Fantasies and Dreams do Come True! Part II

Part II – Vegas Concert!


Before they came out, the Pearl manager came out on stage and said he had heard their sound check and that we were in for something special and emotional. The orchestra finally came out and started to play. Just love the Grande Amore intro….then, the opening chords of Volare and there was Gianluca! Ah, there were our guys again, just 20 feet away!orch las veg Wondered if they recognized any of the faces from the Fan Faire in the front row? (later on, we find that they did, indeed, recognize several of the front row persons!) They sang one gorgeous song after the next. It was nice for me, that I was able to hear them sing some of the Spanish songs, so at least I got to hear ONE of my favorite songs (twice, even) “Si me falta tu Mirada…” The persons in the front row had been to many concerts and I thought for sure someone was going to steal the punch line from some of their jokes! At one point, where Gianluca is making a pretense of trying to sit on the stage because his pants are too tight, I think someone said “but your pants are too tight…” Yes, Gianluca heard them and said “yes, but my pants are too tight….” And then started to talk to those in the front row saying “all of you in the front row here….” And swept his arm across them! It’s actually quite ironic because I don’t think they wear their pants too tight at all…? They almost look rather loose, and funny, no one seems to wear a belt? Don’t know if it was me, but I swear they made every song just a little different for us – a note or phrase here and there. It was special. Although some are not so enchanted with Ignazio’s Godfather routine, he is wonderful at adlibbing in the moment! (also, Gianluca gave Igna REALLY big pieces of bread to put in his mouth – he really looked like he had chipmunk cheeks!”)  About halfway through the Godfather, some girl in the front row decided she was hungry, so she attempted to get up and leave, probably figuring she wouldn’t miss much since they weren’t singing. Well, she was right in line with Ignazio’s view and he saw her. He says, in his Sicilian Godfather accent…”where, are you going?” She said she was hungry. He says, “Come back here…” She did as he said and I think she was pretty mortified by then! They talk some more and he went on with his “show.” Someone said she did get up later and come back with some water and chips! Here is the link, I hope it works… Godfather Ignazio Las Vegas igna pieroEarlier in the show, they sit on the stage, but Ignazio runs off for a moment. Piero asks where he is going. Someone gave him a cup. Ignazio puts his hand on his tummy and says he does not feel good, he ate too much. Must have been some Alka Seltzer or something? Piero smells it and makes a face. Ignazio smells it, makes a face, and drinks it! He made a few more funny faces and finishes it off!  Then he sang right after – not sure how he did that, but his voice was fine!   Another time, they brought up a little girl and everyone got a kiss from her except Ignazio. They went to sit on the stage again to sing and when Ignazio sat down he was kind of gesturing with Piero about not getting a kiss from the little girl, so Piero leans over and kisses him on the cheek! Ignazio is so funny, he quickly “wipes” the kiss off his face, then goes over to the water bottle and splashes water on his face! Then comes back and sits down. Piero says – you have water in your hair! Lol!


There was no extra conductor this time and Giampiero conducted from the piano. All too igna tonightsoon, they sang O Solo Mio, Surrender, and Grand Amore! At least the audience was a little more active this time. I think we stood after almost every song, not just their solos or duets, which were magnificent, as always. Then it was meet and greet time!


We went back out to the main lobby area and we watched as they set up the backdrop for the pictures. It was nearly 10:45p or so before I think they finally came out. I had been standing all that time and my feet were beginning to hurt! It was in a really open area, although a little on the dark side. Was kind of nice, as we could watch everyone else go up there before we even got in line. I think they let all the PBS persons go through first, then the rest of us got in line. I was so tired by the time I got to the guys, but I think with all this waiting and fatigue, any nervousness I had was long gone! My plan was to hug them all this time – of course, and give the notes to Gianluca and Ignazio. So much for plans! They were standing, left to right, Gian, Piero, Igna. Must be the standard pose… I quickly went to Gianluca and I did give him a hug and gave him my note, I then went to Piero – shook his hand again and thanked him for being so nice to my dad in Detroit. He smiled, even though I’m sure he did not remember. I gave Ignazio my note and I think told him to read it later, and told him Tonight was wonderful. He did say, in his ever so soft and sweet voice, “thank you so much!”   I find it comical that these guys have these powerhouse voices that could move mountains and their regular speaking voices are soft as silk? (I was able to record the song “Tonight!” this time, so I was happy!) Then again, it was hurry up take the picture. No, no hug for Piero or Ignazio!  I don’t even remember shaking Ignazio’s hand that time? I do remember, however, turning around and saying, “ok, let’s make this quick!” But my arm was firmly around Ignazio’s waist! I didn’t get a hug from him, but he got one from me! me guys VegasSmile, and it was over! The guys literally had to get on the bus as soon as it was over to head to LA. I believe Sharon was the last person and she was back in our room about 12:30a or so. She told us Gaetano was running for the bus! Oh, saw Papa Barone again, on our way up to our room after the meet and greet. He was waiting at the other elevator tower that went to the pent houses… lol! I said “Ciao” to him again and “great night!” He just kind of looked at me and nodded… I doubt he recognized me from earlier in the day! Also, Ignazio seemed to be texting the whole time he was at the meet and greet – wonder who he was texting with?


I gave up and took off my shoes and back to the room we went. Chris and I were too charged to go to bed, so we went down for a drink and some cake.  By midnight, all they had left was red velvet with the cream cheese frosting – oh, it was yummy, along with my white Russian!  We saw the “group” in the 24/7 Café at a large table. I teased Jeannette, as she said she was too tired earlier and there she was! Lol! I just said hello and went back to our table. We went back to our room and fell into bed about 1am, after we quickly packed – we had another big day ahead of us, as we were heading for LA – the third, and last, of our concerts!

Part III – California Dreamin…

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  1. Thanks for sharing your wonderful LV memories Jana !! One thing I remember from the concert was someone in the front row shouting out one of the guys lines and Gianluca saying ” Of course you know it !! You’ve been to 10 concerts !! ” He is very observant !! He definitely knows who his followers are and remembers everything !! The M&G to me was a fiasco !! Nobody stayed in line and it looked like mass confusion !! We were rushed,more then usual, by Brian and barely had time to say anything to our precious guys or put a smile on our faces before he snapped the photos !! However ….looking at the big picture I feel very fortunate to have been able to attend five concerts and M&G’s and visit with the boys and so many lovely people in our Il Volo community !! I hope we get to do it again in the near future !!

    1. Joanie – yes, I remember that also! Wow, 5 concerts, that’s amazing! Wish I could have seen them that many times? Funny, as much as we might complain about the meet/greets, we still keep going back? 🙂

  2. Giampiero is a really fine musician and when he is conducting from the piano he is able to achieve a very tight ensemble. I had a chance to talk with him a little bit and he said that it works with a so-called “chamber orchestra” size group. In LA they hired more instrumentalists for a larger ensemble and therefore figured that they needed a conductor. Most of the cities after the first 2 weeks were the Vegas sized group.

  3. Thanks again Jana for sharing. It’s amazing how many of us have trouble remembering or knowing exactly what we said or did at the Meet and Greets! We knew it had to be quick and hopefully then smile.

    1. Yes, that is for sure!! You really have to make a conscious effort to remember what you do and say…and as we know, it’s not easy!

  4. If you zoom in on Jana’s outfit, you can see part of what it says. Jana, are you going to share? It looked so great!

    1. Jeanine & Zdena – In the words of Ignazio…”thank you so much!” lol! I will focus more on the scarf in Part III – it is actually part of my story! 🙂

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