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On Tuesday, November 5, Il Volo, had just returned from the South American tour and held a press conference for the launch of the new “10 Years” CD.

Here is what was reported in this article by Radio Italia.

Radio Italia Link – Click Here

Press 01

Il Volo celebrates 10 years of songs, concerts, tours and records on YouTube with 10 Years, the best of album of their songs from “Grande Amore” to “Caruso”. The three singers Piero Barone, Ignazio Boschetto and Gianluca Ginoble, “from strangers to brothers who grew up together”, apply as heirs of Pavarotti and Bocelli and reveal the 4 most beautiful moments, the “quarrels for some girl” and a surprise for Easter. The “party” will last two years: the trio tells the press and celebrates its tenth anniversary with concerts around the world, the live return to Italy at the Verona Arena and at the Teatro Antico in Taormina, over 2 million albums sold, 500 million views and more than 1 million subscribers on the official YouTube channel.

Press 02

10 YEARS. On Friday 8 November 2019 10 Years will be published worldwide, best of CD and DVD with images of the live in Matera and with the best of Il Volo’s career: “The Musica album was a consequence of Sanremo, but this record will be released internationally, because in the world those Italian pieces are unpublished. Since May we have held 83 concerts and 10 more have been added in America, Brazil and Japan. We try to follow the steps of Luciano Pavarotti and Andrea Bocelli to bring good singing to everyone: one day we would like to be their heirs.”

The three singers will return to perform in Italy in the summer of 2020 for two special concerts, on August 30th at the Verona Arena and on September 4th at the Teatro Antico in Taormina: “They are special places for artists, we have opened the dates one year first to tell the fans of our country that we have not forgotten them.”  Tickets will be available in advance for the fanclub from 11:00 tomorrow, Wednesday 6 November, and for everyone online from Thursday 14; while they will be in the stores from November 14th.

10 Years will be released in various versions, including one made ad hoc for the Latin and one Japanese market, enclosing the best of Il Volo’s repertoire, from “‘O Sole Mio” to “My Way” to “Grande Amore”, from bel canto of Italian tradition to American evergreens. The track list consists of both tracks recorded in the studio and new live recordings, like the show in Matera in June. The best of is available in pre-order in 10 Years digital version – The best of with 27 tracks + digital booklet and in physical version 10 Years – The best of (Italian and International version) with 19 tracks or CD + DVD of the concert held at Matera in June 2019.

Press 03

TOP 4. Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca “met” in 2009, when they were 14-15 years old: “It’s not always all roses, like in 2014 when there was a moment of transition from a record company to another .” Here are the four most beautiful moments of these 10 years together, in addition to the “cazzeggiano” before the concerts, the many trips and the live on stage:

1- The Haiti concert with Quincy Jones for We are the World
2- The tour with Barbra Streisand
3- The concert with Placido Domingo
4- Live in front of Pope Francis for World Youth Day

Here is how the relationship between the three members has changed in this decade: “Ten years ago we were quite different, now we are very close. In the early years it was not easy because we have three different heads: the whims were a bit bad. We fight and we discuss, like all the brothers, even for some girls … Now the priority in our group is to maintain serenity. When one of the three is ill and we have to bring a concert home, true friendship comes out there.” Gianluca is the most susceptible: “I get nervous easily: it’s a beautiful life but staying out of the house for two months means finding things changed on the way back, in the family and out; I always carry the melancholy, which also allows me to convey emotions on stage.”

Press 04

And the future? “Later we will think of a new album: we will evaluate whether it is right to do new works, covers or projects … We are already working on future works, we have done experiments but one thing is certain: we must remain ourselves. We tried to do more pop and lighter things, our age required it too, but we understood that our dimension is lyric pop. People appreciate cover more, like the Nessun Dorma: even if we are not tenors and we still have to study. The difficulty is to find authors who write songs for lyric pop and for Il Volo in particular. However we already have unpublished works that we will be recording soon. And there is a great idea for Easter …”

MUSICA CHE RESTA. Il Volo “brings the Italian tradition around the world, not the culture of Sfera Ebbasta (an Italian rapper) and the trap”, say the three singers, “We accept musical evolution and every genre, we listen to everything and we are not like this stick to the past. We really appreciate Salmo (another Italian rapper), for example.” Gianluca reveals: “My 19-year-old brother and I listen to that music: but the musical culture, from the Beatles to Lucio Battisti (known Italian pop singer), is important. During the soundcheck we sing Sting, Police, Pink … I am the farthest from the work of us three. Then I realized that the three tenors project was right: it was a great idea, it was our greatest success so far. I was looking for something more youthful, with different sounds and productions: instead maybe that is the most suitable way. This is our personality.”

Piero declares: “Today we should check some texts and messages that are sent to young people, because they are our future: we do not generalize and do not judge, but some texts should be checked first. In the world, Italy is always considered the first place for music and fashion.” Ignazio explains: “Some things should not be touched: La Boheme should be done with the orchestra and not with electronics; evolution is not always the right thing. We sing a classic genre, which therefore will never die: fashions pass instead. We try to make the classic modern, from the visual and sound point of view, without distorting the melodies .”

3 PHRASES. Here are some statements from Il Volo at the press conference:
– “There is no collaboration in sight with Ermal Meta (after approaching the social media, ed)
– “In our concerts we often ask young musicians, perhaps from the Conservatory, to give them an opportunity: we want to discover new talents among young people who share our passion for music.”

Here are the titles of the songs of 10 YEARS:

CD “10 Years”: Il mondo: ‘O sole mio; Surrender (Torna a Surriento); Smile; Caruso; Un amore così grande; Granada; My Way; Grande amore; Nel blu, dipinto di blu (Volare); Turandot: Nessun dorma; La traviata: Libiamo ne` lieti calici; People; Arrivederci Roma; Musica che resta feat. Alessandro Quarta; O Holy Night; A chi mi dice; El triste; Be My Love.

DVD “Live in Matera”: Il mondo; Un amore così grande; Granada; Surrender; E penso a te; She’s Always a Woman; No puede ser; Nel blu, dipinto di blu (volare); Arrivederci Roma; My Way; Musica che resta; Smile; Almeno tu nell’universo; Caruso; Mi mancherai; People; Love story; A chi mi dice; ‘O sole mio; La Traviata: Libiamo ne` lieti calici; Grande amore; Turandot: Nessun dorma.

TOUR. Il Volo is back from a tour in Latin America in front of over 70 thousand fans in 17 concerts and ten-year celebrations that began in May 2019 with live shows in Japan: “It was a risk to go back to South America because there wasn’t a new album but they are lots of requests arrived and the lives were packed.” Piero recounts a curious anecdote: “I never carry documents with me at concerts, I leave everything in the safe in the hotel: in Guatemala, after the live, my briefcase with the documents was found in a mall. In the room there was the PC and the suitcase but not the safe: they had eradicated it but they were good, they took only the money …”

To continue the celebrations for the 10-year career, Il Volo announces the North American Tour: the three singers will be involved in a series of prestigious live appointments from January 2020 in 12 states, which testify to the authentic success of the trio all over the world. Tickets on sale soon.

Here are the dates, including the Radio City Music Hall in New York:

28/01 TORONTO (ON) – Meridian Hall
30/01 LAVAL (PQ) – Place Bell
1/02 MASHANTUCKET (CT) – Foxwoods Casino
3/02 BOSTON (MA) – Boch Center Wang Theatre
6/02 NEW YORK – Radio City Music Hall
8/02 ATLANTIC CITY (NJ) – Borgata Hotel Casino and Spa
9/02 WASHINGTON DC (Oxon Hill) – MGM National Harbor
11/02 BETHLEHEM (PA) – Sands Event Center
13/02 DETROIT (MI) – Fox Theater
15/02 CHICAGO (IL) – Chicago Theater
17/02 ATLANTA (GA) – Cobb Energy Center
20/02 ORLANDO (FL) – Dr. Phillips Center
22/02 FORT LAUDERDALE (FL)(Sunrise) – BB&T Center
24/02 TAMPA (FL) – Straz Center
27/02 DALLAS (TX) – Winspear Opera House
1/03 MESA (AZ) – Ikeda Theater
3/03 SAN DIEGO (CA) – Copley Symphony Hall
5/03 LOS ANGELES (CA) – Microsoft Theater
7/03 INDIO (CA) – Fantasy Springs Casino
9/03 SAN JOSE (CA) – Center for the Arts
11/03 SAN RAFAEL (CA) – Marin Center
13/03 FRESNO (CA) – Saroyan Theater
15/03 LAS VEGAS (NV) – The Pearl at Palms Casino Resort

A short video of the conference, where Piero, in the end, explains the hotel theft in Guatemala.

Here are other statements of Piero, Gianluca and Ignazio reported by BLOGO.

Statements of IL VOLO – Click Here

GIANLUCA: “It’s nice to see you again. In May the world tour started in Japan and will end next year, but it is South America that has given us beautiful emotions. It was our first public, if we can say. In Buenos Aires, in one of the most important arenas of the country, made us understand when we have to say thanks to the musical heritage, to the bel canto. We try to follow the steps of great artists like Bocelli and Pavarotti and try to get this genre to reach even the most generations young people. We would like to be their heirs one day.”

IGNAZIO: “It’s always nice to meet different cultures and see the joy in their eyes. It’s nice to see that Italian culture is always appreciated and it’s nice to be able to do it. It would be something great to be Luciano and Andrea’s heirs.”

PIERO: “There have been other requests from South America, this tour has been challenging. For now there are 83 concerts, the 100 is close. Now an important part of this year with the South American tour has ended and we are back in Italy to announce this album. The album Musica was a consequence of Sanremo and was released only in Italian, in the world the songs that came out in Italy as “A Chi Mi Dice” are unpublished because they weren’t published. The international release and will be published everywhere.”

Here the video of almost the entire conference:

“If Il Volo celebrates 10 years it is not only thanks to our voices, but it is thanks to the work behind it and to our supporters. The merit is also of Michele Torpedine, who is not a simple manager: as he believes in us, no one else. He works 24 hours a day for us. Our goal is to discover new talents and give an opportunity to those he deserves.”

“With TV we have a good relationship. Il Volo is not a streaming product: it manages to convey its own message on TV. People have become attached to us and we have to say thanks to TV. It’s the only one. “A means to promote and make ourselves known. We were born on TV. We have to say thanks to talent: we were born into a TV talent, and fortunately there was no rivalry between us.”


Press 05


Dear boys, beautiful news, still intense days for you, to publicize your new CD, which will be released


I wish you a great success with all my heart, which you certainly deserve !!



Press 06


Credit to owners of all photos and videos.


One of the things that have always amazed me, being a volover, is the wonderful friendship that is formed between us fans of IL VOLO from all over the world, because as I have always said “IL VOLO, builds bridges of friendship”.

My meetings started before the concert, in fact, on September 20th in the morning. I went to the Brescia train station to meet Jeannette Giglio and Deborah Georgini Beaupre.

They stopped in Brescia until the following day.

Friends 01

We had the whole day available, and so I took them to see my city, Brescia.

Friends 02

Friends 03

Friends 04

They walked a lot, so I took them to their hotel to rest and in the evening we met for a dinner together.

The next day, being a beautiful day, I decided to take them to visit Lake Iseo, which is very close to Brescia.

Friends 05

Friends 06

Here, too, they walked a lot, but they are two fantastic women, full of energy, it was really nice and fun to be with them.

Then I took them back to the station, where they would take the train to Bologna, we would see each other at the concert !!

️🎤️ 🎶 ️🎤 ️🎶 ️🎤 ️🎶 ️🎤 ️🎶 ️🎤 ️🎶 ️🎤

And here we are at the day of the concert. Everyone lined up for the soundcheck, and here’s who I met:

Wang Xinjie, remember, the sweet Chinese lady who followed them to Capri when they recorded “A CHI MI DICE”, sweet Xinjie.

Friends 07

Then I immediately saw Alicja from Poland, impossible not to notice her, she is a tornado !!

Friends 08

Then Ann Marie Prior called me, with whom I exchanged some news while I was in the queue.

Friends 09

I have been very pleased to see Susan Tafanelli and her brother Robert. We did not take a picture together so I published below the one of two years ago at the Arena, when we met.

Friends 10

Then I met, with great pleasure from the beautiful Greece, two beautiful ladies: Fofi Saratsioti and Katerina Tsaousi, and from the U.S., Joanie Greenspan and Wendy Campbell, too bad I didn’t take the picture with them all.

Then I met the dear, dear friend with whom I shared many translations: RoseMarie Paliobeis.

Friends 11

And then I also met Janet Dong and her husband, very enthusiastic about Italy.

Friends 12

And here, gathered, the trio : Jeannette, Deborah and I … what a night guys, an incredible concert!

Friends 13

At the souncheck I was supposed to meet Jana and her friend Lorna, but they only came for the concert and there was too much confusion there so we didn’t see each other, but we already had an appointment for the next day in Desenzano, on Lake Garda.

Friends 14

And indeed here we are the next day, RoseMarie, Jana and me.

It was nice to meet, we had lunch together and walked along the lake. The difference in language has been overcome and we have understood each other for better or worse, and it was beautiful.

Friends 15

Naturally I also met many Italian friends, whom I knew only thanks to the comments we exchange almost every day.

I never thought I could make these beautiful friendships from one end of the world to the other, and all this was possible thanks to the love that unites us in our admiration for Gianluca, Piero and Ignazio.

Thanks IL VOLO !!! ❤️❤️❤️



Credit to owners of all photos.

VERONA : MUSICA TOUR 25 by Daniela

You wait for an event for so long, and then in an instant, everything seems to be over.

It happened again this time.

After a dreary autumn day, sported the day before, for the day of the big event, Verona has prepared a beautiful day, with a warm afternoon sun.

Verona 01

The meeting of the soundcheck was scheduled for 4:30pm and finally after an hour and a half of the queue, and endless beautiful meetings with so many fans that I know only via internet, we managed to enter.

Ignazio went wild in an imitation of Freddy Mercury, in “I WANT TO BREAK FREE”, too good and nice Ignazio.

Verona 02

Verona 03

Verona 04

Verona 05

Half an hour of song rehearsals, and the boys greeted us and left. There are two full hours before the concert starts and we can’t leave the Arena.

Slowly, the whole Arena fills up, the emotion is at its peak.

A pianist opens the evening and then IL VOLO, it all starts !!!

The stage is beautiful, full of lights, a large inscription IL VOLO stands tall.
It starts with NESSUN DORMA”.

A beautiful start as documented by the video of our Alicja that was in the front rows. Thanks Alicja! 😊



At the end of the song, there is a nice exchange of our boys’ lines, I translate it for you.

G = Thank you all, nice though, but do you realize where we are?
P + I = In Verona
G = OK, I wanted to play the part of those who exalt, it wasn’t a prepared joke, ok I won’t say anything anymore.
I = However, I, as a family member, as a brother ……
P = I understand, you’re driving me away.
I = No.
P = But look what a face you are !!
I = No.
P = You have the same face as that guy on the plane. We were returning from Paris, Paris-Bologna.

I = Can it be that he is here? We hope not.
P = Paris-Bologna, we enter by plane first, it was you and me …..
G = I swear to you that if it doesn’t make you laugh …..
P = It’s funny (and then addressed to people) Laugh! (laughs). I was on the plane, second row, me, corridor, Ignazio.
I = No, you are wrong.
P = Come on, Ignazio.
I = You must tell it like this, there was the corridor, I was here and you were there, in the row in front of me, but on the opposite side.
P = Perfect. A man enters, all composed, with a pair of shoes that …..
I = But what do you say “all composed” ?.

P = It was a little strange, the pistachio green shirt, the pink pants ….
G = Maybe there’s someone here, dressed like that …
I = (for people) Is there someone here dressed as a “pistachio and strawberry ice cream cone?” (laughter) I don’t think so.

P = Pistachio shirt and strawberry pants, and crocodile shoes, electric blue, it was something to think “tomorrow I go to the barracks to make the complaint”.
I = However I approach …
P = …. to me, and he tells me in Sicilian dialect …. (look, in Sicilian it says TALIA)
I = But sorry, I’m here, I’ll do my part.
G = I make the guy.
P = No, I do it, you do Piero, me.

I = Crocodile human ice cream arrives …
G = See that Pio and Amedeo (two Italian comedians) were here (in the Arena) yesterday!
I = Ok, at a certain point, I see the guy arrive, he passes and I say to Piero (in Sicilian dialect for not being understood by the guy): “ Oh Piero, taliaci scarpe” (look at the shoes) …… now, one of Paris, do you think he can understand ???

P = And this guy, two meters tall, passes by, turns to Ignazio and says “Do you want to look better at my shoes ???” (laughter) …. and Ignazio makes this face …. (Piero makes an open mouth)
I = But if I am here I do it my face ……. I made the surprised face !!!
P = However I wanted to tell this event and now I’m leaving, as a brother, I’m leaving. (to the people) I will miss 3 minutes and then I come back, don’t cry. (applause, Gianluca approaches Ignazio)
I = If now they bring us the microphones, we sing.

G = I’ll give you a little kiss.
I = No, no, (Gian dismisses), you never know, Ricky Martin teaches, in the end it is so, and there is nothing wrong, though ….
G = Stop it, you know it’s not like that!
I = What’s got to do with it, but you don’t give it to me, kisses.
G = It is a fraternal gesture.
I = And you keep these fraternal gestures, all this kindness ….
G = Do we want to sing ??
I = We are passionate about Musicals, and this is why we decided to sing this song, it is part of one of the most famous American Musicals in the world, “WEST SIDE STORY” ….. (Ignazio jokes with the emotions of the public) … I seem to be Mega Mind: “MARIA”.


When “SMILE” starts, there is a nice surprise, Fabio Ingrassia, on stage, performs a beautiful drawing, which in the end is a portrait of Charlie Chaplin.

Very beautiful.

One of the most touching moments:

Ignazio sings “ANCORA TU NELL’UNIVERSO”, magnificent interpretation, Ignazio, how much emotion.

Same emotion for Piero with his solo “WHERE DO I BEGIN”, wonderful interpretation.

And what about the fantastic “BRIDGE OVER TROUBLED WATER” by Gianluca, emotion to the stars, another fabulous interpretation.

Every once in a while my eyes turned around, and it was a spectacle in the show, a flood of faces and hands that clapped, little lights that lit up, fantastic!!

Verona 06

Verona 07

Verona 08

Verona 09

Verona 10


And in the end, an explosion and a lot of colorful confetti, beautiful.

All really fantastic, the 27 songs performed with so much skill but also with much love, and what about the voices, the voices of Piero, Gianluca and Ignazio, are getting better and better, a charm that takes you from beginning to end.

And for those who want to see almost the whole concert from beginning to end, here is this video, it was taken up sideways and often frames the big screens, but you really don’t lose anything of the evening.

Some beautiful pics of the evening.

(Click on any photo to enlarge it.)












This was published by Elisa d’Ospina, a famous model in Italy.

Operation happiness, success.

Yesterday I wanted to surprise my grandmother bringing her to the Il Volo concert. She did not expect me to come and I found myself in Verona waiting for her. She didn’t even know that we would have seen the concert from under the stage and she was ecstatic all evening holding my hand. The strongest moment when the boys sang “Caruso”, one of the few songs that makes me cry automatically. Before he died, when he was still well, I was at the table with my grandfather and in a transmission there was Lucio Dalla singing his masterpiece. This big man of almost two meters became small and moved. From that day “Caruso” became the song that reminds me of grandfather. And last night hand-in-hand we listened together with grandma. We went out at midnight with her repeating in a loop: “What a great gift”. Thanks also to Gianluca Ginoble who greeted her from the stage. It’s nice to make those you love happy.

If you have time, don’t waste your time and dedicate it as much as you can to the loved ones. ❤️

Verona 25

You guys were great, there are no right words to express emotions.

To understand, you need to be there, to see, and above all to feel, and then everything will seem so simple and beautiful to you, and a wonderful feeling will come into you and you would no longer want this beautiful feeling to go away.

But as always, everything ends and you already miss all of this, but other concerts are on the horizon. The emotions continue !!


Verona 26

Verona 27

Verona 28

Verona 29

Credit to owners of all photos and videos.

FINAL UPDATE! Who’s Going to Verona in September? / Someone needs a ticket…


A week from today, I plan to be on a plane… 🙂

Below is the list from a few weeks ago.  Was there anyone else that planned to attend?

  1. me – Jana VandeLaare – Michigan – soundcheck

  2. Lorna Ste Marie – Michigan – soundcheck

  3. Betty Young – Louisiana – soundcheck

  4. Jeannette Giglio – Michigan

  5. Daniela Perani – Italy – soundcheck

  6. Rose Marie P. – Ohio – soundcheck

  7. Bill T Kathy Nelson (Facebook)

  8. Claudine D’haene (Facebook)

  9. Marie Yome (Facebook)

  10. Marlisse Porras (Facebook)

  11. Eliso Veziropoulou (Facebook)

  12. Alicja Leszczynska – Poland – soundcheck

  13. Susan Tafanelli – soundcheck

  14. Ann Marie Prior – Massachussetts – soundcheck

  15. Janet Dong and her husband – soundcheck

  16. JUDITH GRASSIAN – found her on a comment from the book post 🙂

I think we agreed that we should meet after the sound check – somewhere in the arena.

Per a comment from Daniela, the presentation of the book still has not been confirmed.  It’s literally 10 days away, so I hope they can finalize it soon.  🙂

If you will be in Verona, you can purchase the book from the Feltrinelli book store in the Porta Nuova train station.  Daniela said she is taking names and they will set aside a book for you. Contact Daniela on this post, or the book post from a few days ago.  Many are hoping it’s published in English.  She said if you go to their website and request it, and they get enough response, they may publish it in English as well.



SOS!  I know of someone that thought they had a ticket, but the site they thought they purchased it from, must have oversold and now she does not have a ticket to Verona!  If anyone knows of an available ticket, please contact me at jvandela524@gmail.com.  However, due to vision issues, she really needs a ticket in orchestra pit or very close in the first section.  Grazie Mille!!





P.S. all picture credits go to me – lol 🙂  

Who’s Going to Verona in September? / PBS Detroit Labor Day… Update!


(Just a word about our Facebook page… we love that you are able to comment there and chat with the other Flight Crew members, however, if you’d like to comment specifically on one of our blog posts, we’d really like for you to comment on the blog post itself, and not in the Facebook comments.  We regret that we do not always have time to read Facebook and things get buried very quickly on there.  We thank everyone for their comments and all are important to us, so we don’t want to miss anyone’s thoughts!  Thank you, Flight Crew Admins)

Ok, the Verona concert is just about 3 weeks away now, but the guys will be visiting Mexico this next week!  So close, and yet so far….

Thank you to all of you that responded with comments and well wishes for everyone’s trips.  I loved hearing from everyone!

So, on that note, let’s see who’s going to Verona, soundcheck, and concert! (if you want the soundcheck passes, you need to be a member of the Il Volo fan club.  Membership is either about $20 or so for just digital, or it comes to about $32 if you want the membership card, including shipping – all benefits are the same.)

  1. me – Jana VandeLaare – Michigan – soundcheck

  2. Lorna Ste Marie – Michigan – soundcheck

  3. Betty Young – Louisiana – soundcheck

  4. Jeannette Giglio – Michigan

  5. Daniela Perani – Italy – soundcheck

  6. Rose Marie P. – Ohio – soundcheck

  7. Bill T Kathy Nelson (Facebook)

  8. Claudine D’haene (Facebook)

  9. Marie Yome (Facebook)

  10. Marlisse Porras (Facebook)

  11. Eliso Veziropoulou (Facebook)

  12. Alicja Leszczynska – Poland – soundcheck

  13. Susan Tafanelli – soundcheck

  14. Ann Marie Prior – Massachussetts – soundcheck

  15. Janet Dong and her husband – soundcheck

  16. Did I miss anyone?  🙂

Ok, as far as a meeting place, was discussing with Daniela and she could not think of anything.  I had heard of this before, but apparently we are trapped in the arena after the soundcheck!  Daniela expects the soundcheck to be around 5:30p.  I doubt it lasts longer than an hour (anyone have any idea?), concert is not until 9p, so we will have at least 2 -3 hours to kill.  Since it looks like a good majority of us will be at the soundcheck, I think that is our best option to meet.  How does that sound?  Perhaps we can decide on a meeting place, near one of the entrances or something?  I’ve already decided I am not going to have time to eat prior to the soundcheck, but I was assured there should be snack areas as well as beverage areas.  My question is, when and will they be open?

Our personal schedule will be very tight, as our train does not get into Verona until 1:37pm.  I thought we would have plenty of time until the 9p concert, not expecting the soundcheck to be so early, etc.  We also have to meet my other friend for the concert tickets, because I am sure we will not be able to get in the soundcheck without them!

One other thing I found out… were any of you contacted by Patrizia for contributing to the book that will be given to the guys?  If so, per Daniela, they will be presenting it to them in a special meeting sometime early afternoon before the soundcheck.  Rose Marie and I, along with Daniela are in the book.  If you are in the book, you get to attend!  🙂  So, I will be running all over Verona.  I hope it is right before the soundcheck and close to the arena.

Daniela also said the book will be available for sale at some area bookstores in Verona, as well as at one of the train stations.  I guess you can get it on Amazon.it, but shipping is more than the book!  I plan to get a few copies while I am over there.  🙂  Book is 18 euros. 

Ok, Labor Day and the Guys on PBS….

I did not watch too many of the clips from the Matera concert, so I will be surprised.  🙂

Chris and I are looking forward to being in the same room with the guys, even if we only see them from behind.  🙂  The phones sometimes tend to go crazy and it’s hard to hear in the room and we often miss a lot of what they are saying – those blasted donors lol!  But I’m sure their presence will fill the room with Il Volo joy and laughter.  It appeared that Il Volo Music was making posts on Instagram and Twitter about them appearing on PBS on Labor Day, which only confused many fans. We had several comments on this site as well, as people commenting on  the Twitter/Instagram sites.  I posted on a few Instagram sites that this taping was for Detroit only and that afterwards, it would be sent to the various PBS stations across the country and likely shown at their next major pledge drives.  I also found out that they decided to limit the tickets to 30, instead of the original 50.  I’m sorry about that, I know one of you emailed me with your disappointment.  Maybe they will get a whole 2 minutes with them!  🙂  That would make it just about an hour or so for their meet/greet time.


We can’t let this post go without a mention of our friends and loved ones in Florida and those on the eastern coast of the United States.  Was nearly 3 years ago that the last hurricane hit, very close to this same time.  Luckily, the west coast of Florida will seem to be spared, as the storm is making the north eastern turn, however, there are still many folks in the new path of the storm, including our beloved Marie, with her sister, in Myrtle Beach. I have not been in contact with her since the storm was predicted.  I will likely text her today.  I read they had orders to evacuate…  Our thoughts and prayers go out to the many affected fans, and those with friends and loved ones that will be affected by this storm.






P.S. all picture credits go to me – lol 🙂  (except PBS one…)