices. ❤
This song was sung by Pavarotti and Zucchero, the idea came from Michele Torpedine, Zucchero’s manager at the time, he brought the cassette recording of the song to Pavarotti who was in Philadelphia at the time. To record the part intended for Pavarotti, Michele asked several tenors who refused, then someone told him that in Tuscany there was a man with a beautiful voice who performed in a piano bar, so Michele met Andrea Bocelli.

The vision of the Arena from above with all those ponchos for water is really strange.
The rain was so heavy that it was impossible to take pictures or clap or expose ourselves too much for fear of the rain getting under the raincoats. 😁
But the show goes on and now it’s Ignazio’s turn to duet with Mario Biondi.
Ignazio presents the new song saying it’s a soulful voice and Mario jokes by answering “it is a solo voice,” that’s why Ignazio laughs.
Beautiful tribute to Aretha Franklin, Ignazio and Mario Biondi sing YOU MAKE ME FEEL LIKE A NATURAL WOMAN. ❤
Very nice that Mario Biondi says (not detected by the translator): “I love these guys in an incredible way.” 😘

Follows the beautiful song of : ANCORA.
After the commercial break, a nice Il Volo medley:
Immediately after a solo by Piero, from the Cavalleria Rusticana: MAMMA, QUEL VINO GENEROSO.

Enter Edoardo Leo, actor and director.
It begins with a monologue on the contradictory relationship with our Italian excellence.
It is interesting to discover the story of Bartolomeo Cristofori.
Very nice the whole story and the presentation of the new song: NEL BLU DIPINTO DI BLU = VOLARE
Followed by Edoardo Leo, a small and playful audition for a future film, Ignazio, Piero and Gianluca, on the progress of the music. 😁😁😁

Now comes the time for Ignazio’s solo accompanied by the pianist Danielo Rea, he performs a beautiful one entitled: E POI, brought to success by Giorgia, another good Italian singer. ❤

A nice ovation welcomes GRANDE AMORE. ☺
Federica Panicucci returns to the stage with her questions to Il Volo.
Immediately after, Gianluca presents the good and beautiful Aida Garifullina, with whom he performs ANGEL by Robbie Williams. Wow, amazing duet. ❤

Solo by Ignazio who sings a beautiful and intense song by Elisa, another good singer-songwriter, the title of the song is: UNA POESIA ANCHE PER TE ❤

Again Ignazio, but this time in a duet with Orietta Berti, historic and good Italian singer, she was the one who had to sing Grande Amore in Sanremo, and she accepted that Il Volo sing it.
She had just turned 80, a lady of Italian music.
She and Ignazio perform CANZONE PER TE.
Below, Orietta with Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca mention two of her successes: “Finchè la barca va” and “ Io tu e le rose”.

It’s Piero’s time with NO PUEDE SER from the Tabernera del puerto.
And now it’s time for a beautiful medley by Gianluca with the choir, dedicated to three Beatles songs:
How wonderful, well done Gianluca! ❤

Surprise entrance at the top of the staircase for Ignazio who sings the beautiful song by Whitney Houston in a very high voice: I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU. ❤
We are at the final moments, Federica comes back and thanks and greets the audience and presents the last song: CARUSO.
And even this second evening is over.
Different songs, different guests.
Do you realize that in two evenings Il Volo sang more than 60 songs?? Mind blowing. And many are challenging songs and admirably performed.
The sets are beautiful and give great prominence to our young people.
Very professional choir and orchestra.
Lots of praise from the people and wonderful comments …… silence from the press as usual, yes there were some articles, but very few.
Too bad the rain didn’t allow us to show our cheers, but it certainly showed Ignazio, Gianluca and Piero the great affection from their fans.
Meanwhile, Il Volo was in concert in Montenegro on Saturday 3 June.
I look forward to knowing if you also enjoyed the second evening with your comments.
See you soon: Daniela 🤗


Credit to owners of all photos and video.


On May 16th, the weekly SORRISI E CANZONI TV was released in Italy on newsstands, publishing a beautiful interview with Il Volo, and what a thrill to see the faces of Ignazio, Gianluca and Piero on the front page!!! I translate for you:

It’s May 1st, Labor Day (in Italy). But not for everyone.
The first part of “Tutti per uno”, Il Volo’s gala which will be broadcast on Canale 5 on May 27 and June 3, will be staged at the Arena di Verona.
The next day I meet Piero Barone, Ignazio Boschetto and Gianluca Ginoble in their hotel, in the heart of the city, tired, happy and above all amazed by the affection shown by the public, who undauntedly, watched the show in the rain, which lasted over three hours: “Nobody left, despite the water, and we got even more excited seeing that they all remained motionless under umbrellas”, Ignazio says, as he bites into a double chicken club sandwich with a side of fries, under the stern gaze of Gianluca and his seared salmon with white rice.
The Arena is an important place for you. In what state of mind do you go up on this stage?
GIANLUCA= “We are three leaders, but very different. With this project we felt the need to show our different personalities and vocalities”.
PIERO= “The Arena allows you to make your every wish come true, both artistically and in terms of production. Then it is a place that attracts the public and for this project we wanted a safe, already baptized place.” (means a place that already has an important name)
IGNAZIO= “It’s not just for this though. We could have done it even in a television studio. But our strength is to sing in front of the audience and charge ourselves with its emotions.”
You have just crossed the 14-year career milestone. Do you realize that half of your life you have spent together?”
GIANLUCA= “We are not related by blood, but by passion. We didn’t choose each other, but the intensity of the emotions we share on stage unites us more than anything else. We must learn to put aside ego and presumption, and listen to each other.”
PIERO= “At the beginning we were three teenagers and everyone thought they were right, we didn’t have the maturity to listen to each other. Fortunately our relationship has also matured with the chronological age.”
How did the idea of these two evenings come about?
IGNAZIO= “Our personal tastes go beyond what we sing. We are having an evolution in our group.”
GIANLUCA=“Il Volo remains the priority, however the lineup of the two evenings has been designed in a coherent way to show who we are.
Piero is the tenor of the group, he studies opera and dreams of one day interpreting one.
I, on the other hand, love American music like Elvis Presley, Bob Dylan, John Mayer with his guitars, but also Italian songwriting like Fabrizio De André.
Ignazio also has a soulful voice and can do anything.”

You will sing both alone and with other artists. Can you give us some examples?
You will sing both alone and with other artists. Can you give us some examples?
GIANLUCA= I will sing GEORDIE with Madame (Italian singer), because we both love De André, with Irama (Italian singer) LA CURA by Battiato (Italian singer-songwriter) and with Annalisa (Italian singer) SHALLOW by Lady Gaga.”
PIERO=“I will sing MISERERE with Mario Biondi, and with Gianna Nannini MERAVIGLIOSA CREATURA.”
IGNAZIO=“Instead I will sing with Francesca Michielin (Italian singer). I know her artistically, she is very good at reaching people with her words. We will talk about love.
And then with Mario Biondi I will sing NATURAL WOMAN and SEI BELLISSIMA, alone with the guitar. Ah, I will also duet with Orietta Berti! (long career Italian singer).”
PIERO= “And we will sing with Pooh  (Italian group), we will almost be a soccer team!”
GIANLUCA= “We would like to say that we are three singers, not just three tenors. But obviously we will also re-propose our classics.”
PIERO= “We will open the show with GRANADA, but in different versions: classical, soul and pop, three like our personalities.”
Federica Panicucci will be on stage with you.
PIERO= “When we created this gala, we thought of a female figure who would help us show small features of our character. We couldn’t ask each other questions or celebrate ourselves. When her name came up, we all agreed. It is correct and balanced. It is the first time that we work together with her.”
Did she put you in line?
PIERO= “We don’t use the hunchback and we don’t follow a script, but the authors give us small inputs to bond with.
Then maybe we change the subject and improvise, but Federica is very well prepared, a great professional.”
GIANLUCA= “While they were trying on the lights, she called me to ask me for advice on the dress. I told her that ours would have glitter and so she too chose a long sparkling dress. She put us at ease, we talked about the most and at the very least, it was like we were at home singing with friends. Federica was a nice surprise.”
ALL FOR ONE was the motto of the three musketeers. What’s yours?
PIERO= “We don’t have one, but just before going on stage we always shake hands and look into each other’s eyes. The nice thing is that we encourage each other, especially if one of us is less excited, or has a moment of discouragement, as happened to me yesterday evening: when I reached the last four songs I was mentally tired. Between the rain and humidity, I saw the audience suffer and I felt bad.
We sang 32 songs for over three hours in the rain.
I couldn’t take it anymore, but Ignazio encouraged me. Unity is our strength.”
What is your routine in Verona?
GIANLUCA= “Even in this we are different. Like Piero, I get up early, I always train and eat healthy, but he loves having everything under control, he is precise and doesn’t rest for a moment. Ignazio, on the other hand, is genius and reckless.”
PIERO= “I get up at 7:30 am, I train (I asked for an exercise bike in the room to pedal 20 minutes before going to bed, because I’m training for the New York marathon), then I have a protein breakfast, rigorously alone and in silence, because I read the news on my computer.
I am very organized and respect the timetables. Before I lived with more anxiety, now I enjoy the journey and arrive on stage serene.”
IGNAZIO= “Before, I too was careful about what I ate and trained constantly. Then my dad passed away within a month. I wasn’t prepared. When these things happen, you change.
Now I try to do what makes me feel good. I’m lucky enough to do what I like and if something goes wrong, patience.
Why do I have to have trouble, or suffer if it rains? We just give our best, tomorrow we don’t know what will happen.
I want to live like this with the sun on my forehead.! (This is a phrase that is part of a song that Piero will perform in the Arena)”
The last time we met was October 2019, to celebrate the collection of THE BEST OF TEN YEARS. In these four years, three of which due to the pandemic, what has happened in your lives?
PIERO= “We have dedicated ourselves to ourselves. This stop has helped me a lot to clarify my ideas and -set myself up- for the future. I have deepened my studies on opera.”
GIANLUCA= “I rediscovered reading and studied the piano, as well as being with my family.”
IGNAZIO= “I too started studying, I fell in love with sound, with how a recording studio works, with how a song is produced. I spent time with my loved ones.
For years we have been in the midst of a storm of commitments, emotions and compromises. It was important to stop and understand what we wanted to do.”
So let’s look to the future, what awaits you after these two evenings?
GIANLUCA= “We are working on a new album. Then in October we will conclude the dates of the world tour that started in May 2022. After three years of standstill, we are back in a big way, without neglecting any continent. We have been everywhere: Australia, Japan, South America, USA, Europe and now we have added a date in Petra, Jordan. We have done more than 100 concerts. It is our longest tour ever. We had so much fun. We returned to the stage with a new awareness, enjoying every moment.”
PIERO= “The public waited for our return for four years, they didn’t abandon us. This is a further confirmation of the people’s affection.”
As usual I’m speechless, but did you read correctly??? Petra in Jordan, wow, wow… but they haven’t said the date yet.
Meanwhile, May 27th is approaching and we will see one of the evenings on Canale 5 and on the same day, Il Volo will be in live concert in Krakow!!

See you soon: Daniela 
Credit to owners of all photos and videos.

TUTTI PER UNO (under the rain) by Daniela

May 1st, Arena di Verona, the first of two Il Volo concerts –  TUTTI PER UNO and I was there!!!


This single word encompasses everything and must make you understand in a moment my personal opinion on what I have seen, and even if we have seen a beautiful show under an incessant rain, it was wonderful, but now as usual I describe everything from the start.

Unfortunately the forecasts predicted rain and cold for the evening of the concert, but, as usual, we hoped it wasn’t like that.
Instead, all predictions have sadly came true.
The morning started with big clouds and some light rain but nothing special.
Some friends who were already in Verona wrote to me that it was cloudy but not raining and so I was very hopeful for the evening.
As the time to go to Verona approached, the clouds became more and more and it started to rain, a light but insistent drizzle.
We left for Verona, me, my husband, my son’s mother-in-law and Kirsten from Denmark, who came especially for the concert.
Shortly after the finish we entered the Arena and under the ancient vaults, sheltered, all the people put on rain ponchos, in short, we all seemed hooded but we all took our seats and waited for the beginning of the show, unfortunately the rain became more and more insistent.

I tell you right away that I took a few photos and a couple of short videos, because it was difficult under the rain and then I thought after that there would be a good TV shoot.
Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca entered the stage, and………. boy, what an entrance, what a fantastic scenography, all very well organised. They started right away with Granada, but not the usual song, or rather, the usual song but sung in three different ways, right away it was clear that Gianluca, Ignazio, and Piero wanted to demonstrate three different styles, three ways of singing the same song, in fact Piero interpreted in a classic way, then Gianluca in a more swing way and Ignazio in a more pop way, beautiful!! Their clothes were also different and respected these styles, Piero very elegant in a classic way. Gianluca with a full leather suit and Ignazio with a very baggy and soft suit that didn’t do him full justice.

I had prepared a pen and paper to write down the title of each song, and you will have understood that I could not do anything, but there were so many songs, three and a half hours of show without any interruptions and with our boys always present on the stage.
There were a lot of guests, but they didn’t take time away from our boys who duetted with each of them, Italian songs, many unknown to you, but it would be the same if they were new songs.
Some duets have been really fantastic, sweet and important and when there will be the television shooting I will explain better.
Knowing then that Ignazio, Gianluca and Piero believed a lot in this hard work, which was organized entirely by them, I felt particularly proud of the three of them.
Casual, beautiful, kind, and extremely good, they have shown so much talent, so much skill and to be able to range in different styles and not be relegated to performing pieces only for “mature people”, as the Italian audience often thinks, well done, well done !!!
Some parts touched the heart, for what was said and how some songs were sung, but, as promised I’ll explain better later, because some songs have really special lyrics and our boys especially felt this from the bottom of their hearts.
I am referring to Il Volo’s duet with IRAMA, a young Italian singer-songwriter. He presented his song dedicated to his missing grandmother in Sanremo, these words were also perfect for Ignazio and Piero, in fact all four performed the song.
“Wherever you are, wherever I am, in every gesture I will look for you. If you will not there, I will understand it and in silence I will listen to you”, these are the beautiful words of the refrain, which Ignazio sang placing his hand on his heart.❤
The choice of songs was varied, but also modern, all songs that have deep meanings and which I will explain well later.
Ignazio used his beautiful and very high voice to perform songs sung by women, women like Whitney Houston and in some moments he showed his rock side by performing songs by Loredana Bertè, accompanying himself on the guitar.


Piero duetted a splendid MISERERE with Mario Biondi, performed the Cavalleria Rusticana solo and the toast of Traviata in duet with the beautiful and talented Aida Garifullina.
Gianluca dedicated his voice to Elvis, but he also remembered the Beatles and amazed me with the duet with soprano Aida Garifullina singing a splendid Angels.
But these are just a few small examples, because the songs, the duets, the solos were very many and then Il Volo, united, also sang Grande Amore, A chi mi dice, Musica che resta, My way,  Ancora, Il Mondo, Caruso,  L’amore si muove, Ecstasy of Gold with the choir, in short, lots and lots of music quality.
It was a different concert, but let me tell you, a big step forward our young men have proven to be very good showmen, as well as excellent performers and their voices have always been in the foreground, even with the numerous guests. Even the presence of the Canale 5 presenter was not at all invasive of the time and the little monologue of the actor Edoardo Leo, well done.

As I told you I have made very few videos, but I don’t want to spoil the surprise, there are already many videos on Facebook or YouTube, but wait and you will have the whole show perfectly filmed and explained by me.
I also want to tell you that on this particular evening I was able to notice, and surely Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca also understood it, the great love that the fans of Il Volo have for their favorites, because they resist for a total of 4 hours under an incessant rain and even cold, means to love them very much. And il Volo understood this message, because the following day they wrote:

Thank you Verona, that was wonderful!🙏🏻

Despite the rain that stayed with us for the whole show, you welcomed us and supported us from start to finish with incredible warmth.🤩

We are three very lucky guys and we love you!💗

We’ll see you tomorrow, Wednesday May 3rd for the second “Tutti Per Uno” show, here at the Verona Arena!

The only complaint, the rain, incessant. ☔ This made me very sorry, not only for the discomfort, but for the fact that the audience was unable to fully demonstrate its approval through applause and standing ovations, impossible to get up and the applause was there but under the poncho, really too bad about that!
And now I want to remove a small pebble, because before the concert, when the names of the guests were published, there were many, very many boring and insistent comments protesting for a concert where Il Volo would not have given its best due of the numerous guests, even some offended fans said they wouldn’t come or they would to selling the ticket, and that they was  sadness at feeling betrayed.
A good pull on the ears would be good for these people, because they didn’t believe in Il Volo, which has never betrayed us, which has never offered us bad things!!!!
Of course, as I said at the beginning, this is my personal opinion, and when there’s a television video, you’ll tell me yours too.
Another important aspect of the Il Volo concert is the possibility for me to meet Flight Crew friends who live far from Italy, but who have come to Italy for their concerts.
The rain prevented some of these meetings, but some happened all the same.
Kirsten from Denmark


Jolanta from Poland
Susan from the U.S.
And then our beautiful nonna Maura, even she, 93 years old, held out until the end of the concert.
I also met Judith from Canada, then Laura and Ugo from Trieste, but I wasn’t able to take a picture with them.
I’m sorry I didn’t meet Maija and her daughter from Minnesota, and our Chinese friend Keisyuu who lives in Rome.
Il Volo is also this, it unites friends from all over the world.
I’m closing like this, concert at the top and now there will be the second part, with lots of other songs, because the program won’t be the same.
Thank you Ignazio, Piero and Gianluca for your beautiful voices and for always being so good!!! 💗💗💗
Daniela 🤗😁


Credit to owners of all photos and videos.


On April 7, Il Volo, just back from the South American tour, participated in the TV show on Canale 5 entitled “Felicissima Sera —-all inclusive”.
This show is a nice program where they make fun of other programs, it is hosted by Pio and Amedeo, two comedians.
The show started at 09:40 am and Il Volo came on around midnight!!
Here are the photos of Piero and Gianluca backstage during at make-up session…

Here is their moment which I will try to explain better.
After a nice presentation, where the two conductors make a long speech about success and profit, which are not everything in life, Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca arrive and sing My Way.
Immediately after the song and the applause, Pio and Amedeo tell the boys not to leave, because they will have to get involved and Piero says he has always been afraid of the two of them!! 😁
In fact, immediately after, Pio and Amedeo are seated in the audience and exactly next to Giovanna and Alberto, who are the wife and son of Amadeus, an Italian presenter who presented Sanremo again this year.
Pio and Amedeo ironically tell Giovanna and Alberto that they must convince Amadeus to invite the neo-melodic Neapolitan singers to Sanremo who are very famous here in Naples but have not been admitted to Sanremo. To convince Amadeus that the Neapolitan neo-melodic singers are very important, he makes Ignazio, Gianluca and Piero duet with them. 😁

Click Here to view the video

Really nice: Ignazio, Gianluca and Piero dueting with the three neo-melodic singers and the finale was really fun, with the introduction of freshly baked croissants, a classic in Italy in those very early morning hours.
Ignazio can’t resist and immediately bites into a croissant, Gianluca holds it in his hand and says the final goodbyes, and Piero, he’s upright and resists hot croissants……..but it’s not really like that and then you’ll understand why. 😁
Pio and Amedeo thanked il Volo saying that the three of them were on tour from the other end of the world and when they called them to take part in the show and also learned that they had to duet, they immediately said yes. ❤

And that’s why I was telling you that even Piero couldn’t resist the deliciousness of the hot croissant, in fact, backstage…………and with some sweet additions of Nutella!!!
Piero says “I can’t eat, I’m also intolerant to dairy products!!”……but he can’t resist.😁😁😁
Furthermore, in the backstage of the broadcast, Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca also met their godmother, Antonella Clerici, who introduced them in 2009, exactly in April, during “Ti lascio una canzone”, 14 years have passed, but Antonella is always been very affectionate with them. 

More photos from the evening.

But there is also another novelty, the promos announcing the two concerts that will take place on May 1st and 3rd in the Arena are circulating on TV.
Here is the first promo, broadcast during the Tele-news in Canale 5.
GIANLUCA= They will be two unpublished events, you will see us in a guise, like you have never seen us before.
VOICE= The boys of Il Volo, come back to perform live in Italy.
PIERO= Each of us…..
IGNAZIO= Don’t tell anything, May 1st and 3rd come to the Verona Arena and you will see everything.
GIANLUCA= A completely new show.
VOICE= Piero, Gianluca and Ignazio,  TUTTI PER UNO  (ALL FOR ONE) the title of the highly anticipated live event of the trio, in the magical setting of the Verona Arena.
IGNAZIO= See you at my concert at the Arena di Verona…
PIERO= No, to mine….
GIANLUCA= …. to my, to my…
PIERO= We know that we have three different voices….
GIANLUCA= We would like to highlight this thing.
VOICE= After a long international tour that has just ended in South America.
GIANLUCA= There we sing most of the songs in Spanish, and it’s nice to see such a different culture passionate about our music.
VOICE= Their extraordinary and unmistakable voices will thrill the audience for two incredible evenings that we will soon see on TV on Canale 5.
GIANLUCA= They will be aired soon on Canale 5, you will see us in a new, different guise.
IGNAZIO= I’ll wait for you at my concert.
PIERO= See you on Canale 5, from the Verona Arena.

And then also this nice promo. 😁😁😁
GIANLUCA= Hi, I’m Gianluca and I’m here to meet you at the Verona Arena for a special occasion.
PIERO= Hi, I’m Piero and I want to meet you at the Verona Arena for a special occasion.
IGNAZIO= Hi, I’m Ignazio, actually it’s me who has to give you a special appointment at the Verona Arena.
GIANLUCA= (towards Piero) Excuse me, but what are you doing here?
PIERO= I’m making an appointment at the Verona Arena for something of mine.
GIANLUCA= But like your thing….
IGNAZIO= Hi, did you say I’ll be at the Verona Arena?
PIERO= No, I’m there!
GIANLUCA= We’re not joking, I’m there!
PIERO= Guys, I booked it for me.
IGNAZIO= I’ll be waiting for you…
I+P+G=….At the Verona Arena!

That’s all for now, I’m getting ready for the concert on May 1st, how exciting.
The two concerts will then be broadcast on Canale 5 on May 20 and 27, but I will give you a good report of the concert on May 1, waiting to see the entire Canale 5 recording.
I will also meet several Volo-friends, it will be wonderful!!
Daniela 🤗

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Gratitude by Susan

It seems hard to believe that so much has happened over the last two years. We were in quarantine but that didn’t stop the guys from moving forward and making phenomenal strides.

`We watched the guy’s release “Your Love,” on the stage of the Ariston Theater, which was beautifully presented in a bittersweet moment, and with great Gratitude we thank the guys, especially Ignazio, for that performance.
We followed them to the stage of the ancient Arena of Verona where we witnessed the dawn of Il Volo’s new adventure and the magical moments that would shape the new beginning of Il Volo.
In my story “Phenomenal,” about the Tribute to Morricone in Verona I said: “If I wrote what I felt, saw, experienced in this concert, I would have to write a book!” 
That is just the tip of the iceberg to where we are today! The truth is a book could be written about this event. Not only did we witness the guys first Live for TV Concert for Rai1, but it also marked the beginning of a new era in the life of Il Volo.

After the death of Enno Morricone, it made sense that someone would have to step up to the plate and record all his achievements for posterity! Who better to do that than Il Volo!
Back Then

In their teens, the guys sang with Morricone and their voices were and still are perfect for his music. Morricone has taken his place in the history of music and now Il Volo follows him down that path.
And Now

On their own, Il Volo has achieved worldwide fame! Since the first time they stepped on stage they won the hearts of people around the world. Every place they perform at you will find thousands of people waiting for them. Why? Because they deliver the perfect concert every time. It’s always about the delivery. It’s always about giving the fans what they want!  Every performance is an event to be written in our minds that we look back on when we hear a certain song or remember a moment when they first touched our hearts! It’s a feeling you get. It’s not just a song, it’s their voices that capture our inner being and draw us to them! Many people will say, about other groups, “isn’t that a wonderful song” but with Il Volo they say what phenomenal voices. Gianluca said when he first heard “Grande Amore,” he didn’t like it, but he said what he should have considered was that “our voices change the song.”  It’s not the song that changes, no, it’s their voices that make every song phenomenal!  It’s how their voices draw us to them and to our past and important moments in our lives. Yes, all their music, all their songs are amazing but above all it’s the VOICES! And this explains their continued success worldwide! Three absolutely phenomenal voices.

I get messages every day from people who tell me how Il Volo has touched their lives. How they have helped them move on in difficult moments. Why is this? It’s simple! It’s because we are more than just fans to them, and they are more than just performers to us. They let us into their lives, as a part of their families! How did this happen? It happened because we were with them when they needed family and their family couldn’t always be there for them. In the beginning they traveled with their families but when they turned 18 that changed. At a time when young adults turn to their families for guidance, they found themselves away from home with no one to turn to. They learned how to allow their fans, who loved them, to play an important role in their lives. In a sense that we filled the void! They made us all one Il Volo family. That’s why when they lose someone dear to them, we grieve with and for them! That’s what family does! Sounds crazy, doesn’t it! Not as crazy as you think. Even though they may not have reached out to us in their difficult moments, they did know we were always there to support them, and they relied on that support to keep them going!
Let’s go back to the Arena and the Morricone Concert….

When I spoke about the opening of that Concert, I couldn’t help but talk about the intensity of their voices when they sang “The Ecstasy of Gold.” What force!  But it doesn’t stop there! Watch how their bodies react to the music!  They are in motion. Look at Gianluca! Watch his fist come at you! This is the punch, just the beginning.  Listen to Ignazio ride the note that guides us into the story! Now we’re sailing on the wind! Piero intensifies the moment with his powerful voice that says the journey has begun! Follow us in this new adventure!
Their voices, their expressions, their movements blend into the background becoming a part of the movie behind them. They themselves felt this and they looked back from time to time to absorb what was going on behind them. The movie, the orchestra, the phenomenal lights constantly changing color and reflection! Just intense!
The soundtrack of “the Ecstasy of Gold” from the 1966 Sergio Leone film “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly” is considered one of the most influential soundtracks in history. It was so important that it was inducted into the Grammy Hall of Fame. It is one of the most well-known of Morricone’s themes and one of the most iconic pieces of cinematic score in history.
When the major video for the album, “Il Volo Sings Morricone,” needed to be produced we followed the guys to Sardinia for the videoing of “The Ecstasy of Gold” which brought back memories of American cinema in 60’s, 1966 to be exact, the year “The Good, The Bad and The Ugly” was released! Some of the early American Western Films were made in Italy and Spain. Remember Clint Eastwood made many Italian Westerns.

The Morricone project in conjunction with the Storaro film has opened up so many new avenues for our guys!
Going forward, the name Il Volo will always be attached to Ennio Morricone. They will take their place next to one of the greatest composers of our times!  They have taken their place in the Musical History of Cinema and will share their music with a music legend!
All of this is a part of our guys lives since the Morricone project began! And now they have found their place in the Golden Age of Cinema.  

This concert was a restart to what the guys left behind in 2020 but even more so, it is a concert about a new direction. It’s about taking all that we love about Il Volo including and above all their bel canto and developing a new kind of concert.
On June 5, 2021, the guys had the performance of a lifetime at the ancient Arena of Verona! We will never forget it!
So where do we go from here?
For one, let’s start with the awards!

We witnessed the events of the Venice Film Festival and cheered for our guys when they won a Film Italy Movie Award.

And we arrived at the Seat Music Awards where they won a DIVA Award for the tribute project to Ennio Morricone.

The guys received an award from the Italian Red Cross, which was presented to them by Sarah Fergusson, in recognition of their commitment and awareness carried out and addressed to the public and to the new generation to whom they have dedicated positive messages and hope during the hardest period of their country.
This story wouldn’t be complete if I didn’t include this!
Looking at the picture of Ignazio holding the Red Cross Award, I was struck by something very funny. I remembered the story in their book about Ignazio and his friend Nicholas. It seemed Nicholas was the mischievous one and Ignazio followed him doing a good share of his own mischief. Let me let Ignazio tell you this story.…
In the official classification of the class, I was the second most mischievous. Nicolas was in the first place. But ours was an open challenge, a race to the last red cross. Now the question arises, what are the red crosses? The teachers invented this billboard on which they had written all the names of the students in alphabetical order and, they marked each student, according to their behavior in the classroom and their academic performance. There were two types of crosses: If you got good marks in the task in class or if you behaved well, if you did not run, did not shout, did not disturb during lessons and a whole series of “NOT” you got a blue cross.
However, if you got a bad grade or if you behaved badly, then you got a red cross. And evil was everywhere! Nicolas and I were the most popular! Our billboard line was a red fire specimen.
Ignazio did you ever think the day would come when you would want a Red Cross?
Congratulations guys on these and all the wonderful awards you won!

Just a few words about the album “Il Volo Sings Morricone” before I move on! After its release, I wrote….
This album is the genius of Il Volo combined with the genius of Morricone. It’s a leap forward and a throwback to the 50’s and 60’s. A time when musical theme songs and scores from movies where produced. When life was simple and, you put the kids to bed on a Saturday night and had a romantic dinner with your husband while listening to beautiful music on the record player. It was date night for parents! Such a romantic time in our American history! Today so much has changed but not romance. These very romantic songs will be shared between lovers but in a very different way, in a very different world.
These are melodies that are familiar to everyone but with a new energy. When I listen to these songs, I remember that night in Verona when they stepped out on that stage to present the first song of the evening, “The Ecstasy of Gold.” This song will go before them on their world tour leading the way to an exciting new experience for all of us. It will resonate around the world! Their presentation was the best presentation by far of any song of cinema, EVER! It vibrated and resonated throughout the world!  And it will be talked about for many years to come!

This reawakening of Morricone’s music is truly amazing.  What was missing from Morricone’s music was beautiful voices! Each song brings to life the genius of the composer, writer and singer. Unlike any other album made today this album will stand out because it presents a new and different idea!  The songs are phenomenal. They’re romantic! And exciting! This truly is a leap in a new direction for our guys. Not a movement away from their music but a movement forward, combining all that makes Il Volo superstars!

 Going forward, the name Il Volo will always be attached to Ennio Morricone. They will take their place next to one of the greatest composers of our times!  
All that said, the music and the words are nothing without the voices!

This milestone in the life of our guys was realized at an important time in our history! Being forced indoors for so many months provided the opportunity to look to the future and see where their careers were going.
There have been so many stages in their lives. We’ve watched teenagers become young men and now we see men who have taken hold of their careers and catapulted it in a new and interesting direction.
I would like to remember another event that took place, in fact the first event which took place, during COVID. The Seat Music awards.
When they returned to the stage at the Seat Music Awards, they “Turned on the Lights! And Hit the Restart Button,” making way for the industry to reopen and entertainers to go back on stage.

Click Below

That evening Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca had this to say about the restart of the music industry.
Ignazio: 2020 will be remembered as the year where the world would be constrained to be turned off.
Gianluca: For the music employees the verb turn off means the end of the show, when the curtains close and it is the waiting moment for the next show, but this time the waiting lasted more than expected, the silence was unavoidable.
Piero: Now, the world is getting ready to start again! Now the moment has arrived to raise the curtain! Now, we will turn on the music!”
This beautiful statement was followed by the performance of the evening. Their choice of “Nessun Dorma” sent an even stronger message. It’s saying we may have to perform under these new world conditions, but we don’t have to change who we are or why we’re here. In this ancient Arena we look to the past while following the path to the future. From their first note the whole arena lit up. Their voices were clean and crisp. Their presence was illuminating. Their notes rose above the Arena into the night sky to let the world know music is back! The final note of their song sent the final statement. All three voices rose in unison and their voices sent forth a note that took our breaths away! It said We Have Returned! “Turn on the Lights.”

Our guys did anything and everything to try to keep the industry alive. Their concern for their crew was foremost in their minds. Their people needed to work and through their persistence, the crew was back on stage in June 2021 at the Tribute to Ennio Morricone.
And finally, a great interview!
You know how I love to include interviews in my stories. There was an interview that stood out in my mind during this time. So, I will include excerpts from “4 chiacchiere con il volo” (4 chats with Il Volo) with Marco Montemagno.
What I liked in this interview was the guys talked a lot about their relationship. They talk about how they’ve grown. What their priorities are and how they got to where they are. This is only a small part of the interview but, I think you will enjoy it.
Piero said there have been moments of tension and quarreling in the past, but since they have matured, this attitude has disappeared.
Indeed, he says, that if he thinks of the last time they disagreed, he must go far back, because lately they no longer argue.
A meeting point and a compromise to move forward, clearly as a group, caused them to create three roles. Each has his own role and, there are those who commit themselves to some other things. It is a fact that all three are a little good, bad and ugly but these days they are happy and, they have become three mature guys who above all have a lot of understanding of each other.

It is clear, they were three soloists put together and when one is small you notice the various facets. They are more instinctive now. The fear of being judged is no longer there. Between them today they get along because they have learned to know you cannot expect to change another person or at least think that you think the same way so, you change so as not to offend the sensitivity of others. They say the most important thing in their relationship is “Us Three.”
The fundamental thing all three have learned in these years is gratitude. Gratitude and being grateful to someone and, also grateful to oneself. This is what is important! It is important to recognize what others do for you. This is the thing that made them grow.
Of course, the guys always go back to 2015 when they felt this need to do something in their country because they feel the most beautiful thing for an artist is when you walk down the street and people recognize you. They don’t need to ask for an autograph. You know that look, that smile, they know who you are and, they congratulate you and that look is the most beautiful thing that can happen.
So, all this started from “Grande Amore.”  As a results, Italy has joined the world tour. The guys always wanted to have some concerts in Italy. After Sanremo they began!
For the guys preparing for the tour is as important as the tour itself! When they start to prepare, they look at the deadline and they say in the last tour you were here, I was there and so now they better understand each other. So, they decide, what is a better way to work. How do you best express the movements?
Everything is based on experience. They know each other now and it is beautiful to share movements. They have a dynamic on stage and clearly there is an artistic director there. They talked about a meeting to plan and define the production for the American tour. The whole lineup with the conductor. It takes a lot of patience to arrange everything.
Marco asked the guys, “How do you do a tour and every evening bring it to a level of a fresh performance?” The answer….
Every night you must come to the level that one expects so you must love what you do and prioritize it!
They have an understanding between them and with a look they can say they are okay. If one feels bad, he can look at the other two and they will know how to help.
The guys explained, what they do is difficult. It takes a lot of perseverance.
The one thing they know for sure is, they have truly faithful audiences that have been following them for 13 years. They grew up with their audiences and it was really a new thing in the world to see three children as a bit reminiscent of the three tenors with the slightly big voices who sang the Neapolitan songs as well as singing Elvis.
They also joked with one another. Remember when Ignazio showed up with that bandage on his left eye. Ignazio pointed out the scar. It seems when they were playing one of their famous ping pong games, they were playing two against two. Gianluca shot a right, incredible, at a certain point he was standing next to Ignazio and Gianluca hit him. It looked like a crime scene in Turkey. Gianluca said he felt so bad watching Ignazio sleeping on the plane.
What I truly loved about the interview was it was very open and very truthful. The guys have truly grown in these last thirteen years. They have presented a united front, a true unity between brothers who love their music and love one another!
I would like to think that somewhere in the back of their minds our guys knew that someday they would be famous but, no that wasn’t the case they never knew that their love of music would bring them around the world and make them superstars!
Now we find them on a path to their 15th Anniversary together. I’m sure the guys are already talking about an album and a magnificent grand tour to mark the milestone. Whatever it is I’m sure it will be magnificent!
Every song they sing they sing with love! They have a passion for music which drives them to create and recreate themselves time and again.  We never know what project is waiting around the corner and what surprises they have in store! Every song they sing they sing for our pleasure. Not a note will advance unless they feel it will please us! And they will continue to work their magic for years to come because to them it isn’t all about any one person, no, it’s always about, the three and their Gratitude for all their fans who are out their supporting them at every concert.

If you haven’t already booked one of the concerts, now’s the time to do it. We are less than three weeks away from the beginning of the American Tour. I will be at Radio City Music Hall in New York and the Dolby Theater in Los Angeles. I hope to see you there!
Join me next week as I go back Through the Fields of My Mind and open the door to a new adventure!
For your listening pleasure I have included the Complete concert at Verona in Tribute to Morricone.

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