Il Volo Professional ~~ Italy CD Signing Tour — Vittuone and Sicily



The Guys have completed two more days of signing and are headed to Palermo (probably will be on to the next place by the time of posting).  I think they are starting to look a little tired even as they bask and soak in the love of their people.  It brings tears to my eyes to see the love, and I’m a little hard of hearing from all the screaming,  but I’m ready for more. 

Enjoy and see you later!

~~ Kelly

Sciliy (near Naro)

Click here —> IL Volo at Radio Bruno Album ~~ Fotografi Eventi; Athina via LiJoy

Click here —> President Event Album 1 ~~ Athina via LiJoy

Click here —> President Event Album 2 ~~Athina vis LiJoy

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 And just in case you didn’t know….



Athina via LiJoy

Ignazio, Piero and Gianluca, we just want to say……




12 thoughts on “Il Volo Professional ~~ Italy CD Signing Tour — Vittuone and Sicily”

  1. Congratulations for Il Volo being certified gold for Grande Amore. What a thrill
    that must be for our guys. The sales of the cd have soared in such a short
    time. I know your country loves loves you and are now giving you the support
    we in America know you deserve and gave you. Stay humble and down to
    earth. You all three have such great families and I am sure they are
    bubbling over with love and pride for their sons. Dreams do come true.

  2. I agree with you Kelly I think the guys are a bit weary but my oh my what receptions they are getting wherever they go. it is so exciting to see and hear the people really taking to our guys hopefully they will get to rest in a few days. Il Volo are the best.

  3. I knew Sanremo was a big deal but I had no idea that it would catapult them into the Italian stratosphere. They are like MEGA stars now. Of course we knew they were the BEST of the best but wow, the Italians have lost their minds at long last for our guys. They must be exhausted and elated all at once. I imagine each one must climb into bed at night, very tired but going to sleep with a big smile on each face.

  4. Young beautiful Italian girls overload. How good could it be for our boys. However, we still claim them as ours. Joanie G

  5. Who knows what time Porta Porta is on tomorrow Canadian time with Il Volo. I guessing 3.30 in the afternoon or am I wrong

  6. From what I have seen of the Italian bookings in the summer of 2015. It doesn’t look like the States or Canada will be honoured with their concerts this year unless it is in the winter of 2015. Of course I’ll go whenever or wherever they are. I just hope they do come here this year. If they do Italy & 53 other coutries this year isn’t that spreading them selves thin healthwise?

    1. Yes, I do believe we will not be seeing IL VOLO in the USA or Canada this year. I just do not know how they can do all those other countries and yet maintain their beautiful voices. It is truly good that they are so young still, they need all the energy they have. I know I would be wiped out just by the several days of signing autographs and having my picture taken. It all must get to be a blur at some point. What I want to know is about the rumor of a upcoming PBS special yet to be filmed.

      1. I suspected as much. Such a dilemma I am in… I don’t want to overwork Il Volo, but I still want to see them! Perhaps it’ll be next year? It’s probably better that way with all the performing they have been doing recently. I hope they are allowed to rest soon.

  7. Kelly, is there some way you could post our congratulations and the baby picture on the other Facebook pages. The baby looks like Ignazio puckering his lips.
    I think other fans that are not part of this group would love it.

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