(a little history of…) Grande Amore… We never get tired of listening to it.

On December 16, 2016, this article was published on Zon.it, by Antonella Esposito. Although it has been a while of time, I (Daniela) will  translate it for you because it is worth reading.




After the first listening to GRANDE AMORE, did the song really like you and did  join your favorite playlist? Are you still irremediably attracted to the melody and lyrics of the song? That’s why GRANDE AMORE of IL VOLO does not tire you.

Grande Amore is the winning song of the 65th edition of the Sanremo Festival, interpreted by the trio opera lirico Il Volo. Although it seems to have been written specifically to brush the powerful and versatile voices of Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca, the piece had a tough road before cutting the finish line “Il Volo”.



Composed in 2003, by Francesco Boccia, songwriter and frontman of the music band I Quisisona, together with Tommy Esposito of Il Giardino dei Semplici, the romantic piece already having a precise layout designed for lyric lyricals, is presented at the selections of the   Festival of the Italian Song, in 2005, with a negative result.  So it remains to dust in the drawer for 10 years.


It is in fact 2015 when the song is enthusiastically evaluated by the commission of Sanremo Young and assigned to the duo Operapop. Even then, fate is a strange joke, because the duo is excluded from the competition for the age limit reached by one of the two components, Enrico Giovagnoli.


Grande Amore  is also offered to Orietta Berti, who proves to be favorable to the song but she is, however, unable to participate in the singing contest for personal reasons.


Once again, bounced back and without interpreting the fate of the piece, it is entrusted to the hands of the artistic director Carlo Conti.  At his first conducting of the Festival, using the help of the Operapop manager, convinces the producer of Il Volo, Michele Torpedine, to compete for the three young singers with the signed song Boccia-Esposito.

It’s the evening of 11th February, 2015, when IL VOLO sing for the first time, Grande Amore, in the slaps of applause from the Sanremo audience. The three different and perfectly complementary voices of the three singers, enter the heart and fill the audience’s eyes in the theater and viewers who are following the kermesse  (festival) in the world. Grande Amore.


For some it’s a discovery, for others it’s a confirmation. The elegance of the guys of Il Volo, the stage presence with which they saturate with energy each single tile on the stage of the Ariston, and the dramatic might with which the three young singers sing the love all or almost conquer.





Great love strikes, likes and creeps in the head with a basically simple and essential text and for this easy to memorize. The plain strode opens with the term “love” which in a vibrant and prolonged acute spreads the basis for the beginning of the refrain. And here comes the engaging redundant melody that never touches the nenia, by the way, draws a rhythmic curvature cleverly caressed first by the baritone basses of Ginoble and then raised by the strong and precise setting of Boschetto and then exploding with Barone in a  Love screaming to all generations.


It is therefore a universal love that sang by IL VOLO declinable in all the nuances of loving sentiment, not by chance as revealed by the same authors: “The text is not inspired by a specific person, but it is a story always valid as it may be love declaration”.


Musicality, universality and pop-lyrical contamination are probably the key elements to place with a certain conviction the classical lyric passage for the song’s story. Grande Amore with an extraordinary rapidity of diffusion not only musical but cultural has already been able to fully fit within that pink of international pieces representing Italianity. Grande Amore has all the characteristics of symphonic sweetness needed to become the Caruso of the new millennium. It  has that rhythmic and flamboyant stylistic cadence so that it can be sung by the middle world as has always been the case with O ‘sole mio.





It seems despicable and yet between different artists the song would not get the same feedback or maybe yes, but this is another story. The truth is that each song chooses its own interpreter and Grande Amore was born and struggled to end in the repertoire of Il Volo, altering in a shocking way the same artistic path of Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca who so much to the song that made him disconnect the ticket to success in Italy. Not that the three were not good enough, just as often happens the masterpieces make a difference and Grande Amore is without too much delay the diamond tip that has given the group the gender specificity that has always been sought after.


These are the technical reasons why listening to Grande Amore does not tire and will not even tire in twenty or thirty years. Stylish stylistic lists that are merely fine to themselves, which, because the longevity parable is valid over time, then add other elements with the most irrational flavor. These are the emotional ones, those you can not explain and that with a song almost invite you to listen to it and listen to it again and again.



Article translated by Daniela.  Credit to all owners of photos and video.




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  1. Thank you, Jane & Daniela! A wealth of information as to the song’s origin & struggle to find the right vocalist to present the lyrics of love!!! Il Volo claimed it with their marvelous voices in the San Remo completion!!! Their joy & happiness with their win is always a delight to watch!!! Our precious trio sang Grande Amore with all their passion & power making it one of their signature songs!!! Love that the Italian audiences sing Grande Amore with them!!!

    1. Anne, this song waited for ten years in the drawer. Piero Gianluca and Ignatius had to arrive.

  2. You might also check out the article that I wrote about this song and the San Remo Festival. Some of the same information is to be found there and it was written at the time of the event. There was also an article I wrote about the other songs on the whole San Remo album each of which was a winner of the San Remo from a different year.

    Check back on those articles from a few years ago.

    1. I remember very well that article you wrote shortly after Sanremo where you spoke of Grande Amore and also of all the other songs of Sanremo included in the cd, very beautiful and instructive like all you write.

    1. Yes, Loretta, they thank the orchestra and say that 50% of the success is due to the orchestra.

  3. That was a wonderful history of the song Grande Amore. I’ve been watching it over and over again. I wish I had more friends who are struck like we are with Il Volo. We need to get in touch with the fans in Minneapolis. I can listen to boys sing all the time and just fell in love again with Quando l’amore diventa poesia. There are so many songs. We love them all. I couldn’t sleep and spent the night finding one beautiful song after another….. and then finding the translations made me cry with some of the wonderful lyrics. I find I must incorporate some other Minneapolis Il Volo fans in my life as some of our friends do not have an ear for music. I love beauty in all forms and music has kept me alive. Il Volo has given me more joy than I deserve with their music and adorable personalities. I realize that singing such beautiful lyrics every day has had so much to do with who they are. How can you sing about love all the time and not love people in the world. The daily articles make me realize more and more what a tremendous gift we’ve all been given. I’d just love to have more friends closer to me who feel the way we do and who realize how important this music is to our quality of life. It lifts our spirit and we don’t even know what they are singing. I just found the Eurovision Contest and didn’t realize how much is on YouTube. I wish that had been broadcast I. The USA. Love to all of you and especially to Daniela for the article.

    1. Thank you Victoria, I did not know if everyone knew the story of Great Love that was offered to many singers, but this song waited IL VOLO . On the evening of Eurovision I was glued to television, the guys were stupendous, handsome, super-admired, they had to win.
      You must know that they have got the most out of the vote from home, juries have penalized them. Since then the regulation has changed. If they had been in the race this year with the new rules they would win.

      1. Hi Daniela, and from the comments on YouTube, most people felt Il Volo should have won also. And I do feel the song was waiting for the boys. We all seem to have picked the same 3 favorites and yet I keep finding songs on YouTube I’ve never heard before and the boys keep improving their power and sensitivity. I love how they share the stage with each other. I love how they watch each other sing attentively. I know they come from wonderful families and they are very grounded and kept from getting caught up in fame. I mostly love how they give everything to each song. They are a powerhouse of improving talent. Thank you all for your comments. I wish I lived closer to some Il Volo fans so I could exchange information on these boys who light up my life.

  4. Jane/Daniela – yes, I just loved this article! I admit, I vaguely recall the article that Myron wrote, but didn’t know all of the other details about the song. It reminds me of some roles that actors pass up and then the one that chooses it, wins the Oscar! Kind of like Il Volo! It was certainly their time to shine and it was just waiting for them!

    1. The assignment of this song is really an odyssey, it waiting for the right time.
      The first prize at Eurovision was to be the top

  5. This was so wonderful to read, it really gave me so much more appreciation of the life of a song. Grande Amore just wanted the right voices for its beauty. Its perfect then that IL VOLO was that that perfect partnership of magnificent song paired with magnificent voices!

  6. A wonderful, wonderful article. Thank you for posting it, Daniela. I just know when I first heard our boys sing Grande Amore at San Remo, the tears just rolled down my cheeks, it was so beautiful. I could not believe that they were not the big winners. That song was indeed waiting for them to sing it. Il Volo will always be big winners in my heart.

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