Welcome Home Ignazio, and Congratulations!

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After many months of wondering if Marsala would honor Ignazio, as the other cities have honored Piero and Gianluca, the day had finally come for Ignazio! Marsala bestowed upon him the honor of “Ambassador of Marsala in the World!” on February 16 at approximately 17 hundred hours, which is about 5:00pm Marsala time. The ceremony lasted about 45 minutes…and due to the small space where the ceremony took place, the city had staged a “maxischermo” outside of the municipal building, since not everyone could fit inside.

There are several videos floating around out there, but my favorite one has to be the one where he is on the stage in the city and all the townsfolk are there and he is singing Grande Amore and the crowd is singing with him. The crowd is quite good and they already know most of the words to Grande Amore in just a few short days. Then, Ignazio, is Ignazio, gently correcting the crowd on some of their misdirected words and pronunciations! When he is finished, the crowd cheers. I believe his mother was on stage with him, as at one point I think I heard him say “mama” during the refrain of Grande Amore.


Of course, everyone in the city is so proud of Ignazio, their Prince, and now Ambassador! Everyone at home, and around the world, is proud of him, as well as Piero and Gianluca. They are such beautiful souls with grounded thoughts and values. Such a rare thing in this world today!


At last Ignazio has received the accolades and honor of his hometown. But was it too much, too late? If it was, he certainly didn’t portray any of those feelings. He seemed very happy in all of the pictures and videos, and why not? They are flying so high right now, let’s hope they don’t come down for a long, long, time!


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  1. Marsala redeemed themselves by fussing over Ignazio as they always should have in the first place. I was delighted for him.

  2. Finalmente! This is wonderful for Ignazio, and I’m happy for him. This is what they always wanted, to be recognized at home in Italia, and they sure have that recognition now, in Milan they swamped the place they were signing the new CD. I just wish Ignazio would put back his Facebook page. The current ones are all phonies and it’s a shame.

    1. Congratulations Ignazio. Also congratulations on San Remo. I love the Grande Amore video. You, Piero and Gianluca keep up the good work. Hope to see you soon in Florida.

  3. “Always show kindness and love to others. You words might be filling the empty places in someone’s heart” That to me is Ignazio. I just loved him from the first time I saw him in 2009.

  4. I agree that Marsala has redeemed it’s self!!! I am so happy for our wonderful Ignazio!!! Loved the sing along, it was absolutely beautiful!! They are continuing the CD signings with their always charm & zest for life!!! Grande Amore!!!

  5. Finally all three have been honored in their home towns !!! They must be bursting with joy and appreciation !! All this well deserved recognition I’m sure is overwhelming but at the same time a dream come true for them. I am SO happy for our beautiful guys that my heart is bursting too !!


  6. You guys say it all so well. I think I will go out and get a bottle of marsala wine to celebrate. Yeh. Joanie g

  7. Jana thank you for honouring Ignazio with this article. Yes it is about time & he spoke about the criticism that he got but he is a stellar young man & easily forgives ignorance. I love these 3 young men but he has always been special to me & I carry him around in my heart.

    1. Loretta – you are welcome! Yes, Ignazio is a real special guy!! I so hope to meet him someday….

  8. Is this true that he doesn’t have a facebook page, do the other guys have a ligitamet facebook page? I thought Ignazi’s mother had a facebook page for him.

  9. Finally. Now they all have been honored. It’s about time!

    Not to be terribly sappy, but I am eternally grateful for this site. Here they are actually respectful towards Il Volo. 🙁 I’ve read some stuff on Twitter that is so invasive towards the members. Fortunately they are not all like that, but I’d like to avoid it if I can.

    Besides that, I like how you can actually post longer comments. On Twitter you’d probably only be able to say something along the lines of “Wow, Il Volo great. Very admire.” with the limited text option, lol!

    Thanks again for the great articles! I find them much nicer than the usual news stuff for Il Volo. 🙂

    1. Thank you! Yes, it’s so much nicer when you keep a positive outlook on things, even words/articles, etc. I know often, for me, just reading or hearing something negative about something I adore, puts me in a really bad mood for the day. But you can always come here and it will hopefully put a little sunshine back into your day!

  10. Marsala has feted their prince, well done! I have to admit I was a little concerned about the guys these past few days with all the excitement of San Remo and then the signings. To me they looked weary and a little dazed taking picture after picture, hug after hug and kiss after kiss. Then today Ignazio posted an instagram pic of himself looking all bright eyed and bushy tailed. *sigh*

  11. Nice post, Jana! So very happy for Ignazio to get the recognition he deserves. Great to see the long lines of people waiting for the CD signing events. What kind of “pass” gets you BEHIND the desk where they are signing…to get your hug and kiss?? Must be an “elite pass” that gets you into that heavenly spot! 🙂

    1. Thank you! Yes, I’m sure we all wish we had that magic pass! Even standing in the cold and rain, which seems to be plaguing much of Italy right now?

  12. Great post, Jana! You hit the nail on the head!! Sooo happy that all three have been recognized in their home town! They have worked so hard and deserve all the accolades and awards they have and will receive!
    The flight has been amazing and we are all soaring high!!!
    I, too, love all three, but Ignazio is the one my husband and I are the most partial to!
    BRAVO for posting this, Jana!!

  13. Thank you Jana! Love that Ignazio finally got his day. He’s such a sweet young man (they all are), but this seems especially poignant since he described hurt at not receiving the recognition when the others had.

    1. You are welcome, Kelly. Yes, this is what they have wished for, for a long time now…I just hope they don’t regret it. I believe I read somewhere, not too long ago, that they could walk down the street and no one would recognize them. Now they need bodyguards!

    2. With millions of fans screaming his name, waiting for hours for a few seconds of his presence, Ignazio has to be riding high. And yet, he takes the time today to post on his twitter account about his love for his sister. *sniff*

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