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Danielle’s Diaries: May 9, 2016

Ciao everyone!! My semester is almost done, I just have finals week left to get through. And then once those are done

danielle's diaries Il Volo fan and college student.
Il Volo fan and college student.

I’ll be heading up north for a month and a half to complete research for my final senior thesis. It’s been a stressful and very confusing end of the semester. The guys have been and will continue to be a huge help in getting me through it.

My one good friend and I continue to watch videos of them when we’re stressed and need a break. More and more of our other friends have been joining us as well. Recently, we’ve been watching some older funny videos and they are doing a very good job in relieving our stress. One of our new favorite videos is of Piero singing Cielito Lindo in Latin America.

Since we both come from strong Hispanic families we grew up hearing this song a lot and it brought tears to our eyes to hear Piero sing it. It made me think of my Abuelita when she was younger. Unfortunately she now has pretty advanced Parkinson’s, but before she was sick she’d be constantly singing and dancing as she walked around the house. Cielito Lindo was one of her favorites and when I showed her the video of Piero she started crying. She adores the guys, but due to her health I’ve never been able to take her to a concert. She is one of the ones who introduced me to them when she first saw them on American Idol and she has delighted in my growing love for them since then. Speaking of grandparents, the other person who introduced me to them was my Italian Nonno (my mom is Mexican and my dad Italian). He also saw them on American Idol and was very moved by them singing O’ Sole Mio and has bought almost every CD of theirs; which means we listen to them at almost every family gathering. One of my earliest memories of my Nonno is him singing O’ Sole Mio as he walked around the house, so this song has special meaning to me. We were all very excited when he recently discovered that his family is from Abruzzi, from one of the towns right by Montepegano. Needless to say, my entire family is pretty much a family of Il Volovers.

Now back to school stuff, I’ve discovered another way the guys help me! I’ve always listened to their music to help me fall asleep if I need it, but recently I’ve started listening to them in the mornings as I walk to class too. Starting last week my life kind of exploded with projects, meetings, papers and exams. This means that I’ve been averaging about 3-4 hours of sleep a night, which will probably continue through exams. Even with napping when I can, this means I am a very grumpy person most mornings. Well, I found out that if I stick my headphones in as soon as I get up and listen to a select playlist I’ve made of their songs, I am a much happier person who no longer gives everyone I see before 9am a death glare lol!

All right, I should probably get back to work since it is the last day of classes and I am supposed to be proctoring an exam for the Gen Chem students. Hopefully this first group finishes early so I have time to go take a quick nap before the next set comes this afternoon! Ciao ragazzi!! Ti voglio bene!

Danielle’s Diaries ~~ Spring Semester 2016

danielle's diaries Il Volo fan and college student.  Her experience following Il Volo during the Sanremo Music Festival
danielle’s diaries
Il Volo fan and college student.

Ciao everyone!!! It’s so great to be able to write for you again! I apologize I couldn’t write last semester, but it was literally the semester from hell for me. Even though they aren’t all necessarily happy stories, I do have a few stories involving the guys from last semester, but don’t worry, I have happy ones too!!

So, first I’ll start with the sad stuff. I don’t want to depress anyone, but the guys really helped me through some things last semester and I want to share them. To sum most of it up, a guy I’d fallen for and who I thought had fallen for me rejected me for another girl and told me I’m just a sweet friend. Needless to say this was not easy to accept and since it happened in September it did not make my semester begin well. To follow that, I learned my little brother was sick and needed surgery (he’s doing better now), found out a family friend’s cancer was back, my grandpa had a heart attack, and we lost two of our horses. This all happened within the same week plus I had a very heavy load of 18 credits of mainly upper level science classes I was in. I honestly think the only thing that got me through those days was the guys and their music. Every day I’d get back from class, put in my headphones, and just listen to their music until I felt better. And when it got really bad I’d go for an hour or two walk with just me and their music. I definitely owe my sanity to them, I never would have made it through otherwise.

Now, on to happier things!! I have much more free time this semester, so my friend and I (the one I was roommates with freshman year) take at least one night a week where we lay on one of our beds and just watch videos of the guys for almost two hours. It is such a stress relief for us and more and more of our other friends have been joining us and are falling in love with them. I’ve walked into my friends rooms multiple times and caught them with some of the music videos pulled up on their laptops. I’m not sure if you guys have read my concert story for this year (if you haven’t go find it and read it!!) but it was AMAZING!!!! I will never forget that night and neither will my sister, she’ll still call me sometimes to talk about it!

Another quick funny story before I go! Over spring break this year, me and a few friends from school that live by me all got together to make food and have a party. We had pulled pork, enchiladas, beans, guacamole, pizza, cannoli, cake, and wine. And all the food was homemade of course, and I made the pizza and cannoli lol. Well, as we were making them, my one friend and I decided to turn on Il Volo. Next thing you knew the other three girls were dancing around with glasses of wine and I was dancing while putting the pizzas in the oven and rolling out the cannoli dough! Then our one guy friend that was there got back from the store and just stood in the door staring at us. We thought he was going to laugh or tease us, but instead he started pretending to sing along!! It was hilarious!! He’s not nearly as good as the guys of course, but he isn’t bad! He took over the cannoli frying and joined us in our silly dancing around the kitchen. It was a GREAT night!

Now I have to get back to doing my BioStats homework so I can go out with my friends tonight. Ciao ragazzi!! Ti voglio bene!

Danielle in Detroit ~~ 2016

Hey, Everyone! 

It’s a little behind, but Danielle has written about her sweetest experience in Detroit.  Enjoy!

~ kya


danielle's diaries Il Volo fan and college student. Her experience following Il Volo during the Sanremo Music Festival
Il Volo fan and college student.

So Saturday started off as a very busy day. I had a class that morning so couldn’t come home until after that. Which meant my mom had to drive out to school to pick me up, and we didn’t get home until around 4. My sister was already feeding the animals at this point so I ran to the barn to help her so we would finish faster. By the time we were done it was past 4:30, and we had less than an hour to get ready. She jumped in the shower and I rushed to get dressed and do my hair and makeup and then help my sister get dressed and do her hair. We quickly gathered up what we needed and were off for the FOX by 5:45. Thankfully our dad was driving us which made it somewhat less stressful.

Detroit was sooooo crowded that night, it was crazy! My dad was able to pull up to the curb a couple blocks from the theatre, and we hopped out and walked over. There was already so many people there! We headed over to Will Call to pick up our tickets and then made our way inside to find the VIP check in table. Right after picking up our badges we bumped into Emilia and her mom and we all went to find our seats.

Now, since I’d been so busy at school I hadn’t really had time to freak out about the concert or think about how close I was actually going to be. Yes, I knew we had front row seats, but I hadn’t really stopped to think about what that actually meant. We could stand there and touch the stage and our seats at the same time!!!! It was less than 5ft away!!! At this point me, Maria and Emilia (who was in the second row right behind us) really started to freak out! We spent some time talking to everyone else and saying hi to all the other fans. We basically couldn’t sit still we were so excited. About 25min to concert time we finally sat down, and then we noticed Ignazio was in the right wing looking at the sound board!!! We started waving at him, and he smiled waved back and blew us a kiss!!!!!! At this point I just KNEW it was going to be an amazing concert and I was definitely right.

When the orchestra finally came out, we really started freaking ou,t and when the guys came out singing Volare, I was smiling so big I thought my face would break!! They were RIGHT THERE!!!! I could have reached out and touched them if I had wanted to! All three of them smiled at us when they walked by our side of the stage, I think they found our adoring faces staring up at them cute. During one of the first few songs I was making a heart with my hands and Piero smiled and made a heart back at us!!! Gian was having fun winking at me, Maria, and the two girls (my age) next to us. He was so funny and adorable!!

During Piove is when I told Maria to hold up her sign asking Gian to sing to her and he motioned for her to come over! So she went to stand by him and he hugged her and sang to her and I was just taking pictures thinking that was all he would do since there were no stairs up to the stage. But then had her jump up to sit on stage with him!! At this point I started videoing because who knew what would happen now! He then motioned for Piero to come over and the two of them pulled her up on stage with them!!! She was soooooo happy!! The tickets were her 14th birthday present from me and I don’t think she’s ever enjoyed a present more. They sang to her, hugged her, and kissed her and had her kiss them, it was sooooo adorable! They were all so sweet to her, but especially Gian. He is her favorite and I don’t think she’ll ever forget him pulling her to his side and kissing her and just being an all-around sweetheart. I’ve never seen her smile so big! After the song they asked her name and when she said Maria, Ignazio started singing Maria to her. Then they were laughing about how she was taller than them (she’s actually an inch shorter than Piero, for now lol) and Piero pointed out she didn’t even have heels on. Then everyone noticed she was missing a shoe! Gian actually picked up her foot to show everyone and was then joking that she was taller than him with no shoes! It had fallen off when she jumped up on stage and fell down under the orchestra pit! We had to have security go get it after the concert.

The next several songs are all kind of a blur, they were just so wonderful and funny!!! I was in tears from laughing so hard at Ignazio’s antics! And they continued to smile, wink, and make faces at us which made it all the more fun.

And then came O’ Sole Mio. A bit into the song I decided to go for it and hold up my sign asking Ignazio to sing. I held it just under my chin and pouted so sadly when he looked at me. He smiled and motioned like “why not?” and walked over as he was getting ready to sing his main part. I pretty much threw my phone at my sister and went up to the stage. He kneeled down and put his hand out for me to hold while smiling like the angle he is. It was the longest twenty seconds of my life! I started into his eyes the whole time!! When he sang “Come hold me tight, kiss me my darling” he gave me the sweetest hug ever and squeezed my neck and rubbed my shoulder as he let go. Then he pointed to his cheek and I kissed him!! And I accidentally left lipstick on his cheek that was there the rest of the concert! Then he spun me around and gave an adorable little bow before letting go of my hand and walking back to the main stage. It was so magical and wonderful, he made my night!!

The only other thing that really happened was during one of the encore songs (can’t remember which) when Ignazio sat down on the first step up on the stage and started eating a piece of bread! Gianluca came over and scolded him lol. It was right in front of us so all of us in the front couple rows were laughing, especially when Gian pretended to offer us some! Then he ate some and put his finger to his lips to tell us not to tell lol.

After the concert we had to wait almost an hour for the meet and greet, and it was super rushed again but at least the security was nicer and more polite than last time. When it was mine and Maria’s turn, Gian and Piero yelled “Maria!!! Bambina!” and both tackled her with a hug lol. And Ignazio got a super happy look on his face and yelled “Bella!!!” and opened his arms wide and gave me a HUGE hug!!! I thanked him for singing to me and he said it was his pleasure, he was glad to see us enjoying the whole concert. Then I gave them the regional flags with their names I had drawn for the contest last year and they loved them. And Maria gave them little mini rosaries she had made.


After it was our turn went out into the lobby where we got to say hi to Mr. Barone, Mrs. Ginoble, Barbara, and Mrs. Boschetto. We also talked to Mrs. Boschetto for a moment with the help of Barbara and then took a picture with her. I told her that her son was amazing and thanked her for raising him right. She was so nice!! We waited around a little after to see if we’d be able to say hi to them again when they were leaving, but they left out the back. Then our dad met us outside the FOX and picked us up. I don’t think we stopped talking the entire way home! And it was hours before we could actually fall asleep. It was the most magical night of our lives! I never even dreamed that we’d get to interact with them as much as we did!! They were so sweet and kind and such gentlemen! And how kind they were to my little sister just made me like them even more, they treated her like a little princess. We can’t wait to see them again next time they come!!

Danielle’s Diaries

danielle's diaries Il Volo fan and college student.  Her experience following Il Volo during the Sanremo Music Festival
danielle’s diaries
Il Volo fan and college student. Her experience following Il Volo

Ciao guys! Sorry I haven’t written recently, it is the end of the semester for me and I’m in the middle of prepping for finals.  As I’m typing this I’m sitting here proctoring an exam for General Chemistry because I work as a Teacher’s Assistant. The freshmen in Gen. Chem and the other upperclassmen TA’s have grown to like Il Volo since I play their songs every week in lab. So far Beautiful Day and Surrender are the favorites. I haven’t actually had that much time to listen to the guys these past few weeks since I’ve been so busy, some nights I’m only getting 2 or 3 hours of sleep! I can’t believe I’m almost done with my second year of college! I never would have been able to do it without the guys music, it is seriously the only thing that gets me through my bad days. I know that no matter how stressful a class is or how hard an exam was, the beautiful music of Il Volo will always cheer me up and calm me down. Currently favorite song has been Romantica followed closely by Grande Amore, which is probably because my friendship with a guy I like keeps growing and growing, my friends believe he likes me back. Every time I talk to him Romantica plays in my head and I more deeply appreciate all the beautiful love songs the guys have sung. Canzone Per Te is also high on my list now after the release of that AMAZING music video! I showed it to my friends, and they adored it too. They said they are very quickly losing their hearts to these amazing Italians just like I have.

One quick story for you guys, last weekend was absolutely GORGEOUS! Saturday hit 75 degrees so we were spending the day outside in the sun. Around mid-day we decided to take a study break and go to the local ice cream place for some ice cream. My one friend told me to run grab one of my Il Volo CDs since it’s about a 15min drive. So I grabbed We Are Love and we popped it in. We had a minivan full of girls driving down the road with the windows down and blasting Il Volo, it was great! We listened to Beautiful Day, Surrender, Little Things, I Bring You To My Senses, and Historia De Un Amor. You should have heard all of us yelling out the lyrics and laughing and being crazy, it was the most fun we had all week! If only the guys could have joined us, I’m sure they would have loved to have ice cream with 8 crazy college girls, don’t you think? Haha!

Well I’ve got to go now, time to collect the students exams! Until next time, Ciao ragazzi!! Ti voglio bene!

Danielle’s Diaries

danielle's diaries Il Volo fan and college student.  Her experience following Il Volo during the Sanremo Music Festival
Danielle’s Diaries
Il Volo fan and college student. Her experience following Il Volo

Ciao everyone!! It’s been a crazy couple weeks for me! Since it’s close to April Fools I thought I’d tell you about a prank my roommate and I pulled on our friend last year, it involves Il Volo. But first, since many of you haven’t heard the story, let me tell you what happened with Gian, Ignazio, and my hair at the meet and greet, lol.

So after I got my picture with the guys, I turned to Ignazio and was thanking him again and hugging him and just pretty much freaking out. Well, my back was to Gian and my longer than waist length, very thick hair caught his attention. Gian started touching my hair and saying how amazed he was with how long it is and he accidentally caught my already loose ribbon on his sleeve and completely untied it. Ignazio smacked his arm and said “Yes yes, she has beautiful hair, you have your own beautiful hair! Leave hers alone!” Ignazio then turned me around and retied my ribbon and then hugged me again. I still have that ribbon and am never untying that bow! Hehe!

Now for my April Fool’s Day story! My roommate and I last year had a friend who we could tell liked the guys, but she wouldn’t admit it to us. She’d say she liked their music but she wouldn’t admit to liking them like we did. Well when the pictures of the guys with Pope Francis got posted she finally couldn’t contain herself anymore and started gushing about how adorable Gian’s smile was. This gave my roommate and I an absolutely hilarious idea. We printed around 80 wallet sized pictures of Gian, mainly of him smiling but of course we included many speedo ones as well! She had to work the entire morning of April Fool’s Day, and had Chem lab with me in the afternoon. So that morning my roommate and I snuck into her room and tapped pictures all over it. On her door, in her fridge, in her closet, above her bed, on her walls, on her desk, everywhere! We even made streamers of pictures that we hung just inside the door! We had three friends hide in her room to video her reaction and I pretended to just be going to her room with her after we got back from class and videoed from that angle. Her reaction was hilarious!!! She was basically attacked by the streamers as she walked in the door and then she was laughing so hard she could barely look for the other pictures! It took her almost a week before she finally found all the pictures we’d hidden, lol. It was one of the best pranks ever!

One more quick story for you all, I showed the Grande Amore video to two more of my friends and both were literally almost drooling over Piero and Ignazio and when Gian’s mask got pulled off at the end and he smiled both of their jaws literally dropped and the one said “That’s it, a Spiderman kiss is now on my bucket list. He’s so sexy!! How is that even possible?!?” And both friends told me the other day that they have each watched the video at least 20 more times on their own.

I hope you guys enjoyed my adventures again! I have tons and tons of homework to do and I think I’m getting sick, so until next time, Ciao ragazzi!! Ti voglio bene!