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~ Article From Bologna Newspaper ~ by Daniela

In the newspaper of Bologna, IL RESTO DEL CARLINO, this article was published.

In the first picture you see our boys and Torpedine, together with another guy named Dave Monaco.

Dave Monaco will participate in the selections on December 15 to be admitted to Sanremo. These days in several posts the boys have supported Dave’s candidacy, asking everyone to give preference by voting for this guy.


I will translate the most important points for you.


The boys speak…

“It’s the big news of our professional life.

Together with our manager Michele Torpedine, we have created a record company, which will develop and give an opportunity to the future stars of the Italian song.

The authentic one, the one that looks at tradition, our roots, melody and beautiful singing, but covering it with a contemporary feeling, which allows us to reach such a vast audience.”

“………………we are particularly proud of having decreased the age of opera lovers, which in Italy had always been considered the patrimony of a very adult aged and elitist public, that habitually frequent the traditional theaters. We managed to achieve this by mixing the classical repertoire with our songs, showing that the most beautiful romances are truly timeless and can excite, seduce and make people dream, like a pop song.”


“We are now engaged in the production of a very young tenor who will participate in the selection of” Sarà Sanremo,” with the song L’ETERNITA ‘ PER CHI SA VOLARE, on December 15th on RAI 1.”

To the question …. and your new record ??   The boys answer like this…


“We will publish it in 2018 and will amaze fans, we are convinced, because it will be very different from the previous ones”.



What do you say about all this?  Beautiful gesture from the boys really!

Last curiosity, Dave Monaco was born in Brescia !!


Credit to all owners of photos.

(a little history of…) Grande Amore… We never get tired of listening to it.

On December 16, 2016, this article was published on Zon.it, by Antonella Esposito. Although it has been a while of time, I (Daniela) will  translate it for you because it is worth reading.




After the first listening to GRANDE AMORE, did the song really like you and did  join your favorite playlist? Are you still irremediably attracted to the melody and lyrics of the song? That’s why GRANDE AMORE of IL VOLO does not tire you.

Grande Amore is the winning song of the 65th edition of the Sanremo Festival, interpreted by the trio opera lirico Il Volo. Although it seems to have been written specifically to brush the powerful and versatile voices of Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca, the piece had a tough road before cutting the finish line “Il Volo”.



Composed in 2003, by Francesco Boccia, songwriter and frontman of the music band I Quisisona, together with Tommy Esposito of Il Giardino dei Semplici, the romantic piece already having a precise layout designed for lyric lyricals, is presented at the selections of the   Festival of the Italian Song, in 2005, with a negative result.  So it remains to dust in the drawer for 10 years.


It is in fact 2015 when the song is enthusiastically evaluated by the commission of Sanremo Young and assigned to the duo Operapop. Even then, fate is a strange joke, because the duo is excluded from the competition for the age limit reached by one of the two components, Enrico Giovagnoli.


Grande Amore  is also offered to Orietta Berti, who proves to be favorable to the song but she is, however, unable to participate in the singing contest for personal reasons.


Once again, bounced back and without interpreting the fate of the piece, it is entrusted to the hands of the artistic director Carlo Conti.  At his first conducting of the Festival, using the help of the Operapop manager, convinces the producer of Il Volo, Michele Torpedine, to compete for the three young singers with the signed song Boccia-Esposito.

It’s the evening of 11th February, 2015, when IL VOLO sing for the first time, Grande Amore, in the slaps of applause from the Sanremo audience. The three different and perfectly complementary voices of the three singers, enter the heart and fill the audience’s eyes in the theater and viewers who are following the kermesse  (festival) in the world. Grande Amore.


For some it’s a discovery, for others it’s a confirmation. The elegance of the guys of Il Volo, the stage presence with which they saturate with energy each single tile on the stage of the Ariston, and the dramatic might with which the three young singers sing the love all or almost conquer.





Great love strikes, likes and creeps in the head with a basically simple and essential text and for this easy to memorize. The plain strode opens with the term “love” which in a vibrant and prolonged acute spreads the basis for the beginning of the refrain. And here comes the engaging redundant melody that never touches the nenia, by the way, draws a rhythmic curvature cleverly caressed first by the baritone basses of Ginoble and then raised by the strong and precise setting of Boschetto and then exploding with Barone in a  Love screaming to all generations.


It is therefore a universal love that sang by IL VOLO declinable in all the nuances of loving sentiment, not by chance as revealed by the same authors: “The text is not inspired by a specific person, but it is a story always valid as it may be love declaration”.


Musicality, universality and pop-lyrical contamination are probably the key elements to place with a certain conviction the classical lyric passage for the song’s story. Grande Amore with an extraordinary rapidity of diffusion not only musical but cultural has already been able to fully fit within that pink of international pieces representing Italianity. Grande Amore has all the characteristics of symphonic sweetness needed to become the Caruso of the new millennium. It  has that rhythmic and flamboyant stylistic cadence so that it can be sung by the middle world as has always been the case with O ‘sole mio.





It seems despicable and yet between different artists the song would not get the same feedback or maybe yes, but this is another story. The truth is that each song chooses its own interpreter and Grande Amore was born and struggled to end in the repertoire of Il Volo, altering in a shocking way the same artistic path of Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca who so much to the song that made him disconnect the ticket to success in Italy. Not that the three were not good enough, just as often happens the masterpieces make a difference and Grande Amore is without too much delay the diamond tip that has given the group the gender specificity that has always been sought after.


These are the technical reasons why listening to Grande Amore does not tire and will not even tire in twenty or thirty years. Stylish stylistic lists that are merely fine to themselves, which, because the longevity parable is valid over time, then add other elements with the most irrational flavor. These are the emotional ones, those you can not explain and that with a song almost invite you to listen to it and listen to it again and again.



Article translated by Daniela.  Credit to all owners of photos and video.




Il Volo Professional ~~ Live in Concert North America Tour 2016: Atlantic City

Il Volo Music Website
Il Volo Music Website




One more show in Atlantic City, and The Guys have a couple of days to rest.

~~ Kelly


New Album cover_zpsbkmri62c









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Two more videos from Atlantic City and thoughts from The Guys and what they are looking for in their Valentine’s can be found on my personal Il Volo Facebook page that is doubling as a Flight Crew Facebook presence here.  Know that full content will always be found here on the website.  🙂  ~~ kyalpn



world tour


Full Circle: NYC to San Remo and Back

Il Volo recognized at this year’s San Remo Festival from New York…

Article: http://www.ilvolo.mus.br/2016/02/il-volo-sanremo-back-to-where-everything-started-si-torna-dove-tutto-e-cominciato/#eng

Danielle’s Diaries ~~ by Danielle


We have a new feature for you, and we are super excited!  We think you you’re going to love it! 

You remember Danielle–the young lady with the beautifully long hair that Ignazio scolded Gianluca for touching during her Meet and Greet?  She’s going to tell us about life as a college IlVolover.  Enjoy!

~~ Kelly

danielle's diaries

Ciao everyone!! Welcome to Danielle’s Diaries: A glimpse into the life of a college IlVolover. Since this is my first post, I suppose I should tell you a little about myself.

I’m a 20 yr old Mexican/Italian college sophomore from Michigan. I’m studying Biology at Hillsdale College and want to go to Vet School.

My Abuelita introduced me to Il Volo when they did their appearance on American Idol and I immediately fell in love with them. I followed them the best I could for years, as I did not have Facebook, Twitter, anything, lol. But I was never able to attend a concert or meet them until last summer, which was amazing and I can tell you about later if you would like.  Last year, my first year at college, I finally made a Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and fell in love with the guys all over again as I saw the many things they posted. I’m so glad I finally jumped on the social media wagon because all three now follow me on Twitter and I am friends with much of their family on Facebook.

Anyways, last year my roommate also fell in love with them and our room became dubbed the “Il Volo Room”. All our friends quickly were introduced to them and soon fell in love too. We now have a campus full of college girls that adore Il Volo and my friends and I have parties to watch the PBS DVD’s. I have many entertaining stories about this I will slowly share with you all.

As my first story I want to share, let’s start with Sanremo and the week leading up to it. As you can imagine, my friends and I were all very excited to watch the guys perform and were planning parties the different nights of the festival. Well of course that had to be the week all hell broke loose. We each had 2-3 midterms, several papers due; I had a giant Organic Chem lab due, and several people got sick. So it became a frantic race to get our work finished so we could watch the guys perform.

I will never forget that first night of the festival.  We all ended up gathered in my room and had my laptop up muted as we frantically studied while waiting for the guys to appear.  My friend, Gaby, was the one looking at the computer when they walked out, and she screamed and turned the volume all the way up as we all ran to gather around the computer.  We just sat in stunned silence as the beauty of Grande Amore washed over us. By the end of the song we were all crying right along with Gianluca and screaming and cheering so loud they could probably hear us in Italy.

The second and third nights none of us were able to watch, and on the Saturday they won several of us, including me, were actually gone from campus and had to wait for phone calls from friends to find out they won. We were on cloud 9 all week, and the release of their video did not help matters! Let’s just say we will have to borrow notes from people from that Thursday because everything went in one ear and right out the other! And with the release of the album on Spotify this morning you can just imagine how crazy we have been! It will definitely be another Il Volo filled weekend for us!

I hope you guys enjoyed my first little story in the life of a college IlVolover! I look forward to sharing the many fun and crazy antics of my friends and I with you guys! I’m off to dance class now, so until next time, Ciao ragazzi!! Ti voglio bene!

Il Volo Professional ~~ Italy CD Signing Tour–Milan and Rome



Hey Everyone! 

Well, the time has come.  The time that our guys have worked for, dreamed of and –most importantly–deserve.  Even if it is something of a bittersweet time for us.   😉

Italy has finally learned what we already knew and has embraced their countrymen with wide open arms after resoundingly ignoring the critics in San Remo. 

Now don’t misunderstand me.  Nothing warms my heart more than to see The Guys happy and to know that they have that little hole in the heart of their success filled.  Everyone wants to and should be loved and respected–especially at home, and I always smile simply because they do.  But there is a little piece of me that will miss feeling that they “belong” only to me.  But only a little piece.

They are too happy for me to be any less.  🙂

They are three days into a CD signing tour and already about a million steps ahead of me.  Enjoy their stops in Milan and Rome while I try to catch up in Pescara.  😀

~~ Kelly



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