Gianluca/Elvis ~~ By Jeannette

Jeannette Gianluca

Elvis was the love of my life from the time I was eleven years old… When I became an adult, I saw him several times in Las Vegas and in California… Then he had the nerve to die before I was finished loving him… I was devastated.. What does a young girl do without the love of her life to dream about… I felt he was not finished giving his musical legacy to the world or to me…

It took him a long time for Elvis to earn his wings, but he did in 1995… He went to the Lord and spoke to him… He said Lord, I have this incredible voice that you blessed me with and it is being wasted here because everyone has an incredible voice when they get to heaven… So, since I finally earned my wings and you have deemed me a good soul, can I become someone’s guardian angel and give him my guidance so that he may grow up to have a perfect voice and bring joy, and love to everyone through his music and make this a better world? The good lord said yes Elvis, you have earned that right and so on February 11, 1995 Gianluca Ginoble was born with Elvis in his soul to guide him to become who he is today, The most incredible baritone voice on earth since Elvis…

The good Lord has blessed Gianluca with everything he needs to be successful and Gianluca has taken those gifts with a humble heart and has shared his talents with the world… Today my heart belongs Gianluca, who was born on my birthday… It’s no wonder that I feel he is connected to my soul… From Elvis to Gianluca, my heart has been filled with love and the joy with their beautiful music…This just may be the reason that Gianluca sings songs that Elvis made famous with so much emotion and how he can make them his own…


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  1. Oh, gosh Jeannette!! Let me be the first to comment. Your prose literally just brought me to tears… I think that says it all!

  2. Jeannette, this is wonderful! And it is so true…Gianluca has been blessed with the most incredible voice, just like Elvis was. You have a gift for writing!

  3. I waited for years for John Wayne to call and then he left me. My heart now belongs to Ignazio but I love watching Gianluca being such a childlike caring young man. I hope all three young men will get a chance to sing solo songs that show off their voices. They seem to be having so much fun riding the Camels.

    1. What is most special about Il Volo is that they enjoy everything they do and the love sharing it with us… It makes us feel so much a part of the Il Volo family… THEY ARE LOVE

  4. Very, very nice Jeannette, Elvis won my heart too. Gianluca is so much like him. His looks, sound, and manner remind me of listening to him when I was in those teen years. Remarkable, but Gianluca has a little extra pull; he’s a soft spoken, romantic ITALIAN. Need I say more?

    1. No Kitty, you said it all… It is a different era and the music is different… Gianluca is VERY different… He is so gentle and when he sings his voice gives you a peaceful feeling and your heart just fills with love…. He is one of a kind… The young Elvis was one of a kind as well…Then fame and fortune took him down a different path… He did not have a family like Gianluca has to keep him grounded… I can see all three of our guys staying just the way they are now as they mature, because of the family support they have…

  5. It is interesting that a number of Elvis’ most beautiful songs were originally Italian romantic songs. If you look at a song list of Elvis you will see the ones Il Volo has done but also a number of his they have not done – yet – that are Italian.

    I never liked Elvis as a kid. But then a friend forced me to go see him in 1972 and it was a 180 degree turn – It was an incredible performance and it informed me that sometimes live is much, much better than recorded. I was very impressed at the incredible audience control this performer had. I agree with Jeannette that (even though he did not do a lot of formal voice training like Gianluca has) these two guys have the most remarkable natural vocal instruments. God was working overtime on those two birthdays.

    Very nice inspiring piece, Jeannette

    1. Thank you Myron,

      I had read that Elvis really loved the Italian music and Mario Lanza was a huge influence in his early years… Two of his big hits were the English version of our favorite Italian songs of Il Volo… torna-a-surriento and O Solo Mio…

  6. I would like to put my two cents in here also Myron. God was working overtime on 3 little children to grow into fine young men with voices like Angels & whom we all adore.

  7. Thank you Jeanette. I feel so very much like you do about Elvis and Gianluca. My husband and I saw Elvis in South Lake Tahoe at the Sarah’s hotel/casino in 1972 by sheer luck. It was a sold out night and I was so disappointed. As we were about to leave (10 minutes before showtime), 2 people did not show up and we were able to attend the most memorable show. My husband was an Elvis fan. Our first dance when we met was ” Can’t Help Falling in Love With You”. It was our song for 46 years until Ben passed away Dec 21 2005, 8 days after his 64th birthday. Today, hearing Gianluca sing this song makes me happy yet sad.. He has the most beautiful baritone voice ever. God’s gift to the world indeed.

    1. Thank you for sharing that story with us… I grew up loving Elvis and now I love watching Gianluca grow up… His baritone voice is so perfect when he sings the songs Elvis made famous, and his beautiful baritone voice is a perfect complement to Piero and Ignazio’s tenor Voices… When they sings in harmony there is nothing more beautiful than Il Volo…

  8. Oh, shoot, Jeannette! I was sitting in a coffee shop when I read your piece on my phone. And there I was with tears flowing down my face!

    Gian and your birthday… wow! I always feel inspired by you and Gianluca. And symbolically the 11 birthday’s key word is Inspiration. Got that right! 😉

    Your amazing sentiments make me happy for Elvis. I was already happy for Gianluca.

    Wow. Thank you, Jeannette!
    ~ Jeanine, Compassion’s Doorway

    1. Thank you Jeanine, your kind words are very appreciated… I am thankful that I was able to share my two loves with you and you be touched by my little story of my journey from Elvis to Gianluca with love…

      1. My pleasure expressing my appreciation for you, Jeannette.

        Love that… “from Elvis to Gianluca with love…”

        ~ Jeanine, Compassion’s Doorway

  9. Jeannette, the lump in my throat didn’t happen until “he had the nerve to die before I was finished loving him”. All was lost after that. Beautiful post!

    I was late in appreciating Elvis. Was of the Beatles generation. However, my mom and aunt were huge fans. They went behind his house once and got into his trash can and found an old sock. My aunt kept it until she died. It probably belonged to the chauffeur or a bodyguard, but we never mentioned that to my aunt.

    1. Thank you Marie, that is very kind of you to say….My story was written from the heart, but I am surprised that it brought emotions to you and others as well… I enjoyed the Beatles, but their first hit record ” I wanna hold your hand ” came out when I was an adult with two children, so I didn’t grow up with them as I did Elvis… But like your mom and your Aunt, I have a bunch of things I collected in my youth of ELvis memories… It will also be with me to the end of my time here… Gianluca will comfort me with his sweet Baritone voice singing Elvis’s song till that time comes… What a great way to enjoy the twilight of my life… Grande Amore, Gianluca Ginoble…

  10. Oh, Jeannette, such a beautiful thought! I do not believe in coincidence, the actual coming together, so to speak, of il Volo was more in the line of a miracle! Those 3 voices together are unbeatable, in my opinion! Gianluca, certainly does Elvis proud! I, too, had noticed how many of Elvis’ songs had Italian roots…not a coincidence!! I’ll stop for now. Sometimes I get a little carried away…who of us with IlVoloitis doesnt??

      1. I have had IlVoloitis from the moment I heard them sing O Solo Mio, and there is no cure for it…So we have to live with it forever… Oh, like any of us are complaining…

    1. Thank you Dorothy,

      Elvis loved Italian music and that is a fact documented, not just a random thought… This quote comes from
      (Italy Magazine featured-story/elvis-and-his-italian-inspirations )

      “Much is known and written about the King of Rock and Roll. Yet less is known of the Italian influence – including inspirations Mario Lanza, Caruso, Sinatra and Martin – behind some of his significant hits “

      1. I know it’s stupid to say here, but I guess i never connected Elvis with Italian music. Missed a lot then. Not missing a thing now!

  11. Jeanette you did it again !!! Tears are still rolling down my cheeks . Gianluca has been a part of my heart and soul from the first moment I laid my eyes on him almost 5 years ago. Maybe part of the connection is his birthday having been born on yours and also my Fathers. And he is a tender, compassionate,loving and romantic young man with the most incredible baritone voice in the universe !! He makes me swoon as nobody, including Elvis, ever has and I just love him to bits . I do love them all. The three of them together is pure magic and without their three voice singing in harmony as one there would be no Il Volo. However, we all seem to feel a strong connection to one or the other of the three and mine is to Gianluca. If Elvis is listening from above I know he must be so very proud of Gianluca’s renditions of his songs .

    1. I think we all have our favorites… We are all different people and like each one for a different reason… Together they are Il Volo and we love all three.. Individually we find one that touches our heart in a special way… For you and I and so many others it is the bambino, Gianluca … Yes, Gianni was born on my Birthday, but what is really interesting is Piero was born on my Fathers birthday, June 24th… So I felt from the very beginning that there was a very special connection to Il Volo… The good Lord put them in my life when I needed them most… Just maybe it was my Sicilian Dad who sent them to me… Ya never know!!!

      1. I’ll bet your Sicilian Dad did send you IL VOLO, Jeannette! Such beautiful connections with Piero’s and Gianluca’s birthdays!

        Also, Jeannette, check your Twitter, I Tweeted this article out, and you have favorites and Retweets. Truly gratefully received!

        Loving gratitude,
        ~ Jeanine, Compassion’s Doorway

  12. Jeannette, No one could have said it better. How good that you have such warm memories about “your song” I personally think Gian is better than Elvis, but that is my opinion. Joanie G

    1. Thank you Joan
      Thank you Joan
      I grew up with Elvis and I will love him for who he was then and how his his music help me through my younger years… Gianluca is such a outstanding young man with a beautiful voice and a heart of gold… I love him, Piero and Ignazio for what they help me through in my life now with their beautiful music… Elvis was the King in his era… The technical part of music has gotten better over the years, how it is recorded, the sound is better than years before… Elvis was thrown into the music business without any training and never received any as his star rose to the top… Gianluca has had voice training and good family and managers to help his God given talent along the way… There is no comparison because of the differences in the ways they approached the music business… Elvis was then and Gianluca is now and he is the best baritone on the planet without a doubt…

      1. AGreed! He has a liquid smooth velvet baritone! I don’t know if those adjectives are appropriate but that’s how I think of his voice.

      2. Oh, Penina, you did it! … GG “liquid smooth velvet baritone”

        If you’re on Twitter, that would be something great to Tweet.

        Thank you for sharing!
        ~ Jeanine, Compassion’s Doorway

  13. Jeannette, what a beautiful post! I’ve always loved Elvis…he was, indeed, the King of Rock n’ Roll, and a major influence on so many other artists to this day. I love seeing his legacy live on through that admiration from young singers like Gianluca…I also believe in reincarnation…and Our Guys are all “old souls” …so, maybe Elvis IS “back in the building”! 🙂

    1. Thank you Ruth,

      Yes, Elvis lives on with Gianluca reviving his songs …Gianluca may sing an Elvis song, but he makes it his own..He honors Elvis but he does not imitate him… Gianluca is one class act…And thanks to Gianluca, Elvis IS back in the building….

  14. Dorothy, I love your word ilvoloitis. I think we all have very bad cases of it, and what’s more, we don’t want to be cured!

    I, too, loved Elvis. And Jeannette your post brought it all back. I hope Gianluca does many more of his songs. He does them, well, maybe even better than Elvis!
    Because Gianluca is the BEST baritone in the whole wide world!

    1. ILVOLOITIS: yes, Dorothy and Allene, a very real and contagious disease. Symptoms include: fever, shortness of breath, sweating, and rapid heartbeat. Patient must have continuous doses of Piero, Ignazio, and Gianluca throughout the waking hours and continuing in dreams. Sometimes this disease is deemed fatal, since patients think they have died and gone to heaven.

  15. Was writing a reply this morning when my oldest son called to tell me his wife developed a Detached Retina Fri AM at school! They spent the day & evening at the hospital & got home later last evening! The specialist did do a procedure that they hope will work & the Dr will see her on Mon. In the meantime she has to lay horizontally & at specified times do some head movement! Praying that all will be well & no surgery will need to done! Still feeling unsettled! Just want to say, love what you wrote Jeannette! I had tears also! You know I love Gianluca & I love Elvis, tho never had the pleasure of seeing him! Our sweet GG will go far with Elvis & Old Blue Eyes ‘s wonderful music!! I agree with all that everyone else has written, such eloquence we have among us!! WE ARE LOVE!!!

    1. Anne, Prayers go out to your son and family… I hope all will go well with the recovery of his eye…
      Thank you for taking the time to write such kind words about this article… I certainly appreciate it… And yes we are an eloquent family… Well said Anne…WE ARE LOVE…

    2. God bless your family, Anne. Praying peace and possibility for your daughter-in-law.

      Having regained all my peripheral vision after glaucoma, I know miracles are completely possible. This, I choose!

      I wonder which IL VOLO song would best carry these wishes on the wings of angels to your loved ones.

      Grace and hope,
      ~ Jeanine, Compassion’s Doorway

  16. Beautiful post, Jeanine! I was 17 when Elvis died and my life was never the same. I was very lucky and saw three concerts in Minneapolis/St. Paul. I was only 11 when I went to the first concert, but I remember everything. It was magical!!! Elvis is MY king!!! 🎼💖👑

    1. Sweet, Lauralee!

      Amazing how these larger-than-life leaders touch our hearts so deeply and affect our lives forever.

      ~ Jeanine, Compassion’s Doorway

  17. Happy to share that my daughter in law’s eye is doing well! She has vision & if at her Dr appointment on Thurs all is ok she can go to work on Mon! Thank you for caring & sharing!

    1. That’s wonderful news Anne! It’s amazing what doctors can do nowadays–glad to hear she is on the mend..

    2. What beautiful news, Anne! Grateful for prayers answered. Prayers and trust for ongoing good news for your daughter-in-law and family.

      Thanks for sharing the news!

      ~ Jeanine, Compassion’s Doorway

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