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We have a new feature for you, and we are super excited!  We think you you’re going to love it! 

You remember Danielle–the young lady with the beautifully long hair that Ignazio scolded Gianluca for touching during her Meet and Greet?  She’s going to tell us about life as a college IlVolover.  Enjoy!

~~ Kelly

danielle's diaries

Ciao everyone!! Welcome to Danielle’s Diaries: A glimpse into the life of a college IlVolover. Since this is my first post, I suppose I should tell you a little about myself.

I’m a 20 yr old Mexican/Italian college sophomore from Michigan. I’m studying Biology at Hillsdale College and want to go to Vet School.

My Abuelita introduced me to Il Volo when they did their appearance on American Idol and I immediately fell in love with them. I followed them the best I could for years, as I did not have Facebook, Twitter, anything, lol. But I was never able to attend a concert or meet them until last summer, which was amazing and I can tell you about later if you would like.  Last year, my first year at college, I finally made a Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and fell in love with the guys all over again as I saw the many things they posted. I’m so glad I finally jumped on the social media wagon because all three now follow me on Twitter and I am friends with much of their family on Facebook.

Anyways, last year my roommate also fell in love with them and our room became dubbed the “Il Volo Room”. All our friends quickly were introduced to them and soon fell in love too. We now have a campus full of college girls that adore Il Volo and my friends and I have parties to watch the PBS DVD’s. I have many entertaining stories about this I will slowly share with you all.

As my first story I want to share, let’s start with Sanremo and the week leading up to it. As you can imagine, my friends and I were all very excited to watch the guys perform and were planning parties the different nights of the festival. Well of course that had to be the week all hell broke loose. We each had 2-3 midterms, several papers due; I had a giant Organic Chem lab due, and several people got sick. So it became a frantic race to get our work finished so we could watch the guys perform.

I will never forget that first night of the festival.  We all ended up gathered in my room and had my laptop up muted as we frantically studied while waiting for the guys to appear.  My friend, Gaby, was the one looking at the computer when they walked out, and she screamed and turned the volume all the way up as we all ran to gather around the computer.  We just sat in stunned silence as the beauty of Grande Amore washed over us. By the end of the song we were all crying right along with Gianluca and screaming and cheering so loud they could probably hear us in Italy.

The second and third nights none of us were able to watch, and on the Saturday they won several of us, including me, were actually gone from campus and had to wait for phone calls from friends to find out they won. We were on cloud 9 all week, and the release of their video did not help matters! Let’s just say we will have to borrow notes from people from that Thursday because everything went in one ear and right out the other! And with the release of the album on Spotify this morning you can just imagine how crazy we have been! It will definitely be another Il Volo filled weekend for us!

I hope you guys enjoyed my first little story in the life of a college IlVolover! I look forward to sharing the many fun and crazy antics of my friends and I with you guys! I’m off to dance class now, so until next time, Ciao ragazzi!! Ti voglio bene!

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  1. Hi Danielle, this is Prese Pasco. We talk on twitter. Welcome to our wonderful site. Glad school is good. Congrats on converting your friends to love our guys. I have listened to the new album and I have to say that every song is incredible. I think for me, L’immensita will be mine for awhile. It is haunting. Your boy Ignazio has outdone himself on many of the new songs. His voice so strong and beautiful. You and your friends enjoy college and of course, IL VOLO. Thanks for your post sweetheart.

  2. Welcome to our Il Volo world. I look forward to reading your postings. Good luck in school.

  3. Thank you , Danielle for your story. So happy you are enjoying the Il Volo life one. And happier still that you are turning so many young people into il Volo lovers too. You are doing a great service of which you should be very proud. Looking forward to your next post.

  4. still waiting for my CD. I will take special notice of L’immensita. Welcome to our family Danielle. Joanie G

  5. Wonderful post Daielle can’t wait for more news about Gialuca being scolded by Ignazio for touching your hair. that must have been a hoot. Good luck studying.

  6. Welcome Danielle!! Hello dorm-mates! So happy to see you back again. What fun you all have with The Guys! Thanks for sharing your stories with us.

    Study hard! Have fun! Love il Volo!

  7. Thank you so much for your Il Volo story, Danielle. I too am eager to hear about Ignazio scolding Gianluca and lucky, lucky you that the boys follow you on Twitter.

  8. Thank you sooo much, Danielle! Your post was fantastic! Anxiously awaiting your next one!! Welcome, Ilvololover!!

  9. Danielle, this is absolutely beautiful. you are a wonderful writer and I got right into your story with all the emotion you all were experiencing. please give us the rest, I am looking forward to that!!! I keep wondering if you are the Danielle from two years back,remember? and just recently with Ignazio again at the Rome signing, are you?

    1. No, unfortunately I’m not. I’ve never been to Italy though I have family in the town of Chieti which is right next to Montepagano, but I hope to go after I graduate! And thank you for the complements! I’m so glad you liked my post!

  10. Fantastico, Danielle! Looking forward to more entertaining accounts from the life of a college Il Volover. 🙂

  11. Hi Danielle, what a wonderful post! So fun to hear how the younger generation in the US are loving the guys! KUDOS to you and your fellow IL VOLO LOVERS! Looking forward to reading more.

  12. Wonderful to read your story Danielle. I look forward to your next posting. I am so glad that our beloved Piero, Ignazio , and Gianluca are getting to be known by college-age kids. Their music is so special, and their voices are magnificent!

  13. Welcome Danielle! I loved reading your post and I could visualize so well the image of all your friends and you watching and studying then screaming and crying! Crazy fun! Its like you live in your own IL Volo fan club!

  14. Hi Danielle! Thanks so much for your article and I’m really looking forward to reading more from you. I’ll be a college IlVolover myself come fall so it’s nice to get a hint of what it’s like for someone else. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

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