Pavarotti 10th Anniversary Show – Special Exclusive by our own Daniela!


Our very own Daniela surprised us all by sending us an email of her attendance at the taping and rehearsals for the Pavarotti Event on September 6th!  Below, is her experience, as well as some editing and formatting by me.  But still mostly in her own words…

From Daniela…

This is the promo of the broadcast:

Here is the video of their song, as well as the beginning of the evening.



“Ciao a tutte,

Ten years ago, a great tenor died, Luciano Pavarotti.  In his memory, a great event was scheduled at the Verona Arena broadcast live on Rai1, September 6, 2017.

Yesterday, September 5, from the official fanclub arrived an e-mail that if you wanted to attend the free rehearsals you just had to show up at 7pm. in front of the Arena gate and we can bring other people, the card was not required. I just wanted to tell you that I have just returned from Verona Arena where I and my husband have attended the event in memory of Pavarotti that will be done tomorrow. Lucky for us, we just lived less than an hour away from Verona.

All this was done because for IL VOLO, besides the rehearsals, there was also the recording of their participation, in short for them tomorrow will be a “fake direct” because will be transmitted how much was recorded tonight.

The big evening came.

The beginning of the evening it is announced that Il Volo will perform Granada together with the soprano Angela Gheorghiu. They were very good and there was a lot of support for them, but let me say I would have preferred they sing a song all to themselves.

At first, we were about 500 people but the rehearsal was long and in the evening, it was cold. At the end, we were about 150 people all arranged focused because during the television shooting you could see the audience. I was in a good position in the central corridor.

They were allowed to sing as if it seemed they were actually present in the Arena.

Their show was recorded on Tuesday night, the boys had to leave for Mexico, shortly afterward, as we saw from the pictures of Gian and Piero on the plane.

My husband and I had the pleasure of being there when the boys were recording their song at the Arena, it was a great experience and absolutely free. Piero Ignazio and Gianluca are wonderful as usual.

I enjoyed the show. I did some photos and a couple of videos. They asked us not to divulge photos and videos until tomorrow evening.

We have seen the tapes of the tenors: Carreras, Grigolo, Meli (I’m not sure he is), and of course IL VOLO.

The guys were very stylish, there was also the presenter Conti and the orchestra, all were elegant.

Carlo Conti asked Angela and Il Volo their thoughts on Pavarotti after they finished their song….lucky for us, Daniela translated the guys’ answers for us!

Piero: We did not know Luciano but for us he is the image of music, music in the world.  I remember when the master disappeared in 2007, on the news in China raised the black flags and there I realized that we had lost someone important.

Ignazio:  Surely for us it was a great inspiration, especially for the project we have faced to date. For me personally, I imitated Luciano when I was a little kid in my bedroom, then my mom came and said to me “but it was you Ignazio?” For me I grew up a lot with Luciano and we really bring him into our heart, and who does not?

Gianluca: The most charismatic man in the world, probably of the century, has succeeded in his mission of bringing lyrical music to everyone, to the people but especially to the young and this is the most important thing.

I finish with a phrase, today an important Italian newspaper has devoted a long page to Pavarotti’s memory and after describing not only the great artist but the simple man who had also succeeded in his spontaneity, this newspaper finished the article writing: “IL VOLO, like it or not like, are his virtual sons.”  (I love this quote!…jmv)

Pictures below from Daniela:

dan 1


dan 2

dan 3

dan 4

dan 5

These pictures below from RAI, but sent by Daniela…

I think Igna and Luciano have the same cheeks!  🙂


Til next time….a presto!









Un Amore Cosi Grande

Daniela sent us this wonderful sneak preview of the movie the guys have been working on.

By now we all know that ILVOLO will take part in a movie entitled UN AMORE COSI GRANDE, which will be released in 2018.

This article was published a few weeks ago, that speaks of the plot of the film.

From the giornal THE ARENA


The protagonist is Vladimir, a young Russian who lives with expedients to keep himself and the mother who has been a great soprano.

His mother convinces him to go to Verona in search of his father.

In Verona Vladimir performs his singing talent and conquers young Veronica and attracts the attention of ILVOLO manager who is looking for a debutant to launch in the trio concerts.

Of course the story will be much woven, and will be shot in St. Petersburg.


The guys with Vladimir’s mother


Gianluca and the actress who interprets Veronica.


Vladimir e Veronica


Un Amore Cosi Grande, is a film that wants to relaunch the lyrics to bring young people closer to this world up to now unknown.

Tell precisely of the “grande amore” of the protagonist for the work but also for his mother and his girlfriend.

The music of the movie will be drawn from the operas as well as some songs IL VOLO.
On the set, between a slate and the other, Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca, gave some explanation about their role “Recite next to professionals, but in a role that favors us because we remain Il Volo, essentially doing what is better: singing”.

Behind the shots appear at ease. “The lights we are accustomed,” say in choir boys de Flight, those of the stage of the Arena then know them very well, in fact you have organized various concerts, the last last 19 and 20 May.


Thank you, Daniela!  




The Wind Music Awards! June 5 & 6, 2017 – Arena di Verona! – by Myron Heaton

The “ WIND MUSIC AWARDS” and some other thoughts for this summer of Il Volo 2017.


I was pleased to view the Wind Music Awards presentation today and to see that our group, Il Volo, was presented with an award honoring 1myronthe fact that their Notte Magica has achieved a Platinum album level of sales (meaning sales of a miniumum of 50,000).   Also, in this category, Amazon lists “Notte Magica” as number one in sales. There are also some other awards they have won this year having to do with sales and honoring the fact that they are the best Goodwill Ambassadors that Italy has ever had to the rest of the world.

During the presentation the guys sang Nessun Dorma again, which makes sense since this song has a very, very wide audience around the world – opera lovers or not. But only one song is not a good way to judge a singing performance. Usually we have 15 to 20 songs to use for source material, but I will say that the guys’ singing artistry was very fine as usual. If I were to make one tiny comment it would be that they sounded a little tired – vocally – which makes perfect sense. After all they have been on tour ever since the last part of January with only a few short breaks and further more they have more to do yet up to near the end of July. That is a lot of concerts. One good thing I noticed when they started here in the USA in February was that they are avoiding having two or more concerts back to back to back. That sort of poor planning really hurt them during the 2013 Latin America tour. If you play Trumpet and break it then you can go out to a store and buy a new one but if you ruin your voice you cannot go to the store and buy a new one. The human voice is very resilient, but sometimes we push it too far and it does not bounce back fast or, maybe, at all. The Latin singer Jose Jose is an example of that sort of thing. He can never sing again – ever. You may remember that for the Latin Grammy awards show a few years back the boys sang Jose’s “El Triste” on a program where they were giving him an honor. He received the award and could barely talk – sounded like gravel – too much over singing, too much booze, too much drugs, and too much bad living. Thus, Il Volo sang his song for him.

I have written about this already, but want to share it again. When the boys came to Las Vegas this March they had been already fighting the desert-dry throat since Los Angeles so here our people made sure that there was humidity on stage and plenty of water bottles.  My point is that because of taking good care of themselves, vocally, they sang one of the best concerts of the whole USA tour.  This sort of thing has to be handled and taken care of from one moment to the next through all 2 ½ hours of the concert. But these guys are very smart about handling themselves. I sat in the front row and (as a vocal coach) admired tremendously how well they adapted. The singing was SUPERB! Less well trained singers would have coughed or broken phrase or sang out of tune. I know because I have heard some very famous singers give way to exactly that.

But not our boys. They had it under control from beginning to end. This is what professional singing is all about. Not just the money. All that and the fact that this program is THE most demanding set of songs that they have ever put together for a concert. The famous tenors did this program when they were in their 50s, but our boys are doing it in their early 20s. Bravo !

We need to hope that they keep this pacing steady as they head into the next batch of concerts. I am so proud of these guys.

My two cents worth….(Jana)

On the 2nd day of their performance, the guys did a “360 loop,” opting for a change in dress from their formal wear for Nessun Dorma, to a more comfortable leather and jeans, to sing their cherished hit, Grande Amore!  The guys didn’t miss a beat, battling downpours of rain – even stepping out from the stage to get a little wet – all for the love of their fans!

They were also presented with a new award this year.  They received the “gold” award for audience attendance.  This seemed to be calculated only using the concerts from Italy during May 2016 to May 2017.  The gold range level was from 40,000 to 100,000 audience attendance.  Per Daniela,

The concerts from May 2016 to May 2017 are taken into account. I believe, but it is my opinion that only Italian concerts are taken into consideration, at that time (2016) the concerts in Italian palasport had already been made, only Florence And Verona that you also saw (6000 + 12000) then concerts in 2017 in Italy but only until May, so the major ones were Torino 11.000 milano 11.000 Verona 24.000 (both night) Roma 12.000 (both nights) then others have more capes small Ancona, Roccaraso  Livorno and Bologna.

Last night they were good, admirable for being differentiated from the rest of the performances and also brave to bring a piece so busy on a very light evening. They have shown yesterday that they are serious professionals, elegant, mature at their age. Today they are three boys in jeans and leather jackets, show their age, have been addicted, certainly more suitable to this type of audience, they were cool and nice. They sang under a rain shower and Torpedine accompanied them to the drum. Bravo in both cases, have shown two faces of IL VOLO, they can do it.

Thank you to Daniela who sent us the link to the show!  Watch it before it is gone!

Here they are singing just Grande Amore:

Here they are singing Nessun Dorma!

A little sad… this is from 2015 – listen how the crowd sings along 2 years ago!

This is Maria/medley from 2016 WMA:

Here are some pictures!

trio with awards

trio gold award

igna rain

Ignazio and the rain!

igna rain 2

trio with hosts

I think this is so cute – they are all looking at the award at the same time, the same way!

looking at award

The last 3 years of memories for the WMA – what will the future hold for them next year?  Only time will tell….  Maybe they will win a movie award of some kind for Notte Magica or Un Amore Cosi Grande?

We can only hope, but no matter what, they continue to soar upward and onward, setting their own flight path and no one can stop them!


Hope you enjoyed this post by Myron with a few bits from Daniela & I.  Photo/video credits to all owners….

Ciao!  A presto!





Notte Magica – Verona! May 19/20, 2017


nottemagica header

Ah, two more beautiful concerts, all just a memory again…you wait, and wait, and then POOF! it is over in a matter of a few moments.  Even for those of you who saw them twice in a row.  The first time it’s like a dream.  The second time, you still need to pinch yourself to make sure it is real, and then you still don’t think it is real.  Only pictures make you believe you were really there – whether pictures with friends, of the guys on stage, a few videos of your favorite songs, and the lucky ones with meet/greet photos!  And even, after all of that, you stumble away thinking, did that really happen???

The guys, once again, or should I say, twice again in a row, sold out 2 beautiful nights at the Arena di Verona!  And a very unique picture of the Arena di Verona from Leonora via Instagram….arena di verona - leonora Many attendees were betting against the rain that dampened the atmosphere before the soundcheck the first day, but never dampened their spirits.  Many, many beautiful photos came through over those two days from walks in the streets, chance meetings with the guys, to pictures of friends during the soundcheck, to the concert, and afterward!

I think Il Volo Music is trying something new, for the last few concerts, they have been LIVEstreaming a few songs via Instagram.  So, if you don’t have Instagram, or don’t follow them, I would highly recommend doing one or both!  It was a real treat for me at work on Friday, when about 3:30p or so, “buzz” went my phone and there it said a live video from Il Volo Music – it was their Ave Maria!

I also had a chance to see them live yesterday, May 20, during Il Volo Music livestream on Instagram.  They started with the Ave Maria, then filmed a few of the duets.  The last was Maria with Gian and Igna.  While trying to get Igna off the stage, Igna did a “wave” to the audience with both arms in the air, and was met with mighty whistles, yells, cheers, and clapping!  He did this 2 or 3 times more, up with his arms, each applause/reaction, louder than the last time.  (I tried to find the video feed of this, but could not – I asked Daniela to see if she could find that anyone got it.  It was so precious!)  He finally left the stage and then looked right into the phone of the video and said, “Ciao!” and left.  Then the video ended.

You Tube link sent from Daniela:

They also did this at the Livorno concert.

Credit to all owners of videos I grabbed from You Tube, and videos/pictures I swiped from FaceBook, I hope you do not mind!  🙂  Thank you to Daniela for sending a few videos along, as well!  Without further ado – here is Verona!

These two videos are nice uploads from Pamela from Il Volo Mojo FaceBook – a few highlights from each concert:

A few pictures from Dani Ci – sent to me while waiting for the concert to start and the opening!  I was with her in spirit, as I was at work!



After the concert….from Dani:




A few other random pictures –  🙂  Photos are from either the 19th or the 20th…

Ok, this is from the soundcheck on May 19


Elegance on a chaise…

gian 1

all 3 ver

Picture above from Veronica, as well as this one below, of Igna – this one of Igna literally took my breath away!

igna from veronica

This special treat is courtesy of Elena Vulcano (from their hotel) – a little breakfast music, by Igna…we don’t know what it is, but whatever those long and beautiful fingers play, is certainly music to my ears!

And we finish, with Grande Amore – the audience sing-a-long!  🙂


And can’t forget the smiling faces of those at the meet/greets!  Including the Fabulous “3” on May 20, along with our own Dani Ci on May 19th!  Dani – we are waiting for your review!  (Daniela’s bella review will be posted tomorrow!)



A grande notte di amore – si!  And many more to come.  Next stop, London!  May 23.

Ciao a tutti!!


p.s. be sure to send your personal reviews to 🙂

Il Volo Professional ~~ Close of Il Volo 2016 World Tour: Verona



Hello, Everyone.

With a few shows in Mexico starting later this week, Il Volo wrapped up their world tour tonight in Verona.

It’s been a marvelous six months for the fans, and we know that Il Volo loves what they do.  I wonder how many amazing moments they have to look back on and wonder at?

I love them for sharing their talent, their love, their families and friends…their very hearts with us. Because of their openness and generosity, they have made countless people around the world happy, created life long memories for them and have left countless more counting down time until it is their turn.

They have floored us and raised us to amazing heights night after night, leaving us with the assurance that they can’t be any better.  Oh yes; we’ve said that before, more than once even, but we really meant it this time.   How could we have known that we would be bewitched with the magic and surprise of, “Una Notte Magica?”

And still, Gianluca has promised more surprises to come.   How is that possible?  I don’t know, but I don’t plan on missing a minute.

Thank you, Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca.  It seems so inadequate, but I truly have nothing else to say except, “We love you with all of our hearts.”

~~ Kelly



Il Volo New CD

Il Volo New CD




Per te ci saró

Tornera l’amore, Piove

Aranjuez, E lucevan le stelle



Photos: L’Arena Di Verona Closing tour concert July 04 2016 ~~ Rock me Il Volo Facebook




L amore si muove

Canzone per te

Quando L’amore Diventa Poesia



Photos: Il Volo in Arena 2016 / Verona ~~ Il Volo – Italian Fan Club Facebook




Delilah, talking,comic scene of Ignazio



Photos: Concerto Verona 04/07/14 ~~ Il Volovers Italy Official Facebook








Photos: Il Volo in Arena – 04/07/2016 ~~ Il Volo Abruzzo Facebook








Photos: II Volo in Arena – 04/07/2016 ~~ Il Volo Bologna Fan Club Facebook




Grande Amore



More from Verona HERE.



world tour

Il Volo Professional ~~ Recap Edition: Verona

Hey, Everyone!

Il Volo’s Summer Tour 2014 was a whirlwind that came right on the heels of a busy promotional tour in Italy–one literally ending a day or two before they hopped a plane to the US to begin the other.  Once the concerts started, all of your wonderful stories started pouring in, and the more professional news bits haven’t gotten as much attention as they normally would have.  Now that the tour is over (*sob*), we are going to try to catch up with these “Recap Editions” of Professional in between your tour stories.



We begin with Il Volo’s June 1 performance on “Arena Di Verona” that was aired on Rai1.  You may remember that The Guys performed with Anastacia and were really excited about it.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Click here —> to read a review of the show from our affiliate, All About Il Volo. <— Click here for a recap in pictures from tvblog, (


Please thank Giorgio Bulgarelli for the opportunity to hear how wonderful they sounded that night:

By: Giorgio Bulgarelli


Till next time,


~~ Kelly

Il Volo Professional ~ Italy Promotion ~ Getting Ready for Verona ~ London Recording


Hi, Everyone!

ilvolomusic Instagram

ilvolomusic Instagram

ilvolomusic: Going to #Verona.  Traveling is our hobby!

Uh…no kidding!  The Guys were very busy world travelers last week and have been keeping me on my toes trying to keep up.  It would be so much easier if I were traveling with them instead of catching up on my Twitter feed during breaks and after work…just saying….   😉   But since that’s not going to happen, I do my  best with what I have and will be on the run to their concert tonight as fast as social media will allow me.

They started in Milan in the beginning of the week for a show on RTL 102.5 radio.  I’m not going to waste any time commenting when you can watch for yourself.


All Things Il Volo

All About Il Volo


Click here —>!prettyPhoto

to watch the entire interview, compliments of All About Il Volo. 


Radiointerview(Press play as shown here)





All About Il Volo photo gallery

Click here —>


Next, they jetted to Verona rehearsals for the Fetival Lirico.  They will be singing with the American singer simply known as, Anastacia, and they all seemed to get a kick out of her and are looking forward to the performance.  They also met up with Antonella, who will be hosting.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Anastacia5388To learn more about Anastacia, visit her:

Wikipedia page:  Click here —>

Facebook:  Click here —>

Official Website: Click here —>

And hear what she has to say about Il Volo, again thanks to All About Il Volo

Click here —>


A second day in Verona started with a Press Conference about the upcoming show:

Curtesy of Gardanotizie

Article with translation and photo gallery; Li Joy (facebook)

Click here —>

Rough Google Translation:
“For me, the television season ends at the Arena di Verona, which is always a thrill to present this event.”
He said Antonella Clerici on the evening of Sunday, June 1 will return to conduct at La Scala in the amphitheater “Arena di Verona in 2014 the show is about to begin,” which will be broadcast live on Rai Uno starting at 21:20.
The event was presented today IN town hall: Anastacia, Massimo Ranieri, The Voilo, Jesus Christ Superstar with the legendary Ted Neeley, Notre Dame de Paris by Richard Cocciante will be the ‘star’ of the evening with the orchestra, the choir and the Ballet of the Arena.

“It ‘a great event broadcasting – said the mayor Flavio Tosi – who returns for the fifth year in a row and is an important showcase for opera in general, as well as the Arena for the festival, because the opera in Verona is a UNESCO World Heritage “.

The artistic director Gianmarco Mazzi said that “the performance of Anastacia will be a cabinet button with Il Volo in a tribute to Elvis Presley with ‘O sole mio and’ I can not live without you. ‘(It’s Now or Never) Then she will sing” Stupid little things “from his latest album ‘Resurrection’, accompanied by the orchestra of the Arena. “
Recalling that in 2013 the show was watched by 5 million viewers in Italy and has already been requested again this year by many countries, the superintendent by the Fondazione Arena, Francesco Girondins, he added that “in this issue back to the formula pop- opera, with an international cast that we hope will confirm the success of the opera festival, which is 101 years old, as was the case last year edition of the centenary. “

“I think the public will be affected – said Riccardo Cocciante – offering songs of ‘Notre Dame de Paris’ in English, French, Russian and Korean, to give a global dimension in that path started 15 years ago. I never wanted to establish a musical, but rather a popular work: it is an attempt to communicate with a young audience with a century that has changed the way we make music and to hear, looking for a bridge, a link between a glorious past com ‘ is the opera music and a bellisismo present. “

From Verona, they flew to London for a recording session at Abbey Road Studios — something they seemed quite excited about…


You can learn more about Abbey Road here —>

and Mauro Dirago here —>

I know I will be very excited to hear what amazing work went on there — hopefully soon!


Just for Fun

Another interview from The Guys’ time in Miami has surfaced, and it has brought a bit of buzz with it.  I’ve seen several of you mention it here, and I definitely got a kick out of it when LiJoy pointed it out to me.  For me, it highlighted that family isn’t all about biology; family is whomever you decide it is.  And our guys are definitely brothers in all the most important senses of the word.  Thanks to All About Il Volo for the translation.  Enjoy!

CalaCNN; All About Il Volo

CalaCNN; All About Il Volo

 Il Volo on CalaCNN





~~ Kelly