~The Three Boys With Suitcase ~ by Valeria Bosch

A Christmas fairy tale dedicated to Il Volo.



Once upon a time there were three children.  One was called Gianluca, another Ignazio, the third Piero. They had come as a gift to three provincial families of our beautiful Italy, who lived several kilometers away from each other. What had been the amazement of mothers in finding that, in the closed fist with which they had presented themselves to life, each of the children hid a briefcase with a flying wing on it and a musical note!

Those suitcases were entrusted to them, at the time of departure for the Earth, by the Archangel Michael, from Bologna, who had personally chosen also the families to send them, of which he had certainly not taken into account the wealth and social position, but only honesty, rectitude and fullness of the love that inspired them. The three mothers, in their typically maternal foresight, did not throw away those suitcases because, they thought, they could serve in the future. And it did not take many years for those same suitcases, duly dusted and polished, to serve the three little ones for a trip to Rome, where the blonde fairy, Antonella, was waiting for them, who immediately loved them and understood that those guys had a lot to give to the whole world.



In Rome, the three boys saw each other for the first time.  They recognized themselves at the start from the sky.  They had not just been given the suitcase, but everything necessary to put in it to bring to the world the amazement of three celestial voices.  Voices different from each other, but which together, as if by magic, became a force of nature, an angelic concert, a magnet for all people.

It was in this way that the archangel Michael, seeing his pupils departing for “an extraordinary adventure,” decided to come down to their side on earth, stripping of wings and halo, and keeping only, as a sign of recognition, the flowing white hair, down to the nape. Then the three original suitcases widened and multiplied and the angel’s voices resounded in the most distant lands.  In Latin America, Canada, the United States, and in Europe, until their return home, where right away the people received them not as something other than itself, but as something that was already in their heart, in their blood, in their humus (roots).


But, in the middle of the cheering crowd, there was a witch lurking in the name of Mass and surname Media, a slightly waving witch, sometimes good-natured, but more often bad and unjust. However, the boys went undeterred on their way, strewn with satisfactions and triumphs, always accompanied by “Fra Ercole” their trusted advisor, and “sister Barbara” their putative mother, indispensable support in every difficult and unexpected situation of their wonderful adventure. Meanwhile, the boys, who when they were presented in Rome by the blonde fairy were rather awkward and clumsy, like all the kids of that age, they decided to grow not only in the voice, but also in the physical and in the look, and received  help from a whole court of elves and from the magicians Armani and Lardini. They turned them into marvelous princes of a beauty to leave breathless!


Finally, as in all the fables that are respected, here also appears a patron saint, San Placido from Madrid, who loves them, esteems them and elevates them, regardless of criticism and risks, in the highest place, in the empyrean of the lyric, because he understood.  As he was inspired also from the sky by his fraternal friend San Luciano da Modena, that these guys, in addition to unique and inimitable voices, received the greatest treasure: the voice of the heart.  That voice that goes straight to the heart of the people who listen to them and can reach all the corners of the earth.


And now we are  at Christmas.  Gian, Ignazio and Piero have temporarily put away their “suitcases,” ready to take them out soon, because their adventure must continue and continue for a thousand years more.  More and more bright, more and more unique, more and more extraordinary, because they are IL VOLO.  IL VOLO because they are always traveling to be close to the people who love them.  IL VOLO because they make their voices fly higher than those of the angels, to give people even just a moment of serenity and of joy.  IL VOLO because they make the heart of those who listen to them fly towards the infinite.


Merry Christmas, guys with the suitcase, thank you for what you  give us, thank you for being in our hearts, thanks for reassuring our minds. 

Thank you. 



 Written by Valeria Borsh


 Translated by Daniela


Credit to owners of all photos.

37 thoughts on “~The Three Boys With Suitcase ~ by Valeria Bosch”

  1. Thank you, Valeria. What a talented writer you are!!! Who would think to make a fairytale of the Boys lives!! I love it!!! Buon Natale to you & Daniela & families !

  2. Valeria, this is just wonderful! You have a gift for writing. I didn’t want the fairy tale to end! Thank you so much for sharing this with us.
    Merry Christmas to all!!!

  3. Thank you Valeria. I hope you keep on writing as you have a real talent. I will read your story over again. It tells of just what is in our hearts.

  4. They certainly are angels who bring love and joy to the world every day. I loved this inspired Christmas fairy tale. Thanks for sharing !

  5. Priceless, Valeria…pure genious….equal to Hans Christian Anderson. A fairy tale story, but in truth a real life adventure. Thank you for putting it into your beautiful words.

  6. In truth, I think our boys have been living a fairy tale since the very beginning. I hope and pray the fairy tale continues for many years to come. Thank you, Valeria for your heartwarming tale. And Buon Natale to Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca! I will never get tired of listening to your Buon Natale CD even if I play it a million times! A very Merry Christmas to you and your families – love from Minnesota – Allene

  7. Valeria, what a wonderful story.
    I truly believe that God put these three angels on earth,to bring joy to so many people in this time of conflict in the world. It would be a very sad world without them.
    Thank you Daniela for the translation

  8. Thank you Valeria for this wonderful story, not at all a fairy tale but so true… Our boys were sent from heaven and the angels on earth have taken good care of them so that they can be all they are today… Thank you Daniela for your translation and for making sure I would see it… Merry Christmas to all..

  9. Thank you so much for such a beautiful story but so truthful. And you found just the perfect words to describe the emotions of this extraordinary experience. Thank you both for such an amazing Christmas gift! Tantissimi auguri. Merry Christmas to all.💖💖💖

    1. Dear Marie, I read your portrayal: we are so close! I too have dealt with education, I am a retired teacher and now I spend a lot of time at Il Volo, my passion. And I also will be a vegetarian when the bacon grows on the trees !!!!!!!!!! Congratulations on your poem so funny and moving at the same time! Happy new year!

  10. When I read the story that Valeria wrote so truthful and joyful, I enjoyed it a lot, and then I thought about translating it for the whole crew, and I’m very happy that you enjoyed it.
    I hope you all had a nice Christmas.
    In Italy the day after Christmas is a party, so we continue in the festivities.

  11. Thank you so much Valeria !!I I just read your beautiful story and it made me smile, laugh and even shed a tear !! Our three precious Angels were definitely sent to us from the heavens above to bring us all together near and far with their magnificent voices and loving hearts. They have enhanced millions of lives world wide and they will continue to do so flying higher and higher, year after year, as they continue their extraordinary journey !!

  12. Valiera I love your fairy tale story about our beloved Il Volo…..
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Hugs to you.

  13. Written with humor,love, and appreciation for these extremely talented and charming young men. Also praise to their families and all those who support them. Happy New Year to I’ll Volo flight crew👳🏻‍♀️🎼🎉

  14. Valeria, thank you for the wonderful Christmas gift. The fairytale will never end for our young men of Il Volo. They have so much more ahead of them and we will be with them on this journey as long as we are able.

  15. Always such a pleasure to read. I’ve read it many times. So touching to the heart. Again, Valeria, thank you .

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