Il Volo Professional ~~ Italy CD Signing Tour–Milan and Rome



Hey Everyone! 

Well, the time has come.  The time that our guys have worked for, dreamed of and –most importantly–deserve.  Even if it is something of a bittersweet time for us.   😉

Italy has finally learned what we already knew and has embraced their countrymen with wide open arms after resoundingly ignoring the critics in San Remo. 

Now don’t misunderstand me.  Nothing warms my heart more than to see The Guys happy and to know that they have that little hole in the heart of their success filled.  Everyone wants to and should be loved and respected–especially at home, and I always smile simply because they do.  But there is a little piece of me that will miss feeling that they “belong” only to me.  But only a little piece.

They are too happy for me to be any less.  🙂

They are three days into a CD signing tour and already about a million steps ahead of me.  Enjoy their stops in Milan and Rome while I try to catch up in Pescara.  😀

~~ Kelly



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30 thoughts on “Il Volo Professional ~~ Italy CD Signing Tour–Milan and Rome”

  1. Kelly, I so identify with what you are saying: I too feel that they are “our boys”. we have gone through so much with them here in North America and South America in the last 4 years that you almost feel selfish that now that Italy have accepted them we don’t want to “give them away” I know we want them to be loved and known all over the world, but Italy is their homeland and will always come first in their hearts. I have to understand now that we are not losing them, just sharing them!! and they clawed their way to become 1st in my heart and they will remain there no matter how far they are spread. they are personally mine and that no one can take from me!

    1. Here is a little tidbit you may or may not know, but Gianluca has said he loves Los Angeles,and would eventually like to live there. So the United States is also very much in his heart. 😍

      1. I read that he would like to move to Los Angeles for
        a while an study acting. Welcome, Gianluca.

  2. Kelly I think most of us feel a little bit like you do about sharing the boys with their own countrymen but they are so happy right now and that is what I really want is for them to be happy. I just think to myself when they do come back to the US and South America knowing they have finally won over Italy how incredible is that tour going to be pretty awesome I bet. Love IL Volo and Love The Flight Crew.

  3. After the win at Sanremo it was destined to happen. Italy has claimed them. I hope they keep a little part of their hearts for us. Joanie G

  4. I have to say I have mixed feelings. I love love LOVE the fact they have won Sanremo and conquered Italy at last. I am thrilled that they are riding this huge wave of acceptance and favor in their homeland. Now they are moving onto Eurovision as the next big prize. IL VOLO is flying higher and higher.
    I think to myself….America has to share them too. So I expect that they will be booked into bigger venues with bigger ticket prices. Maybe they will have to stop the Meet n’Greets. Actually the grandma heart in me worries about their safety.
    I’m sorry I just had to be selfish and post this today because in joy for them there is this realist inside me. I’ll just stop now.
    One more thought….I wonder if after Sanremo they each smiled themselves to sleep blissfully and blessedly joyful.. I hope so.

    1. I’m glad you mentioned this, it’s something that I’ve thought of as well. I was thinking how wonderful it was that they were becoming even more successful… and then I thought it might make them harder to reach come tour time.

      On a lighter note, are they coming to the USA? I looked at their schedule and there seems to be nothing booked in June so far. I hope they don’t skip this year.

  5. I have to agree with you Pirate that ticket prices are going to soar & possibly no meet & greets. I’ll go even if I can only go to one concert but the meet & greets are going to be missed for me & you & others as well. But I think I remember when Live Nation was setting up the veues for them I seem to remember that they said that they wanted the prices to stay at a decent prices for the fans. So I hope that wasn’t me just dreaming. When I went to Sony Theatre I paid about $250.00 or even less I know I was astonished at the price. I know I have paid more than that at Detroit & some other place I in Toronto.
    So I guess we will just have to wait & see.
    But I am ecstatic as to how happy they are right now & especially Ignazio because he must be feeling really proud to have been accepted & recognized by Marsala.

    1. I thought the ticket prices last year were very reasonable. In fact I was shocked at how much they were–I was expecting them to be more. So maybe they will keep the prices down. I sure hope so!

      1. I don’t remember what they were last year Penina I was referring to a couple of years ago when I went to see them at Sony Theatre & they could have been lower than $250.00 I forget. If they were that price it was probably including the meet & greet.

      2. Last year my seat in the second row was $150. I think the M & G was another $150 but I really don’t remember. I thought $150 for a premium seat was very reasonable–remember Barbra Streisand was in Toronto the previous September and the seats–even the lousy ones were $500! I sure hope the seats for our boys never hit that.

  6. I do agree with you Pirate that now they are going to have to move to bigger venues. they cannot continue to hold the number of smaller concerts as the whole world is waiting for them, and they need some rest in between. also, as to the meet and greets, those take a lot of energy believe it or not. having to stand there for 3 hours after a 21/2 hour concert where you give your all, and kiss and hug and chat and keep smiling is asking a bit much of human beings, so things should get altered. as to the prices. I don’t think they would want the prices raised,they want everybody to be able to afford to come to their concerts. Sony’s idea is another matter because they are the ones putting out the money. I know you all will be onto the latest article on All About Il Volo where Il Volo have been invited to the police station in Bologna. this article makes me swell with pride for them, to hear what the police have to say about them, it is just so heart warming. the police have recognised what good roll models they are to the youth, and Il Volo’s example of how they have dealt with their fame is spreading. this thing gets more wonderful by the moment

  7. I am in such good company. I am also of two minds with Our Boys fame. It’s nice to know I’m not alone in this. Sometimes I have to have a talk with myself and say things like, “Those were American movies in that video”. Please don’t forget us! … and then I am equally proud of their rise to fame in their homeland and how I have been so fortunate to have recognized them early enough to enjoy this amazing ride. When I see another Italian tour date posted it freezes my heart. When I see the pride in their smiles it warms it up again. I need to get over My Boys owning the world and not just this little piece of my heart.

    1. I know, I know! I just want to say “Please don’t forget your North American Grandma fans” In all honesty I am amazed that they have done as many M & G’s as they have. I am sure in part it is because they are young and healthy guys but still, if I were management I would advise against the M & G’s in regards to health and safety issues. At the very same time I have to admit it almost makes me weep to think I might not ever have that M & G opportunity again.
      Oh I am one sorry mixed up excuse for a rough and tough pirate!.

    2. I so agree! It took forever to get Italy to recognize their talent! We in North & South America, Canada have always loved them and given them our hearts. Please don’t forget us.

  8. I also have a few mixed feelings now that fame will be following the guys. Will they need body guards when they travel or do they already have them. Will they still be able to relax with their families? Will I ever be able to see them?
    Maybe now that they are with Sony, there will be DVD s to buy. I have managed to get the two PBS videos but would love more. I nearly wore the first one out.

  9. I can no longer get the complete videos of Il Volo in Sanremo on
    Rai tv. They have been cut to 1min. each. Help – any suggestions?

    1. Go to RaiTv in search box (Cerca) type Forte a Forte Forte il Volo hit Cerca you will find Piove, Ancora and Grande Amore and Tuca Tuca with Rafaella

  10. I just saw a posting that said that Balogna will be the new home for Igranzio and Piero.? Are they moving? Probably too hard to travel from Sicily when they will have so many events in Italy.

  11. They are now basking in the sun light of their own success in the country they love so dearly. I am so very happy for them as they certainly deserve every bit of it. I also feel they will never forget the USA, Canada or South America. We were there for them when Italy was not. Being the sensitive, intelligent young souls that they are…they above anyone else will remember us. Love always to three very special guys and this wonderful site. 🙂

  12. I feel much better after reading all the above comments. I was feeling rather blue at the thought that maybe our Guys were moving on and leaving us behind.. I have thought of them for so long as being “ours” or even “mine”, that it has been hard to think of sharing them. But, yes, I am filled with joy that they have finally been accepted in Italy and have had long lines for the signings, and at the same time feeling left out. Piero, Ignazio, and Gianluca you certainly have got a hold of my heart strings, and it looks like you’ll be in my heart forever!

  13. My feelings are the same . So glad they are now known and loved in Italy, but worried we are going to be forgotten. Two years ago, I was in Rome and no one knew who Il Volo was. Totally different now. Will we get the chances to see them as we used to do. Met them on the street of New York and got to talk to them. It was wonderful! Will we be able to afford tickets for good seats and what will happen to the meet and greet. Glad and sad at the same time.

  14. I will try this again, it got deleted somehow the first time. I’ve been doing a lot of reading lately, and I’ve found some interesting things.

    Piero and Ignazio are moving to Bologna, and are looking for a house. There are several reasons given in the article. Gianluca is not moving though. This will put them halfway between Rome and Milan. It is a good move musically, (sort of like country singers moving to Nashville) I guess. Also, Michele Torpedine lives there, as well as both of their vocal coaches. It is also easier for recording purposes, since they are still working, I guess, on the other new album.

    There will also be a movie, of some sort, produced this year. We heard rumors of such some time ago, but now seems to be accurate. It will have to do with their storybook rise to fame.

    I, too, have mixed feelings about Italy’s sudden, and long awaited, recognition of the genuine and spectacular talent of three young men, right in their own backyard. It irkes me that it took 6 years of hard work, and winning Sanremo, before they gave any real merit to their tremendous abilities. I certainly take nothing away from how much it took to persuade their acceptance, but lets be fair. From what I’ve read, as far as news articles go, it has been a 25 year wait for Italy to again win Sanremo. They are putting hopes on Il Volo now, to win Eurovision, which would then put them in line, hopfully, to host it next year. Besides putting them in view, it would be an economic boost to the country. Even so, is that kind of pressure fair to the guys. That’s a lot to shoulder. Enough said.

    I am so happy for the (our) guys dream of succeeding to win Italy”s favor. They have certainly earned it; just as they’ve earned the admiration of all of us here, a long time ago.

  15. My sentiments exactly KittyKam. I am very happy that Italy has finally opened their eyes but am feelng sad that they won’t get to the States & Canada as easily as before. And I feel sort of left behnd. Of course I want their careers to soar to the skies so I have to pick up my socks & let nature take its course keep on praying & tweeting which I never get a reply that Ignazio even gets the tweets. All said & done I know when I do see them again I am going to be very grateful.

    1. Hi Loretta, don’t think they will leave you behind, it appears that in a month time they are due to record a new album for the international market, likely to be released next autumn.
      Now just my guess but, I would expect them to do promotion & concerts for it, although no info on this so far. Take care, Cheers!

  16. Everything that everyone has so beautifully expressed,from the bottom of your hearts, is exactly how I’ve been feeling lately. One minute I’m feeling delighted and overjoyed at their overwhelming happiness and success in their beloved Italy and in the next minute I’m dissolved into a puddle of tears feeling like they’re slipping away from us. However, they got their start in our country,with the three PBS Specials, and I really do think they will come back to us on their World Tour. I can’t wait for their 2015 concert schedule to be posted !! I will pay any amount of $ and fly anywhere in the USA to see them and hopefully hug them again !!! We love you Gianluca,Ignazio and Piero !!! Please hurry back to us !!!

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