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My Dear Young Gentlemen of Il Volo,

You have been honored with many important awards and many more will certainly come your way. However, your truest award will always be the one we, The Il Volo Flight Crew, give you every time we hear your voices, see your handsome faces or read your accomplishments. It is the knowledge that we will love and support you to the end of time. If there was a greater award we would give that too.

You may not know us, but we know you well, from the freckle on the end of Ignazio’s nose to the scar on Gianluca’s cheek. We knew you before your countrymen. We knew you when you had curls. To us you are family, to some of us sons or grandsons, to others best friends or heart throbs. We know your families, your friends, your supporters and your critics. More, we know your visions, your morals, your values and your goals. Our support for them is unending. Above all, we know your songs.

This is not an award that was voted on. There were no polls. There was only our time with you and our pride in your talent and in yourselves.

Honor this award, Gentlemen of Il Volo. Hang it above the others.

In Faithful Love and Devotion,
The Flight Crew


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  1. Marie you made me cry at 7 in the morning. We are going thru a ‘rough’ time adjusting to the sudden fame of the boys we care about. I am sure that Gianluca, Ignazio and Piero are trying to adjust to the sudden demands on their lives but because they are who they are they will always love us and remember those who stood by them thru the leaner times.
    Someone’s rocking my dreamboat,
    Someone’s invading my dream;
    We were sailing along,
    So peaceful and calm,
    Suddenly, something went wrong.

    Someone’s rocking my dreamboat,
    Disturbing a beautiful dream;
    It’s a mystery to me,
    This mutiny at sea,
    Who can it be?

    A friendly breeze gave us a start
    To paradise of our own,
    All at once a storm blew us apart,
    And left me drifting alone.

    Someone’s rocking my dreamboat,
    I’m captain without any crew;
    But with love as my guide,
    I’ll follow the tide,
    I’ll keep sailing till I find you.
    (Ink Spots)

      1. Awe, what a beautiful story and poem. Can not imagine the boys every forgetting their most outstanding fans. Marie, glad to see some of your writing again. Perfect!!!!

  2. Gina, wonderful! Also, Marie! Never have so few, traveled so far, and conquered so many in so little time!! We bow to the conquerers!! May they stay safe and keep singing for a long, long time!!

  3. Bravo, Bravissimo, dear Marie. You have such a way with words You really summed it all up for us. At 6:30am this sleepy pirate lacks a sensible sentence and scintillating thought.

  4. Marie, beautiful tribute and award from all of us to three beautiful young men. I know they are appreciative. And Dorothy, “Never so few….” I love it! I am wearing out my CDs!

  5. So very true, Marie! Thank you so much for expressing the feelings that we all have. Somehow you always manage to do just that!

  6. haven’t read all these comments yet, but I want to remind you all of something: Italy are part of the BIG 5, and so in the Eurovision contest Il Volo go straight into the finals!!. and according to the talk on Eurovision, they have a good chance of winning. they are the ones everybody have their eyes on! isn’t that wonderful!!!!!! we have 21/2 months, keep praying for them, don’t stop!

  7. Marie, You express exactly what I have been feeling since the guys went to Italy tours. I hope they will remember us who were with them when they were “little kids”. I have faith that their families will keep them anchored. Marie, you are gifted. Joanie g P.S. It,s 7 A.M. here when I check the crew out. J

  8. Wonderful & Beautiful, Marie & Gina!! I love every word! Marie, you always know what is in our heart!! I finally got my CD’s from Amazon on Tues!!! Been playing it almost non stop!! Love all the songs!!! I worry that our wonderful Trio has too much on this 2015 schedule!!! Myron mentioned 60 Concerts!!! We have no official info yet regarding any place but Italy!!! I love that we are all on this exciting We Are Love journey together!!! I love that Gianluca. Ignazio, & Piero are living their dream far beyond their wildest expectations!!! I love that they are humble, charming, gracious, compassionate, & now handsome & sexy young men!!! I love that they cherish their family traditions & values!!! I am so thankful that I am here on earth at this time & have been able to become acquainted with these three special young men with Angel Voices!!! GRANDE AMORE!!!

    1. On another schedule from Il Volo there is a concert planned in Rome at the ruins of the famous Ancient Caracalla Roman Baths ( now used as an outdoor concert site in the summer) – this concert will be filmed for PBS for broadcast in the USA later this year.

  9. Oh Marie (does that sound like a song?)
    You expressed what is in our hearts so perfectly. I just remarked to my sister the other day that the new fans of Il VOlo have missed so much that we have been privy to over the years, the curls, the ears, the weight, the changes in their voices and how they have grown and matured so beautifully and wonderfully.
    You made me cry too!
    I hope the young gentlemen in question know we are always there for them, we worry about them, we love and respect them, and that they will always be #1 in our hearts.

  10. Well it is now 11:15am and as I sit here reading all of this with tears in my eyes as my sentiments are exactly the same as all of yours. Marie you always hit the nail on the head and express what is in our hearts beautifully. We are all happy that our amazing guys are living their dream but they really got their start here in America with the PBS Specials and we all hope and pray that they will come back to us soon. The Flight Crew has always given them love and support that cannot go without recognition from them. I really hope they read today’s posting and realize how much they are loved not only in Italy but also in our country and many others throughout the world.

  11. I hope I don’t offend anyone. It is not my intention to do so. But I must get this off my chest. My opinion only.

    I don’t care what Their Birth Certificates say. Il Volo was born here! They were conceived on TLUC but were really born in North America. Right here. Right on this soil with B. Streisand, with Public Broadcasting, on American Idol, daytime and late night television, small concert halls and this…social networking. Yep, I’d say They are ours. They belong here. Time to come home Boys.

    Just had to say it.

    1. Marie, I totally AGREE with you all the way. They will always belong to us here in the USA. I hope they read this site so they will know how much they are loved and missed. We wish them nothing but the very best in life and that Italy will continue to hold them in their hearts as we do. They are so fortunate that their families are close by, however, we would like for them to be in the same country as we are. Thank you for the beautiful words. Gina, I love the song. I can’t stop listening to the new CD. Some are so mesmerizing that I go through the entire day with L’immensita and Canzone’ per te in my head. I go to sleep and awake with the melodies of all the songs. IT’S STARTING TO SCARE ME.

    2. Marie, what words & what writing!!! You expressed what we think about them, in a beautiful & lovingly way so as our boys are. Not only in a physical, but about the soul. Sometimes we stop to watch the glory of life. For me, Il Volo represents this – glory expressed not only in Awards, but in true kind of being, of loving. I remember the boys in TLUC. I remember the Detroit Opera House, We Are Love, all. Sometimes I wanna go back in time & pick up them near to us again, I beg your Pardon,
      I said something wrong. These boys, with curlhair, ssweet faces of Enchanting joy, and impressing voices, still live near us. But how time is amazing! It picks the fake people, the fears & the critics & leaves the true, the sucess & most important- the experiences. What we see now are three young men who worked their hard for giving us the bestfeelings in the world.
      I don’t have the experience as their ‘Mom s’ or Grandmas, but I feel proud of being part of this wonderful way, of glory and love. That’s what Il Volo is for me, in the end. I miss my boys, but my sadness vanishes seeing how they grew up safely. No drugs, alchool, whatever. What remains is the passion, true, good, sometimes relative, but felt. We are so many, they don’t us all, but we know them, as you said beautifully. Marie, thanks for more wise words of yours. Also Gina, wonderful. May someday Piero, Ignazio & Gianluca read this letter of yours, as the words of one best Il Volo writers. “In every word,a heart beats” – as Clarice LispectoR said.

  12. Marie that is what I have been feeling in my heart as you have & I so hope they read this. Beautifully written as always.
    Gina I am going to have to look up that song by the Ink Spots its spot on, thank you.. So I am feeling like you.
    I am extremely happy & over joyed for out guys that they have accomplished what they dreamed of doing conquering Italy & I love to see them happy. But I feel we are being left behind & I know that is being selfish . We always have expected them to be in the States & Canada & now I don’t feel they will be this year. So I am feeling lost which I can’t shake. But I also have to accept that they want to conquer other countries & I want that for them also. I’m sure I must feel like their parents, happy for them but also sad their not here. So I am trying to give my head a shake & let them go with pride & love & watch from a distance their success. They always knew their families were supporting them so I also hope they know we the Flight crew were also. At their first concert I gave Ignazio a hug & told him I loved him & my feelings haven’t changed.

  13. Gina I just listened to that song by the Ink Spots Someones Rocking My Dreamboat & it is very appropriate.. We should send it to them.

    1. Loretta, since I first discovered them at age 15 (79) the Ink Spots have been my calming music. A lot of the songs have just the right words to express people’s feelings. I am sure they will be back in the US next year. In one of the articles Michele Torpedine said that tours are very expensive to set up and so I am sure that staying in Europe and short distances is to their advantage. If they do the PBS Special they might return when that is broadcast.

    1. I agree with you Gina. I feel like we have lost them to Italy! I just received the new CD also and I love the songs but the instrumental parts over power their voices. I really can’t listen to the CD over and over again like I did the other CD’s. I hope they make a new CD with more of what they want to sing and less of over powering instruments.
      Anyway I agree with all of you and hope they don’t forget us and can’t wait to see them in the USA.
      Lots of Love and Happiness for them to make their dreams come true.
      Barb 7:45 PM in Maryland with lots of snow!!!!!!!

  14. I couldn’t have said it better, they mean so much to all of us, having watched them from the beginning and watching them grow up into the nice young men they are now, I love them so much!!!

  15. Gina I always liked the Ink Spots. If we have to give up this year from seeing Il volo so be it & we all can look forward to seeing them next year. Our love & good wishes will always forge them ahead safely to where ever their next concert is.
    DOES ANYONE HAVE A LIN K FOR PORTA A PORTA TONIGHT AT 5.30 TO SEE IL VOLO. I did see but when I try to scroll to get RAI1 I am not successful HELP PEASE I don’t want to miss it.

  16. It doesn’t look like they’ll have time for a U.S. visit this year, although I think we are an important stop for them. I hope they squeeze us in. At Saratoga 2014 they had a great audience but I don’t think it was a sold out performance. I did see empty seats.

    1. I am sure you found the link by now but if not it is on “All thinngs Il Volo” and “Rockme Il Volo” Facebook pages. It was fun to watch the boys rested, relaxed and happy.

  17. well said Marie. My prayers for these three lovely guys that they remain well grounded and not allow success to swell their heads. May they always remain humble and true to themselves.

  18. Well, that’s it girls!! Let’s just all pack up and go to Italy!!? Seriously?? I’d better stop this nonsense!! My kids will really have me comitted!! Thanks for all the comments! I agree wholeheartedly with all!! Good night!! I’m going to watch ” Back To The Future” watched “Spiderman”this morning!! Dot……

  19. Dear dear Marie,

    That was beautiful, perfect, expressed so well that it could be an opening page of your book … that I propose you write!

    It’s hard to believe and maybe harder to confess that I have so many posts to read from the summer into February. (Just the way life has been.) Most of all, your summer concert tour adventures, Marie! One of these days I’m going to have the time to read more and comment on them! Won’t that be a surprise?

    Anyway, ya knocked my socks off with this piece! Thank you, as always, Marie!

    Love and awe,
    ~ Jeanine, Compassion’s Doorway

  20. Thank you Marie, Gina and everyone else that commented. I’m just now getting to the blog (10:20pm Phoenix time). I’m not going to write what I am feeling as you all have expressed so beautifully how I have felt about “Our Guys” for years. I don’t remember who expressed the concern of them forgetting about us here in the US, but I have been feeling the same way for awhile now. From what I have seen of their tour dates so far, it doesn’t leave a whole lot of room for a nice US tour. Maybe a few cities here and there. Hope I’m wrong.

    1. Marie, you always express things so well. They are my feelings also, I just can’t tell it like you can. I miss our guys terribly and hope they get to the US this year but……. I have been following Il Volo since their beginning and also the girls who started the Flight Crew before they were on this site. Keep on writing about your thoughts and feelings cause I feel exactly the same.

  21. Thank you Marie for your heartfelt tribute, so honest and true! Yes Marie, they need to hear it, and I am sure that they do!

  22. LOVE LOVE LOVE their new CD. I must admit their background was too forceful threatening to drown them out. But they prevailed as they should. Song were right their alley specially for them. Different type of songs tnan they usually sing. MAGNIFICENT CD as only they can do..

  23. Marie, this is beautifully written to Il Volo and you have expressed the feelings of all of us when it comes to how we feel about Il Volo… They are spreading their wings and enjoying new found fame it Italy most of Europe now, but their hearts will be with us always, because here in North and South America we fell in love with them first and we supported them… We went to their concerts, and purchased their albums,…They are the type of young men that will never forget the beginning of their rise to fame the fans that are an Il Volo family of love and support for them… After all the greatest award these three young men can have is their adoring fans… Grande Amore.

  24. Marie,
    What a wonderful and poetic testament to these wonderful young gentlemen! I was told that they do read this site from time to time (what ever that means) so I hope they read this.

  25. Just got a return email from Barbara. the next USA tour is still in the planning stages.

  26. Marie, great posting! You said it all. I just finished watching the entire Porta a Porta show for the third time, and will watch it many more. Except for a few words here and there, I can’t understand what is being said, but I have no trouble understanding emotions, and they have no trouble conveying them. I marvel at how they continue to be who we have always known them to be; honest, charismatic, and unbelivably humble in spite of what they have been able to accomplish. Those are the things that have endeared them to us, far beyond what they could ever imagine. The respect they have attained, is respect given freely because of what they have demomstrated over and over again; it has come from those who teach them, guide them, and from anyone who comes in contact with them. That, today, is hard to come by. As I watch the show, you can see it, and hear it, from everyone there. The guys themselves, at times, appear to not quite know how to respond to it. I find it refreshing and becoming, especially when they give those beguiling little smiles.

  27. Thank you everyone. It is always a pleasure to write about Our Boys and read all of your endearing remarks.

    Thanks Mari for the pingback and Jeannine for that well traveled Tweet!

  28. Hi Marie, and all here! I cannot believe how in just a few short weeks since San Remo Mid February their fame has risen immeasurably in Italy! The lines to have the CD’s signed were unbelievable. There is no stopping them now! I hope their personalities don’t change. I saw the video of Ignazio on his camel ride and had to laugh when he gets off and calls it a “gumbah”, I hope he never loses that joie de vie that he has (however it is spelled, love for life). I was watching the Porta a Porta show and when asked about who will fall (in love first) and Gianluca was singled out, he threw a fit, he does not like to talk about his personal life. They are all under such a microscope, but as much as they may have been more “accessible” to us when they were not as famous, I think the more the more famous they become is a good thing, they will earn millions (likes these other young artists Swift, Beiber, One Direction do). IL VOLO works harder than all of those groups rolled into one, so they deserve it. These are just my opinions. I liked the line of Marie’s poem “we knew you when you had curly hair”, very bittersweet, but we have to allow them to be free and grow as artists and accept the changes. Have a great day!

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