When Il Volo is in Mexico it is a jubilation, a party for everyone.
Every person has their own way of showing affection towards their favorites, and the Mexican people certainly do not lack a voice.
There is really a lot of enthusiasm and participation, as demonstrated by the sound check that you can see in these short videos.
Il Volo is the guest of honor at the final of FICH2023, the Festival Internacional Chihuahua. The event took place in Plaza De Angel in Chihuahua, a beautiful, completely free concert.
Here is the song list:

And here’s what the Festival Internacional Chihuahua published.
Majestic closing of the Festival Internacional Chihuahua and the FICUU with a concert by Il Volo.
Over 20 thousand people applauded the performance of the Italian trio who delighted the audience in Plaza de Angel.
From midday the followers of the famous group met in the square to reach the best sites and admire their idols, managing to exceed the figure of 20 thousand attendees at the event.
The musicians of the Orquesta Filarmónica del Estado de Chihuahua arrived on stage at 8.30 pm where, directed by maestro César Velázquez Hernández, they would accompany “Il Volo” in his interpretations.
The chords of “Ecstasy of Gold” were played when Gianluca Ginoble, Ignazio Boschetto and Piero Barone, members of the internationally renowned group, appeared on stage showing off their great vocal talent.
In front of the excited cries of the audience, at 9.40pm the music of mariachis resounded as they took to the stage singing the well-known theme song by José Alfredo Jimenez “Ella” followed by “Si ci dejan”, both melodies interpreted in perfect Spanish by the singers.
The concert closed with his greatest success “Grande Amore”, in front of a unison ovation from the audience who applauded such a wonderful interpretation standing up.
Thanks Chihuahua, see you next year!

There are many videos, but I have chosen some which, although not very clear, make us hear the beautiful and numerous songs in Spanish that were performed.


The moment in which a fan expecting a baby asks to read the letter in which the sex of the unborn child will be discovered… a little girl!!



Truly a beautiful event, furthermore it is certainly a positive recharge for Ignazio, Gianluca and Piero to have had the affection of so many people again and it confirms that their songs and their way of singing are really liked.
Before leaving for Mexico, Il Volo was also the protagonist of a private event in Taormina.


Do you remember a year ago, Il Volo in Japan had a performance at the Kiyomizu Temple behind closed doors. Now that event is a film and will be shown in 15 Japanese cinemas in January. 🥰

Dates for 4 concerts in Japan have also been published.
April 25 NAGOYA
April 28 OSAKA
April 30 TOKYO

Ignazio has started broadcasting FlokiBar live again on Twitch bosky_tv. In the first live broadcast the topic concerned commenting on videos sent by “new singers” and Bruno Farinelli, drummer of Il Volo, was also present. 😁

Then there was the publication of “explosive” news given by three journalists, namely that IL VOLO will be present at Sanremo 2024 as competitors…….oh my God!! 😱
I honestly think it’s good news, but also very fearful, first of all I hope  that the votes take quality into account and that there aren’t the usual prejudices about our young men, who will surely now be able to respond properly, they’re no longer kids of the past, they are mature men and have certainly thought carefully about their possible participation, but I must tell you that the news is not official yet, so let’s see what happens. 🤔
Here is the video that gives the news of Il Volo’s participation in Sanremo.
LATEST NEWS, the new IL Volo per Natale EP was released today, Friday 3 November.

Our three loved ones dressed in red are beautiful. ❤️❤️❤️

There are only 4 songs:

HAPPY XMAS (War is over) 




We will listen to these 4 Christmas songs with joy, and at a continuous pace! 🥰
……and let’s not forget that Piero, to rest a little, will participate in the New York Marathon on Sunday 5 November. Seems he will have the number 38750.
We wish Piero GOOD LUCK!! 💪👍 😘

What do I have to say?
So much beautiful and new news, there isn’t a moment’s pause as there is immediately something new and I’m sure that our men will have more surprises coming!!
See you soon: Daniela 🤗


Credit to owners of all photos and videos.


  1. Thank you very much Daniela and Pat for keeping us update. You are irreplaceable. The concert in Mexico was great, the boys are really loved there. I love the new christmas EP, the interpretations of the christmas songs are beautiful. At the day of the private concert in the splendid San Domenico Palace I was leaving Taormina, where I spent two wonderful days during our short trip to east Sicily. Well that’s a pity, maybe I could meet the guys somewhere in this beautiful, magical town.

    1. So you were in Taormina, Jolanta, what a shame you didn’t see them! Was Taormina beautiful? Have you already been there?
      Yes their EP is amazing!!

      1. It was my first time in Taormina and I fell in love. It’s really beautiful, magical place. In the end of October wasn’t very crowded and the weather was wonderful. And granita in Bam Bar delicious, the best and how suprised we were when the owner took the order in Polish. I would love to go back there.

      2. Taormina has enchanted me too, I would love to see a concert by Il Volo in that beautiful ancient theatre!

  2. Thanks so much for this post, Daniela and Pat–I was trying to keep up with all this myself in bits and pieces, but it’s so much better when you do it! Daniela, you are such an expressive writer–for example, your first sentences here. But what a huge success in Chihuahua after their great European tour.
    Yet I do worry, like you, about their competing at Sanremo again. They certainly don’t need to prove anything at this stage of their careers. Wish they’d concentrate on getting another Emmy instead!

    1. You’re welcome, Judi, and I totally agree with you – Daniela writes very well and puts things into words much better than I ever could! 😃

    2. Judi, I believe that everything Il Volo does paves the way for a possible Grammy. I would be more than happy if they succeed.

  3. Thank you Daniela and Pat for the wonderful addition to my day. I live for these posts and am always in heaven with the news and music videos. Bless you!

    1. Vittoria, you are right to carve out your own corner of paradise, in this period so sad and full of bad news.
      And their voices, what can I say, make us delighted!

  4. What joy to have this wonderful story about our favorites and after a depressing morning reading THE NEWS paper and watching news on TV! It lifted my spirits immensely! I’m anxious for them to come back to the US but it’s sounding like we have wait another year!😢 I’ve listened to the Christmas album, it’s short but beautiful, already purchased mine! Hoping their will be more albums of some of the songs they sing at concerts that haven’t been recorded by them….all exciting! Surely San Remo is theirs this time!!! How do we in US get to watch and vote….is it possible.??
    Thanks Daniela and Pat fir treating us to all or most the concert, completely enjoyed it !
    Affectionately, Carol 💖💖💖🎤🎼👏👏👏☮️🤍💙💛🦋

    1. Carol, I’m happy to have made your day, and maybe even given you a smile. Unfortunately the news has been very bad lately and it’s really nice to be able to think about something else for a bit and hear such beautiful voices.

  5. Thank you Daniella! I can’t believe that 20,000 people were there. Is that the largest audience they have performed for?

    1. Mary, I honestly don’t know, but I think it’s beautiful for us, but especially for the three of them, to see so many people and so much affection.

  6. Thank you Daniela for giving us this concert. It’s wonderful how the boys are loved in so many countries and certainly well deserved. It will be great to see them in Sanremo. I think if the press is so rude to them this time they will get a much more negative reaction than last time. There are too many people all over the world who love them and will defend them. Although I agree with you. I think they are quite capable of handling any bad press themselves. And they will do it with class and dignity.

    1. Cathy, it will be nice to see them in Sanremo, as long as the news is confirmed, and this time the press must be alert, we don’t allow unworthy replies.

  7. oh, Daniela and Pat, this is soooo beautiful….
    thank you from my heart…
    I haven’t yet watched all the clips…
    I just now listened to Amazing Grace… ooooh…. it’s oozing perfection at every moment.

    even if we have listened and heard our boys over and over through the years,

    every note at every moment is new and deep and rich.
    it feels eternally new.

    it’s nighttime here now.. and it’s the perfect grace to close the day and settle in for the night….

    thank you from my heart ❤️

    1. You hit the nail on the head, Cynthia, their voices have matured and at times I detected Ignazio in very sweet tones, and what about Gianluca and Piero? All three wonderful, full of emotions.

      1. Grazie, Daniela🥰

        Yes, their voices…
        As well as their pauses…
        And their crescendos and diminuendos….


        …oozing perfection at every note and every pause….

        I am in deep awe. And come to realize what music is.
        True art.


  8. They are busy busy busy! I saw some of the photos of Piero during the race and he looked so happy and joyful! he finished in over 4 hours and for a first timer that’s certainly acceptable! I am so happy for him. The appearances in Mexico before Sunday looked so fun for the guys. Still waiting for sites and dates for American tour…but likely not until 2025. I’ll keep praying the Lord knows how much I want to see Il Volo live and spares me longer.❤️

    1. Muriel, the three of them don’t have a moment’s rest and everything they do is remarkable.
      Yes, Piero was happy with his finish at the Marathon and once again he demonstrated that “Will” is “Power”.

    2. I know what you mean, Muriel, but at 91+ years, I can only hope to hang in there and MAYBE see them again. If not, I’ll be very happy watching their videos over and over. Hugs, Dol.

  9. Lucky audiences in Mexico and Taormina! Guess we’ll all have to go to Japan to see them live (no such luck)! Thank you for bringing us these great reports and video clips! Muchas gracias!

    I watched Piero’s “wave” start the NYC marathon race but it was a sea of humanity and no way to pick him out. Then I tracked his progress on my phone but there was no video. I knew when he crossed the finish but still it was impossible to pick him out of the crowd from the finish line live video. I was so hoping he would be carrying the Italian flag to make finding him easier! I am looking forward to pictures and story on this, if possible!

    The new holiday music is beautiful and a great gift idea. So soothing after much disturbing news from the Middle East.

    1. It was absolutely wonderful watching him cross that line. He’s so full of joy, and I think all of us who watched we’re full of joy for him. An amazing man ladies he sets his mind or something and he accomplishes it as we’ve seen throughout his life. I’ve been sitting here listening to their opera music just amazing.!!!

      1. Cindi, once again Piero was a great example for young people. We hope that these examples reach many young people who are discouraged by life and what happens in the world, there is a need for many good examples.

    2. Sally, it was really impossible to recognize Piero. I don’t think I’ll talk about the Marathon in the next post, I think Susan will talk about it.
      The new music is a touch of sweetness in a world that lately shows so much hate.

  10. Sally, if you download the app TCS NEW YORK CITY MARATHON you will be able to see pics of Piero. They say they can be downloaded but I haven’t tried that yet.
    I was really pleased that they provided a map where you could actually track his progress during the race.
    As always, thanks to Pat and Daniela

    1. Yes, Gail, I saw them too and they are beautiful and there is also the video of Piero crossing the finish line raising his arms to the sky, all very exciting.

      1. Please tell me where I can find the video. Was it in the same place I saw the pictures?

  11. How many times can I say THANK YOU to you, Patti, and you, Daniela, for bringing these messages to their anxious fans??

    Such music is a joy to listen to and such a relief from all the very sad news on TV and elsewhere.

    I did see the video of Piero finishing his race with such exuberance after running for more than 4 hours!!! Great job!
    Hugs, Dol.

    1. Thanks Dolores, PIero thanked a little while ago for the support he received from all the fans, it was truly an achievement!
      Yes, their music is beautiful, it touches our heartstrings.

  12. Thank you! This is wonderful and I know how much work it takes to put together such a beautiful presentation!

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