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Il Volo Professional ~~ Live in Concert Tour 2016: Some Fun to Wrap Up

Hey Everyone!

The tour of The Americas is over, and what a tour it was!  Now Europe is waiting patiently — or not so, I’d imagine.  😉  Can you doubt that Il Volo touches the world?  Touches our hearts and leaves us forever changed? 

So much was shared that we couldn’t possible share it all at once and keep up with the pace.   Here are a few things that made the rounds of  social media and some that simply made me smile to wrap up.  Enjoy!

~~ Kelly

Article: Piero Barone, do trio Il Volo, é fã de música brasileira: “Tem muita coisa boa por aqui. Adoro a Ivete Sangalo” ~~  entretenimento.r7.com



Video Interview: Trio italiano IL Volo faz shows pelo Brasil ~~ Asna Brasil




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Fantasies and Dreams do Come True – Finale Part III

California Dreamin’…. Part III

We managed to get up and out at our scheduled time of shortly after 8a. We took Uber to Enterprise to pick up the car and we lovingly threw Sharon in the back with a pillow! Lol! We left shortly after 9a and we were on our way. Had a Nissan Altima – nice car! Drove like a crazy person – not my usual driving style, but it was drive fast, or get left behind! After a few hours, Sharon woke up and said “when’s lunch?” We stopped briefly for lunch at Denny’s in Barstow for about an hour and were on our way again. We reached Sharon’s hotel, The Roosevelt, shortly after 3p. We left there and made it to our hotel around the corner about 20 minutes later. The traffic was just awful in the city there and took us 10 – 15 minutes to just get around the corner. We looked and felt like we’d been travelling all day, so we quickly got ready. We were going to take Uber to the Dolby as we thought there was just the one entrance from the front. Our very nice hotel concierge asked us where we were going and we told him.1 la lobby He said you can walk, we asked is it far? He said, just down the street and through the parking garage ramp! Ok, cancelled Uber and literally walked there in like less than 5 minutes. The hotel was practically right behind the Dolby Theatre complex! I could not have planned that one any better!!


Ah, some bittersweet moments… our last concert, last meet/greet. We found the VIP table and they let us buy the mugs there? Go figure?! What was I going to say this time? Our seats were very good, in row J, thanks to a “friend” of Chris’s! Orchestra section on the left. Not super close, but we could still see pretty well. As most know by now, the concert started just like any other….the usual Godfather routine, the other jokes….during “Ciao, Ciao…” Ignazio gave a good portion of the audience a scare! They brought this little girl up on stage with Piero and Gian, and the next thing we knew, Igna was picking this girl up, and up, and over his head, and she landed on the back of his shoulders! I swear, half of the audience just sucked in their breath, remembering what happened in Tampa! So, I guess he has no fear of picking up children anymore and orch LAhis shoulder must be just fine? Good thing she was only 5 years old! Talk about a thrill ride for her! Hope she wasn’t afraid of heights, that was about 7 feet in the air she went! Then Ignazio comes out and sits down at the piano. I thought he was going to sing his Pino Daniele medley and was thrilled, but then he says he’s going to sing a song that he wrote! What? OMG! Better record this one! As we all know now, it was “Hablando de ti” or “Talking about you.” Even though it was in Spanish, it was beautiful, as anything that comes from Ignazio is the most beautiful sound ever! Of course it was quickly translated for us non-Spanish persons the next morning and the words, oh, the words! I was starting to tear up, 1 igna hablajust reading them! To me, it was an apology, a proposal, and wedding vows, all wrapped up into one song. Prior to that, Gian and Igna did their “routine” intro to Unchained Melody. This time Gian asked Igna if he was in love? Igna replied, “so much in love…” Gian said, “me, too!” I swear you could hear half the audience just go “aw……” We later found out that Alessandra was in the audience (and meet/greet) so that explains a lot! 🙂  (We think that is who he was texting through the entire Vegas mg/!)   After we were already in awe after Ignazio sang his own song, Gian comes out to do his solo. Again, we were expecting Anime Core, but then he starts speaking and talking about some song that Paul Simon wrote and Aretha Franklin and Elvis sang? Huh? By the time he said “Bridge….” I was quickly fumbling for my camera and missed the first few words! Yes, it was as truly awesome as everyone is saying it was, so emotional and he really did sound like Elvis in many parts! Chris and I actually “bored” the Uber driver on the way back from the airport on Sunday with his rendition. Lol! He liked it though! Remember Ignazio wanted to lose 10 pounds? I think he must have met his goal, as he kept pulling up his pants during the concert! After being stunned twice, there were no more surprises and again, it was over all too quickly, to the tunes of O Sole Mio, Surrender, and Grande Amore! Remember I said I kept running into Gaetano? At one point, Chris turned around and realized he was sitting in the row behind us, on the aisle seat for a little while! No, didn’t wave this time – lol!


Ok, the last meet/greet. This was it…our Il Volo adventure was quickly coming to an end…. We waited a bit, shuffled some more, then went out in to the main lobby area. I have to say, this was one of the most well-organized meet and greets, although I’ve only been to 3…. Lol! Although firm, I felt most of the personnel were fairly nice. Us fans were pretty used to the drill by now anyway….hurry up and wait…at least the guys were in a nice room this time with plenty of light and there was plenty of room. They led people about 5 at a time into the room and when you got there, there were about 10 persons ahead of you. Sharon wanted me to tape her, so I did, as I was a few persons behind her and it worked out well that way. Ok, my time, this was it. I worked hard on my scarf and wanted to make sure the guys actually took notice of it. So, I guess, that was my main priority. Well, it was my turn and I went up there, they were kind of standing together, but Gian and Piero 1a scarfseemed otherwise pre-occupied… anyway, I walked up, held out my scarf and Igna was there and I said, “I wanted to be sure you saw my scarf” and held it out so they could see their wing and their name on the other side, I told them I made it and it was Swarovski crystals. Again, Igna is the one who surprised me… he said, “Oh, Gianlu, look…” (hey, at least it was in English this time!) Gian looked, and then Piero. Well, I 1 scarfguess I was overstaying my welcome too long because before I knew it, it was turn around take a picture again! Darn, no hugs ancora! I quickly mumbled that they were great and it was snap, me guys los angyou are done! As before, I gave Ignazio a squeeze around his waist and then gave him an extra little pat/rub on his back – his shirt was so soft…. And that was that! It was over and they ushered me out the door!

Sharon was lucky enough to realize that Alessandra was there and was able to speak with her a little bit. I think she may have left by the time I got up there, or I just didn’t notice her. Again, I saw Gaetano on the way out, as he was speaking with a few of the band members outside the lobby area of the theatre. I did not bother him this time either. It was late and we wanted to get back to the hotel. We had a quick snack and went to bed.

The next morning, we made it to Santa Monica Pier/Beach. It was beautiful and Chris got to santa monica beach wavestick her toes into the Pacific Ocean for the first time! It was the 2nd time for me! We made our way back to the car and we were on our way. Yes, getting out of the actual LA area was positively awful, but actually worse coming into the city, like a moving parking lot in many spots! We were so glad to make it back to Vegas, just before it got dark. My trusty GPS, and human navigator, Chris, got us safely back to Enterprise! Of course, I kept having this vibe that the guys were around us somewhere…sure enough, we got back to town and I saw on Instagram that the guys, were indeed, at Santa Monica Pier, riding bikes! Unfortunately, we had left quite a long time before they got there and they were further up on the pier than we were; my sleuthing senses were working overtime, that is for sure!

We spent some time with Marie for a few hours when we got back and then it was off to bed! Our fantasy dream weekend was quickly coming to an end and we had our flight to catch the next afternoon.

The end of our journey has come!  I hope you enjoyed joining me in reminiscing my Vegas/Hollywood adventure!  We made it safely back to Detroit with treasured memories to keep us warm, for at least a little while – until the next time…

P.S.  I just wanted to add that I am so sorry I was not able to meet more of the Flight Crew members!  It was a pleasure meeting those that I did meet – everyone is so nice!  I’m so glad I had a chance to finally meet Kelly.  She helped me out so much in the beginning when I ran into a few snags here and there on the site!  Thanks!

Fantasies and Dreams do Come True! Part II

Part II – Vegas Concert!


Before they came out, the Pearl manager came out on stage and said he had heard their sound check and that we were in for something special and emotional. The orchestra finally came out and started to play. Just love the Grande Amore intro….then, the opening chords of Volare and there was Gianluca! Ah, there were our guys again, just 20 feet away!orch las veg Wondered if they recognized any of the faces from the Fan Faire in the front row? (later on, we find that they did, indeed, recognize several of the front row persons!) They sang one gorgeous song after the next. It was nice for me, that I was able to hear them sing some of the Spanish songs, so at least I got to hear ONE of my favorite songs (twice, even) “Si me falta tu Mirada…” The persons in the front row had been to many concerts and I thought for sure someone was going to steal the punch line from some of their jokes! At one point, where Gianluca is making a pretense of trying to sit on the stage because his pants are too tight, I think someone said “but your pants are too tight…” Yes, Gianluca heard them and said “yes, but my pants are too tight….” And then started to talk to those in the front row saying “all of you in the front row here….” And swept his arm across them! It’s actually quite ironic because I don’t think they wear their pants too tight at all…? They almost look rather loose, and funny, no one seems to wear a belt? Don’t know if it was me, but I swear they made every song just a little different for us – a note or phrase here and there. It was special. Although some are not so enchanted with Ignazio’s Godfather routine, he is wonderful at adlibbing in the moment! (also, Gianluca gave Igna REALLY big pieces of bread to put in his mouth – he really looked like he had chipmunk cheeks!”)  About halfway through the Godfather, some girl in the front row decided she was hungry, so she attempted to get up and leave, probably figuring she wouldn’t miss much since they weren’t singing. Well, she was right in line with Ignazio’s view and he saw her. He says, in his Sicilian Godfather accent…”where, are you going?” She said she was hungry. He says, “Come back here…” She did as he said and I think she was pretty mortified by then! They talk some more and he went on with his “show.” Someone said she did get up later and come back with some water and chips! Here is the link, I hope it works… Godfather Ignazio Las Vegas igna pieroEarlier in the show, they sit on the stage, but Ignazio runs off for a moment. Piero asks where he is going. Someone gave him a cup. Ignazio puts his hand on his tummy and says he does not feel good, he ate too much. Must have been some Alka Seltzer or something? Piero smells it and makes a face. Ignazio smells it, makes a face, and drinks it! He made a few more funny faces and finishes it off!  Then he sang right after – not sure how he did that, but his voice was fine!   Another time, they brought up a little girl and everyone got a kiss from her except Ignazio. They went to sit on the stage again to sing and when Ignazio sat down he was kind of gesturing with Piero about not getting a kiss from the little girl, so Piero leans over and kisses him on the cheek! Ignazio is so funny, he quickly “wipes” the kiss off his face, then goes over to the water bottle and splashes water on his face! Then comes back and sits down. Piero says – you have water in your hair! Lol!


There was no extra conductor this time and Giampiero conducted from the piano. All too igna tonightsoon, they sang O Solo Mio, Surrender, and Grand Amore! At least the audience was a little more active this time. I think we stood after almost every song, not just their solos or duets, which were magnificent, as always. Then it was meet and greet time!


We went back out to the main lobby area and we watched as they set up the backdrop for the pictures. It was nearly 10:45p or so before I think they finally came out. I had been standing all that time and my feet were beginning to hurt! It was in a really open area, although a little on the dark side. Was kind of nice, as we could watch everyone else go up there before we even got in line. I think they let all the PBS persons go through first, then the rest of us got in line. I was so tired by the time I got to the guys, but I think with all this waiting and fatigue, any nervousness I had was long gone! My plan was to hug them all this time – of course, and give the notes to Gianluca and Ignazio. So much for plans! They were standing, left to right, Gian, Piero, Igna. Must be the standard pose… I quickly went to Gianluca and I did give him a hug and gave him my note, I then went to Piero – shook his hand again and thanked him for being so nice to my dad in Detroit. He smiled, even though I’m sure he did not remember. I gave Ignazio my note and I think told him to read it later, and told him Tonight was wonderful. He did say, in his ever so soft and sweet voice, “thank you so much!”   I find it comical that these guys have these powerhouse voices that could move mountains and their regular speaking voices are soft as silk? (I was able to record the song “Tonight!” this time, so I was happy!) Then again, it was hurry up take the picture. No, no hug for Piero or Ignazio!  I don’t even remember shaking Ignazio’s hand that time? I do remember, however, turning around and saying, “ok, let’s make this quick!” But my arm was firmly around Ignazio’s waist! I didn’t get a hug from him, but he got one from me! me guys VegasSmile, and it was over! The guys literally had to get on the bus as soon as it was over to head to LA. I believe Sharon was the last person and she was back in our room about 12:30a or so. She told us Gaetano was running for the bus! Oh, saw Papa Barone again, on our way up to our room after the meet and greet. He was waiting at the other elevator tower that went to the pent houses… lol! I said “Ciao” to him again and “great night!” He just kind of looked at me and nodded… I doubt he recognized me from earlier in the day! Also, Ignazio seemed to be texting the whole time he was at the meet and greet – wonder who he was texting with?


I gave up and took off my shoes and back to the room we went. Chris and I were too charged to go to bed, so we went down for a drink and some cake.  By midnight, all they had left was red velvet with the cream cheese frosting – oh, it was yummy, along with my white Russian!  We saw the “group” in the 24/7 Café at a large table. I teased Jeannette, as she said she was too tired earlier and there she was! Lol! I just said hello and went back to our table. We went back to our room and fell into bed about 1am, after we quickly packed – we had another big day ahead of us, as we were heading for LA – the third, and last, of our concerts!

Part III – California Dreamin…

Danielle’s Diaries ~~ Spring Semester 2016

danielle's diaries Il Volo fan and college student.  Her experience following Il Volo during the Sanremo Music Festival
danielle’s diaries
Il Volo fan and college student.

Ciao everyone!!! It’s so great to be able to write for you again! I apologize I couldn’t write last semester, but it was literally the semester from hell for me. Even though they aren’t all necessarily happy stories, I do have a few stories involving the guys from last semester, but don’t worry, I have happy ones too!!

So, first I’ll start with the sad stuff. I don’t want to depress anyone, but the guys really helped me through some things last semester and I want to share them. To sum most of it up, a guy I’d fallen for and who I thought had fallen for me rejected me for another girl and told me I’m just a sweet friend. Needless to say this was not easy to accept and since it happened in September it did not make my semester begin well. To follow that, I learned my little brother was sick and needed surgery (he’s doing better now), found out a family friend’s cancer was back, my grandpa had a heart attack, and we lost two of our horses. This all happened within the same week plus I had a very heavy load of 18 credits of mainly upper level science classes I was in. I honestly think the only thing that got me through those days was the guys and their music. Every day I’d get back from class, put in my headphones, and just listen to their music until I felt better. And when it got really bad I’d go for an hour or two walk with just me and their music. I definitely owe my sanity to them, I never would have made it through otherwise.

Now, on to happier things!! I have much more free time this semester, so my friend and I (the one I was roommates with freshman year) take at least one night a week where we lay on one of our beds and just watch videos of the guys for almost two hours. It is such a stress relief for us and more and more of our other friends have been joining us and are falling in love with them. I’ve walked into my friends rooms multiple times and caught them with some of the music videos pulled up on their laptops. I’m not sure if you guys have read my concert story for this year (if you haven’t go find it and read it!!) but it was AMAZING!!!! I will never forget that night and neither will my sister, she’ll still call me sometimes to talk about it!

Another quick funny story before I go! Over spring break this year, me and a few friends from school that live by me all got together to make food and have a party. We had pulled pork, enchiladas, beans, guacamole, pizza, cannoli, cake, and wine. And all the food was homemade of course, and I made the pizza and cannoli lol. Well, as we were making them, my one friend and I decided to turn on Il Volo. Next thing you knew the other three girls were dancing around with glasses of wine and I was dancing while putting the pizzas in the oven and rolling out the cannoli dough! Then our one guy friend that was there got back from the store and just stood in the door staring at us. We thought he was going to laugh or tease us, but instead he started pretending to sing along!! It was hilarious!! He’s not nearly as good as the guys of course, but he isn’t bad! He took over the cannoli frying and joined us in our silly dancing around the kitchen. It was a GREAT night!

Now I have to get back to doing my BioStats homework so I can go out with my friends tonight. Ciao ragazzi!! Ti voglio bene!

Il Volo Professional ~~ Live in Concert North America Tour 2016: Indio

Il Volo Music Website
Il Volo Music Website



So…it comes to an end in the US in Indio, CA.  Such a deeply and longingly anticipated tour,  and I am so proud of them.  In a country where their genre of music is not at all mainstream, they are proof that the old fashioned way — hard work, back to basics (in a manner of speaking), humble, family-oriented entertainers — can survive and thrive.   They are that … “thing”… that is missing in the world, and we didn’t know it was missing until they brought it back.  How could we not fall in love?

We truly love you, guys.  I know we have to share you with the rest of the world, but hurry back, OK?

~~ Kelly


New Album cover_zpsbkmri62c


Piero in O Sole Mio

Delilah, El triste, O sole mio

Grande Amore


Photos: Il Volo – North America Tour 2016 / Indio ~ Il Volo – Italian Fan Club Facebook


Gian Ginoble(solo) e Piero Barone(solo) e Piove – 02/04/2016 via Periscope 

Unchained Melody


Beautiful That Way e My Way – 02/04/2016 Il Volo via Periscope





It’s Time to Say Goodbye…

I know Il Volo has raised us all up to places we, for whatever reason, didn’t think we could or would go.  I hope they feel the same support from their fans as well…no matter where they are!