Piero Barone: Sicily for Peace by Daniela Perani

On March 19, at the Pirandello Theater in Agrigento, an event in favor of peace in Ukraine was held. It was called, SICILY FOR PEACE.
Piero Barone took part in this event.
The event was organized by Silvio Schembri, (journalist) and Lello Analfino (singer and producer), both friends of Piero.
When Piero was proposed to participate, he wasnt sure if he would be in Sicily on those days, but then when he was sure he could be there, he surprised everyone by attending the event.

The video begins with Silvio Schembri coming down from the stage and arriving where Piero Barone is seated.
Silvio makes Piero get up and the people, recognizing him, applaud, then Silvio, imitating the voice of a woman who says:
Did you see, I told you it was him,😁😁
and then presents:  PIERO BARONE, there is no need for an introduction.(applause)
Come with me. (Piero takes off his jacket) Make yourself comfortable.
PIERO: Tonight, I am really happy, honored, to be attending this event. I was fascinated by the Pirandello Theater, because I had never been inside the Pirandello Theater.
SILVIO: This is news that I discovered today, Piero Barone who sang on the most important stages in the world ……
MAN: You went directly to the Ariston (Sanremo stage) without going through the Pirandello Theater, we can say.
PIERO: I realized that it is something that I should have done for some time, because today I arrived 100 meters from the theater and I asked a woman for information:
Madam, where is the Pirandello Theater? and she replied:
You are not Sicilian. (laughter)😁
Yes, but unfortunately I don’t know where it is.
SILVIO: There was never an opportunity, but who knows, maybe this is the first of a long series of occasions.
(on the stairs of the stage)
And here we are, moreover you tour New York, Las Vegas, all parts of the world, but always in Naro, then you come back.
VOICE: (from the audience) Bravo, Naro in the heart !!❤
PIERO: A little while ago I was saying, while I was doing the interview with Silvio…. (There is the overview of the theater, but the interview returns in the backstage)
MAN: The truth is that you like Agrigento so much, when you can live it, we have seen you around, on the seafront, at the tennis club, in short, when you want, Agrigento is your life.
PIERO: Agrigento makes you feel protected, it is a fantastic city. I was born in this magnificent province, I was born in Naro, but I often frequent Agrigento in the summer, I bring all my friends and collaborators to Sicily, I make them all arrive.
(continues on the stairs)
In the city of Agrigento, I don’t know many people, because I frequented it (Agrigento) for the choir of S. Cecilia (as a child, before participating in Ti Lascio una Canzone), when I was a beginner, with Professor Bonfiglio, I spent my childhood there.
SILVIO: Then at 14 you decided to become famous … right? (laughter)😁
PIERO: But I spend my holidays in San Leone (a seaside resort near Agrigento), its great, I take all my friends, my colleagues, I don’t go anywhere, they arrive here in Sicily …
SILVIO: Every now and then you also come to Siculiana Marina … (another seaside resort of Agrigento) 😁
PIERO: Because the best thing is to feel yourself. Today I called Silvio, but not only for this event, but also to ask him where we are going tomorrow, because the first phone call I make when I come to Sicily is to call Silvio Schembri (Silvio gives him a kiss …. applause and laughter)
SILVIO: Because he knows that I always take him to eat well, that you understand!! 😁
PIERO: Two weeks ago, Lello (organizer of the event) sent me a message, and I was far away (he was in the US), and I didn’t know what to answer, I would have said yes right away, but I dont want to give a word, and then invent an excuse if I have a sudden commitment, because unfortunately I am here physically almost never, and now I am overjoyed to give my contribution. I dont sing, without my colleagues (Gian and Ignazio), for various reasons, so today I called Ignazio and Gianluca and I told them:
Any video you will see from tomorrow on the internet, dont worry, Ill sing in a theater, dont worry, and Ill sing, we call it a song…. I want to sing a prayer, because everyone can come here and sing any song, but for an evening like this, I want to sing something special, an Ave Maria (Hail Mary) and its the only one way, for my part, to express my closeness, in such a complex and particular moment. (applause)
(The Ave Maria begins.)

MAN: Thanks to both of you, thanks to Silvio Schembri, thanks to Piero Barone, for what you are giving this evening to the Pirandello Theater, for the solidarity operation you are carrying out and which is not the first time, I also remember when the pandemic broke out, you took an important step. 
SILVIO: With the help of many people who are also here, like Lello Analfino and Piero, in the midst of the pandemic, in the first wave, we immediately activated, with many other friends, to find funds.
PIERO: The idea was born during our phone calls: Oh Silvio, what do we do?
SILVIO: At the beginning of the pandemic our talks were about how to cook bread and pizzas, then we said: But what can we do? Are we doing something concrete?
Thanks to all of you.
(video resumes on stage)
LELLO: Piero Barone (hug) You are my nephews. ❤❤

And here is the full video of Pieros entire performance, published by the Pirandello Theater.

SILVIO: Ive dreamed of it for a lifetime (to introduce Piero) and tonight I have to do it myself: On the piano Maestro Salvatore Galante (applause), sings Piero Barone. (Applause – the Ave Maria begins, at the end, long applause, Lello Analfino enters, very excited, long hugs)
LELLO: You are like my nephews.
SILVIO: Yes, uncle, leave us some money later. (laughter)😁(To Piero) We talked about it before, now the concerts start again, the travels, the theaters full …..
PIERO: Yes, we start again on June 2nd after two years, in Italy, we start from the Verona Arena, we will also sing in Taormina, June 11th and 12th and maybe …..
SILVIO: .…. also, in other parts of Sicily, so to speak. Taormina is a fixed stop for Il Volo, as if it were a tradition …
PIERO: He is happy, because when he comes to Taormina, then we go to the disco.
LELLO: I know, he (Silvio) tells me crazy things.
PIERO: The last photo of the concert in Taormina ….
SILVIO: Be careful what you say there are so many secrets …
PIERO: …… it is not a photo of Il Volo on the stage singing, with Etna behind and the sea, but it is a photo of Silvio Schembri in the disco, without a shirt ….😁😁
LELLO: But did you have a bow tie?
SILVIO: Ill explain why. We were in this disco, after the Il Volo concert, and all the girls were saying: a photo, Piero lifts his shirt and shows his abs and I thought, I can do this too …. and then I said: Come here a second and I too will take off my shirt and take the picture, and the (the girls) came😁
But one of the most beautiful things in Taormina, we tell this and then we let you go, it is a fixed stop, when I can, I always go there, and one of the fixed stops when Il Volo sings in Taormina, is Saretto al Bambar where we eat granite there in Taormina.
And when Il Volo arrives in Taormina, you cant imagine whats there, its all full, with their fans who come from all over the world, you hear them speak in all languages, and go inside the Bambar to get the slushes, with all these people, its packed, and so I pull away for a moment and put myself behind to let the fans get closer.
I put myself in a trajectory between Il Volo and two elderly people who were there eating the granita…. (while he talks he sees a woman in the audience laughing) You already know this story madam? Already laughing?😁
At one point the man stops eating and calls the waiter and asks: Excuse me, this whole brothel (crowd of people)
You know, there are those from Il Volo.
This man turns around and the first person he sees is me, he turns around and says to his wife: How much has this become of Il Volo?(he means: how much fat has this of Il Volo become)😁
I swear to you! 😁😁😁 It’s a true story !!
LELLO: And don’t you know that since Silvio goes to Bambar, they have made seafood granita😁
SILVIO: Piero, I dont know what to say, thank you, thank you in my name and in everyones name.

final greetings

It was a really good event and for a good cause.
In these days, Il Volo was live on a pop program of a Korean radio show. I saw them live and it was very strange, because that radio transmits very different music from the one Il Volo sings, but it was beautiful and also appreciated by the young presenter.
Here is the video of Il Volos participation.
Concert dates continue to be added here in Europe and also in Italy and it is with great joy that the date of BRESCIA has also been added. I couldnt believe it, and the news came from OHIO (thanks Rose Marie). The concert will take place on September 2nd outdoors in the beautiful Piazza Loggia, the place where in 2015 I saw my first Il Volo concert.

I struggled a lot to get the tickets, something didn’t work in the presale, but in the end I made it, third row.  I hope I can make some great videos for you, ideally I will take all of you with me!! It will be a great night.

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  1. I have tickets for Mohegan sun, Connecticut USA for 9/17/22 which was postponed from
    3/13/22. Are they planning to cancel the us tour if they are scheduling additional concerts in Italy in September?

    1. No, Linda, do not worry, they will not move the concerts further, as long as there are no unforeseeable and unshakable causes, which go beyond their will. Their great desire is to tour the US.

  2. Thank you for your interesting articles Daniela. I so enjoy reading them. I also have tickets for September 2022 in Boston, MA. I hope it is not cancelled.

  3. Thanks Daniela. Any song sung by the boys is a joy. I have not been commenting because I am selling my house and moving to Dallas where my youngest daughter lives. So much to do when you have to sort out 86 years of collecting.

    1. Moving is a big effort Gina, and there are so many things that we have accumulated over time and from which we struggle to separate, I understand you very well.

  4. You are very welcome Daniela, I am happy you finally got your tickets. Any word on Sound Check or Meet and Greet? I haven’t anything for the Taormina concerts.
    Our young men are so thoughtful and kind, they give their time willingly to many causes. Silvio is a delightful young man also. Our boys surround themselves with good people, and we love them for it.

    1. Dear RoseMarie, if you weren’t the one to warn me, I would not have known about the tickets on sale, the fanclub email never reached me.
      I finally got the third row and I’m right next to a corridor so I should have a great view.
      For now nothing is known about meet & greet or soundcheck, but I think we will know when we are close to the date. If I should know anything, I’ll tell you, but it’s easier for you to know before I do !! 🙂 🙂

  5. As usual, thanks so much, Daniela for keeping us posted and translating the guys’ latest activities. I’m certain you will have a great time on Sept. 2nd at the Piazza Loggia and I hope you will be able to make a lot of videos! Thanks, again.

    1. Judith, I will definitely enjoy September 2nd and enjoy great music in my city ….. better than that !!
      If they don’t forbid filming, I’ll make great videos !!

  6. Thank you so much for translating for us who don’t speak Italian! I got tickets for me and my husband for Torre Del Lago concert after many tries. We are excitedly planning our Italian vacation. Hopefully it’s not burning hot then, July 24th.

    1. Ellen, I believe you had to work hard to get the tickets, but I am happy that you will go to Torre del Lago, the city of Puccini, in the beautiful Tuscany, which I particularly love.
      You will have fun and I will wait for your nice writing about this holiday and the concert.

  7. This was a lovely event–thanks so much for translating it for us, Daniela. And the K-Pop was fun with the gorgeous a cappella singing. I was so happy when I saw the Brescia date! And it looks like I’ll be going to the Palmanova, as I’ll be in Venice just a couple of days before. Although I wish they would have an English option for the ticket sales (or Daniela!)

  8. Thanks, Daniela, for this great write-up. I always love to see Piero enjoying himself and being so unaffected and natural when speaking to his interviewers. His beautiful smile is so captivating (and this is coming from a 90 year old fan). Love these boys as though they were my own.

    1. Dolores, I must tell you that I too have noticed how spontaneous Piero is when he is interviewed. He is truly a simple and charismatic man.

  9. Daniela, thanks for the fun translation of Piero’s latest appearance. I always love hearing what he , and his brothers, have to say. And congratulations on getting tickets to the Brescia concert, and you do not even have to travel anywhere! It will be a wonderful evening and cannot wait to hear your report on the event.

    1. Daniela, thank you for this. I saw it and was hoping that you would translate it. I love all the guys but there is something special about Piero to me. The video was beautiful. When he sings Ave Maria it is so emotional. He sings it with everything he has. When I saw that they were doing a concert in Brescia I thought of you. I’m so happy you got tickets. I look forward to your pictures and hopefully videos.

      1. Cathy, I am happy to have granted your wish to understand what Piero said.
        In Brescia I have an excellent position for photos and videos, I hope they let them do it.

  10. Hi Daniela, I was so happy to read that the guys will be in Brescia. I’m sure you and Beppe will be hosting them overnight( much better than a hotel) Imagine them serenading you in the kitchen while you are cooking pasta.🙂 How far is the concert from your house?

    1. Dear Jill, I would gladly invite all of you here if they would come. If they sing while I cook the pasta, they risk finding the pasta as hot as the glue !!! Nobody stops us from dreaming, right? !!

      1. I think we have all fantasized about having them in our houses–if not kitchens! and what we would serve them. Or not! We’d be too busy mopping up everything we spilled whiled looking at them!

  11. Thanks for this lovely mini concert; Piero never sounded better and in a lovely little theater.

    The square in Brescia looks to be such an intimate setting. Wouldn’t it be fun to have that concert for only Flight Crew fans? What a party. Oh well, we can dream! Our biggest Italian fan will have to be our surrogate! Enjoy your September evening, Daniela!

    1. Sally, that would be really great, a great concert just for us Flight Crew fans. I am so happy to attend a concert in my city, I will give you a detailed report !!

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