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Il Volo – February 2015

Sanremo Grande Amore – An album of winners !!!

I mean that literally and figuratively. These songs are great songs and thus “winners” in that sense. In addition, most of these songs have won the Sanremo Music Festival in some previous year. The songs are winners and now, so are our guys !!!
This album includes:

Grande Amore by Francesco Boccia and Ciro Esposito
Ancora by Eduardo de Crescenzo
Vacanze Romane by Matia Bazar
Canzone per te by Sergio Endrigo
Piove by Domenico Modugno
Romantica by Renato Rascel
L’immensitá by Don Backy

Grande Amore, of course, is the prize winner of Sanremo 2015 that each of us Il Volo fans can practically sing from memory. A rather challenging song with a melody that is not, at first, easy to take in. But in the long run, that makes it very memorable. If I were going to choose a competition piece I could not have thought of a better one. All of the technical aspects which are on my usual list: tone quality, intonation (singing in tune), projection, breath control, vowel shaping and tone colour, etc. are here in spades. Beautiful performance.

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Ancora is a more easily accessible song with a refrain melody that teaches itself it is so beautiful. Ignazio had a field day with the final refrain and add in a wonderful sax solo – really a duet – very dynamic. Even a vocal purist has to admit that adding in a little “raspy tone” to that sound at times gives an earthy feel to the sound that expands the color. It is hard on the voice so you don’t want to do it too often. This song was originally sung by the composer and won the 1981 Sanremo Music Festival.

Vacanze Romane In so many ways is a poem to the city of Rome and the pain that love can bring when you sense that the relationship is on troubled footing. The melody is lyric and somewhat bitter at the same time.

Canzone per te a beautiful song for the guys and a definite indication of maturity. This song was originally performed by the composer when it won the 1968 Sanremo Festival !

Piove was the 1959 winner of the Sanremo Music Festival where it was sung by the composer. Sometimes the song is known as “Ciao, Ciao Bambina” In spite of its interesting marcato rhythms indicating something else, it is really a dramatic ballad of a man whose love is about to leave him. He asks her to not look back when she does because he still loves her.

Romantica was performed by the composer and won the 1960 Sanremo Music Festival. The song has been recorded by a number of famous European singers as well as a few American singers. The text deals with the inspiration that the man feels from his girl, his muse, is “romantic spirit”

L’immensitá this song took 9th place at the 1967 Sanremo Music Festival where it was performed by Johnny Dorelli,

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Quality of singing on the recording:

Overall, this is an exciting album for Il Volo fans because it gives us a sense of a new maturity of sound and feeling from our guys. As mentioned under the song Grande Amore, the technical aspects of the their singing is, as usual, of the highest quality.

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As with any album there are a few issues but they are so minor. If I were to be really picky I would ask why Gianluca uses a darker, covered sound in a couple of the songs. As he starts out on those songs it is rather hard to know it is him singing. I was also concerned because in two other songs it sounds to me as though he is singing with a cold – that is with head congestion. It does not hurt his performance like a bad throat would. In fact, he sounds wonderful but with the extra resonance that head congestion creates. Having listened to him almost everyday for the past four years you get to know his sound and I have heard him with a cold in the past. His range and his tonal richness is getting deeper and deeper as he ages ( I still refuse to believe that he is 20 ! My age-ridden vanity tells me he is only 17 yrs but my ears say he is 28yrs,) This summer and fall we saw this young man get so deep into a song that he had tears in his eyes. Look at the incredible song “Caruso” and watch how all three always take this song very seriously – especially Gianluca to the point of tears. Also, I think of the first performance of Grande Amore at the San Remo Festival. He could not contain himself- passion of the song plus overwhelming audience response plus his birthday = too much and then tears. I love it.  We all need that kind of passion.


Piero - Sanremo
Piero – Sanremo

For Piero there are a couple of places where the breath control gets a little on the thin side but he more than makes up for that minor item with a new and broader tone placement that hints to me that he has been doing more and more work with his opera voice teacher. What a sound. I wonder how many of you hear that broader sound ? After all he is going to be 22yrs old soon. He is letting a little more that Ginoble perfectionism rub off on him. I don’t want to have him leave Il Volo but I do hope he gets time to do opera as he wants.

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Ignazio still makes those high notes soar into the heavens with great beauty. However, there are a few places on this album where he pushes a bigger sound almost to the point of over-singing. I listened to these songs 3 or 4 times. He is careful and does not get there, of course, because in the recording studio you can stop and do it again. But as they go out on tour I would caution him to be careful to not over sing on some of those dramatic phrases. This guy gets so involved in his concert singing (live audience) that sometimes he can’t contain himself. It is fun to watch him in the Taormina concerts. He almost looks like he needs to be “nailed” to the floor, he shows so much passion. What a great guy.

My worry as a voice coach and friend is the same for all three of these guys: with a season of over 60 concerts coming your way take care and not over do so that you protect that precious voice that is, after all, your life and career and, for us fans, a valued treasure.

The album production:
I had this complaint for the Sanremo Festival performances and now the album: The man that controls the sound board – the producer and sound tech – is leaning too heavy on bass guitar balance and bass drum vis-a-vis the rest of the orchestra. On certain songs that factor is so dominant that the voices get covered too much and even other orchestra instruments are sidelined. It does not happen all the time but sometimes it covers a complete phrase. If you go back to the “We are Love” album you find that album is nearly perfect in blend and balance. I think maybe with a new company – Sony Latin and new album producer that is pushing for his idea of a different sound. Strange thing is that the video of the Grande Amore is just fine (I listened to this comparison three times to be sure).

Looking ahead:
I was informed around Christmas that Il Volo spent last summer and fall recording 16 songs. Where are they? I do not like this scheme of releasing “partial albums” and then later releasing the whole thing. I wish they would just release the whole thing at the same time.

This album features Italian but I had heard that they also did record some English songs and another French song. I hope that is true. While I love Italian songs (believe me, I do) I feel they should try to stay with the international concepts and standards that they have used since the beginning. They are famous for being international – English, Spanish, French, German, and Italian and this year maybe another language ?

Ok now what ? I do hope (as I have said many times before) that they will get to the USA and keep developing this audience by doing concerts, TV shows such as all the talk shows and entertainment shows ( Talk, Tonight, Letterman, Kimmel, Ellen, Today, GMA Kelly and Michael Live, etc. etc, ) and add more cities to the mix. I know they are doing a PBS special from the ruins of the ancient Caracalla Baths in Rome for broadcast in the USA later this year and that will be great. Exciting place now used as a summer concert venue and summer home of the Rome Opera. In 1990, the first three tenors opened the place for concerts.

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Well, once again, I found next to nothing to fuss over in the work of these guys. They are, I feel, the best music act going. They are the best trained. They choose the best repertoire. They have the most glorious talent. Most of my issues have to do with the technical aspects of orchestra balance and the format of this CD vrs. the next one. I am ready for the full album to be released. But all that aside, when you see them live you partake in an experience of love, romance, music and the presence of the three most charming gentlemen in the business.


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  1. Thank you, Myron, for all of your information. I love my Grande Amore cd. I love Piove – it’s great!!! 🎼🇮🇹💗👏👏👏

  2. Thank you Myron for your review.
    I hope someone tells Sony that Il Volo’s voices do not need to be covered by any instrumentation! We want to hear them, not the drums, not the sax, not the keyboard. Their voices are the most amazing instruments around!

  3. How lucky we are to have Myron helping us to enjoy listening to our guys even more. Splendid!

  4. Thank you Myron for your wonderful review of IL Volo’s new album. You are right on the money. I too, thought that in 2 songs, Gianluca sounded as if he had a head cold. Piero sounded out of breath in one song. Their harmonies are always beautiful though.
    As for the over use of the instruments, absolutely correct. The guys voices are much to beautiful to be drowned out with drums and electric guitars. I love all the songs. L’immensita, conzone per te and romantica
    are my favorite ones along with Grande Amore of course. Thank you once again for your very enlightening review. I always look forward to them.

  5. Thanks so much for the review Myron, I have been waiting to read your take on this glorious music. Amazon told me I should expect my IL VOLO CD tomorrow and by all thaI’s holy I BETTER GET IT! Until then I got nuthin intelligent to say at all.

    1. Pirate, you can listen to the whole thing for free on iTunes. Just go to the itunes store, type in Il VOLO SAN REMO in the search and when it opens up it shows the songs and each one has an option of PLAY or BUY. Hit the play and listen to it!
      You can listen to it on your computer whenever you want until your CD comes.

  6. Beautiful article, Myron. Orchestra/band music over play has plagued them for years. Do they not have technical crew as sophisticated as their voices deem they should be? Hope somebody pays attention to this detail at some point in time. Yes, this music makes them shine even brighter than before…if that is even possible! 🙂

  7. I agree with all these beautiful comments. For as much as I love hearing them, I love even more seeing them perform. I look forward to the DVD of these songs. Each performance of Grande Amore on RAI1 had it’s own nuances, but they are no available anymore. When Il Volo performed on ForteForteForte it was so heartwarming seeing Gianluca calming down Both Ignazio and Piero singing Ancora.

  8. Myron,
    Thank you for giving us the information we need to know from your background and knowledge. I am to receive my CD tomorrow and can’t wait to hear it. I do worry about the boys being pushed to far or spread around to thin. I think their voices are the most important thing to preserve and I don’t think Sony is doing a very good job. They are being spread a little to thin and pushed too far beyond what they need to. They are still young men and need the support of friends and family and time for themselves.
    Thanks so much

  9. I totally agree with Myron and all comments here! Reduce the much too loud drums! In concert I had problems with my ears for a whole week.
    Gianluca, Piero and Ignazio love their work – their singing! Don’t wear them out! Everybody has got the right and in this case there is the need that the singers can take care of themselves also. The travelling is strenous enough. Some time for relaxing and leisure should be planned in also! After all we would like to listen to Il Volo and enjoy the pleasure they are spreading for some more years!

  10. Myron thanks so much wonderful information from your experience of music & vocal knowledge. My concern is that they are spreading themselves too thin. Trying to do too much at one time. Mr. Torpediine is experienced in music couldn’t he have a say in the instruments being toned down to accommodate their voices so the guys aren’t being drowned out. Do the guys realize what is happening while they are singing? They must hear the recording after each song. Can they not say anything about how they want to sing a song. Is all the instruction coming from the mistro who is leading the orchestra? When Gianluca was singing the song Anamacora (probably spelled it wrong) which he did fantastically. I did not like the Sax being played during & after his singing. The Accordian was more compatible to his voice. If I am frazing things right & you get my meaning. Looking forward to more of your comments. Can you not put a bug n Mr Torpedinie’s ear as to how from your experience somethng should be played or done or how something would sound better. Do the guys not have the experience now as to how they want something to sound? I am pleased as to how they want people to hear their music. Their singing is perfection. But I have noticed just a couple of times where Ignazio was drowned out & also Gianluca especially with that sax.
    I am only talking from the top of my head & do not have your experience.

    1. re: the volume balance situation. There are probably two concepts that are at work here. One is that the Michele is a former drummer and perhaps he prefers to have a little heavier drum and bass sound. The other is that Il Volo and the guys are trying to appeal to the younger crowd as well and they like stronger bass and drums. My guess is that Gianluca, Ignazio and Piero probably like that stronger rhythm as well. Those are only guesses but it might be true.

      For me, it is really a minor problem. I really like this collection of songs. Look forward to seeing/hearing them live with these songs.

      1. Hi, Myron,

        Thank you for your exemplary insights and nuances.

        Your review makes me smile that I am learning because I had similar sentiments as you (including Gianluca recovering from a cold). And wow! How amazing is that to be able to sing so magnificently with congestion?!

        On the instrumentation / vocal balance not being as precise (for my taste), I keep checking All Music . com to see who their mixer / sound engineer was on this album (no details yet). I’ll lay ya odds it was not Humberto Gatica, who did all their other albums. I still think Gatica is the best in the business in this department, and much as he, too, loves drums, I don’t think he ever would have accepted instrumentation playing over our guys. For me, the electric guitar is too much. I know… appeal to the younger generation. They Do appeal to them. 10,000 at one concert in South America!

        All 3 our beloved guys sound superb to me! Such richness, power, juicy spirit and luscious harmonies! Piero’s voice seems to have gotten even more resonant. How is that possible?!

        And some of these songs have dance-appeal!
        Piove is flat-out fun to dance to!
        Vancanze Romane and Romantica could be in dance contests. (Remember IL Mondo in the Waltz contest?)
        L’immensità is Immense! I see it accompanying a modern dance performance. Such intensity! Love it!

        Still my fav… the music video of Grande Amore! All 3 fantastico, yet Ignazio made me smile the most. 😉

        Thank you, Myron! I think this is my favorite of your reviews!
        ~ Jeanine, Compassion’s Doorway

  11. Can we not ask Sony why they are splitting their album into pieces? Is this what the guys want or do they have a say.

  12. Myron, I love, love, your “music notes!” There’s just something about your comments from a voice coach point of view that makes me shout, “See! These guys ARE the best in the business!!” Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts.

  13. I am sure that “Sanremo Grande Amore” version was released to capitalize on their winning. As much as we love Il Volo and try looking out for their best interest the recording company is a business and sometimes that does not coexists with being gentle with the artists. Hopefully Mr. Ginoble has some pull with his friend Mr. Torpedine and mentions the things we all are concerned with. I watched him being very protective of Gianluca during this “Signing” tour.
    Thanks for the “Music Notes”. I loved every note on the CD “all it takes is one song to bring back thousand memories.” Shows my age.

    1. You noticed that too. Mr. Ginoble seems to be the kind of father I try to be with my son (26yrs.) – you don’t stop being a father just because the kid gets to a certain numerical age. You are always a mother or father – always. By the way, the album was done and available in Italy before they won the competition. I think it was clever to make it up of songs that used to be winners of other years at Sanremo.
      Hooray for Mr. Ginoble.

  14. Myron- Thank you so much for your wonderful detailed reviews. You know and hear what we cannot so your professionalism and expertise is greatly appreciated.
    I love the new songs but not at first. I had to listen to them a number of times and now I love them all especially Grande Amore. I walk around all day humming it !!
    Our Guys are flying higher and higher since their win at Sanremo. The out pouring of love and adoration from the thousands of people, both young and old, in their homeland has been absolutely.incredibly mind blowing !! They are on such an upward spiral right now that I really don’t think they know what hit them !! They look ecstatically happy, somewhat overwhelmed and totally exhausted !!
    I just hope and pray that their management takes care of them so that they can enjoy this new milestone in their career and bless us all with their beautiful music for many,many years to come

    1. I took some time to look up the songs on youtube. The songs were winners of various previous Sanremo festivals. A lot of times the first performance was sung by the composer himself. Interesting videos ! I may have a bias here but I think on each song Il Volo sings it better than the composer. HA !

  15. Myron, I would like just to add that “Canzone per te”, composed by Sergio Endrigo, won San Remo in 1968 sung by Roberto Carlos, a Brazilian singer. You tube has the video of him singing and winning the festival.

  16. Could someone tell me how I can view the origional performance of Grande Amore by Il Volo? I can’t find it. Thanks

    1. The first performance of Grande Amore by Il Volo at the Sanremo Festival this year is available on youtube – as well as the second time they sang it. All of their appearances at Sanremo are on youtube. It has also been on this site back a few weeks.

      1. I went on youtube, the one I found was only 1 min., then stopped. I tried several others, could not get the whole performance of Grande Amore. I can see the one where they act it, but prefer to see the origional. I am what you might call a computer dummy, but I love Il Volo. I found one on RAI but the quality was very bad.

      2. Hi, Jac,
        If you mean you found an RAI recording on YouTube, that would be poor quality because it was copied. Try Rai.tv where the original would be (and excellent quality). Then put in cerca (search).

        Rai.tv is fun to explore. You can also look for Ti Lascio Una Canzone 2009 and find some of the Guys performances at the contest where they met. They will be in their by their names, as they did not yet exist under the name IL VOLO.

        I hope that helps. Enjoy!
        ~ Jeanine, Compassion’s Doorway

      3. She can also find the old performances of TLUC on you tube–all you have to do is type in one of their names and TLUC 2009 and you will get a pile of stuff.
        Ignazio Boschetto TLUC 2009, or Gianluca Ginoble TLUC 2009 or Piero Barone TLUC 2009. If anyone hasn’t explored those videos they are in for a real treat.

  17. Wow! Myron – as a musician who has trained with vocal coaches and sung in A Cappella choirs and church choirs for more than 50 years, I appreciate your reviews so very much! These things which you share with us are exactly the things that keep me coming back to listening to IL VOLO time and time again. I realize the critics have a job to do, but I also think it is telling that they could not find anything wrong with the boys’ singing, so they had to knock the genre in which they sing, instead. Seems to me, from the general reaction amongst those lining the streets and filling up the venues where the guys are signing CDs, that Italians were simply waiting for someone to do a decent job of reviving Bel Canto and making it wonderful again! Who better to do it than IL VOLO?!!

    One of the things I think is notable in all the hubbub of the criticism, etc., is that all three of these young men take a very mature stand in defense of their style of music. I did not understand the Italian of Ignazio’s reply to those seated on the stage during the show with Mr. Gilleti (I think that’s the name), immediately following the Sanremo win, but his attitude was serious and he obviously had some reasonable and valid points to make. My admiration for them soars when I see such confidence and intelligence during the unbelievable uproar over their win. Plus – they did not get to pick the song they sang – just how they would do it. Cannot think a more beautiful version of that song could possibly exist.

    The only mosquito bite of criticism I have is the same as yours – and has been since I saw them during their first tour (San Francisco, 2011) in the U.S. Seems the attempt to attract younger people also involves pushing the volume ever higher, to the point of overwhelming the vocalists, at times. That is sad, because I so admire their perfect enunciation and diction, no matter what language they are singing in, and their fine musicianship has also been a huge plus for me. More volume does not particularly make them more exciting. Sadly, it only pains the ears of the audience! My mother and I had very painful ears by the time the concert was over, that night, even though the concert was wonderful.

    These guys have so much charisma and charm that they generate excitement simply by standing tall and strong and singing with passion and a whole lot of love. They don’t need scantily clad girls doing sexy dancing for backup singers; they don’t need to do the hip gyrations like Elvis (though they have had fun putting a tiny bit of that into their stage act); they do not need to scream or use intelligence-insulting nasty language to get our attention – they are truly mind-blowing by simply radiating their love of the material they are working with and making connections with their fans! It is so much fun to watch, that we now have hundreds of fans coming to their computers every day, just to see what else they are doing.

    Another bit of concern I have is that the longer CD they are working on will contain only maybe 6 or 7 (if we’re lucky) more songs and we will find the current material will make up half of the songs on the longer CD and I will hate paying twice for those songs! Did not like it when they did it before, and will be scorching mad if they do that again. But not mad enough that I will not support them and hopefully, go to more concerts to see them live!

    1. re: the critics – like American Idol and The Voice often the judges have had no formal vocal education (like voice lessons – ahem ! ) or even music training but they are famous someplace and that is how they got the job.
      re: the concert focus using high volume and heavy bass. They are trying to attract younger people that is for sure. I was told that they sell out most of the American venues but it is more than half middle age to older. Whereas in South America the audience is 80% teens and fewer adults.
      A problem – that is for sure. But they should not look a gift horse in the mouth (so-to-speak) these Americans love them regardless of the age.
      re: album packaging – I agree. Big gripe for me. And when the full album comes out I know very well that I will buy it because I want all the songs. I did that for We are love and the Christmas album. I just do not know why they do that.
      The guys don’t need to do that.
      also, really nice to exchange thoughts with a fellow music person. Thanks

  18. Myron, I’ve been anticipating your comments every since Sanremo. You always do such a wonderful review; and of course, when you care for our guys just as much as we do, we can sense your pleasure in doing so.

    I don’t know how you feel, but I sense a bit of an insertion of individuality being put into some of the songs now; particually Ignazio in Ancora and Piove. You mentioned it, and i loved it. I thought the same thing you did though, that it is very taxing on the voice, and he needs to be very careful, and probably not do it every time. The problem is that, just like me, everyone will wait for it. Also, I saw Piove for the first time on Forte,Forte,Forte an he made his mark on that one too! The style, and rhythm was Gianluca’s cup of tea. He loves that finger snapping, Sinatra beat. Piero, did well, but Opera is his bag. They are definitely three very distinct voices; but blended together , or alone, they cannot be beat.

    Off the subject, but how do you feel about Ignazio and Piero’s move to Bologna? I do think it makes a lot of sense, but wonder about them being away from their familes even when they are, in essence, “home”. Tough decision. Maybe some little short trips will be better than none at all.

    1. When I talked to Piero and Ignazio in Los Angeles last summer at the Greek Theater backstage they were still talking of moving to L.A. full time. They did lease out three condos in Santa Monica two years ago and use them when they are in town. Originally, the plan was that they were going to do their recordings at Sony in L.A. (the old Columbia studio) but that got changed. So with this change it makes sense Bologna is where the Il Volo management offices are and the recording studio they are using this year.
      Gianluca is just two hours down the road or by train very easy.

  19. Another great review! The new album is my favorite one so far. I love “Piove”. I’ve been warming up a bit to “Grande Amore”. I felt a little guilty! The video is wonderful, and it’s a nice song, but it doesn’t strike me as the others do for whatever reason. It seems to get better with time. Perhaps it might be different if I heard it in person… 🙂

    I know that some people have always said that music “nowadays” is bad since the dawn of time. I remember reading about people that thought the same of big band music! Times change, aha! Unfortunately, the prophecy has finally come true. Boo.

    How could it go from this…


    (I believe that this one is the best piece of all time. A bold statement, but I’ll stand by it to my dying day!)


    (These are cherry picked, of course, and there are countless others of different genres that are wonderful as well.)

    To this:

    (This link has been removed by the PWT (People With Taste) foundation for the safety of sane individuals.)

    What’s the point? I know everybody has different types of music that they admire, but why does the public give music that qualifies more as “entertainment” 300+ millions of views per video? The statistics speak for themselves. Il Volo’s 11 million (and steadily rising!) still pales in comparison. They have quite a dedicated fanbase (as you can see…) but they still deserve more views. I just wish more people knew about them. Fustration, frustration!

    In defense of the more mainstream singers, many of them actually sound quite nice without the heavy orchestra, as this article points out.

    Besides that, why are works like I’ve shared above no longer being composed? Is there something that is not being taught in music conservatories anymore? I know we now have Hans Zimmer, John Williams and Ennio Morricone, but it’s not quite the same. I follow many artists that are not as successful as Il Volo (I know there is a difference between composing and singing, I mean it more on a talent/dedication level), but I’ve never come across anyone that touches them. I find that most of the good music released now is for the movies. I agree that Il Volo is the best! I’ve read that some think that they are on the level of Verdi and Puccini. I don’t altogether agree with this, but I think it’s a testimony to the quality of their music that people make the connection.

    1. Pardon, *Frustration! The unholy typo strikes once again! Ye shall not escape next time! @___@

      And just for fun, Bernstein on the future of music.

  20. Myron, I saw in some news clip that “Grande Amore” was first offered to a duo but because of age limit they did not qualify and then the song was offered to Il Volo.
    Would you know who the ‘duo’ was? Also I do not see any mention of the song authors. I might have missed it in the Italian articles I do not understand.

    1. Gina, I have included all the composers of each song including Grande Amore just above in the first part of the article. I knew about the other group but don’t know who they are.

      1. Myron my question was that the composers of “Grande Amore” are not part of this celebration. I have not seen anything (that I understood) written about them or their pictures in the paper. They deserve to be part of this celebration. Thanks for your answers.

      2. Gina, you are right. When Frank Sinatra gave a concert (I saw three times in concert) he always, I mean always gave credit to the composer and the arranger. I thought that was great. Too many singers don’t do that anymore.

    2. Gina, right after SanRemo win there was an article that interviewed the composers. It was in italian (thank God for Goggle translate-right click then select Translate to English. Bing allows you to do the same). The composers gave their history of Grande Amore, which I have read in so many articles since. When asked if they will be collaborating on future songs, they stated they have many songs and have high hopes of doing so. The composers Francesco Boccia & Ciro Esposito, they worked with them to ” tweek” this version of Grande Amore.

  21. Myron,
    As always your musical notes are spot on… I always enjoy reading your reviews… I feel it is a music lesson and I learn so much from you … To enjoy the music of Il Volo is a pleasure, to understand the technical aspects of each song, and how each of our guys approach it, their ability to make each song perfect in the technical aspect was never noticed by my untrained ear until I started reading your musical notes… Now I feel I appreciate Il Volo more than I did when I was first introduced to their music … I listen more carefully and enjoy it more thoroughly…You bring my attention to the next level when it comes to music and of course Il Volo…

    I have gone through and saved all your Musical Notes from when I first started following this blog… I found that going back and reading them not only gave me enjoyment but also a renewed learning experience in the technical aspect of each of the young men of Il Volo… How each has grown vocally… You are a wealth of information and I am happy that you do such a complete critique on every aspect of their music… Thank you Myron, you always deliver…

  22. Thank you Myron for your great review. Always trustfully and very informative. No major Il Volo event is complete without your expert opinion.
    Once again Myron – meravigliosa – grazie.

    And I have to add that to me, I think that “Piove” sung by Il Volo is just fantastic!

    1. Piove (also called “Ciao, Ciao Bambina ) and Ancora were the biggest suprises of this new album. I like all the songs but those two stand out.

      1. Myron, tonight after listening some more to the CD I went back and reread your notes once again. I recognize my ear isn’t as well trained as yours so I quite happily accept your opinion. One of my “big thoughts” about this CD is that they finally let Ignazio loose! I wonder if anyone has forgotten that he is the guy with the tattoo “Born to Rock” on his arm, well while he still has that gorgeous controlled voice, I think he went on that wild side , especially in Ancora. I saw somewhere out there a picture of that moment he really went for it and he has Piero right there soaking it up with him. It is a great moment in time….however, like your mentioned that “raspy sound” I worry how he will be able to maintain that during a concert tour and not hurt or strain himself.
        Anyway, loved your notes, I just have to say I wonder why they chose L’immensita, its my least favorite in what is otherwise such a strong selection of hits. It placed 9th! It didn’t win Sanremo! Why that one….which leads me finally to my question for you: If you could, what song or songs would you love to hear them tackle? Time to dream Myron….maybe I gave you an idea for another post?

      2. I’m behind on my reading here, Connie, but delighted I got to read yours. So glad you’ve got your CD and are soaking it up. Love your question to Myron. And fantastic comment about letting Ignazio loose… Born to Rock!

        I confess that the songs on the CD are more and more in my blood. And now L’immensità is one of my fav’s. Such passion! Like Ancora, I think Ignazio’s intensity really shines in L’immensità. I hope it grows on you. I find myself almost holding my breath as I listen. Such vital power!

        ~ Jeanine, Compassion’s Doorway

      3. Jeanine! Thanks for your comment. I’m glad to hear you like I’immesita, I’ll try and give it another chance. I figure I am so in love with the other six that I am just being too hard on I’immesita…I’d rather dash over to Piove and bebop all over the place or swoon once again over Grande Amore…don’t get me started on Ancora! LOVE IT!
        Ciao Bella!

      4. I hope you get the opportunity to see the Rai1 program “THE Story of the Success of Il Volo. It aired 5 March. Even though I don’t understand Italian, I watched & enjoyed the entire 2 hours. In some form they addressed each song, either in one way or another acapello, with the arranger accompanying on the piano or with the sound track. They are such a complete package, I’m looking forward to Eurovision. http://www.rai.tv/dl/RaiTV/programmi/media/Content.flem-4ba70e3d-fefb-4a0f-b652-4dfeb43257f1.html. Hopes this work.

      5. I agree about those two standiing out. Piove is so different from what they have done before–and the rest of the album that it can’t help standing out!
        And I love the vocals in Ancora.

      6. I must admit Piove was my least favorite, but having had the opportunity to see them perform it live twice, I can see that is going to be their upbeat song in future concerts, They have such fun with it. Ancora is going to be an anthem, Everybody in Italy knows it. Arms swaying and audience singing along. The first song that spoke to me was L’mennsita, even before I heard Il Volo’s rendition. I looked forward to hearing them sing it. They did not disappoint. I’m in love with all the songs. I’m sure my pleasure was enhanced once I looked up the English translation, but even without that I put the CD on with earphones and I’m trnasported to such a serene place.

  23. How could any word from me add to the madnificance of your reviews Myron. My musical ear has been sharpened because of you. thanks for that. My only fear with our boys is that we will lose them to the magnitude of the masses. Their style and charm should be forever maintained. My CD will be here this week. I’ll remember what everyone has said about it. Joanie G

  24. Thanks again to all of you above. I am honored by the compliments. I also love the discussion that you bring to each part of the topic.

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