~ Article From Bologna Newspaper ~ by Daniela

In the newspaper of Bologna, IL RESTO DEL CARLINO, this article was published.

In the first picture you see our boys and Torpedine, together with another guy named Dave Monaco.

Dave Monaco will participate in the selections on December 15 to be admitted to Sanremo. These days in several posts the boys have supported Dave’s candidacy, asking everyone to give preference by voting for this guy.


I will translate the most important points for you.


The boys speak…

“It’s the big news of our professional life.

Together with our manager Michele Torpedine, we have created a record company, which will develop and give an opportunity to the future stars of the Italian song.

The authentic one, the one that looks at tradition, our roots, melody and beautiful singing, but covering it with a contemporary feeling, which allows us to reach such a vast audience.”

“………………we are particularly proud of having decreased the age of opera lovers, which in Italy had always been considered the patrimony of a very adult aged and elitist public, that habitually frequent the traditional theaters. We managed to achieve this by mixing the classical repertoire with our songs, showing that the most beautiful romances are truly timeless and can excite, seduce and make people dream, like a pop song.”


“We are now engaged in the production of a very young tenor who will participate in the selection of” Sarà Sanremo,” with the song L’ETERNITA ‘ PER CHI SA VOLARE, on December 15th on RAI 1.”

To the question …. and your new record ??   The boys answer like this…


“We will publish it in 2018 and will amaze fans, we are convinced, because it will be very different from the previous ones”.



What do you say about all this?  Beautiful gesture from the boys really!

Last curiosity, Dave Monaco was born in Brescia !!


Credit to all owners of photos.

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  1. Thanks Daniela for another informative article. Appreciate you taking time to keep us informed. When I see an article in Italian I immediately think “just wait and Daniela will translate”.

    1. Gina made me laugh.
      I think the same thing when I see an interesting thing, “here is another article to be translated for the crew”

      1. May I suggest a slightly different take on the phrase “decreased the age of opera lovers” It is a tiny thing but I don’t think that the age decreases (those people stay the same age at any given time) however the variety of people coming to see and hear opera with Il Volo represents a greater age span. as the Christmas song says from ” 2 to 92″. I agree that is a remarkable thing. It is also one of the reasons that , as a music teacher and conductor, I find Il Volo so enchanting. When I go to their concerts I see all ages. Not true with other groups made up of guys this age. Remember that we think of them as getting older because we were with them when they were only 16 -18 which is INCREDIBLY YOUNG but now at 22-24 , they are still very young for this business . They do it because they charm the 16 – 18 year olds and they charm the 60 to 90yrs old and older and everything in between.

      2. In fact Myron, maybe the age could decrease !!
        In the newspaper article, the guys are very proud of this thing, because it was established that since IL VOLO began to sing MAGIC NIGHT there was a return of younger guys to see operas and this return was certainly driven by listening to IL VOLO.
        Another thing we are all certain of is that the concerts of IL VOLO are frequented by people with ages ranging from 2 to 92 !! Many singers now in interviews say that their concerts like people from children to grandparents, but often they are just words, with IL VOLO it is reality.

  2. Thank you Daniela, for this article. I think what they are doing is really great. I personally loved the song from Dave Monaco at Sanremo Giovani and I was amazed to see that none of the judges voted for him. There were other very good singers but for me, his was the only one that reflected that Italian tradition, so he should have been given a chance among other styles. I guess the tendency is another one these days.

    1. I think exactly the same thing, Dave’s song was beautiful and I was amazed that the judges did not vote but you must know that after 4 days the partial votes came out and Dave was second to the televoting from home so he thanked everyone because the important thing is to reach people’s hearts, not the interests of 4 judges.

      1. ohhhhhhh, Daniela………………. was thinking of you… and thinking you thinking that…. will be in touch SOON!

  3. Grazie Daniela !! Great article !! I agree with the boys that Dave Monaco is very talented. I watched Sara Sanremo and I was very disappointed that he was not selected !! He was crushed !! I felt so sad for him !!

  4. Would someone please translate Piero’s Buon Natale message to English posted on youtube? Thanks very much.

    1. Helene, as long as you activate the subtitles, click on subtitles and immediately on the margherita symbol in part, and choose the language for the translation

      1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=se-DmbtbR7k

        Hello everyone, now I’m at Piero Barone Houseteca, here at the Castle of Naro, I show you some pictures, despite my nose red, however I’m doing this video to wish you Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, but above all to tell you a big thank you, thank you all for your affection, every time I come back here there are always so many news, many gifts, letters that you send every day, and for me this means a lot, because it’s nice to feel loved but above all feel thought.
        My goal when I come back here at the Houseteca is to give something of my own, for example there is the kimono that gave me to Tokyo in Japan, there’s my personalized Milan shirt, but especially in this Houseteca there are many personal things of mine, and it is difficult to give personal things if you really care, but I do it with heart to make you feel at my home.
        I have to thank all the collaborators of this Houseteca, because without them all this would not be possible.
        Even here you can hear the Christmas air, here is the Christmas crib, beautiful, homage I do not know by whom, by the Zaccaro brothers, and here is my best friend Piero, we look a bit like me, he is more skinny of me, but it’s the same.
        Here are all the pictures, all my experiences, and here what do we have? Other photographs sent by all the fans and this book with all the signatures of all the visits here at the Houseteca, are many, very many and this makes me so much pleasure.
        Happy New Year and thanks again and I hope to see beyond these three thousand signatures, another one hundred thousand

    1. Joan, at the beginning the journalist elaborates on the discourse that Volo has the merit of recognizing that young artists must be helped.
      The central speech and what I summarized.
      In the end the journalist jokes with the boys saying that maybe Dave could become more famous than them and Piero jokes saying that in a future Dave could be the fourth IL VOLO.

      1. I find a problem with that Idea and I hope that it is just a joke.
        What is the age of this Dave Monaco ?
        Il Volo has worked for years now to develop a whole repertoire for the three of them. Based upon their individual and unique sounds. This whole sound is a solid identity that fills concert halls with thousands and thousands. Let the outsider go on his own – even with Il Volo support. But not becoming part.

        I also worry about the time when one of these guys decides to get married and drops out OR wants a single, private career as a soloist and drops out. This sort of thing has happened before with other groups. It always hurts the group involved.

        Hate to be negative but that is the way I see it.

        Also, There are so many areas that the current Il Volo – OUR IL VOLO can explore and may yet do so. By working with Emilio this year we are probably headed into the realm Latin American music and maybe a little taste of Cuban and Miami jazz. That is great. It builds the repertoire variety of our guys. There is still more growth for these young men in the years ahead.

        I still want to see them do more American television. I would like to see more PBS specials or better yet, a commercial network – CBS, ABC, NBC etc. prime time special.

        Let us have the next Radio City Music Hall concert broadcast on TV ! !

      2. Myron, the boys were just joking, the journalist asks them “and if then the student becomes better than the teachers” they answer that they will be proud because it means that in him they had seen right and they will rejoice with him.
        They are really very generous guys.
        Dave Monaco is 21 years old and comes from the lyric, he is very happy to be supported by our guys.
        I agree with you that the collaboration of the guys with Estefan will give further growth to the group.
        All of us are worried about the group in case of marriage or pursuit of a solo career, but the guys always try to reassure us about these eventualities.
        Il Volo is one and is composed of Piero, Gianluca and Ignazio.

  5. I understand how you feel Myron. That fear lies inside of me as well. Mr. Torpedine has done an amazing job with them so far and I guess we need to trust him. Daniela thank you for the translation!!!

    1. Torpedine has done a great job, and must continue, our boys are still very young even though they are much older than their age.
      It was a pleasure to translate for you!

  6. Daniela, thank you for the news and Brescia must be a very special town that we hope to visit. Everyone is giddy to hear the new music from the boys. I hope they let some of their special friends review the songs. Il Volo fans are very eager to say the least and hope the songs live up to the power they hold in their voices. We wait patiently. Hugs, Victoria and Jay

    1. Hi Victoria, it’s always a pleasure to read about you and Jay.
      We are all waiting for the new CD but we will not have to wait long, it seems that there will be a new video and it will be ready already in January.

  7. I found it, Daniela! That was a lot for you to translate; bless your heart. Isn’t that something how so many have had that thought cross our minds about Il Volo ever losing a member of the trio. Yes, indeed, perish the thought. I agree with Myron, also. As he is a professional musician, he knows of what he speaks. Just realized a few minutes ago that I spent the midnight transition of 2017 to 2018 reading “IL Volo Flight Crew – Come In And Share The Love.” (Catching up). That’s actually a nice way to enter the new year. Will regard it as ‘for old times’ sake.’ (Happier time for me).

    1. Laura, I’m glad you found the translation and you liked it, reading on this site during the transition between 2017 and 2018 is really a nice start.

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