A Little After Christmas Reflection…

Twas a few days after Christmas and all through the house, things still littered the floor and clattered about. Gifts that were so carefully wrapped under the tree; their wrappings and ribbons hang from the trash aimlessly. We look around and see all of our presents; some we still have, and some yet to be sent. We’ve met with family and friends, on the Eve and the Day, with great hopes for the new year, that will come our way. Santa’s back at the north pole, all snug in his bed; while all the credit card bills, dance in our head. Another year has almost past; let’s hope yours, was a blast!

Our guys did not fail us this year, for they were better than we could have hoped for. We traveled the world over, even to their door. Whether Detroit, Chicago, Atlanta, or some other country, we were greeted with kindness, smiles, and hugs; and meet/greets from OMG!

The guys seem all happy at home for now… Gianluca sending us pictures of him playing games with the family and friends, Piero at home with his Christmas tree and pics of his family and friends. It appears Ignazio has sent us picture of him and Franz, having fun with a hula hoop, gone shopping for some new threads and a haircut. I hope this new tailor fits him right!

What lies ahead for the guys? We know their new album will be coming out likely in a few months. Of course, we are all hoping they will do a concert somewhere near us? Their movie, Un Amore Cosi Grande should be coming out in February some time I think? If Igna’s getting new clothes, maybe they are planning something? Knowing our guys, they will quickly be bored and looking for something else to do. I’m sure Barbara keeps them on their toes.

Here are some pictures of the last few days, just in case you missed them!

1-igna dog

1-igna clothes

1-piero tree

1-piero games


1-piero fam

1-gian fam friends

1- gian energy

1-gian piction

1-piero friends



1-gian santa

1-Igna hula

Thank you to Lisa Joy – where I snagged these pics!  🙂 

Be safe in all the cold and snow if it is where you live!  Enjoy the rest of this week if you are off and be joyous you have a job, if you have to work!  🙂 


22 thoughts on “A Little After Christmas Reflection…”

  1. It makes me happy to see them relaxed and rewinding with their loved ones. Thanks Jana for the great pictures and bringing us up to date on their holiday activities. I wish for the guys and everyone on the Flight Crew a very happy and peaceful new year. I too hope that buying nice new clothes means they are planning some concerts. They are being very quiet about their 2018 plans, but I hope their plans include serenading their fans world wide.

  2. Yes Jana, the guys seem to just relax in their houses, the pictures are beautiful and the first one touches the heart, Ignazio is so sweet with his puppy.
    The premiere of the film UN AMORE COSI’ GRANDE was supposed to be January 28 in Verona but it was moved to spring, but rumors are circulating that we will soon see a new video of IL VOLO. We are all waiting anxiously !!

    1. Yes, just love the one with Franz! Franz doesn’t look to happy about being picked up there though? Not sure who is cuter, Igna or the dog? 🙂 Thanks for the update on the movie and a video? That can only mean a new song! Yes, the guys always keep us fans guessing!

  3. I am so happy the Boys had relax time & a nice Buon Natale. Thanks Jana for the photos! I guess we just wait now until they tell us their plans for 2018! Happy New Year to all!

    1. Hello Anne! Hope you have gotten and are enjoying your new jewelry! 🙂 Yes, it’s nice to see them relaxing, they certainly deserve it.

    1. Hello Joan! Yes, it can be cheap therapy…. 🙂 Let’s all remember this if their concert tickets go higher!

  4. Thanks Jana for the great pics. So wonderful to see them in their “natural habitat,” enjoying the holidays surrounded by friends and family. So excited to see what 2018 will bring to our wonderful guys and their devoted followers…US! 🙂

    1. Hello Jane! Of course today they posted the cute one of Piero in his Christmas socks and a still of Igna’s haircut – oh well! 🙂 Went to a psychic recently and she said they were going to get really big….hope they remember us little fans still… we can always say, we knew them when…

  5. It is a few hours ago the news that tomorrow IL VOLO will be in S. Moritz and will perform live at the Sharon Stone Gala.

    1. That sounds exciting Daniela – weren’t they there last year on New Year’s Eve? Sharon Stone – wow! She’s got to be getting pretty old – lol!

  6. Thanks, Jana. It was wonderful to hear what our beloved Piero, Gianluca and Ignazio were up to. And yes, I, too, am waiting with anticipation to see what 2018 will bring for our boys. Maybe, just maybe a tour to promote their new album?! We can only hope. – Allene

  7. Thank you Jana for the pictures and updates. It is lovely to see the guys in a relaxed mode with family and friends after all of the concerts and travel of 2017.
    It was about 0 degrees F in Minneapolis today, but traffic was heavy and everyone was on the move doing what needed to be done. The temperatures will drop after sunset, but people will go out to do their usual things. We are gearing up for the Winter Carnival and Ice Palace in St. Paul and the Super Bowl for American Football in Minneapolis. Fun still goes on in the cold, so come to visit Minnesota in the winter!

    1. Wow, didn’t realize you were in MN also! Can’t say I hate the cold, snow, and ice, but we are not quite used to these frigid, nearly 0 and below temps here in MI. The weather has been pretty mild the last few years. Only 2 more months to go before it starts to warm up again. Did not realize the superbowl was in MN this year? I don’t know, think I’ll stick to warmer climates, like Florida! 🙂

    1. Thanks on the prose, not perfectly rhymed, but I take poetic license – lol! The psychic said they will be here and possibly a concert, but just not sure in what capacity…. we can keep our fingers crossed! 🙂

  8. Season’s Greetings, Jana and all. Thank you so much for choosing that glorious picture of Ignazio’s love for his dog. Franz. I hope you all got to rock around your Christmas trees — thanks to our Il Volo, natch! It’s pretty cool knowing that IL Volo’s Christmas gift to the world was being simultaneously enjoyed all over it on that day. I always think of their “Buon Natale” DVD as a visually beautiful and uplifting one, what with their heavenly voices singing the Christmastime songs and their stage designed and decorated in such a way as to have a sparkling luminosity about it. Just love all the Christmas colors and light around them (and that snow falling on the three angels!). Wishing everyone, everywhere, a brighter and peaceful new year. 🎄✨🎀

    1. Yes, could certainly not let that picture of Igna and Franz go without mention! Yes, I love that DVD as well, but I truly love Christmas music. Having a ball with the new Amazon Echo Dot! I just say, Alexa, play Christmas Music, or Il Volo, or another artist’s Christmas music, and off she goes! 🙂 She listens really well and is great for someone that likes to be in charge and give orders! LOL!

      1. Hi Jana! Thanks for taking your time to reply. Your last sentence made me laugh. 😅 I hope you don’t mind if I caution to be careful what you say around “Alexa.” Hate to be a killjoy, dear Jana, but personally, those listening (and spying) devices give me the creeps; I don’t trust ’em. Please enjoy your seasonal snow time up there ‘for me’. Had to turn the A/C on a few times this Fall and now this Winter down here. What a contrast! 😟 I’d rather deal with slush than be turned into mush. 😅

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