Slowly we arrived at the last two concerts in July:
July 26: OSTUNI
The beautiful square of the Apulian town was waiting for Il Volo and welcomed them with great warmth.



At the beginning of the video, Piero sees a woman holding a sign and tells Gianluca.

PIERO = Read, read what is written.
GIAN = (he reads) I have a (loving) relationship with Piero Barone but nobody knows, not even him.
PIERO = Me neither! (laughs)
GIAN = A platonic love.
PIERO(He reads another sign) I am from Finland and I love you. We love you too, how do you say I love you in Finnish?
GIAN = (Reads another sign) I have a dream in my heart, singing with Gianluca, Ignazio and Piero Barone.
Why did you write the surname to Piero and not us (him and Ignazio)? Ah, to rhyme, I didn’t get there !!
Then Piero talks about how they met and introduces Ignazio.


29 July, AGRIGENTO, the beautiful Valley of the Temples.
It goes without saying that Agrigento is the province where Piero lives and therefore there was a lot of emotion and participation.
Here is Piero’s message before the concert.

I am excited for the concert in the Valley of the Temples.
I have been spending my holidays in San Leone for years and I love jogging here.
It’s great to see people stop me and tell me: “We got tickets. Piè (Piero, abbreviated), for the concert.”
It fills me with pride.

This video was made by AGRIGENTO TODAY is a nice summary and I will translate the beautiful words of Piero.
GIAN(He says to Piero) You are at home tonight.
PIERO = We are home. Sorry, but tell me something, but in Roseto, where you live, do you receive such a welcome? Let me understand! (applause).
GIAN = (On the nearby promontory you can see the ruins of a Greek temple. Gian points to the temple and says):
What house, is that your house?
PIERO = From here you can see my bedroom, up there, see the one there.
(Then Piero turns to the audience).
Before I took the stage, I looked at you, and I thought:
I have never taken for granted such great affection, such great love, from my fellow countrymen. Thank you! ❤ (applause).
I am, we are three extremely privileged guys, all thanks to you, for these 13 years of journey we have done together (applause).
Tonight we will sing the songs they have ….. (he sees Ignazio) but what happened? What are you doing back there? You speak, you do not speak, good evening …
IGNAZIO = No, I was looking at what seems to be in the Po Valley, you can’t see anything (Pianura Padana is the Italian plain in the north, Ignazio means that the expanse of people is as big as the Po Valley, moreover there is it is often fog and nothing is seen and the effect of the stage lights does not show anything to the singers).
PIERO = But in fact, turn off this talcum powder (type of diffused light), there are the ancient temples behind.
Ignazio, why don’t you speak? Let me understand!
IGNAZIO = I was thinking about something, if that’s your room (part of the temple), did you save on the fixtures? (Laughter)😁
GIAN = Think in the winter that the air is blowing!
IGNAZIO = In summer everything is fine, but in winter, you die of cold!
GIAN = Then you don’t sing if you get a sore throat.
PIERO = (he turns to Ignazio) Do you want to introduce? Are not you happy? I understand that we are not in Marsala, (Ignazio’s city), today we sing in Agrigento ….. (someone from the audience throws a small red pillow at Piero) thank goodness they are cushions but they are red like tomatoes …. ( then Piero reads on the pillow) … ah I LOVE YOU !! , thank you honey, thank you my love, hello joy.
……….. we said that tonight we will sing the songs ………..
IGNAZIO = And then I’m sorry, I think this is also the concept that we two (him and Piero) give, that it doesn’t matter Agrigento, Marsala, Catania, it’s all Sicily. (applause) These are things that an Abruzzese does not understand !!😁
GIAN = I understand everything, I can speak in Sicilian with you (Gianluca pronounces all this in Sicilian) (applause)
IGNAZIO = But I was saying an Abruzzese, not you Gianluca.
GIAN = Shut up, don’t speak (Gianluca pronounces this again in Sicilian and then turns to the audience) Do you understand? huh !! (and gestures with his hand towards his ear which means that he is saying the Sicilian pronunciation well)
GIAN = You can, of course. I don’t mean to be rude.
IGNAZIO = A Sicilian would never have said YOU CAN, ever! If you don’t talk, you don’t have to talk.
GIAN = Go, I won’t interrupt you anymore, Mr. Boschetto.
IGNAZIO = But I have nothing to say …
PIERO = Tonight we will sing the songs that are part of our artistic path. We will also sing some songs that are part of our latest recording project, where we decided to dedicate an entire album to a great teacher, a great composer, maestro Ennio Morricone. (applause)

Sicilian friends also made pizza in honor of IL VOLO 😁




Many beautiful articles in Sicilian newspapers, but among all I chose this one and I translate it for you:
To view the article, CLICK HERE.
I am referring to the concert last night in the Valley of the Temples in Agrigento by the trio “Il Volo”. Why with my friends? Because they were there, among that public in delirium for these guys who embody, at least for those of our generation, the best you can have: beauty, professionalism, Sicilianity.
For personal reasons I could not participate, but it seems interesting to tell you their impressions, which I fully share, since more than once I have also had the pleasure of being there. The most celebrated was Piero Barone, and the community of Naro, massively present to support that boy who grew up “on hard bread and milk” and today at the top of international fame. Yes, because even if our children wrinkle their noses, we, these kids, we love them viscerally. Because after having done so much apprenticeship, they have touched the sky. And last night, the illuminated Temples served as a worthy backdrop to their exhibition.
“Magic and familiarity.” – says Maria Luisa. Two components that accompany any of their performances, but above all the concerts in Sicily, in which we hear them tell episodes of their childhood, we listen to their dialectal expressions, we feel them deeply rooted in our island reality, so colorful and colorful, so proud of their success.
“The word Agrigento unleashed a riot of festive screams,” Luisa tells me while now, Paola and Giuseppina tell me that it seemed to be in the family, for the confidential and empathic relationship they have created with the public. “It was a hymn to the beauty and harmony of Sicily – continues Luisa – happy people, families celebrating.”
Well, after having seen the recent film “Elvis” and previously “Bohemian Rhapsody”, with the inevitable pitfalls that the entertainment world inevitably manifests, I must say that these three guys, who are also in the hands of a great manager like Michele Torpedine , they do not show anything artificial in their interpersonal relationship.“ They are authentically friends and brothers“- says Dina and, after years of international tours and sensational successes, they remain the three Sicilian guys we have always known. Their solid family roots, always remarked by them with pride, I hope they keep them away from the bad sirens that almost always dominate the entertainment world.
And finally, thanks to my friends for their cooperation!
It was undoubtedly a concert full of emotion, but there is still an appointment for Il Volo and it is not part of the tour, Il Volo will open the MAGNA GRECIA Film Festival in Catanzaro, on July 30th.
Here they are on the red carpet!!
They sang only three songs, Ecstasy of Gold, Grande Amore and Nessun Dorma, greeted by warm applause, and even if the songs were only three, the people of Catanzaro enjoyed the articles in the newspapers the next day very much and full of beautiful words.
But look at the professionalism of our treasures, during Grande Amore, Piero’s microphone no longer works and, without any problem, Ignazio approaches Piero and offers him his microphone, Gianluca understands the situation and is close to the other two to make it seem that the song should be sung by all three neighbors. A second microphone arrives for Piero, but this too does not work, and the three of them go on without any problem and finish their performance. Really great !!!
During the Magna Grecia Film Festival, Michele Torpedine was awarded the Golden Column.
But also Il Volo was awarded with the Golden Column and it is the same goldsmith who made the prize to go up to deliver it. On his Facebook page Michele Affidato (goldsmith) writes this comment:
“On our journey we meet many people … with some a true friendship is born. Thanks to Michele Torpedine and the Trio il Volo for their presence at the Magna Graecia Film Festival.”
As they receive the award, the speaker says these words:
“To Il Volo, which makes us proud in the world with bel canto.”

Il Volo is also rewarded with the Vela del Successo.
Some moments of the beautiful evening.
Beautiful events awaited our three golden boys at the end of July, but there is no time to rest, just one day at home to pack your bags, and then, off you go, Japan is waiting for you.
Have a good trip, come back soon !!


Credit to owners of all photos and videos.

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    Let me compliment you for your genuin article simple realistic and very well interpeted and translate with humanity and in a very sweet and humble way.
    WE all are so happy to have you both !

    Thank you for your punctual work and for the translation without you some of us would loose all the italien events that lately and after pandemic have been nombreous

    It is so important for all of us I think to follow ours “The Three Fantastic ”

    I never Hide my preference for Ignazio, but I must say that Piero impress me day by day

    Cannot wait to see my first concert have to wait for dec 17th and i ha ve been waiting 2 years now ……cause of pandemic

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