Here is a photograph of the crowd in Milan that Piero posted on his twitter. If you look closely you can see that several people have spotted Gianluca “webbing” in to the Piazza Duomo. He’s cleverly just out of the picture.  Up until now, this information has been kept secret. But we knew all along that they were Super Hero’s.

Now, which one of you is really Superman?


13 thoughts on “NEWS FLASH!! GIANLUCA Really Is SPIDERMAN!!”

  1. I think I know which one is Superman, at least in my heart. Of course
    we won’t reveal his secret. We don’t want to blow his cover. I love
    them all and for different reasons, each one of Il Volo is special to me.
    I am so proud for them winning at San Remo and now on to Vienna.
    Marie, you make this site such fun.

  2. Well there are a lot of muscles on Piero, so I’d suspect him, then ignazio never stops still and moves with speed, could he really be Flash!

  3. I love Pasta Milanese on St Joseph’s Day (March 19th) in New Orleans. The Red Hatters in NOLA helped make 12,000 cookies for a St. Joseph’s Day altar. Can any of our fans identify with that?

  4. I ordered Sanremo from an Italian store. First time I have dealt with him he didn’t get the quantity he wanted he only got 8. The store is in Toronto & he said he would mail it to me.Save me from going the whole way into Toronto $40.oo & tax & mailing. Total $49.00 now I know there is a markup but 50%? & I also have to balance out the gas I pay but looking what it costs on Amazon even from the States I can only see GREED. ALSO BUT I want the CD. BUT when I saw he was an Italian store & could get Il volo CD’s or anything else Il Volo I thought this would be great he would have easy access to Il volo CD’s & DVD’s. I even told him I am handicapped (folks I don’t usually pull that stunt) but no relenting even a bit. So I feel I have been put upon BUT for Il Volo I won’t say anything more. Be careful who you deal with, & I also know that he could have been any nationality. I love Italians most of them anyway.

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